Unison Or Rsync for Session Files

Unison allows 2 servers only. You can try Lsyncd Csync2, Lsyncd Rsync or Syncthing (btSync).Lsyncd watches a local directory trees event monitor interface. It aggregates and combines events for a few seconds and then spawns one (or more) process(es) to synchronize the changes. Source:suggest LsyncdCsync2 or Syncthing (btsync) because they can handle file deletions and conflicts better.

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DSolve Error in a system of equations

DSolve::deqx: Supplied equations are not differential equations of the given functions.As for as the error is concern, you need to state all the dependent variables (call all the dependent variables in DSolve).Once we did that, DSolve is unable to solve the system. It seems that the system in question has no analytical solution. So, I tried with NDSolve, Choosing random values for the parameters


How does the duration concentration work when using scrolls and power stones?

I think if a power needs Concentration to last then it doesn't matter if you cast it yourself or use an item. The item allows you to cast the spell, but you are the one who chooses where it happens and who it affects and how long it lasts so you still have to concentrate. The scroll is not going to make any concentration checks, is it?.


How do you specify the location of libraries to a binary? (linux)

If you want to avoid LD_LIBRARY_PATH, you can also do this, during linking:The -Wl,... is used to pass extra commands to the linker, and in this case, with -R you tell the linker to store this path as the "default search path" for the .so.I keep notes of many small tips like this one, at my site:thanassis.




Why does Joy glow?

Each person in Inside Out has a dominant emotion. Her father's was anger and her mother's was sadness. Riley's dominant emotion was Joy.I think it was an aesthetic choice to reflect that Joy is Riley's most important emotion. Have you ever seen someone's face when they get really, really happy? Some people liken extreme happiness to glowing. I think they decided to reflect this in Joy


Potential problems with virtual drive larger than 2tb?

First, for virtualization workloads, I strongly suggest you to use RAID10 rather than RAID6. Moreover, 2 TB for the OS partition is way too much.Anyway, back to original question: if you format the second vdisk as GPT partition, you will have no problem to use all the available space. The maximum single file size a NTFS volume will support is 16 TB or 256 TB, depending on the version


Reputation Graph X Axis Bug in Edge and IE

It seems the CSS property justify-content is not working for Edge and IE. It was already reported in the Microsoft developer forum. The same property is working as expected in Chrome and Firefox.

In the profile page for the section, the

    tag has the class jc-space-evenly and it has the CSS property of justify-content: space-evenly that caused the alignment issue.The style class:Screenshot for reference:


    Quotient spaces in linear algebra

    Assume that everything is a finite dimensional vector space. Your vector subspace $U$ has a basis $u_1,ldots,u_n$. You can extend this to a basis of $V$, $u_1,ldots,u_n,v_1,ldots,v_k$. Then a basis for $V/U$ is given by the equivalence classes $v_1,ldots,v_k$. In this way you might be able to see how we are "ignoring" $U$


    On a glass board, which is white?

    A few points for consideration here for Standard Chess:Now when you place the board like this, it doesn't really matter whether you treat frosted or clear glass as white.Just for records, I have seen most people treating frosted glass as WHITE. But there are people who play as white with clear glass pieces.

    It should not matter as long as you orient the board right


    Is it sur Internet or dans Internet?

    I'd use sur Internet, as dans Internet sounds very odd to me (native).On the other hand, Internet being first and foremost an English word, there are no golden rules for French prepositions to use with it.In this related question is asked whether internet should be capitalized, and if an article should be used or not with it ( an Internet) demonstrating more of this no-rule situation.


    A word for the effect that brightness has on someone who needs to sneeze

    PhotoptarmosisFrom wikipedia: Photic sneeze reflexThe photic sneeze reflex (also known as photoptarmosis, Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO) and colloquially sun sneezing) is a condition that causes variable difficulty to control sneezing in response to numerous stimuli, such as looking at bright lights or periocular (surrounding the eyeball) injection. The condition affects 18-35% of the population, but its exact mechanism of action is not well understood.


    Expected Number of Outcomes for Tossing a Dice Four Times Such that at least one $i$ occurs

    You are summing what's called indicator variables, thus $$X_i,1leq ileq 6$$ are either one or zero. This sum is maximized when all the tosses are distinct, but there are only 4 tosses, thus the maximum possible values of this sum is 4. Stated another way, there are at least two zeroes among the 6 variables $X_i$ since you cannot have more than 4 distinct numbers appear in 4 tosses.


    Use of save or save for in sentences

    My first thought on reading this question was that although including the word "for" isn't exactly incorrect, it doesn't sit well with me. Here's the obligatory NGram showing I'm not alone...The original meaning of save as protect from harm morphed through preserve -> put aside -> make an exception of -> with the exception of. This same meaning shift has also happened with the French sauf


    How to achieve auto focusing with a non-TTL flash (YN-560 II) in low light situation?

    You might be able to use a hotshoe adapter to split the hotshoe signal to both your flash and an ST-E2 transmitter or something similar that has a dedicated "IR" assist (actually just a red projected grid). This should allow for using the flash and the focus assist, though at that point, you may be better off simply buying a better flash for more all around benefit


    Best way to display plus/minus or pros/cons short sentences

    I have found is the best bullet for such list which intends to build credibility or value of a product/service. symbol is provided by Unicode and can be used as Text BUTIf you were looking to use it as bullet list, you might have to use image icons.for green tick-marks, as green adds another positive layer of impression.


    How is mass reduced in a normal chemical reaction which releases energy like heat, sound or light?

    During the nuclear fusion of four Hydrogen atoms to a single Helium atom .7% of the mass is converted into energy. Burning a ton of coal 910 KG releases 22 gigajoules (22 E9) of energy. From EmC^2, the mass converted into energy is 2.

    44 x 10^-7 Kg. Dividing by 910 Kg the per cent of mass converted to energy is 2.7 x 10^-10 or 0.000000027%. This so small that chemists use 0 for the value


    UI feedback for a complex web form closed

    Cool idea for the progress bar, Leo. I love seeing innovation in UX. And the vertical format lends itself, literally, to the progression of the page workflow (up and down).Do you have to consider mobile browsers too? If real estate gets tight, you may have to just allow plain-old-text do it's job without any visual representation. For example, simply add text to the Page Title Bar.


    Can I change the genetics of a group of plants naturally?

    Of course, you can place a population of anything (incl. a population of plants) into a specific environment and you could expect this population to slowly adapt to it.Most plants don't have a particularly fast generation time and therefore, the evolutionary experiment might take longer than your lifetime. The experiment would be much faster if you choose some unicellular algae such as Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for example


    Types/classes of meat

    As you've mentioned in your question, there were no such words which correspond perfectly to the english words. But now there are new terms. According to HiDoc, a news media for medical doctors, (white meat) and ( dark meat) are officially used.title of the article means "To prevent breast cancer, rather eat white meat, not dark meat".


    If the infinite cardinals aleph-null, aleph-two, etc. continue indefinitely, is there any meaning in the idea of aleph-aleph-null?

    Yes, note that $aleph_1$ can be interpreted as there is one cardinal ($aleph_0$) smaller than it. In the same way, there are 100 cardinal numbers smaller than $aleph_100$ ($aleph_0, aleph_1, dots, aleph_99$).The smallest infinite list of cardinals is hence $aleph_aleph_0$ also denoted $aleph_omega$.

    We may even continue with $aleph_aleph_aleph_0$ (the smallest infinite list of the smallest infinite lists of cardinals) and so on


    What strategies, criteria, or rules to use for selecting coordinate systems?

    Our strategy is to use the same for a, b and c. Reprojection is costly. (We store, analyze and display data in the projection most used by our users - our national UTM zone - or one of them actually. This being Norway, any Mercator projection is distorting much. Still, the WGS84/Google projections EPSG:4326/EPSG:900913 are the other relevant ones we have to deal with. YMMV)


    How can I magnify, intensify, and redirect the light from a skylight so that it is most effective?

    You can always use the concept of a sun tube, a mirrored tube that runs from the roof to a room. If the walls of the alcove that houses the skylight are not already white, paint them white. It will reflect more light than a darker color. If you really want as much light from the skylight as possible, mount mirrors on the walls of the skylight


    RAM upgrade for PowerEdge T110 II

    Dell PowerEdge T110 II supports DDR3 Unbuffered ECC Memory only. Maximum 32 GB using 4 x 8 GBThe 4 GB RAM in the pic is for 4 GB DDR3L 1600 MHz Unbuffered ECC, so it works.

    The Amazon link memory is for 2 x 8 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Non-ECC. It will not work with your Dell PowerEdge T110 II.For compatible memory specification, refer this link:


    Do modulations from a major key to a mode count as 'key changes?'

    Is this all about the use of a bVII chord in the final choruses? Just let it BE the bVII in the key of A. A chromatic chord doesn't necessarily imply a key change.Think of a simple blues progression - A7, D7, A7, E7, D7, A7. You have no problem with that being in the key of A, despite the Cnat and Gnat notes do you?


    if 10 becomes 25, has it been increased or decreased, and in what ratio?

    You're basically on target. Just divide the result by the starting value to see the ratio (you'll probably want to simplify it as much as possible). If the result is bigger than the starting value (ie. the ratio is bigger than 1) it's an increase. If it's smaller, it's a decrease, because it went down in amount. In this case: $$frac2510 frac52$$ which is greater than 1, as expected


    Will my LAN card slow down system performance?

    The "x"-Number is the number of lanes in a PCIe transmission.It will not affect your system performance. The 16x slot will behave as such as it was a 1x slot.

    With many boards the second 16x slot will tune down to 8x if a 16x card is put into the first 16x slot. This is not the case here, only 1 lane is used after all!


    What is the preferred starting address for a C64 game?

    $0810 is good start for asm stuff. Near start of basic mem $0801 so you can put sys 2064 in $0801...$c000 -$cfff is after basic rom area and free so basic programs "poke" asm sub routines there often...$1000-$1fff (and $9000-9ffff) usually in asm programs contain music because that area contains shadow copy of fonts and can't be used for own charactersets, so it's ideal for music.


    If transverse waves are unable to travel through liquid, how come light does?

    Light is an electromagnetic wave, and they are indeed transverse in nature as the oscillation of the electric and magnetic fields is perpendicular to the direction of propagation of the wave. However, light waves are non-mechanical. This means that they do not require a physical medium in order to propagate. However, other mechanical transverse waves are unable to propagate through fluids due to their low shear strength.


    Why does light seem to reflect preferentially off surfaces and interfaces even when the stuff in question is non-opaque?

    To simplify it a bit, the reflection occurs at the interface between two mediums, and the reflectivity is given by $$ rfracn_1-n_2n_1n_2$$ where $n_1$ and $n_2$ are the refractive indices of the two mediums. If the mediums are the same, such as a wave travelling through a medium, there is no reflections with this model as the refractive indices would be the same

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