What Would Happen If I Connected My Power Bank to Itself?

It will waste energy, and may not actually work. Not all powerbanks are designed to be able to run while charging.The problem here is that the speakers don't represent a constant load - the load changes w/ the music being played. The powerbank, on the other hand, expects a minimal but constant current flow - that's how it determines if there's anything connected to it.A much better way to solve this problem would be to provide something called a dummy load - a simple, small resistor bridging 5V to GND, which will always draw some small amount of current, thereby keeping the powerbank's output enabled. Here's how.Purchase a short USB cable and cut it in half. Find the two wires which are 5V and GND - they are typically red and black, and will connect to the longer (outside) pins on the plug. For this application it doesn't matter which one is which.Connect them to two terminals of a 20kOhm linear variable resistor (middle either side). Power up the powerbank, connect only the USB dummy load, adjust the pot all the way up (maximum resistance) and wait until the powerbank turns itself off. Keep adjusting the potentiometer down (a little bit at a time) and turning the powerbank on - until it stays on.Once it refuses to turn off w/ the dummy load connected, disconnect the dummy load and measure its resistance - that's the minimum value of your dummy load. You'll want to purchase a resistor at about this value (slightly lower, actually) and permanently solder it to the cable. Once you've wrapped things up in electrical tape, you've made yourself a dummy load which will constantly keep the powerbank running. You may wish to adjust the length of the cable to make it manageable.

Keep in mind that this auto-off sensing is a convenience feature - making it so that you don't need to remember to turn the powerbank off. With the dummy load, the powerbank will never turn itself off until it's empty, so you'll need to remember to do it!A bit of trivia: power supplies often use dummy loads like this, actually. This is because most regulating circuitry needs a feedback reference, and with nothing connected - the regulator may go into oscillation. Dummy loads are added to present a minimal draw in order to stabilize these regulators.In older PCs (think: early 1990s), you actually had to have some "token load" connected to the power supply in order for it to work properly.What happens if I charge my power bank to itself?.

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Will Ohio still choose the winner of the Presidency in 2020?

This time? More than likely not.It would take one of two unlikely events occurring in order for Ohio to select the winning ticket in 2020.This is because Trump is currently leading in Ohio, while Biden is leading in the polls overall (and in the swing states). It would take either Biden winning Ohio or Trump winning the electoral college (with everything else assumed to be the same) for Ohio to choose the winner of of the 2020 election.

Here's why:This is 270 to win's current projections for who will win what they believe to be the non-battleground states based on polling. Notice that Ohio is currently listed as a swing state. However, when we take a closer look at polling, we find that according to FiveThirtyEight, Trump is leading Biden by one point. This is certainly within the margin of error, but since Trump won Ohio in 2016 by about eight percentage points, we can see that Trump has a clear demographic advantage in the state, at least compared to other states in the Upper Midwest.As you can see, 270 to win projects a relatively clear Biden victory due to advantages in the Upper Midwest states that Trump won in 2016. FiveThirtyEight tends to agree, giving Biden a 67% chance to win the election. If Trump wants to win in 2020, he will need to overcome polling deficits in the upper Midwest, as well as secure battleground states such as Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. If Trump loses just one of these states, he needs to claw back support in a state like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania in order to secure victory. This obviously isn't impossible, but these states are more favorable to Biden in 2020 than they were to Clinton in 2016.

However, Ohio could certainly play a role in Biden's margin of victory. If Trump wins Ohio by anything less than a huge margin (probably 5-10%), he will likely struggle to win in the Upper Midwest states that are less favorable to him. With Trump winning Ohio, The electoral college could end up likely being in a range between this, favoring Biden:To this, favoring Trump:However if Biden ends up winning Ohio, this will likely be indicative of a landslide, particularly in the demographically similar states of the Upper Midwest. If Biden ends up winning Ohio, this is about as well as Trump could hope to do (without considering more fluky outcomes):On the other hand, winning Ohio could indicate the possibility of a Biden landslide, taking the rest of the swing states with him:So in answer to your question, whether Ohio selects the winner of the 2020 election largely depends on who wins Ohio. If Trump wins Ohio, particularly by a large margin, then perhaps a coin flip could determine who eventually wins the election. However, if Biden wins Ohio, Trump's chances at winning the election fall to being very slim indeed.

In 2020, Ohio will likely not completely decide the election, but early election results from the state could be solid guideposts to indicate what is to come


Were there white slaves in the United States?

Yes and No, depending on what you perceive is white today. Traditionally, white is based on the premise of a person having 100% European ancestry. Which most people who identify as white are.

Chattel slavery was reserved for, specifically, people of African and Native American descent. Or people who are commonly known as the negros. Basically any Dark-skinned natives. However, both Africans and Europeans came to the Americas as indentured servants in some cases and as conquistadors in early American history. This would mean a substantial amount of intermarriage happened before actual race based laws were created.When chattel slavery began to spread some of these free people of color could be illegally captured and thrown into slavery. They would also take on jobs as slave overseers and sometimes end up marrying a slave which would render the offspring a slave. Also, during this time it was also common for white slave families to father serveral generations of slaves.This all resulted in some slaves being predominantly European but end up inheriting slave status from one side of the family. There are records of some slaves being so visually distant from the usual negro slave population that slave spectators would refuse to buy them. Not only from a moral standpoint but because they could lose their investment by the slave running away and passing as white in a nearby colony.These slaves were usually freed by their white families and sometimes even were left inheritance even though it was illegal at that time in most places. Some also passed as white though eventually, this was illegal in most places and would be very risky. Some would actually petition to pass as white or ask to have the same freedom as whites in order to maintain their properties or acquired freedom. People with such background would be labeled mulatto or different depending on their proportion of African ancestry or complexion. In the late 1800s, this distinction was abandoned to make a clear distinction between non-whites and whites in order to avoid creating an unwanted distinct class of people that might jeopardize the social structure that puts rich whites at the top, poor whites in the middle, and negros designated at the bottom in fulfillment of their original intended purpose.

In places like Australia and Latin America, methods of whitewashing would be implemented instead because of the recessiveness in their subjects' skin pigmentation.Here are pictures of white slaves that inherited their slave status from an ancestor.White slave propaganda - WikipediaI also have white slave ancestors. Here is a picture of my 5th GG parents that founded a freedman town of all blacks and mulattos in Texas. (Who all are labeled black today)Because of the abandonment of the mulatto or mixed classification, this resulted in most of the white slaves being absorbed into present-day African American populations. However, many passed as white and married into white families. Which is why some people who identify as white actually have some African Ancestry today. Here are some DNA percentages of some distant cousins that have always identified as white but have distant African ancestry.In my opinion, there were No literal white slaves in the United States because they had some proportion of African ancestry.

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