What's the Best Way to Organize a Collection of Screenshots?

If you're looking for something simple and free and if you're a Mac user, I suggest With Inboard you can take full page screenshots, view them in a Pinterest-like UI and tag them. It's like having your own private Pinterest.

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Will the collection of coronavirus cases in India peak by the end of July?

In India Covid infections r doubling every 10 days.Cinsidering it these r projections:On 20.05.2020 :: 1,30,000 Covid infectionsOn 31.05.2020 :: 2,60,000 Covid infectionsOn 15.06.2020 :: 600,000 Covid infectionsOn 30.06.2020 :: 10,40,000 Covid infectionsTo avoid it, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad need to control their containment zones more effectively. Else it is inevitable. Stupid governance is responsible for itIt may be wise to completely seal these cities to avoid spread of Covid 19.


What are the most interesting projects around collective intelligence?

MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

Its basic research agenda is: "How can people and computers be connected so thatcollectivelythey act more intelligently than any individuals, groups, or computers have ever done before?"See this recent EDGE interview with Center leader Tom Malone:

Collective Intelligence | Conversation | Edge


Is what Israel is doing to Gaza collective punishment?

(The question has changed, so this doesn't make much sense now)The analogy isn't accurate: In the case of the ship, the criminal can't do any harm while there, and can't hurt people outside of it. In Gaza, terrorists are actively shooting rockets at Israel; Not shooting them down endangers other innocent people


How long do collections stay on your credit report?

Seven years. Keep in mind that a collection can be escalated into a legal action resulting in a judgment. The civil judgment also has a shelf life of seven years and not only can the judgment be renewed, it carries legal costs and interest.There is more to this and I suggest that you seek legal advice. I am not an attorney.


Is it true that only 20 people in the world truly understand Java garbage collection?

Which one?There are different implementations of the JVM (theres the Oracles everyone uses, IBMs J9 And all these: List of Java virtual machines - Wikipedia), with possible different memory models (which implies differences in garbage collection.From here you can only infer that the only 20 people statement is simply BS


Who owns the largest private library collection in the world?

As outlined by other answers, the definition of 'private' is problematic. Library systems like Harvard and Oxford (let alone countless other impressive private university library systems) are 'private' in the sense that their institutions are 'private.'I would argue that the following are among top contenders for truly 'private' libraries:The Vatican

The Getty Institute Library


As a classical music fan, are you the kind who has several versions of a piece in your collection?

That's the great thing about classical music nowadays - nobody really knows exactly how the composers intended their pieces to sound like! So all the different conductors around the world use a different interpretation of these pieces and now it's up to you as a listener, which one you prefer! But maybe you'll like several different interpretations and therefore have several cycles on CD


What problems in biology involve the collection and analysis of multi-terabyte data sets?

Pretty much most modern large scale genomic analyses using next-gen sequencing will be in the multi-TB range (I've seen 200 TB data sets). Some of the largest microarray datasets start pushing TBs as well, especially for GWAS studies. If I am not mistaken dbGAP is several TBs and the 1000 genomes project data is much greater than > 20 TB's and growing.


Is anybody actually surprised to read about the collection of phone call data by the NSA?

I think your assumption is probably reasonable. If the government has suspicions about you, or someone at NSA has a grudge against you, they have the power, if they're high enough in the organization, to do it (i.e. spy on you for personal or nefarious political purposes).

Look at all the people J Edgar Hoover spied on before the technology was even very good


What is the title of your favorite poetry collection?

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. In my opinion (and many others), its easily one of the most influential and beautiful collections of poetry that's ever been written. Each poem is on a different topic, like love, pain, and family (I personally like On Joy & Sorrow) You can read them online here, but I highly recommend getting a physical copy from you local library


What do fine art collectors do with their collection besides owning it?

It varies but most enjoy looking at and sometimes sharing works in their collections. Clearly, any home with major works of art in residence, require superlative security systems. Even though important works of art cannot be sold on the open market, there is a black market for such works and some are willing to take the risk of holding such works.


What's the best way to sell a private wine collection?

Alas this depends very much where you live. A really big collection with collectible wines can be sold through any number of vendors, from Zachys to Sothebys.Smaller collections are typically best served by selling to the best wine merchant in the region, or privately to another collector.


Does the collective karma of actions collectively affect humanity?

Karma of actions is a rather redundant phrase. Karma means action. Action always has reaction that reflects back upon the actor in some way. And yes, this is true collectively as well as individually. The collective actions of humanity certainly affect humanity on a collective as well as individual level


What are the best buys in Nikon manual lenses? I have a collection of Nikon FX lenses, but I want to start a nice collection of lenses to use.

If you have a collection of Nikon FX lenses and want manual lenses I assume your FX lenses are all AF autofocus lenses. Most Nikkor AF FX lenses are at least as good as the superceded manual focus lenses. If you just want to focus manually, why not try switching off the AF selector?.


Where can we find iit-jee past question papers (38 years) yearwise?

I was looking for papers from the year I took the JEE. More for nostalgia rather than anything else. Just cant find it. I remember being able to get 510 year, even 15 year old papers back in 1991 (which is the year I took the JEE). And when there was no Internet in India.

Crazy that I cant get the JEE or Roorkee papers


What will be the first day collection for Baahubali 2?

Baahubali can break all earning records till now in South Film Industry. This is a big releasing on Worldwide Box Office in 2017. Baahubali 2 1st Day Collection should be Rs. 50 Crore at Worldwide Market.

Now the time has come to know Why Kattapa has Killed Baahubali. Well if we talk about Baahubali 2 Opening Day Collection then we can say Incredible


Should you ever pay a collection agency after the statute of limitations is up and they threaten to sue you over an old debt?

Theres no legal reason to pay them after the debt is old enough to be uncollectable. Keep in mind a paid collection item is just as damaging to your credit as an unpaid one.Ill leave the moral issue up to you


How do I get a collection off my credit report?

How do I get a collection off my credit report?You may be able to get the collection off your credit report if you pay the underlying claim in full and the collector agrees to delete the collection from your credit history. Please note that such pay for delete transactions are not consistent with the credit rating agencies policies and are now more difficult to accomplish


What is the appeal of coin collecting?

For me its the History behind it all.You get to hold in your hand a tiny piece of metal that was minted, for example, in the 1700s. Just think about everything that coin has ever seen, the places it went, all the things bought and sold with it.Coins are basically little pieces of History made into metal. :).


What is Baahubali 2 1st Day Collection?

As movie released in 9000 theatres makers officially announced that movie collected 121 crores worldwide.Even its crossed Salman Khan's Sulthan and Aamir Khan's Dangal on day one. Only in Hindi its collected 40 crores.AP and Nizam - 45 croresTamil nadu - 14 croresKarnataka - 10 croresKerala - 4 crores.


Have you seen any really impressive coin collections?

I'd like to think that my own coin collection (2,800 coins) is impressive, but to be honest, it doesn't get more impressive than the Kunsthistorisches Museum coin collection in Vienna, Austria. The collection consists of 600,000 objects (mostly coins, but medals and banknotes as well) most of which sadly are not on display. However, 2,000 of them are, and here are some pictures (all mine):.


How do people manage their photography collection?

Most professionals I know use a photo management system (What is the best way to manage pictures (1000 )?). With this they can do photo editing; tag and manage multiple folders, collections and sets; even use the software to automatically upload to their photosharing sites.As for the actual photosharing part, there are many different solutions, depending on your needs: What are the best photo sharing applications? Why?.


Why is garbage collection an important programming language feature?

Garbage collection eliminates a class of bugs caused by erroneous memory management (forget to free, free too soon, free more than once).Garbage collection removes the need for APIs to describe contracts about memory management.Garbage collection facilitates programming styles such as first-class lexical closures in functional programming (see the Funarg problem).


What is Advance Under Collection Account (AUCA)?

It is a common practice in banking industry to transfer the bad,doubtful/ loss assets to a seperate account called "advance under collection account" instead of charging the loss asset straight away to the p&l a/c. This practice is done where there are talks between the bank and the borrower to repay the borrowed amount


How big is your book collection?

I don't tend to buy books, so for a voracious reader since second grade (I'm 18 now), my collection is comparatively small.Nevertheless, my books are double-shelved, and I have had to move many of them into my closetmostly the books I've outgrown.As to the actual size, I own 174 books. And yes, I have read all of them!


Is the Quora community a non representative collection of elites?

No. because real communities of elites don't need to talk about themselves or their values among themselves.They just exist and function.Now that is different from a community which has some quirks, and it's obvious to anyone that Quora does have some quirks.But having quirks is very different from being a community of elites.


What are the sources to collect data?

You have the data source in your hand, the smartphone. When you listen music, when you watch videos on YouTube, when you text on WhatsApp, when you surf through Facebook etc. Each of Ur activity on digital platform is a data point. Thousands, millions and trillions of these data points make big data


What is a poetry collection?

A Poetry anthology.I haven't read many, albeit I haven't pursued the topic, but I enjoy poetry, and I think there is a lot to be learned from it about the human condition.What do you call a collection of poetry?


Which companies have the best virtual assistants for basic administrative, research, and data collection tasks?

If you are interested to hire a virtual assistant from India feel free to contact me. I have been working along with my partner as a virtual assistant from many years with many US based Companies. We are currently looking for part time tasks.


Can you list 12 songs for an album of The Beatles' darkest songs and what would you name this collection?

A Two Sided Murderous AffairSIDE ONE (the suicide side):1. Yes It Is.2. Im a Loser.3. Yer Blues.4. Im so tired.5. Elenor Rigby6. A Day In the LifeSIDE TWO (the murderous side):7. Maxwells Silver Hammer8. Revolution9. Helter Skelter (based on history, not the song)10. Happiness is a Warm Gun11. The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.

12. Rocky RaccoonBonus Track: The End Medley


Is advanced Java a collection of frameworks?

No, absolutely not. Advance Java is related to web technology Servlet, JSP, EJB, etc. You can use framework(Java Collection Framework, Spring Core, Spring Transaction, etc ) in core java too.

Frameworks are large bodies (usually many classes, lib, API, etc) of pre-written code to which you add your own code to solve a problem in a specific domain.


What is collection?

Collection is a framework that facilitate with readymade architecture which enable users to store multiple groups of object and alter accordingly that includes deletion of data, insertion of data, searching of data, etc.They also facilitate with various interfaces like queue, list, etcwhat is collection ?


What are the 5 best watches to start a collection?

The exact watches you would select would be entirely your decision. I cant dictate that, your taste in watches should decide.What I would recommend is to have a well rounded collection. Start with a chronograph, a diving watch, something dressy, something vintage and something high tech. From there you could expand in whatever direction you choose but still have something for every occasion


How much will the Baahubali 2 lifetime collection be, including the collection in China?

It depends on the marketing done this time in China as last part Didn't performed so well and who knows, Baahubali 2 had taken everything by Storm!!May be china Will be no exception to it!! But in case it does 1800 crore will be the ultimate figure!Thank you

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Why Go to an Art Museum/gallery When Most Museums Catalog Their Collections Online?
Germany. This was the first time I saw a painting of Dali in real life. I saw a lot of work of Dali in books, on screen and the prints sold at museums, but there is just no comparing it to the real thing. A photo lacks the range of color real-life paint has. Even on a well calibrated display you will never see the real artwork. Futhermore you can barely see the structures of the material used which can really add a lot1. Is this art going straight to the Progressive's new museum in Washington?I did not realize that Progressives were the same as N. Korea. How many people have they killed?2. Whatu2019s the weirdest museum in Seattle?Georgetown in South Seattle has two unusual museums, the power plant museum and the telephone museum. The telephone museum is a collection of old telephone equipment. Industrial telephone equipment and home telephone equipment. Connections Museum - Wikipedia. The museum is open on Sundays and there are volunteers there that will give you all the information you need concerning telephone equipment3. Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art worth looking into as a tourist?What has being a tourist got to do with it? The Met is an extraordinary place. I never miss it when traveling to NY. Other than relatives or a hotel room, it's my first stop4. I want to work in a museum?What sort of museum? The Smithsonian involves both art and a whole variety of artifacts and historical materials. Then there are natural history museums, museums of science and industry, history museums, and so forth. If you want to work for an art museum on a serious, professional level, you will need at least an M.A. in Art History, Museum Education, or Museum Studies. Orher types of museums hire professional staff from people who have earned graduate degrees in fields relevant to their holdings, or perhaps in Museum Education. If you are a seriously good student in a given graduate field, you wo not have to pay for an M.A. or PhD. My PhD in Art History was almost fully paid for by graduate fellowships several years. The top schools offer these fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. Very, very few PhD candidates have the money to pay for their degrees. Most do not. I certainly did not . So: since you say that the Smithsonian interests you, you might major in American history and then go on to earn a Master's in Museum Studies or Museum Education. One problem is that the term "Museum Technician" could mean anything, from an archivist or registrar with a graduate degree to someone with a high school diploma and carpentry skills who simply helps build exhibitions with a hammer and nails. You need to familiarize yourself with various museum positions before you make any decisions.5. What is the museum setting on my camera for?Museums do not allow you to use flash photography on the exhibits, because the flash (or the photons) will deteriorate the exhibits or art works. That setting on your camera allows you to get better photos of the exhibits while not using your flash. It keeps the shutter open slightly longer to allow more light into your camera that is bouncing off the object.6. Is Night at the Museum a Disney movie?The term Library was originally used for a collection of scrolls, books and written documents. It now includes all manner of resources and information services. Internet connections and CD and DVD discs are often available. The term Museum has always referred to a collection of artifacts (including art) or items of interest (including plant and animal parts and fossils). Recently, photographs and holograms have been added. Often the great majority of items collected are not available to the public and require special permission to view or examine.7. where is the guiness museum in dublin?The Store House is on Market Street in Dublin 8- which is behind the brewery itself , best way to get there is to walk, its not far from the city centre and you do not get ripped off by tour buses or stuck in traffic! Dublin is not a big city , so get a tourist map and enjoy the walk... from a Dub!!
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