What Size Air Condition Unit Do I Need for My 2100 Square Foot Home?

The size depends somewhat on the climate where you live. If your highest temps in the summer are usually in the low 80s, you can get by with a little less than the rules suggest. I have been house-hunting for the past week, and most of the houses that are around 2000 - 2200 sq ft, with a 2nd floor bonus room over the garage, have a 4 ton central unit (that's 48,000 BTU). Having two stories complicates both heating and cooling. It is best to have a separate unit for the upstairs, but of course that costs more. At the least, you should have plenty of outlets upstairs and at least one return air duct. I will add that excellent insulation in walls and attic will make a big difference in the cooling requirements, and also such things as trees shading your roof, and high-quality insulated windows will help

1. What's the cheapest was to air-condition an attic?

Believe it or not. The cheapest way might be to turn the space into a "normal" room if the floor boards are designed to handle the loads. If they are not, you may experience some problems in the ceiling of the room below. Some houses are built with attic spaces that can easily be finished like the rest of the house, others have attic spaces just meant for some light storage because it's there. Not made for people doing people things. What would crashing through the ceiling do to your drums? I do not mean to be negative, just safety minded. I would hate to see a budding artist snuffed out before he even gets started. But be careful plugging into outlets in those attic spaces. They may be feeding that furnace or other equipment in the attic and you could overload it. Especially with an air conditioner that was not original to the circuit and all the heavy equipment you lugged up there

2. Spiders in air condition system?

Some screen wire in front of the AC will keep the spiders out. You site did not come up.

3. Dodge Durango Air Condition Problem?

You will have to have the air con re.pressurised. You will wreck the pump if you drive it with no gas and oil. Or you could use it if you remove the pump belt. I am not familiar with the dodge,so i am assuming it is fitted with a belt driven pump.

4. Air condition on airplane?

yes and no. during all flights they have temperate air so that no one is to hot or cold

5. What is the ideal central air condition ton size per square feet of house?

one ton of a/c covers approx.3 to 5 hundred sq feet .it depends on ceiling high, windows,age of construction.and location.[north or south]if i owned a 3bedroom bi level home in st Louis mo. approx 1900 sq feet i would install a 4 ton unit . because the newer units are more efficient but,they are less effective .all ways go 1 half ton higher then WATS expected

6. Major factors that affect human comfort at home and office in term of air condition system?

Mostly guessing here (and it probably shows)! I would think temperature, moisture content and air freshness. I've read that once the temperature starts getting at or below 74 F mistakes tend to increase and temperatures over 80 F cause workers to become lethargic. Moisture content or humidity is a big issue here in my neck of the woods. By the end of the day I feel sticky and I work in an office where the temp holds pretty evenly around 78 F. By 2:30 in the afternoon the air is so stale we have to go outside and get some "fresh" air to keep going.

7. Air condition is freezing... Why?

I would call a professional to look at your system. Hope this helps

8. Air Condition fan won't blow ford focus?

Either your wire on you fan is shorted out or your free on is low in your compressor. Pop open your hood with your car Manuel to where your book says blower motor. There is a wire from your fire wall. The fan motor is behind your glove compartment and some wires come from there. Disconnect them blow them out or have somebody to cut and splice the wire and put connectors on them and reinsert it. If that does not work it might be your fan switch to make the motor to push less or more air. Or you might have to replace the blower motor which is not fun to do.

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