Why 1530 Stone machine


With stable and excellent performance, 1530 Stone machine is highly recognized in the market.
Dragon Diamond 1530 Stone machine Stone CNC Router image1
Key material we adopt at present is composite material. It comes with various structures.  We have been subject to meeting the industry standard. Many advanced technologies have been introduced by our company, such as double-screw auto eliminating clearance ball screw floor-type linear guide transmission. Relying on precise more than 10pcs break-point memory,1530 Stone machine owns superlative characteristics of no deformation. It has a vast variety of application, including all kinds of doors, windows, cabinets, wooden craft, paint doors, screens, process window, wave board processing and other furniture, wooden processing. The strict quality inspection ensures 1530 Stone machine meets CE. We want to offer you the very best with 1-year warranty. We can customize a product perfectly in accordance with your requirements. All can be found in https://www.gzcnc-laser.com/1530-Stone-machine

Dragon Diamond 1530 Stone machine Stone CNC Router image1
Dragon Diamond is highly recognized in the CNC router field. In the course of 10 years of stone CNC router development, we have entablished a complete sales network. We have been recognized by customers from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, India, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. We have developed cnc router, cnc engraving cutting machine, cnc laser engraving cutting machine, cnc plasma cutting machine, laser making machine and other related parts and product. The control system independently developed by Dragon Diamond is easy to learn and operate. An excellent engineer team is employed to customize the products based on customers' needs. Dragon Diamond machines can be installed easily.
Dragon Diamond 1530 Stone machine Stone CNC Router image1
With the business philosophy 'Service first, customer foremost', there is no doubt that Dragon Diamond has an on-going commitment to its users. For more information about our company or products, welcome to contact us! https://www.gzcnc-laser.com

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