Why Are Hitler and Stalin Widely Abhorred in the Countries They Ruled, While Mao Is Praised by the C

Because the interests of Germany and Russia, to a certain extent, are consistent with those of the West led by the United States after World War II.After World War II, Germany quickly realized that they had to re-enter the mainstream society of the west to survive and develop, which was right to some extent, so the pro american faction quickly occupied the political commanding height, and because the Jewish consortium had a huge influence in the world through the United States, the German anti Hitler performance once reached the extreme.Russia's leaders are easily influenced by the West because of the lack of an inherent culture that can really confront the West. The opposition between the Russians and the west is purely beneficial. There are few fundamental cultural conflicts. They worship Western gods in their bones.

In China, the profound historical accumulation of Chinese culture determines that this nation will not be influenced by the superficial ideological preaching of the West. The Chinese people clearly know that they should follow their own path, they have their own mission, and there is no future for them to be assimilated by the west, so they can maintain their reflection on the mainstream culture. So in this sense, China is the only hope for human cultural diversity and even species diversity. The extinction of Chinese culture means the extinction of human culture, and ultimately the extinction of human beings

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Why was Dumbledore sorted into Gryffindor but not Slytherin?

Much emphasis is placed upon the sorting process at Hogwarts. The Sorting Hat is a legacy object, imbued with the methods the four founders of Hogwarts employed each academic year at the facility.The purpose of sorting is complex. It is about living space, classroom structure, and competition. Each founder had characteristics they prized, the individual mind contains many characteristics. The hat seems to seek the dominant characteristics, without overlooking the potential to develop recessive ones.The question is about Dumbledore. We learn toward the end of the series, Dumbledore had ambitions, goals, and high aspirations as a youth. These were interrupted by family issues, which his loyalty decided his path. He chose his family, above all. That did not just appear in his heart and mind, it was always there. Even the distraction of Grindewald was not enough to change the roots Dumbledore grew from.

I think this is a hallmark of Gryffindor House. Regarding Slytherin House, there is a nod to goal-oriented success. Slytherin strikes me as a place for minds who set upon a destination, and stop at nothing to achieve goal. Slytherins often overlook consequences, and will press forward regardless of this.Dumbledore spent the entire story mindful of consequences. He understood blind ambition, free will, and the wisdom of letting the story unfold, rather than rushing to judgment. Most important: with leadership and power comes great responsibility. Dumbledore took responsibility for his endeavors, and often accepted responsibility for actions not his own. Dumbledore's Army?You better believe that man had style. He had the scars to prove it.


Why was Michael Jackson so weird?

I dont think Michael Jackson was weird so much as misunderstood.Not to mention his upbringing.If you do research youll clearly see that he didnt have a normal childhood. Been at it for a very long time. Starting out at a very young age.I dont know if he could have acted any other way. He was definitely in a league of his own. I dont think anyone could touch him.His style, originality & yes his weirdness along with his dedication to his craft. He was a true artist. A musical bird in flight.I remember when I was younger & seeing him do the moonwalk for the first time on TV. No one had ever seen a move like that before. It was totally original, graceful & he executed it flawlessly.And of course everyone perceives the world around them differently, so maybe what seemed weird to most, was normal to him.

Plus almost all great performers have their quirks about them. These are the things that set them apart from everyone else. The things that make them great! Michael was for sure one of them.

I am glad I was around when he was in his prime. I remember Thriller when it came out & it was awesome!!! Sold 50 million copies!! Effected the world! Wow!!!RIP Michael & thanks for all the great music & inspiration!!!Sincerely, Dwayne JenkinsDwayne Rocks Guitar - Experience the fun of learning guitar


Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?

Sort of.The threat is here: Memorandum on Reviewing Funding to State and Local Government Recipients That Are Permitting Anarchy, Violence, and Destruction in American Cities | The White HouseNote that this is not a memorandum removing funding but rather, a memorandum reviewing how potentially to remove funding.This is another great example of the Art of the Propaganda. Trump and the cronies put forth what amounts to a piece of legal toilet paper. The right wing media hail it as a great achievement and a blow struck for law and order. The left wing media portray it as an assault on freedom and decency, and those in the middle of the road point to how limited the Presidents actual authority to rearrange the Federal budget to his liking is actually supposed to be.The piece of toilet paper is a distraction. The Don knows you dont threaten first, you hit first. Thats why there was no paper trail for how CBPs SWAT team showed up in Portland to do domestic law enforcement and attack protesters. Thats why there was no formal justification before hand for the removal of aid to Ukraine, and the timeline for the extortion scheme had to be teased out over weeks of testimony. Thats why we found about about the administrations internment camps at the border only after.The question really is - how are he and his friends actually scheming to rip off the country while we focus on this?Original question:Is it true that President Donald Trump threatened to cut federal funding of several major cities which are led by Democrats?


What are the top-10 wallpapers programmers love?

Like others have stated, my best wallpaper is no wallpaper. Period.Having said that, let me point to the type of wallpapers that I absolutely hate! And not just as a programmer, but just as a user of any computing system that may display icons over it.Sometimes friends of friends, or some distant relatives, learn that Im a software developer and assume (or translate it for themselves) that it means that I fix computers. So the first thing that they ask me to do is to get malware out of their Windows system. (And that, I guess you can imagine, is the second thing that I absolutely hate. But that is beside the point here.) So when I cant say no to them, thats when I meet most of the abhorrent wallpaper images.

So the first thing that totally drives me nuts in a desktop image is when it is usually taken at some family picnic or at a kids school recital, or a birthday party. So basically what youre greeted with is a bunch of faces staring at you from the desktop. But what make it even more annoying is not just faces alone, but the color splash or the busy-ness of the desktop image that turns finding any icons on the desktop into a total headache.

So my favorite desktop image is a contrasty solid color. Usually light blue to keep me awake. Or in some cases an image that your OS came with. Really easy to use. No distractions


Why does Israel continue to win their wars when they are outnumbered fifteen to one?

Firstly, Israel isnt outnumbered on the battlefield 15:1, just in overall population. During the War of Independence, at the worst moment, Israel was outnumbered 3:1. (1948 ArabIsraeli War) and Six Day War was 2:1 (Six-Day War)Now, population wise, yes, were at a severe disadvantage, there are more people in the city of Cairo (Cairo population) than in all of Israel (Demographics of Israel).

So how do we beat such odds?We Know Our Enemys Weakness and We Make Sure it Doesnt Exist For USThis article Why Arabs Lose Wars is one I bring up a lot, because it discusses key weaknesses in the countries surrounding Israel that simply do not exist for Israel. For instance,Iraqi prisoners in 1991 showed a remarkable fear and enmity toward their officers. Why Arabs Lose WarsIn Israel, officers are expected to remain prisoners of war till the enlisted men go free. That increases soldier morale.

2. We Use Our ResourcesIsrael also has made use of the Diaspora community, who often supplied arms and money. Pictorial History: Acquiring Arms & Personnel gives an excellent history. The Diaspora Jews were willing to risk their lives, their jobs, their citizenship to help IsraelWhy? I often give this parable. A dog once failed to catch a rabbit for his master. The master sighed. I cant blame you, pup. You were running for my dinner, but the rabbit was running for his life. Jews in Israel and worldwide knew we had to win or we die. Hence, they organized well.


Have you gone to church in the past year?

I am an attender of a Bible-believing church, and youll find me there most Sundays. Its not a perfect place with perfect people, but these are people who love Jesus, who teach, preach and share the gospel, and who love each other.No one holds a gun to my head demanding that I go to church. I like to go, and even if Im not in the mood, I go anyway. Some things are just important, and attending church is a priority for anyone who is serious about following Christ. But, its no burden. I love the people I fellowship with. I also attend a small group that meets on Sunday nights from the church. Time with fellow believers is an important part of what it means to walk with and live for the Lord.Its interesting that churches in this day and age tend to fall into two camps - dying, or thriving. Churches that marginalize the truth of the Bible and that try to accommodate society and societal trends are, for the most part, bleeding members. There is no life in them (there are many, many spiritually dead churches) and the members have figured that out. The buildings of these churches are being turned into houses or restaurants. Or the compromising churches become social clubs (seems like one of your answers alludes to that).

So there are churches, and then there are churches . . . .And the difference between churches is enormous

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