The Effectiveness of Vehicle Wraps for Advertising ...

Zebra Signs Inc.

in Grimsby points out the significant opportunity business owners may be overlooking when it comes to promoting their brand on cars, trucks, vans and other work vehicles.

Mobile billboards through the use of vehicle wraps for promotion offer one of the most effective advertising tools in todays' market with a 97 per cent recall rate.

Vinyl is produced today specifically designed for use in advertising wraps on vehicles. Unlike paint, it provides a cost effective way to promote your business while allowing the flexibility for changing aspects of the signs as your business changes.

The vinyl produced for wraps uses bubble-preventing air channels and microscopic glass beads that allow for the wraps to be lifted and reapplied without damaging the vinyl until the final adhesive is applied. With the use of heat guns or a torch, the vinyl is heated and molds itself around most surfaces for a seamless finish. Using the proper adhesives and techniques is important for the longevity of the wrap so it is always best to find a professional.

Zebra Signs explains the other practical advantages of vinyl wraps for advertising aside from the cost savings. The wraps offer a lot more flexibility in finishes such as chrome or wood grain and provide a perfect solution for leased vehicles since the wraps can be removed when the vehicle is sold or exchanged.

These new techniques in signage solutions make it easier than ever to promote your business. Working with Coach House Studios they can turn your concept into a concrete image and brand for your product or service.

Zebra Signs has been offering affordable advertising solutions for customers in Grimsby since 1998 and provide a variety of services including vehicle wraps, lettering and magnets, to light sign boxes, cut letters, and wide format printing.

They can help create the vehicle wraps you require from conception to the finished product while adhering to industry standards for mobile advertising.

Visit their website here and discover a key advertising tool that you may have overlooked for maximizing your business's exposure.

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