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What Would Go with This Sofa?
What Would Go with This Sofa?
What are you putting in the rest of the room? Red, Bright Blue, Greens or a print that you like. Have fun! Roxanne1. Sofa buying guide - a useful checklist to help your choiceChoosing the right new sofa is an important decision. It's likely going to be with you for many years, so it's essential that you consider these 6 important things before you make a decision on what sofa to buy. 1. Think about what you want the sofa for. This is a great place to start. Once you know the purpose your new sofa will serve, you can begin to weigh up your available options. Ask yourself these questions: Will your sofa be going in a family room for watching TV and playing video games etc? Will pets be climbing onto the sofa? How will you keep it clean? How many people that will be using the room and how many people will you need to seat? Or is the sofa for a more formal space that will be used less often? Is the sofa or chair to be a show piece to add to the look of a particular space? 2. What size sofa can you fit in the room? Careful consideration should be given to the size of your sofa or armchair. Measure your room space to see how large or small your sofa needs to be. Also consider whether you need to fit in other armchairs or an ottoman for storage. Laying down paper patterns on the floor to see how the space works can be a great idea. Access is a very important consideration: can the sofa be delivered easily into the room due to the size of the doors and any stairways? If access is limited, you may consider having a sofa made that can be assembled in the room. 3. What is the best type of sofa? Do you want a sofa or armchair with lots of cushions that you can kick back and relax on, or do you need to be supported and sit more upright? In a small space, narrower arms give the impression of more room. Is the look you are after a contemporary & modern with boxy cushions and chrome legs or a more classic look with a skirt or traditional turned legs? Would you like to include brass castors? 4. What fabric do you want for your sofa? Flat weaves or woven patterns will retain their look for longer. Printed designs will give more impact but can date. Classic fabrics such as plain linen, velvet, or stripes will remain undated. Chenille, velvet, and wood give a cosy warm feel, while linens will give a cool, crisp, more contemporary look. Leather, depending on finish and style, can give either a traditional or modern look and while it is more expensive, with care it is very long-lasting. Cushion ideas are the thing we are asked about the most. If you are wanting a soft cushion that still retains a boxy shape, then foam filling the best option. Fibre-filled cushions give a soft, squishy feel with a good bounce, however after time they can go flat. Feather cushions are wonderfully soft with a casual look, but need to be plumped regularly. Feather and down cushions are the ultimate in luxury - soft as a cloud and amazing to just sink into but need to be plumped on a regular basis and are very expensive. Finally, you could opt for combination cushions feather with a foam core these give the softness of feather with a less casual look, however these can lose their shape after time. Frames should be a solid beech wood for stability and longevity, and the seats need to sprung for comfort and quality. This is probably the most important part of your sofa or chair but the part least considered in when selecting one. A good quality solid sofa frame will give you years of comfort and service and choosing the right should be taken seriously. Most of us do not consider what is going on inside our sofa or armchair! This guide is intended for general information and considerations when thinking about buying a sofa or having a sofa or chair made. Our sofas and armchairs are all made to order and we will discuss all the options available. Sofas and armchairs ordered from us are completely bespoke and can be manufactured to size, style, and fabric of your choice.2. How to Remove Pet Hair from ClothesThe time spent cuddling your pet is time well spent. But, somewhere between those evening walks and garden visits, you realise your clothes are fully covered in pet hair. It is easy to get rid of the pet hair if you use the tips given here. This is as simple as it gets. Inflate a balloon yourself, or you can buy one from a street vendor while walking your pet. Rub this balloon on the garment covered with pet hair. The static charge on the balloon's surface will attract the hair, dislodging it from your clothing. This simple trick is also very effective in removing pet hair from your sofa covers and bed linen. A lint roller is readily available in pet stores. It is handy to keep one at home. Just roll it on the surface of your garment or sofa covers to remove pet hair efficiently. Wear rubber gloves and dip your hand in a bowl of water. Shake off excess water. Now, wearing the gloves, gently rub your hands over the garment in a downward motion. The pet hair will ball up. Now dip your hand in the bowl of water and loosen the hair. Repeat until the garment is entirely free of your pet's fur. You can also toss your clothes directly into the washing machine without pre-treating them for pet hair. Add a cup of vinegar along with your laundry detergent. Surf Excel Matic Liquid is a good option, as it is specially formulated for washing machines and does not leave any residue behind. The vinegar will reduce the static charge on your garment's fabric and prevent the hair from sticking to your clothes. Your little furry friend is worth it!3. where and how to buy big cushions for sofa/couch?Why dont you get some thick foam (there are different weights and either cover them in matching material just folded envelope style or get someone to run some covers up for you. :-)
Remote Controlling an ATX Power Supply
I would suggest that you investigate simply driving the PS_ON# signal to both ATX power supplies from the same source. The source would come from the motherboard in the box with the computer.This diagram shows how it would be interconnected:This will result in when the soft power switch in the computer subsystem is activated the PS_ON from the motherboard will activate to a low level and both power supplies will turn on at the same time. Not that at the disk box you would just connect the PS_ON to the ATX power supply. If there is some existing drive of that wire at the disk connections end of the cable you would leave it open.This should work correctly for the sleep support and would even support turning things back on should there be a wake event at the computer board such as a mouse move, wake on LAN or a soft power button press.First of all i hope you will all excuse my spelling as i am Dyslexic.I have two computer cases one is fully outfitted and has a sas expander to run 16 hard drives in it with a breakout to a backplane which is the cabled to a breakout on the 2nd case which goes to a 2nd sas expander which is plugged into a powered pcie mining board connected to an atx power supply for power and connects another 12 sas hdd's. There is no computer in this 2nd case.What i am wanting to do is when the power button is turned on, on the first computer have it turn on the power of the power supply in the 2nd case and in the event that the computer is shutdown in the first case as soon as the power goes off have it shutdown the power supply in the other case. it would also be nice but not absolutely nessesary if this could also support sleep modes.Can anybody point me in the right direction electronically as to how to acheive this?Cheers.
Making It
TWO YEARS INTO THEIR MARRIAGE, Art Major's wife gave him an ultimatum: Your stinky hockey gear goes, she told him, or I go."I loved my wife," Art says with a laugh, "but I loved hockey, too."Luckily for his home life, Art came up with a sweet-smelling solution -- and a new business.When he couldn't find a Washington-area company to clean his hockey equipment, Art spent $80,000 of household savings on an industrial washing machine and started GearClean Inc.The firm quickly branched out into cleaning firefighting gear, horse blankets, gooey pizza delivery bags and anything else that needs disinfecting or serious sanitizing but won't fit into a regular washing machine. Even so, Art says, his core clients remain "hockey moms tired of driving their minivans around with smelly hockey gear in the back."The one-year-old business got an unexpected boost, he says, from local news reports about students and teachers getting sick from methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other potentially deadly staph infections, often from unsanitary sports equipment.Many local hockey players wait to get their gear cleaned until they travel to tournaments in Pennsylvania, Upstate New York and Canada, says Art, who still plays in a weekly league in Loudoun County. When he floated his idea, he says, "the hockey moms and the guys on my team said, 'Yes, yes. If you buy the equipment, we'll bring you the stinky gear.'"Art, 43, who lives in Winchester, Va., is used to dirty jobs. He'd worked for two hazardous materials cleanup firms and started his own consulting company in 2002. But consulting required frequent traveling, something he no longer wanted to do after the first of his two children was born in 2005.Around the same time -- and after his wife, Maggie, got fed up -- he found the specialty washing machine manufacturer online. The large machine -- it weighs 3,600 pounds and is the size of three refrigerators -- sits in a leased portion of a former apple-processing plant in downtown Winchester. Art usually picks up and delivers customers' gear at their homes, ice rinks or locker rooms.Robbie Souders, of Winchester, says he used to spray his 11-year-old son's "brutal"-smelling hockey equipment with fabric deodorizer before airing it outside. But he soon suspected the rash on his son's knuckles was coming from bacteria in the gloves.He says he now has GearClean sanitize the equipment every few months "just for the peace of mind that he won't get a staph infection." His son's rash, he says, is gone.Customers pay $60 for hockey equipment cleaning, $20 for a horse blanket and $70 for firefighting gear. The company, which also disinfects schools and locker rooms, averages about $40,000 in monthly revenue, Art says. He has yet to recoup his $80,000 investment but, since November, has drawn enough of a "mediocre salary" to pay the mortgage and basic living expenses.Maggie, a former power tool saleswoman, does GearClean's bookkeeping and marketing. She says she enjoys working with Art and the flexibility they have with their young children. Her nose is happier, too."Investing in the specialty machine was worth it," Maggie, 30, says, "just to get Art's stuff cleaned, let alone anyone else's."Are you succeeding with a new and unusual career, invention, business or creative endeavor? E-mail .
What Are the Underlying Causes for Having Green Stools?
sadly I used to know the answer to this. Black or coffee ground stool means internal bleeding. I can not remember green. Hmmm...maybe green means you ate too much fun fur last time you went to the strippers?1. Can you treat impacted stools at home?Yes, but only with the guidance of a trained medical professional.In the UK the treatment would normally be increasing doses of macrogol (that's the generic, brand names include Movicol, Cosmocol, Laxido).But a real impaction can be nasty and definitely should be handled with the knowledge and advice of a medic - a specialist nurse or doctor.2. My daughter is 4 months old and her stools are hard..what can i do to help make it easier and softer?all the suggestion that's enormous. yet another organic way is to boil up fruit like prunes, pears, apples etc after pealing in a pan slowly until eventually all the fruit is mushy then drain. Use the liquid as juice for her. Then puree the fruit for infant nutrients. this mixture could desire to help loosen her and soften following stools. the 1st stool will probable nonetheless be rather complicated, in case you could locate she is genuinely suffering to bypass, i discovered laying my daughter on her lower back, commencing up her nappy and pushing her knees up helped her "push". additionally slowly massaging her decrease abdomen helped. If this challenge keeps as she gets older there are extra innovations, my daughter became into on a glucose answer prescribed by utilising her Dr which somewhat helped her. i am hoping this permits.3. I have a low fever and watery stools does this symptoms serious for a 15 year old boy?You have a virus most likely. You need to drink lots of water to replace the fluid you are losing or you will get badly dehydrated. Also, tell your parents if you have not already. You may need to see a doctor if this lasts more than a day or two.4. my dog has bloody stools and is vomiting help?Bring to the vet IMMEDIATELY5. kitten passing blood in stools?The most likely have worms, which really requires a trip to the vet for a proper worming medication. Be sure to take a nice fresh sample with you so the vet can see just what worms you are dealing with. All four will need to be wormed, as they are most likely all infected.6. Dog has permanent runny stools. Nothing seems to help.?Sounds like youre no longer thoroughly getting over the giardia.. what are you utilising? for power giardia panacur is commonly used along side metronidazole. 10 days after the antibiotics are whole a re-scan must be performed to make sure it has cleared. . any previous and the lifeless protozoa can intent a fake confident. Also preserve in brain that antibiotics themselves intent diarrhea, this can also be widely lessened via giving it with meals, and striking the puppy on a bland top fiber vitamin during the cure, eg boiled bird and rice with canned pumpkin. What breed is the puppy? a few breeds (eg boxers) are identified to have continual colitis. . style of like Crohns in persons.7. Can Juicy Juice Harvest Grape juice cause blackish stools in a 2 yr old?i dont doubt it. i have given my daughter juicy juice grape and her poop is nasty and green! but she loves it!8. I read that a symptom of colon cancer is bloody stools....Just how bloody do these stools look to cause alarm?Go to your Dr., he will want a stool sample which they can test very easily if it is really blood.If it is and it is not from a hemorrhoid then he will suggest a colonoscopy which will confirm the condition of the bowel. It is not a difficult procedure but one we tend to shy away from. Act right away, time is so important when dealing with such things. Your age is in your favour but do not hesitate to get it checked out. Blessings9. Our Yorkie has Loose Stools and vomiting?My dog just recovered from Parvovirus. Are the stools very foul smelling, like chemically almost. Did the vomit start out clear? Is your dog acting lethargic, and refusing to eat? These are signs of Parvo. In any case, keep him hydrated if possible, you can buy unflavored pedialyte and force feed that, but by all means, get your puppy to a vet as soon as possible. We had to go to an after hours emergency one. If it is Parvo, it's deadly, especially for puppies and little dogs and the best hope for survival is early detection and treatment. Good luck
A Social Enterprise That Turns Recycled Fishing Nets into Skateboards
The world's oceans and beaches are teeming with all sorts of plastic waste, so social entrepreneurs are trying to address the problem by seeking new uses for the material. Bureo,one such startup, is focused on a particular source of pollution: fishing nets.To that end, the California and Chile-based social enterprise collects discarded nets from the sea and turns them into a material, which is then used to make skateboards, of all things. Recently, it's branched out to sunglasses.The startup also just won $5,000 in the Fish 2.0 business competition for the business with "the greatest potential for social and environmental impact" in the "post-revenue, early-stage" category. I recently wrote about Salty Girl Seafood, which won for the "business demonstrating the strongest market potential."How does Bureo achieve its particular feat of alchemy? According to co-founder David Stover, the company shreds and melts nets until they turn into hard plastic pellets. Then those pellets are injected under high temperature and pressure into a steel mold the shape of the desired product. (Conveniently, Stover and Kevin Ahearn, one of the company's other co-founders, both took a class in injection molding when they were studying mechanical engineering at Lehigh University).The effort started in 2012, while roommates Stover and Ben Kneppers were working in Australia. Both passionate surfers, they became increasingly disturbed by the amount of plastic pollution they seemed to encounter just about everywhere they went. So they started brainstorming ways to reuse some of that material and turn it into products. Then Kneppers accepted a job offer with a Chilean government innovation initiative, moved to that country and, through discussions with sustainable fishing advocates, learned about the pollution caused by discarded or mangled fishing nets.It seemed like they'd pinpointed their material of choice. They could use the nylon in nets to make something, reducing the amount of that particular pollutant in the ocean. Fishing net waste makes up about 10% of plastic pollution, according to Stover. "They're all over the world, with no recycling facilities in place," he says.Kneppers also learned about the new Startup Chile program, which funds startups based there. It seemed like a good launching pad and they decided to apply. While waiting to hear back. they entered a startup incubator at Northeastern University, Kneppers' alma mater. At the same time, Stover's pal Ahearn, who was working for Boeing, joined the team. Their research led them to pinpoint skateboards as a likely product.After Startup Chile accepted them, they set up recycling programs in three communities and, six months later, using $40,000 from Startup Chile, $20,000 from Northeastern, and $5,000 from New England Aquarium's Marine Conservation Action Fund, they made the injection mold needed to manufacture their first board. With a prototype in hand, in early 2014 they launched a Kickstarter campaign, raising $64,000, or 2 1/2 times their goal.That campaign also attracted the attention of clothing manufacturer and social enterprise Patagonia's impact investing fund. In August, 2014, it ended up making an investment for an undisclosed amount. The partners launched the first product later that year. It's now sold with a suggested retail price of $149 in about 90 retailers in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, to name a few places.Bureo's co-founders also decided to expand into another, related product. Sunglasses seemed to make sense. In August, 2015, they raised $181,000 on Kickstarter and, just a few days ago, shipped their first 650 pairs, which sell at a suggested retail price of $139.Bureo, of course, isn't the only social enterprise turning recycled plastic waste into products. The Plastic Bank, for example, allows impoverished people in beach areas to collect plastic waste. Using it as a form of currency, they get access to a 3-D printer with which they create things, like wrenches, they can use to start their own businesses. CO2nscience, a social enterprise in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the U.K., makes wall art-photographs printed on a felt-like material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. A sister company, Agile Acoustics, creates panels used to absorb noise in offices, produced partially using the same process.Bureo, by the way, means "the waves" in the language of the Mapuche, or native Chileans. According to Stover: "Just as a wave originates from a disturbance of wind along the ocean surface, Bureo is starting with a small change in an ocean of plastic. Through time and energy, the waves of Bureo will develop the force required to cause real change." He's certainly off to a good start.
Three-bedroom, Two-bathroom House in Silver Spring Lists for $369,900
The Washington area as a whole is known for its high housing costs, particularly in the District and nearby suburbs. But buyers looking outside the city will find an abundance of options for a more affordable price to stay under a budget cap of $400,000. Buyers aren't limited just to small condos or townhouses, either.For example, the single-family home at 1504 Jasper St. in Silver Spring, priced at $369,900, is in an area without a homeowner association fee, which keeps it affordable. Annual taxes are $3,600. The house was initially listed for $375,000.Built in 1951, this brick house has 1,192 square feet on two levels with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The house includes a wood stove in the living room and has been updated within the past five years with a new roof, windows, air conditioning, light fixtures, hardwood flooring on the main level, paint and a renovated bathroom.The basement was finished in 2012 with drywall and recessed lighting and a front porch was added in 2014. The driveway and carport were redone in 2013, and a shed was added to the back yard in 2012. The fenced yard also has a deck. The house has attic storage space.Assigned schools include Glen Haven Elementary, Sligo Middle and Northwood High. The elementary school and middle school are rated above average by GreatSchools.org based on test scores, while the high school is rated slightly below average.For more photos, click here.For more information, contact real estate agent Kathy Whalen with Long & Foster Real Estate at 240-793-6880.To pass on a tip or item, contact us nd put "Town Square" in the subject line.
Are Shock Collars Okay to Use on Dogs?
It is true that these collars can be very dangerous. Also these collars have been shown to cause fear, stress, and anxiety in dogs. Please stop him, this is not the right option. Instead of spending money on the collar, get the help of a professional trainer. If this is too expensive, some professional trainers do cheaper phone consultations. Also, some training clubs or even pet stores offer affordable classes for reactive dogs. This way you can be instructed on what to do. Since I do not know the details of your situation and I have never had a reactive dog like this, I do not feel I can properly tell you how to train him1. Do they make shock collars/invisable fencing for small dogs?Yep, petsmart has a lot of different ones for little dogs2. Do shock collars really work for correcting barking in dogs?wow. Shock collars are so 1800s3. Does anyone else here feel men's fashion is becoming too feminine?I think so like its just weird men are supposed to be rugged and strong but now you see guys walking down streets with designer booties and popped collars with cheesy coats! Its getting way to girly!4. what size of collars and leashes do i need?Collars r ok for identification but if they are not urs a choke leash. Beleive it or not it doesnt hurt the dog. It makes them listen much better. U might want 2 look n2 offerin the petfinder shot (chip) 2 ur clients.5. How do you put one of those chain (choke?) collars on your dog?I would be the worst at explaining how to put it on so I will leave that to someone else. But I just wanted to add, NEVER leave it on your dog. Only use it for walking6. In what training are prong collars used?I have only ever used them to train dogs that will not co-operate on a leash, ones that pull and try to walk YOU. I would never use one full time, i think they should only be used to train dogs, not as an everyday thing. But that is just my opinion7. Is it legal to put heavy chain collars on your dog?If hes just making the dog look "tough " then dont consider it . People do this all the time . They think if they put a muscular collar on the dog then it will make the person look tough but it doesnt . If im going to buy something like a stud collar im buying it for general reasons . But i just use a harness its better and easier for me to walk with my dog8. Is popped collars still in style?No honey and they never were in style so do not embarrass yourself in public9. A question about choke collars?no they are designed for control but will not damage their neck i use one on my dog10. Dog crating problem- Does fine while we're home, panic's when we leave!?They make collars or diffusers that release a calming pheromone. It's actually the pheromone a mom releases when she wants to feed the puppies. Giving the dog a feeling of safety and security. They are called D.A.P. and are sold at your local pet supply store or your vet clinic. You said he was better with the puggle... Why not get him a friend? (Remember though dogs are a lot of work! And only do that if you want the extra responsibilities) Why not try giving him something stimulating to do in the crate? i.e. a kong, a timed treat dispenser, a cubix ball, frozen treats. For very extreme cases medication(sedatives) can be used.11. i already have barking collars for my dogs. and it isnt working?An easier solution would be to simply leave the dogs in the house when you are not there to correct the barking, I would think. I have two barkers in my bunch, so I do not leave them outside any longer than to potty, then they come back in the house. There is very little barking when they are inside, and what they do can not be heard next door. I never knew a bark collar that worked if the dog was bound and determined to bark. I worked with one dog that was wearing a bark collar turned way up and it was bark....yipe....bark......yipe....with no obvious solution appearing. The owners finally had him de-barked. When it comes to de-bark or get rid of the dog, I opt for the de-barking and have one of my own. He has no idea his voice is not as loud as any of the other dogs even though it is simply a throaty woof woof.
What Is Indoor Air Pollution and What Can You Do About It? -
What Is Indoor Air Pollution and What Can You Do About It? -
What Is Indoor Air Pollution and What Can You Do About It? - ®According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor pollution levels can be two to five times greater than outdoor levels. Given that the average American spends up to 90% of their time inside, indoor air quality is a public health concern. Elliott Horner, PhD, principal scientist at UL Environment explains, "Indoor pollutants can be grouped into three different categories: gaseous, particulate, and biological." And, Horner adds, each category has its own risks. Breaking Down Those Three Types of Pollutants When pollutants are in the gaseous state, they produce dangerous side effects. Minor ailments can include headaches and eye irritations. The pollutants can also trigger much more serious consequences, such as cancer and even death. • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - Building materials and other household goods emit these chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Common sources are wood, drywall, adhesives, paint, cleaning products, furniture, and even home electronics. • Radon gas - Occurring naturally in the soil, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and it's responsible for between 15,000 and 22,000 deaths a year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Learn about testing your home for radon gas . • Carbon monoxide gas - A clear and odorless gas that is both naturally occurring and a byproduct of man-made combustion. Learn how to monitor and prevent exposure to carbon monoxide gas . Ultra-fine liquid or solid particles in the air can get deep into the lungs. They are associated with an increased risk of allergies and asthma attacks. Common particulates are: • diesel exhaust particles that seep in from outdoors 'Biological pollutants almost always involve dampness or water damage,' Horner says. Humidity, water-line breaks, and flooding are frequent sources. They can cause infections and worsen allergies and asthma, and often produce less-toxic VOCs that still are a cause for concern. Biological pollutants include: Maintain a healthy range and clear the air by reducing and controlling humidity at home with some simple tips. You can see many particulate pollutants, such as dust, but detecting the other types requires testing. 'There are several analytical sciences to detect issues in air quality, but they are very expensive,' says Horner. "However, there are some clues that the average person can pick up on, too." Horner suggests paying attention to foul or musty odors or eye, skin, or respiratory irritations among family members. Air pollution is not limited to the outdoors. Moisture, odors, gases, dust, and a host of other irritants can affect air quality indoors, too. Try these tactics to help freshen your home's air so you and your family can breathe easy. • Open windows - Most heating and cooling systems recirculate inside air. When weather permits, give your system a break and let in fresh air. Open windows and place fans strategically to help direct fresh air through. • Run exhaust fans - Turn on the kitchen fan to vent cooking pollutants, and the bathroom fan to curb mold-promoting wetness and fumes from cleaning products. Leave the fan running for about 45 minutes. • Use doormats - They help prevent dirt and other outdoor pollutants from making it inside. Get two natural-fiber mats, one for inside and the other for outside your main entrance. Keep a shoe-free home too. • Do not mask odors - Scented candles and sprays can irritate lungs. Find the source of the smell, get rid of it, then ventilate well until it's gone. • Use a dehumidifier - Stay under 50 percent humidity to keep mold growth at bay. Clean your dehumidifier regularly so it does not switch from humidity-reducing friend to mold-harboring foe. • Vacuum regularly - You will reduce the amount of dust and other pollutants released when you walk around. Invest in a quality vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, especially good at trapping even tiny bits of dust and dirt. • Take it outside - Painting, sanding, gluing - anything that generates particles, gases or other pollutants - should be done outside. If outside is not an option, open a nearby window and add a fan blowing air out. Clean up after your project quickly and well. • Monitor your air quality - Devices can monitor temperature and humidity to help you understand how your home might affect your health.
10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Stepper Motor
Here are top 10 questions about stepper motor asked by people online.1. Weird stepper motor behaviour on RAMPS in arduinoThe video you show shows movement of far more than 1mm. This indicates that the steps per unit is far different than you are configuring the Marlin software for. With a /-1mm and 212 steps per mm, there should have been 212 steps sent to your stepper. Recalculate your steps/mm values and slow down the feed rate to get something reliable. For experimenting, in Pronterface, set the feedrate of 10mm/sec (600mm/min) or 1mm/sec (60mm/min) to slow things down so you can hear or count the steps with your ear, then choose smaller steps, like 0.1mm and see if you get the planned displacement. If, at a really slow speed, you do not get the corresponding movement, then your steps/mm need adjustment to match your system. Eyeballing it, I would say the called-for 1mm or 212 steps is moving the stage about 10mm, so you would need numbers more like this for the x and y axes:2. Stepper motor resolution calculationYour motor has a total step of 600. It means, for a complete revolution, you have 600 steps. Hence the resolution appears to be 360/600 = 0.6 per step. This is the resolution in what is called FULL MODE. However, your motor can works in STEP MODE 1/8. That means that you can move the motor by 1/8 of a step. Hence, you can achieve 8 more steps and thus increase your resolution by 8. In this mode, your actual resolution is 0.6/8 = 0.0753. Stepper motor phases and torque output from shaft5 terminals indicates that your motor has 4 coils with a common terminal. This is called a '4 phase' motor because the 4 coils are separately powered, one at a time. The characteristics of a stepper motor are determined by its materials and construction (rotor size, tooth and lamination shape, VR/PM/hybrid type etc. ). Just knowing the voltage and current alone is not enough, because it only tells you the input power, not how much of that power is converted into torque and output power. To calculate torque and power for a given voltage, current and speed you need the specifications of your motor. If they are not available then you will have to test the motor to determine them. The graph below shows test results for a particular 57mm bipolar (2 phase) permanent magnet stepper motor driven with constant current PWM:- Notice how torque drops rapidly as speed increases. Since mechanical power = torque x rotational speed, even at its best this motor is less than 40% efficient. Over 60% of the input power is wasted. 4 phase unipolar motors are less efficient because only half of each winding is powered, so it must be wound with thinner wire which has higher resistance. Efficiency and power output is also affected by the driver. A unipolar motor driven with constant voltage through series resistors may peak at less than 30% efficiency. Without resistors it might be a bit more efficient, but have lower output power and maximum stepping rate.4. Arduino and stepper motorThere is generally a stepper example in the arduino Compiler, you can find the code there, or look at the stepper library However arduinos can not control steppers directly, but they send signals to stepper drivers, which then send the correct voltages to the stepper to rotate in a specific direction and rotate at a specific frequency. Arduinos are basically 'bit banging' namely they send a single high and low signal at a specific frequency and duty cycle, which determines the rotational speed of the motor itself. One line is high/low for direction, another for the signal. The advantage is you can count how many times you bit banged, and have an open loop position control system for easy NC applicationsNo-one would use the analog pins on an arduino to control stepper motors. 4wire stepper motors have A and B coils that require specific timing to excite (read, step) the motor and a large amperage/voltage requirement. Hence the drivers. Considering read the wiki about steppers to get a better idea about them.5. How to measure Stepper motor current when using EasyDriver A3967?You can measure right across R1 and R2 to get the current in each phase. Since they are 0.75 you must divide the voltage by 0.75.With resistances this low, a good practice is to put a scope probe on either side of the sense resistor and use the math function (A-B) to subtract the traces
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