Why Do GW Deniers Have to Resort Conspiracy Theories to Reject the Scientific Consensus?

WHAT SCIENTIFIC CONSENSES?? AGW is real, then why do we see exagerated reports, cherry picking data, etc. And to use ABC as a source?? That's rich. Next you will be telling us, "The only true reality is media reality."

1. Why is ABC the only digital channel through my antenna that comes in without squiggling? All the?

Try rescanning your converter box by going to the menu. Also try moving the antenna in a different direction

2. Is it safe to drink listerine mouthwash, as an alcoholic drink?

Whaaaaat???? Groooosss!! (Though I wonder if it helps your breath and bacterias in the mouth??? lol) You know they make mint flavored liquor and also on the baking aisle at any grocery store they have mint extracts that might work. Idk if that sounds gross, but I bet it's less gross than Listerine. Go to ABC or something! There are SOOO many not only flavored liquors, but tons and TONS of mixers. Crazy/Silly person... lol

3. play activities for 1 1/2 yr and 3 yr?

I have a three and a half year old daughter and our favorite activities are reading, coloring, sometimes we put on some music and we dance around. She also really likes playing with big block Lego's and "building castles". She likes having tea parties and playing with cars. Her most favorite is coloring. She likes to sing things like itsy bitsy spider, etc. Another thing she likes to do is take bubble baths with toys and I just sit on the edge and play boats with her. (I take showers with her to wash up, bath time is play time. ) We watch educational shows that teach ABC,s and 123's and we sing and say them all day long. She really likes watching Dora the explorer with me watching too and interacting as well as her. I do not too much of that though I do not like too much TV. I try and use my imagination as much as I can so that she will too. I think that what you were doing sounds like so much fun but I can see where you would get tired of doing the same thing everyday

4. Liberals, Do I have this right ?

Once again, the traitor Seldon Surak is not reading the question or watching the news. Everything that Will the white guy III pointed out is the absolute, undisputed, and reported truth. These points have been made by CNN, Fox, ABC, and yes even the always truthful (gag) MSNBC. I promise you they will follow through with every bit of it. Pe-lousy and company are determined to see that our way of life is completely destroyed. What is really sad is that she and B. Hussein Obama do not understand that if these heathen bastards catch either one of them, they would lose their head just like any other infidel. Just look at what she has done to her own people already, turned the water off on 80,000 people in California to save minnows who get caught up in the pumps that provide irrigation water to those people thereby putting 60000 jobs in produce farming out of business, thus creating yet another situation that puts us dependent on other countries for food

5. Why do people compare Imus to rappers?

I love it when white guys like Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity talk about the "n" word with reference to rappers and then say Michael Richards. They are so blind to what the word can do to a person that it just becomes an issue of "Well, if they can use it, I wanna use it." or more contraversially "If I can not use it, they can not use it. " Let's face it. Most news today is a mix of the opinion of the reporter and the network with a little bit of the facts from the actual event. Notice how Imus losing his job was quickly transitioned into why Rosie O'Donnell should lose hers? That's FOX trying to punch ABC in the face. Network rivalry. Personally, it would be better though if Hip Hop, which is the music of our generation, did not promote negativity like violence and promiscuity as a positive.

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