Why Do Barcelona Fans Say "Gooooaall"?

Spaniards have always said "GOOOOOOOL!" to celebrate in sports games ESPECIALLY soccer (futbol-football). Also, they are SPANISH or Catalan so they can not say "yeah", THEY DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH!!

1. Why MP3s don't have AM Radio?

cause all am is good for is sports games. i wish the had am that would be awesome

2. Name 16 sports and games that use a ball?

basketball baseball volleyball racketball golf wall ball tennis soccer football rugby shot put-track event lacrosse bowling pool/billards water polo table tennis cricket croquet foosball paintball dodge ball heres 21

3. Which is better for sports games, ps3 or 360?

360 but do not get anything from EA if you already have current gen. They are dropping the ball on most of thier sports games(see including less content, sometimes a little inaccurate)

4. Nintendo DS Lite Games; Any Recommendations? NO SPORTS GAMES?

The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hour Glass

5. What are good 2 player, non-sports games for xbox 360?

Halo 3, Gears of War, Guitar Hero are all great 2 player games with hours of playing time

6. Why do the home teams in sports games always wear white jerseys?

The rules vary from sport to sport. In the NFL, the home team chooses which one they wear. In the NHL, the visiting team now wears white (this change was put in a couple of seasons ago). One of the reasons the home team wears white is so that fans can see the visiting teams in their colours. Otherwise every visiting team the fans at the game see are wearing white.

7. does anyone know of a place/website that I can rent referees, umpires, etc for private sports games?

Search your state and then "referees association"... Each association differs, but you may be able to get one through an association. Keep in mind this will be expensive because each ref must be paid the association. So for me it would be "Michigan Referees Association", which comes up with a few responces... If that does not work, narrow it down by direction (West Michigan Referee's Association), then county (Monroe County Referee's Association), then nearby city (Kalamazoo Referee's Association) Good luck!

8. Seniors, why are some people such bad sports at games?

Yeah, when my kids were young and in sports, we always had a father or two that were "assistant coaches.' Got to where they had to have the police remove" the assistant coaches". Not to leave moms out of it and even grandparents. Seen whole families removed while I just watched and kept my mouth shut. Something about vicarious living through your kids I guess. At least the young kids learned about sportsmanship. Ca not believe they would get so worked up over young kids sports.

9. What software do I need to edit commercials out of recorded sports games?

TRY , Corel video Studio Pro.Simple and meets your needs. Supports, 5.1 sound ,Disk burning (if you have the capability), and add menus. Also provides features to add an overlay above the Logo. Try the description here $60 or less only

10. Is it legal to record a newsclip from tv then post it online?

News clips do not have a disclaimer like major league baseball, the NFL, NBA or, NHL. Whenever sports games of the above leagues is televised, there will be a disclaimer at the beginning that says the televised game can not be taped without the expressed written consent of the home team and the league

11. Should i get a PlayStation 3 or a Wii?

I have both. Wii is great if you like franchises like Zelda, Metriod, Mario, those kinds. Also if you like the motion control a lot and family games and sports games like Wii Sports Resort. Wii is also becoming a decent fps console. Great for FPS if you like motion controls. PS3 if you like FPS and RPGs besides the famous Nintendo franchises. Not much to say here, but if you like FPS with the graphics, this is a console for you. MGS series is on the playstations and I think it's the best the series of all time (Zelda bieng a close second). Overall, my Wii gets more action, but recently with Cod MW2, my PS3 has been getting a bit of attention. Wii Brawl is the best multiplayer non-fps ever and is a Wii exclusive. But PS3 has MGS4... If you want FPS, get a PS3. If you want RPGs, sports, and Brawl, get a Wii

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Does the Bible Say "Sports Games Shouldn't Be Played by Girls. It Interferes with the Menses."?
The word 'sport' only appears twice in the Bible (Judges 16:25; Proverbs 10:23), neither in relation to games played by girls, although the latter alludes to "loose conduct". I would not take the show's quote too seriously at all...........1. What are the best sports games to play for online gameplay? (Xbox 360)?Need for speed hot pursuit, halo wars(not a shooter), skate 2 or 3, trials HD, portal(puzzle shooter), burnout paradise, naruto ultimate ninja storm 2, NBA 2K11, the impossible game, assasins creed brotherhood, Blur, forza 3, F1 2010, resedent evil 5(not a shooter), and alan wake2. Nba 2k14 or Grand theft auto 5?Same here, I get bored with sports games pretty quickly. GTA V is just massive, I will be playing it for a long long time. Plus I got it on Black Friday for $34.99 so it will certainly get my moneys worth.3. I don't like movies, cartoons, shows, sports, games anymore?watch m,anga4. Should I play Xbox One or PS4 sports games?I am sorry to say that one of the answer has some wrong information. He is right though, advising to do your research. Xb1 has far greater media capabilities having tv integration and dlna support. Last I checked ps4 could not play games from external hard drive. Xb1 can. Ps4 can play music and movies from external drive. Ps4 has advantage (so far) in indie titles, but if you are following industry not for too long. Ps4 has some remote play options which Xb1 does not have (yet) Graphics is perceived to be better on ps4My decision would be based on 1. Where my friends are. 2. Which platform exclusives I like. 3. Non-gaming usage of a device.5. Why dont cheerleaders cheer at girls sports games?because they probably are not lesbians6. What are good 2 player, non-sports games for xbox 360?OK IM A GAMER N MI DAD USE TO WORK IN GAMESTOP N HE TOLD ME EVERYTHING THAT STORE HAD HOW BOUT: COD4(CALL OF DUTY) GEARS OF WAR GUITAR HERO METAL GEAR SOILD THERE MORE....GO TO THE LINK BELOW7. What are the best Xbox One sports games?Forza Series is good, but overall Xbox One has pathetic game collection, PS4 has better collection but comparing to previous consoles, Game Collections for Both consols are very patheticWhat are the best Xbox One sports games?8. What are good sports games for kids in a gym?dodge ball is really fun. But floor hockey, kick ball, and wiffle ball are fun to. There is also a really fun game called buts up. What you do is get a tennis ball and throw it against a wall. But if you miss the catch after the ball comes off the wall you have to run to the wall, but if someone else throws the ball at the wall before you touch it you are out. overall butts up is the best.9. fanciest dressed up outfit and boots you ever wore to your kids school sports games - dressed up soccer moms?I've seen any wear fancy outfits10. What console should i buy? 360, vita or 3ds xl?I would Say 360.. But If you do not like fps, go for the via.. especially if you like sports games11. Which nes games should I get?I have the entire collection of NES games and can tell you about each and every game listed in depth. Here is my honest opinion as a reviewer and gamer for your decision. Lot 2 is definitely my choice if you are new to the NES experience. True quite a bit of sports games are mentioned but some great titles are in this lot. Here are games that are good and fun out of lot 2: Sports - Double Dribble, Track & Field, California Games (decent), Pro Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Tecmo World Wrestling (has a ton of cool moves but you need a turbo controller to win), Golf an old game but classic. Bases Loaded II is decent, I did not mind MLB as well. Racing - RC Pro Am a classic and favorite even for gamers today, Excitebike also inspired Trials HD on Xbox 360! World GP is okay but not stellar. Arcade games - MS Pacman can not go wrong with that game, Tetris, Jaws is simple but still fun to play. Trojan was pretty awesome back in the day. Dr. Mario just not my cup of tea. Spot 7up is unique but can be frustrating. Ninja Gaiden is insanely hard but great none the less. Bayou Billy is 3 games in 1, and is a fun beat up double dragon game with driving and gun zapper elements included. Games that suck in lot 2 are as follows: The Rocketeer, After Burner and Flying Dragon Zzz, Road Runner is so-so. Hidden gem in that lot is Pinball, which is simple but hours of fun to play. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lot 1 breakdown is easy, here is the total poop you get with this lot: 1. Platoon - Game SUCKS! 2. Deadly Towers - Game has NO MAP feature and no save points, it sucks beyond SUCK! 3. Cybernoid - Is a wet fart in the wind. 4. Heavy Shreddin is terrible as well, poor control and graphics. 5. Super Pitfall - I liked this in a sick twisted way, but this game is CRAP! 6. Iron Tank - Should be called IRON POOP, it tried to take elements from Ikari Warriors and wrap them in to a tank shooter, just garbage. 7. Rambo - I liked Rambo as well, but the game is tedious and redundant and often referred to as JUNK. Hidden Gem in lot 1 - Guardian Legend by far is a huge sleeper that only a hardcore gamers know about. With these reasons, I still choose Lot 2 so good luck and make the right choice.
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Does the Bible Say "Sports Games Shouldn't Be Played by Girls. It Interferes with the Menses."?
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Knowledge About Sports Games: Featured Sports of LG
Introduction to Sports Games | Francis Willughby's Book of Games of Sports Games
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