Guide to Buy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in DaLong CNC Machine

Guide to Buy Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in DaLong CNC Machine

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On this page, you can find quality content focused on fiber laser cutting machine. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to fiber laser cutting machine for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on fiber laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.

Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd has been offering steadfast support for our main product fiber laser cutting machine which has received considerable attention and shows significant market potential. It adopts a unique design style and delivers a strong aesthetic value, which shows its emphasis on a pleasing appearance. After our design team's hard work, the product effectively turns creative concepts into reality.DaLong Machine has transformed our business from a small player into a successful competitive brand after years of growth and development. Nowadays, our clients have developed a deeper level of trust for our brand and are more likely to repurchase the products under DaLong Machine. This increasing and strengthened loyalty to our brand has inspired us to march toward a bigger market.Whether customers want to redesign the fiber laser cutting machine or other products at or want to customise a new product, we have qualified design and engineering teams to serve your needs. For customised product, we can offer free design scratch and pre-production samples.
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How to Maintain the Protective Lens of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
The lens of the protective laser cutting machine is located in the lower part of the centering module, which is susceptible to smoke and dust. It is recommended to clean it once every day. First completely loosen the screws of the protective mirror drawer, pinch the two sides of the protective mirror box drawer with your thumb and index finger, slowly pull out the protective mirror box drawer, being careful not to lose the sealing rings on the upper and lower sides of the drawer, and then seal the drawer opening with adhesive tape. Prevent dust from contaminating the focusing lens. The protective lens is a flat lens, and the sealing ring and the protective lens are released by pressing the lens. When installing the lens, place the lens first, and then press the sealing ring. The collimator lens and the focusing lens are located inside the fiber cutting head. Record the sequence of disassembly when disassembling, and ensure the accuracy of reinstallation. Precautions for the use of lenses Do not touch the focusing lens, protective lens, QBH head and other optical surfaces directly with your hands to prevent scratches or corrosion of the lens. If there is oil stains or dust on the lens surface, it will seriously affect the use of the lens, and the lens should be cleaned in time. It is strictly forbidden to clean the surface of the optical lens with water or detergent. The surface of the lens is coated with a special film. If you use these to clean the lens, it will damage the surface of the lens. Do not place the lens in a dark and humid place, as this will age the lens surface. When installing or replacing the reflector, focusing lens and protective lens, do not use too much pressure, otherwise it may cause the deformation of the lens and affect the quality of the beam. How to install or replace optical lens Be careful before installing or replacing optical lenses, wear clean clothes, clean your hands with soap or detergent, and wear Wear light and clean white gloves; it is strictly forbidden to touch the lens with any part of the hand; when taking the lens, take it from the side of the lens. Touch directly on the coating surface of the lens. When assembling the lens, do not blow into the lens with your mouth; the lens should be placed steadily on a clean table with a few sheets underneath Lens professional paper. When taking the lens, you should be as careful as possible to prevent bumps and falls, and it is not allowed to apply any Power; the lens holder where the lens is installed should be clean, use a clean air spray gun to clean the dust and dirt in the lens holder, and then, the lens The piece is gently placed in the lens holder. When the lens is installed on the lens holder, do not use too much force to fix the lens, so as not to deform the lens and affect the quality of the beam. Different lens cleaning methods are different. When the mirror is flat and there is no lens holder, use lens paper to clean; When it is a curved or mirrored surface with a lens holder, use a cotton swab to clean it. Specific steps are as follows: Steps to clean the lens with lens paper: use a clean air spray gun to blow off the dust on the lens surface; use alcohol or lens paper To clean the surface of the lens, place the clean side of the lens paper flat on the surface of the lens, add 2 to 3 drops of high-purity alcohol or acetone, slowly pull out the lens paper horizontally toward the operator, and repeat the above actions several times Until the lens surface is clean, it is forbidden to apply pressure on the lens paper to prevent scratches. If the lens surface is very dirty, fold the lens paper in half 2 to 3 times and repeat the above steps until the lens surface is clean. Do not use dry lens paper to drag directly on the mirror surface. Steps to clean the lens with a cotton swab: first use a spray gun to blow off the dust on the mirror surface; then use a clean cotton swab to remove the dirt; use a new A cotton swab dipped in high-purity alcohol or acetone moves in a circular motion from the center of the lens to scrub the lens. After each week, replace it with another A clean cotton swab, repeat the above operation until the lens is clean; observe the cleaned lens until there is no dirt on the surface of the lens Or spots; put the cleaned lens on the lens holder according to the method described above. Prohibited to use used If there are debris that is not easy to remove on the surface of the lens, rubber air can be used to blow the surface of the lens. Clean both sides, clean After cleaning, reconfirm that there are no residues of the following: detergent, absorbent cotton, foreign matter, impurities. The cleaned lens cannot be exposed to In the air, install as soon as possible or use a clean sealed container for temporary storage. The optical lens is properly stored to keep the quality of the lens intact. The storage environment temperature is 10~30℃. Do not put the lens in a freezer or similar environment, otherwise the lens will be condensed and frosted when taken out, which will damage the lens; 30℃, otherwise it will affect the coating on the lens surface. Keep the lens in the box, the lens should be placed in a vibration-free environment, otherwise it will easily cause the lens to deform, which will affect the performance of the lens. The installation requirements mentioned above may damage the sensor base module parts and cause the system to fail to work normally.Have your prayers been answered?It all depends on how reliably that gun feeds and functions. If it works well, I see advantages in Home Defense situations of having extra rounds and quick reloads. I would not run out and buy it, but I can see how the concept is useful. Personally, a box fed semi-auto seems more consistent with the end goal of rapid fire, many rounds. For hunting, I would would not use it. No good reason other than I do not like how it looks in the woods and I already have an excellent shotgun.
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