What Are the Major Failures of the Modi Led Government in India?

Modi's biggest mistake was joining RSS. They ruined the life a perfectly capable young man by twisting his mind. They brainwashed him enough to believe Hindutwa was better than humanity. They created and empowered him to advanced their agenda. He will be the apple of their eyes as long as he is useful. Afterwards, they will discard him like a used contraceptive. Some new brainwashed pracharak will take his place. The cycle will go on.

1. How do I compare the amount of light from the low wattage LED bulbs with regular incandescent ones.?

854 lumens is a 60 watt light bulb

2. Why place a diode in series with the LED in an optocoupler?

If you look at the datasheet there is one possible explanation0.9V is quite high for a "low output". If you then considered a CNY17 optcoupler at high temperature. this could be enough to permit 400uA to flow. .. does not sound much does it? but IF Vcc is relatively high, the dark current of the phototransistor would be higher and thus there could be the possibility of an unwanted output change. Without knowing specifics of this PARTICULAR implementation (operating temperature etc) it would be safe to assume the extra diode is there to mitigate this "low voltage" output

3. Where can I find a full format (NOT A WIDE SCREEN) LED HDTV?

The only way is by getting a used TV, but you take your chances. And those are CRT. If you want a modern flat panel TV in that size class, it will only be 16:9.

4. How do I modify an LED controller.?

To do what you want you would need a system that has two power lines. One that is always on, and one that keys the system to turn on the lights. Without knowing what is inside the system, it is hard to say how to modify it.

5. Samsung LED UA40EH5000J Fast Forward and Rewind Option?

The USB can only operate at it's own maximum speed. Plus you would need separate RAM for this function

6. Which would be more efficient the a normal 100W ind. bulb or white Led?

A 100 watt incandescent lamp puts out about 1700 lumens. You need to look up the light output the LED you want to use. Find out how many it takes to equal 1700 lumens. Then you can look at bias circuitry. .

7. how many led bulbs can be connected to 60w driver?

If you want the driver last longer life,never full load it. 10 pieces is recommended

8. LED HELP! The switch is working only in the "ON" position!?

sounds to me like u have the other 2 wire reversed,rmove the 2 nd ground wire,u dont need 2 ground wires or power wires

9. Is it possible to film the meteorite impact that led to dinosaurs extinction? [closed]

Radiant energy from the incoming meteor (it is not a meteorite yet as it has not landed) would be so intensely bright that it would ignite everything combustible within line of sight. This would make it so that the only "safe" place "on Earth" would be over the horizon and unable to "see" the incoming strike. Debris thrown up from the impact would have reached space, making low earth orbits fatally unsafe. My recommendation: geosynchronous orbit.

10. My new samsung LED series 6?

Yep they are outta this international I also have a 32 and a sixty 4 and that i think of they are the bees knees and somewhat trouble-free to apply....dont' evaluate the rest. Insistently Amazon do a robust deal, it extremely is how I have been given the sixty 4 inch

11. What is the brightest LED/Flameless candle?

One of the most popular reasons most households upgrade to LED Candles is because there's no risk of a fire starting from the battery operated or rechargeable "flame" in the candle. With a flameless candle, the anxiety and stress you've often felt wondering if you've accidentally left a candle burning when you left your home or if you blew out the candle in your living room before you went up to bed is over! You can leave an LED Candle glowing behind your drapes and on your windowsills in every room without worrying if they are going to start a fire. These candles provide the glowing cozy atmosphere of a candlelit room without the risk of fire or other dangers of burning traditional candles.

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