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Hyperledger, the Blockchain Technology I See Being Readily Adopted by Businesses and Why.
Hyperledger, the Blockchain Technology I See Being Readily Adopted by Businesses and Why.
Hyperledger, the blockchain technology I see being readily adopted by businesses and why.ily adopted by businesses and why.Chris IjoyahFollowJan 11, 2018 · 3 min readI am still relatively new to the crypto space, and I have to say that my journey so far has been a very exciting one. Since venturing into the realms of cryptocurrency I have been heavily engrossed in everything and anything crypto related. I now find myself reading up daily on the latest ICOs, and regularly trawl Reddit for the latest news and announcements just to stay ahead of the game. This is usually followed up by routine checks to Blockfolioto monitor my crypto assets and visits to Coin Market Cap, (the source of truth when it comes to the crypto markets) just to gain an overview on how the crypto economy is doing.I've even invested in a few Altcoins (coins other than Bitcoin), ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings)and have also had the pleasure of being scammed too (Happens to the best of us, boy was I naive!). More info about the scammers Bitpetite here. With all the excitement of the potential to make lots of money investing and trading in crypto, it can sometimes eclipse the underlining technology (blockchain) to which this article is referring too.As a developer, I was naturally drawn to the technology behind cryptocurrencies and wanted to find out more. After getting the basic gist of what a blockchain was and how the concept decentralisation worked within those confines, I instinctively knew this technology was gonna change the world. It then made sense to look at the technologies in which these blockchains could be constructed and interacted with just so I could learn them. Ethereum being the most popular Altcoin based on market cap, was my first choice, so I decided to look into Solidity, the language used to write their smart contracts.If you are familiar with the concept of how a blockchain works and the concept of decentralisation, you will know that the blockchain ledger is accessible and publicly available to anyone. With this, I mean that If I was to obtain the public address of your wallet I could see every transaction that occurred to and from your wallet. Now there are good and bad sides to this, but for businesses, especially with ones that deal with sensitive data, this would be a breach of data protection. Factor this in with the scalability issues that they are currently facing with PoW, (they hope to resolve this with Casper in their next hard fork), I was quite reluctant to learn this new language. Also, the language Solidity itself has been described as having similarities to JavaScript and C but essentially is its own language which you must learn and understand in order to write their smart contracts. If you are a competent developer you can pick this up quite quickly, but I did not like the idea of having to learn a new type of language, I would have preferred the ability to use an existing language like Go, Python or Java. I wanted to learn a blockchain technology that would be widely backed by a strong open source community, resolve the issues with data privacy and scalability and would be future proof. My search led me to Hyperledger but more specifically Hyperledger Fabric.So what is Hyperledger?Hyperledger is a collaborative effort for the advancement of cross-industry blockchain technologies. This open source project is hosted by the Linux Foundation and is backed and lead by industry leaders in various sectors such as manufacturing, finance, and banking to name a few. Unlike most typical blockchain technologies, it allows for multiple blockchains from these different sectors to interact with one another in a secure way.What is Hyperledger FabricHyperledger Fabric is one of many frameworks offered by Hyperledger in order to develop applications or solutions in a modular way. I am still learning lots about this technology but I am finding it to be my most favorite one so far. These are some of the key features of the framework offers:Channels for sharing confidential informationBring-your-own Membership Service Provider (MSP)CouchDB world state supports wide range of queriesA nice "heres how it works" video:Overall if your looking for a solid blockchain technology and framework that is enterprise ready to learn, I highly recommend looking to Hyperledger
Do You Believe That the Laws of Supply and Demand Should Be Allowed to Dictate Market Prices?
I believe that people negotiating prices in a free market system should determine prices, and supply and demand is the theory that describes the outcome1. Trying to show result of prisoners dilemma simulation through supply/demand graphAll right, first some initial thoughts:As for your question in principle nothing happens to demand (in the short-run); only the quantity demanded changes. Suppose before the game is played we have the initial situation like this: The staircase function is the supply of laborers, the dotted function the demand. In this situation person 1 is willing to work at wage=1, and person 2 at wage=2. In principle in this case the firm would hire person 1.Now the game is played and person 2, undercuts person 1, who will undercut person 2 in turn etc.. What this does is bring the staircase steps down until they are all aligned at 0 like this: The supply curve becomes a horizontal line at 0. The quantity demanded for the number of laborers changes from 1 to 2.In a model involving more people that all have the same reservation wage the supply curve would look like a straight upward-sloping line and competition would induce the supply curve to turn until it is horizontal at the reservation wage.Why does that not happen in real life? Given that typically everyone has not the same reservation wage because they have different outside options, people do drop out of the competition earlier and the supply curve stays an upward sloping line.2. 1929 stock market crash: supply & demand?When one buy on margin trading one is actually borrowing money from the investment bank using the share bought as security. If the share equity value drop you need to top up your borrowing with your own money, otherwise the bank will sell your shares charged to them as security.Or in stock market term, a margin call. If your shares drop further your borrowings will be more than your borrowings and when there is no more shares for them to sell you will on overdraft. You lost all your investments plus owing the bank for the margin trading. This is also the reasons for the housing bubble burst which cause the sub prime mortgage crisis in 2006. I just like to add that economic crisis occurs in different forms about every ten years again and again, due to the greed of younger generations who use their education and knowledge to make money. World leaders need to look out for this, if they can, and not to use past mistakes to overcome future financial and economic crisis. Reforms and putting blames on banks is misleading. Whenever there is a bubble burst or an economic crisis, banks need to recapitalised and governments need to put in place stimulus packages.3. What is the supply and demand of this article? I missed a class and I don't understand....?I without doubt have not been all that peaceable in recent years, however I can let you know anything, I have extra Christmas Spirit this 12 months then ever earlier than! I am without doubt extra irritable and I have acquired emails calling me out in this considering that the opening of the week. All I can say is I am sorry, I am a bit imply correct now, I believe it's the hormones however who is aware of, there's simply such a lot occurring. I believe you are correct although, if we honestly mentioned Christ is Peace we might deal with others as they must be dealt with and as we wish to be dealt with. So for my unhealthy angle in recent years I am sorry. I am simply so tired. Love, God Bless, and Merry Christmas, Kate4. Do you honestly believe that high oil prices are a reflection of "Supply and Demand"??You know... How come gas prices were up when Bush ran for president in the last election? Seems to me if he could have controlled prices during the run against Kerry that would have been the ideal time. I think you need to do a little more research on the subject. Sure big gas companies want conservatives in office, why would not they? Republicans are generally pro gas because they are pro-business. The liberal conspiracy continues to be based on ignorance, incorrect or skewed information formulated into the perfect lie. All we need is a little more education and respect on both sides.
"We Want Dignity": 75,000 Protest Against Emmanuel Macron in France
Police and anti-government protesters clashed near the Champs-Elysees and in other parts of central Paris Saturday with demonstrators hurling rocks and paint at riot police who responded with tear gas.The clashes came as thousands took part in a third weekend of "yellow vest" protests which have morphed from anger over fuel taxes into a broader anti-government movement.Crowds of protesters gathering at the Arc de Triomphe earlier found the Champs-Elysees locked down with police manning barricades and water cannon.While several dozen were allowed through after an ID check and search, many others -- some wearing gas masks or ski goggles -- remained behind and fought with police who fired rounds of tear gas.Spreading from the Champs-Elysees, protesters led police on cat-and-mouse chases through other parts of the capital, setting light to cars and construction equipment.Authorities said 160 people had been arrested by the afternoon and 65 people injured, including eleven of the 5,000 police officers mobilised for the protests.An estimated 75,000 demonstrators were counted across the country as of 3:00 pm (1400 GMT), the interior ministry said, which for the most part remained calm.The number was well below the first day of protests on November 17, which attracted around 282,000 people, and also down from the 106,000 who turned out last Saturday.Dark plumes of smoke in several parts of Paris, however, were testament to the escalation in violence, to the consternation of many of the "yellow vests", so-called for the high-visibility jackets they wear."We're a peaceful movement, but we're disorganised -- it's a mess because we don't have a leader," said Dan Lodi, a 68-year-old pensioner on the Champs-Elysees."You always have some idiots who come to fight, but they don't represent us at all," he said.Stores and restaurants along the Champs-Elysees as well as surrounding streets had boarded up windows, anticipating a repeat of the clashes last Saturday which President Emmanuel Macron compared to "war scenes".Chantal, a 61-year-old pensioner who came from an eastern Paris suburb, said she was avoiding the "hooligans" but was determined to send Macron a message on the rising costs of living."He has to come down off his pedestal," she said under cold rain on the Champs-Elysees. "Every month I have to dip into my savings."Others voiced indignation at graffiti sprayed on the Arc de Triomphe, a monument to French war dead, including phrases like "Macron resign" and "the yellow vests triumph".Although police managed to clear the square around the Arc de Triomphe toward midday, sporadic clashes spilled into nearby neighbourhoods, and hundreds of protesters later returned to the square.But further down on the Champs-Elysees, several hundred people marched calmly behind a huge yellow-and-red banner reading "Macron, stop taking us for idiots!""With all these tax hikes, there's not much left for eating at the end of the month," said Philippe, a high school cook in the Essonne region outside Paris.The "yellow vest" movement erupted on social media in October and has since become a wider protest against Macron, who is accused of failing to recognise the rising cost of living that has left many struggling.The countrywide protests have included many pensioners and have been most active in small urban and rural areas where demonstrators blocked roads, closed motorway toll booths, and even walled up the entrance to tax offices.Two people have died and dozens have been injured in the protests, which opinion polls suggest still attract the support of two out of three French people.Attempts by the government to negotiate with the grassroots movement have failed, in large part because representatives have insisted on public talks broadcast on TV."We want our dignity back and we want to be able to live from our work, which is absolutely not the case today," Jason Herbert said after walking out of talks with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Friday.Macron has sought to douse the anger by promising three months of nationwide talks on how best to transform France into a low-carbon economy without penalising the poor.He also vowed to slow the rate of increase in fuel taxes if international oil prices rise too rapidly but only after a tax hike due in January.But many protesters were unconvinced by Macron's speech on Tuesday."For two weeks we've been trying to make ourselves heard but nothing has changed," said Gaetan Kerr, a 52-year-old farmer from the Yonne region, said near the Champs-Elysees on Saturday."At some point Macron is going to have to listen, otherwise this is going to get worse and worse."
How Do You Tie Your Shoes?
I usually tie the strings, not the shoes1. What chemicals are in tie dye dyes?The dyes in all good tie-dye kits are Procion MX dyes, known chemically as the dichlorotriazine dyes. These dyes are different from the dyes in all-purpose dye brands such as Rit. The pages below give the details of what the chemical structures of the dichlorotriazine dyes look like, and on what the other ingredients in the dye powder are. Tie-dye dye powders contain dichlorotriazine dyes, a buffer (potassium dihydrogen phosphate plus disodium hydrogen phosphate), a diluant (sodium sulfate or a synthetic tannin called Tamol), and small amounts of surface active agents to keep the dust down. In addition to the dye powders, tie-dye kits normally contain soda ash (sodium carbonate), which is used to active the cellulose fiber so that it reacts with the dye. Some kits also include urea as a humectant, so that the dyes will stay moist long enough to react without being wrapped in plastic.2. We will be providing the clothing for the funeral home for my father, is the rule of thumb to provide only?I would just take his suit,shirt,tie,cuff links if you want that to be shown Its just the front that shows shoes We buried mother in her blue suit,but my brother did go get her another blouse(she had 100's in the closet) I insisted she have her diamond earrings she always wore.3. Wearing No Tie to a Wedding?Theres no rule saying you have to dress like everyone else at weddings lol, hell I wore shorts and just a normal shirt at my cousins wedding4. Is it possible to tie your penis in a knot?I am sure you can, but god that sounds like a weird doctor's appointment waiting to happen. Doctor: "Well, what seems to be the problem. You "I tied my penis in a knot." Doctor: "Hmm, I see."5. What matches with a mahogony tie?i did no longer comprehend i became a perfect contributor. candy. yet i think of Sparrowbird merits the win. yeah I agree, it relatively is greater of a acceptance contest for who BSes around the main lol. Sparrowbird truthfully knows a TON. i comprehend i am no longer everywhere close to an authority, i am truthfully variety of a noob nonetheless. yet i've got been area of the Horoscope area for over a twelve months now, if that counts for something6. Which tie color for prom?!?You should probably go for a formal color and something that matches your prom dress. If your dress is print, get him a solid tie, because they are more formal, and if your dress is a solid color, you have the option to get a printed tie, but I would not recommend it... You could also look at a color wheel and figure out which color goes along with the color of the prom dress and get him a color that he likes.7. Men, do you buy a clip on tie, or tie your own?. ONLY when I am paying my Last respects to friends do I wear a suit and tie. It's a 30-second 'ordeal' to tie my own, and I know I can loosen it a bit when needed. ... or, er, use Viagra? I have NO hesitation in Faking it if it enhanses my natural great beauty.8. Rafter tie sizingThe PURPOSE of rafter ties is to keep the roof joists from spreading apart and consequently pushing the top of the walls apart. SIZING the rafter ties is based on the load on the roof pushing down and the pitch of the roof. (The steeper the pitch of the roof, then the less "pushing out" on the walls. ) Assuming a snow load of 30 lbs. per square foot plus a dead load (roofing, sheathing, rafters, etc.) of 10 psf, you would have a reaction of about 250 lbs. per linear foot. If you are installing the ties at 4' o.c., then you have a thrust of about 1,000 lbs. at each tie. (One-half at each end. )I would fasten the tie to the rafter with 5-6 16d nails at each end. I would also fasten them to the top plate with a Simpson clip like A35
The Motion Sensor Lights Will Not Come Off When I Want to. Do I Need to Replace the Bulbs? ?
The Motion Sensor Lights Will Not Come Off When I Want to. Do I Need to Replace the Bulbs? ?
either there is something the eye is "seeing" that keeps resetting the timer or you have a bad unit. try increasing the sensitivity and also block the eye with cardboard so it is blind. if neither helps replace the unit1. motion sensor has blue blinking light - the light switch doesn't turn it on anymore?Try to get the manufacturers name off some part of the unit, then work it from there. Just my two cents.2. How should I position a motion sensor?You want to point it at the area that you predict an intruder would be most likely to move/travel. Windows and doorways would be among the prime locations for that3. How To BLIND a motion sensor?You HAVE to ask her to move the light, by law. You can not just break her stuff, for no reason. Yeah, yeah, I know... your reason is the light shinning in your window. But maybe she does not know it. And if you do not tell her, she never will. I think it's pretty rotten of you to just want to break her light, when there can be an easy solution4. Looking for small motion sensorUpon Ignacio's suggestion of a piezo I found this small sensor. It's really a shock sensor, and probably not sensitive enough to detect picking up (sensitivity is 1mV/g), but I want to mention it here for other users who may have a use for it5. Pinout of microwave motion sensor FC1816First things first. Grab yourself a copy of the BISS0001 datasheet.To understand what was going on I traced the signal line from the microwave IC to the BISSThe comparator does following .. But .. what the hell is wrong? Why does the output stay always high? The problem (in my oppinion is the output amplitude of the 2nd amplification stage which higher then expected, maybe due to some noice or whatever). To understand what is going on the 2OUT I got my arduino and connected 2OUT to an analog input via 1megohm resistor.The following picture already shows my modified circuit.During the retrigger-inhib period the signal gets very eradic, even after replacing the amplification resistor (2nd Amplification stage) from 105 to a 150k (154). Before doing this the max signal would spike VH (0.7*VCC) and the output would instantly toggle again at the end of the inhibition period.. rendering the module useless.EDIT: Try a variable resistor with maybe 200k Ohm to find the best value for your applicationAfter replacing the amplification resistor I got the module working!SOLUTION:Some additional ideas that worked very very well for me:My final solution I am currently using:To do so I used the statistics library and had very good results with max/min/std-dev.6. Fluorescent (Swirly type) light bulb - problem w/Motion Sensor?fluorescent bulbs are not recommended for motion detector lights. not mine anyway. put the old bulb back in and forget about it7. Iv'e just changed the bulb in my motion sensor security light, it will only detect movement at night?It most likely has a photo cell along with the motion detector. Not to worry, it's probably working fine8. energy savings using a motion sensor switch?I think you would save some electricity, but not all that much. The big users are your household appliances, water heater, and furnace. (depends on what source of energy you have for your heat) If you live in a cold climate, you might be better off to improve your home's insulation. That will save you on energy costs. If you went with the expense of adding insulation, use fiberglass type not the paper-based stuff. Paper based insulation will settle dramatically over time and reduce it's insulating value!9. Do modern Windows laptops have an equivalent technology to Apple's sudden motion sensor?Yes, to protect the hard drive. It lifts the magnetic read heads off the platters so the platters do not get scratched when you drop it.I do not think it's from Microsoft, though. That's an OEM bell and whistle10. Does a Motion Sensor Light Save Energy/Money? Please Help!?I am so glad you are concerned about the environment. The biggest Electric user in your home you describe is the electric dryer. If there is a problem with the dryer and it is running too long it will run your electric bill up quickly. A sign that your dryer is not working properly is that it is not drying as fast as it used to or your clothes are hot when you take them out. Cleaning the lint out of your dryer exhaust can always be a money saver. If your timer is sticking or a sensor is not working on the dryer you can justify the cost of repair rather quickly. Lights left on for a long time for security are the ones to look at putting high efficiency lighting into. Thank you so much for caring about the environment.
Why Are Native Americans so Offended by Proffesional Sports Teams Names?
Why Are Native Americans so Offended by Proffesional Sports Teams Names?
Why are Native Americans so offended by proffesional sports teams names?Part Irish? You are only Irish if you were born there. Having an ancestor that was Irish does not make you Irish, even "part". We do not like the whole concept of the tomahawk chop, or chief wahoo, or redskins, that has an especially dark connotation for us. How do you think it would fly if the teams were called the n i g g e r s, or the sp ic ks or the kik es or the gooks or the wetbacks? Would you think those teams were acceptable?— — — — — —What sports teams are most popular where you live?Arlington, TX Texas Rangers Dallas Cowboys Texas Longhorms Dallas Mavricks Dallas Stars... boring....— — — — — —Why are certain sports teams (cricket and football) still separate for England & Scotland and are not just "British" teams?Part of the answer lies in the fact that there are different sporting governing bodies for each sport. For association football, there is an English governing body in England, the FA, and a Scottish counterpart, the SFA (Scottish FA). With other sports like athletics and tennis, they have all encompassing British governing bodies. So for tennis for example, there is the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) that covers all of Great Britain and the British Olympic Association (BOA) that represents and amalgamates all British athletes.I believe one of the main reasons we have some sports adopting individual country status (e.g. England, Scotland, Wales, and N.Ireland) while others are combined as Great Britain is because it is based on what gives the greater competitive advantage. By pooling all athletes across Great Britain, this gives a better opportunity and greater advantage to succeed in certain competitions/events (e.g. the Olympic Games.) If you look at the 2012 Summer Olympic Medal table (2012 Summer Olympics medal table) Great Britain finished a very respectable 3rd. Had each individual country competed alone, England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland would have faired significantly worse. The same principle applies to tennis and other sports adopting a combined British team approach.With association football however, there is a greater opportunity for club teams to succeed individually as English and Scottish clubs can all compete in the same European level competitions allowing for a greater representation of individual club teams. This statistically improves the opportunity for a "British" club team to win a European contest. Likewise, there are individual national teams for association football who compete against one another internationally— — — — — —is it okay for a Christian to enjoy r rated movies ? and cheer for sports teams?if your heart is convicted that it's wrong when you watch an R rated movie, then it's sin. that's the Holy Spirit convicting you. when i watch an R rated movie and hear the Lord's name in vain or other cuss words or see semi-naked bodies, etc., i know i should not be watching. the thing is, in our society these days, that's almost every movie. but there are choices for Christians, in the secular realm. such as that wonderful movie, Up, or even Miracle. i love that movie and i do not believe there is swearing or sex in that movie and it's one of my favorites even though it's secular. also, there are MANY good Christian movies to choose from these days, such as the movies put out by Sherwood Baptist Church, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Firewall, and coming out in Sept, the movie Courageous. i recently saw a Christian post on here about a movie called Timechanger, so i looked it up and i thoroughly enjoyed that movie. it was like a good sermon from beginning to end. so, yeah, R rated movies probably are sin, at least for me. as far as sports teams, idk, do you idolize them? for instance, are you willing to spend a couple of hundred bucks on some tickets or even more, yet only give $20 to church? anyway, i suppose it depends on things like that. do you put the sports team above God? are they more important to you than He is? those are the questions i would ask myself, but i am not a big sports fan.— — — — — —Which Pro Sports Teams do Las Vegas residents support? (NBA NFL NHL MLB)?I do not know about the other sports, but I do know there are quite a few LAL in Vegas
Uncover the Secret of Waste Button Battery
Uncover the Secret of Waste Button Battery
Monitoring the voltage level of button battery in portable equipment or supporting service system is a common and simple application for modern CMOS operational amplifier.Fig. 1 is an embodiment using a 1.8V opa333 zero drift operational amplifier. The voltage of the button battery is 3V, and the circuit is powered by a voltage level of 3 to 5V.Strangely, I heard from some customers that the service life of button battery in this kind of circuit is much shorter than expected; Only a few days or hours! These customers found that the button battery remained charged after the operational amplifier was removed. This aroused my curiosity and began to investigate what happened.Figure 1 - connect opa333 unit gain amplifier to monitor button battery voltageLithium battery CR2032 is a common button battery with a rated capacity of 175 MAH and a continuous current of 200uA. The input bias current of opa333 is generally 70pa, and the power of button battery will not be exhausted in a few years. There may be some other circuit that consumes the battery. After carefully observing the internal schematic diagram of opa333, a seemingly reasonable discharge situation is found.Fig. 2 is a block diagram of the amplifier core and its input ESD protection. Don't forget that most ICs have ESD protection during circuit disconnection. ESD unit is shut down under normal working conditions.The ESD input protection function of opa333 is connected with a low leakage steering diode between each input terminal and the power line. ESD clamp is connected between these lines. These diodes are usually reverse biased. However, if the power supply voltage V is turned off and becomes high impedance, the diode D3 will become forward biased. The amplifier core and any components connected to the V then draw current from the button battery.The opa333 quiescent current is only 17ua, so it is likely that other components connected to the V power line are also consuming current.Figure 2 - internal block diagram shows the current path from the non inverting input through D3 to the V power lineSome operational amplifiers have broken pins. When in this mode, they consume a very small amount of supply current. However, if the ESD unit uses the design scheme in Fig. 2, the diode can still conduct current.The solution is to use operational amplifiers that support different ESD unit designs.Figure 3 shows the ESD unit design used in tlv2450 rail to rail input / output operational amplifier. It uses a fast low leakage clamp similar to a zener diode. In the process of ESD event, it can not only switch on quickly, but also limit the applied voltage to a safe level. There is no internal current path for the VDD pin.Figure 3 - tlv2450 uses internal ESD clamping. There is no internal current path between the input and the VDD pin.It may be difficult for engineers to determine the ESD unit used by the amplifier. However, you can find tips in the amplifier product manual. When viewing the absolute maximum rating, if the signal input range is - 0.3V to (V ) 0.3V, then 0.3V is the limit to ensure that the ESD diode remains off. If it is high, the diode may turn on.For the original text, please refer to: Instruments online technical support community answers technical problems and provides technical support for Chinese electronic engineers. Deyi community involves analog electronic technology, single chip microcomputer, MCU, embedded system, DSP and digital signal processing. It is the preferred technical exchange platform for electronic engineers designed with Ti chip. More Forum Highlights, please visit:
I Feel Uncomfortable Wearing Just a Sports Bra?
oh my goshhh..this is so weird. we could be twins! we look exactly alike and we are the same age weight and everything. everything you said! and yes!! i feel the same way about your problem. girls in my dance studio alwys wear a sports bra alone and stuff and dont care but im so different. i guess i dont want people thinking of me weird or differently. but for real, i dont think we should worryyy... i always have to tell myself that people dont care. you think so many people are looking but they really arent. keep your head high! i totally understand :)1. Why is it important to wear a sports bra while working out?somewhat risk-free community with coyotes and wolves? i could advise doing all your strolling the two very early interior the morning it particularly is the final, as a results of fact over night it somewhat cools down and its clean and funky interior the mornings. so which you may not situation approximately fainting. Or in case you cant do it interior the mornings, you may try after sundown, regardless of the actuality that even after sundown it might desire to be somewhat, somewhat warm with the floor nonetheless emanating lots of warmth and heating up the air. Mornings your ultimate wager nevertheless. in no way ever run between 10 am and 6 pm its very unfavorable on your wellness and places lots of tension on your physique. in no way run below direct sunlight, enormously interior the Afternoon, it particularly is inviting warmth strokes and worse. additionally continuously carry water bottle with you and save hydrated. As for pals thinking you are a prostitute for wearing a activities bra? Hrm, according to probability in case you run interior the morning you may placed a mild cotton tee-shirt over the activities bra, it might desire to get particularly chilly interior the mornings. additionally a thirteen year previous lady wearing purely activities bra - that would desire to ask some hardship, no count how risk-free you think approximately your community. and that i am not speaking approximately wolves and coyotes. stay risk-free and do not over do it2. Is it weird to wear a sports bra with no t-shirt while I run?noooope unless u want a rep as a skank3. What size sports bra do I need if I'm a 36D ? ( girls only please)?36dd Sports Bra4. I still wear a sports bra! 8th grader?they are merely motivated by traits. it extremely is a on a regular basis element to work out. yet i might think of that a woman that would supply lap dances are merely undeniable stupid. it is going to offer different individuals irrelevant innovations. Any college could have this going around. it would count on their rules of the faculty5. Best sports bra for very large bust?Tell her to go to the bra shop and get a proper fitting. They are trained to know what will suit her the best. I love the brand "fine lines" It has a very stong cup and the wires do not come out, and still gives you an amazing round shape. They cost about $50 - $60 each though, but last longer than standard cotton and lace bras. (I am a large DD)6. What is a supportive sports bra for large breasts?Enell makes the best supportive sports bra7. Validity and Reliability of Three Commercially Available Smart Sports Bras during Treadmill Walking and RunningThe purpose of the current investigation was to determine the validity and reliability of three different brands of heart rate sensing sports bras. It was hypothesized that each type of sports bra would be valid compared to a criterion measure and display consistency when compared to a second bout of the same exercise. The main finding is that the Berlei smart sports bra returned both valid and reliable heart rate measures across all conditions tested. However, participants also rated it the lowest on all perceptual measures of comfort and ease of use. Validity of heart rate during activity has been described in wearable technology devices including smart shirts3,4,5,6,7, earbuds8,9,10 and sensors located on the forearm11,12,13 or the wrist14,15,16,17,18. This is the first investigation to report heart rate validity in sports bras during exercise. Perhaps the garments that most closely resemble the smart sports bras in the current study are heart rate sensing smart shirts. While smart shirts have been reported to be valid during laboratory-based walking (ICC range = 0.81 to 0.99)4,7 and cycling (ICC range = 0.98 to 0.99)5, they are much less accurate (ICC range = 0.012 to 0.354) when utilized in an outdoor environment during trail running exercise that involves more bodily movement6. Increased bodily movement, particularly at the breast, may explain the results of the current study. We found that our interpretation of validity for each model of sports bra depended on the manufacturer and the exercise condition. All heart rate sensing sports bras were considered valid during standing rest, which involves minimal movement. The Berlei and Sensoria sports bras were deemed to be valid during the walking condition, which generates relatively greater movement. However, only the Berlei sports bra was found to be valid across all exercise and movement conditions. It is possible that the design and composition of the Berlei sports bra, composed of greater amounts of polyester and elastine, was responsible for these favorable results. While we have detailed the abundant heart rate validity investigations utilizing wearable technology, there is a relative dearth of studies reporting reliability even though such a need has been pointed out in the literature2,37. Investigations reporting heart rate reliability have evaluated smart shirts, which we believe to be the most similar type of wearable to the smart bras employed in the current study. In an investigation utilizing elite male cyclists, an ICC reliability range of 0.94 to 0.96 was reported during an incremental maximal test on a cycle ergometer at 50% and 75% of the maximal workload, respectively5. A different study utilizing both men and women walking on a treadmill at speeds between 40.2 m.min1 and 80.5 m.min1 reported Cronbach alpha reliability between 0.85 to 0.884. Finally, an investigation using both men and women during self-paced trail hiking reported ICC reliability of 0.73 for heart rate, and 0.65 for maximal heart rate over a one mile distance3. It is tempting to speculate from these limited studies that reliability in heart rate measures derived from wearables is also influenced by amount of movement during exercise: stable cycle exercise returned the highest reliability measures, treadmill walking relatively lower, and walking on variable terrain the lowest consistency measures. In the current study, as movement demands increased, the reliability of the Sensoria Fitness biometric bra appeared to be impacted. The Sensoria sports bra was found to be reliable only during the resting condition. However, the Berlei sports bra returned consistent measures across all conditions. While not the primary focus of this investigation, perception of each smart bra was collected from participants. A number of factors have been identified in the literature that affect the perception of sports bra comfort during exercise including breast asymmetry38, quality of support39, and design aspects accounting for cushioning40, strap placement41, and fabric and thermal properties42,43. Women who ran on a treadmill while wearing a high support sports bra rated their experience as more comfortable with less pain than while wearing a low support bra39. The bra strap contributes to the most overall discomfort during exercise41, and a cross-strap design with cushioning may help to reduce the distress40. As technology to measure biometric data such as heart rate is introduced to the sports bra garment, manufacturers should carefully consider design elements. It is interesting to note that in the current investigation the sports bra that was valid and reliable for heart rate in every condition, the Berlie sports bra, was also the lowest rated with respect to perceptual measures of comfort and ease of use. This study is not without limitations. Previous studies have tested female participants at specific points in the menstrual cycle when the breast is in its lowest and most stable size39, and this was not taken into account in the current investigation. Additionally, a trained bra fitter was not employed38. While it is unlikely these considerations would have had an impact on the heart rate validity and reliability measures reported, the perceptual responses could have been impacted. Future studies should incorporate these factors into the study design, as well as whether look or appearance affected perception. In obtaining commercially available heart rate sensing sports bras, we did not control for the type of sensor each garment employed. The fabric sensor employed by the Adidas Smart sports bra returned valid measures at rest, but not during any of the exercise bouts. The Berlei sports bra and the Sensoria biometric sports bra both employed dual plastic flexible plastic sensors of the same size, geometry, and location on the underband of the garment. As these sports bras returned differing accuracy and consistency measures while utilizing the same conductive electrodes, it is unlikely that the sensors employed were responsible for the observed differences. Another potential limitation is that participants were allowed to self-select both their walking and running paces. It is felt that this limitation is somewhat mitigated, as self-selected speed positively affects both gait pattern and subsequently breast motion40. As the objective of the current investigation was to determine concurrent heart rate validity, we did not obtain or control for various physiological measures including sweat rate, metabolism, or skin temperature changes during the exercise bouts. A final limitation is that breast motion was not analyzed in the current investigation, which limits our ability to identify why some bras return more accurate and consistent heart rate measures across the various conditions. Future investigations of this nature would be needed to determine the impact of breast motion on heart rate validity and reliability in smart bras. This is the first investigation to report heart rate validity and reliability in female participants who completed trials of self-paced walking and running while wearing smart sensing sports bras. The Adidas Smart sports bra was found to be valid during the rest condition but not reliable from one test to the next, the Berlei sports bra was both valid and reliable across all conditions, and the Sensoria Fitness biometric sports bra was valid and reliable at rest, and valid but not reliable during walking. Overall, participant perception of the smart sports bras was higher for items including comfort and function for the Adidas Smart sports bra and Sensoria Fitness sports bra, and lower for the Berlei sports bra. These findings highlight the need for sports bra manufacturers desiring to enter the wearable technology space for garments with both the ability to return accurate and reliable biometric data while at the same time providing the necessary function and comfort to females participating in physical activity.
Whats the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in Containers?
Whats the Best Way to Grow Tomatoes in Containers?
I use 3 gallon buckets because they are a little easier to handle and do not require quite so much dirt. Buy really good potting soil from a nursery - use Fafard, but Miracle Gro is OK if you add some perlite and/or vermiculite to it. Drill holes in the bottom of the bucket, place a spread out coffee filter and then fill with dirt. Make a hole for the plant, put a crushed up egg shell and a piece of banana peel in the hole. Trim off the lowest leaves of the tomato plants, and put the whole stem down in the hole you made. Water well. Put a tomato cage down in the bucket. Feed with Miracle gro during the season. Tomatoes require a lot of sun and warm temps. I also cut away any branches that are not going to produce tomatoes and I pinch off some of the smallest flowers to leave only three in a cluster. Put a plant saucer under the bucket and make sure when you water that you get the entire root ball wet. Good luck.1. my 3 yr old had to have her front teeth removed. please help!?there is a lot of information on the internet. i would look up the web site for the american dental association, they might have some helpful information for you. and from what i've read and learned in classes that rotted baby teeth can sometimes be so bad to already make cavities and holes in the adult set of teeth that are already in place. everyone makes mistakes. just be happy it is a couple of baby teeth and not a limb, or life!!! you are doin fine2. How to Fix a Hole in the Wall | DoItYourself.comHow to Fix a Hole in the Wall Every house will acquire holes in the walls throughout its life. Whether it is a small hole from a painting you re-located or a larger hole from an accident, fixing a hole in the wall is a relatively straightforward process. Here are seven steps to fix a hole in the wall in your house. Start by cleaning around the hole and making sure any loose drywall or paint is removed. You want to get the surface around the hole as smooth as possible so that the patching compound will get the best adhesion. Sand around the perimeter of the hole to remove as much excess drywall as possible. For holes smaller than 1/2 inch in diameter, you do not need a bridging compound. You can simply fill the hole with some spackle or plaster and use your putty knife to smooth out. Once the compound is dry, sand it and repeat the process until the wall is smooth. After that, you can use a texture spray to mimic the existing wall and paint. If the hole is larger than 1/2 inch, then you need a hole patch to smooth out the surface. Start by placing the patch over the hole to determine the size of the patch. You want to leave 1/2 inch extra all the way around the hole. Once the patch has been cut, take off the backing paper and install the patch over the hole. Try and get the edges of the patch as smooth as possible before proceeding. If the adhesive fails to stick, use a wet sponge to apply the patch. You can also use some patching compound around the edges to secure it in place. With the patch in place, add the patching compound with your putty knife. Start by applying the compound around the edges of the patch, working your way inward. Ensure the patch is completely covered with the compound before stopping. Most compounds will dry a different color when they are fully dry. If the hole is fairly large, you may need to work in sections, allowing each one to partially dry before continuing. This will help keep the mesh in place and provide extra support for the middle of the patch. Try and get the compound as smooth as possible before it dries as this will cut down on sanding. You should let the compound dry overnight before sanding. When you start sanding, do not stop until the edges of the patch are in line with the outer wall. This will help blend everything together when you paint. Once the sanding is complete, clean the area with a damp cloth and let it dry for about 15 minutes. While the wall dries, clean up any access dust or particles that were created during the sanding process. Depending on the style of the wall, you should use a textured spray prior to painting. The spray should match the existing wall's texture, so you may need to adjust the thickness until you get it just right. Once the texture is on, allow it to dry overnight before painting. Getting the paint to match might be the hardest part of fixing a hole in the wall. If you do not have the original paint, you can remove a few chips and take it down to your local hardware store to get it matched. Once you have the right paint, simply paint over the patched surfaced and allow it to dry for around six hours. If you do not want to go through the trouble of matching the paint, you can repaint the entire wall a new color.3. Fun Candy Corn Bunting: Paint a 1.5 inch orange ring around the outside of your plate. : Paint a smaller yellow ring on the inside of the orange ring, leaving an unpainted white circle in the center of your plate. : Time to dry! Fan your plate with your hands. : Grab some scissors and cut your plate into 6x triangles. Pretend it's a pizza. : Punch holes in the corners of the orange ring. : Tie your Candy Corns together onto twine or string. : Hang your decoration anywhere you like!
A Big Red Classy Trade Training Truck - ABC Western ...
A unique training truck has just arrived in the state's central-west; it's specially designed to give outback students access to state-of-the-art hospitality training opportunities.The $1.6 million B-double truck has been purpose built and includes a commercial kitchen, a marquee and seating to cater for up to 300 people.It's been funded by the Federal Government under the Trade Training Scheme and will be used as a training resource at five schools in the region, including Longreach, Aramac, Barcaldine, Blackall and Winton.Although it's locally becoming known as the 'big red truck', it does have an official name; it's the 'Outback Hospitality Trade Training Centre.' The Longreach State High School Principal Lesley Andrews said it's the first project of its kind in Queensland and only the second in the nation."It's a very exciting concept."It's a commercial kitchen on wheels."It comprises of a prime-mover, the A part of the B-Double has a generator, a walk-in cold room, water storage and storage and the back part is a kitchen."Twenty students can work in that kitchen and it has all sorts of equipment in there that you would find in a normal commercial kitchen," she explained.Ms Andrews said the trade training centre concept really favours schools getting together into hubs and having a building for that particular area."It wasn't feasible here because of the distance that's involved getting students from Winton, Blackall and Aramac to come on a regular basis to Longreach and then perhaps stay overnight."That is a huge cost."This is far better, we can take the kitchen to them and they can get the training in school without loss of time." The mobile trade training centre will mainly be used for teaching Certificate II in Hospitality."We're also going to run a Certificate II in Event Management and there are lots of other incidental certificate courses that can be run, so for example, Barista, Responsible Service of Alcohol and eventually we'll look at Tourism," Ms Andrews explained.The big red truck is also resourced with a full-time home economics teacher who will travel with the truck to the schools around the district.Ms Andrews said she thinks this new resource is wonderful for the students and wonderful for the central-west community."I think the students in any of these little schools would never have got the funding to build this sort of a kitchen with the equipment that we have."So our region would have missed out, so this is a unique resource for our community." The truck will also be available for hire for weddings and cultural events across the west and in conjunction with other businesses in the region.This additional use of the truck will help fund on-going costs such as insurance and fuel."It is actually a huge benefit to the town," she said.So what do the students think about this big red, shiny new mobile classroom?Ms Andrews said even though she's talked to the students many times about the concept, she doesn't think they understood about how big or how flash it is or how much equipment is on board."Unfortunately they haven't had the opportunity to get inside and have a look; they can only see it through the fence."But they're really excited about it and can't wait to get on board and have look," said Ms Andrews.
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