What Is the Difference Between Fluorescent and Incandescent Light Bulbs ?

Fluorescent bulbs charge gasses within the bulb in order to produce light. Incandescent bulbs send energy into a solid element, usually made of some type of metal, which makes it glow

1. I have live plants in my 10 Gallon tank with goldfish. Is it essential to have a light?

Without the light, the plants will de-oxygenate the water. With light, this is reversed and will be better for your fish

2. How do glow sticks work?

The chemical reaction in a light stick usually involves several different steps. A typical commercial light stick holds a hydrogen peroxide solution and a solution containing a phenyl oxalate ester and a fluorescent dye. Here's the sequence of events when the two solutions are combined: 1.The hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the phenyl oxalate ester, resulting in a chemical called phenol and an unstable peroxyacid ester. 2.The unstable peroxyacid ester decomposes, resulting in additional phenol and a cyclic peroxy compound. 3.The cyclic peroxy compound decomposes to carbon dioxide. 4.This decomposition releases energy to the dye. 5.The electrons in the dye atoms jump to a higher level, then fall back down, releasing energy in the form of light.

3. r/pools - Any thoughts on where a switch for the pool light might be or what it might look like?

Should I be looking for a normal light switch? Is there some other form that pool light switches usually take? The pool is 30 years old, so I am not expecting to find any sort of modern wi-fi-enabled switches or nonsense There are only three switches near my pool pump assembly - pump, pool vacuum, and pool heater. All of them work. And honestly, from what I can see of the electrical, it seems to be running towards the house whatever it is - so I do not think it is the pool. There is bank of lights in the detached garage which control various outdoor lighting (driveway spot light, pool spotlight, light above the garage door, light above the side door). All of them are accounted for. The pool was built after the detached garage and the pool pump assembly is at the back of the detached garage, so I am expecting to find the switch there somewhere, but so far I have not found it. I have looked at the circuit breaker and nothing there is unaccounted for.

4. Why wouldn't a projectile fired at half the speed of light from a vehicle traveling half the speed of light attain the speed of light?

It would and yet it never will.Your measuring devices will say you are stationary, just as they do right now despite our traveling through space at an unknown velocity. So the bullet according to your measuring devices will be traveling at 1/2 of c. Now according to the bullet it is stationary, so in no way has reached c. Let's put this simply without all the mystical mumbo jumbo. Look at the speedometer on your car. Imagine that 100 mph is the speed of light. As you begin to accelerate your division marks (clocks and rulers) change proportionally to the energy added from your change in velocity. Now rotate the dial so that your zero point follows the needle. Our zero points also shift proportionally to the energy added from changes in velocity.Now look at your speedometer again. Notice 100 mph is still 100 mph and as unobtainable as it always was. Notice also your velocity reads as zero, just as it does right now despite our traveling at an unknown velocity through space.This is why light remains c regardless of velocity, as the velocity component is exactly compensated for by the shift in our zero points.Everything is relative, including the zero points for our measuring devices. Not shifting our zero points treats this frame as an absolute frame, even if unintentional. This leads to incorrect answers about energy requirements and mass. It has nothing to do with either.You will never be able to reach the speed of c using your own measuring devices, your measuring devices will continue to change and your zero points continue to shift and you will always read as stationary and light will always calculate to c. Why would not a projectile fired at half the speed of light from a vehicle traveling half the speed of light attain the speed of light?

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