Why Does Everybody Follow Einsteinu2019s Stand That There Is No Medium in Which Light Travels, even

how does a wave travel through nothing? space is not nothing. nothing is a contextual concept. its not a thing but an absence of things.so you cannot really remove waves from the medium. even though the aether fell out of fashion, it is replaced by different names. something has to wave. in gr, its spacetime, in qm its quatum foam or fluidnow space has electric and magnetic property. it has permeability and permitivity. it means space or the field can be induced with an electricmagnetic radiation. which is what light is. the speed of light is therefore the rate of induction. ie how fast a magnetic field is formed from inducing a charge.the fact that the speed of light does not add up the same way we sum up velocity in classical mechanics should have given us clue that light does not travel is space the same way a bullet travels in space. this is the cause of all the confusion about light.light is a cross product of the electric and magnetic field. when the two line of force intersect ( formed a cross), the point of intersection is the photon. from the wake of that interaction leaves a bubble of space. a pulsing bubble. space is perturbed by a magnitude according to its permeability and permitivity. the serial sequential perturbation of space is what we call the transverse wave. but the photon doesnt travel with the wave. wave is the energy .,the photon just act like a piston that goes up and down or like the water wave that oscillates vertically. it is the energy generated by the up and down motion that travels at light speed. but actually its a coordinated rarefication and compactification , expansion and compression , explosion/implosion of space or the electromagnetic field. same thing. field expansion is space. field contraction is particle

1. Can a larger format lens provide more light to a crop sensor for a given f-stop?

If you modify the same lens and reduce the size of the image circle cast so that all of the light collected is now projected in an image circle only about 10mm in diameter (instead of 44mm), you have changed the focal length of the lens by a factor of 1/4.4X. Thus you have also changed the f-number by the same factor. You've concentrated the same total amount of light in a smaller area, thus increasing the field density. This is true whether applying it to FF vs. APS-C sized light circles or 7.5mm sensor chips vs. 5mm sensor chips in phones

2. If a blue light and a red light of equal brightness were placed on the opposite sides of a plant, which direction would the plant tilt to?

Interesting question. There are a lot of papers on red vs. blue phototropism, but from the few abstracts I read, it seems they are still sorting it all out.Phototropism:Effects of wavelengthPhototropism in plants such as Arabidopsis thaliana is directed by blue light receptors called phototropins. Other photosensitive receptors in plants includephytochromes that sense red light and cryptochromes that sense blue light. Different organs of the plant may exhibit different phototropic reactions to different wavelengths of light. Stem tips exhibit positive phototropic reactions to blue light, while root tips exhibit negative phototropic reactions to blue light. Both root tips and most stem tips exhibit positive phototropism to red light. Cryptochromes are photoreceptors that absorb blue/ UV-A light, and they help control the circadian rhythm in plants and timing of flowering. Phytochromes are photoreceptors that sense red/far-red light, but they also absorb blue light. The combination of responses from phytochromes and cryptochromes allow the plant to respond to various kinds of light. Together phytochromes and cryptochromes inhibit gravitropism in hypocotyls and contribute to phototropism. Cody Groen did a related experiment and posted the result on Youtube. You should try your experiment too.Time-Lapse Photography: Maize (Zea mays), Red vs Blue Light :Apr. 3, 2013Time lapse: PhotographyPhototropism in Maize (Zea mays) etiolated coleoptiles with treatments of Blue-light vs. Red-Light. Zea mays (maize) seedlings have coleoptiles to protect their meristematic tissue as germination occurs and the plant grows out of the soil. This coleoptile also contains light perceiving function and control a differing rate of auxin release, and thus a different amount of cell elongation is done around the plant, i. e. , elongation on one side while the other side lacks elongation. This morphological change in the seedling is called phototropism, and is the growth toward (or occasionally away in some species) a light source. We conducted this study in an attempt to determine if light wavelength had any impact on phototropism of young etiolated Zea mays coleoptiles. Red-light and blue-light were unilaterally administered to Zea mays seedlings and a time lapse video was taken, depicting the movement seen. Images from the time lapse were analyzed for movement in degrees from the origin. Our hypothesis was that plants treated with only red light would exhibit less and slower growth and movement than plants treated with blue light. We believed that as blue light stimulates stomata opening, red-light would lack the blue-light stimuli to open stomata as effectively, and would not respond as quickly (or at all) to filtered red-light stimuli. Our hypothesis was supported. Red-light and blue-light stimulus led to collection of data that were significantly different.If a blue light and a red light of equal brightness were placed on the opposite sides of a plant, which direction would the plant tilt to?.

3. What would happen to life on Earth if there was no light source to initiate photosynthesis?

There are a few organisms which do not get their energy from light (directly or indirectly) but from chemical sources. But most things would die

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