Artcam 3D Design Tutorial For Beginners



Artcam is a software which we always use for cnc router.

As below, the video will demonstrate complete process from 3D design.

1. Installed and opened Artcam Pro 8.1 in the computer.

2. Create the model from Gray Scale Image.

3. Choose and adjust the correct size (Length x Width x Height) for the model.

(Please attention: the size we choose must be based on the real requirement)

4. Adjust the design plane you need. (Scale Relief Height and Smooth Relief

5. Choose the suitable cnc tool for the working piece

6. Start to Calculate

7. Save the file then open the file in Nc-studio. (Or other controller system)

8. Simulation in Nc-studio, it can be worked after not any mistake.

This is also a short brief of the full video, this video has so many detailed information to help Artcam bedinners use Artcam more professionally.

Thanks for watching and sharing!

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