Top 10 Questions About Sports Answered

Here are top 10 questions about Sports asked by people online.

1. What are sports medicine boots used for?

In english they are used for jumping. Other horses use them because they may have a problem, otherwise mostly western! Hope this helps!

2. What is the best MONTH for sports?

Best is october, baseball in world series, and hockey and football is underway

3. What are the best sports bras?

Google search: best sports bras. About 16,800,000 results (0.22 seconds) 85% of women (girls too) are wearing the wrong size bras! Best answer is not to buy them online, JCPenney, Sears, Macy's, Victoria Secret. If boobs are peeking out, the cups too small, find a different cup, and not all 32Cs one size fits all. There are style of bras, that just sits there like a suit of armor, but good fitting bras you do not even know they are there! They fits like a glove, lifts, & separates, and gives you fullness and your figure looks good, your dress looks better on you. You may have to spend a little bit more to find that perfect FIT. You just can not guess, specially buying online and paying for Paypal. I got screwed once, it took 3years for my credit, but I did all the legwork. I was also part of a class action lawsuit. If you can not stick 2 fingers between your skin & your bra band, it is too tight!

4. What sports should be played in a bikini?

All women's sports. Male athletes should not wear bikinis unless the swim competitively.

5. What is the deal with sports icons and commercials?

Maybe saving it for off the big screen (well, actually back to an even bigger screen) during sports? hehe

6. Who is hated more: New York sports fans or Boston sports fans? ?

If a Red sox fan is cut, does he/she not bleed? If a Yankee fan is pinched, does it not hurt? We are all people deep down. I think Mother Theresa would love them all

7. Does God intervene in sports?

1. maybe not because all of this events were planned by God like Maradona the goal that he called hand of God this was planned so that there will be controversies so he will be more famous 2. this is also a plan of God because if you will look this events this is very impossible maybe even Michael Jordan cant do this you are very weak and almost blocked. its impossible but they won because of the plan of God

8. Do you play any sports?

I play a sport called Football ( or soccer to americans). It's the greatest sport on earth and I've been playing for 13yrs.

9. Why is baseball one of the best sports?

its not a sport. get it right!

10. what is a fast cheap sports bike?

Well first of all, it's important to be able to sit on a bike with your feet flat on the ground. If you are what we call 'inseam challenged', this may narrow your range of choices somewhat. They publish seat heights in the specs but the seats are all shaped differently so the only way to tell is to sit on the bike. Now then, lots of people here will tell you you should start on a 250, like the Kawasaki Ninja 250 or Honda CBR 250. And these are very nice bikes but they can not cruise at highway speeds. They are all the motorcycle you will ever need up to about 50 mph. If you see yourself doing a lot of highway miles, you need at least 500cc, 650cc would be better. That's bigger/heavier than a 250, but not that much. You can find a pretty nice used bike for $3k or so. The Japanese mfgrs are all very good and give you the best deal for the money. I would say you do not want a hot sportbike--Honda CBR, Suzuki GSX-R, Kawasaki Ninja ZX, Yamaha R1 or R6. Those are wonderful machines, and they are very popular, but they are not for beginners. If you absolutely have to have something like that, see it as something to look forward to, not as a first bike. There are other bikes in that size range that are 'standards'. They are sporty enough to be fun but they are really more general-purpose and easier to ride. Honda 599 (aka CB600), Suzuki GS500 or SV 650, Kawasaki Ninja 500 or 650. Actually there are a lot of models in this category. Check out your local Craigslist to see what is available where you live. There are several good web pages with tips on what to look at in a used bike. Google "buying a used motorcycle" (with the quotes) and you will see them. I would say do not get anything too new or fancy, because you are very likely to drop it once or twice, and you will almost certainly abuse the clutch. If you buy carefully, then if you want, in a year or so, you can sell this 'old beater' for about what you paid for it, and by then you will know better what you really want. Leave room in the budget for gear. A helmet, jacket and gloves at the very least. Gloves are important because when you fall you instinctively put your hands out to stop yourself (do not ask me how I know) so you want a layer of leather over your palms. The jacket should have some kind of closures around the wrists so if you slide on the street with your arms out in front the sleeves do not ride up. Also the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) course is money well spent. They do not teach you to ride--you do that yourself by riding. But they will give you your first experience on a motorcycle, and they teach you some indispensable safety habits to keep you safe while you learn. Consider that half of all motorcycle accidents happen to riders with less than a year's riding experience. So if you can manage to survive for a year, you are already twice as safe! The MSF will help you get through that first year.

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Geithner Family Seeks Investing Nirvana in Yoga Retailer
Government officials often avoid conflicts between professional obligations and personal finances by divesting company stocks from their portfolios.So it comes as a surprise that, along with the standard mutual funds, Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner owns a small amount of stock in yoga clothing retailer Lululemon Athletica Inc., Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports in its Nov. 15 issue.The Vancouver, British Columbia-based company has attained almost cult-like status with urban women who carry Lululemon's reusable tote bags and assume the lotus position in its pricey workout clothes. The firm sells, for example, the $58 "Ta Ta Tamer" sports bra and the $98 "Groove" pants.The Treasury secretary, a runner and basketball player, has never been known for wearing spandex. Turns out he purchased less than $1,000 worth of shares a few years ago to teach his two children about the stock market, press aide Steve Adamske says.Geithner picked the company partly because of his now college-age daughter's interest in yoga -- and as a hedge against her frequent Lululemon purchases, Adamske says.Additionally, Geithner owns $1,000 to $15,000 worth of International Business Machines Corp. stock, which he inherited. (Disclosure forms give values in broad ranges only.)The Geithners have potential as stock pickers: Since Lululemon's July2007 initial public offering, the company has posted a 165percent return. The Standard & Poor's 500-stock index, meanwhile, lost 20percent in the same period.Still, it hasn't been an easy few years for the retailer, whose share price has fluctuated since the purchase, providing fodder for the family lesson plan.Like most high-end retailers, Lululemon was hit by the financial crisis and the slowdown in consumer spending. The company's stock trailed the S&P from September2008 to September 2009, when it took off. This year it's up 59percent.Says Edward Yruma, an analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets in New York: "This is good stock to own."Geithner might want to incorporate some of Lululemon's quirky culture into the kids' lessons.Emblazoned across its shopping bags are manifestos like: "Friends are more important than money."Here's one the chief U.S. economic policy maker may want to avoid: "Do one thing a day that scares you."
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Is This a Sports Car Or Muscle Car Or Neathier?
neither. 0-60 in 7.7 sec tq235 ftlb A Toyota Sienna van is faster and has more torque. 0-60 in 7.49 sec tq245 ftlb1. Who are the 10 worst broadcasters in sports?i do not know many of their names but i hate joe buck, he's always commentating the cowboys games and it makes me sick to hear him talk the entire game because you can tell he hates them. tony kornheiser's a douche too, he's always talking about some stupid, irrelevant crap2. Are you the fan of all four sports?For me, it's 1) Baseball 2) Football 3) Basketball 4) Hockey I also enjoy watching some tennis every once in a while. I also like watching pool tournaments lol3. does wearing a sports bra under?Well sometimes if someone with larger boobs is exercising, its convienent to wear a regular bra under a sports bra for extra coverage and support4. What is the most boring happening in sports?Guaranteed... if you suffer from insomnia... try watching Cricket. It will cure it. I do not mean to insult our British friends, but guys and gals... I really tried watching Cricket and fell asleep every time. Right up there giving Cricket a run for the spot are Soccer and Golf. Booorrr-rrrinnnggg5. college sports for short female (advantageous)?How about crew? Being short (and therefore more light-weight) definitely has it's advantages when it comes to rowing. You do not necessarily need to be able to swim (although it would be a good idea to learn)6. What is the best sports game for the Wii?Besides Wii Sports, I recommend MLB Power Pros. The game looks like a ridiculous child game, but I dare you to find a more enjoyable and deep baseball experience on the Wii7. Time For A Hard Hitting SPORTS SURVEY!!?Sorry, I was going to try, but I do not know a thing about sports8. Poll : How strong are the athletes of these sports?1. 7 upper body, more the guys than girls 2. 9 lots of core involved! and the cleats! 3. 6 4. 4 5. 8 6. 9 they gotta take a hit with no pads! 7. 3.5 8. 3.5 9. 2 10. 2 11. 8 12. 2 13. Football --> 99. Bad at sports in gym class?in gym class, you will not get a bad grade if you try. not everybody can play sports, your teacher will see that at least you are trying. dont worry what other epople say, cuz you are probably good at something that they are horrible at. not everybody is good at everything. and if you miss the ball, just laugh. then you will seem like you have a good attitude and you will make more friends. just dont let it bother you, then you wont dread gym class so much anymore!10. What sports can I start?If you want to do a school sport, it would depend on what your school offers. It also depends on what you like. If you like team sports, where you have to work together, win together, and lose together, you could do soccer, basketball, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, tennis. I am sure there are more. Also, since most school teams need people with skill, so you have to try-out, and since you have not had much experience, you can find community center teams or any programs outside of school. Most of those do not require experience at all, and they are very open to newcomers. If you like sports where, you train together and practice together, but when it comes to actual competition, it's all on you and what someone else on your team does, does not affect your personal score--you could do cross country, wrestling, and track. They are sports where you practice and train together and give each other tips, and you can cheer each other on during your competitions, but your winning or losing personally does not rely on someone else. Like in basketball, if someone faults something, it affects your whole team. And although in wrestling and stuff, your score is added together and affects whether your team loses or not, it's still pretty independent. If you are a fit person, I would try wrestling. It's competitive, but you really get to know your team and you go through a lot together. The training's pretty grueling, but after the first week or two, you should get used to it. I mean, hey, I did not exercise for two years straight, and I still made it through practices :) Plus, it's totally fun. I personally wrestle. I am a female on the boys' team. And I do cross country. XC teams are pretty close-knit in general. You get to know each other really well. But all you do is run. The scenery changes a lot, since you are outdoors running hills, slopes, flat tops, grass, etc. But in wrestling, you learn a lot of different techniques and stuff. If you are not sure what you really like, track is a good sport. You get to choose different types of things that work out different parts of your body. There's a variety of activities, and at my school, you alternate groups depending on what activity you wish to practice, so no matter how big your team, you will get around to meeting almost everyone! If you do basketball, soccer, etc. they do require prior training. So you could practice during the summer, or on your own time until you get better. Or you could try out for JV, since I know a lot of schools whose JV teams are mostly beginners! And you can work your way up to varsity. If it's summer where you live, you should go to community centers and stuff to try things out yourself and see what you like best! It's good to get a feel of all the different sports, and really delve into the ones you fancy the most, so that when you start on a team at school or something, you are not completely clueless! Good luck :D
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Is Philadelphia the Worst Sports City in the Country?
they won the world series how is that horrible1. Name your states sports teams?New York Yankees New York Met Giants Jets Knicks2. What is the most boring happening in sports?Im surprised noone said WNBA yet, but i personally cant stand soccer the game is long as hell, and they never score goals... hockey minus sticks, ice, and men with upper body strength=soccer, and Wedge, the reason that last 5 minutes of basketball, quarter of football, or baseball games last so long is because those three sports are proven winners in the United States market. The only reason anyone trys to watch soccer is because the rest of the world is crammin it down our throats. Sponsers and other people paying millions of dollars to advertise are completely in there right minds ignoring soccer, and prolonging the football, baseball, and basketball games. Havent you ever heard of a TV timeout? Also there is alot more that happens on the way to a "goal" in American Football than there is in soccer, in both content and variety of action. Dont try to compare the two. In the future remember you asked others for there opinions dont criticize them.3. hes is OBSESSED with this sports message board?-He saw a nice girl and answered honestly with his penis. Would he cheat on you? No -Should you have body issues? No. Your good enough looking for him. And he LOVES you enough to have proposed. -Dont pry into his personal business. Thats rude, and you wouldnt want him to do that. Its probably just an outlet to be childish. (I know). Trust Him. -He isnt going to say its about sports and it has other discussions too. He is going to give the simple answer and expect it to be enough, while you probably want details. Hes a guy, your a girl. :P And its just a message board. ...4. Most Unreachable Record in Sports?It has to be either Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak, or Ty Cobb's life time batting average. May be Ryan's 7 no hitters.5. sports park with solar flood lights?Do you live in the bakersfield area?6. Why American sports fans more fun and less violent than European sports fans?europe is wacky, they go nuts about there teams and national sports vs other countries. those people can go postal anytime7. big sports in every asian country?As an entire continent, Asia does not a have a common sport. East Asian (Japan, Korea, China) are better at Soccer (aka Football), and Baseball/Softball. Southern Asia (India, Sri Lanka) are better at Cricket. The middle east/central asia is best at Soccer (example: Iran, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE). East/south east asia is predominant in Badminton, Ping Pong (table tennis), and Martial Arts. Central Asia (the 'Stans) are better at wrestling because they usually have no other good sport, and if you watch wrestling in the Olympics, you will see all of the wrestlers are from some smaller country.8. What does a sports journalist do?They write (and report) about sports. You could be on the sidelines of a game, interviewing coaches and players, working in the office putting together story that another sports journalist collected, etc. Basically, you wo not have one specific task, it will just depend on what you are given to do. And ehh, If you have a passion for it then go for it, but I warn you the newspaper industry has not been doing that well nowadays, and the field has a lot of competition as well. Now maybe you wo not work for a newspaper but instead ESPN or some other sports news network but getting jobs for those are tough as well.9. Most underrated Internet Sports Website?in terms of fantasy games - in terms of following games online - in terms of fantasy news - rotoworld.com10. What is your favorite sports car?Bugatti Veyron - assuming money is no object11. What are your favorite sports teams?NFL: Colts NBA: Celtics NCAA: Duke MLB: Giants12. Are sports the best way to get exercise?Sports definitely is the fun way for exercising but not the best way as it can lead to many serious injurys which can be for lifetime
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The NFLs Forgotten Retirees
On his daughter Christines 18th birthday in 2005, Tom Baugh calmly sat down with her, his wife and his second daughter, and told them he wanted to kill himself.It was the nadir of Baughs rapid descent into depression. I was ready to die. And willing, Baugh says. For most of his life, Baugh was calm, grounded and successful first as a professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions, and later as a high school football coach, educator and entrepreneur. NFL players are notorious for going broke after leaving the league, but Baugh flourished after his retirement from football in 1990. He returned to his hometown of Riverside, Illinois, where he taught shop and coached football at his high school alma mater. He started exercising regularly and dropped 50 pounds to reach 247, the lightest he had been since high school. He had two daughters with his high school sweetheart, Jeannie, and in 1998 moved with his family to a five-acre rural estate outside Kansas City the city he and Jeannie had fallen in love with when he played for the Chiefs. There, he took a job at a construction firm and eventually became its owner.But everything changed in 2004. Baugh suddenly grew irritable, lashing out at his family for the smallest infractions. Hed berate his daughters if they arrived somewhere five minutes late. He once found a high utility bill and pounded the kitchen table, screaming, We dont need this kind of shit! If the phone rang unexpectedly, hed respond by whipping the nearest object against the wall. After an outburst, he would isolate himself somewhere dark and quiet in the workshop in his barn, where he worked at carpentry and metallurgy; or in the basement of the house, where he would sit in his rocking chair, thinking of a way to escape his family. I didnt like outside, he says. The birds, the wind too much stimulus.Baughs decline is archetypal for NFL players of his era men who had their bodies break down on the field, only to have their minds crumble after they left it. More than a decades worth of neurological research on former NFL players has drawn a near-irrefutable link between brain injuries suffered playing football and subsequent cognitive decline. Even the NFL, whose doctors spent the better part of the 2000s arrogantly dismissing such a connection, has reluctantly acknowledged that the violence of the game results in the mental deterioration of its players.Several illnesses have garnered attention, most notably chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease that can result in aggression, memory loss and suicide. Evidence of CTE has been found in more than 95 percent of the brains of NFL players studied posthumously. Meanwhile, NFL retirees report abnormally high rates of Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons and ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease). The connection between football and neurological disease has been the subject of a flood of news stories, two documentaries, a book, a Congressional hearing and, most recently, the Hollywood film Concussion. Currently, the NFL is trying to finalize an out-of-court settlement with former players suffering from certain neurological diseases, a payout estimated at $1 billion.Doctors attribute Baughs mental problems to the countless head injuries he suffered as a player, but he stands to earn nothing from the settlement. He shows no signs of ALS, he has not been formally diagnosed with Alzheimers or Parkinsons, and its impossible to know if he has CTE. Baugh has been diagnosed with a lesser-known condition called hypopituitarism, making him one of thousands of former players who suffer from brain damage but will not be compensated by the leagues settlement. And his story suggests that at least one team in the NFL was concerned about the long-term effects of brain trauma on football players as far back as 1990, 19 years before the NFL acknowledged any link existed.In 2009, Baugh was contacted by a team of medical researchers led by Dr. Daniel Kelly a neurosurgeon at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California about participating in a study on hypopituitarism among NFL retirees. The pituitary gland regulates production of testosterone and human growth hormone (among other hormones). When those levels decline, depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and anxiety often follow. In general, people with low growth hormone tend to feel worse, says Garni Barkhoudarian, a neuroscientist on Kellys team and co-author on the study. They just say, I feel lousy.Pre-existing research showed pituitary dysfunction occurred in 20 to 40 percent of people who had suffered moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (typically in car accidents), so the researchers figured the same would be true for NFL retirees. A force of 100 Gs (i.e., 100 times the force of gravity) is enough to cause a concussion; 130 Gs is the equivalent of a severe car accident. The average NFL tackle generates 30 to 60 Gs of force, with the hardest collisions measuring 150 Gs more than enough to ravage delicate parts of the brain. The pituitary gland is at some risk compared to the rest of the brain because its kind of tethered in its own little area, Barkhoudarian says. Some of the brain moves in an injury, but the pituitary does not. The gland can get sheared off the brain or the blood supply can get damaged or it can bleed inside the gland.Baugh was an ideal candidate for the study: He had the symptoms, and he had suffered many concussions over the course of his football career, not to mention innumerable subconcussive hits. The team recruited another 429 players from a database of retired athletes and ended up studying 68 of them, including Baugh. The study painted retired NFL players as overweight, depressed and impotent as it reported high rates of obesity, lethargy, erectile dysfunction and an overall poor quality of life. In all, 41.2 percent of the subjects were deficient in growth hormone, a sign of hypopituitarism. Adjusted for body mass index, 23.5 percent had hypopituitarism rates comparable to those found among ordinary brain trauma patients.But the researchers were surprised to learn the participants with hypopituitarism did not report having suffered more concussions than those with normal hormone levels. At first glance, this might seem to indicate football doesnt increase the risk of hypopituitarism, but it actually suggests an even more alarming conclusion: If the high rate of hypopituitarism cant be attributed to concussions, then it could be due to the accumulation of minor impacts from safe and routine hits over the course of a career. These subconcussive hits are so subtle players might not experience symptoms at the time, according to Barkhoudarian. It is possible that multiple subconcussive impacts sustained over a long career could lead to eventual hormonal dysfunction, he and his collaborators theorized when the study was published in the Journal of Neurotrauma in July 2014.Similar studies have connected hormone dysfunction and pituitary dysfunction to combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing and MMA; explosive blasts survived by soldiers; and non-sport-related injuries. While the study wasnt the first to draw a link between subconcussive hits and brain disease, it was the first to connect it to pituitary dysfunction. I suspect there are lots of people out there with post-concussion syndrome people who participated in contact and collision sports but what they really have is significant but untreated hypopituitarism, says Vernon Williams, a sports neurologist in Los Angeles. Hypopituitarism related to sports concussion is almost a silent epidemic.Baughs concussion history coincided with his introduction to football his first occurred during his freshman year of high school. I played the whole game but dont remember any of it. I just woke up after the game in the locker room with my uniform still on. The coach came in to turn off the lights and I was the only one left. He asked me what was wrong, and I asked him who won the game. He told me I probably had a concussion, but I should probably be all right.He went on to play center at Southern Illinois University, where he once suffered a concussion so severe the symptoms lasted for three weeks. Youre in a fog. You dont even know what youre doing, Baugh says of being concussed. Youre there, youre existing, youre living but youre not making conscious decisions. Youre just acting out habit or whatever. Jeannie remembers Baugh being so dazed after the hit that he nearly stepped in front of an oncoming train. We had a train track in town, and we had to sometimes cross to get to our classes, she says. And the bell would be ringing and hed be crossing just oblivious to a train coming.Baughs play, though, was unaffected he was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the fourth round of the 1986 draft, exceptional for a player from a Division I-AA school.In all, Baugh remembers 15 times over the span of his football career (high school and college included) when a hit left him with severe dizziness or some degree of amnesia telltale signs of a concussion. Like many players from his era, Baugh felt pressured to play through these injuries, as he described in a journal entry about his time with the Chiefs:Head injuries are scary when you get them but there is no sympathy in the NFL. A seemingly wimpy thing like a concussion that goes away after a short while (Ive had some last 3 days) simply isnt valid reason to be left off the hook. In fact you would probably be released from the team if you admitted to having them. So nobody admitted it. We just carried on as if it was a hangnail. I bet I played maybe 25% of my NFL plays in an altered state from concussion. All sic.Baughs last concussion came in the summer of 1990. After three years with the Chiefs, Baugh spent a disappointing season with the Cleveland Browns before getting cut just before the start of the 1990 season. The Detroit Lions quickly signed Baugh off waivers, and he reported to Lions training camp in July. There he underwent the standard physical for new players, and his only health concern at the time was the tendonitis in his right knee. They bend every finger, joint, knee, ankle, Baugh says, but they mostly neglect one major organ: They didnt give you a brain physical. The extent of the Lions brain injury assessment was a single line on a one-page questionnaire asking if Baugh had suffered any previous concussions. He reported having had four in college, and the Lions cleared him to play.Baugh was thrilled. Im pretty excited about going to Detroit, mostly because Im getting out of Cleveland but also because I have another shot at another year of big money, Baugh wrote in his diary on July 16, 1990. Who knows, maybe it will turn into a job that lasts for years? I hope so because I know that Im better than many of the centers in the NFL.Less than a month later, he was out of the league for good.Baugh doesnt remember the hit that ended his career. All he knows is that it happened on August 9, 1990, during the Lions first preseason game against the Houston Oilers. I realize there was a game, and I realize I was in it. When the concussion happened or how it happened, I dont remember. According to the Lions medical file on Baugh, which Baugh provided for this story, the Lions head trainer, Kent Falb, recorded Baugh was experiencing mild retro-grade sic amnesia in the fourth quarter and allowed him to continue playing. After the game, Falb wrote Baugh was negative for concussion symptoms and pledged to reassess him the following day. But Baugh says the follow-up never took place.Two days later, Baugh reported to the Lions training facility, where he says he was confronted by a Lions employee he had never seen before. Some young kid came up to me and said, Here, they want you to sign this, Baugh recollects. He read the document, and was puzzled by one line in particular: The Detroit Lions will no longer be liable for my head injuries. I said, What does this mean? If Im in a coma on the 50-yard line my wifes gotta pick me up, or what? And the kid didnt know anything about it. He kinda shrugged his shoulders, and I said, Im not signing this.At that, the employee presented a second document, Baugh claims. It was a letter detailing his release. Baugh says he signed it, ending his tenure with the Lions.I might be more damaged than even I want to admit, at least I didnt sign my head away, reads Baughs journal entry from that day.After the Lions released Baugh, Falb entered the following into Baughs medical file emphasis added:This player was released from the Detroit Lions at 9:00AM on this date. The player had received a blow to his head in the ball game on 89 with some retrograde amnesia. Post game the player was asymptomatic with normal vision and no headache reported. Player was not seen for any reason on 810 which was the players day off.Therefore, when the player was terminated he was, to the best of our knowledge, asymptomatic. He was suffering from no other known or reported physical injuries or medical problems and was fully capable of participation in professional football. All sic.If true, the Lions actions were incongruous: The waiver implies the team was not only worried about the long-term effects of Baughs brain injuries, but actively tried to shield itself against potential damages. Meanwhile the Lions training staff was prepared to rule Baugh safe to play (just as long as the team wouldnt be held responsible for any head injuries he might suffer). That is, the Lions deemed Baugh healthy even though their actions suggest they knew his brain was at some risk.Falb declined to answer any questions about Baughs version of events, saying he didnt want to rehash an event from more than 25 years ago. The NFL did not return repeated requests for comment, and the Lions say they are not permitted to discuss the matter due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which bars the organization from sharing its employees medical information.Baugh says he was given a copy of his medical record upon release, but he did not hold onto the waiver. If I had those documents today, Id be a multimillionaire, he says.As its currently structured, the NFLs out-of-court settlement will only compensate players who suffer from, or end up developing, the following neurological diseases: ALS, Alzheimers, dementia, Parkinsons and some forms of CTE. Players are eligible for up to $5 million depending on the severity of their medical issues. The younger a player is diagnosed, and the more severe his impairment, the more he is entitled to, with the highest payouts going to the estates of young retirees whose autopsies reveal signs of CTE. But lost amid the ongoing legal, medical and cultural controversy are players such as Baugh, whose lives have been devastated by less-severe brain diseases, but who will not be compensated at all by the league.The settlement is binary, according to a former NFL player who wishes to remain nameless. Players either have a major neurological condition and qualify for compensation, or theyre left out entirely.That player is one of 220 who have opted out of the class action, thereby reserving the right to sue the league as individuals and seek compensation for less-severe brain injuries. The Brain Injury Association of America denounced the settlement in August in an amicus brief that says the settlement neither recognizes nor compensates the majority of players suffering long-term consequences of brain trauma. Meanwhile, about 90 players in the class action have appealed the settlement with the hope of making the compensation requirements less narrow.Kimberly Archie, co-founder of Child Athlete Advocates, a sports injury awareness group, calls players such as Baugh the invisible group. They dont fit into one of the categories listed in the settlement, she says, but they suffer from a slew of diseases tied to brain trauma, including sleep apnea, seizure disorders, frequent migraines and pituitary dysfunction.Former NFL linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo hasnt opted out of the class action but criticized the terms of the settlement. Theres definitely always more the NFL can do, Ayanbadejo says. How do you figure out something to help anybody and everybody that played in the league with whatever their problems are?Baugh opted out of the litigation, too, and he has no intention of suing the NFL as an individual, given the cost. The class action is a farce. Theres no settlement for any of my issues. Why would you stay in if there are no benefits?If Baugh were to sue, his story could have a significant impact on the class action deliberations, according to William Gibbs, a partner at Chicago law firm Corboy & Demetrio. The firm is representing several former NFL players in the class action suit, including the estate of Dave Duerson, the Chicago Bears safety who asked his family to donate his brain to CTE research before taking his own life in February 2011. (Three months after Duersons death, doctors found indisputable evidence of the disease in his brain tissue.)A team requesting a player waive his right to pursue a claim of any kind would and should be looked into, Gibbs says of the Lions purported actions. Particularly if its a team implicitly acknowledging long-term ramifications of head trauma at a time when others might have disputed it.Today, Baughs condition has improved since his 2005 low. He lashes out less and is more sociable, his wife says, but he has trouble maintaining his train of thought and is often confused and frustrated. Hell get excited about an article hes read, but will be unable to remember its contents moments later. Hell try to do some woodwork in his shop, but hell take the boards to the construction site and theyll be the wrong size. Hell start on a house project, get sidetracked and never finish it.Baugh experimented with a host of antidepressants after admitting to suicidal thoughts, eventually settling on Zoloft. Its just one part of the cocktail of drugs he ingests, including Adderall (for focus), testosterone and human growth hormone (for his hypopituitarism), pills for his underactive thyroid, two allergy prescriptions and a gout medication. I sound like Im 90, Baugh says of his drug intake. Thing is, if you dont take them, youre friggin going off the deep end, yknow?Worse, the thought of suicide lingers. In death, Baugh might be diagnosed with CTE; only then would the NFL compensate him. These guys and their families, some of them are potentially getting $5 million, Baugh says. I would die today for that.John McDermott is a staff writer at MEL. He recently wrote about a pair of Boston brothers who won $1 million playing fantasy football.For more MEL, follow us on Medium or subscribe to the newsletter·RELATED QUESTIONWhich bra is more comfortable padded bras or sports bras,and why do we have to wear bra?it depends what your more comftorable in every one is different. try padded bras and see how you feel however sports bras may not be totally better because they are designed to support you during lots of movement
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What a Flexible Actress She Is! Kelly Brook Shows Off Her Yoga Skills and Ample Assets As She Gets i
Kelly Brook is never one to shy away from a chance to show off her range of talents.And on the latest episode of her US sitcom One Big Happy, the British beauty has done it once again - this time, displaying her impressive flexibility... and famous curves.In a scene with her co-star and on-screen partner Nick Zano, the 35-year-old is seen laying on an exercise mat while she gets given a good leg stretch.Scroll down for videoHowever, although it's clearly a comedy scene, the model and actress can't help but look sexy with her ample cleavage on display under her tight-fitting sports bra.Staying true to form, the star continues to flaunt her famous curves while in character on the show, her on-screen persona apparently a huge fan of the colour purple.Kelly's Prudence is involved in a bit of a menage a trois between her Zano's character Luke and their co-star Elisha Cuthbert's character Lizzy: the latter two have a baby together in the midst of Prudence and Luke's budding romance.And although the Ellen DeGeneres-produced show, which has just aired its third episode, has not received the best reviews, ambitious Kelly has spoken out about how she worked hard to prove her doubters wrongSpeaking to the Daily Star,she said: 'I had a lot of knocks and there were people who didn't appreciate my ambition and looked down on me.She continued: 'I've always tried to keep going and not listen to those who attempted to put me down. There were a lot of non-believers'.The former Big Breakfast presenter has now reached the level of success which she has been working towards and she couldn't help but admit her joy about that fact.The actress added: 'All I ever wanted was to be on American TV and I've achieved that. It feels nice to finally get there but how long I'll stay there I don't know. But I've worked hard and it's a nice feeling'.Commissioned by NBC for six in total, One Big Happy - which also stars bona fide sitcom favourites Elisha Cuthbert and Nick Zano - centres on the life of a gay woman who is pregnant with her best friend's baby.But while Kelly features prominently, the show has been mauled by critics, who have labelled it 'obvious, dumb and unfunny' and called Kelly's performance 'calamitous' and 'unconvincing.'Elsewhere online metacritic Rotten Tomatoes gave has it sitting at a critics rating of 18 per cent.Things appear to be looking up for the curvy star's love life after it has been claimed she may have finally moved on from former fiancé David McIntosh with another muscly man.The actress has been training with Frenchman Jeremy Parisis during her time in Los Angeles and it seems the pair have gotten rather close as he travelled to the UK to spend Easter weekend together.Kelly posted pictures from their Sunday night out at her club Steam & Rye, and Jeremy was clear to see in the snaps.It has been reported that the British star and the handsome jujitsu trainer have been working out together to get her back in shape since starting on the Atkins diet at the beginning of the year.
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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Sports
Here are top 10 questions about Sports asked by people online.1. Are fishing, golf and dance considered sports?Yes,Golf will be in the olympics starting in Brazil. Some Dance is already in the Olympics, with gymnastics...ribbon dance. Yes, Fishing is not an olympic sport but it is considered a sport, it does take skill and stamina to participate. God Bless America2. How good are you at sports trivia?The only one I know is #3... Dallas last won a playoff game in 1996-97 season... They beat the Minnesota Vikings in the first round of the playoffs before being defeated in the second round against the Carolina Panthers !3. Carseat in a sports car?YES. I have a 2 door hyundai accent. even smaller than your car. I have to put the carseat on the passenger side, and the passenger seat is always pretty far up (whoever sits there is UNCOMFORTABLE) It wouldnt go in the middle because there is a slight hump... I can use the latch system if it is on the side... And yes it is very difficult to get him out of it. I have to put the driver seat up and crawl in the back to get him. If it is possible for the carseat to fit in the middle, put it there.. it will be easier to get her out.4. Photo Lens Question - Night Sports?I would think you will have better shooting with a zoom/telephoto lens such as 70-300mm with a wide angle attached. I am not sure, but I do not think converters have any stops.5. Is it weird I'm not into sports at all?It's not weird. A man being a sports fanatic is a bit of a stereotype. My brothers are not that into sports either6. What would the world be without sports?To the world: That would cause a whole lot of laziness among people. Also, sports are a form of entertainment that many, many people look to all the time. Without sports, people will either be bored or look to other forms of entertainment such as the original meaning of entertainment: movies and such. People can no longer feel as if they are a real part of something. And New Englanders and New Yorkers can finally talk friendly without getting mad at each other because of the team they root for. To me: It would be pretty much the same as you. I love sports to such a great extent. My life would be sooo much different in a sportless world because, basically, sports ARE my world. I play it almost all the time. Playing sports takes so much of my life and the same goes with watching it. I am a big Yankee fan who tries to watch every single of their games--and there are 162 in a season. I love basically all sports, and as my picture says: I love New York sports. So, I try to watch as many of my favorite teams as possible which is sometimes difficult becasue of how much I play sports. Sports, too, is a time when I could spend with my family with excitement. It also feels good to be almost part of that team. And yes, when everything else in my life is not the best, watching sports gets me away from it.7. How many sports are there in the olympics?28 sports in 302 events8. Most comfortable sports bike for passenger?There really isnt any sportbikes that have comfort in mind. Theres sport tourers like the VFR1200, and BMW has some too but... Maybe keep your sports bike and get a cruiser for the both of you. Much more room for comfort in that segment9. POLL: Who are better fans: pro sports fans or college sports fans?Once I left college I found it hard to keep up with college sports. In fact I really can not stand them anymore. I like being able to get to know a player for the long term and that easier to do at the pro level. With that being said though college fans are a whole lot more loyal and intense than pro fans can be any day of the week
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Knowledge About Sports Games
1. Establishment of sports gamesIn March 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, who later became the first prime minister of India, held the Asian Relations Conference in New Delhia meeting with a prospect to bring the possibility of Asian Games under the attention of participating countries. Before the conference, Guru Dutt Sondhi, who was the member of the International Olympic Committee for India, encouraged Yadavindra Singh, Maharaja of Patiala and the then-president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), to communicate with meeting attendees to establish the Asian Games Federation. The proposal was not acknowledged by some representatives and the rest, who approved, refused to make any commitment.In July 1947, the IOA, which initially was advocating the organisation of Games, retracted its patronage for unknown reasons. Sondhi found an alternative; rather than organising a multi-sport event, for which he needed an approval of the IOA, he opted for a single event championship titled the Asian Athletic Championshipsa track and field event. Sondhi, who was also the president of the Amateur Athletic Federation of India (AAFI) (now Athletics Federation of India), received the consent of federation in February 1948. Yadavindra, on the request of Sondhi, became the president of the organising committee for the Championship, and Sondhi took the position of chairman. In early July, formal invitations were sent to various Asian countries, backed by the letter from the AAFI. But the response was not positive as there was a scheduling conflict with the 1948 Summer Olympics, which were scheduled from 29 July.Meeting in LondonDuring the 1948 Olympic Games, Sondhi held a meeting on 8 August 1948, at Mount Royal Hotel in London. Invitations were sent to all the Asian National Olympic Committees present in London at that time. Chief Managers of Korea, China, Philippines, Singapore, Burma, Ceylon, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria were called for the meeting, but only representatives from Burma, Ceylon, China, India, Philippines, and Korea attended. Sondhi made two proposals: first, to organise an Asian Athletic Championship in February 1949 in New Delhi, and second, to establish the Asian Games Federation, based on the IOC model. Founder of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation and first Filipino member of the International Olympic Committee Jorge B. Vargas stoutly backed the second proposal, and the first proposal was accepted by the attendees with an amendment. For the further development of the federation, a decision was made to conduct a meeting during the Championship in New Delhi in February 1949, and a sub-committee, consisting representatives from four nations, was appointed to draft the constitution and ordinances of the federation.fffffffffffffffffffffffffffcoskevmckom ioerciem omerijrvme origjmvoacm------2. Origin of sports gamesThe first Intercalated Games had been scheduled by the IOC in 1901 as part of a new schedule, where every four years, in between the internationally organised games, there would be intermediate games held in Athens. This was a compromise: After the successful games of Athens 1896 the Greeks suggested they could organize the games every four years. Since they had the venues, and had proven to be able to hold well-organised games, they received quite a bit of support. However, Pierre de Coubertin did not like this at all, he had intended the first games to be in Paris in 1900 and had no intention of losing not only the premire for Paris but the games as well. Thus the second games became the Paris 1900 games.When these games turned out not very successful and were overshadowed by the Exposition Universelle, the IOC supported the Greek idea by granting them a second series of quadrennial games, in between the first series. All of the games would be International Olympic Games; the difference was that only half of them would follow De Coubertin's idea of organising them in different countries to make the Olympic Movement more international, while the other half would follow the Greeks' idea of a permanent home with the Greek NOC as experienced organisers. This was a departure of the ancient schedule, but it was expected that if the ancient Greeks could keep a four-year schedule, the modern Olympic Movement could keep a two-year schedule. As 1902 was now too close, and Greece was experiencing internal difficulties, the 2nd Olympic Games in Athens were scheduled for 1906.As the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis, Missouri were overshadowed by the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, and as a result met with a fate similar to that of Paris 1900, the Olympic Movement was not in good shape. It desperately needed to recapture the spirit of Athens 1896. It also needed to do so quickly, as to all those who did not participate in St. Louis, Rome 1908 meant an 8-year gap. By that time there would not be much goodwill left for the Games. And on top of that, Rome was planning an Exhibition. The Athens games being just around the corner must have seemed like a lifeline. De Coubertin still disliked the idea, and did not do anything more than his function required him to. But the IOC as a whole gave the Greek NOC full support for the organisation.------3. Former Teams of sports gamesThe Buffalo Bisons of the International Association for Professional Base Ball Players in 1878, and later from 1887 to 1888.The Buffalo Bisons of the National League from 1879 to 1885.The Buffalo Bisons of the International League from 1886 to 1970.The Buffalo Bisons of the Players' League in 1890.The Buffalo Germans of the Amateur Athletic Association from 1895 to 1925.The Buffalo Blues of the Federal League of from 1914 to 1915.The Tonawanda Kardex Lumbermen of the New York Pro Football League and National Football League from 1916 to 1921.The Buffalo franchise of the New York Pro Football League and National Football League from 1918 to 1929.The Buffalo Bisons of the American Basketball League from 1925 to 1926.The Buffalo Bisons of the International Hockey League from 1928 to 1936.The Buffalo Majors of the American Hockey Association from 1930 to 1932.The Buffalo Bisons of the American Hockey League from 1940 to 1970.The Buffalo Bisons of the National Basketball League in 1946.The Buffalo Bills of the All-America Football Conference from 1946 to 1949.The Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro American League from 1951 to 1955.The Buffalo White Eagles of the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League in 1962.The Buffalo Braves of the National Basketball Association from 1970 to 1978.The Toronto-Buffalo Royals of World TeamTennis in 1974.The Buffalo Norsemen of the North American Hockey League from 1975 to 1976.The Buffalo Blazers of the Canadian National Soccer League from 1976 to 1980.The Buffalo Stallions of the Major Indoor Soccer League from 1979 to 1984.The Buffalo Storm of the United Soccer League in 1984.The Buffalo Blizzard of the National Professional Soccer League from 1992 to 2001.The Buffalo Stampede of Roller Hockey International from 1994 to 1995.The Buffalo FFillies of the USL W-League from 1996 to 1998.The Buffalo Wings of Roller Hockey International and Major League Roller Hockey from 1997 to 1999.The Buffalo Nighthawks of the Ladies Professional Baseball League in 1998.The Buffalo Destroyers of the Arena Football League from 1999 to 2003.The Buffalo Sharks of the American Basketball Association from 2005 to 2008.The Queen City FC of the National Premier Soccer League from 2007 to 2008.The Western New York Flash of Women's Professional Soccer from 2008 to 2018.The Buffalo City FC of the National Premier Soccer League in 2009.The Buffalo 716ers of the Premier Basketball League and American Basketball Association from 2013 to 2016.The Buffalo Blitz of American Indoor Football and Can-Am Indoor Football League from 2015 to 2017.------4. Raidel Acea of sports gamesRaidel Acea Morales (born 21 October 1990) is a Cuban-born track and field athlete who competes for Portugal in the 400 metres and 800 metres events. The 2009 Pan American junior champion over 800m, he won the bronze medal in the event at the 2011 Pan American Games.Born and raised in the Cuban city of Cienfuegos, Acea began taking part in athletics at the age of ten and started out as a 400m runner. As he grew older, he began running in the 800m as well upon the advice of the coaches at his local high performance sports centre. His first successes came at the age of eighteen in the 2009 season. After placing third at the Rafael Fortn Memorial he claimed the 800m silver medal at the 2009 ALBA Games. He ran an 800m best of 1:46.68 minutes for third at the Barrientos Memorial in May then ran a 400m personal best of 46.19seconds the following month. His season ended on a high as he won the 800m title for Cuba at the 2009 Pan American Junior Athletics Championships.In 2010, Acea faltered in his first year as a senior athlete. He managed third over 800m at both the Barrientos meet and the Olimpiada del Deporte Cubano, but did not improve in his performances. Acea judged that he needed the season to adjust to the higher senior level. He made his senior breakthrough the very next season, starting with an 800m win at the Copa Cuba national championships, where he was also second over 400m. A duel between Acea and his more senior rival Andy Gonzlez proved to be a highlight of the Barrientos Memorial, and it was the younger Cuban who won and set a personal best of 1:45.62minutes. He won medals at the 2011 ALBA Games, claiming the 800m title and taking a silver medal with Cuba's 4400 metres relay team. He was chosen to represent Cuba at the 2011 Pan American Games and while his older compatriot Gonzlez won the 800m title, Acea earned the bronze medal with his sprint finish. He reached the podium for a second time at the event as part of Cuba's 4 400 m relay squad: Noel Ruz, Acea, Omar Cisneros and William Collazo dipped under three minutes to win the relay gold.------5. Awards of sports gamesComics awardsFrom 19702005, the festival presented the Yellow Kid Awardde named in honor of Richard F. Outcault's seminal comic strip character The Yellow Kid in such categories as Best Cartoonist, Best Illustrator, Best Newcomer, Best Foreign Artist, and Lifetime Achievement. Yellow Kid Awards were also presented to publishers, both domestic and foreign.The festival also (since 1967) presents a special award called the Gran Guinigi Awardit (named after Lucca's Guinigi Tower).Yellow Kid Award recipients1970: Johnny Hart, for Best Cartoonist of the Year first time this award was given to an American cartoonist1971: Mauricio de Sousa, for Best Cartoonist of the Year. His work, the first edition of Monica's Gang, also won Best Publication.1972:Herg, for "una vita per il cartooning" (lifetime award)Tintin magazine, for Best Publication1973: Guido Buzzelli, for Best Illustrator and Author1974: Vaughn Bod1975:Jean Giraud, for Best Foreign ArtistDan O'NeillFrank Hampson, declared Prestigioso Maestro and the best writer and artist of strip cartoons since the end of the Second World War1977: Fred1978:Bobby London, Best Artist-WriterMilo ManaraCarlos Trillo, for Best International Author1980:Didier Coms, for Best Foreign ArtistJean Giraud, for Best Foreign AuthorFrank Margerin1982: Art Spiegelman, for Best Foreign Author1983:Gilbert HernandezJaime Hernandez1984: Strip Art Features, for Best Foreign Comics Publisher1986: Bill Sienkiewicz, for "bridging the gap between American and European artistic sensibilities"1990:Neil GaimanMassimo Rotundo, for Best Italian Comics ArtistLeonardo Ortolani, for Best Newcomer1993:John ByrneFranois BoucqFrank ThomasOllie Johnston1998: Paul Gillon1999: Jeff Smith, Best AuthorGran Guinigi recipients1969: Hugo Pratt, for Una ballata del mare salato1975: Dan O'Neill for The Penny-Ante Republican1978: Carlos Trillo1986: Bill Sienkiewicz1990: Massimo Rotundo2001: Aldo Di Gennaro2005: Grazia Nidasio2006: Gino D'Antonio2007: Sergio Toppi2008: Vittorio Giardino2009: Robert Crumb2010: Jir Taniguchi2011: Enrique Breccia2012: Hermann Huppen2013: Silver (Guido Silvestri)2014: Gipi2015: Alfredo Castelli2016: Albert Uderzo2017: Jos Muoz2018: Leiji Matsumoto2019: Chris ClaremontGames awards1999: Murat CELEBI's skirmish miniature game CONFRONTATION, for Best of Show.2002: Emiliano Sciarra's Wild West-themed card game Bang!, for Best of Show2003: Sine Requie, for Best Italian Game2004: Helena Bulaja's Prie iz davnine ("Croatian Tales of Long Ago"), for Best Multimedia Award2010:7 Wonders, for Best Card GameEden: the Deceit, Side Award for Best Game Mechanics2011:Vincent Baker's Apocalypse World, for RPG of the YearTwilight Struggle, for Best of Show in Boardgame for Experts
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Top 10 Questions About Sports Answered
Here are top 10 questions about Sports asked by people online.1. Whats your favorite Sports teams?im not really into sports, but for basketball i would say the lakers2. Do you play any sports?Is answering Yahoo Questions a sport? :)3. Shorts and sports bra at the gym?Your sister is just jealous. Tell her to hush4. Who is/was the greatest hero in sports?I second the nomination for Dan Gable5. Is Justin Beiber a bandwagon sports fan?He's probably a bandwagon but it's also highly likely that he also has some sort of mental illness6. all of sports or sports of all"Of all kinds" is closer to "different types of" but suggests that the types are representative of all of the available kinds possible (which is to say if there were "surprising kinds" of water sports [and the extract does not suggest there is or is not ] then one should reasonably expect some representative selection of these to be included in something described as "all kinds").It is tends to mean closer to a "myriad of" or "different types of" though because no one actually expects a mathematical rigour of the speaker and instead some amount of hyperbole in the usage is to be expected. Thus "all kinds of" most literally means "many kinds of" or to use a real equivalent phrase "all manner of" (note though that this features an uncommon usage of "manner").7. What was the best sports moment of 2010?????????For me Reds winning Central & Joey Votto_MVP !8. Wii sports resort with internet?I do not believe so. But that would be SOOOO awesome to play disc throwing with other people's dogs! It would be just like Nintendogs, only for Wii! Jousting would be sweet online, as well as wave racing9. Wii points and Wii Sports?Do you mean points to buy something in the Wii store? The answer in that case is no. I am not aware of any game that does this. The closest thing to this I can think of is the trials (time limited) of certain virtual console games in the new game super smash brothers brawl.10. Why don't I like sports? Why do others like sports?Everyone has there own likes11. Where to get a cheap sports coat?if your willing to buy slightly used - try shopping at goodwill or other charity stores - sometimes you can find great bargains and they look brand new. Otherwise try Ross, TJ Maxx. Marshalls etc. or other bargain stores12. EA SPORTS Cricket 2005 or 2007?EA 2007 is much improved version of 200513. Sports is supposed to bring out the best in kids. But can watching sports be hurtful now?Depends on how their parents raise them. If their parents push them to do their best well, then maybe they will use steroids14. Sports Commentary Feed Authoring SoftwareIf you are considering a custom solution it might be worth you taking a look at MoviePy and some of the associated projects such as those listed under the VideoGrep entry in the Gallery. You would also do well to look at this blog post uses MoviePy to automatically cut together all the highlights of a soccer game, based on the fact that the crowd cheers louder when something interesting happens. All in under 30 lines of Python.The above are all python based libraries that work with the FFMPEG & ImageMagick libraries, amongst others. Python includes a number of components, either as a part of the standard library or as extension libraries, that can handle tasks such as connecting to various services, feeds, etc.All of the software mentioned above is Free, Gratis & Open Source15. poll - what is ur favorite sports ?Tennis- Fast paced and exciting!16. How to become a sports commentator/reporter?go to a college that has journalism as a major and broadcasting studies. check out their credentials. some colleges have good broadcasting programs in their communication film studies programs others just have speech classes in their communication program. make sure your school has what you need, but that is what you will need to get into broadcasting, there are broadcasting schools/. google broadcasting schools and see what comes up. check them out. see who their alumni is. you want the most prestegious.NYC is the best place
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Top 10 Questions About Sports Answered
Do you want to know about Sports? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. Best Sports headphones of 2021 | VentureBeatWhat are sports headphones and how do they work? Everyone knows what headphones are; however, there are a few subtle differences when it comes to sports headphones. Headphones, in general, are a device that is inserted in or placed above the ear to allow you to listen to the audio played from another device. The benefit of headphones is that other people cannot hear what you are listening to and often the music quality is higher than if played via a speaker. However, not all headphones on the market are suitable for exercise. When we talk about sports headphones, we are referring to headphones that are designed specifically for sports. Unlike traditional headphones, sports headphones are far more rugged. The material from which they are made ensures they are able to withstand splashes of water or sweat without being damaged. They are also generally more dust or sand resistant. In addition, sports headphones allow greater mobility than normal headphones and stay fixed in your ear far more securely. In general, sports headphones are designed to stay well fixed inside or over the ear even during the most intense physical activity. There is nothing more annoying, in our opinion, than a pair of headphones that continually fall out while you are exercising. Just as you have special clothes or shoes to exercise, it is also essential to have specific headphones for your workout which provide the best usability. What types of sports headphones are there? The range of sports headphones available on the market today varies considerably. Generally, it depends on how the headphones are placed on the ear to differentiate between each type. There are three main, comparable types when it comes to the placement on the ear: in-ear, which are those placed inside the ear; on-ear, which are placed on the outside of the ear (i.e., on top of it); and over-ear, which completely cover the ear. The following list should help you compare the types of sports headphones based on their use. Wired: To not have battery issues Waterproof: If you want to swim with your headphones The headphones that completely cover more of the ear tend to be bulkier and, therefore, less practical for exercise. You should also not forget about the different connectivity options when it comes to headphones. There are wireless headphones, which work with Bluetooth technology and there are models that use a cable to connect to the music source. Finally, there are also sports headphones that feature a type of hook for a better grip of the ear. The hook, used by in-ear sports headphones, keeps the earpiece securely fastened to your ear and is less likely to fall out during exercise. There are also waterproof headphones designed for aquatic sports such as swimming. Shopping Criteria for the Best Sports Headphones Exercising and listening to music are two activities that combine perfectly. As important as it is to have the right footwear to workout, it is equally important, in our opinion, to have good-quality sports headphones. To purchase a pair of headphones that suit you perfectly, there are a few factors to consider. Below we explain the most important aspects to consider and compare in order to the best purchase. Knowing what you will use your sports headphones for is very important for choosing the most suitable pair. This will generally depend on the type of exercise you do and how frequently. You should form an opinion first about your requirements in order to then compare suitable pairs of sports headphones. If the type of exercise you perform is intensive, you will need headphones with good support. Those headphones with a hook around the ear will help them stay fixed to your ear and prevent them from slipping out. If you practice a more static exercise, such as in a gym, in-ear headphones may be what you are looking for. Headphones without a headband over the top of your head will provide you with a more comfortable solution. If you need greater mobility, you should look for a model with Bluetooth connectivity. Battery life is an important factor when choosing a pair of sports headphones. It's extremely annoying to run out of battery right in the middle of a training session as it is equally annoying to have to charge them every day because their battery life is so poor. The battery life of wireless sports headphones is usually between five and twelve hours. There are some models on the market that have a longer battery life, but they are less common. Those with a shorter battery life can be impractical and will eventually become annoying to use. Leaving colors or looks aside, it is important that the design of your sports headphones is suited to your needs. It is essential that the headphones are comfortable, otherwise, they will hinder your training. In general, the design of the headphones comes back to the type of exercise you will be doing. Small earbuds designed for long-distance running wo not be very suitable for the gym and over-ear noise-canceling headphones would not be suitable for swimming laps in the pool. As you have read earlier, there are two types of sports headphones, wired and wireless. The wired headphones almost always use a mini-jack connector. Most cellphones and music players incorporate this connection so there are no problems there. However, the newer Apple iPhones no longer use the 3.5-mm mini-jack connection and therefore cannot use wired headphones without an adapter. Wireless headphones utilize Bluetooth connectivity. Almost every smartphone or MP3 player has this technology, so they will be compatible with the wireless headphones you purchase. Bluetooth headphones are ideal for exercise as they allow you to be free of cables that often get in the way. Purchasing a set of sports headphones with an inbuilt microphone is a personal decision. Many sports headphones incorporate one into their design so you can use them as a hands-free way of taking phone calls. Many people prefer to ignore all calls during training and as such prefer to purchase a pair without a microphone, to not be tempted. Others, however, choose to use their workout time of day to make important calls. What are sports headphones with noise cancelation? Noise cancelation, as the name implies, is a feature in some headphones that reduces or completely cuts out external sounds. It may be that the environment in which you exercise is so noisy that you need to eliminate those annoying sounds in order to enjoy your workout. There are two noise-canceling systems available: active and passive. Passive noise cancelation is achieved by the design of the headphones. Thanks to the design and the use of insulating materials, external sounds are physically blocked from entering the ear canal. Passive noise-canceling headphones are very simple and sometimes they do not accomplish the task completely. Often this type of noise cancelation reduces the noise but does not completely cut it out. An active noise cancelation system uses a tiny microphone on the outside of the headphones that picks up the external sound and then blocks these sounds by sending an opposite wave signal into your ear. These types of headphones are perfect for exercising in the gym when you do not want to listen to gym music or irritating conversations between others. However, keep in mind that it can be dangerous to run down the street when using noise-canceling headphones, as they prevent you from hearing cars or other dangers. With what devices are sports headphones compatible? The compatibility between sports headphones and different devices depends on how they are connected to the device. As previously explained, there are two main connectivity options: via a cable or via Bluetooth. Bluetooth headsets are compatible with all devices with this technology. Simply connect them to the device you want to use. Wired headphones, in principle, are also compatible with almost all devices. The most common system used by wired headphones is a 3.5-mm mini-jack. This is also the most common connection between smartphones and audio players. However, the latest iPhone models that were recently launched on the market no longer have this connection. Therefore, if you have an iPhone, you should double-check that the headphones you buy are compatible with your smartphone. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a separate adapter to connect your sports headphones to your iPhone. The design of modern sports headphones makes virtually all models water-resistant, but not necessarily waterproof. You have to be careful with this feature as there is nothing worse than ruining your headphones because you did not read the specifications carefully enough. Usually, sports headphones are resistant to splashes, whether from water, rain, or sweat. If you are looking to enjoy your music underwater, you should look for a specific waterproof model. There are sports headphones that are specially designed for swimming or to be used in the shower.2. Best sports bra? conditioning?The best thing to do to prevent it from embarassing bounces is to wear a "triumph" brand brassiere-tri action sports bra.Over that brassiere you gotta wear a sports bra from Adidas.You need that kind of support if you want to prevent your bust from getting bigger and also helping to support it.
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Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Sports
Considering that Sports may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about Sports for you to get started.1. Will the Coronavirus be the end of professional sports?they have opened up for practice but public is not allowed for witnessing2. How to find scores of sports teams?Google Baseball Reference and there is a list of every game of every team.You could also go to the official website of the team you choose, in this case the Rays and get the info3. Is this the right sports bra size for me?i might want to make the effort and bypass to the mall and check out it on or actually have the female at Victoria secret degree you and locate out what the right length bra is for you so that you are wearing a suitable bra for your body . sturdy success it truly is sturdy to reserve bras on-line because in the experience that they do not in effective condition truly some organizations received't enable you come them . sturdy success4. Sports bike?sportbike no s5. Sports fans, take your pick?the spurs fans. i hate the spurs. the game was already over and it was a good series but if west cant play....... the spurs are scared of losing their title to a young team6. What is the answer to this sports riddle?Points from each match= 1 0=1 or 1/21/2=n=>No.of points= no.of matchesnNo.of matches= 8C2=28Summation of 8 different numbers=28 (winner cannot have more than 7)n01234567None of the other combinations by adjusting 0.5 from one number to the other would be possible in terms of actual wins/draws/losses. Look at it this way. Let these be the variables representing the points:nBottom Four: BnThird & Fourth: TnSecond: SnFirst: FnGiven: B=S; All 8 players have different pointsBTSF=281) If you increase B by 0.5, then you must increase S by 0.5 as well. However, the only way S can be 6.5 is if S is unbeaten (6 wins, 1 draw). This will necessarily limit F to 6.5 as well (can not be all 7 matches won anymore!). S=F. Hence this solution breaks down.2) If you decrease B by 0.5, you decrease S as well. Hence S=5.5;B=5.5. Also F is limited to 7. Hence T=10. =>3rd4th=10. The only way you can have players ranked 3rd and 4th to be 10 is if they are both 5. But this violates the condition that all players have different points. Hence this solution is also not valid.3) Adjustments within B, keeping the total value of B constantnSuch adjustments will keep the value of S constant at 6. Hence the answer does not change, even though there will be multiple ways. n0123n0. 511. 53n0. 5122. 5n01. 522. 5Final Answer: Points obtained by the player coming second will be 6. Number of possible combinations will be 4.What is the answer to this sports riddle?What is the answer to this tennis riddle?.7. Best sports bras for D cups?DAMN........THATS SEXY8. where to find a good sports bra?they have nice ones at wal-mart. But if you ever want a good regular bra then go to aerie or victoria secrets. they have very nice ones there9. Need help with sports drink?for maintaining muscle but loosing fat, is going to requre lots of protein, and lots of cardio stay away from ANYTHING sugary, or full of saturated fat during this cutting diet. you should eat oatmeal for breakfast (with a whey protein shake) and brown rice after you workout, with a sweet potato at dinner the rest of the day should be turkey, cottage cheese, fish, almonds, ect. hope that helps GOD BLESS!10. why are sports fan like this??You only have to be better then the people you talk trash to thats basically the rule for anything. If your a big guy you can push people around if your good at baseball you can talk $hit about baseball you only have to be better then the people you talk $hit to11. Are the Wrangler Sports not good off road?it is a wrangler so it will be good off road but the sport is faster and the rubicon has more power12. Horoscopes what are your fav sports?American Football and Basketball. Would not be surprise if people chose Soccer, seeing how its globally played. BQ1: lets just say at one point back in the elementary days, we were the best there was at football, and we were only 6th graders and 8th was the highest school year to go to before entering high school. BQ2: Basketball, I had a knack for making the shots easily, was it maybe because I applied mathematics(angles, length, width), science(gravity/acceleration/physics) and many others things to do it? Perhaps. >:D BQ3: Tore my meniscus partially, than more over the years till I finally needed operation. Leo Mars, Gem Sun, Pisces Moon.
2021 07 17
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