What Is the Easiest Online Business to Start for Beginners?

So you want to know the best businesses to start with as a beginner? Here is a video with workable strategies so you can start to make money online from home.These methods all work and are Proven ways that many people make a full time living from home using the internet. I make videos for my YouTube channel where I explore ways to make money online and try to break it down so anyone can do it easy.


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Is using apps such as "Hello Chinese" a good way to learn Chinese?

Yes, of course. Using apps is a convenient way to learn foreign languages. With the Chinese language, apps maybe not a good way to learn writing skill but for reading, speaking and listening it is good. However, apps usually only help you learn the basics and help you prepare for the HSK exam, so depending on your purpose, you need to incorporate other methods to improve.

Note: I am using the "HSKOnline" app to learn Chinese, and I feel it quite ok for me


Were any of the Beatles fond of Electric Light Orchestra's music?

Yes, for three main reasons:1. John allegedly said that ELO emulated the sound that The Beatles would have had if they had continued into the 1970's.

2. As previously stated, George was a member of The Travelling Wilburys with Jeff Lynne (head of ELO). Lynne also performed in the Concert for George with Paul and Ringo.

3. During the Beatles Anthology sessions, the remaining Beatles enlisted Jeff Lynne as the producer of these recording sessions over their producer from back in the day, George Martin.


Who gets paid more nurse practitioner or physician assistant?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), the 2018 median pay for Nurse Practitioners is roughly $140,000 per year or $53 per hour. In comparison, 2017 median pay for Physician Assistants is over $108,000 per year or $52 per hour. They can simply get a job without having a supervising physician to practice. They can also start their own practice. .

.. In all 50 states and territories, the PA is required to have a supervising physician. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Nurse material there


What is easier, to go to heaven or hell?

It is easier to go to hell.The Bible says we are sinners and those who choose not to believe in God's Word are already condemned already.See John 3:18.If you don't want to go to hell and be forever separated from God, then open your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to be your Saviour!Become a new creature in Christ,shed the old man of sin and become a child of God.Acts 16:31.Heaven rejoices when a sinner repents


What does "Please look after me" mean? People often say it when they introduce themselves.

Im not sure which country youre referring to. Ive never heard the expression before, and Ive traveled pretty extensively throughout the US, central America, Canada, and Europe. My guess is youre either mis-hearing them, youre referring to a country Ive not been to, or somethings getting lost in translation.

The top few things people usually say when they introduce themselves are, nice to meet you how are you? and hows it going?


How do I politely ask someone if I can visit their home?

Another question with too little information to give a good answer.How well do you know these people? How long? What is your relationship with them?I can only give you an example. We have friends and during dinner while talking about prospective houses, Oh we just put in a workshop or just did over our kitchen. A comment from me would be I would love to see that! Sounds delughtful.The ball is in their court. If that doesn't get you an invitation, then you are SOL


Why is int main() printf ("Hello World"); while(1); not printing, and what is expected?

Its because standard output is buffered (almost always). And the buffer flush (i.e. the actual printing) is done at end-of-lines (or manually). That is to say, before you write the EoL character(s), the output just waits in the buffer, unless its already long enough or you flush it manually. Neither is your case.

So the output was done, but the message was not printed; the OS waits for more output before doing so. It doesnt come as your process is looping. Send a newline or call fflush


What will be the output of the following code and how?

The output is 2 4Explanation:The 1st line system command clear the screenThen inicilize global static variable i. When we init global variable it's default value is 0.For loop is come in for loop 1st increment value so i 1 the condition statement again pre-increment i now i 2 then going to loop it's print 2 and check if condition the again pre-increment i and angai check condition again i is increment so i 4 and print 4 the check if condition it's true so break the loop and exit code.


How do I say "I have" in Iraqi Arabic?

In both Proper Arabic and in Iraqi Arabic, the proper term for "I have" is the prepositional construction: "3andi" (عندي). In Proper Arabic, the expressions "ma3i" (معي) and "laday" (لدي) are also used for other kinds of "having" (specifically "having on one's person" and "having a concept"), but these are not used in Iraqi Arabic


Which artist sang the song "Crazy"?

Crazy" is a ballad composed by Willie Nelson. It has been recorded by several artists, most notably by Patsy Cline, whose version was a No. 2 country hit in 1962. It's been covered by a lot of different artists, including LeeAnn Rimes and Linda Ronstadt.

Crazy is a song written by English singer, Seal and British songwriter, Guy Sigsworth. The song was produced by Trevor Horn for Seal's debut album Seal (1991). Released as his official debut single, "Crazy" became one of Seal's biggest hits.


If someone who knows me doesn't say hi to me, does it mean that they don't like me?

Well, first you shouldnt be trying to investigate other peoples feelings. It isnt right to try and investigate a persons personal information. But, they might be a little shy, I have seen and know that people who are shy wait for the other person to say hi before replying. Because they are worried about when to say hi or if it might get weird. Obviously, you can say hi anytime you see someone you know. But they don't think that


Would you recommend a K-Drama which is set in high school and focuses on romance without any add-ons about idols, sports, etc.?

A high school k-drama which I really hold dear to my heart is Sassy Go Go, or Cheer Up.are many other school life k-dramas.In addition to SASSY GO GO Here are some other ones:Cheese in the Trap (college)The School 2015, 2016 etc. series (but those are idol dramas)Angry MomBoys over FlowersDream High (also idol drama)AND MOORIM SCHOOL. (This has elements of fantasy and action, but it is in a school/academy setting)I hope this helped!


What is signed char and unsigned char exactly?

The keyword to understand signed and unsigned char is portability. C/C programming languages describe the type system and of course the syntaxis. However, a specific implementation might vary. By default, the platform x86 the char is signed, for the ARM are unsigned.The language allows you to specify explicitly as part of the type system whether use signed or unsigned.When working with char without specifying the sign never do assumptions about it like if (c128), if you want it to make it portable.


What can I infer from people who don't say hi?

"What can I infer from people who don't say hi?"You can infer any number of things, but you can't depend that any of the inferences are true, especially that they will true for everyone.You didn't say how people responded when you walked across the room and greeted them. If you haven't greeted others, I don't know why you think they should greet you first. They could be sitting there wondering why you aren't friendly enough to come over since you've been there for months already


Why does my dog always greet me with a toy?

They want you to play with them more then likely. The toy could also be something special, and if you take it and give it back to them again, it makes the toy special again. My first dog would do this to me all the time. Also when he got a new toy, he had to take it around to everyone and show them what he got because he was so excited to have a new toy and wanted everyone to see it


Why is it that some people just don't say hi unless you say hi first?

I believe it's because they are too stupid. They lack the emotional intelligence necessary to know what is appropriate behavior basic to healthy interpersonal relationships. Additionally, they are too self absorbed. If they would take their minds off of themselves for any appreciable amount of time they may then gain sufficient insight into their fellow man to realize that we exist. At that point, being aware that we now exist they may 'get a book' and learn to say hello to their fellow man but don't hold your breath


What is the meaning of lyrics in Nina Simone's "Sinnerman" song?

If you have to ask that question then youre probably unfamiliar with many of the passages in the Bible. In the New Testament Jesus talks about the end time and sinners running from the judgment of God, they run to the mountains but theres no hiding place, because there would be desolation and destruction all around you, wars and rumors of war and earthquakes in various places throughout the earth but theres no where to run. Ms Simone got that song from a spiritual.


What is the correct way to say "kiss" in Hungarian?

The answer is not simple. The kiss noun (for lovers) is csk, but there is another one without touching the lips of both parties (lips-to-face). It is in parent-child or friends between each other and similar relation and it is called (somewhat sloppy) puszi (from the Austrian word Bussi). The verb to kiss has also both version in order cskol resp. puszil. However, to kiss an object, the ground, anothers hand etc. is csk/ol (and the description of the object, which is in this case, necessary), though


What should I say to her after I said 'hi' in a text?

To make the interaction too sweet and intersting . jus went through some personal questions like. what is ur favorite spot in ur city!!!? and like ur hobbies!!! .

. hw many siblings u have . like that.

which brings quite little smile at the corner of lips of both ..LolAnd make sure to remember the important events of each other.. ping them with the wishes or with any old memories pictures which gives an flying in air moment at the other end of ur conversation.


If I want to become a programmer, which programming language should I know first?

I suggest you to start with any Procedural Programming languages (personally with C) because they are very basic, fast, easy to learn and can help you understand how actually the program runs (For example - concepts like linking ,compiling, procedure calls, modules, records etc).After this, it'll be a lot more easier for you to understand the Object Oriented concepts (like Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inheritance, Encapsulation ,Message passing, Delegation, etc.) and then you can go for C, Java, Python or any other Object Oriented language.


How do I find the word "Hello"?

"Hello" is not a word which you need to find out!It's a very common word! When you are introduced to a new person or you are meeting the same person, you or that person will say "Hello" to each other and then start the conversation...When you are answering any phone call you will say "Hello" am I right?So this word is not a difficult word that you won't find people using... It's really common! Hope the answer helps youud83dude0a


When a neighbor waves hello to you is it rude to not wave back and instead just smile?

I think sothink if the tables were turned and you put the energy into waving to someone; Id like to see them wave. I most certainly will always wave back, even if they are generally rude or nasty, because you never know when that will be the last kind gesture they witness and it may just help them out of a dark spot.even if they dont wave back. Do it because it makes you feel good!!

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