What Is "full Hot Line" and "full-Cold Line" in Radiator?

You just answered your own question. The reason why this happens though is that heat makes the coolant/ water mixture expand. This will bring it to the hot line. It means its full. When the coolant/ water is cold the water returns to its original state and is at the cold line. The system is full. This is done to avoid overfilling or to determine if your cooling system has a leak.

1. What would cause my radiator hose to explode?

Rubber parts, like belts, hoses, tires, and some gaskets, wear out more quickly than metal parts. The hose could have simply worn out, or the radiator cap may have failed, allowing too much pressure, or the thermostat may have "glued itself" shut. If you have changed coolant religiously every 2 years, it's probable just worn out. If you have not ever replaced coolant, it could be any of above

2. central heating (Radiator) arnt working please help?

Hi, Is there still a pilot flame in your central heater that can start off the heating process? If so, There should be a switch that will swich the warm water ciruit from the water that is going through the radiators. It seems that is swich does not work.... Check the pipes near the heater and you will be able to locate the switch. -R

3. how can i bleed the excess air out of my radiator?

umm leave the cap off and start the car

4. I need help with Bars leak and a full radiator?

their will be something that looks like a wing nut on the bottom of the radiator you may only see it from under the car loosen it and let some antifreeze drain out and re-tighten it could be like a bolt type plug just remove it and put back after some of it drains out

5. Do you have to replace your transmission if radiator fluid gets in it?

it's debatable, but from the sounds of it, you will need to do so. The water in the coolant weakens the internals of the transmission. if it was noticed soon enough it could have been flushed, but it sounds like it's gone.

6. Does anyone know how to install subwoofers/an amp in a 2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS?

Value is based on perception. I have two daughters, both in colllege and both drive a Sonata. The model with the V6 has had a few repairs [ball joint & radiator] and the 4 cyl model has had weird electrical problems. For instance, the power locks will lock unpredictably and the passenger will have to exit the vehicle via the drivers door. All things considered, I would buy again, especially compaired to the rust-bucket Honda their mother drives. Same rust belt conditions, and the Accord has both rear wheel openings looking like Swiss cheese. Trade in value on the Honda is less due to rust, thought it cost more to purchase. When someone knocks Korean and compairs it to a Japanese vehicle, they do not realize a lot of Japanese makers sub-contract to Korea. It's an international world. My high end Toyota has parts from all over the planet, so assembled in XYZ country means nothing

7. Can adding water to your radiator cause damage?

Adding water should not hurt at all. It could be leaking out of the overflow tank. If it's not leaking out of there you could have an intake leak which is pretty expensive to fix. Have it looked at by a mechanic. They can tell you more. In the meantime go to an auto parts store and as for radiator stop leak. It will hold the radiator over until you can have the car looked at

8. My radiator tank is leaking lots of water very fast.?

Fix That leak or you wo not have an engine left! . If that hose is the source of the leak, replace it! It's not hard to do, a new hose, two new clamps and two gallons of anti-freeze. Drain the radiator first when the engine is cold. . If the hose is not leaking, then you need to do a pressure test to find the leak. .

9. Is it ok to use an oil-filled electric radiator in my bathroom?

I would say so, just keep it away from the tub. Bathrooms are very humid and have a lot of moisture in the air after a shower, maybe its a rust issue as well? I remember I had an old metal one like this, and maybe the moisture would rust that quickly?

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