Watch: Gloucester County Library Unveils 3d Printer for Public to Use in 'makerstudio'

3d printerBlair Murray, a 10-year-old fifth grade student from Clayton, peeks through a window to watch the new 3D printer at the Gloucester County Library System's Mullica Hill branch. The printer is part of a new "makerspace" of devices funded mostly by a $12,500 grant from the New Jersey State Library and LibraryLinkNJ. (Staff Photo by Greg Adomaitis)MULLICA HILL -You'll never look at thetoy aisle the same way again.Among the cutting-edge technology unveiled at theGloucester County Library System's Mullica Hill branch on Saturday was a 3D printer forming rows of tiny robot figuresfrom a spool of plastic right before your eyes.No machinery, no tools, no conveyor belt - just a printer, plans and some plastic."We're taking the traditional library system ... but moving it into the future. I'm quite serious, we're not sure where that future's going to be," said Gloucester County Freeholder Lyman Barnes, who serves asliaisonto the county library system.The Mullica Hill library's grand opening of their "MakerStudio@GCLS" on Saturday welcomed a large crowd of all ages to see a slew of new technology, includingthe 3D printer, 3D scanner, button-maker, serger sewing machine, and a digital media studio for recording music and videos.What'sbetter than having such resources at your local library It's free to use them after some training, savea nominal cost on certain materials.The $12,500 in funding for the "makerspace" initiative, as it's called, was provided by the New Jersey State Library, LibraryLinkNJ and the New Jersey Library Cooperative, whose services are funded by the New Jersey State Library.Sophie Brookover, program coordinator with Library Link NJ, said the makerspace is going to "grow and adapt to the needs of the community."Brookover, of Audubon, tried her hand at the sewing machine with some help from Diane McCormick, who worked at the Mullica Hill branch for 16 years then transferred to Greenwich Township.The sewing machine, with two needles and four spools of thread, accomplishes three jobs at once: It sews the seam, encloses the edges of the tiecesof fabric and trims off the excess as it sews.The button-making machine took a bare aluminum pin, the backing, a custom label and a ring, which was pressed down with a special machine toseal the deal.The MakerBot Replicator2, which drew the mostattention, is about the size of a standard desktop printer. Attached to the side was a spool of plastic that was fed to the printing nozzle and heated, thus slowly but surely building an intricatefigurinefrom the feet up."It's the kind of devices I probably wouldn't buy for home use, but it sure is handy to have at the library," Brookover said of the highly-specified technology now in Mullica Hill.Ralph Bingham, head of reference and digital services at the Mullica Hill branch, said when he started 20 years ago, there was one PC with dial-up Internet connection anda processor speed no faster than drying paint."We're creating a community space for people to come and create things," said Bingham. He noted that at school, many young students are learning the skills needed to tackle projects like the ones now possible at the library."That's where the creativity starts - at a young age," Bingham said before a dozen children in attendance helpedofficialscut the ribbon on the new stations.By the time fifth grader Blair Murray, of Clayton, graduates high school, who knows what these 3D printers and scanners will be capable ofMurray, who tried her hand at both the sewing machine and button-making machine,simply described the hardware around her as "cool," and that sounds about right.---Greg Adomaitis can be reached at . Find the South Jersey Times on Facebook.

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Making Your Own Contemporary Fabric Curtains
Making Your Own Contemporary Fabric Curtains
Adding contemporary fabric curtains to your windows can be a lot of fun. You will find that when you make these yourself, you are going to get a great pair of sheer fabric curtains, and you will also get the satisfaction of making something decorative for your home all by yourself. There are two ways that you can make your contemporary fabric curtains, you can purchase a pattern to make them, or just measure the window you are wanting them for, and make them yourself with no pattern. This is not hard to do, and in just a few easy simple steps, you will have curtains hanging in your windows that you will love.The first thing that you need to do, is measure your window. Measure the length as well as the width. Then you should decide how far you want your curtains to hang. Wether you want them to stop right below the window, or hang and puddle on the floor. Add these inches into your window measurements. Next you should decide on the rod sleeve, and the hem. You will need to allow inches for both of these, and you will find that the larger the hem on your contemporary fabric curtains, the better the curtains will look.Once you know how much yardage of fabric you will need per window, you will be ready to go and buy the fabric for your curtains. You can have them cut each panel for you, so that you can just come home and sew, or you can cut them yourself once you get home. You also need matching thread, and you will be using a serger and a sewing machine.Once you are home, press your fabric carefully. Be sure that you do not scorch it, but you want to get all of the wrinkles out of it as well. Next, decide where the sides are to the curtains, and just serge up the raw edges. This will give a finished edge, and you can then turn that under, and sew it done with the sewing machine. Be sure that you use thread that matches in your sewing machine, because one side of the stitching will be seen on the curtains when you are done.Next you will pin up the hem at the bottom of the contemporary fabric curtains, and sew that into the fabric. Again the stitching will be seen, so use matching thread. Now it is time to serge the top, so that you can make a sleeve. Just serge the raw edges, so that your fabric will not come unraveled on you, and you can then pin the sleeve for the rod to slide through.Make sure that you leave enough room in the sleeve for the curtains to slide easily over the rod. If the sleeve is too tight, you may end up stretching and tearing the fabric for your contemporary fabric curtains. Once you have made the sleeve, press the fabric once more, and you are ready to hang your new curtains.Making contemporary fabric curtains is so easy to do. You will find that you will get great satisfaction out of making them yourself, and you will love completing a project on your sewing machine.
The Importance of Choosing an Automated Sewing Machine
The Importance of Choosing an Automated Sewing Machine
i like to sing1. Sewing machine eats fabric?I would recommend re-threading the entire machine, and wind a completely new bobbin. You may have missed a loop-hole while threading your machine. Read the manual and go step-by-step with your threading. I used to have that same problem too, it's so frustrating!2. Is a sewing machine a good idea for my birthday?Before I quit my paralegal job 15 years ago to become a full-time stay-at-home mom, I purchased two things: a sewing machine and a Cuisinart food processor! I knew I would have to learn to clothe my kids more cheaply and how to cook from scratch. The sewing machine has been my all-time best purchase! I started out with "teach-yourself-to-sew" patterns from Simplicity, and later graduated to designing my own outfits using Land's End catalogs for inspiration. These days, I am the costumier for my church and I design and sell costumes on ebay. The sewing machine has paid for itself many, many times over! (I never would have thought so after my son's first pair of dinosaur shorts turned out to be a skirt!) So, I definitely believe a sewing machine would be an awesome birthday gift. Do not give up once you get started, and make some friends at your local fabric store...they give great advice!3. How to make clothes with a sewing machine!?I believe long skirts are great, you are protected up with no restrictions of shorts4. What kind of sewing machine should I get?i could ought to assert the reminiscence Craft 7000, uncertain of the style of the latest form, yet are solid machines, i think of it fairly is made be Bernina. they are incredibly high priced, yet very well worth the cost, in case you do a brilliant style of stitching. I even have constantly wished one myself, and if I had the money i could have one. i do no longer comprehend with reference to the extra recent fashions of Elna. they are additionally very solid. My mom has had hers for over 30 years, and it nonetheless works like a dream. Her form got here with a set of cams for patterned sewing, and an entire variety of alternative upload-ons: feet, buttonholer, blind hem attachment, ruffler, smocker, can no longer bear in strategies each and every thing. good success, and chuffed crafting. Singer was once incredibly good, they offered in and out recent times has grow to be much less solid. JMHO5. Anyone have a Globe 516 sewing machine?I have a Globe machine 516 B model old I know . Have lost the manual and was wondering if anyone could help me with working out how to do the zig zag on these machines.. The serial number is 0001006. I would love a copy of a manual if I could find one6. brother sewing machine bobbin problem?after checking the threading and tension, take out the bobbin and clean out the lint ect with a solf small paint brush. might try a little oil too lint can build up around the bobbin case and cause this7. the best sewing machine to sew canvas and heavy material?I purchased a used old industrial Juki at a local sewing machine dealer. That way I can have it repaired easily. I am very happy and can sew ANYTHING! Even carpet! Be sure to bring a sample of what you plan to sew and give it a test drive. That is what I did. I like that it is not computerized and since I purchased locally at a reputable dealer... I can get it repaired on site. I imagine the older ones might need some repairing once in awhile, but so far so good! Good luck! Do you have a local dealer that sells industrial machines? This is where I purchased mine from Mel, the owner:8. Sewing Machine Suggestions?i am answering this question for my husband as i am the single that is into stitching! i've got been stitching because I jumped on mum's gadget at age 4 (while she became into out on the showering line). in any case, i could advise the Janome variety stitching gadget as that's greater much less high priced then the Bernina and works in basic terms as properly. while i became into 17 my mom bought me a uncomplicated Janome mutually as she bought herself a Bernina. My gadget lasted me a million 7 years without want for a provider, mutually as mum's gadget gave her consistent worry besides the undeniable fact that it value her so lots greater then mine did! I traded my gadget in for a Janome very nearly 13 years in the past and it continues to be working superb! the only reason i could commerce this present day gadget in is for a greater present day one that does a suited gadget blanket stitch. My suggestion is to purchase a gadget with a one-step button hollow as that makes life lots greater undemanding!!! additionally, evaluate the blanket stitch in case you think of you will ever be into quilting. yet another great gadget is the Singer as that's been around longer then any gadget and has an incredible acceptance. chuffed stitching, Angela.
Can I Use the Hose on My Vaccum to Try and Sweep Out Any Lint That May Be in My Sewing Machine?
Of course you can. Why, what are your fears?1. why is there so much lint in my hairbrush?It's probably a cheap hairbrush...try buying a denman or something similar2. How do you get sweater fuzz balls off when a lint roller doesnt work?I was told by my mom that a single blade razor works. She has a lot of sweaters, so she does it a lot. It does work. God Bless3. Any helpful ideas for this?lint from a clothes dryer can be molded, or draped4. Help me with all of this lint!?Make some type of disposable, yet inexpensive device to sit in your sink under the draining tube. A large strainer with a piece of cheese cloth draped over the top, held on by a string or large rubber band (even paper clips or bulldog clips will work). After a few washes, wrap the cheese cloth up and toss. Make sure the strainer is deep, and yet when the water rushes out, and the lint collects, the water wont stop up. The strainer/container can be anything with large holes in the bottom and sides, to allow the water to flow fast and freely. Best to you....5. QUICK! Can you list 3 fantastic things to do with belly button lint?make a sweater,throw it at people and take it out of ur belly botton.... lol6. Why do little specks of lint develop on my cotton clothes?it is because you put them in the dryer with other things. next time, hang them7. How to get lint off new shirts?Go to your supermarket and by clean free8. Does anyone know any other way to get rid of lint on clothes besides a lint brush?use a piece of duct tape, sounds dumb, but it works, just tear off a pice and start blotting the pants with it using the sticky side of course, and it's strong enough to pull anything off of them9. my dryer has no heat please help......?First thing to do is check that your exhaust duct is not blocked by lint. If it is, dryers will tumble but not heat up. And it wo not cost you a thing to check.10. Loss prevention at marshalls .. How do they prevent losses?Some stores that have a more sophisticated system can identify the item from product code down to the size color and lint ball(if any). If I remember correctly Marshall's system is not that sophisticated and they only identify the item casual male, menswear and things of that nature11. Is there a dryer vent cover that will keep out critters that I don't have to remove lint from it constantly?Lazy installers do just that, they do not feel like cutting a hole outside and just figure what the heck let is vent in the crawl space. NOT good. yes it does cause condensation and could over time cause problems. If your floor is buckling, this might be the cause. To fix the floor just take some small 6 penny trim nails driven at an angle slightly toward each other to improve their holding power. Nails driven with the grain do not hold as well as nails driven across the grain. Good you are letting it vent outside now. They sell a exterior drying vent cover in any hardware store that slips into the pipe and then screws onto the building, it should have a flap (vent door) at the end.. does yours? You could always tape it all my years of handy work I have NEVER been called to remove any varmints out of it.. Next.. as for the dust build up.. Make sure you always unplug dryer before cleaing vent. Btw.. vents always need to be cleaned. One two three with a vacuum. Make sure piping is as short a possible as well and is stright and level.12. Laundry lint trap... Recycle, reduce, reuse that I'm unaware of?If you sew you could use it for stuffing pillows or toy animals13. What Is A Great Dust Free Bedding For Gerbils?I think what the other person was looking for is Yesterday's News, it made of recycled newspaper and it comes in little pellets. Carefresh has lint, not dust, but it does get everywhere when they are digging :)
Easy Giant Zipper Hoodie - 4
Do you want a piece of clothing that's something different this fall and winter?You will be sure to wow anyone with this hoodie with a giant zipper. It's not so flashy that it looks like a costume.It's a peice of clothing that is just the right amount of unusual.Let's make it.Things you will be needing:1. Old hoodie, new hoodie, home made hoodie, not even a hoodie, maybe a jacket :pMake sure you wash it and dry it really well first. We want to get it to shrink before putting in the zipper.2. Giant zipper which can be bought here. here are many colors, sizes, and lengths to choose from. Just make sure you buy the correct length. The zipper I used in this tutorial is a size #30.3. sewing machine and thread.4. pins5. seam ripperThat's it. :DFirst all you're going to want to do it take the existing zipper out of your existing hoodie.You do this by finding the seams where it is sewed in. In the hoodie I selected, there are two sew lines. Just take your seam ripper and start cutting those sew lines, being careful not to cut the fabric. Then just do the same for both sides of the zipper.Pin the new zipper onto where the last line you took out was placed.Then just sew that down about a half an inch away from the zipper teeth. When you get down to the bottom end of the zipper it gets a bit harder to sew since it is through a peice of fabric. Just take this part slow and have a really good thick heavy duty needle on your sewing machine.Then, you can pin down the second set of lines you will be sewing. Go ahead and sew those lines. Then if there are any other little lines that came undone while you were seam ripping, just sew them back down. Sweatshirt fabric is very forgiving so there is a lot of room for mistakes if you make any.If you'd lie to make any other edits like add patches, use fabric paints, weather it, whatever.Make that hoodie your own and look awesome!If you liked what you saw you can add me on facebook here. have an etsy here.
What Would Be a Good Sewing Machine?
The computorized sewing machine will store stitch sequences should you want - that is about all they do. A mechanical sewing machine is a great standard. Every brand has one or two models of mechanical machines. Bernina is the most expensive, and that includes very expensive accessories. Babylock, Brother, Pfaff, Singer and Viking are all bread brands with several models to choose from. I have an inexpensive, mechanical Singer, computorized Elna for quilting and sewing and a computerized BabyLock for sewing and machine embroidery. You can start very inexpensive (Singer was less than $80 at a big box store) to the very expensive (Babylock was $$$$$$$$$) - the more added features the more expensive the machine. Visit as many sewing machine dealers as you can. If you are a minor, take a parent or guardian so they will take you seriously. Make a list of what you want to be able to sew - crafts, garments, quilt or quilt arts. For garment making you want a sewing machine that has an easy, one step buttonhole maker and a blind hem feature with adjustable width. The sales staff will demo the machines, and then let you try them out. Buy the machine you like best from the dealer you like best as you may be returning for assistance, classes and routine maintenance of the machine. Best wishes in your pursuit of happiness.1. what kind of sewing machine should I get?Kay's advice is excellent. I wish you had said what kind of machine you currently have and how old it is. The newer cheap machines are often very poor quality. Have you considered taking the machine you have now to a repair shop and have them see what is wrong with it and how much to fix it? Or if it's going to cost a lot to fix, see what they have in good used machines. Older machines can be every bit as good as many new ones. I have ones of various makes from 30 to 60 years old and they all run very well. The trouble you are having with it may well be simply because you are new to sewing, not because the machine is faulty. If you do not have a manual telling you how to troubleshoot and how to maintain your machine, you can usually get one online for fairly cheap2. What sewing machine should I get?The brother LS-2125i. It's pretty basic, and modern at the same time. Only you can not top stitch...but it also comes with a really handy guide on everything you ever needed to know about Blind Hem Stitching/Gathering/Elastic Stitching, etc. I believe it was less than $100. Pretty good3. What is the best low cost sewing machine?There is no good new sewing machine at that price point. Seriously. You need to get a used one that's been refurbished or reconditioned. Check with quilt shops and sewing shops in your area that do sewing machine repair. A lot of them will take older machines in trade when someone wants to buy a new machine, and they are happy to sell you a good used machine. I usually hem stuff by hand, by the way. If I hem with a machine, I will first sew a seam binding lace on the hem by machine, and then hem by hand. The machine stitching on the seam binding will keep the raw edge from fraying, and hemming by hand will allow me to make stitches that are nearly invisible. I am five feet tall, and even the "petite" sizes are too long for me.4. Gathering Stitch on my sewing machine?Get yourself some heavier thread. It does not need to be as heavy as for top-stitching, but close. Set the stitch length for longest and stitch a few inches on scrap and check the tension. You want the top tension *slightly* tighter than usual, rather than balanced. Make a note of your original setting so you can easily return to it later. Tighten upper tension if needed. Stitch one or more rows along the area to be gathered. Knot the threads together at one end. Gently pull the upper (heavier) thread(s), gradually working the fullness toward the the knotted end. Really, work the fullness gradually. Trying to gather all-at-once typically results in the gathering thread snapping/breaking. You can stabilize the gathers by stitching the gathered material to a sturdy ribbon or to twill tape with regular thread.
Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander Shows Off Their Incredible Legs in Chic Outfits As They Arrive
ALICIA Vikander and Michelle Williams put on a stylish show as they arrived at Louis Vuitton's boutique opening in Paris last night.The stunning stars showed off their incredible legs in short outfits as they joined an array of celebrities including Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly and Will Smith at the bash.With her blonde hair cropped short, Michelle sported a nude leather dress teamed with a textured white long sleeved top to keep out the autumn chill.Chic leather white ankle boots and the requisite classic Louis Vuitton bag completed the look.She arrived with best pal Busy Philipps who sported a black leather jacket over a loose fitting black dress.Alicia meanwhile, also plumped for a short number, displaying her slim pins in a leopardprint mini skirt and a pair of lace-up chunky boots.She teamed the outfit with a black and white top with zig zag design and a small clutch-style bag.But the Tomb Raider star appeared to be without boyfriend Michael Fassbender for the swanky event.Jennifer Connelly cut an eye-catching figure in a n electric blue and orange top and trousers with black lacy overlay teamed with black and white ankle boots.She arrived with husband Paul Bettany who looked dapper in a black suit and white shirt.Bond girl Lea Seydoux wrapped up against the French autumn chill, arriving in a grey checked coat with a white polo neck jumper underneath.Cate Blanchett also covered up - emerging in a bottle green velvet jacket over a blue striped shirt and black trousers with a white stripe running up each side.But Will Smith's son Jaden gave the ladies a run for their money in the fashion stakes, arriving in a coat with the Louis Vuitton logo, electric blue trousers and a pair of chunky black trainers.Jaden is currently promoting his own fashion label MSFTS.He told WWD : "I did a meet-up. I'm selling some one-of-one pieces at a store called iLook - it's a concept store.So I handsewed some pieces and I'm selling them there." He added: "I make pants and denim jackets, I just add accessories onto them. I stitch them on."I have a sewing machine, I have a Juki in my room right now." Following the opening of the store on Place Vendôme in Paris, Jaden and Will, joined the stars for a celebration dinner at the Ritz Hotel where they took the stage for a joint performance.
Explore Your Passion for Fashion
The excitement of last month's Toronto Fashion Week has come and gone and if the event unleashed your own passion for design, you might be interested in a fashion studies certificate that will teach you everything from how to thread a sewing machine and make patterns to how to construct bridal wear, ladies' jackets and menswear."It's the perfect program for students looking to develop and explore their creative side," co-ordinator Mary Duldouras says of Seneca College's fashion studies certificate program.It's designed to meet challenging professional standards and practices in the current fashion industry.The program kicks off with a "basics of garment construction" course that introduces students to the industrial sewing machine, simple patterns and basic fabric preparation."Our facilities are the best, bar none," Duldouras says. "Our newly renovated department of fashion is home to state-of-the-art machinery and equipment."The certificate comprises 10 courses, including seven mandatory courses that include fashion design, which helps students develop an imaginative, skilful and sensitive approach to fashion design.The program also introduces students to advanced pattern-making techniques used in the drafting of dresses, blouses, shirts and stylized sleeves. Students also study fibres and fabrics so they learn to understand fabric behaviour and how to correctly select fabric suitable to end use.The program typically draws two types of students: those who work full time at a place like a bank but have always had a creative side and want to start building a future in the fashion industry, and those looking to start a home-based business or to land a job in the industry."We have many new Canadians who come from countries where sewing is still a traditional skill set," Duldouras says. Some students will take a couple of courses and return a few years later to complete the certificate.Numerous electives:Students can choose three electives, including two new courses: menswear and corsetry and bra making.A bridal wear course teaches the basic principles of dress design, pattern-making and construction of bridal wear. Special emphasis is given to details such as trims, laces and beading.Other electives:"It's a very nurturing place and very supportive ... Our instructors have many years of experience in the industry," says Duldouras. "Our students design and produce garments right from the beginning and enjoy the reward of creating something."
Kenmore Sewing Machine 1720?
Try Tightening the Wheel otherwise the belt is dried out1. Sewing machine problems?I am not real familiar with the Brother machine. I use Singers. BUT, I have had the looping problem you speak of. It's usually the needle. Try a smaller one(ie. if using an 11, try a 9). I have my machine cleaned at least once a year. I try and keep as much dust off the bobbin area, that I can. Also, check your thread. I have found cheaper threads(store brands)have more knots and fuzz on them. This can cause the machine to have sewing problems. I use Coats and Clark thread. It's not perfect, but better than the store brands2. janome or pfaff sewing machines?In today's market, I would select a Janome over a Pfaff. Pfaff is no longer an independent company. They were bought out by Viking which was in turn bought out by a Scandinavian consortium. Janome is a solid company that makes both household and industrial machines. They do not spend a lot of time in the shop and are usually real workhorses3. I need some sewing ideas?Age of brother? Your level of sewing experience? Boxer shorts or PJ type pants are one possibility -- another might be a small quilt.4. What is the best and easy brand sewing machine for a beginner with zero experience in sewing?Most of the major brands have machines at the low end. Singer is always good, or Kenmore. Read the instruction booklet carefully to make sure you thread the top thread and bobbin properly. Incorrect threading leads to a lot of trouble for beginners. Look in a used book shop or online for The Readers Digest Complete Guide to sewing. It's a good reference for sewers and wo not cost more than $5.005. Why would someone say, "I forgive you, and I believe you've changed, but I can never trust you again the way I once did"?You know it's like a tear in fabric, you can repair the tear by sewing, or add a patch, but the tear causes a permanent change in the weave. Yes, you can forgive, but damage has been caused and it can never be as it once was, the relationship is now altered. Forgiveness does not change the fact that it happened.6. My sewing machine is being weird!?the problem is in the bobbin -- re-fill a bobbin with thread. And do not test on your actual pants, use a scrap of denim to test the machine, the same thickness as what you are sewing. I think the tension is off, too. do you have the manual for your machine?.7. Problems with my sewing machine?you have to realize this is a very cheap machine. The bottom of the line. One thing I would do is throw out all that cheap thread. Get some good thread at JoAnns and pick up a new needle too. I would take it back if you can and pick up a better machine.8. Sewing Fabrics for a Dress?wash any fabric you get before sewing it. see how it washes and dries flannel is too hot to use for a summer dress. and usually used for night wear and quilts batik is perfect to use for any summer dress. BUT if you are now using a knit fabric- you may need to change your pattern for a woven fabric.9. Sewing machine?Go to Goodwill10. sewing machine keeps getting jammed?Setting in a garage for years is not a good sign. There is a possibility that the machine needs serviced after being stored where it has been exposed to moisture and dust. In the meantime - Use a new needle and thread the machine with the presser foot up - this is an important step. Make sure the bobbin thread is feeding from the bobbin in the correct direction (for a metal bobbin case, this would be clock-wise) and is catching in the guide on the case. Refer to the manual. Hold on to the thread tail at the needle and lower the needle to catch and raise the bobbin thread. Take both threads under the presser foot and to the back of the machine. Hold onto both thread tails and lower the needle into the fabric and start sewing. If the jamming continues, the machine may be out of time among other service issue.
How to Oil Your Sewing Machine Properly for Long-lasting Sewing Enjoyment
Admittedly, on the first generations of the 7 Series (B 710/750/780), it was intended that this "oil reservoir" should be filled. However, many tests carried out by the company showed that filling this reservoir can lead to contamination during sewing and embroidery. The oil reservoir is connected to the hook by a small channel. Lint and dust collect in this channel. If the tank was filled after using the sewing machine and then the machine was put away, the oil could warm up and become runny when the machine was restarted after some time (when the machine was at "operating temperature"). It became contaminated with lint and ran into the hook area, where it soiled the lower thread.How can you tell if a girl wants to hook up with you?maybe she has a good impress on uHow can I hook a BEHRINGER DJX700 mixer to a laptop, so i cant use it with Seratos or virtual DJ?Behringer Djx700 MixerCan I hook up my under the counter TV to our satellite dish without the receiver?The feed would need to first go to the receiver and then go to the TV. Making a direct connection to the dish wo not workI have cable tv and I would like to know how to hook-up 2 VCR,s to the TV set.?Im not sure if you can record two cable tv shows at once. but if you hook one vcr to the tv, and the cable box to the other vcr, you may be able to record a cable show and a free to air show at the same timeHow do I hook up a 9v battery to a sprinkler timer?Not enough info. to helpWhy does my DVR945HD video camera keep shutting itself off when I hook it up to the computer (to the J Drive)?this sounds like an over heating issue. i have same problem in summer with my comp. when the computer overheats due to overuse or extended use it will often shut down on its own to prevent burnout of the circuits. i would check your fan and see if it's functioning properly. also make sure the vents are not obstructed. it helps to clean them out every now and then. open the case and blow out any dust with some canned air. it can get pretty nasty inside the case after awhileDo have to pay the city to hook up hydro to your house?A call to the water utility or dept. will tell youis it possible to hook up my ds to wi-fi and download games?Nope, only demo games. You have to wait until the 3DS comes out to download&Install full games. For sure you will be able to download full GBA games off the shop channel. N64, GC and Wii games are still a possibilityCan I hook my modem up to a wireless router?Yes you can but you may need to do a search for the instructions on the modem. I had to reset mt DSL modem to be set as "pass-thru" since IP address is held and set in the router. Without the router it is set in the modem. . Mail me if I can help.Can I hook up a WHOLE HOUSE generator transfer switch near my utility meter and ...?Here's a site that has many of the answers you seek, and links to distributors. Second, if you overload your generator the least that will happen is a "brownout" which is decidedly not good for appliances and electronics. At the most, the circuit breaker on the generator will trip and stop the flow of electricity. Of course, the higher load you place on the generator the higher the load on the engine powering it. Overloading is not good for the engine, either. Select which circuits you want to power with the generator and calculate how many kw that will draw.How do I hook saddle bags to my saddle?Depends on what type of saddle you have. Western saddles usually have a "D" ring on the back, or they have saddle strings. The saddle bags go behind the cantle and you drape a bag on the left and one on the right, use the saddle strings to secure in place. If there are no saddle strings on your saddle, use a shoelace and run them through the "D" ring that should be on the back jockey part of the saddle (where the saddle strings are secured to on most saddles) Some of the newer saddle bags of synthetic materials have quick clips that snap into the "D" rings instead of tying the bags in place. Your coat or bed roll or blanket would go over the saddle bags perspectively if you were using or carrying one with you. Horn bags simply slip over the saddle horn and stay in place by their weight and you watching to see they do not fall off, they usually do not if fitted properly. Good luck
How Much Is My Antique National Sewing Machine Worth?
Sell it at Ebay1. value of antique pocket watches?The Ladies', depending on size and case style, may be worth anywhere from $200 to $500 in melt value. Unfortunately, these little ladies' watches never have been very desirable to collectors, something which holds the value down. The Hampden, assuming it's running, is probably in the $150-250 range(without knowing any specifics). Hampdens are not as widely collected as some other brands, something which tends to hold prices down. Again, without knowing specifics, I would guess the Columbus at $200 to $400 running. Again, this is just a ball park(could be lower or higher)-it's hard to say a whole lot without knowing the movement quality and condition.2. How Old Is an "Antique?"?I believe it is 50 years to qualify.I am an antique...WOW3. How do I make new silver jewelery look old/antique?I believe you are referring to that look where silver has a black look in the little crevices. If that's the case, you should not use paint, or anything similar. If you go to any small jewelry store in your local mall, they will be able to antique it for you, using special antiquing liquid, which is specifically made for this purpose. It should be very inexpensive because it's easy to do- I would say under $15. I know antiquing comes in black and green, and it may also come in brown4. Antique glass bowl with scalloped lip?A little hard to tell without being able to see it. There are reference texts for glass like this, try the library or an antique store5. What's your favorite yard sale or antique store find and how were you able to restore this item?My favorite find was a beautiful old farm table for $100. It was in great shape. I do not know much about antique furniture, so I do not have any idea what era or style it is, but I love it and use it in the middle of my Kitchen for a workspace, and extra seating6. How do you use one of those antique ''SINGER portable electric sewing machine 128-23''?We got our hands on a few with two made a table and with another one made it as part of the desk for our computer7. I have an antique wood cook stove, how do I find the value?Antique Cook Stoves8. Is Lucas oil really the best oil to use in my antique Mercedes?Best to use a 10w40 premium oil Castrol or duckhams or any well known supplier9. Antique Coverlet( Comfortor) from civil war?Take it to a cleaners in town and see if they can take care of it for you! They will clean it without ruining it10. where can i find belts for a antique hoover spin dryer washer?Hoover Washer Spin Dryer11. Identify Antique Mahogany Desk?It's not an antique until it is at least 100 years old. Take your pictures to a local antique store and see if anyone there can help you. They may also be able to point you to reference books. Your mystery fastener is reasonably modern. You are just seeing it from the edge. It goes into the wood a ways, and the corrugations keep it from being pulled sideways.12. What's the best way to get crayon off of antique wooden furniture?GOO GONE is a good solvent that removes most of the toughest stains on most surfaces. However never use it on silk, leather, suede or rubber. I just love it especially when I want to remove stick-on price tags and labels off of products.13. Why is there a hole in the middle of my antique plate?Perhaps someone mounted it on their wall. (It did not come with a hole in it.) If it were in perfect condition, it would be worth a couple hundred bucks. With a hole in it, not much.14. I want to paint our wooden dining room table "antique" white...?Paint Dining Room Table15. How to Repair and Restore Antique Mirrors | DoItYourself.comHow to Repair and Restore Antique Mirrors To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. The sentimental value attached to some antique mirrors may make it hard for you to replace them with new mirrors. But what happens if the mirror is damaged and worn out? Well you need to know how to repair and restore them. You might also have an intricately designed mirror that you had custom ordered. The mirror will definitely need some restoration once in a while. You can easily revamp antique mirrors to their original condition through the following steps. Step 1 - Determine what Needs to be Done Look at your mirror and determine whether resilvering will restore it to a functional condition. Some mirrors are easier and cheaper to replace than to restore. If the antique mirror will do with a restoration, continue with these steps. Clean the mirror carefully with some warm water and a non-corrosive detergent. It is time to wear your protective gear (sturdy gloves, eye protection and heavy-duty dust mask). Ensure that the gloves and the mask are worn to fit and that they leave no part of your hands and face exposed. Place the mirror on a clean surface that is preferably cushioned by a hard rug. Apply the silver removing chemical or carefully scrape the old silver from the back of your mirror. The chemical should ideally be packed together with the resilvering chemical kit. If it is not provided, then just apply some varnish remover and the silver will easily peel off. Another useful silver-removing chemical is diluted nitric acid. Raise the glass to a slight incline and clean it with a soft cloth. Add some acidic cleanser, which should also come with the chemical kit. From this point on, refrain from touching the glass with your bare hands. Put the glass on a level surface again and carefully apply your chemical mixture provided in the kit. The mixture is what captures and sticks your silver. Wait for about ten minutes for the mixture to dry a bit. After ten minutes, apply the silver evenly and without leaving any lines and blots on the glass. Let dry for about 25 minutes. Once the silver has been on the glass for some time you can now apply your new backing. This should preferably be black lacquer paint, also included in your chemical kit. Leave the mirror to dry for several hours. Wash your hands and face thoroughly before getting some fresh air. When the mirror dries completely, hang it up. The frame maybe chipped or its paint peeled. To correct this, remove the mirror from the frame and dab some primer on the chipped parts before repainting. For metal frames, all you need to do is to repaint the frame in your color choice. If you cannot remove the frame during the repainting, protect your mirror from the paint, using some old newspapers masked on the surface of the mirror. You can then paint the frame with two even coats of high gloss paint. You can repair and restore antique mirrors not just when they are completely dysfunctional but even when they lose their shine. These steps should guide you in such maintenance needs.
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