Guide to Buy Co2 Laser Marking in DaLong CNC Machine

Guide to Buy Co2 Laser Marking in DaLong CNC Machine

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On this page, you can find quality content focused on co2 laser marking. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to co2 laser marking for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on co2 laser marking, please feel free to contact us.

co2 laser marking stands out in the global market boosting Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd's image around the world. The product has a competitive price comparing to the same kind of product abroad, which is attributed to the materials it adopts. We maintain cooperation with the leading material suppliers in the industry, ensuring each material meets high standard. Besides, we endeavor to streamline manufacturing process to reduce cost. The product is manufactured with quicker turnaround time.Many customers are satisfied with our products. Thanks to their high-cost performance and competitive price, the products have brought great benefits to customers. Since launched, they have received wide praises and attracted an increasing number of customers. Their sales are rapidly increasing and they have occupied a large market share. More and more clients from all over the world seek for cooperation with DaLong Machine for better development.Here at DaLong CNC Machine, most products as well as co2 laser marking can be customized to the unique needs of each customer. Through all these, we are committed to adding enormous amounts of value to our customers.
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Equipment Highlight: Pharmaceutical Packaging Made Easy with CO2 Laser Marking
The pharmaceutical industry companies have heavy regulatory demands placed on their shoulders. Modern coding, marking, and scanning pharma packaging solutions can help them satisfy these demands in an efficient and cost-effective way while enabling transparency and traceability within their distribution infrastructure.Among the most important of these modern technologies are laser marking systems, such as those offered by Matthews. Thanks to their high degree of precision and their ease of use, series like the Matthews e-SolarMark CO2 Laser Marking System provide the ultimate cost-effective solution for pharmaceutical packaging operations. Other products, like the Matthews eMark ECO Laser Marking System, benefit scanning and tracing of products as they travel through the distribution network.Read on to learn more about how Matthews lasers are capable of helping pharmaceutical companies achieve full regulatory compliance while leading to greater efficiency and profitability. Marking on Plastic, Glass, Wood, and More With Matthews e-SolarMark CO2 LasersThe Matthews e-SolarMark CO2 Laser Marking System provides the perfect solution for high-speed, high-efficiency lines that have become the industry standard.The lasers rapidly imprint permanent, highly readable markings at a remarkably fast rate. Vision systems accommodate random product positioning to ensure a consistent, legible mark upon every product. Recent upgrades to the e-SolarMark series resulted in the e-SolarMark line of laser coding equipment. These lasers can be integrated with a range of remote device interface options, including PLCs, packaging equipment, and common peripheral devices.Each laser can come with a user-friendly 15 graphical interface, enhanced diagnostic features, and free PC software for programmable control. The control unit enables on-the-fly message editing without taking the laser out of print mode.Multiple output powers and lens sizes ensure that the e-SolarMark CO2 Laser Marking series is capable of meeting the dynamic needs of just about any pharmaceutical operation at scale.Marking on Paper, Cardboard, and Thermal Labels With the Matthews eMark ECO Laser Marking SystemThe Matthews eMark ECO laser provides the functionality of the e-SolarMark series but with a specialized focus on paper-based substrates. The system provides permanent, vector-quality, small-character coding. It is ideal for replacing inkjet-based systems for operations that need a permanent mark while eliminating ink consumables and reducing lifetime ownership costs of maintenance.Compact and relatively lightweight, the eMark ECO laser can integrate easily into any production line. An available handheld touch screen enables direct control and job editing with a user-friendly interface.Operations running multiple packaging lines can coordinate several lasers in concert using Matthews MPERIA control units. These allow your operation to scale cost-effectively while adding a greater degree of control and modularity to your production capabilities. Find the Perfect Pharma Packaging Solutions for Your Unique Requirements With Raab SalesRaab Sales can help you identify and procure the exact pharmaceutical marking products and packaging equipment to satisfy your unique challenges, needs, and goals.Take a look at our product pages for the Matthews e-SolarMark CO2 Laser Marking System and the Matthews eMark ECO Laser Marking System for more information, and be sure to access our pharmaceutical industry portal to see our full capabilities.The post Equipment Highlight: Pharmaceutical Packaging Made Easy With CO2 Laser Marking appeared first on Raab Sales, Inc. RELATED QUESTION What's the difference between 'packaging' and 'printed packaging'? To answer this question, Ill first shortly explain my view of packaging in general. In my opinion, packages can be divided in 2 groups - sales and transportation packaging. The first group are the ones you see on the shelves in the supermarket - colorful, vibrant, eye-catching. The second are the ones the customer usually doesnt see - in the back of the transportation truck, in the warehouse, etc. Usually, this packaging is bland and made only for the purpose of protecting the goods inside and making it easier to store and transport them. On the basis of this, usually printed packaging refers to the first group - the ones on sale in retail. The aim of the printing and designing is to stand out from the competitors on the shelf. Also, with the continuous increase in e-commerce and shopping online, the transportation package will also become a bigger part of the overall shopping experience. This is why many companies have already started to print on their transportation packages aswell - to make the overall experience better and more luxurious. I also added a picture of a few printed transportation boxes to illustrate my point. I hope my answer is of any help. Cheers, H.
Automatic 3d Dynamic Co2 Laser Marking Machine for Cards,Paper,Leather,Wood
Automatic 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine for cards,paper,leather,woodAutomatic 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine adopts the advanced dynamic focusing scanning technology, it can realize larger scale size engraving,cutting and marking. Also dynamic co2 laser marking machine is equipped with RF laser tube imported from America. The RF Co2 Laser can work in large power with high frequency and long operating life. It is specially designed for the laser scanning with tiny light spot, large working range and high flexibility.Further more, this equipment is characterized by high strength, compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming ability, etc, which can ensure the stability of the system under long-hours working conditions.Dynamic co2 laser marking machine application Material:RF Co2 Laser Marking Machine suitable for almost all non-metal materials, including leather, rubber, wood board, bamboo products, organic glass, ceramic tile, plastics, marble, jade, crystal, cloth, etc. Application Industrial:Co2 Laser Marking Machine is used to arts & crafts, leather products, glasses, clothing, bamboo and wood products industry, package, advertising decoration and architectural model.Features of 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine :Machine sadopts 3D Dynamic Galvanometer Control System. Original ImportedUSA coherent RF laser, which is characterized by large power, high-quality light spot, excellent performance, stable power and long service life . The laser scanning system is with compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming ability, etc.American CTI 3D dynamic Galvo head, one time scan area could reach to 1500*1500mm. 3D dynamic galvanometer control system and automatic up&down Z axis ensure the best processing results. Large-scale marking engraving cutting dotting and hollowing on leather, shoe, denim, jeans, textile, fabric, invitation paper card, wood, MDF, acrylic, marble and more flexible materials.Fully enclosed laser optical system, no adjustment or maintenance needed, can be used directly after installation.High-precision and high-speed marking/cutting, efficiency is 20% higher than other similar models. USB interface bus has been adopted for the control card, which supports offline operation, stepper motor with X, Y, Z and R axis (X, Y and Z axis linked.), support start-up and stopping marking by external control.Rotary worktable system is optional, thus, accomplish marking on cambered surface. Under WINDOWS interface, compatible with files outputted from software such as CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP etc. Support PLT, AI, DXF, BMP and other documents, directly using SHX, TTF font.Equipped with foot switch for easy operation. Back and bottom exhaust fans ensure good exhaust suction effects and environment friendly processing.Especially applies RBI marking with light guild plate or acrylic, and cutting&engraving with leathers, jeans, textile, wood, MDF, acrylic and shoe insole.Advantages of Automatic 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine :1. High cut/engrave speedThis series machine adopts advanced US Galvo scanning system. The cutting/engraving speed can reach 8000mm/s. Fulfill the request of factory mass production. 2. Precise processWith US RF metal laser tube, this machine has finest laser beam, to cut and engrave very precisely. Especially when you cut paper card, the cutting edge is very smooth and thin.3. Forever lasting markingLaser is non contact process, there is no distortion. As laser marking is to gasify the surface of material, the marking will laser forever.4. Flexible processYou just need to change design in software, then all different size/shape pattern can be realized. It is very convenient for sampling or changing products. No need cost for template. 5. Easy operationAdopting integrated structure with Auto focusing technology and humanized operation design. Making the laser marking as easy as printing.For more information, please visit :Automatic 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine for cards,paper,leather,wood - Co2 Laser MarkingAutomatic 3d dynamic co2 laser marking machine adopts advanced technology of pre-dynamic focusing. Large-scale wintekcnclaser. comJinan Wintek CNC Equipment Co. wintekcnclaser. comEmail : info@wintekcnc. comWhatsapp: 008613678816312.
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