What's Your Most Embarrassing "naked" Moment?

I was at a party in the summer wearing shorts, got depants and everything came off. One of my best friends girlfriend saw my "unit" and probably a few other people.

1. My costume is really boring?

Get rid of the skinny jeans for a start. Do you have a short skirt or shorts? Preferably black coloured or sparkly/glittery. You should wear ripped fishnets too. Do you own a leather jacket? If you have any big necklaces wear them, too.


hair- cute little hairclips with diamonds and pretty designs on them to match my outfit. colorful hair scrunchies. diamond head bands. clothes- cute short casual dresses i can wear with or without tights that are casual . cute shirts with colorful designs. tight skinny jeans. hollister / american eagle / aeropostale heritage tees to match my shoes plaid shorts with tank tops shorts / skirts with colorful tights shoes- ( air jordans ) the 1s , the 4s , the 5s , the 7s , nd my favorite the 8s ! ( nikes ) dunks , air force 1s gold / silver sandals or flats accesories- SHUTTER SHADES ! gold / silver belts gold / silver bangles gold / silver bamboo earings gold / silver hoops. nice necklaces with cute charms idk if this is an accesory but i HAVE to get my nails done . i like acrylics long with crazy designs. anklets when i wear capris / shorts / bermudas black / white studded belts hello kitty rings diamond bra straps my phone has a cheetah print case on occasion a gold or a silver purse make up- black eyeliner only going on the inside of my eyes mascara lip gloss

3. How casual is to casual for a summer wedding?

They can really wear whatever they want. If it's a casual Summer wedding, it wo not look bad. They could even wear shorts, just as long as they have a polished look overall

4. How is the wheather in Vegas during Month of November?

I live in Vegas- since I do not know where you are from I wont say it will be cold- it typicaly gets down to the 50- 40s or so at night however if your from lets say Wymoing you will be in shorts and a t-shirt but if your from Texas you may say it's cold. verry rarly does it dip bellow 32- It's snowed a few times since I've livied here but not much. Also I would recomend getting a hotel room off the strip the rates are better.

5. What's the most you'd pay for...?

Shorts: $25 for a good pair of b-ball shorts Jeans: $50 for some Levis Sweatshirt: $60 for Underarmour and/or Adidas Swimsuit: $80 - $100 - I swim and play waterpolo, so this one is important Shirts - $30 for a dress shirt, dunno how much for a t-shirt. $150 for a sports jersey.

6. Would it look weird if I use self tanner just on my legs?

I did that. I only did if I was wearing a jeans skirt that came down to my knees though. If I had on shorts then I did not use the self tanner for my whole leg. It tends to look better for jeans skirts or capri jeans.

7. Would you laugh at a 14 year old cyclist?

John No I would not. He clothes provide a function which all,cyclists use. If you want to,be more conservative get plain black cycling shorts. A solid color cycling jersey. That will serve your purpose of would ressing down'. Stay away from the team jersey and bib shorts. That should accomplish your goal! Soccereftoo

8. Major, major cellulite and only 16? yikes!?

im 15 i have the same thing TAN TAN TAN the lines away lol! use a artificial tanner or the sun like me! no one noticed them anyways so go ahead wear shorts. no nothing is wrong with you for a girl skin stretches in and out and if you gain weight or lost weight cellulite might appear or genetics but hey dude! work that body!

9. what to wear when it rains?

Where i live is always rainy and cold and i live in the countryside too should be expert at this!! :P If you had wellies you could wear with long thickish socks so you can see them over the top and you could take a spare pare of flats if the weather was looking better later on and always wear layers so your not too cold but choose clothes you would not mind getting dirty or messed! I tend to go for the wellie look with maybe a pair of shorts and thick tights either a hoody or a thick jumper and maybe a chunky knit scarf hat if its that cold and of course A RAIN JACKET! As long as you feel comfortable and can walk in what your wearing! sorted :P GOOD LUCK!

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Board Shorts VS Swimming Trunks?
Board Shorts VS Swimming Trunks?
i would just go with a bikini and board shorts. They are not real pricey if you do not buy the BRAND ones. Nice brands like O'neil and Roxy should not be too expensive and look GREAT. Men's swimming trunks are huge. And flappy looking. Women's board shorts are cute, and hugs the figure a lil better.1. Will standing topped off tree trunks work for holding up a building structure?The main concern here is not the load bearing capacity of the stumps, (which will not be a problem) but obviously the rotting of the wood over time. Essentially rot, is caused by moisture loving Fungi and Bacteria which feed off the wood. So if you can keep the moisture of the wood down, there is no real problem. With that in mind, if the stump was enveloped by the structure of the house, and there was no run-off onto that area from rain, I would comfortably say that the stump would last the lifetime of the structure. you can further improve the situation if the wood is of a rot-resistant species like cedar, locust, cypress, oak etc. and then the diameter of the stumps would also play a part. If you can, it may be a good idea to dig a few inches around each stump and lay a cement casing around each stump under the ground to ensure that any ground moisture does not affect the wood. termites, wood cracking, and new shoots may also be a hindrance if they are not controlled also. So the simple answer (and a bit of a cop out) . .. If you can control the moisture. it will work. if not. based on the lay of the land, wood species, stump thickness, climate etc... the stump will begin to deteriorate from the word go2. Why did future Trunks not encounter androids 19 and 20?They did not exist in his Timeline.Break the Sound Barrier, Sonic Boom. Break the Time Barrier, Time Boom. Ripples of distortion radiate through that point of impact, shifting everything just a tiny bit, but enough. Enough for events to happen slightly different.In Future Trunks' Timeline he only knew of Future Android #17, Future Android #18, and Future Dr. Gero. Although he did not know Future Dr. Gero was an Android himself. When Future Trunks' Time Machine lands in the past it creates another Timeline that branches off from the one he came from at the exact point the Time Machine lands/arrives (Time Boom), causing the events that Future Trunks forewarned the Z-Fighters about to occur differently.Goku was supposed to contract the Heart Virus 6 months before the Androids were supposed to appear, instead he contracts it on the day they appeared.In Future Trunks' Timeline Android #17 & Android #18 appear on May 12th at 10:00 am on the Island 9 miles southwest of South City hours after murdering Dr. Gero and destroying his laboratory. In the Main Timeline this happens on the same date at the same time except Android #19 and Dr. Gero appear in place of Android #17 and Android #18.Future Trunks did not know the whereabouts of Dr. Gero's Laboratory in his Timeline, but due to events changing he finds it in the Main Timeline where Android #17 & Android #18 are activated along with Android #16, and to Future Trunks' surprise they turned out to be stronger than the Androids from his Timeline.Conclusion:Whatever tragedy Future Trunks thought he would averted, Time found a way to replace it, and this one turned out to be much worse.Why did future Trunks not encounter androids 19 and 20?.3. I need help with swimsuits?the thing is guy swimsuits are made for GUYS. but instead of wearing a guys swimsuit with a t shirt over it why do not you wear board shorts and a bikini top that way you have the comfort and the cover up like boys swimming trunks but you still look like a girl4. Are these swim trunks hot, or not?I am basically a woman. So here's the deal: The first set definitely would look better in black. But even in black I do not like them. The problem with them is that they accent your male part too strongly. The eyes of any girl that sees you are going to be immediately drawn to your package. This pair is just not as tasteful. I like the second pair. It makes you "hot" while drawing less attention to itself. This will be less distracting and spreads attention more broadly across your entire body.
What Are the Best Grappling Shorts and Rashguards?
What Are the Best Grappling Shorts and Rashguards?
What are the best grappling shorts and rashguards?I have Hayabusa compression shorts and rashguard. The shorts are amazing quiality, they just come tight on the thighs but you get used to it and its for your benefit. The rashguard is also amazing quality.— — — — — —Revival shortsTweety Bird Judge Granny - Case 2: Tweety vs. Sylvester Full Metal Racket Malltown and Tazboy (cameo) Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained - #1 Sufferin Sasquatch Mysterious Phenomena of the Unexplained - #5 The Bermuda Short Toon Marooned series The Junkyard Run parts 1-3 Sports Blab numbers 1 and 2— — — — — —What kind of bathing suit should I get!?!?the one that has the shorts and the yellow strips and black (the 1st 1)— — — — — —do these jean shorts look good? (pics)?I like them. It would look better if you folded the ends of the shorts up a little bit. Dont be afraid to show a little more. =) P.S yur legs look fine.— — — — — —Does this outfit look good on me?Socks with shorts. You are kidding, right? I beg you, lose the socks and wear no socks at all. Better yet, wear the shorts with flip-flops and it will look much better and more casual. Those shorts look okay but they would look better if they were not quite so long. Your legs look good so why hide them under super long shorts and dorky socks??— — — — — —hollister shorts and jeans question?Uhh yeah, as long as dont have bigger calfs then your thighs?— — — — — —Are you supposed to wear underwear with volleyball shorts?Most, if not all of the volleyball shorts I have ever owned have a small cloth (cotton or poly blend) liner in the crotch area called a gusset. This is designed to absorb moisture and pull it away from your skin as you sweat. It also provides some protection to your sensitive areas against the harshness of the spandex. It does not work as well if you wear underwear. Cameltoes are, unfortunately, part of the volleyball (or any sport involving spandex bottoms) experience. I high school I did wear panties under my spandex because everyone else did and I did not want to seem weird. One day, though, I decided to go for a jog after school and, for whatever reason, decided not to wear volleyball shorts without panties. They were so much more comfortable that way. In college, just about everyone on the team--myself included--went without underwear. To this day I wear volleyball shorts to workout and never wear anything under them. That said, I've never worn white shorts and I can see where that could pose a problem. If I was really concerned about showing through (which I probably wo not be, but everyone is different) then I would probably wear panties. The problem with panties, in my experience is that they often ride up too--and they tend to do it independently of the shorts. I've seen everything from visible panty lines to visible panty bunches under shorts and I can attest that the bunches look horrible and feel worse. Thongs may help, but I found them even worse than regular panties. Maybe you should just ask your coach to change the color of your shorts.— — — — — —Shorts with built-in tights for guys?The model in that photo seems to fit the shorts well, but the leggings look very ill-fitting. You may be one size in the shorts, but a different size in the leggings, as the photo illustrates. Plus, because they are sold as a single unit, you are locked in to that one particular style combination. Guys or girls, does not matter. Shorts or skirts with built-in leggings is just plain impractical. If you buy the leggings and shorts separately, you could get the correct size for each, and vary the style combinations. So that you do not think I am bashing the idea completely, my husband wears leggings with shorts, but they are bought as independent items, not as a combined unit.— — — — — —Should I get these shorts?if u like u can buy this short and the short is nice tooooooooooooo— — — — — —What top to go with these shorts?By the way, those are amazing. To die for. I would say no to the top, it's got too much of an organic feel for the glamishness of the shorts. Go with a solid top in a light shade. Ca not have any little pattern distracting you from those bad boys.
What Cloths to Get When Going School Shopping
What Cloths to Get When Going School Shopping
When you go back-to-school shopping, you should get a few basic things.. .A few plain colored t-shirts for gym class with a pair of exercise shorts.. .T-shirts that have funny sayings or designs on them but are school appropriate.. .About 4 pairs of jean shorts that are just a little big so you can grow into them.. .One pair of comfy shorts for a casual look on Friday.. .A few casual dress shirts for school pictures, concerts, etc.. .Socks,. Bras., and underwear.. .Two pairs of shoes: Gym shoes and another pair of casual shoes (sneakers) for a comfortable day at school.Would Cowgirl boots and Jean short shorts be cute?ITS RELLY HOT! i guess it will look great on you cause a girl with ur kinda taste is realy rare to find nowadays. if i know something abut u u r the most stylish girl ever. i wish i u were a designerWhere can I buy some cheap jean short-shorts?I know you do not like the store, but Aeropostale is not expensive. They are 50% off right now. Cool sale. They have really cute shorts there, i am wearing a pair of jean short shorts from there right now. But, if you do not get it from there. You can get like 1030 dollar shorts. And, they are really cute (:skinny jeans. short, regular, or long?Yes, get regular. :) Answer minecan i wear sheer black pantyhose openly in public with tight blue jeans shorts?where whatever you want. Some may commentGirls, What do you like to wear most, jeans, shorts, capris or skirts?skirts, because they make you feel cute and they are very flowyHigh waisted Jeans/Shorts..?macys and wetseal have them, go to their official websitesLands' End - Swimsuits, Polos, Jeans, Shorts, Skirts, Pants, DressesIn our best knit pants, you will be comfortable on longer days of work. When you are wearing our women's casual knit pants, you will be completely at ease - and surviving extra hours at work will be a bit easier. The quality in our knit leggings keeps you looking sophisticated, too. So even though your casual work pants feel as soft as Sundays, you will still look office-ready when you are wearing them into the evening on Monday.Made to last, our best knit pants, which can be monogrammed, look as great as they feel from one long work day to the next. Fabrics in our women's casual knit pants are brushed for softness - and for strength. And our sturdy knit leggings bounce back, wash after wash. Because our casual work pants are designed especially for regular, plus, petite, tall, and petite plus sizes for the best fits they wo not stretch out of shape or sag during extended hours behind a desk. Women's active pants are essentials for vacations and everyday adventures. These cute knit pants and other casual pants are made with the best fabrics and designs that complement your curves.You will enjoy these women's active pants with details such as wide, full-elastic waistbands made to lie flat and prevent chafing. Wear the cute knit pants when you want to stay super comfortable for exercise class, a morning walk through the neighborhood or a bike trip in the countryside.Our women's active pants make the best travel pants because their easy-care fabric looks fresh and unwrinkled right out of your suitcase. The cute knit pants are just-right with t shirts for warmer climates like Thailand, or pair these casual pants with soft sweaters for a European trip.Try our women's active pants for weekend wear, and these versatile women's pants will become wardrobe staples. On Saturday, wear the cute knit pants to a morning workout, coffee with friends and a neighborhood barbecue, and on Sunday, enjoy these casual pants for brunch with relatives and shopping at the farmers' market. Keep it classic with our women's casual pants from Lands' End. Comfy, cute travel pants, too, our everyday pants include soft, casual cotton pants made with soft, premium fabrics in gorgeous, flattering styles that never go out of fashion, so you can feel confident you will love wearing them for years.Try our women's casual pants when wanting well-tailored, comfortable knit pants or chino pants. From full-length cotton casual pants to cute capri pants, you will find what you need in our wide selection of women's clothing.Our women's casual pants are vacation favorites because these cute travel pants look fresh and smooth just out of your suitcase. Pair the cotton casual pants with our monogrammed polo shirts to make a personalized fashion statement on your trip.These women's casual pants - including chino pants and knit pants - fit in well for all kinds of weekend activities. Wear our cotton casual pants for yoga class and the juice bar on Saturday morning and our capri pants to a Sunday brunch. Our women's knit pants are the right everyday knit active pants for Pilates classes to P.T.A. meetings. For casual pants, start with our silky soft yoga leggings, and look for casual travel pants, such as suede leggings and matte jersey knit pants.When you wear our women's knit pants, these soft, comfortable knit sporty pants will quickly become your wardrobe favorites. The casual pants include knit active pants that wo not restrict your movements during exercise and cute athletic pants with flatlock seams to help prevent chafing.Our versatile women's knit pants are cute pants you can wear to yoga class in the morning, brunch with friends and a stop at the farmers' market in the afternoon. Pair these casual pants with t shirts for exercise or with monogrammed polo shirts for an evening barbecue.Pack our women's knit pants for your next trip, and these casual travel pants will come out of the suitcase wrinkle free and ready to wear. 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And our casual dress pants are made with the soft, breathable materials to make your longer work days more bearable, too.Sophisticated and elegant, our best knit pants look as great as they feel, from behind your desk Monday morning to late in the evening when you are on your way home. With these women's casual knit pants, you get your pick of colors and cuts, from wide to slim legs, and neutral to bright colors. Even our knit leggings look refined, because we use high quality materials - and they look even better with a monogram. Styles in our casual work pants are as crisp and neat as you could hope for in your work-ready wardrobe, and with a hint of stretch, you will look at-ease even when you are at work long after five.Convenient features in our best knit pants will make them the first thing you reach for while you get dressed for a longer work day. In our women's casual knit pants, you get anything from full-elastic waist to stylish, disguised ease around your middle. Breathable and cool, our knit leggings work well in any weather, too. It's no wonder our casual work pants often double as women's travel pants - because with our refined finish and soft, sturdy fabrics, you get easy-wearing clothes from morning to night, day after day.
Please Help, How Do I Break This Fetish of Queefing in Front of Strangers at the Gym While Working O
Please Help, How Do I Break This Fetish of Queefing in Front of Strangers at the Gym While Working O
You need to start doing this in more public places, your chances of getting someone to notice will sky rocket! I go to the grocery store in shorts, with no undies. I knock things off the shelf just so I can get on all fours to pick it up. I try to induce the air up into my secret honey hole (hahaha), then I stand up really slow and smile and flip my hair at the nearest person to look extra sexy. Oh gosh, just thinking about it gives me such a rush, I wanna go get my fan out and put it on high speed!1. Serious Mountain Bike Predicament!!!!?Biking shorts really help; nearly all MTB riders wear them under their shorts, or sometimes they are incorporated into the shorts2. How can I fix the fold on my shorts?How To Fold Shorts3. Is This A Good Outfits For P. E?Ca not you take your gym clothes home and wash them after each gym class, if you have to wear something different every class. At MOST buy 5 tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts (the north face ones are good), maybe bring 2 t-shirts, a sweatshirt/jacket, and 2 pairs of pants. This will give you enough so that you will always have 1 outfit ready depending on the weather. But for heaven's sake do not buy all that just for gym class!4. Parents: How much do you control what your teen daughter wear?My mother actually loves the way I dress. She thinks I have excellent style and she praises me for putting some time to my appearance (not all of my time, it's not my first priority, but it is a priority). For me, I am not wearing any skirts or shorts until I lose a decent amount of weight but she would be okay with me wearing mini skirts. Mini skirts are not at all slutty, it's what you pair them with. If you wear a mini skirt do not be an idiot and pair them with a tank top (unless you are at say, the beach or the pool) if you are going to wear a mini skirt, wear it with a more appropriate top. For me, I do wear semi - low cut shirts. I do not let all of my cleavage hang out (though with my big boobs it sometimes does not matter what I do). I show a peak of cleavage, not much and it would be paired with a nice pair of my favorite Seven's jeans with a gorgeous pair of Betsey Johnson heels (her shoes are absolutely beauitful!). My mom does not quite understand my shoe fetish. I love shoes but I will only wear high heels, she still laughs and mocks me (in a loving manner) whenever I get blisters from wearing flats and tennis shoes. So that's basically how much she controls what I wear. She does not really tell me anything because she knows I know how to dress for any occasion and she no problem with my style. I create a nice balance in my style. She knows I am smart with what I choose to wear.5. What should i wear to go Running?just wear shorts and a t shirt it really wo not matter what you wear and you probly should not eat anything before you go running unless you are really hungry6. Gonna go shopping at Ralph Lauren on Sat., what should I get???get polor shirts with the colorful logos get shorts beige, white, navy blue(they have really nice ones!!) get sweaters, baby blue? get shirts with stripes and the logo (white & blue stripes) get socks! get polor shirts with the big logos suit jacket with stripes, they go well with white pants from there or their jeans!! uhmm i 4got what else they got! anyways have nice shopping, i love ralph! btw they got really nice rain jackets in white & black! and the lenon shirts with the purple logo7. First 7 people get an outfit on polyvore!?name- Rita fave brands- Forever 21, Topshop, Charlotte Russe, Miss Selfridge, H&M least fave brands- Hollister, A&F, Roxy, American Eagle... style- Girly, casual, jeans, tank tops, cardigans, flats, leggings, shorts... I love those Topshop shorts that are flowy... almost like a skirt. Thank you. Edit: Lovely! :) I would actually wear everything in the set, especially the tops you picked. Thank you very much! :D
How Can You Make Tank Tops and Shorter Shorts Look "classier"?
A good rule of thumb is if u wear a tank top or revealing top, wear something modest on the bottom and vice versa1. Are visible bra straps under tank tops trashy?It's not trashy at all it's only your straps showing! Everyone does it, it's pretty much like a style on it's own haha if you want you could wear a swimsuit instead of a bra underneath it just because that may make you feel a little better and it goes with the hot summery theme2. what color tank tops should i get?just get anything that's really bright and leave out any dark colors3. Where is a good place to get cute and cheap tank tops?Macy's is nice. Justice has some really cute ones though, if you are into that kind of thing4. why do girls where tank tops with a bra?Because we need one...Or else yes, nipples show and it just looks weird. Perv5. Is my story beginning okay?Awesome! Your description is great but there are a few spelling and punctuation mistakes in this passage. Wether-should be spelled Whether. His mouth opened, however, as a sound was just about to be freed from his mouth-Should be: His mouth opened, however as a sound was just about to be freed from his mouth (get rid of the comma) Not stearing wheel-Steering wheel And you do not need to put "Sleeveless, light pink tank top" you can just put "Light pink tank top," because tank tops are all sleeveless. Sleeveless kinda breaks up the flow. And you also said, when referring to the tank top, "Whom had been a present from mom." It should be "That had been a present from mom." Otherwise, great job!6. What should I wear with Victorias Secret Yoga Pants?plain vnecks or tank tops, and tennis shoes7. who wnts me 2 make them and email them an outfit!?OMG, u r so cool to be doing this!!!!!!!!!!! Pink and light blue Louis Vuitton (scarves) Limited Too, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Hollister girl jeans (sparkly, rhinestones, or sequined) camisoles, tube tops, tank tops8. Why do I feel weird while wearing tank tops?I think guys are actually judged fairly heavily when they wear tank tops; like a girl wearing a belly shirt, you've got to have really well-developed muscles and practically no fat. If you are not quite there or just a little insecure, just wear tee shirts. Wear what makes you comfortable9. Is it wrong that my mom wont let me wear tank tops?Well wait until your eighteen10. Where can I find Forest Green colored tank tops like this one?obviously aa hollister prob a&f11. What was the name of the t-shirts and tank tops designer featured on E! News?I dont know if this was the same designer, but I recently bought an Oxford Ivy t-shirts and they are FANTASTIC. They arent covered in designs, and they are extremely comfortable. The fabric is so soft and I absolutely love mine. It is a starting business so they may be a little hard to find, but I know that their website is supposed to be launching soon because my friend has done some work for them. Keep an eye out!12. Haii yahoo, once again I need your help, decent summer dresses and tank tops shorts, but not to average :)?I just got a few pairs of pretty decent shorts from aeroposatle for like really cheap. The rest of the stuff there is not that great but this season they have some nice basic shorts. As for dresses I would say look at urban outfitters they are expensive-ish but would probably be something you would like since most of it's kind of mod and not too preppy. As for tanktops and stuff you can get decent ones like everywhere this year. They have okay ones at delias right now on sale too and you can get basic ones most anywhere.. target even. Good luck!13. question about tank tops?............?Old Navy and Target14. Are tank tops coming back in style?i usually wear strapless bras with tanks but sometimes ill wear a normal bra with it. but they are coming back in style.15. why do white people be outside in the winter in shorts and tank tops?The body type of a white person is built to handle the cold better (a longer/more pointy nose, lighter skin) while a black person's body (a wider nose, darker skin) is built for warmer climate. But its also just white culture. Remember blacks descended from Africa and the Caribbean. Much warmer temperatures there than in Europe, meaning black culture is used to handling the warm weather. Ever realized white americans sip coffee/hot chocolate more often than black americans in colder temperatures? I am a black girl, try it. It keeps you super warm.
Is There Any Job Out There That You Could Wear Spandex Shorts Or Bike Shorts to on a Regular Basics?
Different employers have different ideas about what sort of attire is allowed at work. For much of my working life, I wore shorts to work in summer as did many of my co workers. I rode my bike to work in cycling shorts, but those shorts are not comfortable to wear while working sitting down in an office chair, so I would change shorts when I arrived at the office. However, nobody would have objected had I continued to wear my spandex shorts during the day. Cycling shorts are great to wear while riding your bike, what you wear while at work depends on your particular employer, your preferences, and what sort of pressure your co workers put on you1. how do i keep the country look and still be cute?Wear a checked shirt either open with a white cami underneath, the centre three buttons done up, or with the bottom of the flaps tied together if you get what I mean? Then loose, messy pigtails, and wear the shirt with a denim skirt or shorts and sandals/espadrilles/pumps/sneakers/whatever you like. And then a little casual pendant and a few woven old-school friendship bracelets up your arm/ one on your ankle. You can not go wrong with this look- you will look amazing! xx2. girls When its hot what is the coolest clothes you wear?I wear shorts, with a tunic and sandals or flip flops. The more light and breezy the fabric, the better. Definitely no denim cause it can get really hot where I am from during summer! Linen pants with tank tops are also nice and very laid back. I also love putting on beach accessories like wooden bangles or wooden bead necklaces. I suggest you head on to Roxy for your beach accessories cause that's where I get mine. Have a great summer! :)3. what to wear to dance class?do a snug fitting short sleeve shirt with either basketball or boys shorts and wrist bands...o and wear ur hair down haha that wat i wear to a class like that4. What should I pack for a trip to Orlando, FL in April?Shorts, T-shirts and sunscreen. It's not blistering hot yet in April. Earlier (Jan/Feb) you might appreciate a light jacket (windproof) , May and June you will want something rainproof. And if you are planning to come in July or August, you should probably bring your straitjacket with you5. What to wear for a Pijama party night, colors, style, top, bottom?I would wear, a top that is silky button up shirt and leave it unbuttoned and then wear a cami underneath. and as for pants a pair of shorts that are the same colour as the tank top. I would also bring a cute pair of fuzzy slippers. Instead of using the colours you mentioned try a sky blue button up it will compliment your hair and then a vanilla milkshake white tank top and shorts! For stores try: Victoria's secret pajama line! Hope i helped ;)6. guys only! A poll for you, if u like??1. Dodge or Ford- Ford, but cars suck 2. Shave or scruffy- SKIN 3. Steak or spaghetti- Spaghetti, Vegan 4. Naked or in shorts- Naked with shorts on my face 5. Jammies or nekkid- Nekked 6. Elle mcPhereson or Gisele Bundchen? Ewww nasty.. 7. Surfing or swimming- Swimming 8. Her parents or her sisters (to deal with)- Her sisters 9. Morning or afternoon ( to get outta bed)- Afternoon 10. Skiing or snowboarding- Snowboarding 11. candles or lighting- Lighting 12. beer or whiskey- Beer 13. meat and potatoes or vegetarian- VEGAN 14. Trucks or Hummers- Trucks, more purposeful, tougher 15. Shaving cream or soap- Shaving cream-Ow soap? 17. One night stand or weekend fling- Weekend 18. Black or red- BLACK 19. Fantasy girl or poster- Fantasy 20. bar-be-cue or grillin - Grillin 21. cussing or punching the wall- Punching and fisting7. WHAT do YOUUU wear on a CRUISE?I am 14, and I've been on 3 cruises. I usually bring 3 formal dresses (depending on the length of the cruise) Some cute flip flips, sundresses, polos, and shorts.8. do you like minni shorts or basketball shorts?Well, it depends on what the occasion is. The best place to wear a pair of basketball shorts is obviously a b-ball game. It would be best to wear shorties not with a t-shirt, but with something flirty like a baby-doll top
Black Denim Vest..What to Wear?! ?
Try it over a summery dress Try it with skinny jeans. Try it with shorts. Try it with a mini skirt and fringed boots.1. The Best Women's Mountain Bike Shorts for 2021 —The baggies are made of a polyester blend and have a DWR coating to shed precipitation and mud, which is a great bonus for a short at this price. The waistband on the baggies has waist adjustments that we found to be a tad finicky but ultimately still did the job. With a 12-inch inseam, these shorts are just long enough to work with knee pads, though ladies with longer legs may get a gap. The Ranger shorts have two regular hand pockets and one zippered leg pocket that's large enough to fit most phones. The chamois that comes with the Ranger is also made of a stretchy polyester blend material. The padding is on the thin side, but still sufficient for most rides, and ideal for those who want minimal padding. The legs on the chamois are just tight enough: comfortable, but they rarely ride up at all. The waistband on the chamois is the only main downside to these shorts. It's made of a thicker-woven material that is not as soft or stretchy as other shorts in this review, like the Shredly YOGACHAM or the Kitsbow Tsali. But we still think it's decent-especially for the price. The Ranger is also available in a water-resistent version for autumn riding and situations where you may get wet and/or would appreciate some extra warmth. Evo recommends the Ranger as one of the best mountain biking shorts of 2020 for women. Overall, for the price, we think the Ranger short is an excellent bargain buy. The baggies are durable enough to be your everyday workhorse short and the chamois gets the job done even if it's not the fanciest or most comfortable. If you are on a budget and looking for one great pair of shorts, this is it. Pockets: 2 small side leg pockets (not big enough for phone) Bibs are not for everybody. But a lot of folks in the cycling and mtb community find bibs to be more comfortable than shorts because they keep the chamois staying in place better. They also do not cut into the stomach like shorts can sometimes do. If you are one of the bib converts (or are just curious!), then there's no better mountain biking chamois bib than the Velocio Trail Mesh Bib Liner. The thin mesh polyamide-elastane fabric gives ultimate breathability, while the bib design makes for no discomfort in the waist at all. The bibs fit snug through the thighs in all the right ways, with compression that's functional without being restrictive. Despite the fact that there is a decent amount of material on the chest in these bibs, we found it to still fit comfortably and seamlessly underneath a jersey or tech tee. You've got the option for bibs with or without cargo pockets on the legs. Since you would never wear these bibs without baggies, we found the pockets a little unnecessary unless you really want the extra snack-carrying capacity. The Velocio bibs feature a "Fly-Free" design that allows you to take trailside bathroom breaks without completely undressing-huge bonus! (Although, when testing, it did take some getting used to to make the process quick and smooth.) The Trail Mesh Bib Liner is designed to work with the Velocio Trail Short (baggies) to optimize comfort and convenience. When testing we loved the fit, comfort, style, and durability of both the Velocio bib and short. Gear Junkie recommends the Trail Short as one of the best women's mountain biking shorts of 2020, and both the shorts and the bibs come with great customer reviews . While it is an expensive kit, there's a lot to love about the Velocio Bib. Especially if you prefer no-ride-up advantages of a bib, There are mountain bikers who do not identify as men and women, but we are working within the reality that clothing sizes and shapes are categorized this way. We always recommend that regardless of how you identify, to not feel confined to what is on the label and to choose technical clothing that works with your body and feels comfortable when you move. Your chamois layer should fit snug without being restrictive. Most mountain bikers find that a high-waisted chamois layer is most comfortable. This is partially because it holds everything in when you are on your bike, and because it means that the waistband on your baggies wo not hit in the same place as your chamois waistband. Most chamois shorts will land somewhere between mid-thigh and just above the knee. Generally you do not want either your chamois or baggies to fit too short (like running shorts would) because it will be uncomfortable while pedaling and will often cause chafing. Baggy mountain bike shorts should, as the name implies, fit on the looser side. This allows for freedom of movement when you are pedaling hard or bombing the downhill. Most baggies will land at the knee or just above it. You will want this for protection when mountain biking. Some shorts (like the Velocio Trail Short) will be slightly shorter and more form fitting, which is ideal for cross country riding, while others (like the Dakine Xena) will have a longer and baggier fit, which is great for riders who prefer the downhill or like to wear knee pads. We love both the Wild Rye Freel and Flylow Eleanor shorts because they have a versatile fit that is formed enough to be flattering while being long enough to pair with knee pads. You will find in this article that a few of our picks for the best women's mountain biking shorts are sold as separate pieces (meaning the baggies do not come with a chamois) while others are sold as a set (baggies and chamois sold together). Buying your baggies and chamois shorts as a kit can often save money, and it makes things simpler when selecting a pair of mountain biking shorts. However, this means that you do not have the option to choose a particular chamois layer to go with a different pair of baggies. If you already have a chamois layer that you love, or if you know of a particular one you want, then it's often best to buy your baggies and chamois separately so that you can tailor fit and style to your preference. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and what your priorities are. If your top priority is budget, then going with a kit like the Fox Racing Ranger short is a great option. But if you are looking for a specific chamois layer that will fit perfectly and have plenty of cushion, and a baggy short that has the features you need for your style of riding, then buying separate pieces is the way to go. It may cost more money, but you will have a kit that's tailored to your fit and your needs. If you are committed to mountain biking and know you will be riding your bike for the long haul, then consider spending more money up front on gear that fits and functions well. In the long run, it will likely save you more money since you hopefully wo not be replacing your shorts as soon due to poor fit or quick wear.2. Is it healthy to be wearing two pants?Its not unhealthy. I do not know about completely normal though lol. Why do not you find some different type of pants to wear other than sweatpants to work out in. There are those windbreaker like pants you can wear. Or do you just not feel comfortable changing in front of people? I know people who wear shorts under jeans or longjohns under their clothes when it is cold out, but not to work out in.3. What type of bikini shorts suit a curvy figure?I am also a curvy girl and i always wear shorts because these make me feel comfortable and I know they flatter my figure! :)
HELP! What to Pack for New Zealand in May?
would could be the top of Autumn for Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand is cooler then Australia, so which you will choose some extra jumpers, mild jackets, long pants, and so on.. Australia because of the fact you are stay Sydney and north, it wo not get real chilly. Up north you are in a position to wreck out with shorts and a tshirt, yet in the direction of Sydney is it gentle for the period of the day so denims and a tshirt and each now and then a skinny jumper. Nights might get a dash chilly yet a jumper would be sufficient. It would not snow in those areas EVER so it wo not get too chilly. you do no longer choose snow equipment it truly is for particular. i might convey swimmers for the whitsundays you would be able to or would possibly no longer sense like going swimming. i might %. right here, nonetheless if we get a chilly snap this is cooler, comparable is going for a warmth wave. - tshirts - long sleeve tops - shirts (for adult males) - denims, cargos, and so on.. - extreme high quality pants - skinny jumpers - a million thick jumper - a pair of thin jackets - swimmers - sunscreen - sunlight hues - walking footwear - thongs (turn flops) - Skirt/ shorts in actuality a style without the entire on iciness equipment. Coming from the U. S. (i assume as you are saying Fall particularly of Autumn) you will locate issues truly decrease priced so in case you get caught you may purchase issues. New Zealand have truly extreme high quality woollen products1. What to wear to an amusement park?I am not quite sure what your taste of clothing style is but a cute top and shorts would be great! Nothing too too revealing if you want the guy you like to honestly respect you. Here's what to bring to the amusement park: Charged phone Camera Food/water/snacks (if they let you bring it in because usually the stuff they sell in the park is really expensive) Extra jacket (if you will be staying into the night) Wear comfortable shoes/clothing Purse/wallet/money Sunscreen!!! Pads/tampons (if you are on your period) Sunglasses/cute hat Hand sanitizer Makeup (if you wear it because it tends to wear off during the day) Lotion Bobby pins/hair bands (to pull your hair back on fast rides so it does not end up all knotty and messy after the ride:) ) And if course yourself! Hope this helped and have fun!!2. Do any girls have jeans that won't zip up?Mine: a million. t-shirts: no less than 35 two. denims: 12 or thirteen three. camis/tanks: four or five four. hoodies/zip-united states of americasweaters: eight or nine five. sneakers: no less than thirteen pairs 6. sweatpants (similar to the only's from PINK): none 7. Shorts: 15 or sixteen3. What should I be for halloween?Preppy girl --wear like a plaid flannelripped jeans that are designed like hollister jeans uggs or the fake uggs ( both are cute) and then just add a cool necklace and a bracelet Neon Spirit Girl (somthing random off my mind since were having homecoming week and that one of are themes neon rave) Wear - a neon shirt or a tank top , with neon leggings , bright colored flip=flops , blue jean shorts and a colorful necklace Gangsta Girl - baggy jeans or skinny jeans with shorts under with your pants down but you will have shorts under ,, then a baggy shirt or a tight shirt with a sweatshirt with sk8ter shoes Theres some ideas that were on my mind.. Hope this helped :]]4. Poll: What do you wear around the house.?Comfy sweaters and jeans in the winter and shorts and T-shirts in the warmer months5. can you wear a long sleeve button down shirt with shorts?i think it really depends on the type of long sleeve and shorts but in most cases yes6. What is the difference between boardshorts and swim trunks?Kris boardshorts and swimtrunks are just different style swimtrunks mostly have the inner liner and board shorts do not board shorts are mostly worn by surfers and do not have an elastic waistband and are longer in the legs than swim trunks curtdude
If the Weather Is Nice Enough, Is It Okay to Wear Shorts in Venice? Any Other Tips for Packing/sight
In my experience, shorts are OK if looking like a tourist is your thing. Obviously, many tourists will be wearing shorts in Venice but I think it is better to have lightweight long pants so that you can enter cathedrals etc. Packing a pair of convertable pants is a handy way to get around the shorts issue and I generally take them in case I need shorts. The sightseeing in Venice is just too obvious, walk around and enjoy, it is beautiful every where. I hope he is going soon and not in the summer when the canals tend to smell and the crowd is immense. I am also on my way to Venice in May for my third visit. For your questions I recommend the guide, "Jim's Guide to Cheap Travel in Europe" it gives you packing tips and lot's of valualble and practical little tips a European traveler should know1. Liverpool's conquerors Braga through to Europa league final ..........?I think Porto are more likely to win, but we will see. I found some Porto vs. Braga stats. Out of 34 games, Porto has won 22, while Braga has won 5. They've had 7 draws, and Porto has a 48 GD. However, do not be so quick to dismiss them. Braga's home record is Europe is pretty good. 8 out of 9 clean sheets and beat the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and now Benfica.2. Who made the first drum set?What was it made of?"The various pieces of the drum set have origins spanning thousands of years: from the Ancient Romans' adoption of African drums around 200 B.C. to the circulation of the Turk-made bass drum throughout Europe in the 1500's. So where did so many wildly varying cultures come together to form one unified set, you ask? Well, the answer lies in American history. As the use of Africans for slave labor became more common in the 1800's, the slaves began creating their own variations of their culture's instruments. Slaves were not generally allowed to play music, but hand-crafted drum sets were often ignored, and by the time more of America recognized the drum set's existence, no one even knew it had been originally created by African-American slaves. The first drum sets were put together in the late 1800s sometime after the invention of the bass drum pedal. As America entered the 20th century, drum sets and African rhythms began to break into the mainstream. As more beats relied on the use of cymbals, the size of the cymbals gradually increased; the initially-used Chinese tom-toms were replaced with their African variants; and the size of the hi-hat was increased to make playing with sticks easier. Thus, the modern drum set as we know it today began to take its shape." I am not sure what the first drum set was made of.3. i wonder if seniors will mind paying more than $12,000 a year for their health care?Before World War II, nobody had healthcare insurance, people just paid their doctor. How did they survive? We did not have half our doctors doing cosmetic surgery. We did not run unnecessary expensive tests like EKGs, MRIs, and colonoscopies. We did not have pill boxes for 4 servings a day for a week. We did not lay around eating cheetos watching 200 cable channels. I do not intend to pay $12,000. I will self insure. If I need an expensive operation, I will borrow the money, and pay $12,000 a year to pay it back. If I do not get sick, I will have that much more money to travel to Europe.4. Many Chinese claim they are Buddhist, and also claim they dislike the Indians?The Chinese see the Indians as a threat. Chinese always like to excel in their adopted countries wherever they are and only the Indians can match them. It's more of a psychological fear rather than dislike. The Chinese in USA, Britain, Europe, Singapore and Australia do not show such attitude. Maybe it is politically motivated in some countries5. what is the best lager?For me : Spaten Lager Jever Pilsenser Czechvar (or "Budvar" in Europe) Pilsner Urquell Staropramen Lager Stiegl Pils (Austrian)6. 220v amp on 240 power?IT should be ok if the receiver is less than 5 years old and designed for sale in EU. The mains voltage will not be directly used but stepped down in a power supply section which should be able to cove with a wide variation around 220V The nominal European voltage is now 230V 50 Hz (formerly 240V in UK, 220V in the rest of Europe) but this does not mean there has been a real change in the supply. Instead, the new "harmonised voltage limits" in Europe are now: 230V -10% 6% (i.e. 207.0 V-243.8 V) in most of Europe (the former 220V nominal countries), and 230V -6% 10% (i.e. 216.2 V - 253.0 V) in UK (former 240V nominal) To cope with both sets of limits an equipment will therefore need to cover 230V /-10% i.e. 207-253V. This became the official limit for the whole of the EU in 2003.
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