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Emerson Network Energy Launches LED Lighting System High Efficiency Power Supply Lds100
Emerson Network power is one of the business units of Emerson group (NYSE: EMR). The company, which has been leading the global industry in business critical continuity Ô technology, announced that it has launched a series of high-efficiency power supplies for LED lighting systems. This series of new LED lighting power products with model lds100 have three different output powers of 25W, 70W and 100W, so that OEMs and installation contractors can easily select the most applicable and reliable power supply according to the actual requirements of different applications.Emerson Network Energy's newly launched lds100 series 100W LED power supply has many different product models to choose from, among which model h is suitable for 120v-277v AC input voltage, while model u is suitable for 100v-240v AC input voltage. The model introduced earlier can output 24V DC voltage and 4.1a DC current, which meets the requirements of class 2 output. In addition, there are two modes of constant current output and constant voltage output, so that customers can meet the requirements of different LED lighting systems by using only one product, which helps to reduce the inventory level of manufacturers and customers. The operating range of constant voltage mode covers no-load to full load conditions. Taking lds100-24-h03 as an example, this product has the current limiting function, and its current limiting value can be set through the interface in accordance with IEC 60929. In other words, as long as the standard signal of 0 to 10V is used, the output current can be controlled and the brightness can be adjusted. In addition, the current limit can also be set through the adjustable resistance to facilitate the system design engineer to preset relevant values.All models of Emerson Network energy lds100 series power supply have the active power factor correction function with a rating of no less than 0.9. Therefore, in addition to the regulations of "Energy Star" of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, they also comply with the regulations of IEC 61000-3-2 on class C harmonic limit. The conversion efficiency of this series of power supplies is also very high. For example, under the rated AC input voltage of 230V, the efficiency can be as high as 90% (typical value). This high efficiency can further reduce the electricity expenditure of users. If it works at rated power, even if the enclosure temperature of this power supply drops to - 40 ° C or rises to 90 ° C, it does not need to use the cooling fan to dissipate heat, so as to ensure that the power supply itself can still work normally within such a wide temperature range. In addition, the enclosure of this series of power supplies also meets the waterproof grade of IP67. In other words, immersion in shallow water will not damage the power supply. Therefore, it is most suitable for outdoor equipment and instruments installed indoors but with poor working environment. This series of power supplies are small and slim, only 8.5 x 1.65 inches (215 x 42mm) in size and 1.2 inches (30mm) thick, so they can be easily installed in the new generation led lighting system with extremely limited space.The lds100 series power supply of Emerson Network energy not only complies with the provisions of CISPR 15 standard on electromagnetic interference, but also complies with the provisions of section 15 (Part 15) of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on conducted noise, so as to ensure that these power supply systems will not have short circuit, overvoltage and overheating. In addition, the lds100 series power supply has successfully passed the test, which proves that its anti surge interference ability meets the test provisions of IEC 61000-4-5 standard on class 3 (model U) and class 4 (model h) installation specifications.The lds100 series power supply complies with the strict provisions of several product safety standards, including the product safety provisions on LED lighting systems such as en 61347-2-13 and UL 8750. In addition, this series of products also comply with CSA c22.2 No. 107.1 and relevant guidelines of CE LVD.The lds100 design platform is highly flexible, allowing customers to quickly make corresponding design revisions according to individual applications.Emerson Network Energy's lds100 series 100W LED power supply has been supplied in batches.
What Are the Key Advantages of Intelligent Evacuation Lighting System
Nowadays, in order to improve the safety of fire safety in public places, (intelligent evacuation) has adopted safe fire-fighting countermeasures, and the installation of intelligent evacuation lighting system is one of the key countermeasures. Compared with the traditional fire safety emergency lighting system, the intelligent evacuation lighting system has unique advantages and more remarkable effects. The following is a detailed introduction to simplicity.1、 Shortcomings of traditional fire safety emergency lighting systemThe key points are: the orientation marked by the fire evacuation light is fixed, which may lead people to the fire scene; The power supply voltage is 220 V. It is very easy to hurt firefighters when sprinkling water to fight a fire accident; The light transmittance of fire evacuation lighting indicator is poor, and it is not very good under dense smoke, etc.2、 Advantages of intelligent evacuation lighting systemThe key advantages are: in case of overseas emergency, the system will automatically generate the best fire evacuation line, and the indicator light and lighting will point out the fire evacuation direction according to the best way; The system selects the working voltage to ensure the safety of firefighters; The fire evacuation indicator and lighting of the system have flashing effect and good light transmittance; When there is a common fault in the indicator light and lighting, the system has a common fault reminder, which can facilitate immediate maintenance.fqj
Does Airplane Lighting Affect Your Mood?
Airplanes are curious places. From how the toilet flushes when you're 40,000 feet in the air to why those windows have tiny holes in them, there are a lot of questions that pop up when you've got hours to sit in a tight space with nowhere else to go. So, how about those airplane lighting systems?According to an article in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the more intense a light is, the more intense human emotions will be. Much of the light that is streaming in through airplane windows is incredibly soft: Makes since, since an airplane full of overly emotional human beings would be bad.Many newer airplanes are looking to incorporate LED lights, according to Bloomberg, which not only last longer, but also change the overall vibe of the cabin. "We've always wanted to create a different kind of atmosphere aboard our aircraft and light plays exactly into our hands," Nik Lusardi, design manager at Virgin Atlantic Airways, told Bloomberg. "You can get people energized or you can relax people very, very quickly."According to City Lab, the A350 XWB airplane houses LED lights with the ability to create 16.7 million different colors.Aircraft manufacturers are also looking to lighting systems to not only calm, but also refresh passengers. (So you won't feel like you've lost an entire night's sleep.)Mood lighting also plays a role on an airplane, and Virgin America is the U.S. carrier most devoted to the art. The soft neon glow of the cabin has become synonymous with the company name. According to the airline, the pink and purple color palette helped calm passengers during the boarding process. Passengers on the airline's flights may notice color changes throughout the flight, and each color has a different purpose: to induce better deep sleep, to gradually wake passengers up, and to energize them.Aside from battling jet lag and keeping everyone calm and collected, in-flight lighting can also play mind tricks on those aboard. By turning town the lights in a cabin, crew members are able to attempt to shorten your day-or make it longer-depending on the time of day at the final destination. A team of researchers from Stanford helped Airbus create a lighting system that seamlessly mimicked various times of the day for an easier trans-continental transition.
Brilliant Additions : Lighting Techniques Put Special ...
Moods change with a flick of a switch in the theater. The lights dim: Romance is near. Lights darken: Evil arrives. To achieve all these effects, the lighting technician relies on dimmers, light beams and color filters--the same devices that today's interior designers use in homes and businesses.Innovative lighting can solve space problems by making small rooms appear larger and dark spaces more expansive. A gloomy room can become cheerful, or a vast area can become intimate.Interior designer Priscilla Eeds was faced with unusual lighting problems of her own when she designed her contemporary Emerald Bay home. Because the house was built on a relatively small lot in the middle of a steep hill, architect McLarand, Vasquez & Partners in Costa Mesa used every available bit of land for the structure.The result was a dining room "dead wall" that received no natural light, since it backed into the hillside. "I'm not really a lighting expert," explains Eeds, "but I knew I wanted the wall illuminated." Working with Vasquez and Huntington Park-based neon designer Eric Zimmerman, she designed a 14-foot-by-6-foot glass block light wall containing four neon tubes--red, yellow, turquoise and purple--and a rear-mounted floodlight. The result is a brilliant focal point of the living room/dining room area that gives the illusion of space and the outdoors.The lighting system, controlled from a hidden panel in the living room, allows Eeds to change the colors of the neon tubes rapidly or slowly, randomly or in a pattern by moving a switch.The varieties are endless and are a source of fun for her children and guests, as well as for people driving by."You can see the wall clearly from the street, so I sometimes see people drive by slowly then back up to check on it. By the time they've come back, the color has changed," says Eeds in her soft Texas accent.Eeds particularly likes the lighting when she has guests, since she can control the mood of the room easily and match the wall with her place settings or party theme.Although the glass wall is the most dramatic use of lighting in the house, it is not the only one. "I really don't like lamps very much," Eeds says. "I have sconces on the wall that I like, but other than that the lighting is mainly recessed." In the kitchen there is neon lighting under the cabinets to illuminate the serving areas. "We really needed it, since we used so much black granite in here," explains Eeds. Recessed lighting is in the ceiling with specially focused spotlights placed to shine on the bar/sitting area. "This is so perfect for reading by on a dark day or at night." The same targeted lighting is found in the master bedroom that makes reading in bed both pleasant and convenient, since the control panel is in the drawer of the night stand.The master bathroom features recessed incandescent lighting, as well as neon lighting under the cabinets and targeted lighting in the dressing area for ease in putting on makeup. "The only thing I forgot here were extra lights for the closet," Eeds says.Because of the contemporary color scheme of the house--black and white with red accents--the sophisticated lighting system of the house is perfect, since it softens areas that could be cold. Night lighting is found alongside the stairways and in the exterior walkways and patios.A good lighting system is not only attractive, it is also being mandated by law. State law requires new or remodeled residences to be energy efficient. It specifically relates to lighting design and measures the amount of light in a house.For example, it's mandatory that the first switch in a kitchen turn on a fluorescent lamp, and that lamp must light the entire room.Gary White of Kitchen Design in Newport Beach deals with the new law daily when he's designing custom lighting programs for kitchens and baths."Fluorescent lamp manufacturers have come out with new miniature fluorescent lamps that allow more creative freedom. There are even recessed miniature can fluorescent lamps that have the same effect as incandescent lamps," he says.This is the latest trend in interior design, White says. "Designers always liked the recessed can lamps, since they were like invisible light sources. With these new lamps, you can specify the color temperature of the fluorescent lamp you use. It used to be you had no control over that." The color temperature of the lamp depends on the mood you want or your own color preference, according to White. Light is measured in degrees of Kelvin (temperature).As a general rule, 2,700-degree lamps are good with traditional design, since they are warmer in tone; 4,100-degree lamps work well in contemporary rooms, since they're better with blues, grays and greens.For graphic examples of different lighting schemes and how they go with different color motifs, White's Kitchen Design showroom has nine separate display areas, each featuring different lighting."One of the most exciting things that will come out of these new advances is innovative fixture design. Since light bulbs will be small, there will be more freedom for creativity," White says.White thinks the incandescent lamp will be replaced by fluorescent and low-voltage lighting.Certainly for the homeowner, lighting is becoming more exciting as well as more cost effective and energy efficient.
World's Largest Public Corn Flower Glassware Collection Undergoing 'big Upgrade'
The rare blues and purples found in the world's largest public collection of Corn Flower glassware is expected to sparkle even brighter once the Dufferin County Museum and Archives wakes from a winter hibernation.From now until spring, the museum will be closed to the public as it undergoes a $450,000 renovation project for its W.J. Hughes & Sons Corn Flower Limited glassware collection."A lot of people that have Corn Flower collections in their home might not realize that it came from Dufferin County," said Dufferin County Museum and Archives (DCMA) curator Sarah Robinson, noting the museum's collection of more than 2,000 pieces features some of the rarest Corn Flower items around."We have groupings of blue and purple (Corn Flower glassware) that are especially rare," Robinson said. "Very few collectors across North America that would have the pieces in our collection." The Corn Flower brand will forever be linked to Dufferin County, as its founder, W.H. Hughes, was born in Amaranth in 1881. Hughes' mother would die when he was a young boy, leaving his father to care for six children. His family would move to Melancthon, where they lived in poverty.By 1907, Hughes had learned the art of glass-cutting while working as a silver measurer at Roden Brothers Silversmiths in Toronto. He would later begin cutting glass in the basement of his home at 212 Wychwood Ave. in Toronto, circa 1912-1914.He then packed up the glassware in his car to show and sell his wares at jewelry and gift stores in Toronto and in smaller towns around southern Ontario. He also frequented stores in Dufferin County.Hughes would run the business for several decades before his son-in-law, Pete Kayser, took over operations. Kayser would play a significant role in Corn Flower becoming a household term throughout Canada."He was an artist. He was an innovator. He was a businessman,"Robinson said of Hughes. "Most importantly, he came from humble beginnings in Dufferin County." It has always been the DCMA's goal for several years to create a permanent exhibit to showcase its Corn Flower collection, as well as tell the story and legacy of Hughes and his company. The renovations are coming a bit earlier than expected though.In 2017, the DCMA managed to obtain a $150,000 grant through the Canada 150 Infrastructure Program. That has sped the project's timeline up."We're putting in state-of-the-art cabinetry, a whole new lighting system. The exhibit itself will be a little bit more interactive. It is going to tell the entire story of Corn Flower," Robinson said."It will start from the beginning of the business all the way through to the end and show you decades of glass and various styles," she said. "It is the story behind the glass that really is the value to a museum." The DCMA is currently raising funds and receiving donations to cover the project's remaining $300,000 cost. It is already budgeted for, but Robinson said the DCMA's goal is to complete the project at no expense to taxpayers."We've been very carefully putting away money and there have been a lot of generous donations over the past 20 years. Of course, the Canada 150 grant as well," she explained."This is a big upgrade. It has been 25 years since we've done any renovation of this quality and size," Robinson said. "To be responsible as a museum and keep putting out wonderful exhibits, we want to fundraise so we can replace that money." Any donations made to the DCMA are tax deductible and receipts will be issued for any donation of $20 or more. For more information, call 519-941-1114, or visit dufferinmuseum.com for more details.
Operating Room Lighting - Energy Efficiency
Effective and successful performance within the operating room is enhanced by having lighting which does not cause visual, operational and environmental difficulties such as: glare, shadowing or visual stress.The operating room environment requires a combination of satisfactory ambient lighting and effective direct and indirect task lighting. The ability to adjust these lighting levels and change their characteristics enables room staff to be more effective. Incorrect or poor lighting can impact on the patient, through poor performance and impaired effectiveness which may cause lengthened procedures through uncertainty, or even errors.The wellbeing of the surgeon, the anesthetist and surgical team may also be adversely affected, while the quality and safety of the working environment will be impaired by poor ambient lighting.According to studies, a very long time is usually spent for proper light adjustment. The lighting requirements for particular surgical specialties are so diverse that the individual requirements for each specialty must be taken into account when selecting room lighting.The following points should be kept in mind during the design of the operating rooms and selecting the lighting system for the operating room:Adjustability - the design of the lighting unit and how it can adapt to meet individual requirements.Brightness - the amount of light delivered by a source in order to illuminate a specific surgical area.Control - selection of a good design and an appropriate light source will help the systems integrate into the operating room environment. However, flexibility and adjustability in the lighting system (amount of light or spread of light, for example) will accommodate a wider range of tasks and activities.Good color rendition is important in the operating rooms, intensive care rooms, examination rooms and in the treatments rooms. In the operating rooms, a backup electric system should be available in the case of power failure.There are typically three basic types of lamp used within an operating room environment: incandescent, gas discharge and Light Emitting Diodes (LED).Incandescent and gas discharge lamps have traditionally been the main lamp type, utilizing halogen, tungsten, xenon and quartz. However, other types of lighting are now emerging onto the market in several forms, particularly LEDs.1. Technical parameters.The following parameters should be considered:2. Central illuminance: This is the value of illuminance (LUX) at 1meter in the center of the light field.3. Depth of illumination: The distance under the light-emitting area where the illumination reaches 20% of the central illuminance.4. Light field diameter (50%): Diameter of light field where the illumination reaches 50% of the central iluminance.5. Light field diameter (10%): Diameter of light field where the illumination reaches 10% of the central illuminance.6. Color rendition index: The measure of the color spectrum of the light, made up from 9 measurements of each visible color.7. Color temperature: Perceived coolness or warmth of light (measured in degrees Kelvin). Some LED lamps permit the ability to adjust the color temperature, which allows a surgical team to manipulate the light characteristics, and therefore facilitate tissue differentiation.8. Radiant energy (Watt): Heat is produced from the light source in the form of infra-red radiation, which is felt by any person in the field of the radiation. This can provide an uncomfortable working environment not only for the surgeon, but the whole surgical team, as well as the patient. It may also hamper the operation by causing the wound tissue to dry out, especially during longer procedures.The standard for operating room lighting:IEC -60601-2-41
Best Chauvet DJ CHS-4 Lighting Strobe & Lighting System, 4 USB DJ Light for Lighting and Motion Art
Best ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage LightBuy Link: CLICK HEREADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage Light Product Description:ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage Light. The ADJ Ultra HEX Bar 6 is a versatile LED Linear fixture with 6x 10-Watt, 6-IN-1 HEX LEDs. With a 40-degree beam angle, users may produce wide washes with smooth color mixing from 63 built-in color macros utilizing red, green, blue, amber, white and UV LEDs. DJ ADJ. DJ, DJ Lighting, Wash Lights and Color Changers. Price: 349.95 USD. Sale Price: 249.99 USD.The ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage Light is certainly that and will be a great buy. For this price, the ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage Light is highly recommended and is a popular choice with lots of people.Buy it NowBuy ADJ Ultra Hex Bar 6 Stage Light is a post from: Musical Instruments·RELATED QUESTIONWhere can I get the best DJ lighting & sound services in Los Angeles?DJ lighting and sound plays an important role in an event or occasion. There are many options where you can get the best music and lighting services in Los Angeles at affordable prices i.e., HeyMisterDJ, Belvedere Entertainment, DJ Keelez, DJ Kara, and many more. But, you should choose the best because a single mistake in selection can spoil your party. So, you need the best live band and DJ services, who offer you awesome music and light show at your party. Go with Belvedere Entertainment for best DJ services and have more fun through their live band services.
Know More About Rgb Led Tape
Light Emitting Diode is a technology that produces light with the use of a semiconductor source. These LED bulbs are very small in size and are usually grouped together to produce a single bright light source. With this unique lighting system, a lighting designer can add or mix full-spectrum colors to produce white light. LED bulb is more advantageous than halogen and incandescent power because it is safer, energy efficient and more flexible with regard to colored lighting as it can be dimmed or brightened to meet specific lighting requirements. The RGB (letters stand for Red, Green and Blue) LED Tape refers to the light colors streaming out of a LED lighting system. The RGD LED device provides a means of controlling or changing colored lighting for indoor and outdoor requirements. The benefits of using RGB LEDs are: low power consumption, long life, DIY features for customizing control panels, and Perfect weather-proof lighting solution for outdoors. By adding specific sets of interchangeable colors to outdoor landscape power, the RGB LED lighting can truly light up areas and spaces that would otherwise have been hidden. Types The main types of RGB LED Tape lighting are: 1. direct-view lighting, 2. linear lighting and 3. Wall-wash RGB LED lighting. Direct view power as the name implies is a fixture that can be looked at directly and provides basic illumination to a specific space. Linear power means lighting which can be bent or flexed like strip lighting. These flex strips can be fitted around any object shape like a curve or sphere to light it up. Wall-wash is a box of lights that is used to cover an entire wall in light of any color. The only problem with this kind of lighting is that using one group of colors can cause uneven lighting; a simple solution would be to use several wall-wash strips to ensure even lighting. A good amount of application forethought and planning is required before RGB LED systems can be installed. The crucial factors that determine usage and installation are: Aesthetics and interaction with existing space esp. Indoors, System cost, Number of control channels and cables, Power supply, Additional engineering and electrical modifications required, etc. The RGB LED strips come in 'Addressable' and 'Non-Addressable varieties. In the Non-Addressable kind, strips of colors can be used and changed depending on the kind of setting required. The Addressable ones are simply the most controllable and customizable LED strip lighting systems ever thought of. The trick here is to use them like the Non-Addressable ones but they can be customized further by adding a tiny chip in between each LED allow individual control of each LED. The downside to the Addressable RGB LED is that it is very expensive and to get the full benefit of the lighting systems, the need for a 'micro-controller' is very essential. The RGB Addressable LEDs are used for the most sophisticated and complex lighting projects and have the ability to function as art forms or objects on their own without the use of any other props.
10 Best TVs of 2015 - Forbes
After a rather uninspiring 2014 the TV world has now hit its stride again, with all of the big brands managing to include sets of real quality in their current ranges.The fact that native 4K UHD resolutions became available for much more affordable prices than we'd seen in 2014 helped, as did the launch of more gorgeous OLED TVs from LG and Panasonic.The sudden arrival of High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology (explained here) seemed to play a part in the sense of 2015 delivering a real leap forward in TV quality too, as it forced manufacturers to look for ways to get more brightness and wider colour ranges from their flat TV technologies.While picture quality has generally greatly improved, though, there are still a few let downs out there. So to make sure you don't end up with one of those, here's my list of what I consider - from another year of testing as many TVs as I can get my hands on - to be the best TVs currently out there in the marketplace.Note that while I've put a 'best price at the time of writing' for each TV, there's a good chance that these prices may have dropped by the time you're reading this, so it's worth spending a few minutes looking around online for the latest prices rather than just relying on my provided links.LG 65EF9500 (LG 65EF950V in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $4,997.99 at amazon.comFinally, just when I'd almost decided it was never going to happen, LG has managed to make OLED screen technology a genuine mainstream(ish) technology.This 65-inch model delivers spectacularly on the contrast and colour benefits OLED is renowned for while costing under $4,999. It's also the first flat rather than curved 4K OLED TV, and for me that, too, is a very good thing.Rounding out its appeal are an astonishingly slim design, its ability to play high dynamic range content, and its use of the latest version of LG's brilliant webOS smart TV interface.If you run the 65EF950V too hard its usually imperious contrast can reduce, and you may also sometimes notice a slight dimming effect down the picture's sides. But these issues really are puny blips in a performance that cements OLED's status as the apparent future of TV technology.Full review here.Samsung UN40JU7100 (Samsung UE40JU7000 in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $797.99 at amazon.comBad news first: with its 40-inch screen the Samsung UN40JU7100 doesn't benefit from its native 4K/UHD resolution as much as a bigger screen would - unless you're sat pretty close to it.That's not to say there's no benefit from a normal viewing distance, though: pictures enjoy more depth and subtler colour nuancing. Plus this mid-range Samsung UHD model gets lots of other things right; for instance it looks cute, its contrast is outstanding for its price, and it's got one of the most comprehensive smart TV systems in the business, accessed this year by Samsung's new Tizen operating system.Basically if you thought you had neither the space nor the finances for a UHD TV, the UN40JU7100 is the set that should make you think again.Full review here.Panasonic TC-55CX850U (Panasonic TX-55CX802 in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: an incredible $1,499.99 from Panasonic directIf you consider yourself a really serious AV fan - the sort of person who always preferred plasma to LCD, and who favours accuracy and subtlety over aggression and extremes - the Panasonic 55CX850 is almost uniquely qualified to meet your needs (short of buying an OLED TV).The key to its success is its 4K Pro technology, which combines a new wide colour, high brightness panel design with some outstanding video processing to deliver pictures which, Panasonic claims, look exactly as their creators' intended them to look. The result is a relaxing, cinematic image packed to bursting with gorgeous details and colour nuances.The only catch is that you have to reduce the backlight to combat some clouding issues, meaning that it may not be the best screen for bright rooms. But serious movie fans would only want to watch a film in a dark room anyway, right?Full review here.Vizio M50-C1 (not available in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $698 at amazon.comNo other brand, it seems, is quite as good at delivering big screens and good picture quality at an aggressive price as Vizio.I was torn here between including the brand's incredibly cheap $358 E40-C2 40-inch HD model or the M50-C1 4K model - but in the end my love for 4K tipped me towards the M50.This TV uses, remarkably for its price, not only a direct LED lighting system but also a local dimming engine, where zones of the lights behind the screen can have their output controlled individually to boost contrast. As hoped this helps the M50-C1 produce black levels that shame those of some far more expensive TVs, along with reasonably accurate, punchy colours and good levels of sharpness that do the native 4K pixel count proud.You can get better picture quality if you pay more, but there's nothing around for the M50-C1's money that's anywhere near as good.Full review (from CNET) here.Sony XBR-65X850C (Sony KD-65X8505C in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $1798 at amazon.comThanks to some stunning colour reproduction courtesy of Sony's Triluminos technology, a strong direct backlighting system and some brilliant video processing from Sony's new X1 chipset - especially when it comes to upscaling HD sources to the screen's native 4K resolution - the 65X850C's picture quality is frequently jaw-dropping.It's capable of playing high dynamic range content too, which it does more successfully than Sony's edge-lit LCD models.The set's new Android TV smart platform is a disappointment (for reasons discussed here), but at least it offers plenty of content, rounding out a terrific TV package that's a steal at current prices.Full review: Coming soon!Samsung UN65JS9500 (Samsung UE65JS9500 in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $3,997.99 at amazon.comThis was the first new UHD TV to emerge in 2015, and it set an incredibly high performance bar for the chasing pack. In fact, in some areas it remains unbeaten.Its star attraction is its incredible brightness, which can peak at 1000 lumens - far higher than anything that's been released for consumer use before. This joins forces with a new colour system driven by Quantum dot-like Nano Crystal technology and a locally dimmed direct backlight system to produce pictures of unprecedented dynamism and intensity - all with a focus on the new high dynamic range images that started to appear in 2015 and will become widespread by 2016.It also scores major points with me for being upgradable to future connections and smart/processing systems simply by swapping out its external connections/processing box.In recent months OLED screens have started to offer an interesting black level focussed alternative to the Samsung's brightness based charms, and the UN65JS9500's curved screen may not suit everyone (see my separate feature for the pros and cons of curved TVs).The fact remains, though, that no other TV this year makes quite such a visceral impact or feels quite so futuristic as the UN65JS9500.Full review here.Sony KDL-55W800C (Sony KDL-55W805C in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $698 at amazon.comIt's a sign of just how quickly 4K/UHD technology is taking over the TV world that the Sony 55W800C is one of only two HD models included in this list of the 10 best TVs around right now. It's also a testament to just how good the 55W800C is.Its picture quality really is excellent - probably as good as HD from an LCD TV will get now, given that 4K screens are starting to crush HD out of the market. It combines one of the finest edge LED lighting systems I've seen with gorgeously rich colours, great detailing for a non-4K TV, and some of the best motion handling around - thanks in no small part to the presence of Sony's X-Reality Pro processing.Smart features are handled by the latest Android TV platform, which while encumbering the TV with its rather clunky interface does at least ensure you're not short of online content.Full review: N/ALG 55EG9100 (LG 55EG910V in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $1,797.99 at amazon.comGiven the 55EG9100's price you're probably thinking it must be a 4K/UHD TV. But it isn't. What it is, though, is another one of LG's brilliant OLED TVs, where every single one of its 1920x1080 pixel is able to produce its own independent light and colour to deliver levels of contrast and a sense of colour richness no other current TV technology can get match.So spectacular is the 55-inch 55EG9100's contrast performance, in fact, thanks in particular to its almost perfect reproduction of black colours, that its pictures actually look comfortably superior to those of some 4K TVs.The set also boasts an incredibly slim design and LG's latest webOS 2.0 smart interface which is, as ever, a joy to use.The bottom line is that the 55EG910V is by far the cheapest way to get your hands on LG's 2015 OLED technology - and that in itself could make the TV irresistible to anyone not desperate to introduce 4K to their lives.Full review (from Reference Home Theater) here.Samsung UN65JS9000 (Samsung UE65JS9000 in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $2,997.99 at amazon.comIf you like the sound of the Samsung UN65JS9500 but can't stretch to its near-$4,000 asking price, the UN65JS9000 is an outstanding step-down alternative.It still offers Samsung's so-called 'SUHD' level of specification, meaning it combines a super-bright panel design with Nano Crystal colour reproduction and the ability to play back high dynamic range content. It still carries Samsung's decent new Tizen operating system too, and plenty of online content options. And it enjoys one of Samsung's latest 'VA' type LCD panel designs, which for my money deliver the best contrast performance of any current LCD panel technology.The reason the UN65JS9000 is significantly cheaper than the UN65JS9500 is that it uses an edge LED lighting system rather than a direct one. This is a significant issue, since it means you have to reduce the JS9000's backlight quite heavily to stop the picture from suffering with clouding problems during dark scenes. This in turn means this TV doesn't deliver as much impact with HDR content as the JS9500s.Once you've calibrated it sensibly, though, it still represents pretty much the state of the art where edge-lit LCD TVs are concerned.Full review here.Sony XBR-75X940C (Sony KD-75X9405C in the UK)Best price at the time of writing: $5,998 at amazon.comIf I had to pick my all-round favourite TV of the year, it would probably be this one. Everything about it is uncompromising, from its colossal 75-inch 4K/UHD screen to its direct LED backlighting system, high dynamic range playback, new ultra-powerful X1 video processing engine, spectacular Triluminos colour system, and enormous forward firing speaker system that sounds so good it humbles many dedicated hi-fis.Clearly no 75-inch TV will make for a comfortable fit in any living room - especially when the frame around that huge screen has to extend a good few inches further to accommodate the 75X940C's speakers. But the size and quality of its pictures is more than enough reward for the effort involved in finding the space and money to get one in your home.Full review here.
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