Who Will Be Labour's Leader After Jeremy Corbyn Is Gone?

To my mind there is only one person who can lead the Labour party out of the wilderness, however she unfortunately lost her seat in yesterday's carnage. The lady I have in mind is Caroline Flint. She is everything that Corbyn and his gaggle of morons aren't. Educated, charasmatic and a true democrat. If she was in the driving seat we would be looking at a very different Labour party

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Hypothetical Scenarios: What if African slavery was never introduced to America?

I think by "America" you mean the U.S. In Latin America and the Caribbean the intent was to enslave the natives or import slaves from the start. In a sense, slavery was here even before anyone showed up at Jamestown. In the North settlers tended to want their own little farms. In the South settlers wanted to be plantation owners. If no one had brought blacks over, native americans would have been enslaved as they were in Latin America


Was Robert E. Lee surprised when Grant did not withdraw after his defeat in the Battle of the Wilderness but instead advanced toward Richmond?

Why did Grant decide not to return to Washington but to instead continue attacking Lee after the Battle of the Wilderness? His army was wearing out Lee and he wanted to continue his war of attrition. What can be said of the Confederate army during the Wilderness Campaign? But the resulting Battle of Appomattox Court House, which lasted only a few hours, effectively brought the four-year Civil War to an end. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Rottweiler material there.


What was the biggest mistake you made this week? What did you learn about yourself from that mistake?

I washed my car during hot weather and suddenly my car battery is dead and unable to start. I may shock my car by washing it but luckily, It was at the home driveway that I didnt have to stand under the hot sun. I called a specialist and it has been fixed but an unexpected expense that I would more careful with my car and periodic check up to be done.


Why would Trump say he didn't want to help some GOP Senate candidates?

You need to understand that there is only one way for Trump. Everyone else needs to be helping him, not the other way around. There are a number of Senate candidates Trump believes havent been loyal enough for Trump. Romney, Collins, Murkowski are some. I think Lou Dobbs position of Lindsey Graham may have been a trial balloon for Trump because Graham hadnt already indicted Biden, Obama, Clinton


What human knowledge is not available on the Internet?

the relatively high depth of knowledge, The internet is filled with knowledge but i find most article there are rather shallow in the subject matter they inform, if you want to do a thorough research on a subject matter you cant just search on it on the internet and trust every article you came across. you need a reliable source which contain a thorough knowledge and a physical proof which you can refer to.Books


Is science fiction really non-fiction disguised as fiction?

No. Fiction is fiction. The characters and plots are made up.Now, some science fiction (not all) does try to extrapolate possible future technology, and good science fiction writers keep up-to-date on science and technology, so advances they present in their fiction may well come to pass. (Indeed, some science fictional technology has inspired real-world advances.) But thats a far cry from claiming science fiction is non-fiction, which it is not.


Why must parents communicate with their children?

You are talking about communication but I say relationship between parents and children should always be sweet, but is it possible ? Never ! The parents should never lose there position and the children should also not become bigger than their parents that means a father should remain a father, mother should remain mother and son/daughter should remain children for life and life for such a family will always be good and wonderful !!! Respect your elders and love your youngsters that all one should do. Best of luck !!!


Is the following sentence correct?

Learn preposition for time.In the morning.In the afternoon.At night.In the day.No proportion for today, tomorrow.At weekend or on weekends.In 2018.In May.At 2 pm.In the middle of the night.On Saturday.On 6th July.On Christmas.On my birthday.Dad and my birthdays fall on the same day.At and On may vary in the US and UK English.The bottom line is in the evening. Or by this evening


How do I turn on one LED while turning off the other LED in the same circuit?

You can use a 5v relay to control the LEDs you just need to connect one LED to NO(Normally Open) contact and other LED to the NC(Normally Closed) contact.And by apply voltage at the relay coil terminals you can turn on one LED by turning off the other, alternatively you can switch the the LEDsBut this technique consumes a lot of power when compared to digital circuit, and is less efficient than the digital circuit


Did Madara Uchiha have a crush?

Oh yeah. Remember Hashirama? That was his DUDE. Madara had a whole man crush on him. He was his closest friend he ever had starting from childhood. Madara was so sure his philosophy was correct and that Hashirama needed saving along with the shinobi world that he fought an entire war for days on end.Even when Tobirama, Hashiramas brother, killed Izuna, he restrained himself and focused on Hashirama alone. He wanted to be the one to kill him.

So yes, Madara did have a crush :).


Can you be charged with manslaughter if you accidentally cause a fire that kills someone?

Manslaughter in most jurisdictions in the world is not a charge; it's a conviction after the trial. In most countries, the charge is most usually either murder or some kind of homicide.That being the case, you can see it's possible for a manslaughter conviction for an accidental fire resulting in death of someone. It's then up to the evidence and your defence to present any mitigating factors to lessen the conviction and sentence. Other than that, no universal answer


How difficult will it be to get Covid-19 under control in Florida?

The incremental closings is going to make this drag out longer than it should. People are still not wearing masks or social distancing. Closing the bars is just a pathetic attempt to not shut the place down again. They squandered the opportunity to keep the case load down while it was low. The governor needs to threaten closing all non essential businesses and Disney world again for people to start paying attention


Could Guns 'N Roses be considered the last classic rock band?

Ive always hated the bullshit marketing phrase classic rock.It was coined long before Guns N Roses even formed.At the time Guns N Roses burst on the the scene, they were considered anything but classic rock.

Classic Rock keeps extending its timeline and essentially means any rock thats not current.My God, the Ramones, the Clash, the Sex Pistols and Nirvana are now probably considered classic rock.Its a bullshit, meaningless term


What role, if any, did the EU play in Britain's decision to leave the EU?

They played a huge role. Cameron promised mountains, asked the EU for molehills and received virtually nothing. In my opinion it was the sheer contempt shown by the EU to Cameron that tipped Brexit over the edge. The grandstanding of certain EU apparatchiks such as Verhofstadt etc. All of this was essential and I for one thank them for their stupidity and intransigence. Furthermore in the negotiations Barnier has amply demonstrated that nothing changes. He's doing Brexiteers jobs for them. Keep it up guys


When did the Dutch Empire start?

The Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC), the United East-India Company, was formed in 1602. This was the basis of the Dutch colonial empire in Asia and Africa. Its purpose was not to create an empire, or to acquire colonies, but to trade with people and nation in the Indies. The colonies came into being more or less by accident when the VOC started to enforce a monopoly it wanted for itself against local rulers and foreign (European) competitors


Why isn't anyone bothered about the farmer suicides in India?

If you Google number of suicides in india then figure is more than 2 lakhs per year. Reasons could be many but the numbers are huge.As per above numbers farmer suicide are about 1% of total suicides in India, although farmers constitute 60% of the population.

Shouldnt we worry about other 99% also , after all any loss of life is equally important. Media only likes to highlight sensational news without giving correct perspective, let's not get carried away by news


Is it true that Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world?

I guess because he apparently represents the best that America has to offer. One could surmise he is the pinnacle of American ethics, morality, intelligence and intellectual capability - in the US. If you want to take it one step further his appearance must quicken the pulse of Americans.

If he truly does make America great again perhaps his unique hair style, way of speaking, and mannerisms will be adopted by all Americans


Was Sonia Gandhi a bar dancer?

No she hasnt worked as bar dancer . She was poor student from Italy who studied at local college in Cambridge ( you will find her lackeys lying that she passed from university of Cambridge ) .For supporting her education / livelihood she worked odd jobs such as waitressing to supplement her living . When Mr Rajiv Gandhi was at Cambridge university , he met her and love blossomed .

There is evidence that her father was a fascist like many Italian youths of at that time and favoured Fasicist regime during his early days


What teams are hot favorites to win the T20 World Cup 2014?

Australia. Period.George Bailey, Mitchell Johnson and James Faulkner; these three men are enough to take the Aussies through.They have a fair bit of experience of playing at the subcontinent, thanks to the money filled premier league. They are in prime form, they have defeated the Proteas in their den. The others players in the squad are too awesome too.But again, its T20. One over can change everything, as the popular ad says.I'd consider NZ and Pakistan dark horses


What was the flaw Kurt Gödel discovered in the US constitution that would allow conversion to a dictatorship?

It is not possible to know with certainty the logical flaw Goedel claimed to have found in the U. S. Constitution. I am not aware of Goedel leaving written notes on his purported discovery. Nevertheless, his incompleteness theorems contradict the prevailing interpretive theory of the Constitution commonly known as "textualism.

" I believe that what I argue in "Goedel's Contradiction and Jefferson's Solution," comes closest to a likely reconstruction of Goedel's concerns


Was General Falkenhayn stupid to try to bleed the French white in the WW1 Battle of Verdun?

No not stupid, as he was a very intelligent man. However, the idea that he could bleed the French Army dry in a battle of attrition at Verdun was foolhardy to say the least. In the end it merely became a meat grinder that ate up the lives of both French and German soldiers without any strategic gain whatsoever.

Having said that the entire war (WWI) was stupid, meaningless and merely led to WWII and more deaths on an even grander scale


What is the difference between a smart TV and an Android TV?

Smart TV - is a TV that can play online contentAndroid TV - essentially performs the similar functionality but because it is running the official ANDROID TV OS developed by google for TV the user experience is far more superior. the bug fixes are taken care off by google and more and more apps are now making content and are available on the TV as a resultAlso big feature - ANDROID TV OS has chromecast built in so you don't need to but an additional device


As India surrenders to China at the Doklam standoff, what message goes to the world about the Indian Army's reputation?


Firstly no country surrendered to each other. It's a win win situation for both INDIA & CHINA. Both the parties mutually agreed & withdrew their troops & in a way China stopped the road construction works, as per 2012 agreement between 3 nation's the status co remains the same.

However due to INDIA'S stubborn, aggressive behaviour & also BRICS summit & Chinese congress meeting & wide world support to INDIA forced to CHINA to reduce it's aggressive posture & rhetoric to mellow it's way & the DOLKLAM issue is stopped


What are your views on the accusations made on Anand Kumar's Super 30?

A clear and candid stand and clarification ,over this controversy is expected from Anand Kumar .Anand kumar earned enough and he should desist such stuffs .These kind of stuffs is not expected from a person who proclaims to be a disciple of D.


Verma ,whose name he proudly takes as his inspirating teacher nor from Late Vinoy Kanth sir.Only good teachers can curb the commercialization of education .But what if when teachers himself started and indulged in thecommercialization of the education ?Thanks .

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