Ujala: Over 1 Crore Led Bulbs Distributed in Bihar Under Ujala | Patna News - Times of India

PATNA: The Union Government in coordination with Bihar Government has successfully distributed over 1 crore LED bulbs under the UJALA (Unnat Jeevan by Affordable LEDs and Appliances for All) scheme in the state so far. The scheme, running in the state since March 2016, has helped Bihar save close to 13 Lakh MW of energy annually and has also resulted in an annual savings of Rs 519 crores in consumers' electricity bills. The UJALA scheme, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 5, 2015, is being implemented by Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Ministry of Power and the implementation agency for all the energy efficiency programmes of the Government of India. In Bihar, the two major electricity distribution companies, South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) & North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (NBPDCL) are the assisting EESL in distribution of LED bulbs. A total of 1 crore LEDs have been distributed in Bihar as of January 27, 2017. Energy saved per day is 35,58,000 kWh while cost savings per day is Rs 1,42,32,000, an EESL statement said today. On achieving this milestone, Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director, EESL said, "We are grateful to the government as well as the people of Bihar who have demonstrated the willingness to switch to an energy efficient lifestyle by adopting LED bulbs as the source of lighting. Bihar has thus become a strong contributor in the UJALA scheme's 20 crore milestone nationally". Under the UJALA scheme in Bihar, a consumer can procure 9 W LED bulbs at an upfront cost of Rs 70 each. The consumers can avail the LED bulbs from EESL distribution kiosks at all SBPDCL and NBPDCL offices in Bihar. Consumers can visit www. ujala.gov.in and click on 'Bihar' to locate the distribution kiosk closest to their place, an EESL statement said today. The distribution of LED bulbs under UJALA scheme is taking place at 32 cities and towns across the state, and distribution will soon begin in three places Kishanganj, Katihar and Saharsa. EESL provides free of cost replacement for all technical faults for three years. During the distribution, replacements can be done through any of the distribution counters that would be operating within the city.

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Does a Xenon Hid Kit Have to Be Added to Install These Led Bulbs?
NO. Xenon HID and LED bulbs are totally different technologies. These LED bulbs are just designed to give a similar colour of light output as HID - whiter than standard halogen headlights. LED bulbs can cause bulb warning lights on some vehicles, purely as they draw far less power, and the car thinks the bulbs have failed. This can be resolved by adding a resistor or using LED bulbs with a resistor built in.1. Where is the money of the Indian economy that led to an economic slowdown?All the money from the Indian economy has flowed into the BJP party funds. BJP party is the richest party in the world. BJP headquarter in Delhi is the biggest and richest HQ among all political parties in the world. Crores of rupees has gone on the biggest statue of unity of Sardar Patel, the congress leader.The money is still there. If BJP feels that the nation is first, then the BJP party, then the BJP leaders, then, all the BJP party funds must be used for the nation, to boost the economy of India. The BJP party does not need any funds. Horse-trading of MLAs would be finished in India, because only the BJP is using crores of rupees to do horse trading, immorally poaching on MLAs of congress, TMC, JDS and other regional parties. Even in this economic slowdown, BJP can afford to pay crores of rupees to poach, horse-trade and purchase the most corrupt MLAs of Congress, TMC, JDS and all other regional parties. The money is there, as per your question. Political corruption in India would finish once and for all in India. No other political party is doing horse-trading except the BJP. They are doing it openly, boldy, publicly2. LED strip light, I NEED HELP!?While LEDs are considerably more expensive than comparable incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen lights, the initial start-up cost is offset by the bulbs' long life and low energy usage. Because LED strip lighting uses so little electricity, replacing your existing lights may show you an immediate reduction in your monthly power bill. Plus, the infrequency of replacements keeps the overall cost down and the overall value of LEDs high. Less frequent maintenance, lower electricity needs, and long working life all contribute to making LED lighting one of the most cost efficient lighting methods the world has ever seen3. Is the United States led by extremely naive news reporters?No. This is a troll question4. Whose mistake led to defeat of 1962 China war?1. Diplomatic front: The biggest culprit for India's debacle in 1962 was Nehru. His foreign policy blunders like calling for ceasefire in 1948 during Kashmir conflict, accepting Tibet as a part of China, not responding to Aksai Chin violation by China, lobbying for UN membership for China and promoting Communist leadership of China in various international fora proved his foolishness. 2. Military point of view: Nehru was also responsible for continuous and systematic neglect of military, promoting sycophants ignoring capable officers in the armed forces and later instead of concentrating on defence, following suicidal 'forward policy' and also not allowing Air Force to take part in the war. 3. Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister was the second culprit for assiduously following and further augmenting stupid policies propagated by Nehru.4. General P.N. Thapar for not protesting against suicidal policies of Nehru and Krishna Menon.5. Lt. Gen. L.P. Sen, GoC in C, Central Command, for not showing effective leadership qualities in Eastern front. 6. Lt. Gen. B. M. Kaul, GoC, newly formed IV Corps, an incompetent General promoted solely because of family relationship with Nehru, for pushing Nehru's suicidal policy and destroying the fighting morale of the lower-level officers and soldiers in Eastern front5. Republicans who are voting for Joe Biden, what led to that decision?Republicans who are voting for Joe Biden, what led to that decision?The most corrupt and incompetent leader in the history of leadership6. What led to art during the renaissance?Thank you for the A2A.I am not quite certain what you mean by your question, but I am going to guess that you mean "what gave rise to the amazing quantity and quality of art produced during the Renaissance period in Italy?" This is a huge question, but I will try to provide some broad general thoughts about what happened. The Renaissance period is generally considered to run from about 1400 to the late 1600s, and it bridges the Medieval Period to what is now thought of as the early Modern Period. In the Medieval Period, Classical (Greek) art and ideas were believed pagan, and science was. ..well, medieval. However, when Constantinople fell to the Turks, many Greeks, bearing Classical books and documents, fled to Italy. In these books, educated people discovered revelations about philosophy, science and the arts, which they began to think about and employ.Simultaneously, in Florence - which became the center of Renaissance activity (Italy was composed of city-states), the Medici family was very powerful. They started the Medici Bank. This enabled trade to expand into Europe and Asia, and great wealth to come to Italy. Cosimo de Medici loved art. There happened to be a great many gifted artists living in Florence, getting commissions from the Church. Medici commissioned art, and so did his wealthy buddies. Artists like Giotto, Piero della Francesca, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and many, many others not only found a great deal of work, they too studied classical texts, learned new things and improved on what they learned. Discoveries about linear perspective and light were made and put into their paintings; da Vinci not only painted, but played around with all kinds of scientific discoveries. Art and science were partners. Oil paint was discovered. Archaeology advanced. Access to mathematics from Byzantine and Islamic scholars became available and were used by architects, sculptors and painters. One thing led to another, and the entire world opened - and flowered.And though Florence was the center, this progress spread throughout Italy - and eventually, the rest of Europe. It was a time of unparalleled art and scientific progress, undergirded with a belief in humanism - the principle that man was noble and could accomplish great things. However, it was also made possible by great prosperity created by thriving trade. If the wealth had not been available.....probably the art would not have been, either
Led Bulbs Pay Off in the Long Run
If the next light bulb you buy is an LED, it may be your last.The technology behind light-emitting diodes has advanced to the point that the bulbs can replace traditional 40- and 60-watt light bulbs and last up to 25 times longer."You're going to see people say, 'I'm taking my light bulbs with me to my new home,'" says Bill Nottingham of Nottingham Spirk, a Cleveland-based industrial design company that's working on LED lighting technology.Traditional light bulbs are on the way out. The U.S. mandated a phaseout of the most common wattages of incandescent bulbs; inefficient 100-, 75-, 60- and 40-watt bulbs will not be sold after 2014.And the future looks bright for the LED market. Now old-school manufacturers like GE and Philips and younger players like Feit Electric, Cree and Elite are battling it out for shelf space in the lighting sections at big-box stores.WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY OLD BULBS?Dating back to Thomas Edison, incandescent light bulbs mostly produced heat instead of light. Over the last two decades, halogens and compact fluorescents have improved the energy efficiency of bulbs. But they're no match for LED technology. LEDs last up to 10 times longer than compact fluorescents while providing the same amount of light. And, unlike other bulbs, LEDs put off only a small amount of heat and rarely break.SOUNDS GREAT. WHAT'S THE CATCH?In a word: price. While an eight-pack of incandescents costs about $3 at the local big-box store, a single LED bulb can cost between $20 and $50. The high price tag may make it too expensive to outfit your entire home with LEDs at once. But while you're making the switch, test out bulbs from different manufacturers to see what works best for you.Forecasters expect prices to drop as technology improves. "As you see price points drop to the $8 to $10 range, you'll start to see some real adoption there," says Joe Gullo, a former GE lighting executive who's now leading Rambus, an LED designer. "That's probably four to five years out."SO WHAT SHOULD A CONSUMER DO?Know that LEDs are getting better and cheaper all the time-and, no matter the price, they're a good investment. They'll save you money on your electric bill and the cost of buying new bulbs. Plus they open you up to some neat uses of wireless technology: Imagine dimming your lights from an iPhone app instead of a wall switch."LEDs are 'chip-on-board' products; you can control LEDs without even using a light switch. [You'll be able] to turn your lights on and off remotely. You can decide what type of light temperature you want in your home. This is the next generation," says Mark Voykovic, The Home Depot light bulb expert.This article is excerpted from USA TODAY Green Living magazine. The special publication contains articles on sustainable living, green products, DIY projects, and people and companies helping to save the planet. Get an eco-friendly version for your tablet or computer at zinio.com/usatodaymags.
Govt to Provide Led Bulbs at Cheaper Rates | Patna News - Times of India
PATNA: Domestic power consumers in Bihar will get LED bulbs at cheaper rates soon. Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC) has cleared the Domestic Efficient Lights Programme (DELP) for distributing LED bulbs among the domestic consumers in the state. BERC chairman S K Negi observed that the DELP scheme would narrow the demand and supply gap through energy conservation which would reduce power consumption as well. The decision has been taken in the light of a petition filed on behalf of the distribution licensees - North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (NBPDCL) and South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) - who sought approval for the DELP to provide LED bulbs to domestic category consumers. BERC, in its order on December 11, said the scheme is optional for the consumers. It will be started on pilot basis at the district headquarters only. A similar scheme has already been launched in many states, including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Puducherry. Both SBPDCL and NBPDCL have been directed to file petitions containing details of actual project cost, price of LED bulbs through competitive bidding process, the amount to be charged from consumers in instalments, etc. The distribution companies will submit detailed procedure and plan in consultation with the Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) and put in place a mechanism for easy replacement of LED bulbs becoming defective within the warranty period of three years. The BERC has directed both the distribution companies to provide an appropriate payment mechanism for this programme in favour of the EESL to the extent of monthly recovery of instalments against this scheme only. It has directed both the companies to finalize the energy service agreement on mutually agreed terms with the EESL. The project cost is likely to be around Rs34.57 crore. There are 30,60,000 domestic consumers and each one will be charged Rs113 per bulb. It is proposed to collect Rs10 upfront per LED bulb and the balance amount is to be realized in 12 monthly fixed instalments. The BERC has also observed that the DELP proposals are in line with the objects of Electricity Act, 2003, and Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (Demand Side Management) Regulations, 2014. The domestic consumers may also reduce their energy consumption by using LED bulbs which will result in reduced electricity bill. Excess payment recovered from the consumers, if any, will be refunded as per section 62 (6) of the Electricity Act, 2003.
4 Usefulness of Installing Led Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting ...
With maximum homeowners suffering from high electricity bills, maximum people are inclining towards alternative smart home products in Sydney for setting smart home infrastructure in your property.Maximum house owners these days rely on smart home installers to implement outdoor lighting Wollongong for lighting and light fixtures in their smart homes, as there are few easy advantages associated with it. Most of the smart home automation stores located in Sydney are into renovating a residence with cosmo or beacon lighting, prior to some of the following factors. They are,Apt replacement of a tube light that lightens the entire roomOften many house owners have been found complaining that the Narellan lights and euro lights in their residence are consuming heavy electricity, prior to which they are paying high electricity bills at the end of the month. Replacing them with an LED bulb, which consumes less electricity befits right replacement for those cosmo beacon lights in your smart home. The smart home devices like these not only help you to chop off your additional expenses on electricity, rather your one such initiative also helps you to avail the best benefits of internal and outdoor LED lighting in the long run.Works perfectly under low power imbalancesLED bulbs usually work seamlessly in low voltages. Even if the voltage points fluctuate and compel the other lights to flicker, LED bulbs in your apartment will always remain to lighten up as it is. Since they consume low electricity, fluctuations in electric loads may not matter much to them. If you are intended to restore your old electrical set up in your private residence, hire a professional smart home company in Sydney for fixing LED bulbs to enhance smart home solutions in your residence. Most of the home automation installers and installation service providers are equipped with the right knowledge to implement smart outdoor lighting with LED euro lighting, beacon or cosmo lighting pattern in your residence.Take some time out with your service provider to know the right ways available near you for giving an extraordinary appeal to your private residence. That will always help you to get extraordinary output and results.Having better energy efficiency than any other form of tube or lightsMaximum LEDs are energy efficient than any other ordinary bulbs, tubes or any other electrical appliances which are used in a smart home for lighting a residence. Most of the other luminescent bulbs or tubes usually lose a maximum percentage of their energy in the form of heat, but that is not the same as the LED's. Purchasing a bulb like that for supporting the use of smart home products in your home with Narellan, beacon or euro lighting pattern is always going to be a long-term investment for you. Often such investments won't bother your electrical expenditures as well.Functions under extreme temperature alwaysUsing ordinary tubes or bulbs for lighting your home may run faulty during cold seasons when the temperature goes down in minus degrees. Whereas, fluorescent LEDs work easily during such situations. You will barely find these lamps or bulbs giving trouble to lit up immediately you switch it on. The purpose of imposing the utility of these LED's bulbs in your residence by employing outdoor lighting Wollongong experts to enhance smarthomeworks in Sydney so that such smart automation home devices can ensure you some of the above-discussed leverages for a long-term basis.In a place like Sydney where there are a huge number of experts available to implement smart automation devices for your home, it's not a very tough task for you to find the right mentor for getting a cost-effective and economic LED euro light or cosmic light installed in your residence.After going through a bit of research work about the proven records of your service provider appoint the right individual for executing smart electronic set up for your house. One such benefit is always going to be a long-lasting and effective one when you are looking ahead to restore the old traditional electrical set up of your home by supporting smart home outdoor light fixture and fittings in your residence.
LED Assembly and the Benefits of LED Bulbs
Talking about the present, the LED assembly technology has become a colossal industry and presently it is over 25 billion dollar industry and expected to grow more in the near future. At first it is utilized in the indicator lights of the smart phones as well as boat lights, now LED lights are swiftly taking over every other light source, keeping in view of the fact they are energy efficient, endurable, and do not present any peril for the environment.The Difference Between LED Assembly Lights and Dilapidated Light BulbIncandescent and fluorescent are two sources of light in the conventional light bulb. Speaking about the incandescent bulb, the light is created by passing electricity via a conductor that warms the lean tungsten filament present in the bulb to a point somewhere it emits light, while in a fluorescent bulb, the light is created by passing an electrical charge via iodinated gas. Without any doubt, these types of bulbs cant be categorized in the type of energy saving bulbs since more than 10 percent of the energy is consumed to create light that can be grasped through naked eyes. Further, these light bulbs cant be assembled in a range of shapes since they are made from blown gas. On the other hand, LED assembly which is also termed as solid state lighting assembly, get an uncomplicated and robust structure and have versatility in design that assists them to be molded in a great range of shapes without any limitations. Further, these LED lights get a light-emitting semiconductor that is responsible for the color of the lights. A diode is made when any 2 conductive substances meet and it just facilitates to flow in only 1 direction. While electricity is passed via the diodes comprised inside the semiconductor, the atoms in the 1st conductive substance start warming up & ultimately start shedding electrons to the other substance, throughout this process light is produced.Light Emitting Diodes are calculated in lumen depreciation rather than watts since LED Light Assembly decline in light output in due course than burning out akin to any other technology. Keeping in mind that a lumen is the amount of light given off from a light source, this process facilitates you to gauge the decline in the amount of light given off by LEDs. Are LEDs costly?Those are bygone days when LEDs were costly. With the increasing popularity of these bulbs of late has enhanced and also the procedures of manufacturing has also efficient, the prices have lessened down dramatically. The efficiency of these lamps has also outcome in a good deal of client craziness. Everybody wishes to buy this one. Its one of the significant things to keep in mind.Where you could utilize LED lamps?You could utilize these bulbs nearly at any place. There are a lot of households which keep a guideline of dimension for a common shaped bulb. There are also a lot who have a large look to them. You could moreover locate these lamps in spot lighting, flood lighting as well as other lighting formats. Other places comprise a lot of designer formats for instance a lot of flat panels. Applications of LED bulbsThese bulbs could be utilized for both specific and common objective of lighting. These white light bulbs have a long life duration and moreover great efficiency. These sources of LED are moreover packed in and are capable to provide a good quantity of suppleness in building the lighting features. This lamp by utilizing the science of color mixing could give out an extremely extensive array of colors therefore making it multipurpose.Of late, there has been a good deal of research as far as LED lamps are put into play. You also could make good utilization of these bulbs. These could be utilized at any place since they are multipurpose. Always ensure that the LED lamp you utilize is multipurpose & could fulfill all your wants with regard to your lighting. These could assist loads in the long haul. So, when all said and done, I would like to conclude the article by saying Embrace modernization embrace LED lights. Companies offering EMS services carry out LED assembly.Originally published at wordpress. com on June 19, 2019. RELATED QUESTION What are the uses of a triangle in a truss? There are many similarities of stage trusses, but which one is the most stable? The most stable and stable structure of a stage truss is a triangular truss. In physics, a triangle is the most stable structure, and it also saves the most material. So in some occasions, using a triangular truss is a very wise choice. The foldable triangular stage truss produced by SHIZHAN Group has a stable and stable truss structure. Compared with trusses of the same specification, it has a greater load capacity and span. The folding triangle truss is a pin interface and has a fast installation speed. The stage truss can be closed when not in use, which can save freight and storage space to the greatest extent. It is a perfect truss in all aspects of the truss. SHIZHAN Group is China's largest company group of trussed stage barriers. With 15 years of manufacturing experience, a professional engineer design team provides perfect solutions for our projects. If you are interested, welcome to come to consult.
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