Using the Name STEVEN: What Would Be a Fun, Crafty, BIRTHDAY Gift I Could Give Using His Name?

Using "chip board" which is the cardboard on the back of a tablet of paper - clue decorative paper that matches his room or hobby or sport that he likes. Next print out large letters in what ever font you like off the computer - trace the letters on the covered paper and cut out. Clean up the edges of the letters with an emory board - it finishes them nicely. You could also decoupage pictures from magazines of things he likes - trains, cars, sports, dogs, cartoon characters, etc. Follow the same instructions as with the decorative paper. Depending on the amount of chipboard you have - you can make these as thick as you like. I would attach velcro dots to the back so he can hang them on his door or wall or wherever he likes. By the way - craft stores sell pre made wood letters you could finish any way you want - as above - or paint. Painted I would paint in a different color to match his room or with a different pattern - stripes vertical and horizontal, large and small dots. etc. These would be easy to decoupage also. They are not very expensive - give it a try

1. What would be a cool present to buy my dad for his birthday ( and i got a lot of money so....yea)?

A driver, or iron (golf ) from Golftown or any golf store. A polo shirt. Anything to di with sports

2. I have a Nikon D5200, what is a great but affordable lens?

Sports first:I wish you did not have the Nikon D5200 because you can not use older lens, and the best affordable ($200-$400 used) Nikon lenses for what you want are the older ones (70-210 f4 D and 80-200 f2.8)As a result. "Great" and "Affordable". Pick one!You are going to have to compromise, and if you are talking indoor sports then you could have a problem.Assuming that the 70-210 f2.8 is out of the question based on price, we are talking about non fixed apertures for sports. The best I've found in that consumer range is the 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G VR. It's actually surprisingly good optically, and you can pick it up used for $250-$300 on eBay. You are probably going to struggle with it for indoor sports though because the max aperture is a limiting factor. You will really have to push the limits of the D5200 ISO range.On Portraits, I would say the 50mm G f1.8. KI have a Nikon D5200, what is a great but affordable lens?

3. What is the best fast pitch softball bat out there?

Sports are not supposed to be played in the kitchen

4. Alcohol detection in a urine test?

It depends on what type of test you were given. If you were given a drug test, you (hopefully) have nothing to worry about. But if it was an alcohol urine test, then you are screwed. Alcohol urine tests start detecting alcohol in your system 2 hours after you have drank... and the tests should test positive up to a week after you have drank (for regular consumers). Chances are if the test was for something like sports or probation, it is a drug test that they have given you. And I do not know of any drug test that also tests for alcohol. Good luck =) Edit: Also, a friend of mine has to be tested for alcohol randomly on weekend mornings. Rather than urine test him, they just give him a Breathalyzer. I would imagine if they were worried about you drinking, they would do just that.

5. How is the gamo nitro 17 pellet air rifle?

>>How is the Gamo Nitro 17>I hear Gamo exaggerates the specs>Gamo claims 1000fps with PBA and 850fps with lead pellets>Medium loudness>I plan on using PBA>PBA - I am worried that it would go supersonic>Would the PBA go below 1000fps>I want to avoid lead pellets since they are kind of toxic>I like the fact it's a Nitro and a decent price range>Thanks for your input

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Do You Think New York Sports Fans Are Loud, Rude, and Obnoxious?
Do you think New York sports fans are loud, rude, and obnoxious?It's just a bad stereotype. My dad is from new jersey so we go to new york all the time. Yes they can be loud, rude, and obnoxious, but usually only when they are drunk. Plus fans are supposed to be that! there supposed to show their spirit for their team. Trust me it's the same down here at LA— — — — — —Need advice please from sports fans.?it does not mater what side you are on— — — — — —Americans: Does the 'World' Cup matter to you that much?You are naive, idiotic and a terrible speaker of your own language. You should brush up on your sports my friend. Hockey is one of the most physical sports in the world. Not to mention there is a world tournament for hockey, but of course you do not know that because you are a yankee. Unless America is involved in the sport it does not seem they are capable of enjoying it. That's really sad because for the Americans that do appreciate other countries and their performances, as well as their own, have their names soiled by dispicable sports fans like yourself. There is nothing wrong with patriotism at all, in fact I am a proud German, however, in your case it would seem the only thing you know is to put on your helmet and drop your I.Q. down to 80 with George dubleya and shout "DEFENSE. OMPH OMPH." I am sorry, I just do not tolerate people who call themselves sports fans with such one track minds.— — — — — —As female Sport Fans: When people Don't take your Love for Seriously?I like to talk baseball with guys. When they notice that I understand the game, then everything is normal. I like to do the 'teasing' of favorite ball teams with guys too. I can dish it and I can take it too. I hate it when you tease someone about their favorite ball team and they get offended to easily.— — — — — —What is the different between sports fans and bandwagon?A real "fan" is somebody that will follow a team thru thick and thin. Somebody that will wear a jersey or just let people know where their allegiances lie, no matter how bad the team is doing that year. A bandwagon jumper is just somebody that starts cheering for a team that is doing good or even has a good story. The Tampa Bay Rays are probably a very good example, altho that's MLB and it's not so much the team, but the people that only start cheering for them because they are good. There is nothing wrong with jumping on the bandwagon of a good story, but some big sports people get upset with the people that just suddenly start cheering for a team after they win. The best example in the NBA would be the Celtics, and again, it's not the team, it's more the people that came out of the woodwork as "fans" after they won. Maybe even the Lakers now that they are one of the dominant teams in the league again.— — — — — —Arn't NASCAR fans the nicest sports fans in America?Kool! I agree, totally! Gotta love Nascar! *JUJU*— — — — — —I want your opinion of a sports fan...?I think some people over do it.... Sports are a great distraction but they are not as important as some people make it out to be.... be a super fan of a certain team or sport but be a super fan of numerous teams and sports... that's kind of shallow in my book. And do not make your kids think that becoming a professional athlete is the only way to be a great person. .. professional athletes are like slaves. ... it's a meat market.— — — — — —Sports fans, why won't God heal blind referees?You've heard of the 7 mysteries of the World? This is the Eighth— — — — — —What city has the most passionate sports fans?DETROIT WERE CRAZY FANNNS WEATHER IT BE THE LIONS WHO SUCK THE GAMES R ALWAYS SOLD OUT PISTONS FANSS ARE WILD U PROBLEY NO ABOUT THE BRAWL BETWEEN THEM AND INDIANA TIGERS FANNS SAME THING THERE LOUD AND CRAZY JJUMPINGAROUND WEATHER THEY LOSE OR WIN LASTLY RED WINGS I MEAN WE HAVE ON STANLY CUPS AND MANY GAMES SO THERES NOT MUCH LOSING GOING ON AT THERE GAME PEOPLE GO OUTSIDE OF THE STADIUM TO WATCH GAMES CUZ THEY CANT GET TICKETS FANS BEAT UP PEOPLE WEARING THE OTHER TEAMS JERSEY MANN JUST GOING TO ANY OF THESE TEAMS GAMES IS AMAZING ITS THRILLING
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