Which Is Better, Individualism of Collectivism?

If by collectivism you mean the individual freedom of some dictator to exert his benevolent will over the collective, as he, of course, is free of the impulsive tendencies which make the collective inaffectual when it comes to decision making - than neither.If by individualism you mean the individual freedom of the individual to indulge his impulsive tendencies and be morally corrupt as he sees fit - than neither.What is best is the individual being socially encouraged to behave optimally, as to further the collective longevity of everyone.

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What race are Turkic/Altaic people?

As Turkic and Altaic are not the same things, and the last is a term for a linguistic theory, i will talk about the Turkic peoples:The Turkic peoples originated somewhere in today northern China. They were part of several nomadic federations, mostly based in modern Mongolia. They have created several empires, for example the GkTrk Khaganate.

The Turkic people were originaly a Mongoloid group, closely to Mongolians and other Siberians.But today many Turkic people are mixed with other groups, mostly Caucasoid Iranian and Slavic tribes.The Turks in Turkey have about 0 - 30% east-asian/siberian DNA. In average 15%.

So, the Turkic people are from the Mongoloid race. (today most, but not all, are mixed)


What leadership qualities does Arvind Kejriwal lack as a Politician?

A leader should be able to inspire. He was pretty good at it.He must commit to the cause. He was amazing.He must have the confidence to lead. We see this in the movement against corruption.The one thing he doesn't have is - The ability to delegate.

AAP is Aam Aadmi Party. It is not All is Arvind's Property.A party runs on principles, values, mission. A party is more than a group of faces. It is the idea that drives the party, not people.Arvind Kejriwal is a one man show. He is damn good at it but that is not you run a government, that's not how you manage a government, that's not you build a state.


Why does one lose faith in God and become atheist?

I came to the realization that if any god was real, he literally sits there and watches bad things happen and does nothing. Children being raped god watches. People being tortured god watches. People starving to death god watches.It made no sense to me that if god existed, he would just watch such horror and do nothing. (And, if a god does exist. What an absolute monster!)That was the start of my disbelief. Now, at 52 years old, I have had decades of no evidence for any god existing. The default position is to not believe until sufficient evidence is presented


Current Events in U.S. Politics:

Because the media and the establishment hates him and they control every headline on every newspaper and they want to shut down the power of the freedom of speech in America and they will never succeed. We the people will heed the call of wisdom and elect our choice because, in America, every citizen, whether you are popular or unpopular, has equal voting power and rights.

So, if you want to be another puppet of "what's popular" or whatever the media and celebrities are promoting, then so be it. But the majority of us will not be so easily swayed.


What is the wattage of LED street lights?

That's a little bit like asking "how much does a car cost?" There is no realistic way to answer the question as written. If you can edit it, I'd ask more specifically. In the US, most, but not all LED street lights have wattage stickers on the bottom... it'll say something like "39 LED" - that indicates it's 39 watts. So if you're in the US, look at the bottom of the fixture during the day, and there's a decent chance you'll be able to tell


What is the practical limit of human evolution?

Like many, you seem to see evolution as a progression toward something -like perfection, perhaps? It is not. Evolution is adaptation to environmental factors. Theres no prize. Theres no finish line. If environments remain stable, there will still be life forms procreated with various changes, but they will not become the norm. What becomes the norm is that adaptation which best suits the environment in which the organism lives. As long as environments continue to change, life forms and their norms will continue to adapt or die. The only possible limits are unbelievably stable environments or catastrophic changes which occur so quickly that nothing has time to adapt.


Is Hindi literature dying or is it already dead?

Not at all!Hindi is the official language of India(On 14 September 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi written in Devanagari script as the official language of the Republic of India.)Dead!,Noways,even if a minimum of two people use a particular language to communicate,then it cant be declared dead or extinct for that matter . Well,if you were to ask of whether it is dying - then Id rather say the regional languages have slightly overtaken Hindi Language in that Particular Region,say Tamil in Tamilnadu,Telugu in Andhrapradesh,Malayalam in Kerala,Kannada in Karnataka,Tulu in Mangaluru,Konakni in Goa,Bengali in West Bengal,Bhojpuri in Bihar,Gujrathi in Gujrath,Punjabi in Punjab etc.


After Zhukov saved Moscow in 1941, why did Stalin leave him alone and let him primarily run operations against the Germans until after the war?

Whatever you say about Stalin, in World War II he had the sense that Hitler didn't have, in that he actually listened to his generals and rewarded success. So as long as Zhukov kept winning battles he was fine. As were any other successful Russian generals. Anyone who didn't win them was replaced, and anyone who didn't win them because they were incompetent were usually punished. It was only after the wall where he seemed to have found some humanity and got a bit big for his boots, that he became a threat to the Communist Party and was removed from office


Will the Aam Aadmi Party gain popularity?

Surely It will gain popularity because :nARVIND KEJRIWAL'S/AAM AADMI PARTY'S STANDARD THOUGHTS TO DEVELOP INDIAExample :DEVELOPMENT OF FINANCIAL DISTRICT, GOOD ROADS, HEALTH BUS SERVICEON TOP OF CORRUPTION FREE SYSTEM.On Papers :n20122013 Total India expenditure (16.68 Trillion INR e.g. 333 Billion $).Actual :n10% of 333 Billions - 33 Billions (165,000 Crores INR)n(Because 90% became the part of corruption)If corruption would be eradicated then :nActual : 100% of 333 Billions - 333 Billions (16.

68 Trillion INR)nAll problems will be solved automatically e.g. health, roads, railway stations, airports, corporate, public sector, and Indians will be more efficient, confident and become world class citizen


Why did Winston Churchill lose his job as Prime Minister during the 1945 election despite leading his country to victory in WWII?

Churchill misread the tone of the land.Britain was exhausted, bombed, broke and thoroughly fed up with the hardships of the war. Rationing actually got harsher after the conflict as aid from the US was redirected towards getting the continent rebuilt. About the last thing people wanted to hear was that there would be no reward for all the huge sacrifices they had made.

Labour understood this and Atlee devised the NHS accordingly. He gave the public the new, fairer, more hopeful Britain they wanted.Churchill took the rejection personally, but it was a rejection of his failure to read the public mood.


Are there any examples of human evolution?

Our brain size is getting smaller and more efficient. So head size is shrinking.Humans in cold environments are general smaller and thicker to conserve heat. Humans in hot areas are generally taller and thinner to dissipate heat better.

Our jaws are smaller so wisdom teeth don't fit.Our useless baby toes have been shrinking over time.We are the only species that is able to consume milk as an adult. Because all other species stop producing the enzyme that breaks down lactose after infancy. Unless you are lactose intolerant. Then you are less evolved


Why does Jose Mourinho seem unable to last long in any club?

Well that isn't the right way to actually see it.Maybe the ousting from different clubs has caused you to ask this.You're not wrong.I'll just give you another way of seeing this situation.

He has been in different clubs like Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan & Real Madrid.To the very least he has won a league title and a cup at least once with all these clubs.That technically means he had got his job done.

He likes challenges. He always likes fielding the best side, experimenting and winning all the time.When he moves to the other club it can be because of new challenges that he can conquer


What is the spirit of the antichrist?

Hi Lydia,Here is one example of what the spirit of antichrist is, yet is not limited to simply denying Jesus coming in the flesh.And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 1 John 4:3The spirit of antichrist is against in the place of Jesus Christ. Therefore, if someone speaks against Christ they are speaking by influence of the spirit of antichrist.Shalom


Can you fully recover from borderline personality disorder?

Only if!Psychotherapy and skills training gets a Borderline to the state that they can COPE with BPD better. They can be more self-aware; and if stressed, can apply mindful skills to bear through the pain.But the underlying issues that make a Borderline a Borderline is still not understood to be treated fully. Research is ongoing, so theres hope that BPD can be treated like any other medical condition I state that because BPD studies are showing that Borderlines think differently, and its backed up via brain scans vs controls. Theres a chance BPD is a pathway or sensory disorder that causes a person to be oversensitive to stimuli. What? Still will need to find out


What was your 1st cooking experience?

Only once I cookedI dont like to cook the food. But one day I didnt have any options because My mother was not in home and my sister was preparing for her exam.I woke up at 4 o clock and I started my experiments in kitchen. I had a plan to prepare lemon rice. I kept all the ingredients near to the gas stove. By seeing online video I prepared lemon rice. I served lemon rice to my sister. She was unable to identify that whether it is a soup or rice . And I forgotten to add salt.

This is my first experiment in kitchen.


How do I change Naver's language to English?

If you're talking about the app, I'm sorry to say that as of the moment, Naver doesn't seem to still have an English version or translation of the application. While there's no translation of the Naver app/s, you can have the Naver website translated. Once Naver detects your IP address, it automatically translates the entire website to English and if you wish to signup for the site, you could also translate it whilst signing up. It's the screen you get to when there are three boxes that you could check. There's a drop down menu at the top-right side of the site whence you're at this screen and you can click on that and turn it to English. Hope this helps!


How are science and religion not fundamentally the same when broken down to the core? Don't they both require you to believe?

science dose not require faith (or belief but that is a doggy word) it explicitly denies belief. when you are doing an experiment you do not have to take anything on faith unless you want to you CAN if you want go right back to basics and check every formula every bit of kit and every assumption you use. It would take to long so you relay on past experiences and the experience of others who invested there time before you. it is not belief it is expedience it is time saving butnothing is assumed without reasionnothing is believed with out evidenceNullius in verba. on the word of no one

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