Which Canon Lens Would Be Best for Low Light Music Photography?

I would go with the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L if that falls within your budget.. if it is a bit too pricey .. you may want to consider a prime lens like the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 or even less expensive the 50mm f/1.8

1. Indian light music: Can a light music/film song exceed 7 notes?

Many types of keys and modes, particularly in the Western musical tradition, are defined as 7 notes. There are still many other keys with more or less notes.Additionally, much - if not most - music in those 7-note keys uses all 7 of those notes plus accidentals (i. e. , sharped/flattened versions of those notes). This is common and violates no hard rules, and very few made-up ones.Keys are only a guideline or basis, and should be completely ignored (if the composer wishes) in favor of what sounds good or accomplishes the composer's intent.

2. Can you please write a vampire story?

"Are you sure this is the way?" "Yeah I am sure why you scared already. Ha! What afraid the big bad wolfman will come and get you haha!" laughed Kyle as he and April made their way through the woods. April who was only 16 a year younger from Kyle followed behind turning her head non-stop scarred to see anything else that might be with them. Others referred to her as the hipster kid, but she was just herself a dyed red head with a taste of H&M clothing. As for Kyle he too stuck with the H&M style, but he always tried to look like Justin Timberlake well at least to April he does. They continued to walk until they both came to a halt . Nothing but darkness and trees surrounded them including an old sign post. "What? What is wrong?" she asked. Kyle lifted up the flyer reading it left-right over and over again, "It's just...well the flyer said keg in the woods near the old sign post. We are here, but nothing." "Well-maybe we are early? Or late, we should just go back." "Oh just shut up! Damn April when will you grow a back bone, just live a little." "Look around Kyle no one is here! It's probably a fake-" "UGH! Son of a-" April tired to calm him down. "Who even gave you that?" "I do not know some punk rocker, Goth I do not know some kid." "Actually I did." said a voice behind Kyle. He wore an old Victorian jacket that was fairly well kept black denim jeans a red collar tie and a fo-hawk hairstyle with white tips . "Who are you?" spoke Kyle, but his throat was then clamped by the mysterious person's grip. April shrieked. "My name is Josiah. And I am doubtfully not a child anymore. Also I never took it to kindly to raise a voice to a young lady." His eyes moved and aligned with April's. With a flick of his wrist Kyle's neck broken the sound of crackling bones sent chills down April's back, but what really made her take off in a run was the sound of flesh breaking and the mysterious man latching onto Kyle's neck. April ran not looking back she was quick to not trip or fall, but her efforts for this not being a lame horror movie failed when the man appeared in front of her. She yelp and tried to get away, but he blocked anyway she could run. Finally all she could see was blood on his lips down his neck, and his grey eyes, perfectly grey. "Shhh...I shall not harm you. You shall sleep and be awaken when you hear me call your name....April." The last of her name was all she heard and then darkness. "April...." The girl awoke to an unfamiliar room. Looking around she noticed bust and statues, a marble flooring and a very high, very detailed ceiling. Where the hell am I she thought. She examined what she was laying on and oddly enough it was a very nice comfortable old style couch. A lady appeared from the darkness in a maids outfit. Her skin tanned, but aged with dark spots she gave April a glass filled with water that the girl happily took. "Where am I?" "You miss in the lords house." "I am in a church?" The old lady chuckled, "Trust me child this is no church. But there is one down the road. When you are ready I shall direct you to the study. The lords of this house are waiting for you." "Lords?" After a few minutes of regaining strength April followed the elder woman down the corridors, she was so in shock that words could not described how she felt. Entering the study she imagined a bit how it would be a wall filled with books, a fire place with a desk near it, and seats for all. In the room stood three figures one whom stood by the fire place with a drink in his hand. He looked more of a business man in his nice tailored suit, another who sat with a book in his hand seemed more relatable to April. He had a low white V-neck shirt tight dark jeans, and sported piercing and from the judge of it a few tattoos that were visible. However the only one that really stuck out was the Edgar Alan Poe figure who appeared in front of April and the maid. He smiled at April and the memory of Kyle cam rushing back. April gasped and tried to retaliate, but the maid had a good grip on her along with the man who came around shushing her. "It's alright child." "Thank you Regina, I got this." The old lady looked at April and back at the man April pleaded for Regina to stay, but the lady left closing the door behind her. Her shriek and struggle brought attention to the other too. "Bloody hell where did you find her. She looks like she still drinking from her mother's chest, or worse the bottle." spoke the tailored man. April had to admit deep down these men were all devilishly handsome, but she put that thought out and fought back. "Young, but *grunt* strong. And is not that what we wanted ey Jonathan." The two starred off each other as April fought against Josiah. "Let her go Josiah obviously she knows she's not going anywhere. For god-er-urgh sake let her go." Josiah did as asked sighing he stared at the young lad, "Huh, I guess all those days of going to that holy place you are able to our fathers name. Well done Alan, I am sure your mother would be so proud." Alan looked at April, "I am sorry if Josiah hurt you he forgets his strength at times." "What the hell do you want! I want to go home!" Josiah laughed, "My dear girl you are home. This. Is your new home." "I do not understand? Is this some sick cult thing please let me go home!" Josiah held onto April's pleading look and he smiled, "Cult. Well I guess that's what the kids are calling us now brothers. No you young lady have been chosen." He smiled again, but what April had missed the first two times was two pointy incisors. Her skin went cold. "You are -dead. Undead...vampire." "Well she's a smart cookie what gave it away. Our cold skin, eyes, or whatever twilight book you kids have read lately." "Shut up Jonathan." spoke Alan. "So-you guys are real...how?" "A story for a new time. Now before the sun rises and we are forced to rest April look at me." As on command she looked into Josiah's eyes and like last time she felt nothing. "You have been chosen to be out carrier our vessel. See blood these days have been tainted no longer pure, but yours is clean, pure I could tell when you accidently cut your finger back at the club when you and your dear friend Kyle received a flyer from me. You were the one-" April drew closer to him, his voice was low, soft, haunting. "You will have protection from us, anything you want granted, however you now belong to us. Just repeat these word alright luv. I April shall be claimed by Jonathan, Alan, and Josiah. I accept with the marks of my lords." April repeated the words not a syllable missed, or sentence stopped for thought. "Brothers." Jonathan came up behind her his fangs penetrating her neck, as Josiah latched onto her left arm, but Alan stood from afar. "Alan, do you accept?" Josiah asked smirking at him. Alan glared back he then moved closer taking her right arm looking at April who was lost in a trance he glared back Josiah, "This is wrong." "You never complained in the past." And on that note Alan bit down on her right arm blood spilling from his mouth down her arm onto the floor. All there then stopped and with a prick from their fingers their blood they rubbed against her bite marks. Now they shall feel her, and she shall feel them. April fell against Jonathan and just like on cue Regina returned with a few younger men. "Take her to her room." spoke Jonathan. The men took the girl following Regina as for the vampires they went back to the own business Jonathan went back to the fire place looking hard into it, Josiah went to the grand piano in the corner as he began to play light music. As for Alan he grabbed his book, but found it hard to go back to the text, his thoughts were broken to Josiah speaking, "Did not I tell you I would come through, thanks to Jonathan we have this wonderful house, and Alan you beautiful art work have brought us to high standards with the public. And I bring us a woman." "A girl." responded Alan harshly. "Ah but give her time to blossom, and a woman we shall have." Jonathan spoke this time, "For once Josiah I trust in your words. Maybe you are right everything is turning out smashingly." The two smiled at each other and with a low mumble from his breath Alan spoke, "Wake me when the trouble begins." as he went back to reading his book. There's your story lol I hope you liked it (:

3. Will keeping the aquarium light on all night bother the fish? How about music playing near the tank?

You can keep the light on all night, just turn it off during the day or you will end up with nightmare algae problems. Fish do not sleep the way we do, but people tend to instinctively anthromorphize their pets and assume they need what we do. Light music like that wo not make any difference to the fish at all.

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