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table lamps is manufactured by highly sophisticated equipment and advanced production line in Guangzhou Dragon Machinery Technology Co.Ltd, which would be the key to its great market potential and wide recognition. Powered by an adamant quest to pursue quality, the product adopts carefully selected raw materials to ensure the stable performance of it and make customers be satisfied with and have faith in the product.The design and aesthetic of products reflect the prestige of our brand - Dragon Machinery. To meet the changing needs of consumers, all Dragon Machinery products perform well for them as well as for the environment. Till now, these products have formed unique customer groups and market reputation, and simultaneously make our company's popularity internationally.Our years of experience in the industry help us in delivering true value through Dragon Machinery. Our highly robust service system helps us in fulfilling customers' bespoke needs on products. For better serving customers, we will continue to preserve our values and improve training and knowledge.
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  • Is it true that most table lamps should have no more than 60 watt bulbs? How does that convert to LEDs?
    most modern lamps are rated for 60w maximum per socket. When I was a child it was quite common however for a desk lamp to have a 100W bulb in it to provide intense illumination. If you have ever brushed up against a 100W bulb that has been burning a long ...
  • Is it true that most table lamps should have no more than 60 watt bulbs? How does that convert to LEDs?
    There is often a sticker on the fixture stating the maximum wattage allowed. This limit exists for one of two reasons. It could be that the wiring does not support more than that amount of power safely. Or it could be that the fixture can only tolerate th...
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