Why Didn't Bulgaria Join Yugoslavia Instead?

In fact, Bulgaria was supposed to be part of the original Yugoslavia that never became a reality. This was supposed to be in the nineteenth century.The Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878) was very interesting for the Balkans. In addition to Russia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgarian volunteers joined the war.The general idea was the expulsion of Turkey from the Balkans, and the creation of a kind of Slavic Union in the Balkans, from Slavic Peoples in these territories (Yugoslavia), which were previously under Turkish influence. Slavic peoples who were under Austro-Hungarian would have to wait for a different opportunity. The Serbian-Bulgarian Union was supposed to be some kind of basis for the wider Balkan Union. Even Romania (United Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia) and Greece were in the "game", but Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro were more realistic option.Because of this, Serbia has funded and trained Bulgarian volunteers. Who were part of the Serbian army in this war. And not just Serbian.Prince Milan did not have in mind Serbian dominance, but equal status. This is not because he was a philanthropist. Serbia had a huge problem at the time. Serbia was between two huge empires. Austro-Hungarian and Turkish, for which Serbia was a favorite playground. Serbia was stuck between the hammer and the anvil. This is not a particularly favorable position for much larger countries than Serbia. Prince Milan hoped that with Bulgaria the pressure on Serbia would be lower. With the support of Russia (and later joining the Slavic territories that were in Austria-Hungary), this was a chance for lasting peace in the Balkans.Then "brotherly" Russia and Russian imperial interests happened. With the Treaty of San Stefano Russia tried to make Greater Bulgaria. With this, Russia wanted the Mediterranean coast. Exit to the Mediterranean. Greater Bulgaria would be created as a big player at the expense of Serbia and Greece.

Because of this, Serbia turned to Western powers. Which resulted in the Congress of Berlin. Until San Stefano, Prince Milan was loyal to Russia, seeing in the Emperor his natural defender. When he saw that two Serbian War c Turkey as the main result was the creation of Greater Bulgaria, the prince realized that the Serbian foreign policy is based on the dangerous Slavic sentimentality. He decided to embark on a new direction, which will be based solely on the interests of Serbia. Without humiliation for Serbia and its government.

The situation created by the Berlin Congress made it difficult to establish co-operation between the Balkan countries in defense of common interests. Division of Sanstefan Greater Bulgaria The Bulgarians received it as grave injustice. The neighbors of Bulgarians, Serbs and Greeks, saw in that same country the greatest danger to their national survival. To prevent its creation, although they were dissatisfied with the Berlin Treaty, they were resolved not to allow any amendment to that treaty which would disrupt the created balance of power in favor of Bulgaria. Serbs expected more from both the wars against Turkey and the decisions of the Berlin Congress. It was also expected more from Russia, which sacrificed Serbs to Austro-Hungary because of its imperial interests, manifested in the creation of Greater Bulgaria.

Whether Prince Milan's wishes (not so public) were achievable, or whether these were just his romantic dreams, is a very big question. Not so famous or explored in historiography. But in 1878 any chance of Bulgaria and Serbia being part of the same Balkan country ceased to exist. Imperial Russia is the main reason for this.This was supposed to be Greater Bulgaria:Later problems of Serbia / Yugoslavia and Greece with Bulgaria are caused by this

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Do you think Hindutva Terrorism is rising in India?

So far there is nothing that could define this Hindu self-assertion as "Hindu-Terrorism". This term has been used by ANTI-BJP political parties who need to create the fear and hatred between the Hindus and others.The definition of Terrorism doesn't fit-in with the recent Hindu upsurge, especially when compared with the Islamic Terrorism!The Hindus rightfully look at BJP as their saviours after hundreds of years of continuous torture, murders, forced conversions, etc, at the hands of Islamic raiders from the west and the 200 years rule of Christian Britishers. For hundreds of years the Hindus have suffered terribly under the foreign invaders and rulers. They got their temples demolished, culture destroyed and deprived of their dignity, their histories altered and defaced.It cannot be denied that after all, India (known earlier as Bharatvarsh) had a homogenous society that loosely followed the Sanatana Dharma and Vedic Culture in varying forms. There were lingual and social differences but, the commonality of religious aspects bind the people of this region together.The people of India, before the arrival of Islamists, were very accommodating, they not only allowed the persecuted Jews and Zoroastrians to settle down but also ensured their well being and safety (they still flourish in India). Indians were intellectually and spiritually open to others and accepted all with open arms. Didn't the Syrian Christians came and settled down in Kerala in 1st Century AD when the world didn't even know Christianity?It all began with the series of Islamic invasions in 11th Century AD and never stopped thereafter. The Portuguese and British too joined hands in conversion and suppressive activities.It's rather surprising that the Hindus (So called) never waged wars in the name of religion, their all wars were against the invaders. Even Shivaji had several Muslims in his army against the Mughals. Hindus waged wars for political identity and NEVER on the basis of religion.At the time of Independence, the Muslims got their nation on the basis of religion, yet the "Hindu-India" accepted the theory of religious co-existence which later changed to "Secularism"! There were more Muslims in the independent India than the Islamic Pakistan. Soon Congress created rift between the Hindus and Muslims to secure unconditional vote-bank security of the Muslims and rather ignored the majority Hindus.Now, with the arrival of overtly pro-Hindu BJP, it's natural for the Hindus to feel better and have some sense of new-found security. This led to a kind of self-assertion by the Hindus. But still a large Hindu majority remains loyal to the doctrine of Secularism!Presently, all terrorist activities aimed against the country has been undeniably by the Muslims with Pakistani help. Numerous incidents of bomb-blasts in several major cities indicate who were behind them. The ongoing struggle in J&K too is attributed to Islamic Terrorism. But where do we see Hindu-terrorism?Had Hindus been even 50% religiously stubborn as the Muslims, one could imagine the fate of 18-20% Muslims in India. Hindus revere Muslims who were the real sons-of-soil and patriotic. There have been numerous Muslims who are well respected by all Hindus, the Muslims have been and are, Presidents, army senior officers, Air Chief Marshal, doctors, lawyers, writers, etc, and they never claimed of any Hindu-terrorism!The word Hindu-terrorism has recently been coined by Congress and its supporting political parties, however, so far, they have been unable to justify the word.

Anyone who can dream of Hindu-terrorism would shudder in his dreams of what would be the consequences of it. Of course, there may be few fringe elements among the Hindus, but so there are among the Muslims too. We should immediately disown the term Hindu-terrorism or it may give legitimacy to the fringe-elements on both sides to begin a war among themselves.


Which one should I buy: a plasma TV, an LCD TV or an LED TV? Why?

This is a very old question - circa 2016 maybe looking at previous answers. I wonder why it was requested to me this week?Anyway ...Plasma TV: In 2018, the plasma TV does not exist unless it is a resale. The last plasma TV sold in 2013 and if you buy one today, it will be at least that old. And let me let out another (secret) fact - no lover of high picture quality is ever going to let his plasma go, unless it is constantly giving trouble. I own a plasma TV, a Panasonic ST-50 of 2012,.It is a 50 inch, FHD 3D TV. It consumes more power and radiates heat. After long use, the room becomes warm. It consumes over 240W.

Plasma panels suffer from image retention wherein if we watch the same channel, the constant image portion of the image like Channel Logo or new ticker bar, gets etched to the screen. This is a vulnerability in the beginning and this can be controlled by lowering contrast/brightness, frequently changing channels and panel anti-burn in rolling bar (a special menu option). The problem is during first 1000 hours. Plasma TV is also not very bright and needs to be seen in slightly less ambient light. The front glass is also reflective.

And yet I will not sell my plasma TV. Ever! It is that good. It's PQ is just too good and beats all other TVs of today except the OLED. I own over 500 Blu Ray titles and it is just sublime to watch the movies on this TV. I am soon going to buy an OLED TV and this current plasma TV will become my auxiliary TV. So this option is out for you.

LCD TV or LED TV: There are one and the same thing. LCD or Liquid Crystal Display can display pictures but it cannot be lit. It has to backlit by a white light. Earlier CCFL tubes used to do that - an LCD panel backlit by CCFL. CCFL was replaces by the more energy efficient and tine LED array. This allowed the panel to become much thinner. LCD has the advantage that it could be made in as small as 24″ FHD. The TV was light in weight and consumed much less power. They were cheaper too. That made them popular. But LCD suffers from light bleed. LCD pixels cannot be closed shut completely and they leek light. This causes washed out pictures. To compensate, they oversaturate the colours making them look unnatural. This is OK for cable TV, drama and soap opera but unsuitable for movies (though most people may not notice).OLED TV: OLED is Organic Light Emitting Diode. This is missing in the question. Not surprising because OLED was just making baby steps back in 2016. At that time, they were ridiculously expensive. Unlike LCD which is manufactured, OLED is grown. This makes them expensive. But costs are coming down. Unlike LCD, OLED have their own light source and can be completely shut off. Hence they produce the brilliant blacks as in case with plasma TV. Like plasma, they also suffer from image retention problem, especially during the early period. OLED TVs are not available in smaller than 55″ (yet) and although prices are still high, they are coming down.

In 2019, OLED is the way to go, if you can afford it. If not, LCD/LED is your only other choice.I am not a lawyer or a tax consultant or a financial planner. I am using personal experience and internet for information. While I shall strive to give as correct information as possible, I am not liable for any incorrect information. You should always get the correct information by hiring an expert in the field.

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