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Though i hate both cricket and Bollywood - those two great subcontinental passions - i've always considered myself a typical Indian. That is, until the IPL spot-fixing expose revealed the amount and extent of illegal betting on the results of sports events in India.According to one guesstimate, if the government were to legalise gambling it would earn enough by way of revenue, by imposing a tax on every wager made, to be able to send to school every single child in the country. The people who made this guesstimate did not say what those children would do after they'd finished their free schooling as the government would probably not be able to provide them with jobs. No matter. They could always set up shop as self-employed bookies, which presumably remains a lucrative business which would earn the sarkar enough revenue to send the next generation of kids to free school, and so on and on, till we'd all become a nation of school-pass bookies.However, all the bookies would be out of work if all Indians were like me. I hate gambling, even on Diwali, which is considered auspicious. I don't hate gambling for any high-principled moral reason. I hate gambling because while i have no objection whatsoever to winning money, i cant bear to lose money. Which is exactly what would happen were i to gamble, as both Lady Luck and Lakshmi have long ago unfriended me on Facebook. I've realised that for me the safest way to double my money is by following that old advice: fold it and put it back in your wallet.I realise that this aversion to gambling - not for any holier-than-thou reason, but because of a cowardly fear of losing my size-38 cm shirt - makes me an untypical Indian. Gambling seems to be in the genetic code of Indians. If it weren't, Vyas would have had to write a best-seller called not The Mahabharat but Five Idiots, featuring the five Pandav brothers and their time-share significant other, Draupadi.It's just as well that Indians are such dedicated and determined gamblers, ready to take all-or-nothing risks on a daily basis. And the best part of it is that India - the India of today, that is, if not the India of Vyas - ensures that all Indians, men, women and children, get their fair share and more of gambling without ever having to go to a horse-racing track, a casino, or to a bookie, legal or otherwise.You get up in the morning and turn on the bathroom tap. Will any water come, or won't it? It's a gamble. You turn on the light switch. Will the light come on or wont it, because theres a power cut? It's a gamble. You go out to work/to school/to play/to shop. You'll come back home safe or will you get run over by a hit-and-run driver/get chain-snatched/get mugged/get raped. It's a gamble.In an election you vote for the candidate who promises to give you a clean and honest government. Will your candidate turn out to be only as corrupt as the previous person you'd voted for or would this candidate prove to be - if such a thing were possible - even more corrupt than the last one? It's a gamble. When you open the newspaper tomorrow will the main headline be about the newest scam/the latest sexual assault/the most recent political deadlock? It's a gamble.Want to bet?

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How Do I Wire a Receptacle and a Light Switch?
Use a wire nut to connect together:Use a wire nut to connect together:Connect the other terminal on the switch to the black wire coming from the lamp on the wall.Lastly, use a wire nut to connect together:Bad diagram follows:• Related QuestionsHow to run a command within a time duration per min/sec?There's several approaches you could use.Note that "...copy script doesn't know the names of the files just created..." just means that the script doesn't have the code yet. You've said the files with have the current date, just work with that. eg:.------Using a solid state relay/ photoMOS relay closedYou should have PIN 2 connected to the GND and pin 1 to the driver among a 1.5K resistence ( that guarntee a correct current driving the internal LED ) of about (5-1.2)/1.5K 2.53 mA that according to the datasheet is enought to switch the device on.------Terminal colors rendering darker on 20.04I also noticed darker appearing colors compared to Ubuntu 18. However, I used a custom font, in my case Courier 10 Pitch on my Ubuntu 18 installation. After I installed this same font on my Ubuntu 20 and chose it on the Terminal, the colors appeared brighter.------Why do we need cross-polarised light for observing conoscopic interference patterns?Typically the first polariser in any crossed polarisation measurement is used to obtain a clean input polarisation state. Typically the quality of the polarisation directly out of a laser will be worse than that after it has passed through the first "cleaning" polariser------Determine timezone in Rsyslog fileAll we can say with confidence is that at the time the log was recorded, in the server's local timezone, based on it's local clock, it thought it was "Aug 29 07:07:40"Given the UTC timestamp, I would expect that your server's timezone is GMT-4------Material Design Colors fit closedCheck this link: Google give to us a borad of palletes but you dont have to limited to them experiment whit diferentcolors and check other apps for inspiration. good luck and keep desing dude!------Timer PIC16 not working.. is it my code?I haven't fully analyzed your code, but I suspect that what may be happening is that your timer is overflowing faster than your code loop is running. And, if so, then you are overflowing your intr register which is leading to strange results------Mean and variance of binomial distributionHint, use laws of total/iterated expectation and variance. For any two random variables $X$ and $Y$ where all the below quantities exist:$$EX EE(X|Y)$$and$$operatornameVarXoperatornameVarE(X|Y) EoperatornameVar(X|Y).$$------Punctuation to ensure that both objects are meantYou can't do it with commas. Repeat the preposition.In addition, a weak interaction between light and matter in free space renders difficult the observation of many QED effects, such as the quadrature squeezing of or the phase shift of a single emitter------Why is the ratio of velocity to the speed of light squared in the Lorentz factor?Same reason the speed of light is squared in the "Energymomentum relation" equation:$$E^2 m_0^2 cdot c^4 p^2 cdot c^2$$Same as$$ E over c sqrt m_0^2 cdot c^2 p^2$$It is a leg of a right triangle we cannot directly observe.------Photons of light are massless so how can they transfer momentum? duplicatePhotons transport energy and energy transport is equivalent to momentum. The basis of this statement is the Noether energy-momentum tensor. See Physical meaning of the space-space components $T^ij$ of the stress-energy tensor $T^munu$ for a discussion of this fundamental quantity.------Best way to translate 'uneducated', meaning lacking formal schoolingHere are some gentle ways of describing such a person, that work well in Mexico:No tiene mucha escuelaNo pudo hacer mucha escuelaNo ha hecho mucha escuelaShe hasn't had much schooling / She wasn't able to get very far along with formal education------Did Luke teach the traditional lightsaber forms or the Strong etc. stylesHey yes he did in fact learned a few more. He learned form 3 soresu from obi wans journals, form 5 Djem so from watching Vader, Seven Juyo from Mace windus journals, ataru from Yoda, form 1 from a brief lesson with obi wan and Niman------What are good openings for bullet chess?To be perfectly honest, just play your regular openings. You know them the best, and consequently will be able to play quicker with them. I'm around 2400 online in 1 0 chess and this is the strategy I use if I'm feeling "serious" about my rating.------Why does d down delete two lines in Vim?dd and :d deletes the current line, and d in visual mode deletes the highlighted text. When you move down a line holding d, you may be highlighting both lines, which then deletes them due to how VIm handles the d button press------Is Arduino ideal for making a HRNG (hardware random number generator)?I have read recently a very interesting discussion of using resistors to generate random noise. Due to quantum effects, a resistor will produce a very small voltage. This can be amplified with an op-amp to produce a high quality source of random noise.------Change popups (notifications) style in XubuntuYou can change the properties of the "pop-up" notifications via the "Notifications" settings. These are under the Settings tab:Additionally, you can invoke this through the terminal, with the following command:Both alternatives open the following window:This has basically everything you need------pset7/finance: internal server error after running update50These are the important lines:Not sure why update50 would cause this, unless you were perhaps many updates behind?But the issue is you are passing a string to the usd function. Are you sure that both cash and total_cash are floats?------Conjugates of Sylow $p$-groups in $GL_3(F_p)$Perhaps what was meant is that two matrices in this subgroup are conjugate if and only if they have the same number of linearly independent eigenvectors, which can be seen by the fact that this determines the "nilpotent part" of Jordan canonical form------making a specific title for my pageThe table is just right, the middle somethings are aligned to the bottom vertically. One way of solving this is using the array definition of m1.75in. Here's my MWEOf course any other vertical alignment to the center would work as a solution.------What would cause Google Music Manager to report different amounts of music between iTunes and My Music?IIRC iTunes doesn't accept/recognize .wma and other similar formats. My guess is you have two such files and GM recognizes them whereas iTunes doesn't.You could fashion a search string to find dissimilar files, or use Explorer to sort by file type------Designing a Logic CircuitYou've got the right idea; the only problem is how you've wired up your switches. Instead of connecting them directly between Vcc and Gnd, you need to add a pullup resistor to each one, like this:simulate this circuit Schematic created using CircuitLab------eliminate MacBook CapsLock delayI was running the latest firmware on an Apple 2007 Aluminum Wireless Keyboard, and MacBook Pro Keyboard, but the issue still persisted. However, oddly this fixed it:Now, the Caps Lock key works instantly for that keyboard. Repeat as-needed for each keyboard you own.------What does (shua1) mean? describes it as "swiftly" or "swish"... I believe it is indeed onomatopoeia. - Adverb swiftly:;();() Describes "swiftly" or "quickly" doing something. Like to "swiftly" jump on the wall. - Adjective for sound swish:;Or describes a sound, to "swish" by something------CentOS 7, 2 NIC ports, 2 subnets configured, but both not working simultaneouslyYou probably need:ROUTE-ENO2RULE-ENO2or something along the lines.What is likely happening when you bring up eno2 is that traffic related to which needs to go through the gateway is routed via as this entry precedes and is probably dropped there.------How did Vader saving Luke turn him to the good side?Why do people think that Darth Vader turned to the light at all? My opinion:I think Vader hadn't been redeemed, he just chose to kill his master for his son, and that, according to Jedi code, is totally a Dark Side choice------How do you skip back to daylight in Far Cry 5I have been playing for many hours and have not seen any mechanism to allow you to manipulate the time of day. I think cut scenes may take time into consideration, and by coincidence this lead to you experiencing night longer than normal------Is light an example of perpetual motion? closedAny free particle in a flat spacetime will carry on moving in a straight line at constant velocity forever. We would not normally describe this as perpetual motion because that description normally applies to mechanisms that purport to violate the conservation of energy------Are St. Maximilian Kolbe's writings available in English?The writings of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe are now available in English, published by Nerbini International. See the official web site of the MI: the U.S. the two-volume set is available through Marytown Press. See com.------How do I disable the touchpad using the upper left corner on an HP Pavilion dv6?I've found that blacklisting or removing the 'touchpad' completely is what I wanted.So if you have annoying behaviour while typing in Linux and you can use a USB mouse instead you can do this:To disable the touchpad:To re-enable the touchpad:------Half my breaker panel went out and the other half when turned on has AFCI light duplicateI called an electrician and it's usually a problem with the electricity provider (PG&E in our case). We called them, they sent a tech, and it was fixed the next day.This answer also shared similar causes: list of colors by shade with hex values closedI don't know how definitive this information from Microsoft is, but I found these two pages very useful.Color TableDynamic Color Reference The first reference includes links in the left sidebar to other tables of colors sorted by hue, lightness and saturation.------When I plug in headphones, my speakers mute, but nothing comes from the headphonesI have the same problem since a week ago, on a Dell Studio XPS, also on 11.10. In the past I usually fixed it by addingoptions snd-hda-intel modeldell-eq or options snd-hda-intel modeldell-m6to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.confbut it's not working anymore------What is this -form at the end of a sentence: In colloquial speech, the te-form of a verb at the end of a sentence can express (reproach/criticism/condemnation) or (complaint/dissatisfaction).Examples: As a side note, the -form at the end of a sentence can also express /(command/request), (explanation), (exclamation), etc.------Where is Canon 1100D autofocussing in low light low contrast conditions?There are many reasons for the shot to end up blurry. The 1100D only has the center focus point as a cross-type AFAs was mentioned in the comments, some sample pictures (along with the EXIF) might help in confirming or infirming the diagnosis------Bug in List.contains for Id data type?Looks like this bug System.hashCode broken on Id properties of SObjects? remains unfixed.Diagnosis is made more confusing because of this hashCode() is never called when adding to Maps and Sets where the debug level determines if hashCode is called or not------How to calculate figure rotation efficiently?It looks like you can find the arbitrarily aligned minimum bounding box using the linear time Rotating calipers algorithm.Once you have the bounding box, you just need to determine the angle of rotation by calculating the slope of one of the sides------How hot does a florescent light filament get?Watch a fluorescent light while the starter is operating : the glow at either end is from the filaments acting as heaters. From the warm white colour, probably about 2500K. When the starter opens and the main lamp strikes, the filaments no longer glow.------Euler's totient function and limitsIt's not $0$ and may not exist in general. Take $S$ to be the set of primes themselves, then $p-phi(p)1$ for all $p$. And $fracf(n)nto1$ does not imply $f(n)-nto0$, take $f(n)nln n$.------What's the meaning of you're supposed to?In a simple way:When we want to give advice to anybody for anything when that person is older than us.We use "You're supposed toverbother words" instead of "Should".We use "Should" to any person who is younger than us.------Does light travel faster if fired in the direction of Earth's rotation as opposed to against it?This is a very old question that has already been addressed, See Michaelson and Morley experiment. Even if there were a difference, what you're suggesting wouldn't work. Besides using earths rotation wouldn't be necessary considering earths orbit around the sun is much faster.------Creating custom post-listing templates in twentyseventeen child themeYou can use the Body Class Filter for this to adjust the classes being added to the body tag.Which classes you need to add or remove is probably a matter of trial and error, or looking at the stylesheets in more detail------How to APA 6th in LaTeX?Great question. In case it's useful the following are some good general links. However, I post them more for the benefit of others who may stumble on this page. They don't directly address your question of specific issues related to APA 6th edition.------What different types of remotely controlled light switches exist?Your kind of looking at brands as there is no universal protocol.The cheapest is probably x-10 which uses a very unreliable signal thru the house wiring.Beyond that google around insteon vs. zigbee vs. z-wave vs. upbfor a flavor of option$------Cutting Computer in EveningWhen using a computer you get a lot of input or information to process. This leads to more vitakka and vicara hence dispersion of the mind. It is best to limit this and try to be more mindful when using computer and phones.
Andrea Hore, 38 -
A year on, the wine rack in Andrea Hore's now-empty Albury home still glitters with clues to her personality. Bottles of champagne and sparkling wine sprinkle through the collection: Moet & Chandon, Laurent Perrier, Piper-Heidsieck, the Aussie Sir James, sweet Italian spumante. "Bubbly," confirms friend Narelle Robinson.But truer still is the tribute left with flowers a couple of days after the bombing. "You sparkled like champagne and diamonds," it said."That summed her up so perfectly," Narelle says. "She was a party girl, she laughed, she was passionate. Someone said she was like a light switch because she just turned on the whole room."With a neon-bright smile and a thick halo of curling hair, Andrea was impossible to forget - in Albury, where she was one of the best-known young women in town, and in Bali.Narelle remembers phoning her there last October 12. She told her she'd met up with a local taxi driver they'd befriended on their first trip to the island in 1997. "He saw that mass of hair and cried out 'Hello Andrea, where's Narelle?'"She said they'd been to the Sari Club the night before and had a great time and were going back again."Born at Bowna, near Lake Hume, on the property her family had farmed for four generations, Andrea loved the outdoor life, says her father, Tony. She rode horses, loved dogs and scuba diving with her friend Jenny Murphy. But she was equally passionate about her family and her job as planning manager at Uncle Ben's foods."It was her dream job," Tony says. "She loved the travelling part - it took her to England and America, as well as China and Japan - but she devoted amazing energy to the day-to-day. She was a great worker: she used to work up to 20 hours a day sometimes."Tony says Andrea was devoted to her friends, her siblings Nigel and Janenne, and particularly her mother Neta, whom she cared for during a four-year battle with cancer. Neta passed away last month. "One of the reasons her mother died, I think, was not so much the cancer but she died of a broken heart," Tony says. "She just missed her little girl so much."
Biogen Is Preparing for a 40% Rally in the next 12 Months
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Back in March, the Biogen (BIIB - Get Report) party ended suddenly as if someone had flicked off the light switch off. Now, after six months of brutal shunning by the herd, the light switch is about to get turned on again. If you can see through the haze, a tremendous opportunity awaits those who like to accumulate positions over a few weeks to months, then hold for a few quarters to years.Click here to see the following chart in a new window The monthly bar chart of Biogen above hints at the imminent end of the selling from $480 peak, as an orthodox and impulsive decline is about to reach the initial green box, surrounding $245 /-$15. Once it does, conditions will be ideal for at least a 40% rise that takes nine to 15 months. The pink box defines the target zone for the corrective rally, which surrounds $360 /-$15; a 47% potential rally. The decision support engine's pattern recognition algorithm can't yet rule out the need for the red arrow on the left to be the path the stock takes, which would mean it makes lower lows than the stock has seen thus far this year. But the oversold condition of the stochastics, which has not been this extreme since 2008, warns greedy short-sellers to at least place protective buy stops at $292. If you're able, use any further weakness, into the green box, to cover short exposure before an imminent reversal out of the green box begins a neck-snapping thrust for most of 2016.The lower two-standard-deviation band (olive/gold band, which is around $250 right now) likely will continue to support any retest of the lows of this year. 2008 was also the last time Biogen's stock price was in the vicinity of this statistical extreme while the stochastics were at the oversold 10% threshold. The combination of these two independent measures of oversold momentum, with an Elliott Wave pattern so close to perfection, and the Fibonacci 50% retracement level about to be probed, leads to one of the most textbook buying scenarios available to be identified -- in advance of a spike/reversal buy signal!Conservative investors can begin to put their toes in the water by purchasing the stock at $245 /-$15, buying more aggressively as the price reverses back out of the green box. The most important consideration is that selling actions are not indicated here, and won't be indicated again until the pink zones in the stochastics and price panes are revisited. This should not occur until at least late 2016. The next highly confident play will be establishing long exposure in the coming days/weeks, and tying on your BIIB for the coming feast.For more of this kind of analysis, join our new real-time, live-market analysis chat room. Come benefit from decision support engine analysis from bell to bell, addressing indices and stocks, as well as member questions throughout the day. Special founding member pricing is available for readers who subscribe early, after enjoying a complimentary trial week.
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