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Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd is one of the few authorized manufacturers of best laser engraver for wood in the industry. The production process of the product involves critical steps demanding high human skills, allowing us to maintain the specified design quality and avoid bringing in some hidden imperfections. We introduced testing equipment and built a strong QC team to carry out several phases of tests on the product. The product is 100% qualified and 100% safe.It’s the passion and collision of ideas that fuels us and our brand. Backstage during exhibitions around the world, our technicals take opportunities to communicate industry experts and local consumers to identify relevant market needs. The ideas we learned are applied to product improvement and help drive sales of the DaLong Machine brand.We have built a comprehensive service system to bring better experience to customers. At DaLong CNC Machine, any customization requirement on products like best laser engraver for wood will be fulfilled by our R&D experts and experienced production team. We also provide efficient and reliable logistics service for customers.
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In 2020, Smart Home Will Show Large-scale Development, and 43% of Devices Will Be Connected to Two H
In 2020, Smart Home Will Show Large-scale Development, and 43% of Devices Will Be Connected to Two H
Pan Xuefei, China Research Manager of IDC, believes that in 2020, China's smart home market will enter the stage of large-scale development. Manufacturers will carry out vertical and horizontal maneuvers in the ecology around their core resource advantages, realize the integration and optimization of platform-based connection, interaction and services, stimulate more market demand and realize large-scale multiplication.The ten predictions of smart home in 2020 are as follows:Forecast 1: accelerated integration of Internet platformsThe integration between smart home internet platforms will be strengthened, and there will be more cooperation with each other; It is estimated that by 2020, 43% of devices will be able to access two or more home interconnection platforms at the same time.Prediction 2: voice assistant is widely enabledVoice assistant will be gradually installed on more devices. By 2020, 47% of household devices will be equipped with voice assistant. At the same time, the integration of content and service resources behind voice assistant will become more and more important for the expansion of its users and scenarios, especially in terms of mother and child, education and elderly care.Forecast 3: smart TV significantly upgradedThe smart TV market will be significantly upgraded. In addition to the display performance, the interconnection and voice interaction ability of smart TV will be rapidly improved. With it, the application scenarios will expand to shopping, health, education and other directions on the basis of entertainment games. It is estimated that by 2020, 57% of smart TVs can access the home Internet platform, and 22% of smart TVs have far-field voice capability.Forecast 4: rapid development of intelligent lightingThe intelligent lighting market is developing rapidly. By 2020, the year-on-year growth will more than double. The cooperation between Internet manufacturers and lighting manufacturers will further promote the rapid development of the market.Forecast 5: voice assisted intelligent home appliancesVoice interaction is rapidly penetrating into the home appliance market. More and more home appliances can carry out voice control. By 2020, 75% of smart appliances can be controlled by voice, including embedding voice assistant and connecting smart speakers. Internet manufacturers will continue to expand the ecosystem, attract a wider range of home appliance manufacturers to cooperate and seek more contact points with users.Forecast 6: diversified connection modesThe connection mode of smart home will be gradually upgraded and diversified. In addition to ZigBee, the proportion of mesh in Bluetooth connection will grow rapidly and reach 59% by 2020. 5g and wifi6 will provide better network experience for the application of other collaborative devices in home entertainment and content service scenarios.Forecast 7: commercial demand stimulates growthThe smart home market will take the lead in entering the rapid development channel in the hotel and housing rental industry, especially security and lighting products. It is expected that by 2020, more hotels and apartments will adopt smart home products to establish interconnection and realize digital transformation through rich interaction modes.Prediction 8: the rise of visual interactionThe AI capability of the camera will be rapidly improved and will be widely used in more smart home devices to build a complete and natural interactive experience in vision and voice with voice assistant. By 2020, 3% of smart home devices will support both visual and voice interaction. In addition, sensor interaction technology will also penetrate more into home devices.Forecast 9: voice expands to consumption scenariosThe application scenario of voice interaction has gradually expanded from entertainment, companionship and query to shopping, car hailing, takeout and other consumption scenarios. It is estimated that by 2020, 8% of smart home devices will be able to support a variety of consumption scenarios.Forecast 10: accelerating the transformation of emerging online marketingOnline live broadcasting with goods will attract more consumers to contact and try emerging technologies; UGC communication such as short video will visualize the convenience and interest of intelligent home devices, and maximize the effect of word-of-mouth communication; It is expected that by 2020, more smart home devices will be sold through webcast and short video drainage.This article comes from IDC consulting wechat. This article is reprinted and shared.
Determine the Profuse Advantages of Cnc Machining Services ...
Determine the Profuse Advantages of Cnc Machining Services ...
CNC machining has gained incredible popularity worldwide, as a never-before solution to fabricate range of metal objects, plastics or fiber items flawlessly enabling manufacturers to work on more complex shapes, which would virtually impossible to produce manually. Nowadays, industries and manufacturing units look for expert CNC machining services to meet high volume, precision, cost control that helps stay competitive in the global market. CNC is a highly specialized mechanism that uses Computer Numerical Control methods onto its machining tools such as lathes, grinders, routers, drills, punchers, or mills. Unlike a typical PC, Computer Numerical Control operates based on software that control the entire CNC machining services. Depending on the work type, it is fed with customized programming using G-Code, a specially developed machine language that CNC can understand, and accordingly it executes the job work, keeping strict control over machining requisites such as specs, feed rate, speed, and overall management. Merely with one programmer and operator at the system console, a CNC machine can undergo multiple operations from lathes to mills, grinders to routers and drills to sharpening with much accuracy, better control, and high volume in a cost effective way. Why Should You opt for CNC machining Services? A digitally controlled program based CNC machining is capable to discard human errors boasting its accuracy level within 1/1000th. The machine literally works non-stop, even during weekends and holidays without any interruption. This helps to cater clients on timely manner, no matter how large is the quantity or how complex the job work is. CNC stops only when it is being prompted or for required maintenance and fixing. Once the machine is fed with the design specs and control parameters, it starts working consistently and executes the whole quality as per schedule. Since, the process of machining is software controlled, therefore, its accuracy level simply cannot be replicated even by most endowed mechanic available; As you choose the great benefits of CNC machining services, the entire lot of outputs match accurately, which is just an impossible task on conventional systems. Basically CNC machine offers you prototype specifications. Merely backed by one skilled operator cum programmer, CNC machining services can efficiently carry out your entire project work. On the contrary, just think about a traditional machining shop, which operates with numbers of skilled labors for every job, be it lathing, grinding, drilling, and shaping and so on. This just not saves on manpower needs but reduces the cost price, which you can effectively pass on to your valued clients and thus, achieve competitive advantage. Being well familiar with manual machining, you know better how disappointing is working with general class labors. In fact, working with valuable customers or big projects depending on labors is a big headache especially with labors on leave or unwell making your lacking staff, labor disputes with you or among the team that leads to productively loss. This tolls on your business greatly since delayed delivery is likely to be a key cause of being blacklisted soon. The cumulative result of less labor, higher speed, greater accuracy, productivity with extent of specialization and timely delivery to customers make your business money making in no time. Lower cost , more profitability and greater market recognition opens you the way to re-investment in business.
Where Can I Download Dr. Seuss's Beginner Book Collection in PDF Format?
A perfect gift for new parents, birthday celebrations, and happy occasions of all kinds, this collection of five beloved Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss-The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, and Fox in Socks-will be cherished by young and old alike. Ideal for reading aloud or reading alone, they will begin a child on the adventure of a lifetime!.1. Is it common to reread books that you have read in your book collection?Yes, it is.After reading a book, I keep it only if I know that I would like to revisit it in the future..It does not mean that I had time/mood to it, though2. book: collection of YA stories by different authors with the central theme of VR and VR suitsThis is "The Web: 2027" by Stephen BaxterIt appears to be something of an anthology, focusing on the misadventures of a group of teens entering a theme-park with Gulliver's travels as the motif3. What can you tell about someone with a large book collection?As a person with a large book collection, I can tell you that it reflects my wide-ranging interests, plus the fact that I am too anal-retentive ever to get rid of a book I own, and it's also a tribute to the number of friends I can count on to help me move4. In which place online is it good to sell a large second-hand book collection?I suggest you utilize a listing service like Fillz or The Art of Books - it will get your inventory up to the major "after markets": Amazon, B&N, ABE, Alibris, Biblio. To get your collection in order I suggest CollectorZ - it has a handy scanner that creates a .csv file that allows you to input where you purchased the book, the condition, and pulls down the book description from multiple sources.5. I'm looking for a book scanner that I can use to convert my paper book collection into ebooks? Any suggestions?I would forget sbout the book scanner and get a kindle or nook then it will be lighter than what you will have and you will have more variety of books at your hand6. How can I sell my comic book collection?yes u can.can u connect me i can helpu.this is my phone 012500842 i want to buy it7. How many novels do you have in your book collection at your house?I hav not counted recently... Probably around 1008. I have a comic book collection that I would like to sell. What is the best way to sell it?Do what every other guy with a comic book collection does. Open a comic book store in a run down strip mall and wait for gullible kids who think the price quote books are real to buy them from you9. How do you organize your personal book collection?Well to start with I put all my novels in alphabetical order and in one room along with my poetry books in the same order underneath them, starting with the anthologies.My travel books on individual countries with books on the art and anthropologies of that country, I keep them in continental Africa, Middle East, Central Asia etc. General travel like Cooks travels I keep in the continent he most visited Australia/New Zealand.My general interest books in alphabetical order, but my 1000 odd cookery books I find the most difficult but in general I keep all my 17th and 18th ones together, and divid up into sections my later ones either by country or into categories if mainly fish, meat, dessert, or baking recipes. my herbals mainly into early and later editionsI also have a general selection of books I can just put my hands on to read ( in my office ) these are usually my latest purchases and general reference books. This lot gets out of hand at times but its all fun!10. How do I store my son's comic book collection so he can easy access to them later?I say the comic box like others above, also keep the box from the sun as the sun will change the colour of any exposed paper
Seaview Golf Club
Seaview Golf Club
Seaview Golf ClubThe Seaview Golf Club is the owner of Liberia's only 18-hole golf course, located opposite the Unity Conference Center and situated on one hundred acres of landscape where the St. Paul River empties into the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia, Montserrado County, Liberia. It is located about 10 kilometers northwest of downtown Monrovia, the capital of the West African Republic of Liberia, next to the Hotel Africa. The Sea View Golf Course was formally established in June 2004 by the Liberia Golf Association under the Chairmanship of Dr. C Nelson Oniyama. Another golf course in Liberia is on the premises of the Firestone plantation in Harbel in Margibi County.— — — — — —Bedford & County Golf ClubBedford & County Golf Club is a golf club to the northeast of Clapham, Bedfordshire, England. It was established in 1912. As of 1995 the course measured 6,290 yards.— — — — — —Kooyonga Golf ClubKooyonga Golf Club is a private golf club in Australia, located in South Australia at Lockleys, a suburb west of Adelaide. Opened 97 years ago in 1923, Kooyonga has hosted five Australian Opens, nine South Australian Opens and eight Australian Amateurs. The winners of the five Australian Opens are: 1972 Peter Thomson - Australia 1965 Gary Player - South Africa 1958 Gary Player - South Africa 1954 Ossie Pickworth - Australia 1950 Norman Von Nida - Australia The Women's Australian Open was played at Kooyonga in February 2018. It was won by Jin Young Ko of South Korea.— — — — — —What are the best brand of golf clubs for a 13 year old?To be honest it does not matter how tall he is, any golfer can adjust to any length of club. Try buying him the mens clubs, they should last him quite a long time. He will grow into them, like I said. It's worth buying him a decent set especially since it will last him. P. S You can not really outgrow a golf club, you just have to change your position. But yeah, bigger ones will benefit him— — — — — —Pete Dye Golf ClubThe Pete Dye Golf Club is an 18-hole facility in Harrison County, just northwest of Bridgeport, West Virginia. It features 7,308 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 76.9 and it has a slope rating of 147. Designed by Pete Dye, ASGCA, the Pete Dye golf course opened in 1995. Donna Mitchell manages the course as the General Manager.— — — — — —What is the best brand of golf club?The question is somewhat ambiguous, as shown by the current answers. You could mean either:What kind of organization should I join, of fellow golfers?How do I select the specific golf clubs that will go in my golf bag?I'm going to focus on the first of those two - what kind of social organization you might want to join to most enjoy your golf experience.There are, in general, 3 types of golf organizations you might join:a private country club. This will own a golf course and the members buy into a partial ownership (in an 'equity" membership) or else collectively 'rent" membership in the club (in a non-equity membership). This kind of facility is the most exclusive and often has other amenities associated with the club as well, such as tennis courts or a gym, sauna, extensive dressing room and locker facilities, a restaurant and bar, etc. These often cater to families so a membership conveys a number of different benefits to the family and may become the hub of many of their social interactions. The very best golf courses tend to be available only to members of this kind of private club. Examples include August National (where the Masters golf tournament is held each year). Joining such a club involves being accepted by a screening committee and often involves a significant up-front entrance fee as well as ongoing commitments for monthly expenditures. Typically these courses are not open to the public for outside play.a public golf club associated with a public or semi-private golf course. The golf course goes out of their way to support and work with 'their" golf club, and may provide limited amenities (such as a locker room and lockers, as well as showers, etc). Some of these are in semi-private resort courses, while others are associated with municipal courses, but the key is that they are pretty much open to the public without much in the way of screening and typically don't involve an up-front investment but instead an annual fee to be a member. Typically the course is open to outside (public) play, not just reserved for golf clubs. These do not operate attached to a specific golf course, but instead 'play the field" arranging events at various courses in the area over the year. The club may be composed of people with a shared interest (such as a company they all work for) or it might be a fully-open club anyone can join. The membership fee is an annual fee that is the smallest of the 3 presented here.Now, finally getting around to answering the question (assuming I am answering the right one) - there is no 'best" when it comes to joining a social organization, except in the sense of matching your needs and constraints to the available choices. Private country clubs work best for those with deep pockets (meaning you have lots of money) and either a deep love for golf, or a real need for the facilities involved (such as needing to conduct business on the course) or a real need for privacy (which can apply if you are famous or at least well-known) or a desire to provide a safe place where your whole family can have access to a variety of facilities. The downside of a private club, aside from the non-trivial costs involved, are that you then might feel compelled to play that course over and over to justify the large investment, plus you are associating with the same people all the time.Public golf clubs associated with a golf course work best for those who enjoy having special tee times set aside for regular play on your course, and somewhat favored treatment by the course when it comes to attention paid to you. It also involves a sense of community for the people who belong to the club, who usually live in the immediate area. Another advantage is that often there are 'team play" leagues in which you can play on a team representing your club, competing against other clubs. The downside to such a club is that the more you participate in it, the more often you play the same golf course all the time, which is not really good for your game and can become boring. Social golf clubs work best for those who just like to play golf in a social setting (with others they know casually or sometimes well) on different golf courses without playing just one course all the time. It also works for those who don't like to invest a lot of money in their membership and who just want a golf handicap so they can compete in various events outside of their club. The downside to this kind of club is that you may not have much in common with the people in your club and there is no prestige associated with membership in most such clubs. On the other hand, it does give you a way to play with a set of similarly-inclined golfers and is a good way to meet people in an environment that supports golf competition that goes beyond just playing golf on your own, going out as a 'single".How do I choose the best golf club?
Is a Knot $K$ and It's Mirror Image $^*K$ Considered the Same Knot in Terms of Tabulating Prime Knot
A knot and its mirror image are not always the same, but when it comes to knot tables, most people do not bother drawing both. I believe this is just for space and the fact that we can pretty much visualize what the mirror image looks like. But there is a way to tell. Most tables will then provide the Jones Polynomial of the knot, which can distinguish mirror images. It is usually given by some sequence of numbers like: $-4(-1, 1, 0, 1)$ which means a polynomial with $-4$ exponent as the leading term and $-1$ as its coefficient. So, the actual polynomial is $-t^-4t^-3t^-1$, which is the trefoil. The impressive fact that if you substitute $t^-1$ in for $t$, it will be the polynomial of the mirror image, is why the Jones polynomial is so powerful. If the two polynomials you get this way are not equal, the mirror images are not equivalent. Notice, they are not equivalent for the trefoil.But for the figure eight knot, $-2(1,-1,1,-1,1)$ is symmetric, so by the Jones polynomial, it may be equivalent to its mirror image, as pointed out by Grumpy Parsnip, and in this case, it is.• Suggested ReadingWhy are PhD programs in statistics coursework heavy relative to PhD programs in the basic sciences?That's a very country specific thing and I suspect that it did just grow historically. Many other countries are much more focussed on doing research leading to publications and/or a monograph. This mirrors differences that you can also see in undergraduate education (application first vs. "thou shalt not touch a real dataset without deriving measure theory from first axioms").E.g. for my doctorate in mathematics (mathematics due to the department, but really statistics) in Germany I attended no courses (some universities in Germany have some required courses), but some events at which people (including myself at the start of my research and prior to the viva) presented their research. Instead, I published two papers, wrote a single booklet based on these (and my other results) and defended a viva.One disadvantage of the solely research focussed approach is that there are few intermediate goals on the way towards your final thesis and viva (thesis defense). Additionally, the duration of the program is often less clear. Arguments I have heard for it is that it teaches independent research and that course work oriented PhD programs are more like more-in-depth master programs.However, I am not aware of any research/data that really shows that one approach is better than the other in terms of e.g. graduation rate, amount/quality of subsequent research output or success on the job market------How can I avoid star trails? duplicateThis isn't a direct answer to your question, but something that really needs to be pointed out about your example photograph.The symptom you show in your example is NOT "star trails" in the usual sense, meaning they are caused by the earth's rotation during the exposure. Note that each star appears as two distinct points. This was caused by camera wobble, which is something you can fix.In this example, the camera wobbled in such a way that with the earth's angular change superimposed, it first held fairly steady in one direction, then moved quickly, then held fairly steady again in another direction. The usual cause of such wobble is the motion from pressing the shutter button. A simple way to avoid that is to lock up the mirror, then use the self-timer to trigger the shutter. You only need a short self-timer delay, like 2 seconds. That gives the wobble from you touching the camera time to die down before the actual exposure.Another thing to do is to hang a normal towel over the camera, of course being careful to not obstruct the light into the lens. The towel will dampen wobbles more quickly than they would on their own.So to summarize:------LaTeX packages: automatic versus manual installation, and related issues(This answer shall be Windows-7-and-MiKTeX-centric, and for on-the-fly installing. I work under the assumed belief/model that packages are in one of 3 states, not on the computer, on the computer and not installed, and installed. )Here are steps that contributed to a solution to my problem: One may have other issues that I did not encounter here. Here's items from the big picture that distracted me somewhat (though they ended up not being my problem, false candidates). You can choose to download packages manually. This should be done to a folder separate from installation, since as I understand, this will avoid issues with updating the installation removing the packages. (1. Create folder as suggested in other threads. 2. Add it to root directory. 3. Refresh FNDB.) I suppose then you could download packages manually, or while working in a TeX document. As you compile a document, it must decide on where to look for that package. I expect there is more than one way to do this. (Another issue that mislead me, was how usually Random Repository is default, so I wondered if the fact that I could not go back to that was an issue. Had even reinstalled on a similar issue days before. Also, Update Wizard does not seem to function, so I thought that was a candidate for the problem.) Here are some links that helped me get my bearings:------VSAN Disk Space Utilization Failed alertOk, after stumbling upon this I think I know what's going on (sorry for the Google webcache link but the VMware forums are down right now for maintenance).With the Storage Policy I've told vSAN to tolerate one failure, which of course means keep two copies of the data (with the default failure tolerance method that is). To vSAN, "tolerate" means still maintain two copies of the data even if a host fails (so really RAID 1 Spare). Which I guess is nice if you have several VSAN hosts, but with only two hosts it appears that it tries to make sure there is enough capacity to put two copies of the data on a single host. Which seems odd, and requires that you stay below 50% of your usable capacity (below 25% of your raw capacity) or the warning will trigger. I'm willing to accept that there is only one copy of my data if one of my two hosts goes down, so my solution was to disable the vSAN Health Checks. Which is not fantastic, but I won't abide a red X on my Cluster all the time. That's no way to live. Note the docs do say:I didn't think that was applicable to a two-node vSAN cluster, but it is, with the 1 being the Witness Appliance------Why is cross product defined in the way that it is?As far as $sin theta$ and $cos theta$ are concerned,Using the law of cosines, beginalign |overrightarrowv_2|^2 |overrightarrowv_1|^2 -2|overrightarrowv_2| , |overrightarrowv_1| cos theta & |overrightarrowv_2 - overrightarrowv_1|^2 2x_1 x_2 2y_1 y_2 2z_1 z_2 & 2|overrightarrowv_2|, |overrightarrowv_1| cos theta cos theta & dfracx_1 x_2 y_1 y_2 z_1 z_2 |overrightarrowv_2| , |overrightarrowv_1|cos theta & dfracoverrightarrowv_2 circ overrightarrowv_1 |overrightarrowv_2| , |overrightarrowv_1|endalignAnd so, $overrightarrowv_1 circ overrightarrowv_2 |overrightarrowv_2| , |overrightarrowv_1| cos theta$Note that $sin theta$ is non negative for all $0 le theta le pi$.Sobeginalign sin^2 theta & 1 - cos^2 theta & 1 - dfrac(x_1 x_2 y_1 y_2 z_1 z_2)^2 |overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2 & dfrac|overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2 - (x_1 x_2 y_1 y_2 z_1 z_2)^2 |overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2 & dfracx_2^2 y_1^2 - 2x_1 x_2 y_2 y_1 x_1^2 y_2^2 x_2^2 z_1^2 x_1^2 z_2^2 - 2 x_1 x_2 z_1 z_2 y_1^2 z_2^2-2 y_2 y_1 z_1 z_2y_2^2 z_1^2 |overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2 & dfrac(-y_2 z_1y_1 z_2)^2(x_2 z_1-x_1 z_2)^2(-x_2 y_1x_1 y_2)^2 |overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2 & dfrac |overrightarrowv_1 times overrightarrowv_2 |^2 |overrightarrowv_2|^2 , |overrightarrowv_1|^2endalignAnd we conclude, for purely formal reasons,$|overrightarrowv_1 times overrightarrowv_2 | |overrightarrowv_2| , |overrightarrowv_1| sin theta$------Why is there single in the term DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex)?Twin-Lens Reflex cameras aren't very common now, but they used to be relatively common -- especially in medium format photography. There would be one lens that would project an image onto a focusing screen and a second lens (normally below the viewing lens) to project an image to the film. The two lenses were on the same board which was moved to focus the lenses, so when you focused the top lens you were also focusing the bottom lens. This simplified the mechanical construction of the camera, as you didn't have to have a mirror to pull out of the way to take a picture.Obviously parallax was an issue. For tripod use there used to be a device called a "paramender" (maybe a brand name?) that went between the camera and tripod. After composing and focusing you would flip a lever that raised the camera so the taking lens was in the exact position of the viewing lens. This type of camera used to be/is popular for medium format street photography because you can compose and focus without holding the camera up to your eye. There's also no mirror-flip delay as in an SLR so less "time parallax", making TLRs better for decisive moment type photography than SLRs.Google image search "rolleiflex" to see an iconic example of this type of camera. Mamiya made versions that had interchangeable lenses------Chess: Move 2 pawns one space each as first moveFabian's answer makes it quite clear that this is not in the rules. For your followup, whether or not this is advantageous, the answer is the ever frustrating "it depends"Most novice games are decided merely by who makes the biggest blunder first. In that regard this doesn't really do much. In fact, by exposing your line quicker, you might be doing yourself more harm than good.Once you advance past the novice levels, then this is a huge advantage. White wins between 52% and 56% of the matches, where you would expect 50/50 otherwise. And that's just from being able to move first. Being able to interject a second move would push this even further. Even if black were able to counter with two opening moves of their own, clearly moving first is advantageous, so two first moves would be even more so, especially considering the opening moves for white are very often two pawns anyway.One plausible way to look at this rule is that perhaps black can move two pawns to try to fight the advantage received from white moving first. But that is pure speculation. The real way to test this counteract this kind of advantage is to play a match and alternate between black and white, or have the losing player be white------Possible to host CentOS netinstall files on a local HTTP/FTP?Ok, I'm going to answer this myself because I got it working locally from the DVD itself which is what I was looking to do. Hopefully this helps someone else.As suggested here by Dell_JonathanS (you get a 1 from me) if you can download the contents of a mirror directly, its easiest. Just rip the files and structure from* down to a locally hosted HTTP directory. You don't have to host the full mirror path. In the CentOS netinstall you can specify any URL.If you can't download from a mirror and you have the install DVD, copy the files and structure to a locally hosted HTTP directory. Then go into /repomod/ and open repomd.xml. Notice that the of primary_db is to a file with an extension, while the files in /repomod/ are without extension.Go look for that file in the /repomod/ directory. You'll notice it doesn't have the same extension. Rename that file to include the extension. Repeat this for all the other repomd.xml identified. Go ahead and start the netinstall pointing to the modified locally hosted CentOS DVD files.Note that I consider this a hack, but if you can't download from a mirror itself for whatever reason, this worked for me
Why Do Girls Swuimsuits Look Like Underwear, but Guys Swim Trunks Look Like Pants?
Why Do Girls Swuimsuits Look Like Underwear, but Guys Swim Trunks Look Like Pants?
Cause girls look more smexy in those bikinis and guys look normal1. Can Trunks go Super Saiyan 3?Hahahahaha heeellllll no he can't! Ss3 is only achievable by a body that doesn't have limits(Aka dead Goku) or by fusion of two bodies which by extension increases the cap on energy(aka Gotenks). Sure, Goku went into it in the fight against Kid Buu but remember he'd already mastered it by that point, been given the life of a Kai(which by extension would up his energy levels significantly!) and he STILL struggled to maintain the form for any length of time! While yes Trunks in Super is stronger than that Goku he's still going to have limits to what his physical body can handle and considering ALL the Zenkais and all the times Goku has died he couldn't maintain the form I doubt Trunks could push that last bit to SS3.Can Trunks go Super Saiyan 3?2. What kind of trunks and shoes does Mike Tyson wear?Everlast trunks and Everlast shoes with no socks in them. The American flag was sewn onto the trunks by Steve Lott, Tyson's assistant manager and Tyson also wore a good luck charm on the tongue of his left shoe. Do not be confused with the Everlast of the 80's with the Everlast of today. Everlast today is a JOKE and a corrupt joke at that. Trust me, get Cleto Reyes, Grant, or Ringside gear instead.3. Cutting old FC trunks. What tool to use?No, that did not work too well. The saw just got tangled up in the fiberglass and was just tearing the glue that was holding it together. A bolt cutter worked best for cutting the glue and breaking the center core, and then I used scissors on the loose fiberglass left behind. It's lengthy, tiring, and frustrating, but it is working.4. Are these swim trunks hot, or not?too short and the color seems a bit flamboyant. unless you've got the confidence and really nice legs, then choose another model :)5. In Dragon ball Z can a half blood saiyan (Gohan Goten Trunks ect.) turn Super saiyan four?Well they need a tail to be able to go SSJ4. Since Gohan had a tail when he was young, if he got it grown back much like Vegeta then would have a chance but his power level is not high enough. So yeah, others can not as they do not have a tail or high enough power level.6. What's better for a guy on the beach: Long Board Shorts OR Trunks?Speedos are great if you've got the figure for them and are in your teens or early twenties. I prefer swim trunks: less drag in water, thus safer, sexier especially when wet, more comfortable plus you get a more even tan. Go for the swim trunks, show off your wears and get a more even tan, or ditch cloths all together and go to Wreck Beach where nude bathing is accepted and you get a real evan tan. Lots of private areas there where no one bothers you and if someone does there is always enough folk there to run them off. Got to climb down about a 1000 steps though, and back up again when your finished for the day.7. How did Dr. Gero not know about Super Saiyan if the robotic insects collected Frieza and King Cold's DNA when they came to Earth, and before they fought with either Goku (in future trunku2019s timeline) or future trunks (in the main timeline)?It's a little hard to justify, but I think I have it all worked out.Dr. Gero states that, after the destruction of the Red Ribbon Army, he's been using bug-like robots to observe Goku's various battles over the years, from his matches in the Tenka'ichi Budokai, to his death battles against Piccolo and the Saiyans, and that he used the information to gauge Goku's strength and suss out his weaknesses. After the fight with Vegeta, Gero decided that he had enough data to calculate the extent of Goku's abilities, and that it would be unnecessary to observe Goku any further, thereby missing Goku's battles on Namek and Trunks' fight with Freeza and King Cold on Earth. He continued to develop his Androids since then based on incomplete data.At some point between the Red Ribbon's defeat and the attack on the island southwest of South City, Gero began experimenting with creating life out of DNA samples of powerful fighters, but since the progress was slow, he shifted his focus to building his Androids, leaving his computer to continue the project independently of Gero himself. The computer sent its own spy robots to collect data and DNA samples over the years, including those of Freeza and King Cold, and in about 2030 years, Cell would be completed. Based on this, it seems that Gero didn't really keep up-to-date on the Cell project's progress, thereby missing critical data about Freeza and the Super Saiyan transformation.How did Dr. Gero not know about Super Saiyan if the robotic insects collected Frieza and King Cold's DNA when they came to Earth, and before they fought with either Goku (in future trunk's timeline) or future trunks (in the main timeline)?
How Can I Go "green"?
How Can I Go "green"?
you could try living in a teepee built completely of recycled stuff, and use solar power to light your teepee, and wind power to run everything else1. Pool Heaters: Why Converting to Solar May be Worth the InvestmentUnderstanding solar power and why it's particularly smart for some pool owners to adopt the technology Pool solar systems use collectors that absorb the sun's heat, and then boost pool temperature by circulating water through the collectors where it gets warm. The heated water then routes back into your pool. Would you like to reduce monthly utility bills for heating your swimming pool? Particularly if you have an older installation with a less-efficient heater and/or if you face other specific factors-described below-that boost pool heating needs, an energy-wise solar system may be the perfect solution for you. Converting your pool's current gas heater or electric heat pump to technology that harnesses the sun's power will slash pool heating costs. In some cases, the better approach is to add a solar system to an existing equipment lineup. An example here is when a pool includes a spa that you want to be hot; pairing solar with a traditional heater will reduce total reliance on the heater to fire up the spa. Over time, solar pool heating is a proven money saver. Better yet, along with keeping more money in your wallet, using renewable energy sources like solar energy is a healthier alternative for the environment. However, purchasing and installing a solar system does require an upfront investment. If you are seriously considering making the change, then it's helpful to understand why your current pool-heating bills may be high, as well as how solar systems work on an ongoing basis to provide free heat. Pool scenarios where converting to solar makes especially smart financial sense Keeping pool water warm enough for swimming takes energy. The most common pool-heating methods are natural gas heaters and electric heat pumps. However, comfortable water temperature does come with a price. Often, the amount is moderate with only minimal impact on monthly energy bills. But the cost varies from pool to pool, based on various factors. One key determinant of energy cost-accompanied by less-than-ideal monthly bills-is your current pool heater. Many pool builders make sure their clients have modern technology with high-efficiency ratings to maximize performance. However, your pool may not be equipped with such an option, relying instead on an older or cheaper, less-efficient model that consumes more gas or electric to get the job done. Or, your pool may include a high-performing heating unit, but external issues contribute to particularly high gas or electric consumption. Just what are these variables that alone or in combination make it tougher to boost water temperature and drive up energy requirements on your heater? You do not regularly use a pool cover. Without a cover or blanket across the water surface, precious heat escapes from the pool into the air. You swim laps on a daily basis. Doing so in many areas of the country will require keeping the water heated year-round or virtually year-round. Your pool includes a frequently used spa. You regularly like to turn up the spa up for hot, therapeutic soaks-including at night and in cooler weather throughout the fall or even winter. Your pool is large, holding north of 18,000 gallons of water. If so, it likely has dimensions at least 34-feet long and 16-feet wide and boasts a depth going to 6 ft. Or, it might be shorter in length or width, but still have high water volume due to an 8-foot deep end. This kind of liquid mass may mean running a traditional heater for one or two full days before the water becomes swim-ready. Your pool is located in a region of the country with long, cold falls and winters or in a desert area where outside temperatures nosedive each night. When the mercury drops outside, pool temperature pays a price. Your backyard is in a windy location, such as on a mountain or canyon rim. Like blowing on hot soup to cool it down, as cool air hits the water surface it steadily erodes pool heat. Your pool receives little direct sunlight. Depending on its position in your backyard, the pool may experience unusual levels of shade due to tall fences, large bushy trees, the structure of your home, or your neighbor's 2- or 3-story house casting shadows on the water. With only limited sunshine bearing down on the surface, the water receives less benefit from the sun's heat. Now, even if your pool is untouched by any of the factors above, and its heat consumption is moderate, your gas or electric bill still may not be. High utility company rates in-vs. your actual usage levels-in some metropolitan areas may be the culprit driving up the numbers on your monthly bills. For homeowners with these pool-heating challenges, there's a more cost-efficient way to maintain a relaxing swimming environment. In some cases, the answer may be to upgrade your gas or electric heater to a high-performance model. In other situations, adding or switching to a solar heating system that uses free heat from the sun may be exactly what you need! In a nutshell, solar systems use heat from the sun to warm pool water as it passes through the system. It's a fairly simple process. First, you set the solar system to the desired pool temperature-just like you would with a traditional heater. The heart of the system lies in a series of tubes that serve as solar collectors. These collectors absorb heat from the sun, and the tubes become warm. Next, as the pool pump routinely circulates cold pool water into the filter for cleaning, some of the filtered water gets diverted from returning to the pool. This portion funnels through pipes into the solar system's heated collection tubes. As the cold water passes through them, it absorbs some of the heat and becomes warmer. A sensor determines when it's warm enough, and once it reaches the set temperature, it exits through another set of pipes and circulates back into the pool. Depending on the weather outside, each time pool water passes through the collection tubes, its temperature can increase six to eight degrees. On a series of warm and sunny days, it can go up even more. Is adding or converting your pool heating system to solar power worth it? It very well may be. Evaluate your particular situation in the context of the variables outlined here, and of course, get price estimates for solar systems in your local area. Remember, heat from the sun is free, clean, and renewable! The initial cost and installation of a solar pool heating system can be upwards of several thousand dollars. However, depending on what you currently pay to heat your pool (and spa), this outlay may be recouped within just a few years. Consider also: If heating your pool becomes free with your new solar system, you and your family may be likely to dive in more often. Extending swim season-and enjoyment of your backyard resort-may be reason enough to invest in solar! Have you converted your pool's old heater to a solar system? What do you like most about it? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!2. World's largest solar plant goes live, will provide power for 1.1M peopleThe world's largest solar power plant, now live in Morocco, will eventually provide 1.1 million people with power and cut carbon emissions by 760,000 tons a year. The $9 billion Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plant could eventually start exporting energy to the European market. The Noor Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), paid for with funds approved by The World Bank, is located in the Souss-Massa-Dra area in Morocco, about 6 miles from Ouarzazate town. It began operation on Thursday. While the World Bank and other development partners provided financial support, the Noor solar plant is a wholly Moroccan project. "With this bold step toward a clean energy future, Morocco is pioneering a greener development and developing a cutting edge solar technology," Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly, World Bank Country Director for the Maghreb, said in a statement. "The returns on this investment will be significant for the country and its people, by enhancing energy security, creating a cleaner environment, and encouraging new industries and job creation." Overall, the new Noor CSP plant will increase Morocco's energy independence, create 1,600 jobs during construction and 200 jobs during the power plant's operation, and increase the installed capacity of solar power stations from 22MW in 2013 to 522MW in 2018, according to The World Bank. The plant will be able to store solar energy in the form of heated molten salt, which allows for the production of electricity even at night. Unlike concentrated photovoltaic solar power, CSP plants do not create electrical current through the photovoltaic effect, where particles of light (photons) break electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Instead CSP uses either lenses or parabolic mirrors to concentrate the sun's light onto a small point where water or another substance is heated. The heat is used to create steam, which runs a turbine that produces electricity. In the Noor CSP, concave mirrors focus on molten salt, heating it anywhere from 300 degrees to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently, the Noor CSP can generate 160 megawatts (MW). But as additional phases are completed, in two years it's expected to generate more than 500MW -- enough power to meet the needs of 1.1 million Moroccans. Phase 2 (Noor 2 and 3 plants) are due to open in 2017 and 2018 and will store power for up to eight hours. In all, the Noor CSP plant will cover an area of 6,178 acres. At full power, the new solar power plant will reduce carbon emissions by 760,000 tons per year, which would equate to 17.5 million tons of carbon emissions over 25 years, according to Climate Investment Funds. The International Energy Agency estimates that up to 11% of the world's electricity generation in 2050 could come from CSP. Morocco's goal is to have 42% of its energy come from renewable resources by 2020.3. I want to solar-power my dorm, is there anything like this?Unfortunately, you wo not get much power from something you can stick out your window. A solar panel that can power an appliance will be enormous. For example, something to power a blow dryer is about the size of two ping-pong tables. Even that could be a good deal, but only when you move out into your own, permananet residence, and have the funds to buy it. If you are in a dorm, is not electricity already included in your rent?
Tips to Select a Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
Plastic injection moulding machine helps you manufacture or create the type of precision products that are desired. It is very important to check the kind of moulding machine you are about to buy the quality of thefinished product would depend on it. Also, it is important to maintain quality at anindustrial level to get your product to market. Small injection moulding machine for sale come to the market only after clearance of few quality tests.Tips to select a plastic injection moulding machineHere are a few tips that you can keep in mind before selecting injection moulding machine:Keep your cost lowProfit can only be made if the production cost is low and market price is slightly on the higher side. Production cost can be kept low by minimizing reject rate ( as low as 1%), running the machines on low energy consumption mode, eliminating unscheduled machine downtimes and by having faster cycles. Small injection moulding machine for sale swear by these tips to make more profit.2. Inspect the machine carefullyEveryone knows about the tactics of some of the distributors when it comes to thesale of their moulding machine. Check the machine carefully before purchase and take your time with that. You should also check the machines performance before buying so that the machine doesnt break down later on as that can lead to production loss.3. Monitoring energy consumptionAs mentioned earlier, it is important to monitor the energy consumption of your moulding machine. Small injection moulding machine for sale in some cases already have the feature of monitoring the consumption while others may not. It is in your benefit as well as environmentally feasible.4. Know the parts you have to produceMachines should be purchased only after evaluating the purpose it is supposed to fulfil. As the machines are specific, you should know what exact type of injection is to be manufactured. Various types of moulds are available in themarkettomake a choice accordingly.These are a few tips that can be useful if you are looking to buy plastic injection moulding machine. Injection moulding machine for sale can also be found online,and the quality is usually assured by the site. However, if you are looking for second-hand products and choose to buy it online from the exchange site, then you should be more careful as the site doesnt claim to take responsibility of products sold by individuals
Hello, Is It Possible Customize the Snackbar in Moto G 2nd Gen?
Developers had to implement it to their snack bar in that way! You cannot do it for a application by using any other application I hope1. best starter/intermediate moto bike?Well it depends what your into and how much you want to spend but drz400s are good bikes and if you wanted to get into motocross in the future you could get a ktm 525 or something like that but they would have a lot of grunt2. What is a good way to move photos between albums on Moto G?Hi,Best way is go to settings-storage-explore. Go to folder DCIM it will be having all pics clicked by camera, go back create folders as per albums You want. And transfer all photos to that folder as per requirement. With the help of computer, connect Your device to a computer, go to same folder DCIM, create folders in internal or external memory as per Your requirment. And transfer Your photos.Wolla You are done.And above all if You want system to automatically sort, download google photos, this app will automatically sort photos and videos in different folders/albums viz. Statues, cars, bikes, selfies etcWhat is a good way to move photos between albums on Moto G?.3. How to be a Moto GP racer?Like the first poster said, you have to start at the local level, win then move to the next level. Nobody takes someone off the street and says ride my GP bike. Max Biaggi came into the sport late so you dont have to be 5yrs old and racing pocket bikes. 10 points please ..4. Is there a way to find the battery usage of apps on Moto 360?Yes. You can check Watch battery usage In Android Wear app version 1.3.0:Tap Watch Battery5. cannondale moto carbon 1 under $1000?Oh... I need a Ferrari Modena under 5,000 USD... I need one, I really do...... You are looking at one of the top bikes in cannondale, I really do not know the price for it but it's likely over 4,000 (4x as much as you want to spend). If you really want to do mostly dirt jumps on parks, probably a hardtail it's your best option. Just because you do not like your current bike does not mean that hardtails are bad. You are just using a bike for something that the bike was really not designed to do (geometry and strenght will be pretty off). Look at Cannondale Chase, Specialized P series. Any full suspension bike that will take the abuse for dirt jumping will cost a lot more than 1,000 bucks. You could search for a used bike, though.6. which is better Formula 1 or Moto GP???I gotta go with these 10 of 17 responses so far.... rizwano Prince V I am rock lady bernd Leo JeSsE MoRgAn rockpool248 kallu williamair1 & Carlos! F o r m u l a O n e R u l e s ! ! ! Note: While traversing the Swiss & Italian Alps, the motorbikes would always have the power advantage on the straightaways. There are too few straightaways in the Alps! They always had to yield to my lowly MG Midget on the tight mountain turns! ;-)7. i have 02 honda cr250r 2 stroke. is that a good bike for super moto?It would be an OK bike, depending on what class you are racing8. How do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0?No need to worry if you are a fresher and have no knowledge of rooting just follow the steps belowAs I have personally rooted my moto g2 2014 3g variant running on android 6.0Backup your every file of device using any backup app, I am using syncdroid Transfer, edit, backup, manage, view iOS & Android mobile data.Backup is important as unlocking bootloader will wipe out all your filesThen you need to unlock your bootloader[GUIDE]Unlock Bootloader - Moto G (2nd Gen) [UPDATED]After unlocking bootloader successfully , check it by following methodGo to fastboot mode by pressing vol down power when phone is in switch off conditionHold it for 5-6 seconds and leave it , a menu will be open showing device is unlocked (if process completed successfully . Reboot your phone and download super su and place it to your internal or external storage .SuperSU DownloadAfter then we need to flash a custom recovery , I am recommending twrp for that download link is given below download and transfer it to PC folder where you have downloaded and extracted minimal adb and fastboot minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.2_setup.exe | by shimp208 for Utilities which you have already downloaded for unlocking bootloaderTwrp for moto g2 2014 3g (titan ) -Download twrp-3. 1. 0-0-titan. imgAfter completing the above process go to the folder of adb and fastboot , folder should contain adb files and twrp.imgNow without connecting your moto g2 to pc , go to fastboot mode by pressing volume downpower . it will open a fastboot screen and then connect your moto g2 to PC. After connecting it to pc it will show USB connected .Then come to the adb and fastboot folder screen on your PC and click shift right click it will open a context menu then choose open command window here .In the command window type the following commandfastboot flash recovery and drag the twrp file from the command window screen. It will look likeIt will take a second to flash it and completion of process disconnect your phone and go to recovery menu by pressing vol down and select recovery using vol up it will open a twrp menuGo to install and select the directory where you have stored super su , just install it and reboot your phoneYeah your phone is now rootedHow do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0?How do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0 ?
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