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Will a USB Logitech Playstation 2 Microphone Work on a PC?
Will a USB Logitech Playstation 2 Microphone Work on a PC?
umm, yha if your computer is finding and installing it than more than likely it will work, but when you talk its not going to come through your speakers because one you plug it into the usb it becomes the new defalt, try lisining to some music and see if you can hear it through the headseat speakers, and if you want to know if the mic works just go to and try to recored something that way if it will play sound back to you than its working, idk if thats what you where asking and if that ansers your question but GL1. HOW TO: Setup a microphone on my home theater.?Check for Karaoke machines sold at a music stores. They are essentially audio mixers with specialized CD players and can be bought as an add on piece of gear to your existing equipment . (No built in speakers/amplifiers.) If you are not doing Karaoke, then a regular audio mixer will do. Again, go to a music store, not Radio Shack, for such gear2. Need opinion on shotgun microphone?A film project? What size film stock are you using 16mm or 35mm? This kind of film stock, not to mention the equipment to shoot with, is extremely expensive. Actually I am surprised your teacher does not dock you a grade level for not knowing your terms. Film is not video, video is not film, they are two completely different media... being in school you should already know that but apparently not. If I were you are instructor you would know your terms. I would suggest you learn them. I did a career in television news / sports photography. There's only two brands I recommend... Sennheiser and Shure - expensive of course but quality always is.3. My microphone on my laptop is cracking?ur need going to service center then u can fix it4. My microphone isn't working properly?If you have everything plugged in right and nothing is muted or volumes down or mic turned off, try this: Go to your speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen and right click it, then left click recording. Now there should be a window showing your microphone and it should be checked. If it is not , point at it and right click and set it to default. It was probably already set that way so now point at mic and right click it and then left click properties and left click on levels and set the db boost to 20 db and volume about forty or so. Now if you want to do karaoke you will have to go back and set stereo mix as your default. The only other thing I can think to do is try the headset on another computer to be sure it works. ..Hope this helps!.5. how do i install a microphone!?!?!?!?!?double click on the speaker icon in the notification area by the clock when it opens click on options >properties in the dialogue box that appears at the top you have a drop down list to pick input or output choose input and click ok from there you should be able to get you mic working Try playing about with line volume as well as mic volume try moving the tick from mic to line or line to mic6. What microphone should I buy?if you want studio quality sound, it will cost you. phantom power is power supplied from a pre-amp or mixer to the mic. i would suggest purchasing a USB condenser mic. its not going to be studio quality, but it will be better than a piece of **** radio shack mic. i havent used audacity, but i do not think its too bad. i would suggest doing some sound treatment to get better quality sound. do not just put the mic in the middle of a room and record. use a closet or a small space to avoid excess room noise7. Good microphone for recording (in garageband in a mac)?CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording Microphone is a great deal and good quality for the price. I am able to make clear recordings of acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time without picking up any empty static. I have absolutely no complaints
What's the Difference Between a Muscle Car and a Sports Car?
Muscle = power, acceleration Sports= speed, handling A camero vs a porche— — — — — —Rolex Sports Car SeriesPopow made his Grand-Am debut in 2011, racing in the Rolex Sports Car Series for Starworks Motorsport team. He finished a season-high third at Watkins Glen with Ryan Dalziel and finished 20th in the Daytona Prototype points standings. In 2012, Popow took his first victory in the inaugural Brickyard Grand Prix Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and obtained two second places and two fourth, so that finished sixth in the drivers' championship. Popow with Ryan Dalziel achieved one win, two second places and two third in the 2013 Rolex Sports Car Series season, however the poor results obtained at the end of the season, did they finished eighth in the drivers' championship in the DP class. In 2013 Popow won the 'Jim Trueman' Award by a landslide and the Starworks Motosport was crowned 'Sports Car Team of the Year' by the SPEED Channel.— — — — — —Professional Sports Car Racing Speedvision Cup (1997 - 1998)The 1997 season of the Speedvision Cup saw Cunningham drive a Honda Prelude Si, Honda Prelude VTEC and Honda Accord EX. With the Accord, and co-driver Jason Potter, he won the season finale at Las Vegas. The following year he entered just one race, at Sebring, in a BMW 328is with Mike Fitzgerald, and won. .— — — — — —1966 British Sports Car ChampionshipThe 1966 British Sports Car Championship was the third season of the British Sports Car Championship. The season was dominated by Brabham's Formula One driver, Denny Hulme, by winning the first five races of the season, abroad Sidney Taylor's Lola T70 Mk2. This model of car was also victorious in the remaining two races, in the hands of the 1964 World Champion, John Surtees. .— — — — — —Best sports car for around 30k new?I vote for Miata as well. Test drive one and you will fall in love. Do not listen to the people that say "miatas are for fags"— — — — — —1970 Australian Sports Car ChampionshipThe 1970 Australian Sports Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned national motor racing title for drivers of Group A Sports Cars, Group B Improved Production Sports Cars and Group D Series Production Sports Cars. The championship, which was the second Australian Sports Car Championship, was contested over a three heats series with one race per heat. Heat 1, Endeavour Cup, Phillip Island, Victoria, 25 January Heat 2, RAC Trophy, Warwick Farm, New South Wales, 3 May Heat 3, Western Australian Sports Car Championship, Wanneroo Park, Western Australia, 16 August Championship points were awarded on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis to the first six placegetters at each heat.— — — — — —1974 Australian Sports Car ChampionshipThe 1974 Australian Sports Car Championship was a CAMS sanctioned Australian motor racing title open to Group A Sports Cars and Group D Production Sports Cars. The title, which was the sixth Australian Sports Car Championship, was won by Henry Michell driving an Elfin 360 Repco.— — — — — —Sports car racingHe had a dominant 1989 season, capturing both the title at Mosport Park and his first SCCA Trans-Am Series race during the same weekend. His career skyrocketed as he became one of the most successful drivers in the history of Trans Am, with 19 wins in 95 starts. Fellows then had 2 starts in the legendary Ferrari 333SP, including a 1997 win at Mosport Park in the IMSA GT Championship. 1998-2001In 1998, Fellows began his long association with GM's Corvette Racing program, with the historic Chevrolet Corvette C5.R. He was also briefly involved with the development of the Cadillac LMP program. At the 2000 Rolex 24 at Daytona, he made history by setting the closest margin of victory in the history of the event, 31 seconds behind the winning Dodge Viper GTS-R of Olivier Beretta, Dominique Dupuy and Karl Wendlinger. Fellows and Corvette Racing fared better the next year, winning overall with Chris Kneifel, Johnny O'Connell, and Franck Fron. Later that year in June, Corvette Racing achieved its ultimate goal, a GTS class win in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with Scott Pruett and Johnny O'Connell. Corvette Racing also captured the American Le Mans Series GTS title that same year. 2002-2004In 2002, the Corvette C5.R once again dominated the American Le Mans Series season, with a GTS class win at the 12 Hours of Sebring, along with a repeat of their 24 Hours of Le Mans GTS class victory. For the 2003 season, Corvette Racing won the American Le Mans Series GTS title with a very close down to the wire fight with the Prodrive Ferrari 550 team. In 2004 Corvette Racing continued to dominate the American Le Mans Series GTS class, including another GTS class win at the 12 Hours of Sebring. Fellows also competed in one NASCAR Cup Series race at Watkins Glen, where he started 43rd and climbed his way up to 2nd place. 2005In 2005, Corvette Racing debuted the revolutionary Chevrolet Corvette C6.R at the 12 Hours of Sebring, with high expectations. A tire blow out erased their chances of capturing the GT1 (was GTS) win, with the Prodrive Aston Martin DBR9 taking the class win. However, later that year, the tides would turn as Corvette Racing won their 3rd 24 Hours of Le Mans class title in 6 years, beating the Aston Martin DBR9's with superior reliability and strategy. Although Fellows was not driving the winning Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, he ran a respectable race in the No. 63 car. 2006In 2006, Fellows returned for a full season with Corvette Racing. However, a dark cloud loomed over the 2006 season as a result of the controversy surrounding IMSA's performance balancing. Corvette Racing's opposition during 2006 was the Prodrive Aston Martin team, which ran two full-season cars on Pirelli tires. The Pirelli tires were their Achilles heel, as they were not as competitive as the Michelin tires on the Corvette. Prodrive expressed their disdain for their disadvantage, and IMSA, the ALMS sanctioning body, introduced a number of penalties for the Corvette Racing team, to 'balance' the performance. Despite this controversy, Fellows remained optimistic and still carried himself with the professionalism and class for which he is known. Despite the penalties, Corvette Racing prevailed, winning their fifth ALMS championship. Corvette Racing also went on to win their fourth 24 Hours of Le Mans in six years. However, Fellows did not have the best luck in 2006, with the title going to the sister car driven by Jan Magnussen, Olivier Beretta and Oliver Gavin. 2007Fellows returned to Corvette Racing in a limited supporting role in the American Le Mans Series. He was the third driver for the three long-distance races, and competed at Mosport, his home race. He sat out the other races, providing technical input and experienced advice to the team from behind the wall.
Why There Is a Need to Have a Continual Flow of Water in the Condenser During Distillation?
The water is probably cooler than the air and probably cooler than the substances being distilled. The idea is when the vapor of each distillate rises it will hit the area of the column with the water flow and cool and condense and is now more easily collected. But this also depends on your particular setup of distillation column.1. In distillation column design, is the number of stages equal to the number of plates/trays?You can use any method to find the number of theoretical stages /plates/trays like mccabe and thiele , Underwood etc...When you find the number of theoretical stages by using above method it assume that your tray efficiency is equal to 100%.So if you would like to find actual number of stages then devide number of theoretical stages by tray efficiency.So,Actual number of stages=Number of theoretical stages/efficiency of trayExample:-If number of theoretical stages as per McCabe and thiele method is 10 and efficiency of tray is 0. 5 then actual number of stages is????Actual number of stages= 10/0.5Actual numbet of stages=20.I think you got your answerThank you...-Ravi KasundraIn distillation column design, is the number of stages equal to the number of plates/trays?2. Explain/Describe the process of Fractional Distillation in Crude Oil?For me, you can ask Lerynne Angela Biton, a scientist very good in this topic. She mastered mannalon dayta! Mweehehe. Agpaysu la3. give me three examples of distillation?Distillation From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Laboratory distillation set-up: 1: Heat source 2: Still pot 3: Still head 4: Thermometer/Boiling point temperature 5: Condenser 6: Cooling water in 7: Cooling water out 8: Distillate/receiving flask 9: Vacuum/gas inlet 10: Still receiver 11: Heat control 12: Stirrer speed control 13: Stirrer/heat plate 14: Heating (Oil/sand) bath 15: Stiring means e.g. magnetic follower (shown), anti-bumping granules or mechanical stirrer 16: Cooling bath.Distillation is a method of separating chemical substances based on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. Distillation usually forms part of a larger chemical process, and is thus referred to as a unit operation. Commercially, distillation has a number of uses. It is used to separate crude oil into more fractions for specific uses such as transport, power generation and heating. Water is distilled to remove impurities, such as salt from sea water. Air is distilled to separate its components - notably oxygen, nitrogen and argon - for industrial use. Distillation of fermented solutions has been used since ancient times to produce distilled beverages with a higher alcohol content. Contents [hide] 1 History 2 Applications of distillation 3 Idealized distillation model 3.1 Batch distillation 3.2 Continuous distillation 3.3 General improvements 4 Laboratory scale distillation 4.1 Simple distillation 4.2 Fractional distillation 4.3 Steam distillation 4.4 Vacuum distillation 4.5 Air-sensitive vacuum distillation 4.6 Short path distillation 4.7 Other types 5 Azeotropic distillation 5.1 Breaking an azeotrope with unidirectional pressure manipulation 5.2 Pressure-swing Distillation 6 Industrial distillation 7 Distillation in food processing 7.1 Distilled beverages 8 References 9 External links 10 Gallery [edit] History Early forms of distillation were known to Babylonian alchemists in Mesopotamia (in what is now Iraq) from at least the 2nd millennium BC. Distillation was later known to Greek alchemists from the 1st century AD, and the later development of large-scale distillation apparatus occurred in response to demands for spirits. Hypathia of Alexandria is credited with having invented an early distillation apparatus, and the first exact description of apparatus for distillation is given by Zosimos of Alexandria in the fourth century. Distillation by retort using the alembic.In the 8th century, alchemists in the Middle East produced distillation processes to purify chemical substances for industrial purposes such as isolating natural esters (perfumes) and producing pure alcohol. The first among them was the Persian Jabir ibn Hayyan (Geber) circa 800 AD, who is credited with the invention of numerous chemical apparatus and processes that are still in use today. In particular, his alembic was the first still with retorts which could fully purify chemicals, a precursor to the pot still, and its design has served as inspiration for modern micro-scale distillation apparatus such as the Hickman stillhead. Petroleum was first distilled by another Persian, al-Razi (Rhazes) in the 9th century, for producing kerosene, while steam distillation was invented by Avicenna in the early 11th century, for producing essential oils. In 1500, German alchemist Hieronymus Braunschweig published Liber de arte destillandi (The Book of the Art of Distillation) the first book on the subject, followed in 1512 by a much expanded version. In 1651, John French published The Art of Distillation the first major English compendium of practice, though it has been claimed that much of it derives from Braunschweig's work. This includes diagrams with people in them showing the industrial rather than bench scale of the operation. As alchemy evolved into the science of chemistry, vessels called retorts became used for distillations. Both alembics and retorts are forms of glassware with long necks pointing to the side at a downward angle which acted as air-cooled condensers to condense the distillate and let it drip downward for collection. Later, copper alembics were invented. Riveted joints were often kept tight by using various mixtures, for instance a dough made of rye flour. These alembics often featured a cooling system around the beak, using cold water for instance, which made the condensation of alcohol more efficient. These were called pot stills. Today, the retorts and pot stills have been largely supplanted by more efficient distillation methods in most industrial processes. However, the pot still is still widely used for the elaboration of some fine alcohols such as cognac, Scotch whisky and some vodkas. Pot stills made of various materials (wood, clay, stainless steel) are also used by bootleggers in various countries. Small pot stills are also sold for the domestic production of flower water or essential oils. In the early 19th century the basics of modern techniques including pre-heating and reflux were developed, particularly by the French, then in 1830 a British Patent was issued to Aeneas Coffey for a whiskey distillation column, which worked continuously and may be regarded as the archetype of modern petrochemical units. In 1877, Ernest Solvay was granted a U.S. Patent for a tray column for ammonia distillation and the same and subsequent years saw developments of this theme for oil and spirits. With the emergence of chemical engineering as a discipline at the end of the 19th century, scientific rather than empirical methods could be applied. The developing petroleum industry in the early 20th century provided the impetus for the development of accurate design methods such as the McCabe-Thiele method and the Fenske equation. [edit] Applications of distillation The application of distillation can roughly be divided in four groups: laboratory scale, industrial distillation, distillation of herbs for perfumery and medicinals (herbal distillate) and food processing. The latter two are distinct from the former two, in that in the distillation is not used as a true purification method, but more to transfer all volatiles from the source materials to the distillate. The main difference between laboratory scale distillation and industrial distillation is that laboratory scale distillation is often performed batch-wise, whereas industrial distillation often occurs continuously. In batch distillation, the composition of the source material, the vapors of the distilling compounds and the distillate change during the distillation. In batch distillation, a still is charged (supplied) with a batch of feed mixture, which is then separated into its component fractions which are collected sequentially from most volatile to less volatile, with the bottoms (remaining least or non-volatile fraction) removed at the end. The still can then be recharged and the process repeated. In continuous distillation, the source materials, vapors and distillate are kept at a constant composition by carefully replenishing the source material and removing fractions from both vapor and liquid in the system. This results in a better control of the separation process. [edit] Idealized distillation model The boiling point of a liquid is the temperature at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the pressure surrounding the liquid. The normal boiling point of a liquid is the special case at which the vapor pressure of the liquid equals the ambient atmospheric pressure. A liquid in a container at a pressure below atmospheric pressure will boil at temperature lower than the normal boiling point, and a liquid in a container at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure will boil at a temperature higher than the normal boiling point. In other words, all liquids have an infinite number of boiling points. It is a common misconception that in a liquid mixture at a given pressure, each component boils at the boiling point corresponding to the given pressure and the vapors of each component will collect separately and purely. This, however, does not occur even in an idealized system. Idealized models of distillation are essentially governed by Raoult's law and Dalton's law. Raoult's law assumes that a component contributes to the total vapor pressure of the mixture in proportion to its percentage of the mixture and its vapor pressure when pure. If one component changes another component's vapor pressure, or if the volatility of a component is dependent on its percentage in the mixture, the law will fail. Dalton's law states that the total vapor pressure is the sum of the vapor pressures of each individual component in the mixture. When a multi-component liquid is heated, the vapor pressure of each component will rise, thus causing the total vapor pressure to rise. When the total vapor pressure reaches the pressure surrounding the liquid, boiling occurs and liquid turns to gas throughout the bulk of the liquid. Note that a given mixture has one boiling point at a given pressure, when the components are mutually soluble. The idealized model is accurate in the case of chemically similar liquids, such as benzene and toluene. In other cases, severe deviations from Raoult's law and Dalton's law are observed, most famously in the mixture of ethanol and water. These compounds, when heated together, form an azeotrope, in which the boiling temperature of the mixture is lower than the boiling temperature of each separate liquid. Virtually all liquids, when mixed and heated, will display azeotropic behaviour. Although there are computational methods that can be used to estimate the behavior of a mixture of arbitrary components, the only way to obtain accurate vapor-liquid equilibrium data is by measurement. It is not possible to completely pur
Dimmable Led Power Supply with Wireless Intelligent Control
A dimmable LED power supply can not only supply power for DC LED lights but also output dimming signal to them. According to DC output type, there are two types of LED power supply, constant voltage and constant current. Different dimming input and output interfaces are also available. Constant voltage one is suitable for the LED lamp with a fixed DC voltage input and variable current input. Constant current one is suitable for the LED light with a fixed DC current input and variable voltage input. RF wireless interface is a new dimming input interface that controls the dimmable driver with a remote. The remote sends out radio frequency signal. The LED dimmable driver has a built-in receiver which receives the signal and converts it to PWM frequency that is used for dimming. It is a perfect solution for intelligent home lighting control. The radio frequency for different countries and areas are different, you have to choose according your country or area's requirements. The remote and the receiver shall have the same frequency. The power supply receives the signal and converts to PWM frequency for dimming the connected LED lamps. Single color, dual color and RGBW remotes are available to control corresponding LED dimmable drivers. And the remotes are available with push button, touch control and rotary knob styles. Touch panel remotes allow full touch control with one finger for dimming, color control, and running effects. A qualified dimmable LED power supply shall has following features. First is high power factor, which means the power that does useful work. Second is high efficiency, which defines how energy efficient a driver is. Both of them are the most important parameters. Third is wide dimming range, power supplies with full dimming range 0-100% are the best choice. Forth is smooth dimming with no flickering especially under a low brightness level. Many power supplies have flickering phenomenon when doing dimming operation, which may damage the led lamps or reduce its lifetime. Fifth is no buzzing noise. If a power supply has heavy noise when working, it is not good for the environment and human being's health.
Zumiez Drops Bid to Acquire West 49 Inc.
BURLINGTON, ONT. - West 49 Inc. stock is back to where it was less than a week ago after a U.S. sports apparel retailer decided against making a bid for the Canadian sportswear firm.Shares of West 49 tumbled nearly 10 per cent on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday to close down 13 cents at $1.28.The stock is now near the level it was at before Zumiez Inc. entered the picture last week and flirted with the idea of becoming a potential acquirer.Zumiez said Friday it might be prepared to top a $99-million takeover offer that West 49 had received from Australia's Billabong International.However, Zumiez changed its tune late Tuesday, saying it's no longer interested because it wasn't able to agree with West 49 on a due diligence process, which would have provided the U.S. company with an insider look at the firm's organization.Zumiez had initially said it would consider offering more than Billabong's bid if it did a successful due diligence review.But West 49 expressed concern that Zumiez could be playing the role of an interested bidder in order to gain detailed information about the organization that it could use for its own competitive purposes.It cited Zumiez's previously announced plans to enter the Canadian market as tangible evidence that the bid was suspect.West 49 said it offered to open its books to Zumiez under the same conditions granted to Billabong, but the U.S. company declined to go ahead with a review under those terms.Alongside Billabong, all three companies target similar customers with sporting goods such as skateboards and snowboards and related clothing and fashion accessories.As of January, Zumiez had 377 stores in 35 states - mostly in malls.Billabong has grown rapidly in recent years through "tuck-in" acquisitions and now operates more than 300 stores across North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The West 49 transaction will add 138 mall-based stores and boost the Australian company's bottom line in 2011.The Australian company said in its original announcement that it plans to keep key West 49 management, including West 49 president and chief executive, Sam Baio, who will continue to lead the business.Despite the decline Wednesday, shares of West 49, based in Burlington, Ont., are still up sharply from June 29 when Billabong's friendly takeover offer of $1.30 Cdn per share was announced.West 49 has about 63.8 million common shares outstanding, which would be worth about $84 million, as well as 5.1 million preferred shares that would be worth $6.6 million at Billabong's price.The Canadian Press
Philips Tv Matches Your Lighting to the Picture
Philips' Elevation TV is the first to combine Philips 'Hue' internet-connected lightbulbs with 'Ambilight' technology, which projects light from the edge of a TV screen.First launched in 2004, Ambilight is now designed to bathe the whole of your living room in corresponding light to that which is shown onscreen.Philips claim the additional light already makes the TV screen appear wider, making the viewing experience "more immersive". The new set also allows compatible lights around the television to be added to the system by inputting their serial number. Lamps, overhead lighting and other light sources can echo the same lighting as around the TV, extending the experience to the entire room.The feature can apparently reduce eye strain from watching TV in a darkened room. Pupils are forced to dilate or contract rapidly as the images on the screen change.Filming on an iPhone: accessories review Life After Journey for ThatGame Company The Evil Within preview Ambilight in action, echoing the colours displayed on screen Individual Philips Hue lightbulbs can be purchased for other light fittings in the room, connecting wirelessly to its own ethernet-connected hub, and to each other.Like the Elevation TV, they can be controlled from the a smartphone, and can change colour to match with the music you're playing at the time.Whilst innovative, the Hue bulbs have been criticised for their price, starting at £179 for a three bulb starter pack and £50 per additional bulb.The level of light emitted can be controlled via an Ambilighthue app available for Android and iOS based smart devices, with users able to set alarms for the lights to automatically turn on or off as you come home.The new 60" model will be available for £2,800 in the UK from September.
Who Is the Hottest Female Athlete in Sports?
Heather Mitts, U.S. soccer player1. What websites shows sports bikes prices?Most manufacturer's web sites display specs and suggested retail prices for their products. Do a Google search for the brand of motorcycle that you want to look at, and go to the manufacturer's official web site2. High School problem, sports? preferably guys?I was in your same position when I was in 9th grade, I am a junior now. I chose swimming. You will get in the best shape of your life, and it works prettymuch every muscle3. Martial Arts, Martial Sports or Self Defense?Alright... Just because everyone's taken all the good quality answers already, I will just add this (with a slight amount of sarcasm): Martial Arts -- codified systems teaching combat methods via interpretive dance (I add this last part to differentiate from what I call "Fighting Systems") Martial Sports -- Taking two martial arts students (not martial artists), handicapping them with rules, and watching all the grace and principles be taken out of the art to entertain others (be it through points, judges calls, or "Hey, that guy's bleeding and not moving. Everybody run.") Self-Defense -- What you plead when brought up on trial for using either of the above two without some government sanctioned entities approval. Just thought I would throw that out there :)4. what sports do your kids play?my 5 year old daughter plays t-ball and my 12 year old plays any sport known in this world5. Sports physical with a male doctor for the first time?Just remember that the doctor does this stuff probably at least 5 times a day. If he does "feel you up" just remember that he's a medical professional. It's his job. Plus if there is any of that, it's usually brief unless he finds something abnormal.6. What Happened to EA sports MVP Baseball?Think of it as karma. Remember how EA got the exclusive rights to the NFL license for 5 years (which has now been extended to 7 years) and other developers can not make an NFL game using the official NFL license? Well, Take Two struck back and made a deal with MLB. With the exception of Take Two, only first party developers can use the MLB license, thus EA can not make a baseball using the MLB license, so EA stopped making MVP Baseball. Who's going to play MVP Baseball if it does not have the MLB teams, players, stadium, etc.7. I really suck at sports? Why is that?I am not very good at sport but I do enjoy it. The problem is you can not really play team sports unless you are good, which is kind of a shame because I really enjoyed playing netball in PE lessons when I was at school. I like individual sports like swimming, gymnastics and trampolining because I do not have to compare my performance with others. I can compete against myself to get better at what I am doing. It is good to get some exercise too and going to the gym or aerobics seems kind of repetitive and boring to me8. Copyright question regarding sports teams?I would guess you could do "Go Seattle" safely. Major league baseball can not put a trademark on a city. You probably could use the team colors on the blanket, althought that might be a tough one. And make it a generic font. This is a pretty dangerous area, because major league sports have bulldogs as lawyers, and they have deep pockets. Even if the Mariners lose, they can eat up your bank account with legal manuevers along the way. So I would invest in a meeting with a lawyer on this one before you do anything potentially damaging.9. People to People Sports Ambassadors Program?I just got this dude! Saying I would be coach by legendary coach Rollie Massamino, represent USA etc10. Which sports city should I support?Boston..all sports teams have won a championship in the last 10 years11. Why are all sports on tv sexist?if the women skated in thongs, maybe12. Is Hank Steinbrenner the biggest idiot in sports?We should all be such idiots,Stienbrenner turned the yankees into a 1 Billon dollar franchise.And he you are calling ol George and idiot! What do you do for a living? Sling burgers at Mcdonald's? When you surpass George in dollars then you can come in here and call him an idiot!
Light Quality Is Critical to Strengthen Adoption of LED Lighting-Made-in-China.com
To provide a more balanced portfolio of ENERGY STAR lamp products on the market and mitigate color quality as a barrier to wider adoption of energy efficient lighting products, Soraa proposed to the EPA a second high CRI tier with differential efficacy requirements taking into account the inherent lumen per watt trade-off as a function of CRI for phosphor converted white LEDs. Soraa proposed to keep the existing minimum efficacy requirements, but raise the color quality to a minimum CRI 90. For lamps with CRI between 80 and 90, Soraa proposes to increase the luminous efficacy requirements.Poll: Last time you cried ?I am crying as I type thisHave you ever cried because of a song?weirdly yes haha Hurt- Christina Aguilara the music video made me cry hysterically >What movies have you cried during?I am a guy and straight so yah my tears do not fall as easily. A League of Their own when the younger sister Kit wins and is being cheered by the crowd while dottie and to coach look on. This movie just got to me. Maybe it was the "theres no crying in baseball" line that got me going :PPOLL: Have you ever cried?LOL yeah. I cried so much I had this huge headache and then was like *cries* Why the hell am I even crying?! *cries*I cried on my first date ever!?Show your bad side (I would not say cry at the first date bad) if he still wanna be with you. Then he really wants to. Me and my met a month after i broke up with my ex. I told him everything happened between me and my ex and i was crying like a piece of **** but the best things is he still wanna be with me and promise me he wont dont the same as my ex did to me.POLL: Last time you cried?Earlier BQ: Frustrating lifeI cried while praying, is that normal?Dat's da holy spirit babby!why is there a difference if a guy cries and a girl cries?A bloke supposed to be tougher, not girlish cries, I think. I am totally agree with you over girls cries while guys do not know what to do but girls do. They offered me to hugs over their shoulder. Guess my knowledge is not help you, sorry!Who is Better Cris Angel or David Blaine?I'am watching that crap now!!!!!!Have you ever cried over the death of a pet?When I was young over a goldfish - ok, but it was about 14 years old4 month old cries all day long?If she has been on two strong acid-reducing medications and did not show improvement, then it is not likely a reflux issue. Start with the basics: is she getting enough sleep? At four months she should be sleeping about 16 hours total, between night sleep and probably three nap periods. She may not have a consistent schedule yet and that is fine, but sleep is critical for development and for temperament to even out. Babies who are not getting adequate sleep are cranky and moody, easily frustrated, and will often cry like they are in pain. Being tired is associated with headaches and stomach upsets, just like in adults. Being on four different formulas in three months can be difficult too. Her body needs to adjust every time you switch. It is possible she is sensitive to the milk-base of the formula, but the Alimentum should have resolved it if that were the case, or the Prosobee. She can also be sensitive to soy as allergies to soy are quite common, and it is possible that she is so sensitive to milk that the hydrolyzed protein was still intolerable. You can always get another opinion from another doctor if you do not feel like the situation is being addressed.Baby fusses/cries to get to sleep?Try babies magic tea when your baby is fussing and it will soothe baby from any abnormality in her tummy*cries* i need your help.. :?Shut the hell up, loser. No one gives a damn about your fake problems. I hope you have a lonely, miserable life.
What Are the Advantages of LED Floodlight? -LED Lighting, High Power LED Lights
What Are the Advantages of LED Floodlight? -LED Lighting, High Power LED Lights
The meaning of that statement is pretty clear, the minimum output voltage is the input voltage. So to get less minimum brightness you can either use more LEDs in series or lower the input voltage (or both). Too few LEDs and they might be damaged. The topology probably looks like this (from Wikipedia commons): For minimum output, the switch is always open so the inductor and diode are in series to the output. It's possible the diode is actually another switch1. Powering LEDs with current?What are you planning to do with the LED's? Just light them? Signal coding? BCD display? Check the packaging on the prospective LED's for forward Voltage and maximum current. With appropriate resistance protection, you can easily light them all from a single 6V battery.2. time delayed LEDsHere is one way to do it.The next effect is that the duty cycle on the led goes from 0 to 100 and then 0 and then ....The periods determine how long the 0 to 100 to 0 cycle is. The period differential determines how fast the led goes on and off. You can do that to the other led, either in the same isr or through two other channels3. changing the color on my 12v which base leds?i am not sure why they get warm some thing like too plenty amps could be a reason. the explanation the colour variations is through fact they get warm. while an LED gets warm its resistance variations. which skill they are going to all get extra voltage and so the colour variations4. How can I prevent these LEDs from blinking when turned off?My guess is that you have a dimmer which has a light or LED on it. If this is the case, your particular dimmer does not have a dedicated neutral on it, so in order to power the light/LED, it needs to feed a small amount of current through the lighting circuit. If you had a standard incandescent bulb, this would not be anywhere near enough to cause it to light up, but with CFL's or LED's, this might be enough to cause it to flash. Purchase a dimmer that has a neutral connection on it (usually these are a bit more expensive). Because it can be powered without powering the rest of the circuit, it will eliminate the flashing light5. Getting a more stable signal on very long strips of adressable RGB LEDsseems like you could just feed your data and clock from the middle of the strip and outwards towards the two opposing ends. hopefully your controller has two outputs. this should be achievable with a single pixelpusher if not.6. leds in parallel, switched with NPN transistorsI think it is a reasonable design so far...You need to check that the transistor will cope with the current of 5 LEDs - look up its data sheet and look for peak collector current. If the transistor is OK then you can assume it will switch to virtually a short circuit for the purposes of calculating LED resistor values.To do this you need to know what the forward volt-drop is across the LED for the amount of current you want to put through it. As you are running from 3. 7V to power the LEDs, subtract the forward LED volt drop and what is left will appear across the resistor and transistor - but remember you can probably count on the transistor being a short providing it will handle the overall current from 5 LEDs.Base resistor - the IO pin will want to produce 3.3V and the base will "want" 0.7V BUT, more importantly you will need to inject a few milliamps into the base to properly turn-on the transistor. Assuming it has a current gain of 100 (check the transistor spec sheet) and assuming you want 200mA through the collector from 5 x LEDs, you will need to push into the base a minimum of 2mA - it is a minimum and best go for 5 times this value (10mA).So there is 3.3V from the IO pin wanting to drive 10mA through the base of the transistor which needs 0.7V - this means the volt-drop on the base resistor is 2. 6V. It is passing 10mA so the resistor needs to be 260 ohms - choose 270R or 240 R unless you've got access to a closer range.Power waste is mainly in the resistors in series with the LEDs and the actual power in the LEDs. I do not think there is much you can do about this without running the LEDs from a higher voltage source and putting the LEDs in series.
Sports Bra Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If your sports bra does not feel supportive enough you need to buy a new one. Until you can get a new one you can wear a regular bra under your sports bra for more support1. sports car with a good reselling value?I agree with the S2000 and the BMW the BMW is probably faster out of the box and you can upgrade with some $$PRICEY$$ parts the s2k is also a very good choice and the parts are not that expensive but as far as power goes unless you go with forced induction the s2k it very efficient out the box so you probably can not squeeze much out of it. maybe a used NSX or an EVO can give you great out of the box performance the SRT4 if fast a crap and you could find one used but it hard to find one that does not have the s hit ran out of it and the resale value sucks. Maybe a used Trans-Am Ram Air those hold value pretty good due to their limited numbers.2. is it ok to have your sports bra showing?i dont see why not. as long as ur not flashing your bra everywhere looking for attention, its no big deal and any girl that actually cares is just jealous3. What's a good digital camera for sports?For getting a good action sports shot, I would recommend a good SLR camera. The Canon Rebel XTI is a good choice. It has all the convenience of a point and click camera with SLR capabilities. He will love it. I love mine :)4. What would be the best sports car to get?Aston Martin or Ferriari, if it was up to me I would buy a Ford GT5. Has the physical potential of males in sports peaked already? Is the physical potential for females in sports just being realized?What makes you think that either gender has peaked? Source? URL? I disagree with "Do not Call Me Dude" (which happens only rarely). It women start appearing in the major gendered sports, it will be a rarity, based around "See What We Can Do?", probably instigated at the point of a law suit. As usual, you can not litigate the market, and if the market does not find it interesting to watch, they will simply lose market share, change or die. I have absolutely no doubt that a very small number of women have physical traits that would enable to play with a much larger number of men with those same traits, but we will spend far more time riffing on their gender differences than actually playing the game. It's like that game of tennis between Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King. It may have had all kinds of good PR effects for feminists (I am going to ignore the evidence that he lost it deliberately due to gambling debts), but in the long run you do not see men playing women in league tennis, now, do you? It was an interesting side show. Frankly, I do not care what happens in the world of professional sports (horrors!). I see questions here about "Should we allow women in the military" or in combat roles etc and it seems to me that is far more germane to the idea of equality and opportunity. And I *DO* believe we should allow women to do the jobs they can actually do - give them the same tests you give the guys and place appropriately. No, we wo not have many women dragging cannons up hills, but we wo not have many men negotiating with Middle Eastern women either. "The Military" is a big umbrella and there is plenty of room for all. The "NFL" is NOT a big umbrella and, frankly, not a very important one in terms of the rights of the rest of humanity.6. What are your favorite sports teams?MLB- New York Yankee's NFL- New York Giants, Jets & New England Patriots NBA- New York Knick's & San Antonio Spurs NCAA- North Carolina & Georgetown NCAAF- Oklahoma Sooners7. Can someone list the sports for each season?try basketball and soccer during the summer and spring. during the winter, play tennis. it is outdoors, but u can stay wrapped in clothes and still be able to play
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