What Are the Chances of a Condenser That's Been Sitting for 12 Years Run Alright?

The condenser should be fine. The compressor, however, may not. Let the unit be hooked up to power for an hour or so before you set the thermostat to turn it on. That will give the crankcase heater a chance to warm up the oil and perhaps start driving any moisture that's migrated into the system out of the oil. You do not really have any options for gently getting the system going after a long down period. Be ready to shut things down if it turns out that the fan motor, which has been much more exposed than the electricals in the compressor, is stuck. Do not assume that the unit is dead if the fan wo not run, fan motors are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace...inexpensive, compared to a new compressor.

1. What makes a condenser fan become noisy and vibrate?

It may be out of balance because it has become loose or the bearings may be going out in the motor.These are the most common causes

2. my central air will not shut off unless i reset breaker. the condenser is running and freezing up the lines?

Could be that the thermostat is broken - which is a fairly easy, do-it-yourself project to replace. You can try disconnecting (and marking!) all the thermostat wires, make sure they are insulated, then turn the breaker back on. If the air conditioner stays off, buy a new thermostat. That will require a technician.

3. Central air condenser fan is not working, but condenser is still running and cooling. Any ideas?

If it's an older unit the capacitor that helps the fan motor start is prolly bad

4. is there any way to seal a pinhole leak in a a/c condenser in my car?

There are refrigerants that have stuff in them to clog small hole go to an auto store and check it out

5. What gauge wire should I use on a 20 amp circuit for a A/C condenser?

This Site Might Help You. RE: What gauge wire should I use on a 20 amp circuit for a A/C condenser?

6. I'm changing my 2008 crown vic ac system, new compressor, new accumulator and new condenser, the thing i need to know is how much oil i put?

Have an auto A/C shop do it

7. What is a car condenser?

nThe condenser is a heat ex-changer in the car A/C system. Condensers look very much like radiators, just a little thinner, and since they also depend on air flowing through them, are usually located in front of the radiator. Nowadays, condensers are usually made of aluminum, but in the past, some were made of copper/brass. nLike radiators and evaporators, condensers are also constructed as a series of tubes with fins around them. But unlike an evaporator, whose job is to absorb heat, the condenser's job is to release heat. More specifically, to release the heat the refrigerant absorbed while it was flowing through the evaporator, very much the same way the radiator releases the heat from engine coolant that the coolant absorbed while it was flowing through the engine. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a high-pressure vapor, but as it flows through the condenser and cools, it turns back into a cooler high-pressure liquid.The condenser can be compared to a radiator in an engine cooling system:n The radiator releases heat from the hot engine coolant passing through it, to the atmosphere.n The condenser releases heat from the hot A/C system refrigerant passing through it, to the atmosphere. What is a car condenser?.

8. i have a 1969 ford f100 did a tune up ei wires plugs condenser points etc now it runs rough any thoughts ?

DWELL effects timing.Make shure u check it running 1st / then timing / then adjust carb. good luck!

9. Where can I buy Condenser Paper?

Your best bet is to have it checked by a mechanic. But even then it's always a chance you are taking buying used. Red flags to watch for is if you are told car just needs an oil change or tune-up. Make sure car starts right up and runs smooth without stutters and ticking. Check for any fluid leaks. Some things to watch for is dirty or cloudy oil when you check the dipstick. Make sure to take it for a test drive or at least have the owner take you for a good, long drive. Check wear on the tires, specifically the front tires. They will tell you if you have alignment problems if they are worn out unevenly. Would be a good idea to take your Father or someone else with you to look at car also. Also a good idea to leave money at home to avoid impulse buying

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