What Do You Think Led to the 9/11 Attacks?

They tell you to listen, but they do not really tell you they mission They funded Al-Qaeda, and now they blame the Muslim religion Even though Bin Laden, was a CIA tactician They gave him billions of dollars, and they funded his purpose Fahrenheit 9/11, that's just scratchin' the surface

1. Who do you prefer: led zeppelin or aerosmith?

oh dang, this is the question of the century. I love love love them both, but I will have to tilt the tiny edge to led zeppelin

2. Who was living in Israel before Moses led the Jews out of Egypt?

Well, there's no archaeological evidence that the Joshuan conquest ever really happened and modern archaeology is increasingly concluded that the Israelite culture developed gradually as a result of monotheistic cultic developments within the indigenous population.According to the Bible however, the original inhabitants were the Canaanites, Hivites, Hittites, Jebusites and Amalekites. There were also the Kenites and Rachabites who were allies of the Israelites. Apart from these few friendly folks, the Biblical God unequivocally commands the comprehensive genocide of the other tribes and peoples, their domestic animals and even some of their trees (which they were said to worship).Luckily, there is almost no evidence any of this ever having happened and it is more likely that most of our Israelite ancestors were monotheising Canaanites themselves rather than bloodthirsty invaders

3. Why are there no woman-led films in Tamil even as Bollywood has more and more woman-led films every year?

What is there to misogynistic in films ??!!!Watch Iraivi (means Goddess)and let me any of the above movies talk about more stronger and better than female empowerment and women suffering

4. What mistakes did Tony Montana make that led to his downfall?

Tony's downfall was inevitable. It's not one or two choices he made that led to his downfall but the person he was as a whole. However, there were few choices he made which caused his downfall to happen sooner.Here's something to support the answer

5. What led to the war between British and Americans in 1776?

Formally, see the Declaration of Independence. Basically, it was a quest for self-rule. It was a very divided affair - roughly 1/3 of the population favored separation, 1/3 opposed it, and 1/3 were on neither side. Slightly more colonists joined British forces (120,000) than the Continental Army (110,000). The long, indecisive war was decided by French intervention combined with unusual (unique) French naval victories worldwide, battles in which the Sea Dogs did remarkably badly

6. LED power management

a) NO buck converter is 100% efficient, 85% is more realistic. 0.66A/85% = 0.77Ac)Worst case scenario: Assume star ground connections with star point on the side of the grid.Assuming 5m per row and 0.5mm2 wire we get 171 mOhms per row. Current will be dropping with every cell, thus voltage drop will be well below 100mV. If we take into account fact that each WS2812 is acting as amplifier you can ignore ground wire voltage drop.d) Run one thick(2.5-4mm2) cable from PSU to the grid, then spit it into 11 rows.

7. What led to the independence movement of Peru?

The independence idea was floating all over the colonies (including the US). Also the French Revolution had prooved that people could stand up against their monarchs. It was a matter of time. Like the Boston tea party, Tupac Amaru protested against taxes for "arrieros", then came San Martin from Argentina/Chile and Bolvar from Venezuela/Colombia. They pursued Peruvian independency to ensure their own countries as the Peruvian Viceroyalty was the most important one in this side of the world, they really needed to kick the Spaniards off the continent. This is how it's tought in Peruvian schools, hope it hepled!! Note: There's people here that say we Peruvians were OK with the Spaniards and that our independece was somehow forced because of third interests. Second Note: I do not know if this is of any help or what but for us, San Martn is our true "Libertador" despite Bolvar staying for the final stage of the process after the Guayaquil conferences. Our independence day is July 28th 1821 when San Martin proclaimed it, he also gave us our first flag and was our first governor with the title of "Protector del Per". The final battles (Junin, August 6th 1824 and Ayacucho, Dec 9th 1824) led by Bolvar and his Lt. Sucre, are not even considered national holidays.

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