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granite engraving machine of Guangzhou DaLong CNC Machinery Technology Co.Ltd keeps getting better not only in its functionality but also in its design because we believe that a more aesthetic and user-friendly design can help users more comfortable in using the product. We carry out interviews and online questionnaires with users from time to time to understand their latest demand for appearance and performance, which makes sure that our product is closest to the market need.To be the pioneer in the international market, DaLong Machine makes great efforts to offer superior products. They are provided with optimal performance and thoughtful after-sales service, endowing customers with many benefits like gaining more revenues than before. Our products sell very fast once launched. The benefits they bring to customers are immeasurable.Personalized service can be offered for customers who contact us through DaLong CNC Machine. We deliver discreet and thorough service for our most trustworthy granite engraving machine.
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Research on Development Trend of Switch and Power Supply Industry in 2012
Research on Development Trend of Switch and Power Supply Industry in 2012
The electronic power supply industry is an important part of China's electronic information industry and a subdivision industry with strong international competitiveness. Even under the impact of the global financial crisis in 2009, the output value of the whole industry still reached 106.1 billion yuan, maintaining a growth rate of more than 5%. In 2010, with the implementation of a series of national macro stimulus policies and the stabilization of the global economy, China's electronic information industry quickly recovered its development momentum, and China's power supply industry took advantage of the situation, with an output value of 117.2 billion yuan, with a growth rate of more than 10%.Switching power supply is the main category of electronic power supply. Due to its many advantages such as miniaturization, light weight, high power density / conversion efficiency, wide input voltage range and less heat consumption, and benefiting from the demand trend of light, thin and short electronic products, it has developed rapidly, rapidly replaced linear power supply and popularized in various electronic product fields, According to the data collected and sorted out by China power supply society, the output value of national switching power supply (mainly including consumer switching power supply, industrial switching power supply, communication power supply and PC power supply, the same below) reached 85.5 billion yuan in 2008 and 93.1 billion yuan in 2009, an increase of 8.8%; In 2010, it reached 102.7 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3%.According to the application field of switching power supply, the industrial switching power supply occupies the first share of the output of the whole industry, accounting for 56% of the output value of the whole industry in 2010. The consumer switching power supply occupies the second place, accounting for 32%, communication switching power supply accounts for 6%, and PC switching power supply accounts for 3%.Production and operation of switching power supply industryproductionThe structure and electronic design of the same electronic products are the same, so the requirements for the power supply are the same. In the design and manufacture, the customer's specification requirements are taken as the design and production standards.Switching power supply products are divided into standardized products and non standardized products. Generally speaking, standardized products have large orders, low gross profit and fierce competition, while non standardized products have small orders, but high gross profit and less competition. Standardized products are mainly used in consumer electronic products, PC power supply and other fields, rather than standard customized products and communication power supply, new energy and industrial power supply. Standardized switching power supply enterprises generally organize production according to customer orders, and enterprises generally do not have inventory. Manufacturing to order refers to the production method of modifying the design, manufacturing and assembly, or re developing the design based on the existing product scheme after receiving the customer's order, and finally providing the customer with customized products. After receiving the customer's order, the enterprise designs customized products that can meet the customer's special requirements according to the specific requirements of the order. The selection of suppliers, requirements of raw materials, design process, manufacturing process and delivery of finished products are determined by the customer's order. There are many models of switching power supply products, and ordinary enterprises cannot obtain advantages in each market segment. In addition to the fierce competition of standardized products such as power adapter and mobile phone charger, with low gross profit, all enterprises have their main market segments, actively explore emerging fields, and can obtain better profit margin.Different from mass customization, customized switching power supply is more small batch customization. In order to better control the cost and quickly provide customers with low-cost and high-quality customized products, it puts forward higher requirements for the enterprise's R & D, production management and procurement ability. Therefore, the enterprise must have agile product development and design ability and raw material procurement ability, The traditional rigid production line specially designed for one product will also be replaced by a flexible production line that can meet the diversified and personalized manufacturing requirements.profitSwitching power supply manufacturers have different profit models according to different product positioning and grades. The technical content of medium and low-end products is low, and most of them take processing fees as the main profit source. There are many low-power, general and standardized switching power supply manufacturers supporting consumer electronic products. They mainly compete at low prices, win by large-scale operation, and have poor profitability; As the supporting of high-end electronic products and industrial control equipment, medium and high-end products have high requirements for the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of switching power supply. Manufacturing enterprises are required to have strong R & D ability and exquisite manufacturing level, and the added value of products is high. Therefore, medium and high-end switching power supply enterprises have strong bargaining power and profitability. Powerful large power supply enterprises have basically begun to transform from OEM to ODM, providing customers with one-stop services from R & D and design to processing. The brands of these enterprises have a certain reputation in the industry, have been recognized by customers in terms of product quality and R & D ability, and have the ability to carry out internal function design and appearance design of products.marketAs the switching power supply industry focuses on customization, the sales of enterprises are closely combined with orders, and the sales behavior occurs before product manufacturing. At the same time, enterprises also develop standard products, promote to the market and customers, actively expand customers in the electronics industry, and show the company's R & D and design ability, production scale and quality management ability, which has become an important means of sales. At present, the main ways for the switching power supply industry to expand sales channels are to participate in industry exhibitions, promote in professional print media and industry websites, and mutual recommendation by customers. Having high-quality customer resources is the most direct embodiment of the strength of the enterprise.
Are Battery Operated Electric Hedge Trimmers Good for Minor Landscaping?
I bought a battery-operated B&D pair a couple years ago. Turned out they were pretty much useless for anything but the smallest branches. Power was weak and battery did not last very long before needing recharging. I am back to using hand trimmers.1. What is the application of surveying in landscaping?The most important consideration is drainage. It is vitally important that ground slopes away from buildings, and that rain water flows in the direction needed, especially for commercial properties, which have rules and regulations that must be followed. While you may think you can visually see where the ground is highest, our eyes play tricks on us. A survey is the only way to get an accurate reading of the topography.2. Does Landscaping increase the value of land?The short answer: yes. The longer answer: to an extent. If you have outbuildings, they will look at the condition of them as an improvement to the lot/land. As far as extensive landscaping, if you are just looking at it from a resale prospective, keep it simple and unfortunately, somewhat generic. If you build an elaborate garden that needs a lot of care, or have a huge huge lawn, that can be a turn off to potential buyers. But should not "hurt" the value as assessed by an appraiser either. They will be looking at the property as compared to other similar properties, and will make adjustments to the final value from the comparisons. Hope that helps.3. Has anyone ever used Ali Baba Interlocking and Landscaping ? Are they good at what they do?Last summer I needed some repair, as well as interlocking services for my backyard. I found these company through Kijiji and at first impression, they were young guys. However, they completed the job and gave the best quote and honestly they are good at the service they provide. I defiantly recommend them, because they know how to please customers !!!4. What color landscaping rock and flower colors would you recommend for a cream-colored home with blue-shutters?i am getting my seed (veg) from 'marshalls' catalogue. those are some flowers in blue attainable. Ageratum Blue Danube (hedging) forget approximately-me nots Blue Cloud Lavender woman Lobelia Crystal Palace Lobelia a million/2 Moon (bedding) Love interior the Mist omit Jekyll Morning Glory Blues Phacelia Ocean Waves summer season Gentian Blue Pimpernel Woodruff Blue Mist.5. We are thinking about doing some landscaping around our patio this spring. I have a question about that.?Superior answers all and entire. Forget the expensive, inefficient mesh landscaping cloth. Personal experience: Lay down 7 to 9 layers of news paper and mulch over it. This will effectively kill grass and weeds. You have the choice of putting down your plants then newspaper. or doing the paper thing first and your plantings later. Very easy, time efficient, low maintenance, cheap, and weed destructive. Have fun! I bet it will be beautiful!.6. In landscaping, is it best to follow the lines of the house or, if the house is very linear, add curves?If you intend to paint the brick or make any changes to the house, do that BEFORE the landscaping. Painting brick likely requires cleaning it, and perhaps treating it with muriatic acid, before priming and painting. If you decide to do this yourself check with a paint store as to what is needed. The lines for flowerbeds are really a personal choice. Neat straight borders are formal looking. Curves provide a casual feel. If your house has curved lines it is impossible to use straight line planting beds along the curved walls. Repeat plants and colors across the yard to give continuity to the design Avoid landing strip walkways with hedges on either side. They will crowd the walkway. Use dwarf bushes in beds against the house, and make sure you plant the bushes at least two feet from the house. Even bushes in 3 gallon pots will grow larger; most dwarf bushes spread 3 to 4 feet. If your home has a wide roof overhang you may need to provide irrigation to the plants. Do not plant a tree in the line of sight from your front door. It makes your house seem less inviting. Put any tree on one side of your front lawn, and well back from any power lines to avoid any power company pruning. If your front yard is shallow choose a tree that will stay small, and not overwhelm the space. As to flower color, white and blue are considered blending colors. That is they can tie together colors that would otherwise clash. If you cannot paint I suggest you consider this strategy.
Why Would Cat6 Connectors Not Work with Cat5e Patch Cable?
Why Would Cat6 Connectors Not Work with Cat5e Patch Cable?
While the cables and connectors look very similar, there's a difference. Category 6 uses thicker 22 AWG wire, while Category 5 uses thinner 24 or 26 AWG wire. This causes two different problems:The smaller wire pairs (CAT5) are not large enough to securely fit in the connectors made for the larger wire pairs (CAT6). You can tell a CAT6 connector (on the left in the below image) by the fact that the wires are staggered at the end of the connector, so that 4 pairs of larger wires will fit.The second issue is that the conductors in CAT5 RJ45 ends are generally not strong enough to pierce the thicker insulation as well as the thicker wire in CAT6 cables. So even if you can physically fit the cables, you wo not get a quality connection.1. Earphones (Samsung Ear Buds) Not Working As A MicroPhone for Desktop?Generally there are two ports or pin connectors in the laptops. One for mic in and one for stereo out. The samsung headphone you are using can only support stereo out if you connect it to a laptop. And I dont think that it will work with the mic in port as the structures are different. Buy some headphones with mic having two separate ports2. Do you know a website where you can buy electrical connectors for cars?do a search on jeggs, summit racing, or molex. you will have many options3. SATA Harddrive Problem: What are those connectors for?Your hard drive only needs two things plugged into it. The SATA cable which is connected to the mother board and the 4 pin powercord which comes straight from the power supply4. What are the two connectors on my 2004 Chevy Impala air intake?Unless you have a couple thousand dollars in motor mods all you will get from a cold air intake is a 4 hour job of cleaning, drying, and oiling the filter. Then if you rush the drying or oil the filter too much you ruin the MAF sensor. Your vehicle has a cold air intake going to the stock filter already, why screw with it and waste money? The designers at GM know what they are doing, do you?.5. In poker, are suited connectors good or bad?They can be both good and bad. Depending upon your position and the people playing at the table. If I have a full table with a lot of lose players, no pre-raise flop and most of the table limps in I will play suited connectors hoping to hit a hand. If you are playing against super tight, aggresive poker players suited connectors is a weaker hand.6. does anyone know what connectors i would need to connect my computer to my tv?Radio shack carries a box to connect but you can try this, go to EBAY and do a search for "computer to tv cable" and it will give you some options. I bought mine for less than $4.007. Why do devices have micro USB ports at the bottom and not at the top?It's entirely up to the device designer. My wife has a cheap Android smartphone from a company called Blu that has the charging port on the top. My last two smartphones, LG G2 and V10, have both the USB and headphone hacks on the bottom.There is no universal rule. If you do not like the location of connectors on your current device, you can probably find one with better located connectors next time, if that matters to you. The one bit of logic for having both connectors on the same edge is to allow easier docking to power and a speaker at the same time. If they are both on the bottom, you have the advantage of seeing your device right-side up. Though that does not matter much these days. And you could make the argument that power and headphones on different edges allows the charger and the speaker connections to be unrelated to each other.Why do devices have micro USB ports at the bottom and not at the top?8. Why does a hot mirror have connectors in Nikon and Canon? What is the function of these pins?You mean the greenish window over the sensor?I presume it's the 'Clean Sensor' actuator.Calling it a 'hot mirror' is misleading: it's not heat (far IR), but near IR that is the problem.That one window component, as well as the IR-reflecting coating and sensor cleaner, is also the LPF (low pass filter) for moire anti-aliasing!It comprises two plates of Lithium Niobate, to give it birefringence and piezo-electric properties. Nikon D800E ReviewWhy does a hot mirror have connectors in Nikon and Canon? What is the function of these pins?Why does a hot mirror have connectors in Nikon and Canon? What is are the function of these pins?
Why Does Trump Spray His Face with Orange?
I answer this far too often. I knew Clintons makeup artist and he was masterful at a natural look. I am betting Trump has hired a has been from the TV genre that still uses Man Tan and White around the eyes like they did before HDTV• Other QuestionsHow will Brexit affect the crypto currency market?I dont think they are interconnected. Maybe one exception: most UK people want to bring their savings to safe havens. That could be in dollars, euro's, or even the crypto-currency is given a chance. So the enlarged flow of money in the UK could have some influence.------Are there US soldiers based in Nigeria now?Unclassified? The Defense Manpower Data Center lists 14 US military personnel stationed in Nigeria as of December 2016 (the most recent report available).US Army - 2US Navy - 2US Marine Corps - 6US Air Force - 4Plus one lonely civilian Department of Defense employee.My assumption is that theyre attached to the US embassy in Abuja.------What are the benefits of a representative democracy?There is only oue. That it is not an overtly violent system. That point is somewhat offset by the fact that people think its a non-violent, fair, stable, participatory system, so we remain in the unsatisfactory position of retaining an illusion of its utility, and are destined not to look for another if the sanction of the mob prevails as the standard------Who did the US support during the Vietnam War?The United States provided support to the Republic of Viet Nam, more widely remembered as South Vietnam. It also actively supported some of the other South East Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) members and the Republic of Korea, and some of those states, in turn, supported the Republic of Viet Nam------What (if anything) did Barack Obama do to Donald Trump to cause Trump to dislike Obama so much?I dont know what he did or didnt do, nor do I know whether Trump really dislikes Obama that much. What I do know is that Trump lashes out at most everyone who disagrees with him. He also demeans people he isnt even aware of with his nasty comments. I keep asking myself, Is Trump really the person he presents in his public persona.------Did Draco Malfoy have a crush on Hermione Granger?He didnt. Thats just a strange fan theory proposed by people who think that boys pull girls pigtails as a sign of affection. Or you know, call them racial slurs and demean them as a sign of affection. A belief that I am totally judging these people for.Lets be honest, this answer is just an excuse to post this GIF------Why is 'The Hindu' newspaper pro NDA and BJP?You are wrong in current context. The Hindu newspaper was established pre-independence period to support nationalists.However, current generation of owners, N.Ram and others are card holder of CPIM Polit bureau . They are hard core anti RSS and support any one including China, Pakistan even terrorists if they can use them to shame RSS and BJP.So premise of your question is incorrect.------How do I study art?1st ,look at things,and people,animals,etc...go to museums,look at.. art..grab a sketchbook and draw what you see..from there,use your imaginationand dont be afraid of mistakes..thats how you learnand ignore the critics..they are critics cause they cant do it themselves,and enjoy destroying others creativity------Did Led Zeppelin write their own songs?Most of them.Even the ones they covered had Jimmy's signature guitar riffs, and Bonham with his original drumming.Lots of the 'plagiarizing' bandied about was Plant forgetting lyrics and just inserting various old blues' lyrics (he has an outstanding catalog in his head of such lines LOL). He's said this in interviews a lot------Why is there no viable alternative to the Republican or Democratic parties in the US?The Independents are gaining strength. Lets see if they are smart enough to put up an electable candidate in 2020. As an example, if the GOP kicked Trump out of the party, he could run as a 3rd party guy and win an election. At least one impediment- the need for 270 electoral votes. With more parties, its going to be harder to cross that threshold------Which ideology is worse: fascism or communism?Ideologically there is little difference between fascism and communism since both are tyrannical dictatorships. Perhaps fascism originally had a little more tolerance for religions and private property but I suspect that this slight freedom would have eroded with the passage of time. The state and the supreme ruler have absolute authority over everything and that includes religion, property, and individuals.------Did you get your dreams yet, or did you just give up because of life?I never started out with any dreams of success in my profession or my personal life.For that reason, I have not encountered any major disappointments.Being fiercely independent, I am seldom in a position to suffer a letdown.The bucket list" idea has always seemed really dumb to me------Why were the communists able to defeat the nationalists in China in 1949?It is better for you to ask that why China could draw a draw with America in 1950.Nationalists of China was just kids facing the army of USA at that time.It was just a homework for communists to defeat them in China.Because communists had more support from the ordinary Chinese,KMT was too incompetent and corrupt------Why did Muslims lose the glory of the "Islamic Golden Age" in the modern era, and can it be regained?The best answer for this question is Because they had left the teachings of islam gradually so they have become weak gradually. the God has given us the best instructions to live the best lifestyle for human and to build the best society including all aspects (buying, selling, dealing, marrieg, morals... Etc------Why don't car companies just keep making old popular cars?Because there is no market for old new cars. There are a handful of enthusiasts who might buy them.However, the Mini Cooper, the VW Beetle, and even the Miata, which grew out of the need for a British sports car feeling but in a reliable car, are versions of old popular cars. I have had at least one of each and absolutely loved them------what is the principal clause in the sentence "I know that he is dumb"?The basic sentence is:I know him.I know this.The second sentence is:He is dumb.This sentence is converted into a clause:that he is dumbThis clause is inserted into the former sentence by replacing the object:I know whatI know that he is dumb.So, the principle clause is: I know .and the subordinate clause is: that he is dumb.------Who invented the modern computer?This is the best answer:No one person but a series of incremental developments:Charles Babbage and his Analytical Engine, which was never builtAlan Turing and the Universal Turing Machine, a theoretical constructJohn AtanasoffKonrad Zuse and the Z3John Mauchly and Presper Eckert and the ENIACThere is no definitive answer because any answer would be subject to interpretation------Do we have any American troops in Nigeria in 2019?For God sake NO!! How many time would an American keep asking me this, there no American unit in Nigeria, the ones that are here are liaison officers and advisors for the Nigerian army, which isn't too special as we have other country military advisers helping our soldiers as well.Again, no, there are no American troops here. Pls don't ask me this question again------Why am I a liar, who lies about everything?Apparently because you have chosen a life of deceiving people. You should keep in mind that, once people realize that theyve been deceived, they often react strongly and at the very least those who are aware will know not to trust you. Sensible people, once they discover youre a chronic liar, will simply avoid you.------WHO figures show that average COVID-19 mortality for age group below 50 is 0.4%. Shouldn't we just distance the elderly rather than shutting down the world?I dont think that just because mortality below 50 is less, they should roam around freely, keeping only the elderly groups secluded; most people below 50 would still require hospitalisation in order to help them recover, even though chances of them dying is low. This would exponentially increase the demand of medical facilities and failure to meet the demand would indeed increase the mortality of even the age group below 50------What is the real reason behind BJP's victory in the 2014 general elections? Is it the Modi wave or is it something else?Expose of numerous scams : average 2 scams per month. The way in which congress handle it. Not so vigorous campaign from congress except amethi (lol).Anti incumbency , final blow was current account deficit and the consequences on rupee's value.The unprecedented campaign of modi & full media exposure to it.Amit shah's ground level work in UP. Etc------What did the communist victory mean for China?It means the end of the domination of China by imperialism. Imperialist powers invaded and controlled China since 1840, and the communist victory ended the history of Hundred Years of Humiliation. Before 1949, China was not a player in international politics but a battleground for the influence and interests among the world powers. Today, China becomes a player in the international politics------What episode does Danzo die?That would be Episode 211 in Naruto Shippuden but Episode 481 in the Manga Series.Danzo killed himself by blowing himself up.He died after the Battle with Sasuke, after he tried to seal Sasuke using a kind of sealing jutsu "Reverse Four Symbols Seal". in a failed attempt to take Sasuke with him too------I see Vikings used a lot of axes. Would that have been a better weapon than a gladius?Swords were and are incredibly expensive both then and now. At least swords you would trust your life to. Many Viking swords were named and revered by the Norse. But only a select few could afford them. But an axe could be had by most any Viking and thusly became their most common melee weapon------Which animal would dominate the Earth if there were no humans around, why?If I had to guess, Id say the chimpanzee, because they show very similar traits to human intelligence, for example they use stones as tools to get at nuts, and they have even been observed drinking fermented fruit juice, and whilst they mostly eat fruit, they do eat meat as well, usually Red Colobus Monkeys------What would happen if there were no IP and no patents? Would there be a stop to innovations and inventions?It would stop most innovations of value.People (and governments who answer to citizens) as investors will not provide the resources to develop an innovation unless it has a reasonable return and risk level.Eliminating patents makes the risk completely unestimable, so investors would have no interest in putting their hard earned money into developing it------Should unions for public employees like police and teacher unions not be allowed to endorse political candidates?No, they should have that right as any group of Americans joined together in common cause does. Are you suggesting their #1A rights should be taken away from them by the government they work for? Why stop there? Maybe police should lose the right to a personal firearm because they carry one in their job?No. Unions should have the same rights as private citizens, and private sector unions.------Can a young and healthy person die from a coronavirus (COVID-19) infection?Yes it can. Most young people thought they were safe as at first it was only affecting old people and people that were already ill. Recently in the UK a 21 year old girl died from covid-19 and she was perfectly healthy before. Also a 31yo &39yo recently died from it. They were both young and healthy. Sad times :(------What is the importance of representative democracy?That the people be honest and refuse to be corrupted by bribes and favors from government. As Machiavelli said, those in power are always corrupt but as long as the people are honest they must hide and limit the extent of their corruption. When the people become corrupt it can get very bad, usually some traumatic event is required to restore them to integrity.------Is this a phrase or clause: "she assured me"?Neither. She sells seashells by the seashore. Of this I am assured. So many drunk people have told me, that it must be true. I'm not the pheasant plucker, I'm the pheasant pluckers son, but I'll be plucking pheasants until the pheasant plucker comes is another reason to keep drinking and stop worrying about what women are thinking------Is it safe to say that "Trickle Down economics" has not worked?Why? Businesses create profits, that trickle down to worker in the form of wages, and the government takes a big cut and then trickles it down in wages for soldiers, welfare for aged and disabled, and a little trickle down for the politicians as well. How has trickle down not worked?------What happens to the LEDs in parallel?If connected to a constant voltage source, they consume n* the current of a single LED and all light up at the same brightness as a single LED.If connected to a constant current source, they all share the current that is available and will get progressively dimmer as LEDs are added------Why didn't China and Korea join Japan in WW2?Thank you for the question, Kisty.Yes, the situation was that Japan had attacked China in 1937; the fighting went on and they remained at war until the Japanese surrender in 1945.As for Korea, it had been a Japanese-occupied protectorate since 1910, and in that capacity it provided personnel and resources to the Japanese war effort.Thank you again, Kisty - all good wishes,Barrie.
Diy Ladder Light Fixture
Dining room light fixtures can be that statement piece in any dining room setting. While memories and meals will be shared at the table, the light fixture hanging above is what is going to set the tone for the evening. Make a bold statement above your dinning room table with a 3 Chandelier light fixture. This will add extra light to darker rooms, while creating an elegant and cozy space for everyone to enjoy.If you frequent local boutiques, antique markets, or flea malls, you will usually find ladders leaning against walls or tent post. Well there is something else you can do with antique ladders beyond an oversize towel rack, turn it into your light fixture base.To hang the ladder I used 2 heavy duty swag hooks with toggle bolt anchors. Follow the instructors for the proper installation of a toggle bolt anchor and attach the swag hook. Next evenly pre-drill 4 holes, 18 inches from each end of the ladder (this measurement will vary depending on size of ladder). Install wood eye bolts (lag shanks). Using 40 lb Black 9 Gauge accessory chain, rated up to 50 LB, string the chain through the eye bolts and hang each of the ends on the swag hook located on the ceiling. Using a level check all planes to ensure the ladder is hanging level from each direction. Before you even get the lights up, create your electrical plan to wire this lights from one light box. The complicated areas of the project I like to mentally process through, and visualize the end result before things get overly complicated. I wanted to use a terminal block to safely bring in wires and create a tie point that is enclosed. The schematic shows the lights wired in parallel, with tie points located at the terminal box. Using the rungs as spacing, start with the middle light. The middle light is actually just hanging through the ladder and not really touching it (with the exception of the wiring) at all. This will take the load off the ladder and ceiling anchors, as well as the chain. Hang the middle chandelier just as you normally hang any light, however you will need to create a splice point right about the top of the light to allow wiring coming from the ceiling box to run to the terminal block. The remaining chandelier will be hung using a threaded 1/2 inch rod drilled through the ladder. The rod is held in place with a nut and washer on each side, and the chandler's hook, that normally would be used to attach the down rod or chain, is now attached to the rod. Mount the terminal block.Install the live wires from the ceiling box to opposite side of the terminal block to reduce cross of the lines. From there follow your schematic. One thing I added was the exposed raw "earth" wire, typically that is wrapped around the green screw, runs along one side of the ladder, wrapped around the base of the eye bolts and stapled into place. From each light I ensure their earth wire makes contact with the ladders earth wire. Once terminal block is wired, run the outgoing wiring to each light and crimp together, preferably using a butt splice with insulation. Wing nuts could also be used, but they may be visible from the ground. Zip tie the wiring coming from the top of the lights to the threaded rods for a sleek look, and using cable staples, staple down the wire running along the top of the ladder to help conceal them from view. Channel your inner Clark Griswold and turn on your light!Thank you,Craftsman Drivewww.craftsmandrive.comPart information:Chandelier: Hook W/ Toggle Bolt: Bolts: Unique Find Cable Staples: Splice: Block:
Is the IPhone Truly Worth It?
Is the IPhone Truly Worth It?
Is the iPhone truly worth it?You should go to Verizon. You could get an lg dare, a voyager, or a blackberry storm if you want a phone that has a touch screen.You will save more money and you wo not drop calls. Also if you really want an iphone but do not want to pay monthly for it you could just get a verizon phone and get an ipod touch.— — — — — —How do you clean an iphone?To clean an iphone just buy a can of compressed air and spray the dock conector on the bottom along with the head phone jack this should clean all the dust, to clean your macbook screen, buy some cleaing wipes for lcd screens— — — — — —Iphone? iTouch? Which one do i choose?ipod touches can use most apps an iphone can use except for a select few but the ipod touch can text message very easily for free you do not even have to buy the app and basically has all the features of an iphone except the phone part for it to be really cheap i suggest a cheap gophone or metro pcs and the ipod touch— — — — — —Why is my iphone 4 charge port so small ?It is not an iPhone, or at least a real one— — — — — —Timeline of iPhone modelsEnvironmental dataCarbon footprintThe iPhone 11 Pro has a carbon footprint of 80 kilograms (180 lb) CO2e emissions, which is 10 kilograms (22 lb) more than the preceding iPhone XS and 25 kilograms (55 lb) more than the iPhone 3G in 2008. 83% of the emissions are caused by the production of the device and primary resources while remaining emissions are caused by transportation and first use. RepairabilityThe iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max continues the strategy of discouraging customers to seek third party repairs while rendering repairs with Apple more costly: repair with non-genuine Apple parts such as batteries or displays can trigger warning messages on the phone instigating the customer to visit a certified technician to replace the respective parts with genuine ones. While the website clearly states that the phone will function properly despite the warning, this information is not passed in the context of the warning. Even if batteries are properly functioning and at full capacity the customers are prompted by a message on the phone to replace the battery. At the same time battery replacement with original spareparts saw a hike in pricing: after initially discounting battery replacements to $29 following the Batterygate Scandal, battery replacement prices for all flagship iPhone models was hiked to US$69.00.— — — — — —Are you or do you have an Iphone?no i am not an Iphone and i do not have one either— — — — — —Should I leave my droid x for an iPhone 4 on verizon? ?I have an iphone 4 It has you tube and games with nice apps. You can order wiffi for it and get a password to get better picture on You tube for iphone 4. Next year there will be an iphone 5 which you should check out in AT&T or T Mobile.— — — — — —iPhone & iPadIn 2008, Stone began to release apps for the iPhone. His first product, Twittelator, became one of the best selling apps for the micro-blogging service Twitter. Other products included iGraffiti, TalkingPics, Gesture, MobileMix, Soundbite, Pulsar, iCreated, TweetTV and Intentionizer. He has contributed to other apps such as 140Characters, The Daily, Wine.com for iPad, WeGetIn, Trekaroo and Bandojo— — — — — —Listening iPhone in your car?An FM Tuner. They are either wired, wireless, or bluetooth. FM Tuners, however, should be one of the last options only because if you use them while driving longer distances they require you to change the station every so often. They way they work is to broadcast your music on top of an existing radio station.preferrably one that is only static IE there is no local broadcast on it. If there is any kind of broadcast on it, then it sounds just like when you are listening to a station and another broadcast kinda weaves in and out/overlaps. I've always preferred using the auxiliary options (using your stereo) with either an audio jack, or a car that has a built in port to plug in an iphone (common in a lot of newer cars). Some stereos, mostly aftermarket, have USB outlets in them so you can use your charging cable. Check your stereo to see what kind of additional outlets it has, and then go to your local electronics store and tell them what kind and that you want to use it to connect your iphone to your car stereo. If they are knowledgeable they will help you out.
Was Ho Chi Minh a Good Human Being?
In my opinion, he is respectable person, neither good nor bad. He is quite similar to George Washington or Gandhi as a father of a nation. He did many great things but at the same time he failed at doing others. For the great things (Im not going to repeat any kind of propaganda here):He reduced illiteracy and relieved the 1945 famine.He did what he could to maintain the countrys sovereignty.He brought equality and election to a previous colonial country. As for his failures:Ci cch rung t". This is not entirely his fault. However, since he was an elected leader of a nation, he must take responsibility for its negative results. He did.He did not have any knowledge in economics and political science beside those of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao (maybe Sun Yat-sen, as well).His views on ethics are almost unable to be done in practice. People keep encouraging each others but no one actually did · Suggested Reading Which movie has rescued Marvel? Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not a terrible movie but was still a pretty weak film.Now how did a weak film save Marvel? Well unlike Warner Brothers, Marvel execs took all the criticism from the film and applied it to the rest of the films. Meaning no more advertising other movies in their films, jokes (while still present) are not overbearing and most importantly, allow the directors to do their own thing. One major issue with AoU was the fact that Joss Whedon couldnt make the film he wanted. The execs would strike down scenes Joss felt were needed and added unnecessary scenes like that Thor in the Cave scene. This conflict of interests showed through the final product which ultimately led the execs, Whedon, the actors and fans feeling less than stoked about the film. Now each franchise has its own style and pace. Dr Strange felt different from say Black Panther, Ant-Man or even Spiderman. Despite all being in the same universe. Hopefully WB execs learn from this and we can get the Justice League movie we all deserve. ------ Why is your PM, Jacinda Ardern, so popular? I just finished reading a NYT article this morning, Oct 17. Trump could have learned from her. Simply Trump isnu2019t capable of learning, any capacity for which, or flexibility and adaptability he possessed, he lost in the early eighties when he expanded into Atlantic City casinos. Plus Trump is practically hardwired to be an authoritarian, he is temperamentally not capable of Jacinda Ardernu2019s style of leadership.But all that aside, if Trump had listened to his more intelligent, and well informed staffers, and had he been able to grasp what a once in a century pandemic was truly going to mean. All he needed to do was step back, and let his government, and its experts work for him. If he had done this simple thing, itu2019s likely that by this point, he would have been a shoe in for reelection. But that was never going to work, Trump isnu2019t capable of listening to others, he has never been able to see the big picture, or think strategically, and he has never been able to step back, none of these things were ever going to happen. ------ Was the Targaryensu2019 downfall inevitable once they lost their dragons? I would argue yes seeing as the highly erratic (insane) nature of about every third targaryen king and half the royal family at any given time was really only tolerated because of the military threat of the dragons. Maegor the Cruel was arguably a much worse king than Aerys yet he was not overthrown despite the best efforts of the Faith militant because he had Baleryon the Black Dread. The valyrians ruled westeros but made no effort to spread their religion or customs to the westerosi noble houses and instead demilitarized the existing religion whilst making it a puppet, despite the fact the Seven considered incest an atrocious crime. This isn't even taking into account jaqen Hgars claim that the Citadel killed the dragons which suggests a larger conspiracy to remove the targaryen dynasty through influencing the nobel houses to rebel. The tossup of having a targaryen as ruler either be great, incompetent, or a monster is pretty exhausting, from the perspective of their vassals, when they don't have giant magical creatures to back them up ------ Would Germany have won WW2 if the USA & USSR was not involved? Hitler was an unstable influence and would have fought the US and the USSR at some point. That three major powers worked together shortened the War by years if not decades.The US or the USSR could each have defeated Germany alone, but it would have taken a lot longer. The Soviets suffered horribly but did not capitulate. The US had the industrial capacity to defeat Germany, although it would have been very difficult to do so without bases in EnglandThe question then becomes could England defeat Germany? It is possible, if England were able to fully mobilize her entire Empire and if she had no distractions in Asia.Germany did not have an insuperable advantage in technology. England alone had the industrial capacity to stop Germany, but it would have taken the whole Empire to push Germany back. It would have taken at least 10 years. I doubt France would ever submit to Vichy rule. Germany would need to occupy France, and at a great cost. With the advantage of 75 years of hindsight, I would say Germany would eventually lose ------ How did a single small Russian Buk SAM take down a giant Boeing 777 airliner? Because 1) it was not a small shoulder-launched missile but a big thing specifically designed to harm fast aircraft flight high 2) aircraft are not solid lumps of metal (with the exception of the Warthog and less so with some fighters) but relatively fragile things that can tear themselves apart sometimes just because the nose doesnt point the right way and 3) when traveling at transonic speeds, air is hard. _Really_ hard.An airliner is destroyed if it loses as much as a horizontal or vertical stabilizer, possibly a lot less if the damage happens to cause a sudden adverse turning moment or aerodynamic flutter. Thats all it takes to start a cascade of events that results in midair disintegration and loss of all life and something like that was just what happened here also. The plane didnt explode into a million pieces - it was just damaged enough to start a cascade that led to rapid disintegration because it was travelling through the air some 800 km/h at the time ------ I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do? How did you allow yourself to fall in love with her? Why did you spend time with her knowing shes engaged?Coming to the current situation, dont ever try to request/force her to be yours. Shes gonna hate you & cut up all connections with you.Become her best friend. Become trustworthy, well behaved. Support her whenever she needs.Love doesnt always means relation! If you truly love her, become her well wisher. True love is expressed when you can sacrifice for her happiness & well being.It might happen after her break up(if happens), you will get her. So dont spoil your relationship demanding her right now. Her boyfriend might become dangerous for you in that case.You might get any other girl later on, whos going to love you back. Might be perfect fit for you. Even better than the girl youre in love with right now. Dont get depressed because of your current situation. The best is yet to come. Never loose hope! ------ What subject in school/university did you not understand until many years later, and what led to your understanding? I have to be honest and confess I never understood basic concepts of high school math until I reached college. Only when I applied them in programming tasks was that I understood how some functions really worked and what they truly meant. Donu2019t get me wrong, I passed high school with good grades, and I understood the mechanics and the algorithm to reach the result of the problems, but I failed to see their application and felt really frustrated because of that. Trigonometry, matrices, complex numbers, etc. These all seemed distant and very abstract when I was younger.I grew up insecure and sad because of my obvious limitations. Thatu2019s why my main research today is to use programming to help students (and adults) to find some happiness by vizualizing the applications of these basic concepts when coding.If I canu2019t write it in codeu2026 I didnu2019t fully understand it.What subject in school/university did you not understand until many years later, and what led to your understanding?. ------ What is your biggest secret that you have ever had in your life? What if I told you my biggest secret, how would you respond to it? First off, I would not trade my secret even if you told me yours.My response would be none less than cool or I see. I dont really care to know other peoples secrets unless it gives me perspective on how they feel or why they feel a certain way towards something. As for my secrets, I do not tell others until they become a very close friend of mine whom I trust. Or, if those people are my parents. The only purpose for my secrets is to help those people understand me better that others may not easily take into consideration and just outright judge.So no, Im not going to tell you any big secret. However, I have already revealed some secrets about myself if you are interested.Michelle Lin's answer to What are the dirtiest secrets that you havent told anybody?I have some other secrets, but youll have to do a little more digging if you want to find it (they are already written answers) ------ Why was the Roman Empire so successful? Heres one strong reason: unparalleled infrastructure.The Romans managed to build and connect a network of towns, cities, roads and waterways that were never before joined in such a powerful way.This infrastructure joined together architecture, agriculture, the superhighway of the Mediterranean Sea, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, and essentially proved how globalization affected and permanently transformed the Western world. To dig deeper into what made the Roman Empire so successful, you might want to check out BBCs 4-part documentary series Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit.Beard, who is a Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge and a passionate storyteller, asks some important questions about the infrastructure of the Roman Empire:How was it constructed?How did it work?What difference did it make?She also explores the vast reach of the Roman Empire, showing places both well-known and some rarely visited. Some of these locations include:Timgad, AlgeriaHadrians Villa in Tivoli, ItalyAphrodisias in Anatolya, TurkeySlave market in Delos, GreeceHadrians Wall in Northern BritainIts definitely worth taking a look!. ------ How do I join Google? By having good knowledge in ALGORITHMS & DATA STRUCTURES.Actually Google, Amazon and other Tech Giants recruit people directly through campus from IITs and IIMs.Another way of getting a job in Google is through Google Foo. bar. Google foo bar is like online coding platform where google recruit people by testing their problem solving and programming skills.Based on our search Keywords Google will invite us for Foo bar challenge.You will get invite like one in the image below. After completion of Hours, weeks and month of programming tests Google will call the selected candidates for interview to one of their offices for further coding challenges and face to face.Image Source : https://www.google.co.in/imgres?imgurlhttps%3A%2F%2Fd.ibtimes.co.uk%2Fen%2Ffull%2F1455838%2Fgoogle-foobar.jpg%3Fw%3D736&imgrefurlhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.ibtimes.co.uk%2Fgoogle-foobar-how-searching-web-earned-software-graduate-job-google-1517284&docidYQRGDt8fJkTfUM&tbnidZIdobgPXbOJi3M%3A&vet10ahUKEwiu86HXwLnZAhVDi5QKHRVZCHoQMwgnKAAwAA.i&w736&h436&bih662&biw1366&qhow%20to%20get%20foo%20bar%20challenge&ved0ahUKEwiu86HXwLnZAhVDi5QKHRVZCHoQMwgnKAAwAA&iactmrc&uact8Hope it helps. .ThanksDD.
Is There a Feud Between Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa and If so Which Side Is in the Right?
Outside observation: There doesn't seem to be a "feud" as much as there's a realization Ms. Ripa's part that co-host is far more popular with viewers than she is and she seems to be very unhappy with that fact.Reality check: Good Morning America is in ratings trouble and has been for a while. ABC wants to keep the program afloat and they are grasping at straws to make that happen. Along came Michael Strahan, a former NFL player, who just happens to have become a popular television host. The decision is made to incorporate him into the GMA family (at first, part-time) and it turns out to be a popular one with audiences.Kelly Ripa, on the other hand, was a minor soap opera/sitcom actress who lucked into the biggest role of her life after Kathy Lee Gifford's fractious parting from the Regis and Kathy Lee morning program. While Ripa has been popular on the series, her popularity has never extended far beyond it and she seems to be angered and depressed by that fact. Strahan's departure from the series where she purportedly "groomed him" is just another example of how little (at least in Ripa's opinion) that ABC thinks of her.There is no "feud" as Michael Strahan has moved beyond the Kelly and Michael show. Kelly Ripa could maintain a grudge if she chooses to; however her return to the series is the clearest indicator that even she realizes that her options (like her popularity) are limited. If she extends this matter into a full-blown feud, she risks having her show cancelled and Good Morning America being extended into a third hour as a replacement.Again, no feud.Simply reality occurring and one person having issues with that reality• Related QuestionsDo you care about the Oscars? Why or why not?I am an avid watcher of movies, partially because I am a singer, actress and dancer, as well as a producer and director of stage productions, so I have a deep appreciation for the performing arts and the amount of work it takes to put them together.Therefore I also have an opinion about actors and actresses that I like or not, and which movies I was particularly impressed by. I enjoy watching some of my favorite people at the Oscars, either presenting or receiving an award, particularly if I was hoping they were the winner.Even if none of the above were true, I still like watching the Oscars just to see the fashion that the women wear to them, because I am also an avid lover of fashion. The Oscars are worth watching just to see what the women are wearing, if for no other reason.I don't appreciate that the Oscars have become such a divisive political venue. It's not what the Oscars were originally intended to be at all, but over time the deterioration has grown. I don't appreciate having to listen to political speeches at the Oscars when everyone should only be talking about the talents and performances of the actors and actresses involved, as well as the directors and crew members.I also don't appreciate that so many of the people who walk away with the awards were given them more for political reasons than for the quality of their performances. The criteria for deciding who wins has become corrupted over time. This aspect of the experience is deeply disappointing and disheartening.There is always going to be some element of the Oscars that is undesirable, but the vast majority of the experience is pleasant and worth watching for me, especially when they have a good host who is truly funny without being hateful to anyone.------Why is it okay to create TV shows, channels, and awards for black people (e.g. Black-ish), but TV shows, channels, and awards for white people are considered by some to be racist and subjected to protests?Keep in mind a lot of those "black shows" and stations you mention are some of the primary proponents of racism. You think BET is truly "black entertainment?" These things are little boxes designed to keep easily-influenced minds from thinking outside the box. BET is where blacks can learn the stereotypes they are expected to adopt, and continue to play the role of "everyone's favorite hated demographic". TV has a way of entraining the mind, and "black TV" is no different. Notice you don't tend to see as many "regular" shows that have black people that don't center around them being black. Instead, whenever you see a black person they are fulfilling their token duty, or the show is about "how different black and white people are---wow let's make a show!"Honestly, we must stop treating BET as if it's some God/Viacom-given gift to black people, and that whites are missing out because they don't have WET.In my opinion, BET does more damage than good.It is one of the most harmful things I saw in my community growing up because it can take a young, impressionable mind, and fill it with images & egregores that will 9 times out of 10 lead to that individuals self destruction.Blacks don't need any more negative stereotypes promoted in their own name. We don't need more shows about urban struggles, living in the hood, rapping, hoop dreams, or drama with cops. This just makes it easier for other people look at it and assume that that's what all blacks must be about----therefore perpetuating racial division.In general, be wary when you hear of a "black station" or "black music" and just take a double-take about what is actually being put out there. Hint: Lil Wayne is NOT black music. BET is NOT black entertainment. These are closer to modern day minstrel-ization of black entertainers------If A B and B C, does A C?In mathematics is assumed to be a transitive relationship. Transitivity means precisely what you stated: A B and B C implies A C.While it's possible to use to represent a non-transitive relationship this would be considered an abuse of notation. A B or R(A, B) would be a better way to express the relation in this case.Similar assumptions are made about operators like and *. is generally assumed to be commutative, whereas * can be used for noncommutative operations like matrix multiplication. E.g. A * B ! B * A.Equality in programming is another story entirely.In many languages is the assignment operator and is the equality operator. Assignment is not transitive - it's not even a relation.There are cases where the equality operator doesn't define a transitive relation. E.g. in JavaScript:js> '0' 0ntruenjs> 0 ''ntruenjs> '0' ''nfalseThe reason this happens is because of implicit type conversion. When encounters a numerical type it will force a numerical conversion of the other value. However if both of the arguments are strings, not numbers, then they use string comparison. Also, the numerical conversion of the string '' gives 0, which is why we get the above result.JavaScript also has a strict equality operator in which no implicit type conversion occurs. Strings are not -equal to numbers so the above inconsistencies don't arise. Still there are cases where even a a is false. In particular if a is NaN (a floating-point value used to represent an indeterminate form, e.g. division by zero or infinity - infinity) then strict equality returns false for all comparisons of a, even with itself.There are some other pathological cases that might occur with floating-point numbers and rounding. In fact in the olden days a context switch could subtly change a floating point value. (Extra precision bits could be dropped/rounded when saving the FP registers.) Some of these issues have since been resolved. Still, strict equality tests with floats are generally to be avoided.------IMO: How are problems selected from IMO shortlist?Being a bit more specific: there is a whole process of problem selection.The problems are proposed by all countries that take part of the IMO except the host country. There is a limit of 6 problems per country. Usually the team leaders represent their countries and are in charge of collecting and submitting the country's problems. The deadline is usually late March. The set of all proposed problems is usually named the IMO longlist. The problems are supposed to be original; so, in this sense, they are made up for this purpose.Then a problem selection committee (or, shortly, PSC) designated by the host country analyze the problems from the longlist (assessing originality, adequacy and balancing the difficulty of the problem set) and selects the problems for the IMO Shortlist. This usually happens one or two months before the actual competition.Now, in the actual competition, the team leaders arrive earlier than the students and select the six problems for the IMO. The set of team leaders is named jury. The process happens in jury meetings and is moderated by a local mathematician or teacher. There are several ways to elect the problems; in the last few years, after some problems are crossed off due to not being original (it happens! -- the PSC have too short of a time to work on 100 problems!) each team leader submit their impressions of the problems (difficulty, attractiveness) and the results are polled into what is called the problem beauty contest. Then they propose combinations of problems, which are then voted, eliminating one or two combinations per turn. There are several ways to break down the test; lately, there has been an effort to have one problem from each area in slots 1, 2, 4, 5 of the IMO - but this is not set on stone, as this procedure is voted each year------As a foreigner living in China, what things do you find annoying? Why?I have lived in China for 5 years. At first there were many things that annoyed me. Most had to do with how people behaved in public and some of them have been mentioned here in the ansers of other people. But most of them I have grown accustomed to. It is just how the people act and it is part of their culture.What still gets on my nerves? Drivers honking there horns! This drives me crazy! I live in a very non western city, not like Shanghai or Beijing and the use of car horns is bad. Cars will be stopped at a traffic light, a red light and there are always cars that will honk there horns. Some people just continually honk their horn as if it will somehow make the light turn green.Drivers that just top their car in the middle of the road for no apparent reason and without regard for the cars behind them. I have even seen drivers do this on the highway. Just slow down and stop in the middle of the highway. I have even been in a taxi when the taxi driver did this because he wanted to take call on his cell phone!Uneven sidewalks with random steps everywhere and poorly laid paving stones. Holes dug in the middle of sidewalks, or poles or trees planted in the middle of the sidewalk and other hazards. I have to walk everywhere and the sidewalks, even new ones, are horrendous. It makes walking difficult and you have to constantly pay attention. No planning at all. And I live in a part of a city that is just a few years old!Other things I have gotten used to but the horn honking just drives me crazy!.
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