The Chandra X-ray Observatory Is Almost Fixed

The Chandra X-ray Observatory has been observing the skies in high-energy light since 1999However, on October 10th, an unruly orientation-maintaining gyroscope sent Chandra into a protective safe mode. Fortunately, according to mission team members on October 19th, that problem is almost solved, and the NASA space telescope remains on track to return to action next week.Its important for Asgardia to follow these kinds of stories as they work toward creating the first ever space nation.

Using the Chandra Twitter account, @chandraxay, team members announced that the Flight Operations Team had finished testing and simulation of the procedures and onboard software updates that will place Chandra into a new gyroscope configuration, with the gyroscope that caused the Oct. 10 safe mode in reserve.The team also stated that the switch was set to take place on Friday, October 20th and will be followed by a period of gathering maneuver data to confirm and calibrate the new configuration before resuming science observing, which should start this week.Chandra marks one of four space telescopes NASA deployed into Earth orbit from 1990 to 2003 through the agencys Great Observatories program. Two of the other three, the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes, are still active too. The fourth, the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, was intentionally deorbited in 2000 after a gyroscope on the telescope failed.The Hubble Telescope also suffered a gyroscope failure and was put into safe mode on Oct. 5. The famous Hubble is equipped with six gyroscopes and needs at least three to be functional to operate at maximum efficiency. So far, three Hubble gyroscopes have now failed, and one that team members were hoping to recruit as a backup hasnt been working either.However, NASA officials say they are confident that Hubble will resume its scientific work soon, even if the backup gyro is not fixed. Hubble can function in one-gyro mode if required, with another gyro kept in reserve as a backup, according to mission team members.Learn more on Asgardia.Space


What products can absorb and store light energy other than a solar panel?

Solar panel - A cloudy day provides sufficient diffuse light by which the panel will produce electricity. Optimum electrical production occurs with bright and sunny weather conditions. Under a light overcast, the modules might produce about half as much as under full sun, ranging down to as little as five to ten percent under a dark overcast day but technology is improving all the time.

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New Connections for U.S. Business
Nothing lifts people out of poverty quicker than electricity. Thats just a fact. You give people light, you give them the ability to refrigerate food, medicine. It changes their entire quality of life. They no longer cook on animal dung and wood cooking in their homes . . . so their health improves. Rex Tillerson during his U.S. Senate confirmation hearing to become the U.S. Secretary of State.Welcome back from the holidays, happy 2017 and welcome to the new Administration! We are excited to continue Power Africas work of supporting companies making investments to solve the electricity deficit in sub-Saharan Africa. Our demand-driven, transaction-based approach is advancing deals and reforms and creating jobs in the U.S. and abroad.We just passed 8 million connections. Based on a 1:5 ratio of connections per number of people in a household (using World Bank metrics for household size in sub-Saharan Africa), we can now say over 40 million people have electrical light who did not have it before Power Africa was launched.Lets get excited, but not overly excited. While many of those connections are solar lanterns that provide basic task lighting and some mobile phone charging, we recognize that paying for task lighting is a critical first step that gets people into the electricity financing game, and once theyre in, they typically go larger (upgrading, for example, to televisions and other household appliances). Within a matter of months they often become bankable paying customers who eventually can pay for larger systems and grid connections. We need more connections that provide a greater amount of power so that people can power more appliances and business equipment, but this milestone is more evidence that our model is working and is producing real results. 40 million people who now can see in their homes at night without fire is something to celebrate.Our partners have been sharing information with us about the U.S. jobs they are creating so that we can better understand Power Africas impact in the U.S. The impact is tremendous! GE, for example, has developed power projects while also benefitting Americans. GE deals in Africa have led to the export of $250 million in U.S.-manufactured power equipment since Power Africas launch, securing 1,500 U.S. jobs according to the U.S. Commerce Departments methodology. Power Africas support for small businesses includes Ohio-based Rickly Hydro, which employs 25 people to manufacture equipment for hydroelectric projects, with more than a third working to fill an order in Tanzania for a project that Power Africa supported.The 5,767 megawatts (MW) of Power Africa-supported deals that already have reached financial close are set to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in exports of U.S. goods and services and support employment for thousands of Americans. The more than 600 transactions in Power Africas current pipeline have the potential to create billions more in U.S. exports and support employment for tens of thousands of people. Power Africas tools are giving strong, reputable companies (like yours!) that adhere to international labor, environmental and social standards a competitive edge to succeed in the African market.Join us at Power Africas Partnerships Week March 810 in Washington, D.C. Power Africa will host its annual Power Africas Partnerships Week on the fringes of the EnergyNet Powering Africa Summit. Our Annual Power Africa Partners Meeting to be held March 8 and EnergyNets Powering Africa Summit March 910. Now with more than 130 private and public sector Power Africa partners working together to electrify Africa, we have some incredible achievements to highlight and to build on going forward. Last year, over 500 investors, developers, financiers, and government officials participated in Power Africa Week.Several African energy ministers already have confirmed their participation. With our new Administration taking shape, the Annual Partners Meeting and Powering Africa Summit provide us all with an ideal opportunity to promote investment and competitiveness in the African energy market. We also will provide Speed Networking services to provide our private sector partners the opportunity to meet with our interagency and development partners for brief meet-and-greets to establish relationships, discuss current and upcoming transactions, and explore market opportunities. Agenda highlights to follow. For more information or to confirm your attendance, please contact Jeremy Faber at . We look forward to welcoming you Power Africa Week!.·RELATED QUESTIONAtheists, how can light (energy) exist into outer space (nothingness) separate from matter?You need a scientist not an atheist,it makes as much sense as asking a philatelist about birdwatching
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