Why Is My Radiator Cold?

if you feel cold spots on the radiator after it,s been driven for awhile then the radiator is clogged up

Why Is My Radiator Cold? 1

1. Proper way to clean Radiator?

Flush it, and then run some clean water in it and flush that out also. Then use either soft water or distilled water in a 50/50 mix and pour that into the radiator. The antifreeze will have rust inhibitors built into it. Also check hoses both the upper and lower radiator and the heater hoses. If soft or have cracks, then replace them before you refill your radiator

2. Radiator in car overheated?

OK. First, if this is happening, you are losing fluid somewhere. You need to find out where, and fix it. Fill that radiator with water with the engine off. leave the filler cap off. Start the engine and let it idle. Turn the heater on This will allow flow through the heater and eliminate air in the system. After it warms up a bit, the thermostat should open and you should start to see flow at that cap. The water level will probably drop. Top it up. Wait for air bubbles from inside to clear, and top up again. Once it seems full, Replace the cap and let it idle a few more minutes. Then fill the reservoir to the 'hot' line. As it cools the engine should draw water back from that reservoir. Now re-start then engine and let it warm again. look for steam leaks once it's good and hot. Pay special attention to hose joints and that radiator cap. If you see nothing there, start looking at the radiator itself. Once the leak is corrected, you want to mix anti-feeze/water about 50/50. Drain the radiator, (there's a valve on the bottom), refill with straight anti-freeze and you should be pretty close.

Why Is My Radiator Cold? 2

3. How are molded radiator hoses ?

Probably not. Depending on the quality of the hose it is usually a complex procedure to produce a molded hose for a car radiator. Yes, rubber and polymer hoses have flexiblity in general, but one important point is whether the hose can withstand the steam pressure and heat. A hose from an autoparts store is one specifically made for that purpose, plus it is important to have the right size not only for fit, but also volume. Without the proper hose one could easily waste money on an improper tube and/or worse have the car overheat far from a mechanic requiring towing and other cost, not to mention waste your day

4. Radiator Leaks?? Need quick fix!!?

for the price of a rad its best to replace it mate bar seal etc are temp measures and if they fail you could blow your head gasket or worse

5. Radiator Thermostat?

If it overheats, let it sit on the side of the road for about 20-30 minutes, open the hood to release captured engine compartment heat, then remove the radiator cap (caution). Do not do it until you are sure that the engine has cooled down, and are sure that the cap wont release the large amounts of pressure that it builds up, therefore allowing the antifreeze, and water to splash out and possibly burn you. Heed my warning, as i am not responsible for anything that happens to you are anyone around you if you do what i above described. qn_dvd

6. I have 2004 Chevy Impala and it has been over heating. I just looked and there is no anti-freeze in the tank?

Eeks! No fluids (anti-freeze/water) in the reservoir and radiator? You can seize the engine without the correct fluids and the correct levels of fluids. Place a section of cardboard under the vehicle when parked and see if it will show where (if any fluids are left) it's leaking

7. radiator cooling fans wont turn on?

It could be a faulty water temperature sensor. The water temperature sensor has a variable resistor inside which changes resistance as the water heats up and when the temperature of the water reaches a certain temperature the varying current through the sensor causes the fan to be activated. Also, you might try grounding the ground side of the fan wiring. Sometimes poor grounding can cause problems. There is a 20 amp fuse in the fan circuit ( frequently in the same box as the fan relay) check the fuse, it may be burned out. One thing you can do until you get the problem fixed is to turhn on the heater in the car when the car is not moving. That will cool the water in the engine some.

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