What Led to the Fall of Rome?

They were barbarians

1. Disable blinking WiFi LED [duplicate]

It's now iwlwifi, not iwlcore

2. What is difference between smart led TV and normal led TV display?

Smart LED TVs come with an operating system built-in because of which you are able to do a number of things such as surf the internet, cast your mobile phone, video-conference with someone, watch movies and videos online. All these things are not possible using a regular LED TVbecause of which you are just able to view the regular channels which your cable operator provides.It is because of this added functionality that smart LED TVs cost a bit more as compared to normal LED TVs. However, due to the multi-faceted nature of the smart TVs, most people go for it as any kind of TV requires a considerable amount of money and it is not changed as frequently as something like a mobile phone.If you are having a troubled time choosing between these two TV types, then I would suggest that you for smart LED TVs as you get the best of both TVs in the price of one.However, if you find that the cost is a bit on the higher side, then you can consider opting for finance facilities such as the EMI Network Card which allows you to make purchases of up to Rs. 4 lakhs. This card is accepted at more than 60000 stores, both online and offline and at more than 1,300 cities

3. The LED flood lights is sun lamp?

What kind of lamp ? If it's the right style it probably good enough what style of plant outlets are notorious for labeling crops low light when they fairly need particularly slightly however it is easier to promote a low mild plant if it is too almost an incandescent bulb it will get burned fluorescent bulbs have some available light there are gro-mild bulbs you can buy that go into average fixtures

4. Why does the MacBook Pro no longer have a sleep LED indicator? What led to that change?

Who knows what the designers at Apple were thinking?But I can guess that maybe the LEDtakes up space,users some power,has weight andadds a few cents to the cost to manufacture the computer.So they removed it

5. What is life, and how is it led?

This inage simply gives us a clear view about lifeSource-Pinterest

6. Could I use a red led strip as a third brake light?

Yes, this would work. All you have to do is run the wire leads to the back of your pickup and tap in to the positive and negative wires of your normal brake light. Alternatively, you can trace the wires from your rear lights to the front and tap them somewhere in the middle around your installation area.

7. Help with LED bulbs / tubes?

Yes LED bulbs have the same lamp bases as your standard halogen bulbs. For example you can get GU10 LED bulbs, MR16 LED Bulbs and for the tubes you can get T8 LED Tubes which will all fit in you standard fixtures. The majority of LED bulbs have been made for compatibility with standard light fittings and hence are said to be Retro-fitting. LED drivers are used for Low voltage LED bulbs such that need to be run of a 12V supply and not the usual mains supply of 240V. LED drivers are used to replace a transformer or be put in if there is no transformer at all. So the LED bulbs you will need a LED driver for is the G5.3/MR16 LED bulbs. The Gu10 LED bulbs dont require a driver as they run of the mains. However, if you already have a transformer and want to save a little money (LED drivers cost around 6-10), you do not really need to purchase a LED driver, however it is recommended you do. All the best!

8. What led to the creation of Belgium?

The creation of Belgium STARTED when the (Protestant) Netherlands seceded from the (Catholic_ Spanish Netherlands in the 16th century, reducing it to modern "Belgium," under Hapsburg rule.After the Napoleonic wars, "Belgium" was briefly reunited with the "Netherlands" in a forced "merger" as part of the peace settlement. It was unhappy under Dutch rule, rebelled in 1830, and became an independent country in 1839.

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