What Is Wrong with My Air Conditioner in My Car...?

your freon low pressure relay switch sounds like it could be going out. Have it checked. Shouldnt cost much. You can take it by an auto parts store and someone will know something about it. Dont take it to a dealer

1. does air conditioner portable cool room down to around 70-75?

It will. You can save on your bill by putting the temperature on 76 or above. Place a fan to blow the air around and that will help. Keep the sun out.

2. Why is the air conditioner in my car only making that 'weird' smell when it's hot outside?

Change the cabin air filter for starters

3. Why isn't my air conditioner working? It's only a year old.?

need to know what not working means? is the indoor fan coming on? are the outside fan and compressor coming on? have you put a new indoor air filter in? is the indoor coil icing over? is everything coming on like normal but unit is simply blowing ambient temp air? need more info. it's like asking "why wo not my car start?". it's to vague to even guess. i do hope this isnt a heat pump hvac system and you had a tarp over the outside unit in the winter? nah, it would have already blown up. now that would be funny!

4. my air conditioner or fan will not come on? what's wrong?

I had this happen, mine was the outside unit was dirty.I removed the outer cabinet, cleaned it good. It was clogged with cottonwood things. I was very careful to not damage the fins. I also turned off the power at the panel. You might also want to check the filter inside. My brother is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Repair person, he told me to do these things. I hope this helps.

5. brand new air conditioner works in garage but shuts off in other room?

sounds like its not pulling enough juice to kick compressor on

6. Why is my air conditioner (a window unit) be leaking water inside my room?

Tilt the conditioner, so that the rear is lower than the front. Then check the drain hole, it may be missing the elbow. If it is, the easiest way to fix it, is to measure the diameter of the drain, and buy some rubber hose at the hardware store to fit it. Then you can run the hose to a safe drainage area. Good luck.

7. How to remove mold from Air Conditioner ducts? Bleach?

First off, we all have mold growing in our HVAC ducts. It is a fact of life, and not hazardous to your health under normal circumstances. Please do not attempt to treat it with Sodium Hypo-chloride (bleach). You will have eye, nose and throat problems. If you want to do something cheaper and less destructive, buy a couple of cans of Lysol spray, remove your intake air filter, turn your fan from Auto to ON and spray all the lysol into the intake. That will help with mold

8. Should I insulate the air conditioner pipe in my car?

Regarding "asbestos belt" wrapping. Please do not do this. If you value your health, and if you do not want to get asbestosis tumors (mesothelioma) of the lungs, then do not use any asbestos. I started to use conventional foam rubber on my air conditioning pipes, which is also used for hot water pipes, but I realised that because some of the pipes are close to the exhaust manifold, it could start a fire if they fell onto the pipe. I used some non adhesive 0.3mm aluminium roof flashing to insulate the pipes in places. I also used adhesive rubber backed aluminium that is usually used for roofing repairs. I tried getting adhesive cork but it was not available locally. I drove the car for 10km after completing the insulation (at the time of writing it's early summer in Brisbane, Australia, 28 degrees C, 82 degrees F), and the air conditioning worked very well. I stopped at the shopping center for 30 minutes and when I came out the air conditioning came on cold very quickly when I started the car. Previously it was usually hot at first start due to the non-insulated pipes sitting in the hot engine bay. In general, air conditioning is more efficient if the pipes are insulated. I strongly doubt that I will be "freezing" my compressor. The freezing point of R134A is -103 degrees C. If freezing of the compressor was a problem, then it would not be possible to install air conditioning in cars that are in cold climates for part of the year.

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