Why Won't My LED Work in the Car's Glovebox?


1. Help installing LED tail lights 2001 Eclipse GT!!!?

Silly Ricer!! you need a power source

2. Simple LED Dimming from Analogue Voltage Control

PWM modulation is the way to go with this as it saves wasting a lot of power in heat that an adjustable current source would generate. Building a PWM control can be done with many types of circuit designs but honestly the simplest to implement may be with using a microcontroller on a low cost board such as an Arduino. If you want to build your own circuit there are a plethora of circuit resources available on line. On the other hand if you want to keep your life as simple as possible at very low cost then consider visiting eBay and picking up a low cost adjustable module for a few bucks

3. Is cellophane wrapping paper dangerous for fire in a tree with regular mini lights (not LED)?

If the lights are hot to the touch (i.e. Typically, cellophane melts, but there is some cheap Chinese stuff from dollar stores that will catch fire.

4. Why is my circuit's current far lower than expected with 2.6v / 220Ohm / and LED?

The diode has a forward volt drop of 1.775 volt hence the current that this circuit drives might be only (2.6 - 1.775)/220 = 3.75 mA.You do not have the full 2.6 volts across the resistor hence 2.6/220 is meaningless

5. How do LED sources make white light?

A White LED consists of a Blue chip and a yellow phosphor. The blue photons generated in the chip can either: 2.In the phosphor layers it can be converted into a yellow photon. Those two colors combined will generate white light. With a thicker phosphor layer more photons will be converted to white light, thus changing the color point of the LED. Also the wavelength of the blue photons influences the color of the emitted light. Therefore controlling the phosphor layer from LED to LED and over the chip minimizes the color variation.

6. Using 55" LED (LG 55lh90) as monitor but it only recognizes 60hz refresh rate.?

Just because a TV can do "240Hz refresh rate" (redraw the screen 240 times a second to smooth out 24fps movies) does NOT mean it can receive a 120Hz HDMI signal (which is what is needed for nVidia 3DVision). They are NOT the same thing. And according to page 21 of your 55LH90's manual, its HDMI ports can only receive 60Hz signals maximum (HDMI spec 1.3). nVidia's 3DVision requires TVs that have HDMI 1.4 spec-- Those can receive 120Hz HDMI signals. Your TV is NOT 3D-ready.

7. What is Donald Trumpu2019s responsibility in what has led to the chaos and destruction due to the protests for George Floyd?

Obama was stupid. He was playing to the "white ego" with the "thug" stuff, and look where it lead him. The idea that Trump is without responsibility or that he shares "little responsibility" is absurd. What ever happened to the "on your watch" theory? That is, if it happens on your watch, you own it. It's definitely said about the economy, right? How does it not apply to everything else.Ok - how about this?"When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just seen them thrown in, rough. I said, 'Please do not be too nice,'" ...When you guys put somebody in the car and you are protecting their head you know, the way you put their hand over [their head] ... Like, 'Do not hit their head and they've just killed somebody, do not hit their head. ' I said, 'You can take the hand away, OK?'" And, the problem with the statement is that Obama, Trump, no one had a definition of "a thug." It's one of those bullshit terms like "race" that are meaningless, particularly in the contemporary context. Look at the historical - "A member of a religious organization of robbers and assassins in India." How did that word make its way into the American lexicon? Read on - the British, the same assholes that created the system of Racism in their American colonies and in South Africa (according to the Afrikaans).According to contemporary definition, "a violent person" is a thug. Trump is a thug, and Obama is a thug. The illusion of dissimilarity. Trump always promotes violence. Trump threatens Iran with attacks on 52 sitesA look back at Trump comments perceived by some as inciting violenceTrump's Tweets Amid Unrest in Minneapolis Echo Historic Calls for Violence Against Civil Rights ProtestersSecret Service Says it Used Pepper Spray Before Trump's Church Photo-OpTrump encourages violence against reporters To the question - yeah, he's a piece of work

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