Why Did Napoleon Sell the Louisiana Purchase to Thomas Jefferson?

Money! To fight his wars, plus he unloads a bunch of frontier that was liable to be attacked by his enemies. So he cuts down the amount of stuff he has to protect, and has a pile of cash to fund his wars or empire.

Win win!

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How can I find out if a website uses Google Analytics?

The easiest way to know if a website uses google analytics is the google tag assistant , an official app by Google that shows the google codes.

Not only google analytics but also tag manager or floodlight:And the app tells you if the code was implemented fine or not by light traffic colours: red, yellow and green


How important was Allied Air Power in the defeat of Germany?

Additionally, Tactical bombing was extremely important. After D Day, German armored troops could not move day for fear of being attacked from the air, so their mobility was greatly reduced.

The Germans knew this and planned the Ardennes Offensive (Battle of the Bulge) for December when foul weather could and did keep the Allied aircraft from being used, at least for a while.


I saw all my fish died after replacing CFL light with LED in my aquarium. Why did it happen?

All the fishes @!@ just make sure any short circuit are there.Check your tank temperature after one hour of LED usage.

If your water get heated then replace it. Check water contamination, oxygen supply, filtration system etc.All died at once is something suspicious.

Sorry for your loss


Once a guy blocks a girl, is it over for good between them?

Hell no dude nothing is over, If you both things it is good then it might be the case but serious in this case a lot of variables are involved what she thinks what the guy thought when he blocked her and what was the case that really happened before he decied to actually block her.You cant really tell what is the situation really


Who will be Labour leader after Jeremy Corbyn?

I think the only person who will appeal to all moderates and with excellent leadership credentials is Dan Jarvis. We have not heard much about him since rumours circulated about him at the last leadership contest and has not appeared much in the last year or so, but if anyone is to haul the party out of the clutches of Momentum etc its him!


Why weren't Hong Kong & Macau given back to the Republic of China instead of People's Republic of China?

ROC still exists today!

History might have been different if Kuomintang forces had occupied Hong Kong after immediately the surrender of Japan in August 1945, instead of allowing Admiral Harcourt to reclaim it for the United Kingdom.The KMT was only two hours away by air, whereas the British took more than two weeks to arrive by sea


How can I find out who visited my website using Google Analytics?

I wrote a blog post about this at Google Analytics blog, take a look: Using Google Analytics with Leadfeeder for B2B Lead GenerationIn the article you can see how to use Network report and User Explorer to indentify which companies have visited your website and what they have done there. Theres also a link to a reporting tool you can install in your Google Analytics to get the information easier


Why were the Germans and Japanese not able to conduct realistic assessments of their economic and military strength prior to WW2?

I do not know about Germany, but Japanese assessment about their own economic and military strength was realistic.

But their assessment about the ability of the other nations were not good. Japanese assessment about US' response and ability was way off. Japanese assessment about China's military and economic strength was right on, but Japan underestimated the will of resistance of Jiang Kai-chek


Why do many consider Kurt Gu00f6del the greatest logician of the 20th century despite the fact he was a theist?

Being good at formal logic has nothing to do how you live your life in other circumstances. I don't think any arguments for atheism can or should be accepted on the basis of logical validity alone as they lack the precision required for that.I think you are linking two things that aren't really that connected.


Who are the descendants of the Xiongnu today (2014)?

Huns xiongnu a combined federation of northern horse-riding combat tribes,mainly countries with ural-Altaic languages.part of the Huns moved west,becoming Hungary.

part of the Huns moved east,becoming part of Silla,one of the old kingdoms in Korea. (Surname Kim)(check German ZDF Docu)also Mongolia / Kazakhstan are descendantsof the Huns


Why did early hominids stop climbing trees?

Hominids including humans still climb trees.

You never climbed a tree when you were a kid?If you mean stop living in trees with a quadrupedal stance and walk upright as bipedal, then the answer is not yet known. Becoming Human: The Evolution of Walking UprightHominins evolved bipedalism long before they evolved large brains.

4.4 million years ago Ardipithecus ramidus was bipedal. A ramidus lived in a mixed forest, savannah environment.


Why are Europeans not prone to be anti-science? Is there any cultural/religious difference?

More objective fact based thinking.

Though we are a continent of individual thinking there has been a sharing of fact and evidence based knowledge.We have had theorist and formula tested ideas. Galileo, Copernicus, Newton and Curie.

Yes we still have religion and multi faith religious tolerance. (Mostly). But overall populations that are alot more sceptical


Why are the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea and Japan pro-American countries in Asia?

Weren't their civilians destroyed by the USA during the war?

It would be a stretch to say Vietnam is an ally. The others?

The reason they are aligned with the US in part is because of the indescribable brutalities they suffered at the hands of the Japanese. Including the slaughter of innocent civilians by the Japanese. Try visiting the library and reading a book about the Pacific war


Why did the COVID-19 lockdown fail in India?

No. It has served its limited purpose of slowing down the spread of the disease at its initial stage so that the country can get prepared io fight the disease at later stage. Lockdown cannot be continued further as it is affecting economy severely.

It was a temporary measure


Do you consider the singles and albums by the solo Beatles that you own a part of your 'Beatles Collection'?

Yes I do. Once a Beatle, always a Beatle!

You just called them Solo Beatles!Paul was the only Beatle on the song Yesterday but we do not call it his first solo song!My collection starts with the group albums and ends with the solo albums


For what exactly was President Nixon pardoned?

The conspiracy theory that Ford made a deal with Nixon is nonsense. Ford had the sense to see that Watergate had paralyzed the country; continual prosecution of Nixon would have prolonged that paralysis. American was unable to move forward, domestically or internationally because total obsession with Watergate.

Nixon, of course, deserved to be prosecuted, as he was guilty. But there was a greater good to be had, and Ford followed that path


Is Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines a good leader?

From what I can see, hes doing an okay rating for crime and an excellent grade for his foreign trips.

He also gets an excellent rating for making promises, but gets a poor score for his political agendas and making the said promises a reality. But yeah, (Sir) Marco is right. Its too early to judge his performance right now.

But as of his first year, I rate him 5/10


I wasn't bothering him; why did he block me?

Either he's trying to attract your attention so that you contact him or he had left no room for any contact. Just these two things are possible.

Personally, i think its the former one because i've also done the same thing a couple of times. Rest is upto your judgement. Goodluck miss!



Is it worth buying the new iPhone 8 / iPhone X?

I just upgraded from an iPhone 6S Plus to an iPhone 8 Plus. Not only was my new 256 Gb iPhone 8 Plus available on a much better deal than the 128Gb Xr, its features are also better than the Xr, apart from missing out on a slightly faster processor.

So far I have no regrets


Was Qui-Gon Jinn an exceptional Jedi, or was he average?

Gui gon jinn was fantastic jedi master.Trained by legendary jedi dooku.

Trained obi wan kenobi and xanatos.Dueled darth maul to standstill although he got killed.Had unigue philosophy and was the master of telepathy even being able to influence a hut specie known for resisting mind tricks very effectively


Is President Obama considered black considering his mother is white and he was not raised by a black family?

Plenty of black kids are raised by white families nowadays, given the rise in prevalence of. transracial adoption. They often grow up with a feeling of disconnection (unless their parents do a really good job of rooting them in a Black community and making sure they have appropriate role models around), but that doesn't mean they're "not Black"


Why is Led Zeppelin such a badass band?

There are multiple reasons, but Ill give you just one. Name one band, just ONE, that came after Led who created such complex, creative, timeless MASTERPIECES that comes anywhere near to the one below. And this is just ONE example of many from their early catalog:.


Would Daeneryu2019s son have had a greater claim to the Iron Throne than Daenerys herself u201chasu201d?

Daenerys doesnt have a claim to the iron throne. Neither would her brother or her son if he lived.

Her father, the last Targaryen king was beaten and overthrown in war. Daenerys shouldve stayed in Meereen where she created a seat for her new Targaryen dynasty


What are Donald Trump's guidelines for COVID-19 safety?

In no particular orderTake Hydroxychloroquine, what do you have to lose?

It will disappear one day, magicallyIt is a new hoaxI get it. I am smart. I have a natural ability (to understand viruses)It's an invisible enemyWe should look into injecting disinfectants into the lungsSend tremendous powerful light through the skinWe should not test as manyThey have come up with the Aids vaccineAdd yours


Why did humans evolve to be mostly hairless?

Does this give us some sort of advantage?

Lots of similar questions. The general consensus among anthropologists currently is adaptation from a jungle environment to a plains-dwelling environment.

A HOT plains environment where our ancestors spend much time running around after prey.A hairless body sweats more easily and stays cooler. Humans can, over distance, outrun almost anything, and this is a presumed hunting method for our ancestors


If a person committed manslaughter (the person had no intention to kill anyone, in other words, it was an accident that killed another person and there were evidences that was an accident), does the person who killed deserve the jail, and why?

Manslaughter in this case would be by negligence. You were doing something that could reasonably be seen as dangerous to others and someone did, in fact, die from it. No malice involved.

Yes, you should go to jail.A true accident that could not be foreseen would not result in charges.


What balance in the Force was Qui-Gon Jinn looking for?

The Jedi were plentiful, the Sith were thought to be extinct (until the discovery of Darth Maul), so good ruled. What did he expect?

That's not balance.

All is good, only jedi exist seems one sided. Qui-gon Jinn was just trying to live by the jedi way and abide by its code. Occasionally he bumped heads with the order due to it contradicted itself, things you'll find in most religions today.


Why are UV-C LED lights not in every hospitals and clinic to kill bacteria and viruses?

Because UV-C causes eye damage and skin cancer?I am wondering if we are going to see a mini-pandemic of these issues soon, given all the questions about UV-C that are popping up here on Quora today.

People buying sterilizer bulbs off amazon and putting them in table lamps or whatever


As a potential Christian, what parts of the Bible should I read first?

Start reading the Old Testament. It will tell you something about the origins of christianity.

But then, there is so much cruelty, incest, mysoginy, approved murder and details about a jealous self-centred being wanting all humanity to crawl at his feet in those books. Still, if you want to know what christian beliefs are based upon and if you have a strong stomach: read it.


Is the Internet making us stupid and shallow thinkers?

You may as well blame the telegraph machine. The Internet is our latest mind-transmission-mechanism. It makes all known human information available to everyone.

If that makes us stupid or shallow, then I would encourage readers to freely look up the etymology of both of those words something that 100 years ago, a tiny fraction of the world could do and analyze for themselves


Which crusade was the most successful?

Some may say that the first one was successful. But since the goal of taking back Levant for Christendom was not achieved, all of them were failures.

The percentage of Christians kept falling all over the Levant. To the extent, it is a tiny minority now. Lebnan was Christian majority even 70 years ago.

Now Muslim majority. Egypt and other areas long lost.So I don't think Crusades were successful in any way.


Why did Thomas Jefferson buy the Louisiana territory?

It got the entire Mississippi drainage for the United States without having to fight another empire for it. It was a gigantic amount of land.

And the Mississippi and its port at New Orleans are hugely important for trade. This was one of the best deals the US ever made.


Will Britain re-join the E.

U if they find out voting out was a mistake?

It really has been a horrendous mistake.Being able to control our borders like any other free nation.

Having complete control of our fishing grounds.Being able to make trade deals without interference from unelected commissioners. Having full control of our finances without Brussels demanding a cut of any money we make through trade.

Now when I think of it, why would anyone want such things?

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How Might History Be Different If the US and UK Had Chosen Not to Overthrow Mossadeq Or Had Failed t
It was responsible for anti american sentiment in middle east. From what i have heard USA didnot gain any thing substantial from ot. Prior to it middle eastern had favourable views of USA. They still hated usa culture. Even perhaps the biggest complaint was westernisation by shah. nBut still it was all favourable. Coup lead to 1979 revolution which led to arming of saddam which led to gulf war, iraq war. Means apart fron afghanistan it is responsible for all of us problem. Not saying it is only US fault. USSE should also be blamednfor some problems in middle east.nBut still without that coup no anti american feelings, no iraq war, no saddam( there woyld have been osama though) perhaps no 2008 recession, perhaps no problems in USA and middle east, no boston bombings. Cant be sure what would have been direction of OPEC. But i want to point out shah reza wasnot trueely bad person. And a lot of things did by him were actually good• Suggested ReadingWhat are the differences and similarities between neoliberalism and neoconservatism?You are all wrong!!!You are all wrong because you are trying to use a term that means Conservative, Right Wing in Europe, to apply in the USA, when we already have a term for that, Neoconservative.William Bellamy, was the closest, in that he brought up Thatcher, but he was still wrong over all.Liberal in Europe means Conservative RIGHT Wing.Liberal in the USA means Progressive LEFT Wing.People in the USA picked it up from European blogs and media, and thought it would apply to the USA, they thought LIBERAL meaning Democrats, that is just not the case, when the term Liberal has a total opposite meaning in Europe than it does in the USA, you cant apply the term in the USA, we already have an equivalent, that would be Neoconservative.BOTH Neoliberal in Europe and Neoconservative in the USA support: Free Market, Privatization, Lower Taxes, Less Government Spending, Deregulation, etc.. etc etc.Those are Republicans Right Wing Conservative policies, that have nothing to do with Left Wing Democrats in the USA------If the Ottoman Empire was so bad, how did Greece survive for 400 years?It survived it becauce the of the will to become free at some point .dont try to say enslaving nation and nations it's good something that was theirs snd was taking by force and betrayal .no excuse at all .hete are some examples fines ones too. Mixed messed up the populations of the so called Balkan nations which is Eastern Europe same thing in Anatolia Greece Constantinople Syria Armenia . When the enlightenment hit Europe nations under the Ottoman Empire remained in the darkeness back wordsIn every way possible pay the persenet becauce of not being Muslim or better convert and also die 1st son gets taking away from family join the jennisars and become educated in Islam and all of it also take your daughter snd join the harem of the sultan for his pleasure onlyAny refusal you die priests were hanged upside dowhn killed or anyone that opposed the othoman rule and forced to ware torbans on their head and those Islamic pants it was great there is a very dark history in those areas during the Ottoman period it's not a personal attack to anyone but it's just the simple truth------I wish to make a trip to Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Are 3,000 USD enough for the whole journey?I agree with Maruf Mamurovich's answer. My short comments in addition about Kazakhstan:1. Local population still find it exotic to see a brown or a black guy.2. AirBnB or Booking.com can be useful to find affordable hostels.3. Kazakhstan is a large country. IMO for a first time it is better to start from Almaty and then go to Astana (0r vice versa). If you go to Astana in winter prepare for a bone chilling wind and -25 C air temperature. Check weather forecasts.4. Try not to show your wallet, phone, laptop in a streets or after dark.5. The best way before the travel is to find a local person (maybe from Facebook or Skype). Here is group where you can find such a person.6. Everyone uses What'sApp, there is free wi-fi in shopping malls, coffee shops, libraries, guest houses, hostels.7. To hire a taxi cab locals use InDriver app (Uber like) but communication between drivers and customers is in Russian or Kazakh.8. Wikitravel.org or Wikivoyage.org websites can provide general information.Good luck! If you have any additional more specific questions, feel free to write them in comments.------Do you concur with the late William F. Buckley's quote, "The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house."?No, not at all.Even though Buckley was probably my favorite conservative, I like him more for his erudition and personal qualities than for his views, which, although at least coherent and backed up by a real philosophy, were all kinds of wrong.Buckley was an intelligent man and a clever man, but I do not see him as a wise man. He was altogether too smug and self-satisfied, too convinced of his own rectitude to actually ever be right about much.But, despite all that, I miss Buckley. He was a different kind of conservative, the kind that would be a great frenemy. I liked his calmness, his composure and his ability to engage intelligently with others.I dont think he was especially open minded or willing to rethink his views, but he was good at conveying the illusion of openness.Anyway, although I have a certain guarded fondness and respect for him, there is little I agree with him on and this is no exception------If LEDs are more efficient thanClassic fluorescent tubes are relatively cool because most of the heat is dissipated by the ballast circuit. In a CFL, this is placed inside the base of the bulb and is the number 1 reason for early failure. Heat conducts, so eventually the glassy part will get uncomfortable to the touch. This is not to say that photons do not interact with the tube glass, they simply spread out over a wider area that radiates the heat efficiently.LED chips on the other hand concentrate more energy density than the surface of the sun in a very tiny area, which is why they get hot. The density of states are concentrated through the band-edge transitions, whereas the exchanges in the cold plasma of the fluorescent light happen spontaneously over a the tube's (large) volume. We're talking orders of magnitude here.compact fluorescent lights, why are they hot to the touch while fluorescent bulbs are cool to the touch?If LED bulbs are more efficient than compact fluroescent bulbs, why are they hot to the touch while flurorescent bulbs are cool to the touch?------Thomas Jefferson said it's immoral to leave the next generation with debt. Why would contemporary Presidents of the USA not care?Just because Jefferson said something doesnt make it true. The man wasnt a saint, he wasnt omniscient, and he was the product of a different time and place. Furthermore, Obama didnt invent the deficit. Not by a long shot. So quit trying to pin it all on him. Finally not everyone objects to running the national debt. Yeah,. your kids are going to have to pay for what our generation gets. but our generation NEEDS certain things. And your kids generation will also need things that their children will help fund. You cant abandon one generation for the sake of one not yet born. It immoral to leave people on the margins without adequate necessities - food, housing, medical care, education, a sound infrastructure. Those arent luxiries, my friend. They are necessities. Some clown who lived in a mansion, and amassed his fortunes on the backs of other human beings doesnt know the first thing about what it is like to have to go without necessities! So forgive me if I dont consider Thomas Jefferson the alst word on a moral economy, because I dont believe he knew the first thing about it!.------Did Italy win any battles during WW2?YesFirst battle of Bir El GubiFirst Battle of Bir el Gubi - WikipediaSecond battle of Bir El GubiSecond Battle of Bir el Gubi - WikipediaBattle of Point 175Battle of Point 175 - WikipediaDefense of Redoute RuineDefense of the Redoute Ruine (1945) - WikipediaCharge of Savoia at IzbushenkyCharge of the Savoia Cavalleria at Izbushensky - WikipediaOperation AgreementOperation Agreement - WikipediaBattle of PetrikowkaBattle of Petrikowka - WikipediaBattle of GarfagnaBattle of Garfagnana - WikipediaOperation HerringOperation Herring - WikipediaBattle of PljevljaBattle of Pljevlja - WikipediaOperation HarpoonOperation Harpoon (1942) - WikipediaFour days of Naples (city Naples was liberated by civilians)Four days of Naples - WikipediaRaid on AlexandriaRaid on Alexandria (1941) - WikipediaRaid on Suda BayRaid on Souda Bay - WikipediaBattle of Kasserine Pass (most of Axis soldiers were Italians)Battle of Kasserine Pass - WikipediaBattle of Gazala (Yes I know only half of the soldiers were Italians, but they did very well, Rommel was impressed)Battle of Gazala - WikipediaAction off BastiaAction off Bastia - WikipediaOperation BraganzaOperation Braganza - WikipediaBy the way,The German soldier has impressed the world, however the Italian soldier has impressed the German soldier - Erwin Rommel, one of best generals during WW2------How do we know the universe is expanding? And how do we know there is a universe?We know that the universe is expanding, due to cosmological redshift (the redshift in spectral lines from a particular galaxy). Eminent American astronomer, Edwin Hubble, found that there was a direct mathematical relationship between the cosmological redshift and the distance to a galaxy.This is summed up in Hubble's Law:All this equation is telling in the context of cosmological redshift is that the greater distance an observer is from a galaxy, the greater the redshift in the spectral lines from that galaxy. So from a little work, we see this translated into the statement:The more distant a galaxy is from us, the quicker it is accelerating in its expansion. So the space in between the galaxies is no doubt expanding, and this validated the universe's expansion.Our perceptions of the universe are what shape our perception of reality. If existence is an illusion, then reality as we know it is not real. We say something exists if there is causal interaction between that something and a perceivable other something. If we think of the universe as a spacetime background in which matter interacts, then there is that causal interaction; in other words, it exists.Space.------What are linear and non-linear circuits?Chhaya Umare, (M.Sc. Electronic from Pune University )Electronic circuit and system can be conveniently divided into two broad categories generally referred to as analog and digital. Analog circuits are designed for use with small signals, and are used in a linear fashion. An operational amplifier connected as an amplifier with a voltage gain of 10 is an analog circuit. The output voltage for this circuit will be a faithfully amplified of any signal presented at its input. This is the linear operation.Digital circuit are generally used with large signals and are considered nonlinear. One example is a remote control circuit that switches the lights in a parking area on after sunset and turns them off at sunrise. In this case, the input signal might be a voltage representing the time of day or it might be a current taking from a light sensing circuit. The output signal is simply on or off, which is clearly not an amplified version of the input signal. This is non linear operation. )
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97 - 01 Prelude LED After Market Tail Lights?
Prelude Led Tail Lights1. where to buy tube for under-glow LED's?crimson and Blue lights interior the front and rear of your automobile are seen unlawful, yet underbodies are seen unlawful as properly for on highway use. purely fyi the extra valuable manufacturers are oftentimes indexed interior the import tuner mags. yet LED neons are extra valuable they final longer and are slightly extra stable.2. 3D printing enclosure with LED indication symbols — is this possible?You can print the "lid" in translucent (gray) and stick a piece of laser printed transparency film under it with the symbols (print it "negative" so the symbols are transparent and the rest is black). Depending on the quality of the printed black you might want to stack two printouts to minimize light sipping through the black areas. A divider separating the leds underneath ensures that only one symbol lights up. This will work better the better surface quality the "lid" has3. How many lumens is a 100-watt LED bulb?Depends on the quality and how recent the lamp is, since LED technology is improving quickly and was considered an impossible dream, or even a joke concept not all that long ago.An incandescent 100W gives you roughly 1,600 lumens as a rule of thumb. 16 lumens per watt.Warm white LED lights are also pleasant and top out at perhaps 50 lumens per watt. Some cool white models can do almost 90 lumens per watt.Warm white: maybe 5,000 lumens at 100 watts.Cool: perhaps as much as 9,000 lumens.These are of course rough estimates.Many models only produce half this, using older LED technology, optics, or drivers. But then this is technology. There are prototypes producing 200 lumens per watt and reasonable color, and the theoretical limit is around 300. So in the future 20,000 lumen or better 100w LEDs might be common.Hope this helps4. LED PINK LIGHT BARS, DUMB IDEA?If you do it expect a ticket5. What is the difference between LED, halogen, and incandescent light bulb?The "standard" incandescent lamp is simply a coiled coil of wire with a current passing through it. It gets hot because of this, and when it reaches "white hot" (really quickly) it glows. It's encased in glass to protect the filament, but it woukd still burn out really quickly in the presence of oxygen, so it's encased in a vacuum (originally) or an inert gas such as Nitrogen (cheaper than a vacuum) to stop the filament burning away. Halogen bulbs are just the same, except that they use a halogen gas instead of the nitrogen, which allows the filament to get hotter/brighter for the same current, so more efficient.LEDs are completely different. They are semiconductors which give off light when a small current passed through them. They are very efficient because there is little heat produced and (this can be a disadvantage) the light tends to all go in a certain direction. That's why most household LED bulbs will contain multiple led chips and/or a diffuser to spread the light6. Led Underglow Kit with HID headlights?Blue and red lights on the outside of your vehicle are illegal in I am pretty sure all states, but that does not mean you cant install them. I have not heard of someone being ticketed for having 12k HID's as they are not true blue. In my opinion, it wo not be too much blue, it's your car and your money, so do what you want with it. Most underglow kits do not draw much power at all and you should not have a problem wiring them to your battery, just make sure you wire them to a fuse then to the battery if you are doing them yourself. Most underglow kits will work wether you have a SUV/truck, or a smaller car. LED underglow kits are brighter than the neon tubes. Just make sure the strips are long enough, longer they are the more bulbs they have which makes them brighter. I say go for it, I think it will look great. Everyone has their own opinion7. Rgb led strip lights problems.?The drive wires are crossed. Swap them until the match on both sides8. Led vrs. Plasma Tv's?I would definately suggest that you be wise and purchase an LED. I have had a Plasma, and the screen started to pixilate very badly. I recently decided to give plasma another chance (or maybe the sells rep was just really good and persuading me). I had the TV for almost 3 months and it began to start pixilatiing again. Im not sure what causes these TV's to do so but if you are going to invest that kind of money i would suggest a LED, or the Google version of the 3D television. Best of luck!
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Stuff About Under-car Led Lights?
As long as the lights under the car are not on while your driving it is perfectly legal, if they are on while your driving expect a heavy fine and possibility of your car being towed1. Why is the NSA led by a General when CIA and FBI have Directors?The CIA and FBI are civilian agencies. The NSA is not. The NSA director is the commander of the U.S. Cyber Command. Department of Defense Directive 5100.20 states that the NSA Director must always be a U.S. military commissioned officer. Due to the unique reporting structure of the agency, with the exception of the earliest years of the agency and its predecessor, historically this has always been a 3-star (Lieutenant General, or Vice Admiral) depending on what branch of service they come from. Due to the creation of USCYBERCOM, starting with GEN Alexander, this has been a 4-star position (GEN/ADM) and will probably continue to be so in the foreseeable future. To balance this, the Deputy Director is always a civilian with technical expertise2. tell me about led lights?OPTICAL DESIGN LEDs are a directional light source, meaning they emit light in a single direction. Through carefully designed reflectors and lenses, light is directed only where it is needed, minimizing wasted light and energy. MECHANICAL DESIGN Because LEDs last for years, the materials and construction of an LED system are critical for performance. Careful mechanical engineering protects the LED system from corrosion and humidity to ensure long service life. THERMAL DESIGN Excess heat causes reduced life and colour shift in LEDs. With effective thermal management, heat is dissipated, thereby improving LED performance. ELECTRICAL DESIGN Electrical design determines the LED lifespan, light output and colour control of the LED system. Precise engineering ensures the right amount of electricity is delivered to the LED chip, enabling consistent, long-lasting LED system performance.3. HELp with led chaser circuit (no 555 timer)?This is a cool circuit. Try this - get a universal printed circuit breadboard from Radio Shack This will give you a way to connect the parts together. The resistors you have are too big for this circuit you need a few (maybe 10?) milliamps to light the LEDs. Surface mount components can be soldered to the board but you need a way to hold them in place while you solder. You can use different colors but be aware that LEDs are current driven devices and that the voltage specified is only given to allow you to select a resistor that will limit the current. I will repeat because it is important. ALWAYS LIMIT THE CURRENT THROUGH A LED WITH A RESISTOR4. What led to the downfall of the Tsars and the eradication of their whole family?It was not only Russia. Almost all Empires fell within a time frame of /- 10years of the Russian Empire, considering that these empires existed for centuriesI guess there rime was up from such a ruling model.We are now entering a new era when our ruling process is also expiring5. Is the United States led by extremely naive news reporters?Led by? Amazing the kind of mind-control power people seem to ascribe to the media. Newspapers for example are going out of business because only senior citizens read their still-profitable print product, while the digital product where all the reader growth is makes no money becuase digital advertisers would rather put online ad money in Google and Facebook than onine ads at YourLocalFishWrap.com. Yet this same industry that cannot convince people to advertise is leading the US? Some mind control ability.6. Has love ever led you to madness?Love is a form of madness7. What factors led to Islamic Stateu2019s defeat?More than 1millon soilders and support staff fighting against 15000 Islamic state mujahideen.i think Islamic state will come back again,war is not over yet8. Can in wire led strips in my car's headlight fuses?yes u can but i would put an in line fuse in each of the circuits so if it dose blow the fuse when u were driving at night it would only blow the in line fuse and not ur headlight fuses and leave u in the dark they r easy to get and only pence to buy
2021 07 25
Does a Xenon Hid Kit Have to Be Added to Install These Led Bulbs?
NO. Xenon HID and LED bulbs are totally different technologies. These LED bulbs are just designed to give a similar colour of light output as HID - whiter than standard halogen headlights. LED bulbs can cause bulb warning lights on some vehicles, purely as they draw far less power, and the car thinks the bulbs have failed. This can be resolved by adding a resistor or using LED bulbs with a resistor built in.1. Where is the money of the Indian economy that led to an economic slowdown?All the money from the Indian economy has flowed into the BJP party funds. BJP party is the richest party in the world. BJP headquarter in Delhi is the biggest and richest HQ among all political parties in the world. Crores of rupees has gone on the biggest statue of unity of Sardar Patel, the congress leader.The money is still there. If BJP feels that the nation is first, then the BJP party, then the BJP leaders, then, all the BJP party funds must be used for the nation, to boost the economy of India. The BJP party does not need any funds. Horse-trading of MLAs would be finished in India, because only the BJP is using crores of rupees to do horse trading, immorally poaching on MLAs of congress, TMC, JDS and other regional parties. Even in this economic slowdown, BJP can afford to pay crores of rupees to poach, horse-trade and purchase the most corrupt MLAs of Congress, TMC, JDS and all other regional parties. The money is there, as per your question. Political corruption in India would finish once and for all in India. No other political party is doing horse-trading except the BJP. They are doing it openly, boldy, publicly2. LED strip light, I NEED HELP!?While LEDs are considerably more expensive than comparable incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen lights, the initial start-up cost is offset by the bulbs' long life and low energy usage. Because LED strip lighting uses so little electricity, replacing your existing lights may show you an immediate reduction in your monthly power bill. Plus, the infrequency of replacements keeps the overall cost down and the overall value of LEDs high. Less frequent maintenance, lower electricity needs, and long working life all contribute to making LED lighting one of the most cost efficient lighting methods the world has ever seen3. Is the United States led by extremely naive news reporters?No. This is a troll question4. Whose mistake led to defeat of 1962 China war?1. Diplomatic front: The biggest culprit for India's debacle in 1962 was Nehru. His foreign policy blunders like calling for ceasefire in 1948 during Kashmir conflict, accepting Tibet as a part of China, not responding to Aksai Chin violation by China, lobbying for UN membership for China and promoting Communist leadership of China in various international fora proved his foolishness. 2. Military point of view: Nehru was also responsible for continuous and systematic neglect of military, promoting sycophants ignoring capable officers in the armed forces and later instead of concentrating on defence, following suicidal 'forward policy' and also not allowing Air Force to take part in the war. 3. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister was the second culprit for assiduously following and further augmenting stupid policies propagated by Nehru.4. General P.N. Thapar for not protesting against suicidal policies of Nehru and Krishna Menon.5. Lt. Gen. L.P. Sen, GoC in C, Central Command, for not showing effective leadership qualities in Eastern front. 6. Lt. Gen. B. M. Kaul, GoC, newly formed IV Corps, an incompetent General promoted solely because of family relationship with Nehru, for pushing Nehru's suicidal policy and destroying the fighting morale of the lower-level officers and soldiers in Eastern front5. Republicans who are voting for Joe Biden, what led to that decision?Republicans who are voting for Joe Biden, what led to that decision?The most corrupt and incompetent leader in the history of leadership6. What led to art during the renaissance?Thank you for the A2A.I am not quite certain what you mean by your question, but I am going to guess that you mean "what gave rise to the amazing quantity and quality of art produced during the Renaissance period in Italy?" This is a huge question, but I will try to provide some broad general thoughts about what happened. The Renaissance period is generally considered to run from about 1400 to the late 1600s, and it bridges the Medieval Period to what is now thought of as the early Modern Period. In the Medieval Period, Classical (Greek) art and ideas were believed pagan, and science was. ..well, medieval. However, when Constantinople fell to the Turks, many Greeks, bearing Classical books and documents, fled to Italy. In these books, educated people discovered revelations about philosophy, science and the arts, which they began to think about and employ.Simultaneously, in Florence - which became the center of Renaissance activity (Italy was composed of city-states), the Medici family was very powerful. They started the Medici Bank. This enabled trade to expand into Europe and Asia, and great wealth to come to Italy. Cosimo de Medici loved art. There happened to be a great many gifted artists living in Florence, getting commissions from the Church. Medici commissioned art, and so did his wealthy buddies. Artists like Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many, many others not only found a great deal of work, they too studied classical texts, learned new things and improved on what they learned. Discoveries about linear perspective and light were made and put into their paintings; da Vinci not only painted, but played around with all kinds of scientific discoveries. Art and science were partners. Oil paint was discovered. Archaeology advanced. Access to mathematics from Byzantine and Islamic scholars became available and were used by architects, sculptors and painters. One thing led to another, and the entire world opened - and flowered.And though Florence was the center, this progress spread throughout Italy - and eventually, the rest of Europe. It was a time of unparalleled art and scientific progress, undergirded with a belief in humanism - the principle that man was noble and could accomplish great things. However, it was also made possible by great prosperity created by thriving trade. If the wealth had not been available.....probably the art would not have been, either
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Top Lighting Companies in India
Shweta Led manufacture and supplier of every types of LED Lights mostly which is used in Hotels, Houses, Offices, Showrooms, Shopping Malls, Auditoriums, Showrooms, Hospitals, Gardens, Small & Large Industries, Farm Houses, Healthcare Industries, , Domestic etc.You are Intersting in Led Light Business THen YOu Have purchasing in Led Light #bestledcompany Looking For DealerShip , Sub-DealerAnd Purchase to Bought in Led Bulb Hole Sell Rate then You Should be Purchase From Shweta Led Company Best LED Brands Provide forAll India And For World . YOu have safe money And Eyes Light an increased LED lighting systems From Place by World Services Provider in Shweta Led Company . Purchasing for Led All Types of Led Lights. #topledcompany or #ledcompanyinindia .If you are Easily Purchase in Hall-Sale RateFor Shweta Led Company Provide Company All Kinds of Led .Kindly Visit:Name : Shweta LedCompany_Name : Adhyansh Trading And Services Pvt/LtdEmail : info@shwetaled. comFacebook_Id :shwetaled1985@gmail. comContact Us : 8851652755 ,8863842041. RELATED QUESTION Would anybody recommend a Linear LED light supplier in China? Honestly, there are a plethora of LED lights suppliers in China but you won't find many suppliers of Linear LED lights. I have been using LED linear lights for over a year now and I sourced all my linear LED lighting from China. Now, I'd like to share my pleasant buying experience with a China-based LED light supplier. Last years, I decided to replace my home-office lighting with specially designed LED linear lights since they possess special power-saving features. While researching I came across SeniorLED on Instagram. The brand is quite popular on the internet and recommended by global LED lighting buyers. After visiting their site and browsing a vast catalog of indoor-outdoor LED lights, I opted for Linear LED lights and bought 20 pcs. The product quality and technical specifications are great. AIG insurance and 5 years brand warranty are cherries on the top. Interestingly, my office's energy bill reduced by 15% in a month of use. Here are some of the features which I liked the most: Lamp efficiency of more than 130 lumens per watt Equipped with cold-forging aluminum with 3D structure IP65 water-resistant feature Special energy-saving features 7 kinds of reflectors Auto-dimming features Longer lifespan and superior illumination AIG Liability Insurance Made from environment-friendly materials Check out this Quora answer about the best LED suppliers in China Varun Sharma's answer to What companies in China sell the best LED lights?
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How Did Sensex Surge Despite the 21-day Lockdown in India?
Why is Sensex rising today?: Bulls defy India lockdown: Sensex surges 1,862 pts; what's behind the rally - The Economic Times Bulls defy India lockdown: Sensex surges 1,862 pts; what's behind the rally · Related Questions Is it true that leaders are born, not made? Can some learn leadership skills? One of most famous leaders across the world is Mahatma Gandhi.Before being kicked out of train in Africa, no one thought of him as a leader.Now decide if leaders are born or made ------ Did Kaiser Wilhelm II really say "Gentlemen, you will regret this", when he signed the order for German mobilization at the start of World War I? I very much doubt it, considering he was eminently up for having a war against little Serbia, and alongside his government agitated for Austrohungary to go to war.He seemed to think it dreadfully unfaor that Russia, France, and thr UK would honour their treaty obligations though ------ What is Led Zeppelinu2019s most metal song? My pick would be How Many More Times. My reasoning is this:Thanks to Metallica playing a short sample of the song I think one can perhaps imagine how HMMT can be covered as a metal song, which is already pretty heavy to start with. The original: ------ Is there a difference between a flat screen TV and a plasma TV? Yes. A plasma TV is considered a flat screen TV, but NOT all flat screen TVs are plasma.You can have a variety of flat TVs: Plasma, LCD, (LCD/LED), OLED, Quantum dots, etc ------ Is the BJP growing in Bengal? Yes, rising but I personally believe mamata is the right person to suppress communists in Bengal, she has experience in this.So, BJP must enjoy no.2 position in Bengal for now because they don't have eligible leader in Bengal.And a leader can't be created, with time he/ she will emerge. ------ Is it safe to say that "Trickle Down economics" has not worked? It has worked, to create massive inequality. Oh, it doesnt work as advertised but the whole point of it was to help the wealthy keep on stealing from the rest of us. In that sense, it has worked ------ What is LED made of? LED make up by four main parts,1. LED chip (where is the lumens come from);2. Bonding wire;3. Encapsulating Epoxy Resin (with phosphor to define the color of LED);4. White color PCB (substrate - do heat dissipation and connection). This answer is from A-Plus Lighting, wish it can help you ------ Did Rex Tillerson actually call Trump a moron? To paraphrase both Churchill and Tillerson: Ive been accused by fake news that I implied half the presidents brain is missing. Let me be very clear - half the presidents brain is not missing. ------ Why are Kylie cosmetics so expensive if all the products are low in quality? You're pretty much just buying her name Kylie you can get a Wet N Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder for $6, and the quality, and the shine is just the same as Kylie's but better she's all about money, and business ------ What happens if a 1k resistor is connected across an LED? LED typically requires a current of 25 mA for its operation. It actually depends on the led size, its luminous intensity and color.For 5 volt, 25 mA a resistor of 200 ohm is sufficient. If we keep on increasing the resistance, current will further decrease and hence intensity of led will decrease when it is connected to 1k resistor ------ How did the Indian population become so large? One big reason is wanting a male offspring. They wont admit it, but that is the biggest reason why india is overpopulated. As if girl child cant support you financially just because she has to live with husbands family after marriage. ------ Do most Americans believe in sensationalized media? NO!Some do and some don't.Ex: We were fed a lot of Trump negativity hype in the media, but we still elected him.When there is news about guns there are disputes to erupt.Some people have suspicions about what the media reports to be trust worthy. ------ Is it likely that humanity will go extinct in the next million years? The Bible says soul is eternal. The fate of humanity is in the hands of their creator God of the Bible they will live or die in one of two places Heaven or Hell. Which one do you think you are going? Romans 10:911 ------ What did the US want from Vietnam in the war? The US government wanted to stop what was perceived to be a Communist threat to all of Southeast Asia and by extension show Communist aggression would be countered by military force ------ Why is it that the people who created C (Dennis Ritchie) and C (Bjarne Stroustrup) are not as famous as they should be? Primarily because thy created tools. Those who use the tools to create products which we use are the ones who will ultimately come to fame, not those who created the tools they used ------ How do I study art? 1st ,look at things,and people,animals,etc.go to museums,look at. art.grab a sketchbook and draw what you see.from there,use your imaginationand dont be afraid of mistakes.thats how you learnand ignore the critics. .they are critics cause they cant do it themselves,and enjoy destroying others creativity ------ Is Nawaz Sharif a traitor? Nawaz used be a true patriotic in the past but he inclined towards India perhaps due to his business interest without taking foreign office and others into confidence. That was a great mistake ------ Why is every teenage girl so obsessed with Draco right now? Because many teenage girls, just like many teenage boys; can read, can comprehend what's written in a text, has their own tastes, can understand whether something matches their tastes.If so, they will like/love it.It can be seen as an obsession by someone else, especially an outsider ------ How do I make an LED turn on or off from far using an RF transmitter and receiver? Manually you would push a button on the transmitter and have the LED connected to the output controlled by the reciever. Using a micro you would program it to provide the RF signal to the reciever ------ Why didn't Japan use nuclear weapons immediately as a reply to the Hiroshima attack? Because it did not have the technology or resources to develop a bomb - when Hiroshima was attacked the Japanese leadership turned to their nuclear weapons specialist, Yoshio Nishina, who did not believe a bomb could be built within six months ------ If humans never consumed bat, would COVID-19 have occurred? One doesnt have to actually consume bats to get sick from special pathogens.A person can be infected by deadly microbes, like this novel coronavirus, just by having direct contact with natural reservoirs or carriers (bats, snakes, pangolins, civet cats, camels, raccoon dogs, etc.) of coronaviruses yes, there are several types that are naturally found in these animals. ------ Are China's major state-owned enterprises like the US's "too big to fail" banks? A2A. Politically, yes. In both instances, the existing state power structure has decided that failure of those enterprises would have such negative consequences for the country that they are supported by state funds, even though they may be uneconomic or otherwise cause other negative effects in the country ------ Are there people who are famous yet poor? SO MANY IN THE PAST BY HISTORY, SO MANY WHOM WE ARE EVEN AWARE INCLUDING OUR PM MODIJI, (LOOK AT HIS MOTHERS LIVING STYPE0 AND OUR GREAT kAMARAJ NADAR - EX-CM OF TAMILNADU AND MANY MORE ------ Is Prabhas "Saaho" a flop movie? Yes despite being the second highest grossing movie in 2019 it is still a flop due to its massive budget of 350 crores it needed to recover 465 crores or more to recover distribution shares and taxes ,so far worldwide it has only collected 433 crores ------ What would the US do if Japan and South Korea want to get rid of the US military in their country? They could just ask. But, they wont. Because its in their interest that we stay there. In essence, we are paying for their defense and pumping billions of dollars into their economy ------ What (if anything) did Barack Obama do to Donald Trump to cause Trump to dislike Obama so much? He had the audacity to be smarter, a better family man, better educated, respected by the world, successful, a man who started with little and created his own success, and all while being black.He also showed what a buffoon Trump is at the White House Correspondents dinner ------ Is it safe to use a 28W LED bulb in a MAX 15W lamp fixture? It really would be helpful if you would provide more information, especially the specifics on the light bulb.But - assuming the bulb draws 28 watts (and it is not the equivalent to a 28 watt incandescent light) then no, this would not be safe ------ What are some great examples of leadership skills at work? This is a GREAT question. Iu2019m thinkingu2026 Does u201cleadership skillsu201d look the same for all besides being a great communicator?Each leader has something to offer uniquely that connects with their leadership style ------ What is Einstein's theory of relativity in simple words and what are the major implications of the same? It says that measurement of time, mass and length is not absolute. It is relative to the conditions in which measurement is being made.What Physicists don't realize that if this theory were to be true than this would invalidate entire physics because most of the physical laws are defined in terms of these fundamental quantities. Remember MLT. ------ What is the importance of representative democracy? Representative democracy is a variety of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. All modern Western style democracies are various types of representative democracies, for example the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and Poland is a parliamentary republic ------ When and why did the Islamic world lose the scientific edge it once had? I havent read it yet myself, but I have been recommended this book elsewhere:https://smile.amazon.com/Closing-Muslim-Mind-Intellectual-Islamist/dp/1610170024/refsmi_www_rco2_go_smi_g2609328962?_encodingUTF8&%2AVersion%2A1&%2Aentries%2A0&ieUTF8 ------ Will the Microsoft Xbox series X work with 2k LEDs? If it can connect, it will work. Any gaming console you use should have no problem working on a HDTV (720p), Full HD (1080p), 4k or even 8k TV. So long as you are using a HDMI connection, you should be fine ------ Are there any US soldiers in Nigeria for a peacekeeping mission? Nope and never will be, Nigeria has the strongest Army in Africa. If you asking for joint operations well there are few U.S troops but they dont engage in any combat mission. ------ At what point did the end of The West Wing begin to appear? For me, it was Sam's departure. It broke up the Team. I'm not saying I don't like Will, but Sam shouldn't have left.Then the sixth season took the focus away from the original cast even further. The tight knit, crisp feel of the show was lost. ------ How do you get over a guy that leads you on? Try these songs for a clue:::: smiling faces" - by undisputed truth/ everybody plays the fool" - by the Spinners/ gonna get over you" - by France joli/ you gonna make me love somebody else" - by Jones girls- Utube ------ Should we continue to have Republican and Democratic political parties? No.Our system doesnt function with only two, something fairly obvious right now.We need at least 3, preferably 5. Thats how it was designed.Until the US gets a modern voting system like most other developed nations, a la ranked choice and proportionate representation however, thats not going to happen ------ Is the Holy Spirit a person, place or force? No, the Holy Spirit is not a place, and not a force. He is indeed a Person - and with a captal P because He is God.My answer here spells it out in more detail: Emmanuel Oladipo's answer to What is the Trinity?. ------ Which one is correct: "a cow is a useful animal" or "the cow is a useful animal"? It is very simple, when you say a cow, it means only a cow for the indefinite article, but when you say the cow it means that all the cows therefore The cow is a useful animal is correct ------ Has the Scottish Labour Party lost Scotland permanently? Nothing lasts forever. Labour could quickly change its fortunes. If Labour gave its members and representatives a completely free vote on independence I think you find that a majority probably back Indy. In one foul swoop Labour could steal the SNPs clothes and regain Scotland. ------ Who is a politician that you actually trust? All of the ones who died of old age.Any that died of other causes, while they may seem trustworthy I continue to have my doubts.If you limit it to living ones, just plain no ------ What if UK remained neutral during WW2? Oddly enough the plan was that India would of been free of British rule in 1937, sadly war clouds were gathering and intelligence knew was was coming like it or not, so didnt accour till 1947 ------ Who is the president of Beirut Lebanon? Lebanon's President : Micheal AounMichel Naim Aoun is the current President of Lebanon. He was elected president on 31 October 2016 on the 46th electoral session of the Lebanese parliament, breaking a 29-month deadlock. He is a Maronite Christian and the founder of the Free Patriotic Movement. ------ What makes you trust/distrust Trump? I distrust him because every time he opens his mouth the odds are that he is lying. He lies about the most irrelevant things and serious topics. He cannot control himself ------ Which animal would dominate the Earth if there were no humans around, why? First off, were not predators, at least Im pretty sure were not. We just manipulate the environment around us which endangers many species. Just today the last Male Northern White Rhino died, I hold everyone on the planet responsible for 1/7,000,,000,000th of the blame. ------ Which factors are responsible for the fall of India's GDP growth rate to 4.5%? Drop in GDP growth rate mean, India is growing at a slower pace. Which may create job problem for aspirational generation.Mind it , it just the growth rate. Growth is very much positive
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Retour II Sur BLEND WEB MIX 2017
Nous revenons sur cet vnement lyonnais, toujours organis par La Cuisine du Web, qui a runi pour ldition 2017, quasiment 1 800 curieux, 100 speakers autour de 2 jours rsolument web.Nous avons voqu plusieurs confrences dans ce premier article dans lequel nous abordons notamment GraphQL, Protobuf, les animation Flip et laccessibilit. Cest parti pour la suite, toujours rdige par les Partners Tech Linkvalue!A la rencontre de Kafka: le log distribu, par LucasInitialement dvelopp par LinkedIn, cet outil leur permis de drastiquement simplifier larchitecture de leur SI en agrgeant tous les vnements.En quelques mots, Kafka permet de traiter les vnements qui lui sont envoys en temps rel, de manire unifie et est capable daccepter de gros flux de donnes. Il fonctionne sur la base de producers / consumers. Les messages transitent par des topiques et chaque topique peut tre divis en partitions.Kafka se place comme colonne vertbrale de votre architecture et peut tre utilis pour, par exemple, dnormaliser votre donne en suivant la philosophie Write Once / Read Many.Il peut aussi aider la mise en place darchitecture event driven avec notamment la cration de Sagas (exemple dun commande client passant par plusieurs tats avant de dclencher lenvoi du colis, etc. ). La dernire nouveaut avec Kafka, et pas des moindres, est de pouvoir garantir lexactly once delivery.Jusqu prsent Kafka ne pouvait garantir quun message ne soit envoy quune et une seule fois ( cause des latences rseaux et des retry).Enfin, une feature encore ltat dexprimentation, qui ma beaucoup plu est le fait de pouvoir requter en SQL des streams de donnes en temps rel. Web Components, par OliverSara Harkousse, une des leaders de la communaut Duchess France, a prsent une techno dont vous avez probablement dj entendu parler ces dernires annes mais qui pourtant reste trs obscure concrtement : les Web Components.Comme son nom lindique, cette feature permet darchitecturer une application web en divers composants bien scops et surtout facilement rutilisables (fini les copier/coller de blocs HTML/CSS/JS) travers divers projets et ce, peu importe le navigateur. Bien que tout a soit dj largement dmocratis avec les frameworks JS qui implmentent (plus ou moins) ces Web Components (Angular, Ember, Polymer, React, Vue, etc. ), Sara estime que lapprentissage et la mise en place dun framework est bien trop complexe pour une petite application qui naurait besoin que dutiliser quelques composantsGoogle nous en avait propos une v0 vers 2013 (pour accompagner la sortie de Polymer), mais ce nest que depuis la v1 de la spcification en 2016 que les navigateurs commencent srieusement se pencher sur une implmentation de cette nouvelle feature implmentation qui nest hlas pas encore prsente partout mais pas de panique car un polyfill est disponible ;)Aprs avoir pos le contexte, Sara nous explique que les Web Components sont en fait composs de 4 spcifications :La balise HTML consiste embarquer du HTML qui nest pas pars par le navigateur tant quon ne la pas explicitement append() en JSLe Shadow DOM_ est isol du DOM_ permet davoir du CSS (rellement) scop dans un composant via le slecteur :host_ requiert lutilisation dun flag dans le code JS et dune classe CSS (unique, reprsentant le composant) afin de supporter les navigateurs qui ne disposent pas nativement du Shadow DOMLimport HTML ( ne pas utiliser)_ ressemble : _ est dj dprci sur Safari et Firefox ne compte pas limplmenter_ peut facilement tre remplac par les modules dES6 (avec une simple balise )Les Custom Components correspondent la possibilit dcrire nos propres balises HTML (exemple : ) avec leur propre comportementSi vous voulez creuser davantage le sujet, je vous recommande la lecture du site webcomponents.org et bien sr les slides de Sara Harkousse pour des tips sur la mise en place de vos propres composants web en vanilla JS. Voyage au centre du cerveau humain ou comment manipuler des donnes binaires en JS, par GalMler science, binaire et JS dans une mme conf cest possible ?Parfaitement ! Thomas Jarrand nous a prsent comment il a t amen lire des donnes binaires afin dafficher dans un navigateur web des images du cerveau humain issues dIRM.Les IRM (Imagerie rsonance magntique) crent des images 3D qui sont ensuite exportes en fichiers binaire. Ces fichiers sont composs de headers dfinissant les proprits de limage (rsolution, profondeur, infos sur le patient) qui permettent ensuite de de lire la suite des donnes binaires en dcodant leur position ainsi que la couleur de chaque pixel. Il ne reste ensuite plus qu utiliser les fonctions natives de JavaScript (tableaux typs etc) pour traiter ces diffrentes informations et proposer ensuite un rendu.A notre grande surprise le JavaScript sest montr trs performant et simple dutilisation pour la lecture et le traitement de donnes binaires ainsi que leur reconstitution graphique lcran.REX Open Classroom : rendre lducation accessible, par ClmentNicolas Challeil , lead dev front chez Open Classroom a fait part de son exprience et du cheminement qui les a conduit prendre, en tant que site de formation accessible tous, la place de leader sur le march. Commenons avec une petite anecdote: Nicolas avait un collgue dveloppeur backend non voyant. Travailler avec lui a permis de rendre le site plus utilisable pour lui, en dpit de son handicap.Lvolution du site a continu dans le but de rendre le site accessible, avec comme mission premire: rendre lducation accessible. Cette anne, avant de faire laudit sur laccssibilit, ils ont trouvs un outil pour voir o en tait le site. Loutil quil nous a prsent sappelle aXe. Il est disponible sous forme dapp browser (Google Chrome / Firefox) mais aussi en local (il tourne avec nodejs et phantomjs). Quatres problmes principaux ont t relevs suite lutilisation de aXe :popin (beaucoup utilis sur le site, pas du tout accessible au clavier, le focus tait en dessous la popin)icnes : ils sont vectoriels, donc aucun texte associsous titres vidos : certaines nen possdent pasle plus gros problme : le contraste (ex: des boutons oranges avec des textes en blanc)Suite la dtection de ces problmes, une quipe de dveloppeurs a travaill pendant quelques semaines, un channel sur leur Slack interne a t ouvert, anim par une bonne dynamique de diffrents services (designers, monteur vido, ).Pas mal de problmes tant rgls, ils ont fait appel la socit Tmsis pour faire un audit, un rapport a t envoy, donnant un taux de conformit du site 35%. Le rapport rvle quun bon boulot a t effectu, sur les vidos ou encore sur la structure HTML. Les gros problmes remonts sont :navigation au clavier (pas dattribut href dans les liens qui sont utiliss en javascript)les labels dans les formulaires (il faut vraiment mettre lattribut for li lattribut id du champ input)les icnes (laisser de ct exprs par OC lors de laudit, mais remont lors du rapport)Les diffrents problmes qui ont t remonts sont soit de lordre du bon sens, soit des choses dj connues mais mal appliques.En rsum, 3 points retenir :Les outils ne suffisent pas, il faut vraiment utiliser le site avec des cas rels (faire de la navigation avec le clavier)Laccessibilit nest pas quun problme technique. Ds sa conception, lors du design, on doit penser accessibilit, et rflchir aux outils utiliserLamlioration de laccessibilit profite tout le monde, et non pas quaux personnes portant un handicap. La VR et lAR au service de la formation et de lemploi, par LocCette session a dbut par une - loooongue- prsentation de la socit Evaveo et de ses activits de conception doutils numriques pour la formation.Aprs un rappel de la dernire courbe de Gartner plaant lAR dans la fosse de dsillusion et la VR comme atteignant la maturit, Loc Lextrait, CEO, a redfinit lAR et la VR.Pour un talk tiquet TECH nous sommes encore une fois un peu rest sur notre faim mais au vu des ractions de lauditoire, cette vulgarisation tait semble-t-il ncessaire pour saisir les concepts prsents au sein de cette prise de parole. Dans le monde de lemploi et de la formation, la ralit augmente et la ralit virtuelle offrent une toute nouvelle approche pdagogique, faisant office de game changer sur 3 enjeux cruciaux:LemployabilitLefficience des approches pdagogiques et dvaluationLengagement des salarisDans la pratique, cest surtout la ralit virtuelle qui semble tre utilise grce lefficacit des casques dernire gnration type HTC Vive/Oculus Rift.Deux dmos sont ainsi venues dmontrer la valeur ajoute de la VR dans le domaine de la formation suivant le principe de Learning by doing.La premire, mettait lutilisateur en situation en le plaant dans un EHPAD face des cas durgence ou de danger. La deuxime, ddie lapprentissage des rgles dhygine dans un environnement contraignant permettait de valider ou non les gestes de lutilisateur en incrustant lcran (dans le casque) des extraits de vidos montrant les gestes suivre.En rsum, nous regrettons un talk au final trs peu axe sur la technique et qui nous a laiss sur notre faim. Question de timing srement, Loc Lextrait ayant expliqu plusieurs reprises quil ne pouvait pas sattarder sur certains points. Petit regret galement davoir relgu lAR au rang de technologie contraignante, ncessitant des marqueurs ou une pr-modlisation dobjets. Apple et Google ont pourtant rcemment prouv avec AR Kit et Core AR que la ralit augmente popularise par Pokmon Go pouvait faire des miracles avec un simple smartphone.ConclusionPour finir en grande pompe, Vinvin a livr une intervention pleine dhumour, assurment antibullshit. Cette keynote de clture, sur la base du troll et de lexagration, cet orateur dexception aura russi faire passer un message fort : restons vigilants sur lintelligence artificielle ainsi que la robotique. Ne nous faisons pas peur avec cette volution et vivons avec, tout en mettant en place des limites aux dveloppements hybrides.Ce BlendWebMix aura t un trs bon cru, une fois de plus. Nous avons apprci lattention des organisateurs et le challenge relev de runir des acteurs varis du web franais autour des sujets passionnants de la tech, du design, du webmarketing et de socit.Nous avons galement particulirement pris plaisir participer aux activits annexes proposes, offrant quelques instants de dtente avec notamment la prsence dun barbier, dun stand de massage et mme dune tatoueuse pour les plus tmraires.Le temps des repas, des cartes jeu dactions ont t distribues afin de booster nos changes et crer une mulation entre les participants (rencontrer un inconnu, discuter de tel sujet avec lui etc) et pourquoi pas ensuite laffronter dans une pique partie de babyfoot ou sur une borne darcade !A lanne prochaine le Blend ;)LES AUTEURS. RELATED QUESTION How do I find cheap and reliable e-cigarette suppliers in China? Importing Electronic Cigarettes from ChinaElectronic cigarettes are one of the few products that could be considered a home grown product in China. Since the first units rolled off the assembly lines in Shenzhen about 10 years ago, the electronic cigarettes have presented itself as a serious alternative to smokers that still want to take a puff now and then.However, e-cigarettes are still a topic of high level controversy, and regulations are still on the drawing board in both the US and EU. The product is also lethal if not manufactured according to the relevant safety standards. Keep reading and we explain why. Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China Theres only one place in the world to go if youre looking for electronics, the Guangdong province. Roughly 87% of the Electronic cigarettemanufacturers based here. Of these, the majority isbased in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong. But there are also quite a few suppliers located in Dongguan, Huizhou and Zhongshan all of which are also based in Guangdong province. The industry jump started in 2010 and 2011 when hundreds of new suppliers starting manufacturing and trading (thats two different things) electronic cigarettes. This was before most western government had yet reacted to the influx of this, still controversial, product. Ill get to that in a bit.A lot of suppliers caught on this trend and started trading electronic cigarettes, rather than manufacturing the product themselves. If you browse a site youll quickly notice that most suppliers are mere traders, with very little registered capital (ranging from RMB 30,000 to 100,000). Stay away from these suppliers. They cant offer a better price. They can rarely offer smaller volumes and certainly not smaller volumes of electronic cigarettes that are compliant with EU andUS product certification standards. What they can offer is an extra, non-transparent, layer between you and the actual manufacturer. A manufacturer you know nothing about. Components and Product Specifications Theres no universal definition of good quality. Instead, you need to know what defines good quality. As with every product, there are certain features and parameters thatdefines the quality standardof an electronic cigarette. To begin with, there are 4 main categories of electroniccigarettes:1. Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes 2. Disposable Electronic Cigarettes (Non-Rechargeable) 3. E-Go Electronic Cigarettes 4. Personal Vaporizers Product specifications vary between the different types of electronic cigarettes. For example, you dont need to bother with E-liquid cartridges if youre purchasing Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. But there are still a number of common quality factors that buyers should take into consideration when selecting a product: Cartridge Puffs: 200 500 Cartridge Capacity: 1.X ml Child-proof spring switch: Yes / No Body material: Mouthpiece material: LED: Yes / No Charger type: USB Battery Capacity: XXX mAh Weight: XXg Working voltage: 3.X 3.X VBatteryMost suppliers can offer batteries of different capacities. Its a critical component, since the number of puffs is limited not only by the E-liquid, but also the battery capacity. The relation between the battery capacity and the number of puffs is something like this: 650mah: 600-650 puffs 900mah: 800-850 puffs 1100mah:1000-1050 puffs Theres also a limit to the battery life. However, the battery shall be rechargeable at least 300 times. Charger Most suppliers offer both USB chargers and Power socket chargers. Id go for the USB charger. The voltage in a power socket is much higher than the voltage in a USB socket (around 5 V). An overloaded power socket charger can cause personal injury and outbreak of fire. Ive seen it happen. On the other hand, an overcharged USB is likely to result in little more than a voltage drop or cut. That wont kill anyone or burn down a house.E-liquidsThe E-liquid, or E-juice, is the active substance in the electronic cigarettes and usually contains the following: Propylene glycol Vegetable glycerin Nicotine Flavorings However, theres no set standard of what substances E-liquid shall contain, not to mention the content of each substance. This is also a current topic of debate among regulators around the world, particularly in the European Union and United States.In the European Union, the legal situation is more fragmented. So far, theres no EU wide product safety standard that applies specifically to electronic cigarettes. However, EU states have implemented their own regulations. As of today, its legal to import and sell electronic cigarettes and liquids with nicotine in the following EU countries: United Kingdom Germany Italy Poland Ireland Latvia Lithuania Still, electronic cigarettes are still a topic of debate and further regulations are to be expected. This post could be outdated two weeks from now, so make sure youread up on the current regulationsbefore you import electronic cigarettes or e-liquids from China.In Australia, electronic cigarettes are regulated on a state level. Recently, Western Australia banned imports and sales of electronic cigarettes of all kinds. While imports are still legal for personal use, Australian importers better stay away from electronic cigarettes altogether. Product Certification Requirements Even though regulations specifically for electronic cigarettes are still on the drawing board, in both Europe and America, that is not saying that product certification standards dont apply to the hardware. Electronic cigarettes are subject to certification standards regulating electronic products. These include the following:European Union RoHS (Assembled product & individual components) CE (Assembled product & individual components) REACH (Mouthpiece & plastic case) Need a helping hand? When you order a Starting Package we source Electronic cigarette suppliers able to show previous compliance, and guide you step-by-step through the whole ordering process. There are several reported casesof e-cigarettes exploding and catching fire. Keep in mind the importer is always held responsible, in case a product causes personal injury or property damage. Ensuring product certification compliance is always critical when importing from China.
2021 07 23
A Social Enterprise That Turns Recycled Fishing Nets into Skateboards
The world's oceans and beaches are teeming with all sorts of plastic waste, so social entrepreneurs are trying to address the problem by seeking new uses for the material. Bureo,one such startup, is focused on a particular source of pollution: fishing nets.To that end, the California and Chile-based social enterprise collects discarded nets from the sea and turns them into a material, which is then used to make skateboards, of all things. Recently, it's branched out to sunglasses.The startup also just won $5,000 in the Fish 2.0 business competition for the business with "the greatest potential for social and environmental impact" in the "post-revenue, early-stage" category. I recently wrote about Salty Girl Seafood, which won for the "business demonstrating the strongest market potential."How does Bureo achieve its particular feat of alchemy? According to co-founder David Stover, the company shreds and melts nets until they turn into hard plastic pellets. Then those pellets are injected under high temperature and pressure into a steel mold the shape of the desired product. (Conveniently, Stover and Kevin Ahearn, one of the company's other co-founders, both took a class in injection molding when they were studying mechanical engineering at Lehigh University).The effort started in 2012, while roommates Stover and Ben Kneppers were working in Australia. Both passionate surfers, they became increasingly disturbed by the amount of plastic pollution they seemed to encounter just about everywhere they went. So they started brainstorming ways to reuse some of that material and turn it into products. Then Kneppers accepted a job offer with a Chilean government innovation initiative, moved to that country and, through discussions with sustainable fishing advocates, learned about the pollution caused by discarded or mangled fishing nets.It seemed like they'd pinpointed their material of choice. They could use the nylon in nets to make something, reducing the amount of that particular pollutant in the ocean. Fishing net waste makes up about 10% of plastic pollution, according to Stover. "They're all over the world, with no recycling facilities in place," he says.Kneppers also learned about the new Startup Chile program, which funds startups based there. It seemed like a good launching pad and they decided to apply. While waiting to hear back. they entered a startup incubator at Northeastern University, Kneppers' alma mater. At the same time, Stover's pal Ahearn, who was working for Boeing, joined the team. Their research led them to pinpoint skateboards as a likely product.After Startup Chile accepted them, they set up recycling programs in three communities and, six months later, using $40,000 from Startup Chile, $20,000 from Northeastern, and $5,000 from New England Aquarium's Marine Conservation Action Fund, they made the injection mold needed to manufacture their first board. With a prototype in hand, in early 2014 they launched a Kickstarter campaign, raising $64,000, or 2 1/2 times their goal.That campaign also attracted the attention of clothing manufacturer and social enterprise Patagonia's impact investing fund. In August, 2014, it ended up making an investment for an undisclosed amount. The partners launched the first product later that year. It's now sold with a suggested retail price of $149 in about 90 retailers in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, to name a few places.Bureo's co-founders also decided to expand into another, related product. Sunglasses seemed to make sense. In August, 2015, they raised $181,000 on Kickstarter and, just a few days ago, shipped their first 650 pairs, which sell at a suggested retail price of $139.Bureo, of course, isn't the only social enterprise turning recycled plastic waste into products. The Plastic Bank, for example, allows impoverished people in beach areas to collect plastic waste. Using it as a form of currency, they get access to a 3-D printer with which they create things, like wrenches, they can use to start their own businesses. CO2nscience, a social enterprise in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in the U.K., makes wall art-photographs printed on a felt-like material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. A sister company, Agile Acoustics, creates panels used to absorb noise in offices, produced partially using the same process.Bureo, by the way, means "the waves" in the language of the Mapuche, or native Chileans. According to Stover: "Just as a wave originates from a disturbance of wind along the ocean surface, Bureo is starting with a small change in an ocean of plastic. Through time and energy, the waves of Bureo will develop the force required to cause real change." He's certainly off to a good start.
2021 07 22
What Is It Like to Meet Paul McCartney in Real Life?
My girlfriends best friend has a niece who has worked as a professional roadie for years. She has worked on Paul McCartney tours in Europe and the United States at least twice. She says that Paul McCartney is great to work for. He treats the roadies professionally. Doesnt try to be buddies, but is friendly to them and at the end of tours throws a lavish dinner for them. She has nothing, but good things to say about working for Paul McCartney. She also got us free tickets to a McCartney concert several years ago. Id never seen him live before. It was a very, very good show.• Suggested ReadingWas Paul McCartney hard on George Harrison?Simply, yes. Paul treaded George as a schoolboy, or his younger Brother. The Let It Be movie shows that a lot. Lennon was less interested and was into drugs and Yoko. Ringo was Ringo and George was frustraded. Paul takes the lead in a time that The Beatles are not a real band anymore. There was so much friction, in a artistic way, financialy and the role of Paul. George was ready for solothings. Two of the best songs on Abbey Road are from George, even McCartney and Lennon knowing that.Time tot new steps. All Things Must Pass is a very good album, but the follow ups are not really great albums imo------Why is Led Zeppelin III so underrated?Out of left field, the band went acoustic. The lead off track, The Immigrant Song, was just a trick. It goes into Friends (the first acoustic number), followed by the rocking Celebration Day. The record still contains the blues that Zeppelin did the best (Since Ive Been Loving You), but largely becomes a softer (in a good way) affair on side two.I wasnt around in 1970, but my guess is that people wanted to rock, which was simply not on the cards for Zeppelin. III would turn out to be a great way of setting the stage for IV sand Houses of the Holy, so its alleged shortcomings should not be taken too harshly.------What is the difference between vehicles with halogen light bulbs and HID bulbs?Halogen's are incandescent light bulbs with filaments using different materials that are brighter than older bulbs of the same wattage, and run at 12v. They will eventually burn out and need replacement.HID's (high intensity discharge) are essentially arc lights that use high voltage to enable the arc. They are brighter still, and are/were an improvement over halogens, at least from the OEM. There's a chance you'll have to replace them.Now LEDs are preferable, as they are about the same brightness as HIDs, but use less power, are less complicated, run at 12v, and last forever.People complain about the bluish tint of HIDs and some LEDs, and their brightness, but I don't really think they're any worse unless mis-aimed------How is a possible 2019 recession different than the 2008 great recession?We dont know when the next full blown recession would exactly hit, though many leading indicators looks bad and much of the rest of the world is effectively in recession already.The difference whenever it becomes fully realized were in a severe recession next time would probably be that the worlds government balance sheet is a lot more screwed and have much less ammo to work with, also perhaps more importantly, that most of the world are now adversarial against each other and odds of as much cooperation as last time is much worse, although we probably wont get to the 1920s/30s type of pure beggar thy neighbor policy, it would probably end up somewhere between that and 2008------Why did the United States kill the Native Americans?The biggest die-off amongst Native populations was caused by disease long before America formed. Butthe US was responsible for a large number of deaths in its expansion westward. The reason was simple enough: land. As immigrants poured into the US, what they wanted was land. Farmland meant freedom and a chance at some kind of better life. Native tribes were settled on the land. They had to go- that was an idea that the bulk of the American population accepted. Not everyone thought Natives should be actually exterminated, but it was taken for granted that the tribes would be stripped of their land, re-settled on reservations, and made to assimilate.------What is the Aryan race?The Aryans, a Indo-Iranian tribes, described themself as black or brown haired and black/brown or green eyed people.They lived in an region known as Aryavarta or Aryavaeja. This includes Northern-India, Iran, Armenia, parts of Anatolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and some other regions.It is also likely that in this region the proto-Indo-Europeans originated.A new genetic and linguistic analysis suggest that proto-Indo-Europeans and their language originated somewhere in today Iran. (Fun fact: Iran means Land of the Aryans)So the Aryan-race is a sub-type of the Caucasoid race. It is native to the Aryavarta/Aryavaeja region.Also see my answer at: Which modern-day ethnic group is the closest genetically to the Proto-Indo-Europeans who migrated into Europe?------How can I fix blinking red light in my JIO GIGA FIBER modem?In 99% of cases, it is caused when the Optic Fiber write is cut somewhere. Quickly follow these steps for lightning fast resolution:Switch off your Router and wait for 30 seconds, and turn on the Router back again. It must fix the problem (This comes under 1% of cases where IP Address is not Reset). If this doesnt resolves the problem, follow next steps.Raise an SR - Request (complaint under Internet Support Category), by using MyJio app. The option for raising SR is under JioCare button, where you can chat with the customer service.Once SR - Request is raised, You can visit the nearest Jio Service center and provide them the SR - Request number.They will send you the Engineer ASAP and the wire fault will be fixed------Why do people like Boris Johnson?He is really only supported by people with no integrity. As a consistent liar who is singularly self interested, he can only be supported by those who have sold their soul and support similar disgraceful humans like Trump.His discussions on the economy are full of ridiculously meaningless sound bites and from f*ck business to running away from his constituents over the Heathrow vote he consistently shows he has no moral fibre, no new ideas and hopefully no hope of ever advancing further.For a brief period years ago I taught him copywriting when his dad thought he should find a career still not sure if I did a good thing or not. Perhaps should have taught integrity instead------Could Islam ever take over the world?No! If a nuclear Islamic country tried to takeover the rest of the world it would lead to nuclear war. On the other hand if the country did not have nuclear weapons then western countries would be more powerful that they would win the war. The only possible way that would happen is if everyone converted to Islam but that will not happen.Muslim countries will never unite to form a country like the United States. Indeed, the muslim caliphates of the past were not like the United States, their system was extremely decentralized, they let local leaders and governors rule the area provided they were loyal. The islamic world is so divided along tribal, ethnic, religious, and sectarian lines that they will never unite under one government.------What is the best way to learn how to properly pronounce a word?English has phonetic alphabet which have the atomic sounds which will constitute the pronuniciation of various words- International Phonetic Alphabet chart for English dialects - WikipediaThis contains the various sounds of English applicable- Phonetic alphabetBy mastering this, you would be able to read the phonetic notation of the words adjacent to their meanings in any standard dictionary. And as you figure out the pattern of various combinations of letters and how they are generally pronounced, you would be able to gain mastery over pronunciations.Also, it helps to understand how the tongue, teeth and palette are used to each sound and pronounce entire words in conjunctions. Articulatory phonetics - Wikipedia will give you some basic idea.HTH!------Why couldn't America stop the Soviet Union from building the Berlin Wall?for a very simple reason.Does anyone wonder why the wall was built only in 1961 and not before?During a visit in Berlin, a well educated guide told us that in the late 50ies USSR was technologically (in a military sense) ahead respect USA despite his economict power.At the time Sputnik satellite had just sent in the space and USSRs missiles could reach USA while it wasnt the opposite. And also USSRs atomic bombs (or bomba H) were several times more powerful than USAs one. This fact was called sputnik crisis.Probably this was the reason beacause America couldnt stop USSR from building the wall: they were worried to be destroyed in case of war------Are we really heading towards the new world order?You can see the term NWO repeated along with the idea that if they can cause just the right catastrophe, they can bring in a Socialist utopia(knowing that many people will resist). And it is doomed to fail because the people running things are usually checking off all the vices one by one. Pride being the worst- its pride that makes the James Bond villians tell Bond about all of their plans to show off how very smart they were. The NWO types are the guys with the 100 year plans in the secret societies, bent on world domination. But it always falls apart at the last minute, and their weapons end up being a boon to mankind. Swords to plowshears, atomic bombs to atomic power.------Why didn't Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender after disastrous failure in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863? Wasn't it clear that the war was lost?At the same time the battle of Gettysburg was going on the battle of Vicksburg was going on. Vicksburg fell about the same time as Gettysburg and with its loss came the Norths full control of the Mississippi river cutting the confederacy in half. It would of made more sense to send Lee there instead of invading the north. Jefferson Davis should of known how important it was to hold Vicksburg. With both losses the war was essentially over with but Davis wanted to continue so his men continued on.When the war was over Davis tried to escape and was hoping to start a guerrilla style war but it did not materialize. He wanted to continue even though it was over------How were the American and French Revolutions similar? How were they different?Well, in both cases, both groups felt they were denied the representation they asked for. For example, the American elites wanted to at least have representation in the British parliament and some say in their affairs. In France, the middle class and commons did not want to simply be taxed without any real say in their affairs. In the case of France, it was the masses that were hurt and they took to the streets. Of course, the middle class took part, as well. In the U.S., it was more the elites who started and led things. In both France and the US, they talked about liberty, individuality, and standing up to absolute rule------What is the best 42-inch LED TV to buy in India?BEST LED TV to buy in India presently is none other than Riadex TV which is recently launched in India. It's a Made In India product which has the best built in all compact features.Usually you won't get an Android Smart TV in most of the leading TV manufactures in today's market. It's only available on a very few reputed foreign brands of TV in India like Sony but it comes at a very high price. Say, 99,990/- for an Android TV, whereas Samsung doesn't have an Android TV yet.Ridaex is an Android Smart TV manufactured in India which comes with an economical price tag. This brand of TV is making a lot of noise in the Indian Consumer Market. check out www.gotmatter.com
2021 07 22
Brighten Your Home in 64,000 Shades of White Through Wiz ...
There is no shortage of companies designing ways to light your home for your every need. Wiz Connected Lightsis hoping its voice-controlled lighting system will be the last one you ever need to buy.The system was rolled out in North America in late August and features smart LED light bulbs, recessed lighting, and sensors, among other things, to keep your home well-lit. No smart home hub is required to turn on the system, which lights up through an app that allows you to "pair and share" in 30 seconds.To activate Wiz Connected Lights, link up the lighting system to your home's Wi-Fi using an intelligent setup system that is quick and easy. All you have to do is screw in your Wiz light bulb or plug in a Wiz luminaire.Then, download the company's app, which you can find on Google Play and the Apple App Store, which allows you to "pair and share" by tapping on your screen once and quickly clicking your light switch three times. Wiz does the rest, identifying the lights and activating them in under a minute.There are multiple ways to light up the Wiz Connected Lights system, including through Wi-Fi on the app, remotely on your mobile network, using the Wizmote infrared remote control, through preset scheduling, or through voice commands via Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can access two preferred light modes with a simple click.You can also use the app to remotely set up and control different rooms for different lighting options. Guests are also able to control your lighting if you give them access to your Wi-Fi network and Wiz app.The Wiz Connected Lights system comes equipped with 64,000 shades of white and 16 million colors you can choose from. If you're away from home, you can use the app to access vacation mode and turn your lights on.The system can also connect and interact with a number of motion-detection cameras, sensors, mobile GPS, and even the weather app. One such example is the Nest camera, which can turn your lights on when it detects movement. It can also change the lighting to fit the mood when the temperature changes.In fact, the Wiz Connected Lights include various preset white light functions such as cozy, warm, daylight, cool, focus, relax, and bedtime. It also includes more dynamic lighting options such as fireplace, mojito, forest, ocean, romance, and sunset.You can buy the WiZ smart LED lights for $24.95 for a single adjustable white bulb, or $34.95 for a single full color and controllable white bulb.
2021 07 22
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