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The Location of the Inflatable Castle Is Widely Used
The Location of the Inflatable Castle Is Widely Used
Results: A total of 105 patients from 9 PET centers were thought to be eligible. Of these 8 had no pathology results, and 2 had indeterminate pulmonary nodules in regions of the lung which were not imaged by PET, 4 did not meet study criteria for indeterminant, and 2 did not have CT scan results available. Data from the remaining 89 patients were evaluated. Histopathological results of sixty of the 89 solitary pulmonary nodules were malignant and 29 were benign. (Prevalence of malignancy was 67%.) Sixty patients underwent surgery and 29 patients underwent transthoracic needle aspiration to obtain biopsy material. Individual patient data was published for all cases, which included sex, age, visual reading, SUV, size of lesion, location, and histology.a question about hells location?It's actually located in MichiganIs there a way to get a unique value per dupli group instance?Using Particles as host for DupliGroupThus we can use cool feature of mesh-emitter called From Dupli. This means duplis will inherit location of corresponding space on UV mapNumber of confirmations and node locationNewly received coins can be spent after 10 confirmations.I case two conflicting transactions are sent to the network by two clients managing the same wallet, the first to arrive at the node that will mine the next block will probably be considered as the valid one, and the other transaction will then be rejected.Being connected to a faster node with faster connections to the other nodes will help broadcasting a transaction faster, but if the slower node happens to be connected directly to the node that mines the next block, its transaction will probably be confirmed and the faster node's transaction rejected.what is best location for date?Personally I think a restuarant with an interesting menu. Something you would not normally eat, try something new. And the a moonlight walk on the beach, take the shoes off and get the feet wet. I do not recommend a cinema as you can not talk there and getting to know someone is easier if you can talk...Nginx Rewrites for Custom PHP FrameworkThe documentation for rewrite directive has an example that helps directly with your problem:Syntax: rewrite regex replacement [flag];But if these directives are put inside the /download/ location, the last flag should be replaced by break, or otherwise nginx will make 10 cycles and return the 500 error:We need to modify /index.php?controller=store&action=search&category=3 to the correct form for replacement string, get the variables from /store/search/category/3 by turning it into a regex and remember to use break inside location. If all the four parts are variables:If the category is a fixed part of the URL:19 Red Flags to Watch Out For When Buying a HomeDuring an open house, prospective buyers try to get a sense of how well a house will fit their needs: Does it have enough bedrooms? Is the kitchen large enough? Do the bathrooms need updating? It's important to remember, though, that a house-the single biggest investment most people will ever make-has to do more than just suit a list of requirements. It also has to be in good shape. To help prospective buyers determine the condition of a property, the standard listing contract includes a disclosure form where the seller is supposed to list all the known defects of the house. The seller may not, however, be aware of all the defects, and some sellers may intentionally omit problems, hoping you wo not notice them. To avoid unexpected repair costs, click through to learn about some common red flags that should make you think twice before you buy. As real estate agents are fond of saying, the most important factor in buying a house is "location, location, location." If many nearby homes are up for sale, this could be an indication of a problem with the location, such as a rising crime rate or a proposed landfill in the area. Make neighborhood sleuthing a regular part of your house-hunting. Related: Rental Regret: What Real Homeowners Wish They would Known Before Renting Out Their PropertiesInfopath change Publish LocationAnother option that seems to have worked for me is this:Create a template of the list from the development environment. Create the list in the production environment using the new list template.Create a new form in InfoPath selecting "SharePoint List" as the type. Set the location of the SharePoint site as your production site which contains the new list. Choose "Customize an existing SharePoint List" and select the list you created from the development list template. InfoPath will open the list and its existing InfoPath form. You can now save this InfoPath form as the template for your new list location
During the Spring Festival Transportation, the Accuracy of Black Technology for Large-scale Face Rec
"Nian" is an essential holiday for Chinese people. During this holiday, it is not only the yearning of tourists for their hometown, but also a time for family reunion. However, for government departments, ensuring the safety of tourists is the first priority, and at this moment, "black technology" is the first technology to ensure everyone's safe return home.We are now making an inventory of black technology during the Spring Festival transportation!Face recognitionFace recognition has been applied for several years, and its accuracy is gradually rising. Especially with the application of deep learning, the accuracy of face recognition can reach 99.9%.However, face recognition is not available everywhere. Due to the problems of angle and cost, most face recognition systems adopt the back-end deployment mode, followed by the access control. Through the face recognition system, users can brush their faces and enter the station to improve efficiency. For public security users, the face recognition system can effectively identify the suspects in the crowd.But at the same time, masks and other obstructions must be removed when passing through face recognition equipment.robotIf you see a robot coming to you, please don't be surprised and don't "tease" it at will, because it is not only a service, but also a supplement to the public security force.In the environment of huge passenger flow, how to better serve people? Robots have become one of the solutions. At present, robots can effectively provide guidance services, alarm and other services for customers, and can provide 7 * 24-hour services to better serve users.VR navigationDue to problems such as station design, not all tourists can understand the construction of the station at the first time. If they get lost in the station, VR navigation becomes the best solution for passengers eager to get on the train.Recently, Nanchang Railway Bureau launched VR (virtual) panoramic navigation at key stations under its management, such as Nanchang west station, Fuzhou Station and Xiamen station. Hankou and Wuhan railway stations in Hubei also provide 360 degree panoramic navigation function in VR stations for the first time on official microblog and wechat. Through VR navigation, the user can start planning the inbound route before entering the station and successfully board the way home.UAVIn addition to trains, planes and other means of transportation, the Spring Festival transportation army also has cars, motorcycles and other road means of transportation. For such tourists, relying solely on traffic police and road monitoring can not observe the whole road section in real time and effectively, and road monitoring can not be completed within a period of time. UAV has become a means of compensation.The current UAV can observe the traffic flow in the air for a long time and a long distance, especially the UAV Based on intelligent video analysis, which can not only timely and effectively count the traffic flow, but also identify the suspected vehicles and personnel. At the same time, if there is a problem with road traffic, the UAV can rush to the scene and obtain evidence at the first time.Big data statisticsIn addition to hardware, there are also a large number of software to provide effective technical support for returning users, such as big data statistics.Through big data statistics, local traffic data can be placed in front of managers in real time. Where there are too many people and what problems lead to it. Through big data, managers can effectively know the regional environment, so as to make next decisions and avoid accidents.5GAlthough 5g has not been commercialized, it has been tested and applied in Hangzhou railway station. Due to the characteristics of high frequency and high data transmission, 5g can provide faster and convenient services for end users, so that each terminal equipment in the station can feed back various data more quickly and provide convenience for users."Black technology" helps Spring Festival TransportationIn addition to various software equipment, the equipment of public security policemen has also been updated in a timely and effective manner. Identity inquiry equipment, portable face recognition camera, button camera, GPS positioning and other equipment also enable the public security police to provide better and more comprehensive services during patrol.However, during the Spring Festival transportation, these "black technologies" are not the only ones. More technologies are applied to aircraft, trains, cars and other means of transportation, so as to provide a safer environment for people to return home.
Which Are the Adventure/water Sports Activities in Goa and Best Places to Experience the Wild Life o
There are endless activities which you can do once you come to Goa. Nowadays everything is available online to book. Please remember to do prior booking as it is the season time. I will not name all the activities as it will increase the confusion. Most famous 5 water sports are- Parasailing, Jet Ski, Banana ride, Bumper ride and Scuba activity.Since you have been seeking for some activity in wildlife, you may definitely opt for Scuba, because Goa is one of the most preferred state when it comes to Scuba Diving. Other major adventure activities which you may like are Island Trip, dolphin siting, adventure boat party and Dudhsagar falls. I am sharing a link with you where you can find the best offers to book any of these activities and infact you can explore more activities on the website. Click here1. Girls: Tampons or Pads? (or rags)?Pads. Because... I still do not know how to use a tampon. =/ But tampons are useful when you need to go swimming or do water sports.2. need opinions for Seadoo 180 Challenger boat?if you like that type of boat I guess they are OK. A friend of mine bought one and think he is disappointed in it. Does not go that fast. handling, of course, is like any other sea-doo boat. Not good for water sports of any kind at an intermediate level or higher. It's hard to track straight with constant speed for pulling knee board / wake board /skier. Maybe tubing will be OK. depends on what you want the boat for. Do not think fuel economy is good either. hey i just got back from riding in the boat. 3 adults, 3 kids had plenty of room. super maneuverable boat. went fast enough. good day on a boat,3. Boat Storage Savannah GAAt Secure Climate Storage, we know that Coastal Georgia takes water sports seriously. This is why we offer plenty of outdoor storage space for your speed boat, pontoon, or other watercraft. With a fully fenced and lit location, we are sure you will love the best boat storage Savannah GA has to offer. We offer 24/7 access to our facilities as well as state-of-the-art surveillance, professional management, and an electronic entry system. For more protection for our boat storage units, we also offer insurance. We work to offer our customers the best service available at affordable rates. Our units for boat storage Savannah GA are accredited and recognized by the Self Storage Association for excellent service and security. The payment options we offer are also very convenient. Our contracts are month to month, no long term contracts needed! We accept payments in cash, check, or credit card (we can even set up an automatic monthly credit card payment for your convenience) We offer a prepayment discount, prepay for 12 months and get 1 month free!4. when exercising should i drink water or a sports drink like Gatorade?WATER, WATER and oh, MORE WATER!5. Should i go to Thailand? Im only 14.?Any time that you have a chance to visit a foreign country is worth it. Why? To see how others live. And it also depends on where your mother is going. If it is Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Phuket or even Pattaya it should be okay. The waters will probably have receded and things should be normal. Thailand is a third world country with many conveniences western countries have. But, in some rural areas, which is right outside Bangkok and the cities I mentioned, they use natural waste disposal and or outhouses in many area or septic tanks. You can read about the sewage problem now in Bangkok, though they do not say much there is a problem. Many of the older building my NOT be connected to a sewer that is connected to a waste treatment plant. Well its gotta go somewhere. And in some areas of town you can sure smell it. I said in some areas you can smell. Bangkok is a big city. The smells may make you uncomfortable. What is there to see? Depends on where you are. Bangkok, there are a few museums, lots of temples, the floating market, grand palace, etc. Chiang Mai is mostly temples, hiking and nature. Phuket is the beaches Pattaya is the beaches and water sports. The bottom line is that your mother may not be able to be with you all the time. Thailand is NOT a place for a 13-14 y.o. girl to wandering around by herself for long periods of time without an escort, male or female. There is human trafficking going on and there are many dark sides to thailand too. As an adult I travel to Thailand all the time by myself. I am very careful about it, I do not drink alcohol to excess while I am there, I do not walk down dark streets by myself. I stay within safe boundaries. Though Thailand in general is safe, it is safe within reason. I am assuming you are caucasian, you will stick out in a group of asian. Easy to spot and possibly be taken advantage of. Like I say, in general I am all for you going to visit Thailand because there are many things to experience with the condition there will be a responsible adult to escort you everywhere.
Commonly Asked Questions About Led
1. Why didn't Krishna actively participate in the Mahabharata war? As I understand, Rama fought Ravana as Ravana kidnapped his wife. He had to else he is not of king stature. In Mahabharata, It is not his war. He need to see winning of Pandava's who were all the way suppressed by Kouravas by all wrong means. The only way is by not participating in war but live and guide Pandavas thoughout the war. Also because Pandavas and Kouravas are relatives to him. Balram his elder brother was liking Dhuryodhana an he supported Kouravas. ------ 2. Who would win in a fight between Juggernaut and Colossus? Traditionally, Juggernaut has been shown to have been able to kick Colossus' butt soundly. In Uncanny Xmen #183 (original series), the two mix it up in the best bar brawl even shown in a comic. Juggernaut, not even wearing his armor basically pummels Piotr unconscious, then collapses a building on his head. This bout may be considered tainted data though, as Colossus was drunk at the time. Here's the full fight in all its glory (scroll about half way down for the scans).Colossus vs Juggernaut ------ 3. Why do some emergency vehicles with lights on go very slow? Sometimes an ambulance goes slowly with lights on because the road is extremely bumpy and we hate causing more pain to an injured person. Sometimes, the patient is complaining of severe nausea due to travelling in such an unfamiliar position; travelling slowly may save us from a huge mess. Sometimes, we are working to save a life and a slower speed makes it easier to start an IV or get a clean cardiac strip, bandage a wound which wasn't bleeding due to cold, any number of reasons that aren't visible outside the unit. ------ 4. Who is better cricketer (not batsman!): Sachin Tendulkar or Mahendra Singh Dhoni? This video should settle the debate. Respect for Sachin is unparalleled because he was THE BEST. He performed both home and away and was the reason cricket became a religion in India. Dhoni is good but not in the same league for comparison. people born in late 90s or later would disagree since they got to witness the fag end of Sachins career and prime of Dhonis career. but folks who were lucky like me to witness Sachins prime would agree that this comparison is meaningless. There is only 1 winner: SACHIN ------ 5. What is the biggest reason behind the Indian National Congress defeat in Karnataka? P.M Modi's image as a true visionary leader and an able, corruption free administrator with commitment towards the people of India and internationally accepted diplomacy.Congress Presidents inability to prove his capabilities in any of the areas.Anti incumbency element.Vote splitting by J.D(S).House to house campaigning of BJPs strong cadre nework. Now, the funny side if it - Though BJP has won the election, Karnataka will be ruled by Congress sitting in the backseat.That's it.ThanksBhuvan ------ 6. Isn't it disrespectful that Imran Khan called Narendra Modi "a small man occupying a big office without having any vision"? A small man occupying a big office without having any vision, said Imran KhanThis statement shows the immaturity and undiplomatic behaviour of Imran Khan.The so-called visionary prime minister of Pakistan removed a man called Atif Mian(well-known economist ) from his economic advisory council just because he is an Ahmadi Muslim and in Pakistan, Ahmadis are considered to be non-muslims.How could a visionary leader be so intolerant towards another religion, sects?Now Imran Khan is teaching his visionary sermon to the Indian leaders, really!. ------ 7. The last place you googled is now your home. How's your life now? Oooh, I get to live in the Sackler Gallery now. Lots of tourists in my home between 10 and 5:30, granted (or there will be once it reopens in Oct. after renovations, which is what I was Googling to check), no comfy beds, and no kitchen I know of, but an abundance of food trucks and restaurants within walking distance, a gorgeous garden for my front yard (and more nearby), exquisite Asian art everywhere I look, and nearly the entire Smithsonian within a few minutes walk. I could live with that. ------ 8. Can a child inherit mental health issues from its mother? I am not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist or biologist, but it is my understanding that some mental illnesses can be passed on to the children. As the mother contributes 50% of the genes, yes, a child can inherit mental health issues from its mother.I have a friend who has a truck load of depression and anxiety issues. One of her children has the same issues. One does not. The father of the children did not have any of these issues ------ 9. When did entertainment start in human history? What was the motivation? Before human history. Does your dog like to play fetch? Ever see otters slide down a snow ramp, then run up to do it again? Ever see colts racing or kittens play at pouncing? Play is a system of learning older than humans. Fun is a brain chemical reward for learning, novelty, winning a conflict or solving a problem. Entertainment is a human word for productizing fun. It starts with the purposeful attempt to summon a spontaneous smile or a laugh again. ------ 10. Why does the Queen of the United Kingdom rarely wear her crown? Because it weighs a great deal and she is an old woman. Crowns are only worn for specific occasions so forget Game of Thrones and all this Hollywood BS hype and get with the reality!The Imperial State Crown weights almost 2.5 lbs/1.06 kg, not something to wear for a days shopping or for any prolonged period. There 7 sovereigns crowns, 6 consort crowns, 2 crowns no longer ever used, so she is not short of choice but the insurance, security and personal discomfort are the deciding factor in what HMQ wears and when ------ 11. Are there any Southern-State civil war heroes that would be near-universally acknowledged as heroic? (see comment) Pethaps General Joseph Wheeler. He is the only man to have served BOTH the US and CS Armies as a General Officer.A West Point graduate, Wheeler resigned his US commission in 1861 and entered the Confederate Army. He rose to the rank of General and was mustered out in 1865. He served many years as a US Congress man from Alabama and in 1898, was asked by your president to command all US Cavalry forces in Cuba. Wheeler served eight years as a US General and died in 1906 ------ 12. Why did the Byzantine Empire last longer than the Roman Empire? There is no Byzantine Empire, the entity which you mean is using officially name as Roman Empire. So this question is absurd. Byzantine Empire naming is just logic if you are German and take the official history teaching which use the name Holy Roman German Empire to an entity which is not Holy nor Roman nor Empire . But it is exactly a German State. I could not decide if it is a Kingdom or Union of Kingdoms. It seems more like Cesars Salade. ------ 13. Why didn't Spain ally with Germany during WW2? Someone asked an almost identical question a few years ago. I am going to try to make just about the same point now as I did then.Another factor may have been Francos experience fighting the very brave and dedicated volunteers in the International Brigades, like the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. He knew how tough, dedicated and resourceful Allied forces would be, because he had already had a preview, fighting soldiers from those nations via the International Brigades.One of my professors was a veteran of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade ------ 14. Why does M. S. Dhoni always take back a stump after winning a match? Actually, this is a normal routine for the people of East-Central in India. Usually, we don't have proper equipments of Cricket. We just play with a ball and bat, that's it. So, in a tournament, where wickets are also used, the winning team keeps them. So, as a habit, after winning a match, any player who is present in the ground, takes the stump. It was a habit, and now, a style. But, now with 'LED stumps' costing USD 40,000 (Rs 24 lakh), no player is allowed to take them. ------ 15. What will be the scenario in 2020 if Donald Trump gets elected as President of the US? What will happen to the United States if President Trump is re-elected?IF Trump were to be reelected, it would mean on of two things the Democrats could not find a credible candidate, or the things Trump has been doing all play out positively and everyone (apart from the bigoted idiots) is rather happy with the nation he created.So, assuming #2, the United States will only get better. But it would be nice if we had a Democratic Congress to share the credit, so we dont get a Right-wing type in 2024. ------ 16. What makes teenagers so different to adults? Becuase teens are not adults. Teenagers are transitioning from children to adults. 1315 year olds can still resemble children in some cases but some people that age are half way in development rather than closer to one or the other. 1617 year olds start to resemble adults and some late bloomers are half way between adult and childhood. Once your 1819 than your pretty much a young adult. Youth is a weird time where everyone develops at diffrent rates. You may find quite a lot of child like teenager or adult like teenagers and some may be neither. ------ 17. When has the scientific method been proven to be wrong? Well, its hard to prove a method wrong. Its got this funny and inconvenient notion where it doesnt actually take a stance on anything.The scientific method is, shockingly, an instruction book and not a doctrine. Its almost like they named it that way for a reason. For the standing on one foot version, the scientific method can be summed up as follows: facts trump beliefs; so have beliefs, test them in practice, and reject beliefs that have proven faulty. Do this, and you will go farther ------ 18. How can I write a good paragraph about myself? first things first put yourself in a good mood weather that means smoking up babys leg of ganja, or going for a walk on the beach; put your self in a positive mental space; and imagine your greatest flaw being whispered in your ear and replace that with the words actually Im a bit of a perfectionist now you are ready to begin, extenuate authenticity over cliches, real experience and self deprecation, over wisdom and remember the lowest common denominator. Now throw that all away and rewrite it ------ 19. Is Star Trek Discovery the worst in the series? Possibly. Unfortunately the premise that it is based on as a prequel to TOS if one that has to have a distinct look. The producers of the show have done their best to dispense with that all together and make a show that doesnt make sense and doesnt fit in with any of the other Star trek series. They are trying to make it right by transporting the Discovery to the fututre which is what they should have done in the first place. ------ 20. Which nation is "America's closest ally"? Its obviously the U.K. as the US was part of the British empire, the US has no reason to want Australia or Canada to be their closest Allie because neither has a good military, neither has a huge population and the U.K. has more ppl than them combined, they also dont have good economies. The U.K. and the US fought both world wars (even though the U. K. fought the WHOLE WW1 and the US only spent 1 year in it) ------ 21. How can I learn to repair computers? It is a good idea to get experience taking apart a computer at least once before you start using online tutorials. Either buy a $20 broken laptop at a yard sale or on ebay or volunteer at a local computer charity (I do work with World Computer Exchange in Boston) and they will get you repairing all sorts of different computers. There are also a bunch of smart computer guys at these types of things. Here is a video of what the charity environment is like (skip the 1st min): ------ 22. Who made bigger sacrifices, Dumbledore or Snape? Snape, undoubtedly. Imagine the risk and pain he would have endured in infiltrating Voldemort's inner-most circle,with the most twisted, sinister,evil beings around him; gaining his trust (to the extent that Voldemort ignored the mistrust that others close to him expressed in Snape and almost all occasions,sought his opinion . ) and Snape did all of it despite the jeers and hatred he faced from the side he was helping. For the love of a woman who never loved him and whose husband didn't even treat him right.Who does that? Only Snape.
Difference of Pallet Mold Between Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding
Today we are talking about difference between blow moulding pallet and injection molded plastic pallets. Obviously we can literally see that difference between blow molded plastic pallets and injection molded plastic pallets lies in difference in production process. However, due to different production processes, final blow molded plastic pallets and injection molded plastic pallets are different in performance. Lets first understand pallet mold difference between blow moulding process and injection moulding process.Blow moulding palletInjection molded plastic palletsDifference between blow moulding process and injection moulding process:1. Process is different, blow moulding mean injection blowing; injection moulding mean injection pressure; rotomolding mean extrusion pressure; blow moulding must have head left by extraction of trachea, injection moulding must have a gate section, rotomolding must be cut without shaving. 2. Generally speaking, injection moulding is a solid core, blow moulding and rotational molding are hollow cores.Surface of injection molded parts is bright, but surface of blow moulding and rotomolding is uneven. Compared to rotomolding, blow moulding has a blowing port. This is a general comparison. I wonder if you can understand it!3. Plastic shrinkage rate and its influencing factorsCharacteristic of thermoplastics is that they expand after heating, shrink after cooling, and of course volume will shrink after pressurization. In injection moulding process, molten plastic is first injected into mold cavity. After filling is completed, molten material is cooled and solidified, shrinkage occurs when injection molded parts is taken out from pallet mold. This shrinking is called forming shrinkage. When injection molded parts are taken out from pallet mold until they are stable for a certain period of time, size will still change slightly. One change is to continue shrinking, this shrinkage is called post-shrinkage. Another variation is that some hygroscopic plastics swell due to moisture absorption. For example, when moisture content of nylon 610 is 3%, dimensional increase is 2%; when water content of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 is 40%, dimensional increase is 0.3%. But main role is forming shrinkage.At present, methods for determining shrinkage ratio (forming shrinkage post-shrinkage) of various plastics are generally recommended in German national standard DIN 16901. That is, when mold cavity size is 23 0.1 and placed after molding for 24 hours, difference between corresponding injection molded parts measured at a temperature of 23 and a relative humidity of 50 5% is calculated. Shrinkage ratio S is represented by following formula: S = (D M) / D 100% ; (1), while S shrinkage ratio; D mold size; M plastic part size. If mold cavity is calculated according to known plastic part size and material shrinkage rate, it is D=M/(1S). In order to simplify calculation in mold design, mold size is generally obtained by following formula: D=MMS; (2), If a more accurate calculation is required, following formula is applied: D=MMSMS2; (3) However, when determining shrinkage rate, since actual shrinkage rate is affected by many factors, only approximate value can be used. Therefore, calculation of cavity size by formula (2) also basically satisfies requirements. When manufacturing mold, cavity is machined according to lower deviation, core is processed according to upper deviation, so that it can be properly trimmed if necessary. Main reason why it is difficult to accurately determine shrinkage rate is that shrinkage rate of various plastics is not a fixed value but a range. Because shrinkage rates of same materials produced by different molding factory are not same, even same batch of same material produced by a molding factory has different shrinkage rates. Therefore, each molding factory can only provide users with a range of shrinkage of plastics produced by its own plant. Secondly, actual shrinkage during forming process is also affected by factors such as shape of molded plastic pallets, mold structure and forming conditions.In China, production of molded plastic pallets mainly consists of two processes: injection moulding and hollow blow moulding. Due to difference in production process and difference in production equipment, price of molded plastic pallets, suitability of turnover work, and service life of molded plastic pallets are different even if molded plastic pallets of these two processes are of same specification and same load for pallet mould maker.Hollow blow moulding method:Manufacturing process of hollow blow pallet mold makes up for shortage of weld molded plastic pallets due to large size and specifications. In domestic blow molded plastic pallets, large size specifications are more common. Moreover, production process of hollow blow moulding is relatively advanced, raw materials used are less than raw materials of injection molded plastic pallets of same specification, and will have advantageous advantages in future development of plastic pallets for pallet mould maker. However, due to limitations of manufacturing process, blow molded plastic pallets structure is mostly a two-way fork, which affects flexibility of use. However, with continuous advancement of production process, a series of plastic pallet with single-sided blow moulding structures have emerged, which can realize use of four-way forks for convenient turnover. Injection moulding method:It is also production process mainly used in domestic plastic pallet mould maker. Plastic pallet produced by injection moulding is characterized by smoothness, smoothness and reasonable structure. In general, molded plastic pallets for injection molded structures are mostly one-shot injection molded. Plastic pallet of this structure has strong impact resistance, is not easily bent and deformed. In some large-sized plastic pallet mold, such as 1600*1400 size plastic pallets, due to large size span, one-shot molds are difficult to achieve, which results in a double-sided welded plastic pallet. Moreover, in some molded plastic pallets with double-sided flat structures, welding pallet often appear. Unfavorable structure of such a pallet makes it easy to open weld during long-term frequent turnover operations.Characteristics of blow moulding pallet:1. Summary of features we see:First: AppearanceA, Manufacturing process is limited, must be a double-sided pallet;B. Manufacturing process is limited to two-way forks;C. Intermediate support is a columnar structure with a small aperture, internal and surface cleaning is inconvenient;D. Load-bearing is realized by continuous folding surface instead of rib position, which limits surface bearing capacity and bearing capacity of upper frame is small;Second: Manufacturing aspectsA, Need secondary heating;B. High material requirements products are formed by a variety of high-strength HMWHDPE plastic compounded materials;C. Because air pressure in blow moulding process is same as pressure radiation, it is impossible to completely control reinforcement of corners.Third: TransportationA. Double-sided pallets have high transportation costs, and empty storage space is large;B. Load-bearing capacity of upper frame is small, and it is impossible to strengthen steel pipe.2, Advantages seen by blow pallet mould maker (from network):A. Blow molded plastic pallets is made of high-strength high-molecular-weight polyethylene (HMWHDPE). Plastic is the best environmentally friendly product because of its good viscosity, good toughness, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and pollution-free.(Note: HMWHDPE has a long molecular weight with high price)B. Safety performance is good. Surface of product adopts special anti-skid pattern design, which is safe and non-slip, and can be set with special rubber sliding pad to ensure stability of pallet stacking code. It does not support combustion, conduct electricity, generate static electricity, and it is non-slip, has no burr flash, has no other auxiliary connections to ensure safety of goods and operators.(Note: There is no obvious difference from ordinary PE surface, and chemical properties are the same.)C. Good environmental performance, non-toxic and tasteless products, corrosion resistance of acid and alkali salts, easy to clean and disinfect, no decay, and waste pallets can be recycled and meet environmental protection requirements. Appearance is bright and colorful, and can be selected according to customer requirements.(Note: Chemical performance is no different from ordinary PE)D, Strong carrying capacity. Because high-strength blow molded plastic pallets is reasonably designed according to force, and actual running condition is simulated by computer engineering analysis, so that bearing capacity of product is strong, evenly distributed bearing capacity is: static load 56t, dynamic load 1 2t, overhead load 0. 71t. (Note: Surface is thin and cannot withstand high pressure.)E, Long service life. Product is formed by a variety of high-strength HMWHDPE plastic compounded materials, high strength, strong impact resistance, and improved outdoor life through a variety of material formulations. It can be used for more than 5 years under normal conditions; 2 to 3 years in harsh environments. Its service life is 57 times of wooden pallets, 23 times of steel pallets; 34 times of injection molded plastic pallets.(Note: Life promotion is clearly fraudulent)F. Low transportation costs. High-strength blow molded plastic pallets is light in weight and can greatly reduce cost of container cargo transportation. When conducting foreign trade, it is not necessary to carry out fumigation and disinfection by health and quarantine department like a wooden pallet.(Note: Transportation cost is lower than most wooden pallets and injection molded plastic pallets)G, Low maintenance costs. High-strength blow molded plastic pallets do not need to be repaired and maintained, even if appearance is damaged, as long as internal columns are well bonded, it will not affect normal use. (Note: It can only be made in one piece, and welding cannot be effectively performed due to narrow cross-section performance.)Originally published at on April 10, 2019
I Was a Mistress, and the Affair Was Exposed. How far Can the Wife Legally Go Trying to Shame and Humiliate Me?
Everyone is attacking, the woman naturally in most states theres nothing you can do about a man cheating on his wife he isn't her property married men, that cheat will never have a successful marriage anyways, its her husbands fault not his mistress smh love is love no one is perfect humans are not made to only fall in love, with one person!Make the mistress look, bad talk to your cheating husband and keep a dog Leach on your cheating lying husband · Other Questions Did the United States kill General Qasem Soleimani? What if the government of Iran had killed some American general? And justified it with american attack-plans, and called this a "defensive act" from Iran? They are just as credible as the US, when it comes to excuses to fight a little. But let us hope that never happen at all!Psychopathic leaders just want attention, and president Donald Trump is not the first American president to do this for their own ego. Nothing else. This is what the United States has become; a nation full of psychopaths who choose like-minded people. Really sad for everyone. ------ Why are New York brownstones elevated so high above the street? The reason brownstones have an elevated first floor is part social and part practical. The practical reason is that street drainage, before the streets were paved with tar or concrete, was very muddy. The elevated levels gave those entering the buildings a chance to clean their feet of the mud and to prevent mud from being splashed into the buildings from horses and fast-moving vehicles. The social reason is probably that the lower elevations could house the servants of the merchants and business-people who occupied those buildings, together with the kitchens and laundries for those people ------ I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? Let go of what you want of her, and of any shred of hope of getting her. Understand that her presence in the world engendered a strong feeling in you, and allow yourself to feel grateful to her for that. Based on that fact that you have been moved by her, you could generate a sincere wish that she be happy in whatever ways make her happy. Perhaps you will see her sometime again in different circumstances; perhaps not. Don't wish for either of those things. Don't seek her out ------ Who has more fans, Sachin Tendulkar or MS Dhoni? Offcourse Ms Dhoni. At present he has the most fan following in the country. He is lucky to have some devotees.Eventhough Sachin is the God of cricket. Mahi is the God of new generation cricket. He is loved because of his powerful hitting, Coolness, humbleness. He has a great talent to do some fireworks behind the stumps.He is also renowned for his captaincy. He is a tactical captain and he has won us the world cup. It was the dream of the billionsSurely he will have a better fan following than Sachin. ------ Can motion sensor lights be set to stay on? Yes! but not always without a little tampering. Most come u201cout of the boxu201d with adjustable delay from a few seconds to about 10 minutes. It is easy to either use their switching circuit to activate a parallel switch, or use the light from the controlled source and a light sensor circuit to do the job. An old fashioned relay can be used, but with minimum knowledge and a little soldering a couple of logic gates and a drive transistor can suffice ------ Is an LED power supply safe? The power supply has a filter in the mains section to prevent noise being sent to the grid. Usually this filter has some capacitors to ground. The cabinet of the power supply is connected to ground. If you dont connect the ground pin of the power supply to ground you are going to act as a ground connection when touching the case. It is uncomfortable, but it shouldnt be dangerous.The correct measure is to ground the cabinet on the grounding terminal. ------ Would Joe Biden or President Trump win a debate? With Trump in quarantine and ill, the timing makes the next debate really unlikely to happen. The third scheduled debate could happen potentially, but this would be a good excuse to end the series. If it happens either the rules change to prevent Trump running wild and no voters are swayed or it is a repeat of number 1 in which case, no one from either base moves but some small number of undecided voters didnt like Trumps behavior and move to Biden or dont vote. Each side declares victory but no one really wins ------ Why does the multiverse theory scare me? Like Jameson,I too find that the multiverse theory gives some measure of comfort and logical explanation.As David Deutche says in The fabric of reality (his book), if you dont accept a multiverse, you have somehow to try to explain how quantum computing works in some other way.In other words, how can a quantum computer possibly give super-fast answers unless there is a multiverse (or a myriad of parallel processes going on) to get those answers so quickly. That was the clincher for me personally! ------ What do you do if a fellow soldier cries during battle? You give a dip of Copenhagen obviously because the soldiers can run out, Yell Medic to help patch up the sucking chest wound sustained from enemy fire, then tie a tourniquet around the kneecap so the soldier does not bleed out from the lower leg being blow off, and while doing that let the soldier know that the equipment between the soldier's leg is still intact. Oh yeah, the soldier is most likely crying because the soldier's weapon has run out of ammo, so make sure to give the soldier a magazine or belt of ammunition ------ Why did the Conservative Party lose the 1945 general election in spite of their leader Winston Churchill having led the country to victory in WWII? It's simple. As opposed to the U.S. in England when we vote at a general election we vote for the MP's of their local constituencies, not for who we want the leader to be. Churchills defeat in 1945 wasn't particularly because of him, it's just that's how the votes came out in local elections. Anyway, as far as Churchill was concerned, he had done his job, he wasn't suited to be peace time leadership, although of course he would be Prime minister again in 1951, until 1955. ------ Why do people invest in the stock market when starting your own business is way more profitable and you have way more control? Because the stock market works and will continue to do so. Business fail all the time. I am a disciplined financial investor and so I take reward/risk ratio into account when investing. The risk that starting a business has is unpredictable. You have to go out and see. Thats why Id rather invest in something that I know works and will work every time. Something that shows me the risk before I take part in it and thats exactly what the market has done for me ------ Why are we seeing so many countries become ruled by dictators? Current Dictators - List of Dictators In 2019ALL forms of government fail for two the simple reason:1) That all human action is driven by self interest.2) That by and large people with low or average IQs have difficulty differing gratification, thinking ahead and seeing the "unseen" consequences of actions.This is a pattern seen throughout history. It doesnu2019t matter which form of government it is.This post may contain links that could lead to images of graphic violence and explicit sexual activity.It may even break you as a human being, you have been warned. ------ Are Iran and Israel becoming friends? Seriously? Hell NO.Despite pretensions to being democratic, Iran is a theological dictatorship. Throughout history, dictatorships need a big bad External Enemy to distract their population and to use the Fight against them to justify abusing their own people. It's just until we destroy them, etc. etc. etc.So it would be tactically impossible for Iran to give up this hatred and become friendly. Get rid of the insane Ayatollahs and then maybe things will get back to normal, like they were before the Islamic Revolution ------ What's your favorite hidden, small detail at Disney Parks? Many of the art, paintings, photos and fountains in the part are impressive to the eye. From a lower vantage, like one of a childs, much more can be seen. What I saw as the sun coming up behind a girl is clearly a glowing golden crown atop a princess head. When I see birds flying around the fountain are seen to a child as the princesss friends arriving to say hello for the day.The artists who created the parks were and are truly in sync with what a child dreams to see ------ In WWII, why didn't the U.S. join Britain and France earlier when they declared war on Germany for invading Poland? For the same reason Mexico, Brazil, and Canada didn't. It wasnt our war. Why didnt France join the US and the UK when we defended South Korea from a North Korean communist attack? Why dint the UK do more than just send a measly 14,000 troops in a fight against 1.6 million N. Koreans and Chinese troops?Why didnt the French and the Brits join the US in defending South Vietnam from the North Vietnamese and their communist allies, China and Russia?. ------ What is the one book that changed the way you thought about life? As I kid I saw Pump up the volume where Christian Slater plays a high school pirate radio dj (with ace music taste btw) and he takes his cues from Lenny Bruce's How To Talk Dirty And Influnce People. Not long after I found a copy in Swedish (with a ludicrous local title, "Konsten att vara frck s det fster") read it in a heartbeat and loved it. Irreverent, moral, smart, funny, against the grain, political, that is everything you need as teenager. Meant a lot. ------ What is the greatest human virtue? Plato divided the human soul into three parts:the appetitive part (epithymetikon)the spirited or irascible part (thymoeides)the reasoning part (logistikon)From these are derived four cardinal virtues:Temperance (sophrosyne) is the virtue of the appetitive part.Courage (andreia) is the virtue of the spirited part.Practical wisdom (phronesis) is the virtue of the reasoning part. Righteousness (dikaiosyne) is the harmonious balance of all three of the preceding virtues.So righteousness is the greatest cardinal virtue. If, as some say, holiness and righteousness are inseparable, then both. ------ Is MSD better than Sachin? It's more like: Is Car better than Aeroplane? How can you compare the two? They are so different! Ask Sachin to play the Helicopter shot that MSD plays, and he will set his dog after you. Ask MSD to play the straight drive that Sachin played so elegantly, and he'll retire from cricket and even stop watching. What Sachin can, MSD can never do that and what MSD can, Sachin will never do that! This is the difference between MSD and Sachin. Please do not compare, if you are not high on marijuana ------ Is Narendra Modi at risk of losing from Benaras in this year's elections? Highly unlikely because they believe in Modi as a best prime ministerial candidate and he has looked after the constituency as of now we don't even know the people who have opted for that constituency because a few illustrious candidates have lost in the past as of now Narendra Modi is the most desirable candidate for being the Prime Minister of the country so it is highly unlikely that he will lose in his own constituency he is so confident that he is not fighting from Gujarat this time ------ In 8 years, did Obama fire anyone? One area that Obama did a political purge was the military. Obama fired 197 senior officers from all branches of the military during his first 5 years in office. The people he fired he did so because they did not agree with his policies. This of course left the top tier of officers remaining Obama supporters which makes things difficult for Trump. This needs to be addressed and corrected soon since military decisions are now being made for political reasons.Here is partial list. List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under ObamaStore:https://www. investors. com/politics/editorials/197-militar. ------ If public sector banks merge, will it affect the IBPS job vacancy? There is no restriction on jobs as can be seen from IBPS notification for Bank POs on 25th, August, 2018. They have notified for recruitment of 4252 officers in twenty nationalised banks.As regards merger of nationalised banks there is no such prospect after merger of six banks with SBI in 2017. With enactment of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Codes Act and recapitalisation of public sector banks merger of public sector banks is not a priority area for the Government atleast upto next Lok Sabha polls due in May, 2019
How to Install a Light Fixture?
site below shows clour codes,with having read it.I can only assume that the yellow wire is is a return from the light switch to make the fitting live,as from the second site -section 5 , it mentions yellow as "hot" return from switch.Have a read1. Weird light fixture problem. Have I killed my kitchen lights?The discoloration of the bulbs is normal. Have any of the glass envelopes come loose from the metal base? That's another thing that can happen with chandelier bulbs (small base does not withstand much force). When that happens, the wires between the base and the glass envelope can become twisted, or nearly so. If they were in the "almost touching" condition when you flipped the switch, and some vibration or thermal expansion occurred, that could cause the breaker to trip. Or if said vibration, etc. occurred when the light was off, the wires may have shorted and then you came along and turned it on2. So I went to wire up a new light fixture out side and...wiring question?It could be that the outlets and light outlets in your house are all connected to the ground strap, as it is in my house. It's an older way of doing things, and as long as you are not adding circuits, completely up to code. If this is that kind of system, you wrap the grounding wire around the green screw that sticks out of the mounting hardware of the light. This should ground your light. Always be sure to check with your multimeter to be sure that the grounding is working, though3. How do I change the light bulb in this bathroom light fixture?Since this is a rectangular lens, you may be able to push it straight up and tilt it out. A little like removing a ceiling tile from a suspended ceiling4. A glass light fixture fell from an outdoor light and hit my girlfriend on the head. Is the apt complex liable?You should notify the apartment management first, take a picture of the light and the area the light fell from, take lots and lots of pictures from several angles and distances, take pictures that show how the light came loose. Take pictures of the injury and go get her medical records right now, they can take some time to get. Write a polite letter, include copies of the picturesand copies of the medical bills and ask for payment of medical bills and send it certified mail. Do not go in person, you will not be able to prove you gave them anything or told them anything if you call or go in person. In the letter tell them by what date you expect to hear a response. You need to get paid soon or the statute of limitations will run out on a lawsuit. If they refuse the letter, do not respond in the time you set, or do not remit payment within 6 months, you need to get a lawyer.5. How do I convert my pull chain light fixture to a standard fixture?Pull Chain Wall Light Fixture6. Can you use a 110v light fixture with a photo sensor or motion sensor in a 220v country if you use a 220v bulb?only if you check the control box and it says something like "110-250V 50-60Hz" like on a cellphone charger The UK uses 240V and bayonet bulbs. Canada uses 110V and screw bulbs. So you would have to change the lightsocket anyway - check for your countries. why not just buy a sensor fitting when you get there ?7. How can I tell if a ceiling box will support a real light fixture?All ceiling boxes are required to support at least 50 pounds (NEC 314.27(A)), so you can assume the box will be able to support a simple light fixture. Boxes that are designed to support ceiling fans must be labeled as such, and must have a label listing the weight it can support if over 35 pounds (NEC 314. 27(D)). If you look at the box you have, you will notice a flat bit within the box.This is designed to sit against a framing member, so the box is likely attached to the member with nails. Your box probably looks something like this. ..As others have mentioned, the holes in the back of the box can be used to attach the box to a support. In your box you will notice these holes are empty, which means the box is not attached to a bracket.This box should have no trouble supporting a normal light fixture, up to about 50 pounds. It should not be used to support a ceiling fan
Should I Attempt to Install a Sensor Light Outside, When I Know Little About Wiring?
Should I Attempt to Install a Sensor Light Outside, When I Know Little About Wiring?
If it is only a matter of switching out fixtures, definitely give it a shot. If the power is OFF at the panel then there will be no risk of shock. Follow the directions that come with the fixture carefully and you should be fine. If you are talking about ADDING the light where none existed then get someone to do it.1. I need my sensor light to shut off during the day and it don't anymore how do I reset it?If it's on a switch try turning the switch off for two to three minutes and turning it back on. Some of these units have a feature that if you turn it off and then on quickly it over rides the sensor and just leaves the light on. You must turn it off for a few minutes and it will re-set.2. service engine light is on i have an 05 altima that i just replaced the crank sensor light is back on why?Need to know what Altima this,is the 2.5L 4 cylinder or the 3.5L V-6? Also do you remember the DTC code number from last time? (the symptoms that you are having now are synonymous with a shorted CMP (camshaft position sensor)3. I have a 1986 nissan truck-the battery sensor light is on , WHY?There is a voltage regulator inside the alternator. That over charging causes the light to glow. Gallops when you turn the key off is another problem make sure the throttle is all the way shut. Throttle cable may be mis adjusted.4. I have a 1986 Nissan Maxima -the sensor light went on - it's probably the OXYGEN SENSOR, RIGHT?Just cause your *check engine*light is on does not mean it's your O2 sensor.The computer has to be read and cleared with a scan tool.A number of sensors will set of the light,not just the o2 sensor. Now ,you can install an o2 sensor and just cross your fingers and hope that fixes the problem,or you could be smart and find out what is really the cause. Good luck5. Where to buy sensor light ?? On at dusk off at down?I think this is in the wrong category? Should be home repair not auto repair?6. Is it possible to install front porch sensor light without connecting to wire system?You can do it yourself. There are instructions in the box7. I have a 2006 Explorer Sport Wagon, and the TIRE SENSOR light keeps flashing. All tires have correct pressure?the sensor is located inside the tire, its part of the valve stem. if you had anything do not t to your tires at a shop id take it back to them and tell them, im not sure about your car 100%, but some have steps to setting the pressure, should be in the owners manual. I worked on a suv before that had you air up the tires in a certain order, and the horn would sound once the ecu noticed the pressure. i start with the manual on resting or the inflating. if you still have an issue it might be a sensor, but if one was broken or cracked you would start losing air too8. How do you turn off the "Oxygen Sensor" light on a 1986 Jaguar XJS?do not know about a Jag but on a Ford if you unhook the battery for a few minutes it will re set the light9. What would cause the break sensor light to stay on in a car when the break is not engaged?Well is could be something as simple as a sensor. If you do not notice anything unusual when driving your probably safe. But defiantly get it checked ASAP. While the light is on go on a road with no traffic, get up to about 20 and slam on the breaks as hard as you can. See if they lock up. If it feels like the break pedal is pulsing and the breaks sort of lock then unlock lock then unlock and so on then your ABS is working properly. More than likely it's just a sensor. If the dealer tells you you need other stuff just say NO. They can not make you get anything. If they tell you your pads are bad they probably are not . You would notice it if your pads were bad. Hope this helps.
Does Anyone Know of Any Good Techniques for Taking Pictures of a Black Dog with Black and White Film
Does Anyone Know of Any Good Techniques for Taking Pictures of a Black Dog with Black and White Film
Does anyone know of any good techniques for taking pictures of a black dog with black and white film?If your lighting is direct then you have a classic situation of the camera wanting everything to be 18% gray. That is the average reflectance of an average scene and it works just fine - until presented with a strong contrast of light and dark such as you describe. If your camera has Manual Mode try this: meter off the dark face and make a note of it. Then meter off the light face and note it. Suppose the dark face meters as f2. If you count f-stops up from f2.8 and down from f11 you will meet at f5. 6. Make an exposure at f5. , Choose the one that gives the best results. Please understand that those readings are probably not going to happen in the real world. You may get something like this: dark face, light face, Here you will need a scientific calculator to find the square root of 4 x 11. That gives an f-stop of f6.6. Try 1 at f5. and then 1 at the half-click between f5. Yet another alternative would be to use a 1/2 gradient Neutral Density filter with the darker half on the light face. One rated at -2 stops should be sufficient. Note: A long long time ago Kodak offered ISO 100 VPS Professional film for wedding photographers who were faced with a white wedding dress and a dark tuxedo. It actually did a pretty good job with such a high contrast scene— — — — — —What kind of camera should I use to shoot in black and white film?To be very specific in answering your question, any 35mm film, 120 film, or sheet film camera will work for black and white. The qualities of the cameras in each category are about the same. The differences are really only in the lenses and lighting. The lower the ISO on the film, the tighter the grain. A 150 ISO Ilford is a very good film as are the lower ISO Kodaks, but situations do not always allow low ISO filme. Any of Kodak BW films are good also. You should try to use the brand name for your lenses as the same as the brand name for your camera. There are some after market lenses that are really pretty good, but then there are some that are like Coke bottles.— — — — — —What are some tips for shooting with black and white film?You do not HAVE to use filters. What coloured filters do though is add contrast to B&W images - they reduce the tone of like coloured objects and increase the tone of the opposite colour. So, for example red or orange filters increase the contrast in blue skies (because they are opposite to blue on the colour wheel) - if you have white puffy clouds, this makes them stand out more against a darker toned sky. I find B&W to be especially good for people portraits (esp. street photography). I find colour often too distracting for people, especially when I want to concentrate on character or facial features.— — — — — —How do I do my makeup to look like someone from a black and white film (think Pleasantville)?Oddly enough, I did the very same thing for Hallowe'en a few years ago. My wife and I were Femme Fatale and Detective from a '40's Film Noir. First, choose your clothing carefully. Black, white or gray only. If you have a theatrical makeup place nearby, get a light grey cream makeup for your base, white for highlights and a darker grey for lowlights. Do not forget translucent powder and make-up remover. Ben Nye makes excellent makeup and Alboline is my favorite makeup remover. 1: Clean your face. This may sound "Duh" obvious, but the makeup will cling to your skin better. 2: Using a makeup sponge, cover your face, ears, neck, hands, and whatever body part may be seen with the light grey makeup. 3: Using a detail makeup brush, shadow in the cheeks below the cheekbones, under the eyes, and the sides of your nose, using the dark grey. 3: Highlight those shadows using the white. 4: Blend the tones so you have no sharp edges. 5: Pat (do not rub) the translucent powder on to any surface that has been made up. 6: (Muy Importante!) Take a moistened paper towel and pat all the surfaces that have just been powdered. If you have any experience in applying theatrical makeup, use your familiar routine, just make it all grey. If you have none, go to Ben Nye's website. I think they still have tutorials. Unless your natural hair color is jet-black, get a wash-out temporary silver hair dye. Do not get that stuff in an aerosol can. I simply looks ridiculous. Trust me on this one. Your eyes and mouth will still give color, but your audience will be so jazzed about the grey thing that they will overlook this flaw. Do not just give an overall grey tone to your skin. It just looks Robot-like and defeats your purpoise. Practice this makeup before your big night. Make changes as they suit you, but remember: NO COLOR ANYWHERE. Have fun and good luck. Do not forget to send me some pix. I would love to see them Cider
Why Do Motors Need Capacitors
Why do many motors need capacitors when starting?Simply put, capacitance is to produce phase difference, and make the motor magnetic field produce "asynchronous", and the motor rotates.Single phase asynchronous motor is composed of main winding (also known as running winding) and auxiliary winding (also known as starting winding), which differ by 90 ° in space. After capacitor phase separation, the two windings are connected with AC with different phases, and the rotating magnetomotive force will be generated in the motor.If only the main winding is connected with single-phase AC, the pulsating magnetomotive force generated in the motor can be decomposed into two rotating magnetomotive forces with the same size, the same speed and opposite direction. The two magnetomotive force magnetic fields with opposite directions act on the rotor together. When at rest, the electromagnetic torque is equal and the direction is opposite, so it can not be started.If the number of turns of the main winding and the auxiliary winding is equal and the space difference is 90 ° electrical angle, the alternating current with 90 ° phase difference will be connected. At this time, a circular rotating magnetic field will be generated in the motor, and the motor rotor will rotate with it under its action.If the two windings are asymmetric, the phase difference of the current flowing into them is not equal to 90 °, and the elliptical rotating magnetic field generated in the motor is decomposed into a larger and a smaller circular rotating magnetic field. Their rotating speeds are equal and the direction is opposite, and the motor rotates along the rotating direction of the magnetic field with larger magnetomotive force. Changing the head and tail ends of the auxiliary winding (or the head and tail ends of the main winding) can change the direction of the elliptical rotating magnetic field, and the motor can also be reversed. However, changing the head and tail ends of both windings at the same time will not change the steering direction of the motor.A single-phase motor must have two groups of windings with an electrical angle of 90 ° and be connected with AC with a certain phase difference to produce a rotating magnetic field, and the motor will start itself and rotate along the direction of the rotating magnetic field.Strictly speaking, motors cannot be distinguished by voltage. The so-called 220V and 380V are just our daily abbreviations. Here we should say single-phase and three-phase.The rotation of AC motor depends on the rotating magnetic field generated by current. The three-phase motor flows through a three-phase current with a phase difference of 120 degrees, which can produce a rotating magnetic field. The single-phase current flowing through the single-phase motor can not generate the rotating magnetic field, so some methods need to be taken to generate the rotating magnetic field. Capacitance is one of the methods, and it is also the most common method. The capacitance is used to separate the phases, so as to make the current in the two groups produce a phase difference of nearly 90 ゜ to generate the rotating magnetic field. In three-phase electricity, the current between each two phases itself has a phase difference without phase separation.Capacitive induction motor has two windings, starting winding and running winding. The two windings differ by 90 degrees in space. A capacitor with large capacity is connected in series on the starting winding. When the operating winding and the starting winding pass through a single AC, the current in the starting winding is 90 degrees ahead of the current of the operating winding and reaches the maximum value first due to the action of the capacitor. Two identical pulse magnetic fields are formed in time and space, so that a rotating magnetic field is generated in the air gap between the stator and the rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, the induced current is generated in the motor rotor, and the current interacts with the rotating magnetic field to generate electromagnetic field torque to rotate the motor.Reasons why single-phase AC motor can not be started until capacitor is added:1. The operating winding of single-phase motor can only produce pulsating magnetic field - the electromagnetic field corresponding to any point of motor stator can only change at this point, including the change of polarity direction and amplitude. That is, a rotating magnetic field cannot be formed.2. Add a starting winding in the stator, and the space difference between the starting winding and the main winding is 90 degrees. After the starting winding is connected with a suitable capacitor in series, the equivalent circuit of the winding becomes a circuit in which the resistance, inductance and capacitor are connected in series. As long as the capacitance value meets the phase angle of the current and a certain angle ahead of the voltage, such as 30 degrees; At the same time, if the current of the inductive operating winding lags behind the voltage by 60 degrees, the current phase difference between the two windings will reach 90 degrees, that is, the so-called phase separation principle. In this way, two currents with a time difference of 90 degrees are connected to two windings with a space difference of 90 degrees, which will produce a (two-phase) rotating magnetic field in space, and the motor will naturally rotate.
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