Adjust Light Path Of Laser Cutting Machine


Adjustable the light path is easy of laser cutting machine,as belows:

Adjust Light Path Of Laser Cutting Machine 1

(Note: in the mirror posted a double-sided adhesive tape, the adhesive tape to be repeated 3 to 4 layers, laser tube power to 10%)

Light path adjustment 


 1.E (laser tube) → A (first mirror): the spot must all be shot in the center of the A mirror center.

2.A (first reflector) → B (second reflector): Paste a small piece of double-sided adhesive tape at the B-frame entrance.

In the F1 position make a spot to keep a small sheet of thin adhesive tape and let it stop.

Then move to the F3 position and make the second spot to see the small piece of double-sided adhesive tape on the second spot whether it is as same position as the first spot.

If there has a little movement,just adjust the A frame with the angle of three screws, make the second spot is close and coincide to the first spot.

If these two spots are coincided and the light does not hit the frame, the Y-axis optical path is adjusted.

3.B (second mirror) → C (third mirror): Remove the small film on the B frame double-sided adhesive tape, and then use the double-sided adhesive tape paste in the C light entrance.

And then move the laser head to the F1 position to make the first spot;then move the laser head to the F2 position to make the second spot; after the laser head moves to the F4 position to make the third spot; finally move the laser head to F3 Position to make the fourth spot.

The position of the four spots is hit in the same position and hit the vertical position of the laser head.

If there is no coincidence of the spot by the second, third and fourth spot to the first spot movement, until the four spots coincide and hit the center of the laser head. 

 1.If the Spots of F1 and F3 are coincided, not need to adjust A Mirror mount. 

 2.If the Spots of F3 and F4 are not coincided, need to adjust the screw of B Mirror mount.

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