What Should I Do About My Husband Texting Other Women? Weu2019ve Only Been Married for 10 Months.

Hes crossing a precarious boundary. Im sure youve both talked about this. Id be curious to understand why hes doing it. Its possible he gets some sort of positive feedback that is missing from the marriage.I suggest meeting with a couples counselor to understand this, nip it in the bud and explore whats underneath this behavior. What you discover is quite likely to make you closer.Also, not all friends who are women are potential mates/affairs. Some men do have legitimate female friends that are completely platonic.

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What are some tips on how to turn a friend zone to a relationship with a girl?

First thing to do if you are trying to get a closer relationship with a girl you fancy is chill out and study what she really likes as a person.For instance if she has a dog or cat as a pet you can buy it some treats and make friends with her pet.This then after a time brings you all closer together.

I even got to the stage of taking her and her dog for walks, and the rest was easy.Now the question is what if she hasnt got a dog or a pet Look at the first sentence, study what she really likes as a person and work on thatI hope this helps


What can you do if the guy you like puts you in the friend zone?

Just tell him you like him or if you just want to stay friends then don't say anything but you need to decide what you want. I remember the first time i told my crush that i liked him we were really good friends still are he said that he didn't feel the same andI asked if we could still be friends he said yea but even now it is a bit weird for me at least. What i am trying to say is that you need to ask yourself are you going to be ok if he rejects you? Just listen to you heart.


What's the meaning of "give me tbh"?

TBH - To Be Honest is I think, the whole concept is a little confusing for starters. Its is good but not better. There is an app called Starzzen: Feedbacks with Ratings & Polls - Android Apps on Google Play, which is the worlds first citizen dating app. The feedback system is very simple :You define qualities/options.

you can get rated with 1 to 5 stars.

Review the feedback and act on it, if necessary.Reset your settings and start all over again.As simple as that!On top of that, one can create polls/ratings in either private or public mode. How cool is that !!.


How do I get out of the friend zone while in a relationship?

Rule 1. The best negotiating position is being able to walk away and mean it.If you want out of the friendzone, you have to be willing to walk away from any offer that is not what you are looking for.Rule 2. Be the best option he/she has.This is usually where most nice guys end up just being a doormat. If she is looking for a good looking guy, that's exactly what you want to be. You won't get anywhere by being just nice.Rule 3. Always know when to cut your loses.Some people will not like you sexually or physically and that's is fine. Be willing to walk away from those people without any shame because you have nothing to prove to anyone


What is the difference between "garota" and "rapariga" in Portuguese?

well, if youre considering it in Portugal theres no difference between two of them, i guess they share the same meaning, nevertheless if youre in Brazil they do not share the same meaning at all, the word GAROTA is a similar word to MENINA as well, those words into English would have the same meaning of Girl, however the word RAPARIGA basically means that the girl is a bitch, its a vulgar girl, so if you want to praise a girl in Brazil do not call her RAPARIGA, call her either GAROTA or MENINA


What are 10 Latin phrases everyone should know?

Before I was taught Latin in school I was inspired by the Latin quotes in the comic Asterix. Writer Ren Goscinny had a wonderful sense of humour that manages to survive in translation. The parodies of modern life are still as relevant as they were in the 1970s.

The many Latin sayings and quotes referenced were usually well-known. Some of them even have their own Wikipedia page, so I think these phrases would qualify as most useful common knowledge.Ave Imperator, morituri te salutantContraria contrariis curanturEt tu, Brute?Felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causasMens sana in corpore sanoO tempora o mores!Quod licet Iovi, non licet boviSic transit gloria mundiTimeo Danaos et dona ferentesVeni, vidi, viciI hope this answers your question. Thanks for asking!.


What's wrong with telling someone they're overreacting?

Whenever you criticize someone in such a matter of fact way, you are essentially claiming an imaginary moral high ground where you are right and they are wrong.Thats the message that is received, and it immediately puts people on the defense. No one in the entire history of the world ever responded positively to being told they were overreacting.

But the entire tone of the statement changes just by altering a few words, or by finding another way to say it.I think you might be overreacting or I dont think your level of anger is called for in this situation.Statements like these dont sound as threatening or presumptuous, and they open the door for further discussion.


Is the friend zone really real?

Sure it exists. But it doesnt last forever.The definition of friend zone by Cambridge dictionary:the state of being friends with someone when you would prefer a romantic or sexual relationship with them:To leave the friend zone you become her/his friend who doesnt want anything from that person or get together. Bam easy, because hey most dont have real feeling towards that person but just find that person attractive and nice. So yeah just forget the bullcrap about girls putting guys in the friend zone its pitiful after all most are just her friend and want to thats mostly everything they want.


Is marrying a married man risky?

Polygamy is not illegal in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc. Marrying with a married man is NOT risky provided he is financially and physically sound. Many Arab men have multiple wives and they are living happily. I myself have two wives for 30 years and both wives are living in two separate house. However, there are chances of clash / conflict between the two women who usually do not bear to each other.In Islam, a man can marry four times I mean he has four wives at a time provided he can justify with them in respect of fulfill responsibilities by all means not only for the women but also their children. God bless.


What's the difference between Firefox Hello and Google Hangouts?

They are totally different products from different developers with quite different positioning for each. Maybe a better question would be "What are the common points between Firefox Hello & GH?"nThey both allow video conferencing (GH is much more powerful), and both FFH and GH on Chrome use WebRTC which allows in-browser video conferencing, with no software installation required.nGoogle Hangout on Chrome uses WebRTC and NACL, while it is still using the old "Google Talk plugin" on Firefox (with no WebRTC there). It also runs on IE.

nObviously FFH only runs on FF.

nFor the rest they are totally different products, as mentioned above, with different UI and capabilities


How can I tell someone they're overreacting without being rude?

Don't tell them theyre overreacting, thats just is going to upset them even more. Offer alternatives or advise them of blessings or good that came out of the situation. Yes, that was an unfortunate accident and that driver shouldn't have been texting but thank God you were wearing a seatbelt. Thank God, you weren't injured". Yes, I understand you have been through a dramatic situation, but let me tell you what you have to be thankful for:.. Get my drift? Don't call her out on anything. Offer support and let her know all she has to be greatful for, including YOU!.


How do I friend zone my ex?

Move on. lt would seem that the chemistry is too strong for you to justn'get over it'. So at least for now, break from him in everyway. And asnyou keep seeing him, you aren't giving yourself a chance to separatenand disentangle from him. So for a while, at least, hang in a differentnsocial circle. Meet new men and women. give your heart a chance ton'see' someone else. Find someone you can trust to talk to, to get yournfeelings out (not someone from your social group, please) Yourngrandma, mom, aunt, teacher, school counsellor. so you can get yournthoughts reorganized, and you can get back on your path without a bunchnof baggage. n nThis is really common, you just have to learn how to cope and go forward


When a girl says "hey", what should a boy reply?

This is probably just me because I'm a tomboy and 95% of my friends are male. I don't understand why every time a girl says hey to a guy they think they like them. If another guy came up to them and say hey its no big deal, you say hi back and great each other. I think its no big deal, just say hi back, all she is doing is being friendly. Unless she is flirting with you and asking you questions and stuff, try not to be nervous when a girl says hi. I'm a girl and Im perfectly fine talking to boys, but like I said most of my friends are boys, so yeah.


How do I write a "Hello World" program in any esoteric programming language?

Here are a few that the other answer seems to have missed:Come HereTELL"Hello, World!"Golfical (A language with a similar concept to Piet; actually one of the handful I designed):Magnified 16x:Indecadd2 @ N N add4 @ N N add2 add2 add8 @ N N add4 add4 add16 @ N N add8 add8 add32 @ N N add16 add16 add64 @ N N add32 add32 SPACE add32 H add64 add8d,H add add16 add8 add4e,d add l,e add add4 add2 o,l add add2 W,H add add8 add4 add2 r,o add add2 H&,e&,l&,l&,o&,SPACE&,W&,o&,r&,l&,d& .Thuea::Hello, World!::aYou can find a bunch more here and here


How does node.js compare against Django in terms of memory usage?

Honestly it tough to answer with the right set of experiments. Some of such benchmarks that already exists are listed belowStand back... I'm going to try science! C vs Go vs pypy vs Python vs Javascript V8 Node.

js vs Python vs PyPy - A Simple Performance Comparison Why I went from Python to Go (and not node.js) But while choosing a language the question is not always about absolute resource usage, you have to compliment it with other factors also. In case you are planning to use this as a sole decision of choosing one over the other.


Why is the single woman who dated my husband prior to our relationship sending messages to him?

It depends on what she's saying in the message. If there's news about a mutual friend of their's, then that sounds harmless. But if she's being flirty or making up excuses to contact him, she's probably lonely and in need of attention. The real question is why your husband continues to engage her. Focus on him, not her. As women, we tend to see the other woman as the problem instead of questioning the motives and character if men. We dismiss men's behavior but rarely give other women the same leeway.

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Hello Friends Please Help Me Write About Changes in Print Technology!! Pleaseeeeeeeee?
Hello Friends Please Help Me Write About Changes in Print Technology!! Pleaseeeeeeeee?
Hello Friends please help me write about Changes in Print Technology!! Pleaseeeeeeeee?The printing industry is a very important and useful industry. The industry has gone through a lot of changes. This report will discuss the history, changes, and present of the printing business. The first printing was actually in China and was called yin (meaning to authenticate by the impression of a seal on clay). Seals were followed by taking ink rubbings from stone inscriptions, which has directly led the way to the making of books by inked impressions from wood. Ink rubbings were made by taking a moistened paper and laying it on the stone inscription. With a stiff brush the paper was then forced into every depression and crevice of the stone. As soon as the paper was dry, a stuffed pad of cotton or silk is dipped in sized ink and passed lightly, and evenly over it, When the paper is peeled off it is imprinted with a perfect and durable impression of the inscription, which comes out in white on a black back ground. This is a process similar to block printing. China was the first country to print with paper, ink, and carved wooden blocks, a process called xylography. In this process, a single carved wooden block of text was used to print impressions on whole pages. By the 11th century, the Chinese had cut the blocks into individual characters, creating the world's first movable type. The Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans printed from movable type well before the Western world discovered the art in the 15th century. Johannes Gutenberg of Mainz, Germany, is generally credited with the invention of printing from movable type between 1440 and 1450. Historians believe that his invention consisted of the combination of a number of existing processes. His major contribution probably was the making of adjustable metal molds for casting types of different sizes accurately and in large quantities. By the end of the year 1500, printing presses had been set up in more than 250 cities throughout Europe. Books printed before the end of 1500 were called incunabula, meaning "cradle books".Gutenberg's process spread quickly to other European nations. Among the printers of the period incunabula the names of Gutenberg, Johann Fust, and Peter Schoffer are outstanding. Anton Koberger of Nuremberg, a publisher and printer, printed many important volumes. Among them were editions of the Bible in Latin and German. The copies of the 42-line Bible that remain--about 40 in all--are among the world's most valuable books. It is known as the 42-line Bible because most of its pages are 42 lines long. It was printed in three volumes. The Library of Congress and the national libraries of Britain and France have complete and perfect sets. His most famous book is probably the Nuremberg Chronicle', printed in 1493. It is illustrated with hundreds of woodcuts. The portraits are all imaginary, and the same block is often repeated as the picture of different persons. Gutenberg's process spread quickly to other European nations. Over time, the literacy rate gradually rose among the population of Europe. Literature and scientific and religious texts, once read only by scholars, nobility, and the educated priesthood, were now available to an ever-widening audience. William Caxton set up the first printing press in England in 1476. His books were mainly in English instead of Latin. They included Chaucer's Canterbury Tales' and Thomas Malory's Morte d'Arthur'. Few have survived because they were read to shreds. Not all advances in printing technology came from printers or designers and manufacturers. In 1796 German author Aloysius Senefelder, in his search for an inexpensive means of publishing his own plays, developed the techniques of lithography. Lithography is a printing process in use throughout the world. It involves a thin metal plate that carries the image area and the non-image area on the same plane; that is, the image and non-image areas are neither raised nor depressed. They are kept separate chemically by the use of the well-known principle that water and oil do not mix. Joseph-Nicephore Niepce, a French landowner and inventor, discovered in the 1820s that certain chemical compounds were sensitive to light. His work marked the origins of photogravure and eventually led to the invention of photography and the use of photographic processes to reproduce images. Beginning with the invention of the offset technique in the United States, a series of 20th-century innovations made mass production, high speed, and economy in printing possible. Automated composition, first developed after the 1920s, gave way to programmed composition in the 1950s. Many of today's computerized typesetting machines can set 1,000 characters (individual letters or symbols) per second. Phototypesetting equipment of the future could conceivably reach speeds of nearly 3,000 characters per second, or about 10,000,000 characters per hour.1 Inventors also created pressureless printing, which eliminated the need for a printing press. In 1948, two Americans conceived of a type of electrostatic printing in which the coloring agent is not ink but a powder that is sensitive to the pull of an electric charge induced on a plate. This technique gave birth to xerography and the now-familiar copying machines. The various processes developed to duplicate and reproduce documents have been grouped under the name reprography. Knowing the history of printing is very important because it helps show its significance. Before printing only the rich knew how to read because only the rich could afford writings due to the fact that they were all hand copied. So when the bible was first printed it meant that the religion could be spread better. Soon reading became a necessity for every one. Also newspapers were invented giving the public a voice and a tool to protect the bill of rights. Printing has evolved into a major industry. It has become more efficient through new technology and is vital to many other industries such as advertising, magazines, newspapers, schools, and much more. One example of a printing company is Enterprise. Enterprise press one of New York City's many printing companies was started by the Hort family in 1911 and is still run by the same family today in 1996. For a business to survive for 85 years is very hard. Enterprise was started in the industrial revolution as the techniques of mass production were being invented and improved. The business has grown tremendously since its start. In an interview, Andrew Hort (co-owner) was asked how Enterprise has survived for eighty five years? He said it was due to many factors. They have not let their market get too specific. They do not work for just one industry. So if one industry crashes such as the financial market, they still can turn to their fashion business and so on. Also they do not let a customer cover more than three percent of their business so even if they lose their biggest customer they are not in trouble. Another thing that helps them is that they do every thing "in-house"(meaning they do not just do printing they do design shipping and ect.) so they do not have to pay sur-charges. They work fast because they control it all. One of the major reasons they have survived is due to the fact that they are not a corporation, but a family business. They do not have to pay stock holders so they can take the money if they are having trouble and reinvest it into the businesses. For example during the recession a couple years ago they just cut their(Andrew and Benjamin Hort) own salaries and put it into the business. Another thing that helps is that they advance with technology so production changes over the years. One of the main advances was computers. They made printing more accurate, consistent, faster, and efficient, Lithography also changed their process. When asked if the government has helped or hurt Enterprise? he said they hurt by restricting their trash and having restrictions on the works that they must get hearing tests which cost the company a couple thousand dollars a year. Also the government of New York city has hurt them by ticketing the trucks that make paper shipments to them. They get sixty-five dollar tickets every time the trucks that make paper shipments which raises Enterprises cost. That is something New Jersey printers do not have to deal with so the city ends up giving New Jersey printers an edge. When asked the reason why Enterprise expanded he said it was not forced but chosen in order to make Enterprise a stronger company. What creates change in the printing business is many things. The resources available, the skill or the lack of skill, the money, and so on. The biggest factors is technology. Technology has driven the printing industry into the force that it is today. Need is also a large factor the need for reading material and such is what has forced technology to keep up with the wants. Technology does not just happen you make something better because someone wants or needs it to be better. The importance of printing can not be denied nor can its growth There are still changes being made to improve every detail of the business. Business' such as Quad graphics founded by Harry Quadracci are breaking new ground. Harry Quadracci used to work for printing giant W.A Krueger but left after being disgusted with a labor-management battles that victimized both sides. He left in 1971 to start his own business. "We wanted a company for employees and by employees, rather than by employees for stock holders ".2 On that theory he has built a $582 million company that prints more then 400 publications and catalogs. Quad Graphics is very family friendly. They give $4,000 to a worker for the adoption of a child, double what any other one of the few companies who offer this benefit. There is a daycare center open from 6am-8pm which costs $15 a day and also summertime programs. Quad employees also have access to a fitness center which is open to spouses as well as workers. You can order head and neck massages at your desk for $15 a half hour. Quad also has a free Medicare clinic free for employees and their families. They may also use their private physicians for free. The management of the place is just teams not authorities. Quad also does plenty of work to help out the community. With even more unmentioned benefits for the worker Quad is proving that to succeed you do not have to be heartless. There are many different types of businesses Quad and Enterprise are both companies that have not given into the ruthless side of business. Something that is not as easy as it appears. In a vital and competitive business such as printing you must have the ability to change. Something that both these companies has figured out which enables them to be kinder bosses. Over the years printing has evolved from being a luxury to a necessity, and is still growing. There is now computers which let the public print there own work. With at home printers getting more and more advanced you must ask will this become a threat to the printing industry? the only way to find out is to watch. GoodLuck :)
What Do You Say After You Say Hello?
What Do You Say After You Say Hello?
After HI/ HELLO-- HOW R U ; HOW'S LIFE [NOW]; HOW R U DOING ; then some words about what we are in now or few vitamins for the hearth like: oh! You look sexier ,good, prettier, blooming,etc. , now and that's how I,ll greet you when we meet Ms. Dianne because you deserve it. Thanx, You still look cute and smart ...Bye.......1. Hello Christians: Are you prepared to explain away the other gods that your god is warning of?Perhaps its because i am an atheist, not a christian that this question seems rambling and incoherent to me. I wonder if any christians will find an opening for their platitudes here? So it would seem.2. Why would a narcissist text you hello after 3 months of silence and he is with a new supply?The narcissist does this as a way of finding out if you respond to them, and if you do then they know that you will be drawn back to them. This is something called hoovering. Simply put, it makes the narcissist laugh because inside they are happy to be able to get that control over us.Maybe he's getting bored with the new supply, and wants you as a quick fix while he moves on to another person after you satisfy him for a short while. Block the phone number as well as social media details /email etc, also NEVER looked up his social media pages. No matter how tempting it might be, just resist the urge. This really shocks the narcissist, as they believe that we would be always there for them no matter how badly they treated us. It also shows them that WE have control over ourselves rather than them having the control.We know that narcissist loves attention regardless of whether it's good or bad, as far as the narcissist is concerned you reacted to them and they love it. Just remember that we are good people who deserves to have a good life without any narcissist.Rebuild your life with friends and start enjoying yourself again. Enjoy hobbies that gives you pleasure, and try to keep yourself busy.For me emotionally, I was lucky to have a good trusted friend who I confided in about my situation. This really helped as it allows the hurt from within us to gently unlock andfor me, I felt as though I could get through the pain. Yes, it takes time to heal, but be kind to yourself, and I also found mindfulness really helpful in the later stages of healing.We both know that life is good for us with those who respect /value /accept us for who we are rather than a narcissist who wants us to please them , and our feelings do not matter at all - something that we discovered after the discard3. What languages have one word for both "hello" and "goodbye"?In a number of languages "good morning" or "good afternoon" or "good night" can be used as greeting or farewell.In English, as has been mentioned, that is an archaic form. Telling someone "good afternoon" in the tone of "OK, that's enough, get out of here" is only seen in movies of old England. Today the first two are always greetings, and "good night" is always a farewell.But in Spanish, buenos dias and buenas tardes and buenas noches can be used as a farewell or greeting.The truth is in Mexico it is very rare to hear hola or adios - but I suppose that is true for the USA, where "good morning," or "howyadoin' " or "later" tends to replace the formal "hello" and "goodbye. ".4. Why do we say hello to answer the phone?It is a practice which was introduced by Thomas Edison and followed by the English speaking countries and now the whole world. There is no specific reason for the same.More over, many use another things like...Good Morning Thanks for calling When close pals call, we use. ..Hi man, whatsup?Hi dude how are you?Even just name is used in many scenarios5. hello yahooers so i need to know is a 17hmr smaller than a 22?simple and start Yes the .17hmr is the smaller of the two calibers
What Does "you Had Me at Hello" Mean?
What Does "you Had Me at Hello" Mean?
It implies that the person to whom the "Hello" was addressed found the speaker so devastatingly charismatic / attractive that they were instantly captivated - so rendering any further verbiage aimed at charming / persuading the addressee into such a state entirely superfluous.(NB: This might indicate either (a) that the issuer of the "Hello" really was unusually charismatic / attractive, (b) that the addressee is dangerously easy to impress, or indeed (c) some combination of the above)• Related QuestionsWhat is the correct grammar? ' "Hello, "he said. ' or ' "Hello," he said. '?The second is correct. There should not be a space between the words being quoted and the quotation mark and commas always go inside the quotation mark (periods and commas always go inside the quotation marks; colons and semicolons always go outside the quotation marks; and question marks and exclamation points go inside if the quote itself is the question or exclamation and outside if the question mark or exclamation point applies to the whole sentence as in your example)------What is the "hello, world" of your profession?This is a great question and I am curious to see responses! Although there is a flaw, I know what you mean by this because I dabble in programming myself. But those who dont program arent aware of what hello, world is and I think thats why there arent any responses. Maybe try rewording it to include an explanation of hello world as being the introductory program most programmers around the world are taught. I think then you will see responses from people in careers far and wide------How do we say hello in Urdu?Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and State language in the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir, Telangana, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh & Delhi. More than 300 million in Pakistan and India alone speak Urdu. Urdu is language that combines Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English and Sanskrit terms together. Learning to speak common Urdu words and phrases can help you communicate with millions of people.-> Hello: Assalaam-o-Alaikum (if you are first to say Hello)-> Hello: "Wa'alaikum Salaam" (reply to Assalaam-o-Alaikum)------What's the "Hello, World!" program of machine learning?Check out Kevin Markham's Data school channel on YouTube. A perfect place for an absolute beginner. He applies K nearest neighbors classification model on the 'Iris' data set. Gives a brilliant explanation on the model and the data set. He also discusses various evaluation metrics to evaluate the performance of a given model.An ideal place to get started with machine learning.Introduction to machine learning with scikit-learn:------Which is grammatically correct: "Hello from a friend of John" or "Hello from a friend of John's"?I see that Im in the minority. :)These work:Hello from Johns friend.Hello from a friend of John.If you say, Hello from a friend of Johns, it sounds like you left a word off the end of the sentence. As in, Hello from a friend of Johns cat.But this error (if it is an errormost of the other answers disagree with me) is very common, so common that you have to say it is accepted usage.------How do you say "hello" in Hungarian?There are many ways, depending on who you are addressing.Szia (C-ya) is a short form for Szervusz. If you are only saying it to one person, but that person is eldder, or respected, you would probably wish to use another greeting, like according to the day-time, night-time manner as Good Morning, or evening.When you are talking to many ppl, then must say Sziasztok or Szervusztok, however that doesnt work for respected ppl, unlike in other languages.We do use a word similar to hello, that is hallo but only when you answer the phone------Is there a word for 'hello' in the Japanese language?Hmmm, actually that is a very interesting question. Based on my experience, when I greeted my part time co-workers, whether that time in the morning/afternoon/evening/night, I always said, Ohayou gozaimasu! which was used, as the earliest greeting to the person we said hi on that day we meet him/her/them for the first time.But I think, you could use konnichiwa for more neutral hello in any conversation? I hope it helps tehehe! Just ask your Japanese friend, sometimes they know better ;)And check this out too: konnichiwa - Jisho.org.------What are the words for hello in Native American languages?In Choctaw, its halito, a Choctawized (if thats a word) version of hello. The broader answer has been covered by linguists more learned than I on the topic. There are many, many other native languages in North America. Mesoamerica and South America, Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean have other distinct versions. So, like many other topics, it has A LOT of correct answers. This is the answer for the tribe that Im a member of.------How long does it take to learn the Hello World program?Seconds to minutesHello World programs are the traditional first step in any course where youre learning a new language. All it does is write or display Hello World to the user in some fashion (usually by writing it to the console, sometimes by throwing up a popup window or something). Such a simple task can be done in literal seconds. It shows some rudimentary syntax and gives the student something they can succeed at right away. Its the very first step into an exciting new world of programming!------Can I write "Hello" in place of "Bonjour" when writing to French clients?Probably your French bosses want to change too much at once. They must have heard that there are successfull IT businesses in Silicon Valley that - for American standards - dropped many formality rules without it having consequences on their turnover.However, in a French business context it is still seen as a lack of respect and will certainly be interpreted by the reader as: Hey, look here, another youngster who tries to seem hip and fools himself into believing his customers are a froup of friends le petit c...------What's the hardest language to write "Hello World" in?In terms of implementation effort, rather than the difficulty to the end programmer: Probably Haskell.main do putStrLn "Hello World! " x g. C does it with system calls to files. Monads are more fun to use, than explain.You can read about this in far more detail in this paper: p df.------What are some ways to greet people in Spanish?In Spanish, there are 2 ways to refer to your interlocutor: T and Usted.T is informal. It is used to talk to young people or people your age.Usted is formal, and used to talk to people you dont know, or are older than you, or somehow you want to demonstrate respect to them, so they might be policemen, your teacher, your in-laws, an elderly citizen or an authority; sometimes, you use usted (singular) and ustedes (plural) when you speak with your parents. I still approach my dad and mom by using usted/ustedes------What are other words for hello?In the US almost anything can stand in for hello-Hi, Hey, what's up, how are you, how you doing, how have you been, what are you up to?good morning, nice day, nice to see you, I'm surprised to see you, I didn't expect to see you! , what a nice surprise to see you!hey what are you doing here, I was just thinking about you,The list could go on - but Hi is perhaps the most common stand-in for 'hello'-------What is the Vietnamese word for "hello"?Actually, we Vietnamese seldom, if ever, say "xin cho". It works fine in all situations but it's not just the way we greet each other. We usually say (the way you address yourself) cho (the way you address the person accordingly). For example: "Em cho anh" (me to some a bit older male),"Em cho ch" (me to some a bit older female). In short, you have to consider age, gender, relationship etc (and it may be complicated for foreigners).------What should I do when a nearby stranger's child comes over to me to say hello?If you dont want to talk to them just smile politely. Pretend you dont hear any questions they might be asking. If theyre very persistent ask Wheres your mommy? loud enough for the parents to hear. Most of the time the parents dont mean for their child be a nuisance to somebody else.If you dont mind having a conversation with them, then talk to them. About anything, age appropriate of course. Toddlers are not good conversationalists, but they arent looking for good conversation. Theyre just curious or bored------How do I say hello to people?Heres the thing. YOU CANNOT MAKE YOUR BOYFRIEND HAPPY! That is not your job. People find their own happiness. Dont make yourself crazy trying to think up ways to keep him interested in you. Use your time to make YOURSELF more interesting. Use this quarantine for your own enrichment. Go online and find the top 100 books everyone should read and start reading them. There are an amazing number of Youtube videos that can teach you about almost anything. Take advantage of all this time we all have------Hello! Can someone please text me? I have a lot on my mind tonight.Let me strongly suggest that you do not do that whatsoever! First of all the "teen" in your Avatar would draw out any predator types, this is a big No-No you need to not do this!there are plenty of free open-source nstant messenger applications that will keep you safe and under a vail of privacy do not give anyone your number and do not get ahold of anybody that is dangerous,that's my opinion do with it what you want....Cheers and best wishes.!Teen Rant------Why do Dutch hardly say hello?It has to do that the greater part of foreigners live in the major cities. And when foreigners do not travel to villages which they think are not interesting they think that all Dutchmen are the same.Many images which foreigners have about Dutchmen are formed of experiences they have had with citizens. They speak about use of drugs, hores and indifference.In a village we do not have such problems. There is more social control. I seldom see a foreign tourist in my village while I live nearby big cities.------Which Electric Light Orchestra song features the lyrics "Hello. How are you?"The song is "Telephone Line", which was a successful single hit from the album "A New World Record" released in 1976 on the Jet record label in the UK.This is the opening line, after a repeated ringtone. In fact, the singer explains that "hello, how are you" is what he *would* say, if she ever picked up the telephone, so evidently the song us either a breakup song or an unrequited love song.This answer edited to correct the album and year. All other information was fine.------Did ancient Romans call each other by their "first names" (e.g. "Hello, Marcus"), or would they have called each other by last names (e.g. "Hello, Cicero")?As I understand, Roman aristocrats had three names. The praenomen corresponded roughly to the first name in Western cultures. The nomen was like the surname or family name. The cognomen was like a nickname. So taking Gaius Iulius Caesar as an example, Gaius was his praenomen, Julius was his nomen, and Caesar was his cognomen. I believe close friends addressed each other by the cognomen. Those without a close relationship addressed each other with a combination of the praenomen and nomen. So Caesars friends addressed him a Caesar, while others addresses him as Gaius Iulius------Why does "aloha" mean hello and goodbye?Does aloha mean both hello and goodbye in Hawaii?The GOODAloha HelloAloha Good-ByeAloha LoveAloha with qualifier Aloha maiAloha with Welcome Aloha E Komo Mai (Hello & Welcome!)Aloha with See You Later Aloha e A Hui Hou!The Badly Miss-understood (by main-landers)Aloha - does NOT mean weakness!MMA - Best Hawaiian or Hawaii Born Fighters - Best Hawaiian or Hawaii Born Fighters | Tapology MMA RankingsThe Ugly (Golden Rule)Dont Provoke Anyone here it may save you an ER visit.NOW You Know What Aloha means and what it doesnt TBC
Hello Kitty for Men?What Do You Think?
Hello Kitty for Men?What Do You Think?
omg i would think you were tottally gay!1. Hello to the Hip Hop regulars...and then some.?me- NYC 24 y.o. at work.. (they get us all the time...lol..)2. Hello, DS, did animal control handle this properly?No, I DON'T believe animal control gave ample time. Sounds like a 48 hour period when most shelters give at the most 30 days for owners to come forward. After that then, animal control should make a judgment call to micro chip, fix, or put down the animal. This is not the first time I've heard of animal control fixing and chipping lost pets ( and not giving ample timing ).....and I love how they added "free of charge".....and I know that is only because of the media coverage and proof the family was actively looking for their dog. Anybody else would be responsible for the cost of the procedure and chip upon claiming the animal. They know they fixed that dog immediately without regard to an owner making a claim ( makes me wonder is this their way of trying to prevent breeding ? Seems they are in a hurry to fix all animals they come across ). What right do they have to inspect the family's home....they are paying the room and board cost and are being cited for having an unlicensed dog loose. They should just give the dog back, they did more than they had to. I can see if the dog came from their rescue, then inspection would be justified. But it did not . I really think they are pulling that one, because of the media attention. Who knows, the owners could've made mention the reason the dog got out is because of an unsecured fence or door. And animal control freds its their duty to prevent a future occurrence. Still, they should be trying to reunite the family and dog at their earliest ( both parties have been through enough ).3. Hello Catholic Christians or Priests I have a question?It is a revision of the Challoner4. Is it okay to not to say "hello" to an acquaintance every single time you meet him/her if you see him/her often? Some people get offended if they don't get a "hello"every time they encounter someone.You do not have to say hello exactly, if you mix it up a little bit it may not seem so trite5. Hello R&P:) poll? ?I am soooo excited :D!!! I can not wait to see Escape the Fate, The Devil Wears Pradaaa, and The Maineee :DDD6. Why does my Java program on compiling shows "cannot find or load main class hello"? I am a beginner and not able to compile a basic program to print hello.Probably the class name and the file name are different. Usually that is the issue. But it might also happen that you are not compiling or running it right7. Evolution of "Hello World!”Distance from Answer 135 : 78. Hello plz help it's serious?o i have a problem with warts. only on my hands tho. i have 2 on my thumb and one on my middle finger. i hate it. i hear that warts are only a faze. for the wart on your knee get compound W or go to your doctor and get it frozen off. it hurts but its worth it as for the one on your face... ive never heard of a filiform wart.. ask your doctor what you can do to get rid of it. they will know best. hope i helped good luck!9. "Hello, World!”Try it online!Print He, print l twice, print o, World!10. Hello! I need help some for my little knowledge !?Similarities They both use arched openings - the Romanesque with the single point curve (traditional arch) and the gothic with a two-point curve (pointed arch). They both rely heavily on the column for vertical emphasis, and repetition of units to achieve a perfected form. Both utilize a system of sometimes subtle layers to accentuate the horizontal. I think the gothic tends to play with massing a bit more elegantly. Romanesque tends to be a bit more boxy. Differences( you are going to have to find the differences yourself in this text below) Gothic style has three main characteristics that make it its own unique style: highness, vertical lines and flying buttresses. Romanesque buildings were solid, heavy because of the thick walls, and, as a result of the comparatively small windows, dimly lighted. They had a heavy frame structure. Gothic cathedrals were built with a slender skeleton, made up with pointed arches and flying buttresses, which gives impressions of harmony and luminosity. Gothic architecture involved lots of big windows of stained glass, which was impossible for Romanesque buildings, where the thick walls made it not viable to open big spaces on it. Romanesque had splayed windows, and Gothic had mullioned windows, so Gothic is more luminous than Romanesque. The entrance to a gothic cathedral was usually decorated with sculpture. Using the sculpture in successive arches creates what is called an archivolt. The semi-circular arch above the door was called a tympanum. In Romanesque churches, the tympanum was decorated with geometrical forms, or with more primitive sculpture, which were thin and elongated figures, almost abstract. Gothic sculpture was more realistic and proportionate.
Why Does "aloha" Mean Hello and Goodbye?
Admittedly, I have no knowled in Hawaiian language or other similar dialects. But i do know that English has similar greetings, the first coming to mind is "good evening". I have said, and heard people say, this greeting to say hello and goodbye. The same goes for "good afternoon"however, I cannot say the same for "good morning" and "good night", which tend to be used as a substitute for hello and goodbye respectively. So from just those two examples of ambiguity in English, It isn't too strange to think of other languages having similar phrases.I'm sure there are more examples though.And from my limited knowledge of language, I do know that language tends to develop from needs of communication. For example the Innuit population having 30 words for snow. (Sorry if I used the incorrect term. And im also sure that example isn't entirely true/might be a myth. But it demonstrates the point.)• Related QuestionsI successfully write my first "Hello World" program in C, what should I learn next?Parsing, (analyze a string or text into logical syntactic components), is something that a developer will do over and over. Here are a few fun challenges:Write an app that will take a string and tell you if it is a valid phone number, no matter what the punctuation and spacing is. Output the number and a boolean, like this: 14165551212,True.As above, but for email.As above, but for zip code.As above, but for Canadian postal codes.Now, for some real fun, you should now have a pretty good idea how this works. So build something that can take any string and identify what it is. So, the output might be 14165551212,Phone.Now the next thing to do is to experiment with standard I/O. If you have been good at writing the app above, you should be able to supply it with a file full of strings, and as an output generate a list of each input line with the type, as described above.And now, once you have all of that working, let users input free-form text, and parse it into the components, and output that.------Why do you have to type loads in Java just to output "hello world" when in Python all you need to do is print ("hello world")?Because Java was designed to be an efficient language for other purposes, such as large Enterprise systems rather than a beginner writing his first program. Other languages are much easier to get started with, as writing a very simple program that does something, although not very useful is much easier in other languages. However, implementing and maintaining real and large systems is typically more efficient in Java.When I first started codinz at the age of about 7 years old, I did it with BASIC on the Comodore64. A great language to get you started and interested in programming, but when programs grew to more than about 1000 lines of code, it was completely impossible to manage the code. I loved starting out with Commodore BASIC, but as my skills in coding grew, and the programs didn't just need to print Simon is great on the screen a lot, but have to have real functionality, I had to move on to other languages. Since, I have worked with more than 30 languages, and my favorite general purpose language is Java. For specific purposes other languages are better but my default general purpose go-to language for application layer stuff is definately Java------What are the best hello messages to say for your customers (Packaging)?It's very simple, knowing someone's name, but it also makes such a difference. When you call someone by name, he feels more comfortable with you. Knowing the person's name is also a sign that you remember and care for them. If you work in customer service, you must know your customer's name.Many breakthroughs in customer service emphasize personalization, and one specific way we can do this is by addressing the customer by name. It's easier to do this via email or chat than on the phone, as the interaction is instant and the reps have little time to browse client accounts or a list of leads.Customer identification is one of the key features of our product. Our advanced integration solution matches a customer profile, helping reps know who they're talking to, their preferences, and their transaction history. Our customers cite our Caller ID as one of the most useful tools they used, as they help the agents to make more calls and have more meaningful conversations.------What should I say more than, 'hello, how are you'?First of all, "Hello, how are you?" is a perfectly great way to start any conversation, especially if you actually listen to what they say and then ask them question about their comments. But in case you want some other things to ask (because people love to talk about themselves):How was your weekend?What TV shows or movies have you seen recently? Did you like them? Why or why not?Have you read any good books lately?What do you think about that fight, football or soccer game, whatever sport event last night?Are you going to get some time off soon, and what do you plan to do then?This weather is crazy, too hot, too cold (pick a comment), isn't it? I wonder what will be happening next?Wow, I was just reading about (pick a topic), and it seemed really interesting. What do you think about it?It looks like you've been losing weight / working out? Are you following a special program?What new field of study will you be focusing upon next month, next year, etc.?All it takes is looking at the person to see any changes, then asking them about those.------How do I say hello to my friends at school?That's a really great question ,I don't know till now how u used to greet ur friends if u didn't wave them a hi or said them a hello .!So here is the procedure for ur answer ,Get up in the morning ,Check if u are able to speak or no,Decide whether u want to go to school or no ,Go towards ur class now ,Search for friends if u r early ,Practice a hundred times before facing ur friends .Now go to them ,Look at them , bring ur lips to a closing state but don't close , touch the tip of ur tongue to ur upper teeth and slowly say 'HELLO'Wait for their response ,Now jump and say YAY I did it , I did it ,Repeat this process everytime u meet someone u know and in no time u will become a pro in saying hello .Hope it helped u .------How does 3 "Hello" "Hello" 3 in c?You know as I was writing a nice description about how addition is commutative, I realized in this case that I was wrong :) I assumed that the memory location of the "Hello" on the left side is the same as the "Hello" on the right side, but it isn't. What you'll find is 3"Heklo" "Hello"3 gives exactly the same result.What's happening behind the scenes here is 3 on the left size is interpreted as a pointer to the static memory location 3. "Hello" is a string literal, hence the value of it is the memory location of the first byte. So if, for example, the string is at 0x1234, then the left side is short hand for:30x1234 *(31234) *(1237) 'l'The right side essentially does the same thing in reverse. So if the string literal is stored at 0x2345, this is:0x23453 *(0x2345 3) *(2348) 'l'And the boolean condition is 'l' 'l' which is TRUE.Needless to say this is a stump the chump question that would never make it into production code------What are some dramas that are similar to 'Hello, My Twenties!' (Aka: Age of Youth)?While I have yet to come across a drama as refreshing, fluffy and yet deep... I do know of a few dramas that can have similar elements from the drama in them.Cheer Up! / Sassy Go Go - 12 episode drama that takes place in school and focuses on cheerleading.Solomon's Perjury - an on-going youth drama about students who basically end up leading a trial to solve their classmate's death. It has an unsettling vibe Age of Youth had at times.Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo - based off-of a real-life weightlifter it's a cute romance - very fluffyCheese in the Trap - based off-of a webtoon - it's set in university and also has an unsettling feeling to it (not always)Shopping King Louie - the only similarity between this one and Age of Youth is the cuteness of the male lead that reminds me of the awkwardness of Eun JaeNone of these are completely like Age of Youth and I haven't heard of a drama that features a large roommate system like theirs either. Hope this helps though!------What is the strangest thing you've ever done at school?If you havent read it, I would recommend Michael Grants Gone Series. Its a dystopian science fiction novel like Hunger Games and Divergent. The books are a bit dark, but it has both great characters and interesting storylines. Theres six books in series. I read them in my 20s and enjoyed them at that age.In the blink of an eye, everyone disappears. Gone. Except for the young.There are teens, but not one single adult. Just as suddenly, there are no phones, no internet, no television. No way to get help. And no way to figure out what's happened.Hunger threatens. Bullies rule. A sinister creature lurks. Animals are mutating. And the teens themselves are changing, developing new talentsunimaginable, dangerous, deadly powersthat grow stronger by the day. It's a terrifying new world. Sides are being chosen, a fight is shaping up. Townies against rich kids. Bullies against the weak. Powerful against powerless. And time is running out: On your 15th birthday, you disappear just like everyone else------What is the Vietnamese word for "hello"?If youre a foreigner, simply say Cho or if you want to get fancy, Cho title of the person youre addressing (like an elder, usually), if they are higher than you. Saying their first name after Cho is fine too. Ive talked to many, many Vietnamese people in my life, from Vietnam and outside of Vietnam (primarily in the US), and the consensus is the samejust saying Cho is already very polite and good enough. It invokes a sense of closeness between you and the other person, as if you are a genuine person who carries warmth and empathy.Saying Xin cho, although polite, makes you sound very distant and unapproachable. The majority of Vietnamese people are very humble, simple people; they are not as prim and proper as the upper class British nobleso being so polite is not always necessary.Being genuine and approachable will win you many pointssort of like how Americans usually greet each other------What are some polite ways to say hello when traveling in India?I will write down my experiences while travelling via trains only(people travelling by flights are more conserved and self centered).In train journeys you get a lot amount of time to interact which by the way I like... Indians are not accustomed to hello or hi...they like more like till where are you going or where do you work stuffs. Also Indian travelers like to be greeted and respected. So what i generally do is firstly ask with full affection that where is he/she headed to? and then i can easily figure out the most appropriate conversation. At the end of you journey i always bid a goodbye because people wont remember what you did all along the journey but will definitely remember the end. Since it is kind of my hobby to chat around with strangers and know about them I find it easy to find a like minded people along my journeys. Hope i can continue to say the perfect hello to my co passengers and stay in their brains for a long time.
Hello I Am a New Shaver Lol for My Legs I Wants to Shave My Legs the Right Way but HOW?explain the B
Just use lots of soap or shave cream and shave from the bottom up and go the opposite way your hair grows1. I need recommendations for a great men's electric shaver?I have been using a NORELCO cordless model (I have had several) for most of my adult life. It is a fine shaver and that is what I would recommend2. i need help!! whats the best electric shaver out there?????The Braun, 5000 series, with automatic cleaner3. what are the steps in shaving your legs??...and what do most girls use as a shaver and shaving cream???....?use veet or nair instead & its sooo easy way better than shaving4. What kind of Electric Razor/Shaver to use on Golden Retriever?The same person that told you it would prevent mange probably believes burned motor oil would cure mange. Shaving a GR would acually cause more problem like dry shin5. Which shaver should i get ?For the best shave? A double edge razor (also known as a safety razor). If your dad is around, he probably remembers using one. Ask him about it. Less irritation, closer shave. For convenience? Any double bladed plastic razor. The more blades the more irritation and you really do not get a closer shave. Avoid electric unless you always want to have stubble.6. What's the best brand shaver for body hair?Sorry I do not know the answer to this question7. Any suggestion for a Painless and still Good shaver or razor for shaving legs?Many methods of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, plucking, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Learn more about them before you choose8. bring an electric shaver onto the plane?You can barely bring anything on these days, best to just leave it home9. What is the best kind of shaver to use for a first timer?the purple veet one!! AMAZIngg leaves your skin very smooth..or the intuition one10. Which type of electric shaver is suitable for acne prone skin?Although there's no one answer to this, what I know a lot actors with acne prone skin use is Phillips Norelco 8900: Amazon.com: Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900 with SmartClean, Wet & Dry Edition S8950/90: BeautyBuying the perfect electric shaver is a huge step in achieving a clean and smooth shave, but not using the shaver correcrly won't do you any favors. Here are some tips that you can follow:Wash your face with warm water before shaving to open up the pores and to soften the skin and hairs. Shave frequently to avoid full beards and long beards that will force you to apply more pressure when shaving.Apply a pre-shave wash, gel or cream that is designated for acne-prone skin.Always shave with the grain of your hair, i. e. shave in the direction of hair growth: Even though cutting against the grain can help you to achieve closer and cleaner shaves, this is not advisable when you have acne. Shaving in the direction of hair growth (i.e. shaving with the grain) prevents skin inflammation. Slide the shaving head gently over the skin to minimize irritation. Do not exert too much pressure on the shaving head.If you are experiencing an extreme case of acne, it is advisable to avoid close shaving. Instead of attempting a close shave, just use a beard trimmer set to the lowest setting to clip the hairs to a minimum.Never try to shave through the pimples; this will result into wounds and acne scars. Your strokes should be light and gentle always. If you accidentally slice a pimple, make sure to apply an antibacterial solution/cream/gel immediately to prevent bacterial infection.Which type of electric shaver is suitable for acne prone skin?11. I need a womans help?Shave whatever you want. It's just hair and it's yours. An electric trimmer and shaver is easier, imo. Lubricate properly and use good blades. Do not go against the grain if it causes razor burn. Wearing a bigger bra wo not hurt you but it probably looks bad. Is it a properly constructed padded bra? That would be ok, I guess. Either way, there's no reason to go up to 36. That measurement would not change if you had bigger breasts. That's your ribcage. Keep that the same and go up a cup size if you want, so 34b or c. Small breasts are cute though.
How Can I Learn Krav Maga?
In your nearest Krav Maga school.Since at the time of answering there are absolutely no details on the question, one can offer nothing but a link to the Yellow Pages• Suggested ReadingHow difficult is it to clear Accenture training for fresher if he doesn't even know how to print "Hello, World!" and has never read or worked on Java?Not very difficult. You would be attending classes on the same based on which you would be asked questions on in your freshers training. The important thing to keep in mind is to practice as many questions as you can and be thorough with the materials given.Good luck! Hope you enjoy your journey in Accenture as much as I did.------How did the custom of asking strangers "how are you" as a greeting come about? What's wrong with "hello" or " good morning"?Normally, How are you isnt used as a greeting, its a phrase used to initiate a conversation.Upon seeing someone you might say, Hello and follow up with How are you?I cant ever remember someone approaching me and, without preamble, asking how I was. That would be kind of weird and seem a bit terse.------Must retirement be bye bye to 65 and hello to 70? There are today's 66-year-olds that are stronger than 66-years-olds before 1970.Hell no, if you have a pension and some savings you have nicely set yourself up for a choice, to do what you want to do. It is your life. Re member the three most important things for retirees is Friends - Activities - Health------I've been having a recurring dream where I "wake up" to my phone's ringtone and someone is calling (Unkown Number). When I answer and say "Hello?", I wake up. What does it mean?Dreams of phones or phones ringing represent communication. Is there someone in your life you are having a problem communicating with? Someone who you are avoiding communicating with? These recurring dreams could be your subconscious telling you to get to it communicate with them. I think these dreams will continue until you resolve your communication issue(s).------How do I gently enforce "no hello" policy to a colleague?You most definitely can't and shouldn't attempt to stop the minimal salutation of hello and goodbye.You have to accept that in a professional situation, it is necessary, and actual requirement, to be polite and professional.You can simply say hello, smile and do your work.------How should a man greet his wife when coming home and vice versa? Is it okay to skip hello?However they choose to be greeted. Some people might want to kiss, hug and ask how each others days were. Some people say hello and then wait a bit to talk about each others days and don't kiss or hug right away. Its really dependant on what both people like/dislike.------Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if anyone will travel from Lucknow to Delhi after lockdown it is necessary to be self quarantine for 14days after reaching Delhi?Hello vaibhavi, as per latest what I have heard in news is that interstate travel has been allowed by the centre. Now it is up to the states. More clarity will happen in a day or two. And if interstate travel is allowed, I don't think self quarantine is necessary. But wait for the clarification from Delhi and up govts------What does "hello mam I am in trouble" mean?It means that the person who is saying Iis in trouble. Hello mam is just being polite and is irrelevant.It means:I am in troubleWhat is not said is whether or not the person was asking for your help.Bottom line is that thats a pretty serious statement. (in my opinion)Susan------Hello all... I want to ask you if one does an online test.... does he/she need pen and paper?Yes! Of course for a computer based examination like JEE you have to bring your pen and A4 sheets are given there on their own so don't worry for the sheets but yes you have to take your pen with you.Hope it helps! Best of luck for your upcoming examination------What would it be like if aliens find our space waves saying, "hello we exist " or "hello we existed"? That is one of my fears, to know that one day, we just won't exist anymore. What is that fear called?The fear of annihilation, or the fear of going extinct is one of a few fundamental fears, and perhaps even the most fundamental fear that almost all humans share.I dont think it has a name.The (Only) 5 Fears We All Share------Does Donald Trump know how to code? Just a hello world program perhaps?Good lord! Are you Serious? Trump hasn't even a personal or moral code let alone knowing how to code. It's all foreign to him. Like reading. Or thinking coherent thoughts------What's a more creative way to say hello?Howdy! works but the more creative ways all involve making a positive comment about them referencing some quality they have & amplifying it. Hows my favourite law professor? or the the community Michelangelo? (if they've painted a room recently or....you get the idea------Hello all, I've been recently looking for a backup app for Android that would store all my contacts, sms, logs , pictures, ... etc any recommendations?also give a shot at FJ Software Developmentmy phone explorer...i've used it since i had a sony ericsson java phone...it does the job without much hassle... also dont forget to turnoff contacts sync with google when using any of the backup apps..it screws up the contacts by double entries and triple entries------In an informal letter, why should one not write "hi hello"?Because it's redundant. Both words carry exactly the same message and perform the same function.For the same reason, one wouldn't write "bye good-bye", "thanks thank you", or "excuse me sorry"------Hello can anyone please show a syllabus for 2nd year civil engineering in strength of material and structural mechanics?Not sure how it would be useful, as every program/professor will be different, but here's my Mechanics of Solids from UT Austin. Not sure how legible these are. Hope it helps somehow------I have a female colleague in the Middle East who puts "hi dear" or "hello dear" on emails, as well as "thanks love". Is this culturally normal in the Middle East?Dear is the normal title in a mail. So yes , hello dear and hi dear are just finemAbout the love part , it's not normal unless you both are females. And if you both are females, it doesn't mean something not normal------As a Chinese person, what do you think of someone saying "Konichiwa" (meaning "Hello" in Japanese) to you after telling him or her that you're Chinese?Oi, nandai yo omae baka gaijin? Temee! Omae wa mou shindeiru, koitsu BAKA GAIJIN! KOROSE!!!!!!(No, I wont say that lol. Probably just say hey in English. Unless they were smirking for some reason, in which case if I am in the US I reach for my 2nd amendment tool. :D )------Have I learnt something if now I know how say hello in Chinese by reading it on Google?Yes, you learned to say hello briefly in a foreign language. It's a first step of getting in touch to learning more in chinese. If you're interested, you can learn from a small step by learning numbers or any topic that you're interested.For 1 to 5 minutes a day, you learn something new and be productive!------Hello what is the right translation for "Vielleicht kaufe ich noch was ein" is it "perhaps I'll buy something more" or "perhaps I'll buy another one"?Vielleicht kaufe ich noch was ein Perhaps I'll go a shopping for a bit.Vielleicht kaufe ich noch mehr ein Perhaps I'll buy some more.Vielleicht kaufe ich noch einen/ eine/ ein ... Perhaps I'll buy another ...German Learners' Lounge.------Hello everyone! The cloth of the folding bed is dirty, how to clean it? Thank you!Is it removable? if it is just wash it in the washer. If not spray it with some detergent and water in a squirt bottle and a wet rag,then put rag in clean water and rinse it off. then put a fan next to it to dry or if a warm day sit it out side to dry.------Is it possible to make an Android app containing more words than the Hello World app in Sketchware?Duhhh!!!! How else do you think all these apps get built. If all i could say was "hello world" o surely wouldn't of built Funny Burns and Insults - Android Apps on Google Play------Hello sir, I am also preparing for UPSC.I want to ask weather you opt for online mock test or any other source?Hii Kriti. Hope you are doing fine.I did all my preparation on my own taking very little help source from the source of the market.I didn't give any mock online or offline rather I tried a few offline mock full-length papers. That's allThank you. All the best------Is the statement "Hello, how are you, how are your family. I hope your health is good, and your family health is good too. How the weather in your country, Is it hot or cold?" correct to say?Its actually not grammatically correct -Hello, how are you? How is your family? I hope your health is good and your familys health is good too. How is the weather in your country? Is it hot or cold?------Why is it that when one takes care of an elderly parent with dementia, that no one ever says hello or offers help, but when the parent is placed in an assisted care facility, they are suddenly concerned & contact him while he's trying to adjust?Dear Mary,I am glad that you got your parent help, and with the group of people that will lower the overwhelming burden of taking care of the person. This is possibly why people did not say hello. They felt bad------Hello all.If I start a business, am I suppose to register a separate igst?As per your answer we assumed you are new to GST. You have to get one GST Registration under GST to pay IGST, CGST and SGST tax. Whether you have to take GST Registration depends on type of your business or expected turnover of your business. We as a Singh & Company provide free GST Consultancy. Feel Free to ask------Hello I m 5'1 and and 61 kg what can I do to loose 10kg weight?30 min walk in the morning After walk have a green tea cup Say bye to the processed food from shops and fast foods Make your own meal at home by remembering you are losing weight Do some exercise like skipping, jumping jacks push ups for an hour------Hello I just found out PayPal doesn't work in Iran what can I do?You should thank to god because PayPal is thief. If your working as freelancer being paid via paypal than find different channel like moneygram or western union etc. Alternativly if you don't have such facilities than use friends help aboard who can receive money and than sends you by bank.------Would some of the 112 followers of Quora in Storrington, West Sussex UK, say "Hello"?Somewhat dubious of this figure quoted in location choices!nSee there are about half a dozen people in West Sussex that I could request to answer this but none live in Storrington!Would some of the 112 followers of Quora in Storrington, West Sussex UK please say "Hello"?------Hello , could you tell me what shall be the GATE rank in ECE(OC) to get admission in MTech in VLSI at Amrita and also the placements opportunities at Amrita?I am not sure now but back in 2015-16 I remember GATE Qualification was enough as not all seats were not even filled by GATE scholars, hence they also conduct interviews for non GATE Scholars------What's one picture that shows the difference between Trump and Biden?When Joe Biden told a factory worker he was Full of shit" and challenged the guy to a fight. Then to top it off, told the guy I don't work (for you).This is a man who had been in government for 47 years and has accomplished absolutely nothing yet wants to blame Trump for all your problems.------When you're writing a list of individually spoken words or phrases (as in this statement: "Hi," "hey," and "hello" are all acceptable American greetings), how do you avoid using so many quotation marks and/or apostrophes?When a word is referred to as a word and not used contextually it should be italicized. Actually quotation marks arent the correct form anyway:Hi, hey and hello are all American greetings.Also, I dont use the hobgoblin of the overly pedantic, the Oxford comma.------What purpose does saying good morning/hello to a person you already do, and expect to see everyday in the same place at the same time serve?I look at it this way, it could be the last good morning/hello that ill ever be saying to them. Something could happen to either of us, before we wouldve met again------Why aren't there more Hello Kitty or other Sanrio character cartoons?If you look at Sanrio's marketing strategies, they were never hugely reliant on animated cartoons to begin with.That said, Hollywood is now going to produce Hello Kitty's first English language movie. This will be interesting to watch. It could either be a big success or a big flop.------If I attend a guest lecture, and I make eye contact with a former professor, but don't stop and say hello, is that rude?Just give the prof a nod and a Hello and keep moving. You should acknowledge his presence out of politeness and courtesy. But, you are not obligated to stop and converse.------Have there been any updates aboutIts shocking and unbelievable that such a warm ,brave, loving soul is no more .I was expecting her to be back this time also as winner against the disease . Read it through one of the answers last night and couldn't help my tears .I hope her family finds strength to cope up .Strange are the ways of earth------If your neighbor was having a conversation with someone, and you happened to pass by and greet them with a quick hello, but they seemed to ignore you and continued their conversation, who would be considered rude in this case?No one would be considered rude. If I was the person who gave the quick hello, I would just assume that they were engrossed in their conversation, and they didnt hear me.Conversely, if you look for a reason to be offended, you will have no trouble finding a reason to be offended------Caught gawking, she raised a hand in a shy hello. In this sentence, what does "caught gawking" mean? And what does "catch/caught" mean here?Assuming she was the one caught gawking, it means the person she was looking at saw her looking at him/her. As a result, she is embarrassed. It could also mean she caught someone looking at her. There isnt enough to say for sure which it is.------What is the correct, or more acceptable, thing to say when someone says "how are you" when they mean "hello"?I'm fine, how are you?If the person is someone you're comfortable with, reply with actual information that you feel comfortable sharing.If the person is a medical professional and you are under their care, provide full, factual answers------Why would you feel uncomfortable if you met a person for the first time and instead of shaking hands or just saying hello, they hugged you?Depends upon the situation.Someone may have heard good things about you.But there are also pickpockets out there who have developed a crime involvinghugging strangers to steal from them. Be aware.Some people have been deprived of loving families or abused by people up-close and cannot handle that proximity easily.------What do grammarians make of the trend to confuse the name and title? For example, I've heard, "hello, my name is Dr. Danny Miller", and I have also seen sports jerseys with "Smith Jr.".Grammarians have nothing to do with what sports teams put on their jerseys.Grammar has at best a tenuous connection with logical rigor. The fact that Doctor is almost never part of anyones actual name does not make it ungrammatical to treat it as if it were in special situations such as introductions.------Hello! .can some one explain Pall Knorr synthesis of furans and pyrrole?Wikipedia gives the mechanism. The reaction is similar to forming enols or enamines from an aldehyde or ketone. If you know that, and about how nucleophiles substitute at carbonyl groups (e.g. ester hydrolysis), you can easily rationalize the mechanism.
Should Ii Get a Hello Kitty Tattoo?
extremely tough task search over bing and yahoo that might help1. Is it a sin for a guy to like hello kitty?i still like winne the pooh2. Is it impolite to say "hello".?Umm I say "How you doin'" to everyone I speak to. I have not been corrected yet so IDK. Do you, screw that lady lol.3. new hello beautiful??challenging thing research on google or bing this will help4. hello goop im?extremely tough task look into into google this can help5. "Hello, World!”Try it online!Old 83 byte version:6. How much did the Hello Kitty stuff from the Hello Kitty Store of Westfield North Bridge?problematic aspect check out in google and yahoo this could help7. Should ii get a hello kitty tattoo?You should not ask others if you should get a tattoo or not. If you really want a Hello Kitty tattoo get it if it means that much to you8. Is it okay to greet your customers with hi or hello?I think that's perfectly fine, I always get greeted with a hi or hello and there's nothing wrong with it. Some places are strict or really critical that you greet them but with a "sir" or "ma'am" at the end. If you are the owner then you can set whatever rules but if you are not sure then you might want to ask the boss or the person in charge.9. Ukulele sheet music (20 characters)?If you click on the link below you will find a wealth of information on the ukulele, including the basics of strumming it and reading music. Ukulele music is written specifically for the instrument, based on the piano keyboard.10. hello kitty accesories where to buy them?try hot topic , they have a whole hello kitty wall11. Songs starting with the word Hello?the White Stripes-"Hello Operator" (Hello operator can you give me number nine....) MQ: Banjo12. any good hello cheers, for cheerleading?Wake up fans we've just begun.. So sit back and see how it's done. We have the strength and skill to take us to the top. And prove to you we are number can not be stopped. ZHS shall never fail. blue, black, and white will prevail. I am pretty proud of myself here :)13. Where to buy Hello Kitty stuff?Where to buy Hello Kitty stuff? Im obsessed with Hello Kitty and I would love to know of a store that sells alot of hello kitty/Sanrio stuff! (Other than the Sanrio store because I live in Canada)14. Hello, are the Spanish welcome in Ireland by the Irish?The spanish generally are well liked in Ireland. unless you are one of the thousands of very loud spanish teenagers that come over during the summer to learn english :P All joking aside. I've had loads of spanish friends over the years. BUT the economy is very poor at the moment. Not much better than Spain. It is 15% unemployment at the moment so finding work would be hard. do not fully understand what you are asking about the spanish and socialism. if you are asking if you would suffer discrimination for being a socialist... you might from employers...15. Differents ways to say hello?French- Salut (informal) / Bonjour (formal) German - Hallo16. snow in april, what the hello?My daughter's b-day is next week Friday and I was suppose to have a cookout too. Which now turns in to a house party because of the weather! It sucks. I am also tired of the snow. IT was snowing yesterday out where i am at!17. Why will the output of the given code be hello?a=1 is different from a==1 symbol '=' denotes 1 is assigned to 'a' where as '==' denotes if 'a' is equal to 118. Hello ordered some tees from USA?Hello ordered some tees from USA? hello i ordered some t-shirts today from America to Australia but im a bit worried because i didnt exacly put the state/province i forgot but i put the postcode there and everything else should i not worry or be concerned?19. In Java programming, when you write "hello " 3 5, it prints "hello 35". But if you write 3 5 " hello", it prints "8 hello". Why does it add up now, but not earlier?Ouch...you should not do that... specially not the 35string.Now, Sagar Kar just answered the question - it's the type casting.But its also a smart and "helpfull" thing, like: 3: "Ah, we are working with numbers..." : "Ok...you want to add? Or you want to concatinating? 5: "A number! Great, now we are adding!" "I am on it! We are adding....I guess?" " hello": "What...we were working with numbers? Now you want a string? Ok, then I am adding that to what I had (8). Print "8 hello"And the other way: "hello " : "Ok, I will concatinate what follows and convert it to a string. Unless you put parentheses around it - then I will evaluate it separatly"So, "Hello " (35) will turn out as "Hello 8"
Hello, Is It Possible Customize the Snackbar in Moto G 2nd Gen?
Developers had to implement it to their snack bar in that way! You cannot do it for a application by using any other application I hope1. best starter/intermediate moto bike?Well it depends what your into and how much you want to spend but drz400s are good bikes and if you wanted to get into motocross in the future you could get a ktm 525 or something like that but they would have a lot of grunt2. What is a good way to move photos between albums on Moto G?Hi,Best way is go to settings-storage-explore. Go to folder DCIM it will be having all pics clicked by camera, go back create folders as per albums You want. And transfer all photos to that folder as per requirement. With the help of computer, connect Your device to a computer, go to same folder DCIM, create folders in internal or external memory as per Your requirment. And transfer Your photos.Wolla You are done.And above all if You want system to automatically sort, download google photos, this app will automatically sort photos and videos in different folders/albums viz. Statues, cars, bikes, selfies etcWhat is a good way to move photos between albums on Moto G?.3. How to be a Moto GP racer?Like the first poster said, you have to start at the local level, win then move to the next level. Nobody takes someone off the street and says ride my GP bike. Max Biaggi came into the sport late so you dont have to be 5yrs old and racing pocket bikes. 10 points please ..4. Is there a way to find the battery usage of apps on Moto 360?Yes. You can check Watch battery usage In Android Wear app version 1.3.0:Tap Watch Battery5. cannondale moto carbon 1 under $1000?Oh... I need a Ferrari Modena under 5,000 USD... I need one, I really do...... You are looking at one of the top bikes in cannondale, I really do not know the price for it but it's likely over 4,000 (4x as much as you want to spend). If you really want to do mostly dirt jumps on parks, probably a hardtail it's your best option. Just because you do not like your current bike does not mean that hardtails are bad. You are just using a bike for something that the bike was really not designed to do (geometry and strenght will be pretty off). Look at Cannondale Chase, Specialized P series. Any full suspension bike that will take the abuse for dirt jumping will cost a lot more than 1,000 bucks. You could search for a used bike, though.6. which is better Formula 1 or Moto GP???I gotta go with these 10 of 17 responses so far.... rizwano Prince V I am rock lady bernd Leo JeSsE MoRgAn rockpool248 kallu williamair1 & Carlos! F o r m u l a O n e R u l e s ! ! ! Note: While traversing the Swiss & Italian Alps, the motorbikes would always have the power advantage on the straightaways. There are too few straightaways in the Alps! They always had to yield to my lowly MG Midget on the tight mountain turns! ;-)7. i have 02 honda cr250r 2 stroke. is that a good bike for super moto?It would be an OK bike, depending on what class you are racing8. How do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0?No need to worry if you are a fresher and have no knowledge of rooting just follow the steps belowAs I have personally rooted my moto g2 2014 3g variant running on android 6.0Backup your every file of device using any backup app, I am using syncdroid Transfer, edit, backup, manage, view iOS & Android mobile data.Backup is important as unlocking bootloader will wipe out all your filesThen you need to unlock your bootloader[GUIDE]Unlock Bootloader - Moto G (2nd Gen) [UPDATED]After unlocking bootloader successfully , check it by following methodGo to fastboot mode by pressing vol down power when phone is in switch off conditionHold it for 5-6 seconds and leave it , a menu will be open showing device is unlocked (if process completed successfully . Reboot your phone and download super su and place it to your internal or external storage .SuperSU DownloadAfter then we need to flash a custom recovery , I am recommending twrp for that download link is given below download and transfer it to PC folder where you have downloaded and extracted minimal adb and fastboot minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.2_setup.exe | by shimp208 for Utilities which you have already downloaded for unlocking bootloaderTwrp for moto g2 2014 3g (titan ) -Download twrp-3. 1. 0-0-titan. imgAfter completing the above process go to the folder of adb and fastboot , folder should contain adb files and twrp.imgNow without connecting your moto g2 to pc , go to fastboot mode by pressing volume downpower . it will open a fastboot screen and then connect your moto g2 to PC. After connecting it to pc it will show USB connected .Then come to the adb and fastboot folder screen on your PC and click shift right click it will open a context menu then choose open command window here .In the command window type the following commandfastboot flash recovery and drag the twrp file from the command window screen. It will look likeIt will take a second to flash it and completion of process disconnect your phone and go to recovery menu by pressing vol down and select recovery using vol up it will open a twrp menuGo to install and select the directory where you have stored super su , just install it and reboot your phoneYeah your phone is now rootedHow do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0?How do I my root moto g2 running on 6.0 ?
Hello! I Wanted to Know the Difference Between the Noise of a Bad Wheel Bearing and Bad Brakes.?
You need to run from those folks. They are gyp artists and they really got your number. Go to an honest shop. The "free" inspection is not really free, is it? They will be happy to take your money for a whole new brake system that you do not need if the problem is a noisy wheel bearing. The caliper is not broken and fused. Bet on that. Those are some scary expressions, are not they? You did not bring the car in on a tow truck, which you would have with all the things wrong they say. I had a shop like that tell me I needed a new battery. I bought tires and wheel alignment that I knew I needed because that's all I went there for, but not a battery. They did loosen one battery cable so it would be troublesome later on when the weather turned. I cleaned and tightened the cable. I know how much to trust shops telling me my non problem is going to be a failure.1. Why do women mistake wide child-bearing hips with being fat?A lot of mothers are smaller than women who have never had children2. Is it possible that two different accounts in the same bank and branch have checkbooks bearing the same number?It is impossible for two checking accounts in the same bank to bear the same account number. You can have a box of replacement checks, one pad of which someone else has gotten their hands on and used, if that's what you are referring to.Examine the check number of the one that you believe was used fraudulently, and compare it with check pads you still have in your possession. Odds are, you will be missing the pad that contains that check number3. How can I kill thistle weeds around fruit bearing bushes?Cut it down just after the flowers start to open. Pulling or cutting thistle at this point kills the plant and the root. Pulling it at any other time without digging up the root system will allow the thistle to spread via the roots. Do not let the flowers to get pollinated as that means they will form seed, even on a dead plant and than you will get more thistle. I have used this technique for years and it works well for me. I just wish my neighbors would control their thistle so I did not keep getting new populations on my farm.4. 1998 volvo needs wheel bearing, suspension, tie rod, it costs a lot to repair; should I let it go?Get the wheel bearings, tie rods and calipers for now. The rest of it is not safety critical, but if you neglect the wheel bearings, your wheel may fall completely off! I do not know how sturdy Volvo's tie-rods are, I've been driving for 60,000 miles on some shot tie-rods on a 1985 F150, but just the same I want to replace those. I also had wheel bearings go out on this vehicle, it ate front tires alive and absolutely slaughtered brake parts. Glad I got those fixed. Learn how to DIY, as well, you will save a ton of money on repairs. Cars are not as hard to work on as they look.5. If a woman of child bearing age lost her uterus, can she deliver a baby in an ectopic pregnancy?No - you would not deliver a BABY - it would be a fetus - it could never grow to a survivable weight or size6. Hey, mother, I come bearing a gift. I'll give you a hint. It's in my diaper and it's not a toaster.definitely talk to her! if you do not you will regret it for the rest of your life! and who knows, maybe you two could end up a couple7. Does the right against self incrimination have any bearing on FOIA requests?With a FOIA requuest, you do not ask a government official, you ask a government agency. A government agency is not protected by the 5th amendment. In practice, the response to a request is not provided by an agency, but by an employee of that agency. That employee should respond based on the knowledge of the agency. If the employee has any private knowledge, that would not become part of the response. That applies if the employee has private knowledge of a crime. If that crime was committed by someone else, it might have been illegal not to report the crime, but that is independent of the FOIA request. Now let's say the agency has knowledge of a crime that "the agency" committed. (In reality I would assume some member of the agency did). Since an agency is not protected by the 5th amendment, it has to be part of the response. Now let's say the agency has knowledge of a crime that the employee writing the response committed. That's when self incrimination comes into play. I do not think 5th amendment allows you to lie, including lying by omission. So quite possibly that employee can say "I am not going to write the response to the FOIA request". In that case, the next employee would have to write the response, and that employee would not be incriminating himself. Now if all employees committed a crime together, then they might all be able to refuse to write the reply, but the agency still has to respond, so they might have to request outside help :-)
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