Why Was Italian Unification Difficult to Achieve?

To answer that question, we must assume that the Italian unification was a goal in the first place. Prior to the Napoleonic wars, who would have been interested? Not the papacy. Not the kingdom of Napoli. The city states in the North were more preoccupied with preserving their indepedence or regaining it, or just with their commercial interests.

It is not until the 1820s that the idea of a unified Italy emerged, with just a few options that weren't obviously satisfying. Should it be a Republic? Should the Italians trust the king of Piemonte? What would be the place of the States if the Church?Did the Italian nation even mean something? The dialects were quite different. Why should they favor the language from Toscana? Why should you forfeit your local traditions in favor of the laws of another kingdom?It was so far from obvious that just after the unification in 1871, Massimo d'Azeglio commented that they had made Italy and they still had to make the Italians.

The economic and cultural division between northern and southern Italy is still a concern today, as we can see in the history of the mafia, for instance or in the electoral force of the Northern League.We shouldn't judge history with our own point of view and believe that the final outcome was a necessity. The nation-state is an ideology among others. With a lot of drawbacks.

Considering all of these, we can say that the Italian unification went in fact pretty fast and smoothly. The propaganda of Piemonte was effective

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Once a guy blocks a girl, is it over for good between them?

Typically, yes. If anyone feels like they have to block someone, then that person must have crossed the line in some way where the blocker does not want to be involved with that person anymore. Now in some cases, the blocker can unblock that person after they have cooled off and decided they do not wish to take such extreme measures anymore, or maybe that person will start to feel bad for blocking that person. Even after unblocking them, Im sure that things will not ever be the same. But either way, this should be a lesson learned. Whatever that you may have done to make this person block you, please take a moment to reflect about what just happened and why it happened so you can create a sense of closure for yourself. This will also allow you to understand what went wrong and how you played a part in the situation. It does not feel good to be blocked and it may make you want to do anything you can think of to contact that person to convince them they should unblock you. Instead, take this time to express your emotions in a different way. Maybe take a break from social media, talk to a friend, distract yourself with something/someone you love. But whatever you do, don't sit idle and overthink it to death or beat yourself over it. It happened. Yes, it doesn't feel good. But its not the end of the world. This is one guy. Try again with another one when you are ready


What happens when you don't put a resistor in a series with an LED connected to a 9-volt battery?

The point of putting a current limiting resistor before (or after ) the LED is to prevent the LED from from receiving too much voltage and current. The result will be that of a load becoming an open. It will act like an open switch.Current follows voltage, and 3.3 volts is what an LED is usually intended to run off of. But since in this case you're talking about a 9 volt battery, and it's connected directly to the source, it will get really bright, just before burning out. If the voltage were really, REALLY high, then the LED would act as a spark gab, and the component lead might melt a little bit.This is why resistors are the first thing taught in the study of electronics, they are fundamental, they can represent a load or protect a load. You can even use a low wattage resistor to act as a warning and start giving indicators if there too high a voltage being applied. By smoking up and releasing it's carbon fragrance.Also let's try to remember, what the D in LED stands for. Diode, it will work when it has at least 0.7 V, and when cathode has a greater voltage than the anode. Or in other words, when the shorter of the two leads is connected to Ground, and you have a Source voltage of at least 0.

7 volts; what I'm talking about is biasing, and this is the LED in forward bias. If you had a 9 volt battery connected straight to an LED, but you had the cathode ( negative ) connected to the positive terminal of the 9V battery, then no current would flow and the LED wouldn't emit any light. Also I suppose the LED wouldn't burn out as well.


Should I buy a Mi TV 4X Pro? How is it for a TV first and then smart features?

This information may be boring for someone but please read it completely. This msg is regarding tech. Everyone is having a smartphone, smart TV, smartwatch, etc... Majority of Indian population owns Mi, Oppo, Vivo brand devices. Come on lets we dig into the matter. I have done research on 4K UHD(Ultra High Definition) Televisions for past 5 to 6 months... The reports are fascinating and Mind blowing. So what does the report says? As per the reports, A 4k HDR(High Dynamic Range) TV should have a brightness (in the terms of nits) Min 400 nits. But the cheap 4K TVs in the market are fooling us with just its name. Ya, That's true. For example, I took Mi LED TV 4x pro 55 and gone through the specs in their official website, they have not mentioned anything about the Brightness. So I mailed them. The reply was shocking... Mi LED TV 4x pro 55 just has the brightness of 210nits. Yes, that's only 210nits. Mi LED TV 4x pro 55 is 4k UHD with HDR Tv and it should have the brightness of minimum 400 to provide the quality of 4K. But it didn't. Major TV Brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, VU, Technicolor SA (Thomson) gives the correct amount of brightness needed as per the specs. But Cheap TV's like Mi, iFFALCON(TCL), CloudWalker, etc.

.. these Chinese companies fool us(Indians). And we are fooled by them because of their Chep Price-More Features. These Legal Frauds not happening only in TVs, it happens in mobile phones too. Many will be having Mi, Oppo, Vivo phones, but my request is not to buy them Next time! Proof of the mail my Xiaomi Team is attached below


Why did MTV stop playing music videos regularly?

I think I may have the answer why MTV stop playing music videos, and I kind of agree with Shane Kai Glenn on why MTV stop playing music video. It was Youtube, Vevo, and other streaming sites that may have stop MTV from playing music video. Also other channel like Fuse TV may have also challenge MTV for audiences. But to be honest, MTV themselves destroy their reputation when it comes to music when they started to create bad and ridiculous reality show. I mean I do have several articles that criticize MTV for being less focused on music:MTV Finally Gives Up on MusicMTV Removes "Music Television" From Iconic LogoAnd this article explain how Youtube and streaming site cause MTV to not play music video:Why Fewer People Want Their MTVMTV still airs videos most mornings, but vastly more viewers get their music clips from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.So yes, streaming sites was the one that kinda killed MTV. But its not only MTV that no longer show MVs, VH1 has also stopped this show:VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown - Wikipediaon Nov 28 2015, without explanation that program ceased to exist and no explanation was ever brought why that show ceased to exist. Dont take my word for it, you can read it here:VH1 has Cancelled TOP 20 Countdown (RIP)VH1 Cancels Music videos in the morningVH1 Cancels Top 20 Countdown and all Music programmingVH1 has cancelled long-running Top 20 CountdownSo I can reached the conclusion that Youtube and streaming site (probably along with competition like Fuse TV) are the reason why MTV (and VH1) no longer show music video on that channel


Were the Jews ever repaid for all of the work they did for the Egyptians as slaves?

What else is new - this question was asked some 2000 years ago in the Talmud ( Sanhedrin 91a):On another occasion the Egyptians came in a lawsuit against the Jews before Alexander of Macedon. They pleaded thus: 'Is it not written, And the Lord gave the people favour in the sight of the Egyptians, and they lent them gold and precious stones, etc.20 Then return us the gold and silver which ye took!' Thereupon Gebiha b. Pesisa said to the Sages, 'Give me permission to go and plead against them before Alexander of Macedon: should they defeat me, then say, "Ye have merely defeated an ignorant man amongst us;" whilst if I defeat them then say, "The Law of Moses has defeated you."' So they gave him permission, and he went and pleaded against them. 'Whence do ye adduce your proof?' asked he, 'From the Torah,' they replied. 'Then I too,' said he, 'will bring you proof only from the Torah, for it is written, Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years. Pay us for the toil of six hundred thousand men whom ye enslaved for four hundred thirty years.' Then King Alexander said to them, 'Answer him!' 'Give us three days' time,' they begged. So he gave them a respite; they sought but found no answer. Straightway they fled, leaving behind their sown fields and planted vineyards. And that year was a Sabbatical year.That's how the Jews were repaid.Were the Jews ever repaid for all the work they did for the Egyptians as slaves?.


What tests (not online ones, real life trials) can I do to see if I'm autistic?

Well Paw , I don't know of any at home tests. I first want to say if you are you know it , once you are knowledgeable on the condition. I believe even if you do not know the name or why you are different , you are still (you as in all autistics and i do not follow the dsm and think aspies and autistics are one and the same) quite aware that you are not like NT's. Just a few short years ago most did not know what was going on with them if they were on the spectrum but they still developed and wore a mask to cover themselves up in order to go along as smoothly as possible.One way a real good way , to know if you are is ...look inside yourself honestly and if your wearing a mask you know you are aspie or psychopath. I also believe that aspergers is a mix of asperger and psychopath. BECAUSE ANY HONEST ASPIE WILL TELL YOU ....they do not have a conscience. They learn very young ....what to admit to and to not admit to , so if your carrying a pack of secrets and not being yourself and lying about it to be accepted even when you don't like NT's but you want the easiest possible way , you can be pretty darn certain you an aspie ...autistics i think may not have the mix .....the mix makes them live in the dark , not much to do with anything but themselves. for what it is worth that has been my experience but im not aspie , so I go by the aspies i know and talk to ......and that is how it is with them

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