The Best Weed Grinders 2019 - the Complete Guide You'll Ever Need!

The Space Case comes in three sizes. So you have more time to decide which size fits your vaping needs. The 2-piece is the simplest option, while the more expensive 4-piece offers more functionality. The four-piece Space Case grinder has kief screens made for pollen collection in the bottom compartment.

Can a collection company still collect on a debt after 7 years?

yes, they can still collect, and worse, they can add interest all the way back to the time they first obtained the debt. They can take you to court and get a judgement against you. Then, they can have their attorney add his fee's which range from $900.00 on up to thousands. Then, they have the options of working out payments with you, garnishing up to 24% of your wages or trying to find out what other assets you might have and go after those

If weu2019re all just a big collection of atoms and all atoms do is react, do any of us actually have free will?

I had no choice but to answer this question!Being made of atoms does not mean things are pre-determined.A piece of A4 paper has free will. Drop it from shoulder height and see where it lands. Now you do that again and force it to land in the same place. You will find it chooses where it wants to land, thank you very much!

A word for a [x1, y1], [x2, y2], … collection of data where x is strictly progressive

If your data consist of values across time, the term you are looking for is time series. Often the data points occur at equally spaced intervals, but not necessarily

Russian collective guilt vs. German collective guilt?

Americans and the British have far more guilt for exterminating native Americans in their millions and for enslaving people. The Spanish also killed people in their millions.The USSR on the other hand saved the world from Nazism - hardly something to feel guilty about. I think the Author of this article is a bit of a pillock really

Why does this distribution of polynomial roots resemble a collection of affine IFS fractals?

I recently noticed that at some point since I posted this question, the article by John Baez that inspired it has been updated. It now includes an explanation of the phenomenon in terms of compositions of the one-parameter families of functions $f_(x) = 1 zx$ and $f_-(x) = 1 - zx$, which are evidently the two affine maps I was speculating about in my question. The relationship between the set of roots and the compositions of $f_$ and $f_-$ apparently is indeed analogous to the Mandelbrot-Julia correspondence. I do not entirely follow the argument in the updated article yet, but it seems clear that the answer to my question is in there, so I am posting a link to it as this community wiki answer.(Since this is CW, if anyone wants to edit in a concise restatement of the linked argument, go right ahead.)

Is it wrong to put an empty donation envelope in the church collection basket so that you don't look cheap?

I fill mine with love

Any ideas how to organize my collection of fabrics?

You could organize by natural fabrics and then colors. You could cut the tops off the boxes, stack them on top of each other and next to each other so the opening is in the front facing you and then tape them together...........then lay your fabrics in it by color or type of fabric. ......hope that helped a bit :).

What are the recent (last 20 years) books likely to form part of Penguin's Modern Classics collection and/or high school reading lists 30 years from now?

Coraline by Neal Gaiman Pattern Recognition by William Gibson Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

account will go to collections?

Pay what you owe and save your credit. A library fee cannot be that much, but this collection can remain on your report for 7 years!!!

Is it "collectable" or "collectible"?

...with an i, just like as with adding to a collection. Collectable is excluded by lack of any connection with anythings ability to collect; such as an amount owed a creditor which could for some reason or another be ascribed as collectable

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Why Go to an Art Museum/gallery When Most Museums Catalog Their Collections Online?
Why Go to an Art Museum/gallery When Most Museums Catalog Their Collections Online?
Germany. This was the first time I saw a painting of Dali in real life. I saw a lot of work of Dali in books, on screen and the prints sold at museums, but there is just no comparing it to the real thing. A photo lacks the range of color real-life paint has. Even on a well calibrated display you will never see the real artwork. Futhermore you can barely see the structures of the material used which can really add a lot1. Is this art going straight to the Progressive's new museum in Washington?I did not realize that Progressives were the same as N. Korea. How many people have they killed?2. Whatu2019s the weirdest museum in Seattle?Georgetown in South Seattle has two unusual museums, the power plant museum and the telephone museum. The telephone museum is a collection of old telephone equipment. Industrial telephone equipment and home telephone equipment. Connections Museum - Wikipedia. The museum is open on Sundays and there are volunteers there that will give you all the information you need concerning telephone equipment3. Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art worth looking into as a tourist?What has being a tourist got to do with it? The Met is an extraordinary place. I never miss it when traveling to NY. Other than relatives or a hotel room, it's my first stop4. I want to work in a museum?What sort of museum? The Smithsonian involves both art and a whole variety of artifacts and historical materials. Then there are natural history museums, museums of science and industry, history museums, and so forth. If you want to work for an art museum on a serious, professional level, you will need at least an M.A. in Art History, Museum Education, or Museum Studies. Orher types of museums hire professional staff from people who have earned graduate degrees in fields relevant to their holdings, or perhaps in Museum Education. If you are a seriously good student in a given graduate field, you wo not have to pay for an M.A. or PhD. My PhD in Art History was almost fully paid for by graduate fellowships several years. The top schools offer these fellowships, teaching assistantships, and research assistantships. Very, very few PhD candidates have the money to pay for their degrees. Most do not. I certainly did not . So: since you say that the Smithsonian interests you, you might major in American history and then go on to earn a Master's in Museum Studies or Museum Education. One problem is that the term "Museum Technician" could mean anything, from an archivist or registrar with a graduate degree to someone with a high school diploma and carpentry skills who simply helps build exhibitions with a hammer and nails. You need to familiarize yourself with various museum positions before you make any decisions.5. What is the museum setting on my camera for?Museums do not allow you to use flash photography on the exhibits, because the flash (or the photons) will deteriorate the exhibits or art works. That setting on your camera allows you to get better photos of the exhibits while not using your flash. It keeps the shutter open slightly longer to allow more light into your camera that is bouncing off the object.6. Is Night at the Museum a Disney movie?The term Library was originally used for a collection of scrolls, books and written documents. It now includes all manner of resources and information services. Internet connections and CD and DVD discs are often available. The term Museum has always referred to a collection of artifacts (including art) or items of interest (including plant and animal parts and fossils). Recently, photographs and holograms have been added. Often the great majority of items collected are not available to the public and require special permission to view or examine.7. where is the guiness museum in dublin?The Store House is on Market Street in Dublin 8- which is behind the brewery itself , best way to get there is to walk, its not far from the city centre and you do not get ripped off by tour buses or stuck in traffic! Dublin is not a big city , so get a tourist map and enjoy the walk... from a Dub!!
Collection of Creative Mobile Phone Design
Collection of Creative Mobile Phone Design
As smart phones are becoming more and more popular with consumers, from internal systems to external materials, the sense of technology and Modernity of mobile phones are becoming stronger and stronger. In the appearance design of conceptual products, more avant-garde ideas have been cited, and the once unrestrained ideas have been replaced by more practical design ideas. Today, we have selected some very creative mobile phone designs for you to share with you.Smartphone sync watch. "I'm watch" is a touch-screen watch designed by Italian blue sky technology design firm. It can synchronize with iPhone and Android devices through Bluetooth devices. The updated content in the mobile phone will be directly transmitted to the "I'm watch" screen, so that users can use Facebook, twitter and e-mail on the watch interface; You can also send and receive text messages and see photos; The watch can also make phone calls through the built-in speaker. The phone is expected to be available in Apple stores.Cool Android concept mobile phone design. When the iPhone became the most popular mobile phone, the Android platform concept mobile phone Galaxy skin brought by designer heyon you highlighted their ambition to surpass the iPhone and turn the mobile phone into human skin. It has four highlights: no need for support, no need for projector, soft without bone, and skinny body.Design of mechanical rotary dial smart phone. Designer Richard Clarkson designed this mechanical rotary dial smart phone for steam punk fans, abandoning the digital keys that can be seen on ordinary mobile phones at present, and refitting it into brass dialing keys: one group is rotary dial type, and the other group is key type. The copper-plated surface plus a layer of protective paint improves the texture of the overall appearance and makes the mobile phone full of retro flavor.Translatable language mobile phone creative design. This phone has a cool idea that when you receive calls in different languages, it can help you translate into your preferred language for you to understand, and can convert your spoken language into the language you need. Moreover, when you face the headache of all English menus, books and signs in your life, its digital scanning function can help you solve your problems. It can not only translate literally, but also read by voice.
Best Collection of Mens Fashion Online Store in USA
Best Collection of Mens Fashion Online Store in USA
You can continue to work full time and collect social security at any age.If you are under full retirement age, there may be an adjustment to the benefit payment. The calculation is explained on the SSA website.Once you reach full retirement age, there is NO deduction for continuing to work or have other outside income. In fact, if you work a job that pays Social Security tax you may get raises in your benefit if the earnings from your work are greater than any of the top 10 years (adjusted) in your work history as those are what the benefit payment is based onThe United States Social Security AdministrationCan you collect Social Security at 66 and still work full time?• Related QuestionsWhat is the collective term for virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and moved reality?There is no agreed upon term at the moment - were too early into these developments. Immersive experiences gets used a lot, though honestly, its not my favorite term here even though I use it enough. New Media is nice catch-all term though its way too broad (as it can also refer to social media).Right now, I tend to talk about as the Fourth Wave of technological change, borrowing the phrase from the market research firm, Digi-Capital. I know thats also very broad but at least it signifies that were entering into new terrain. But Im sure thats not what well call in the future.Just have to give this some time - well come up with something but its all way too fluid right now------How do I sell a 500k collection of fine paintings if I can't afford to open a gallery?Why did you import these paintings in the first place? What gives you the idea that they are worth 500k? Is that what you hope they are worth? Do any of the paintings have a signature of someone known in the art world? Those works might have some value.I dont think you had them appraised. It doesnt sound as though you know much about painting in the first place; thats why its unclear why you started this thing in the first place.Its going to take you a lot of work and time to sell your collection and you may not get much. Is it worth your time to do all the work. If it isnt too costly, maybe try to pass this collection on to someone else and find something more profitable to engage in------Does a fall in the direct tax collection show that the Indian economy is slowing down?The fall in direct tax collection directly signals the slow down of the economy of India. The people of India and the youth of India are unemployed. The earnings are zero. Zero earning means no Income Tax. The few older people who are still holding on to their employment are under paid. Most do not qualify to pay taxes, as the salary is below the tax threshold.The Modi government is responsible for the highest rate of unemployment since 72 years, since independence. The Modi government experimented and played with the economy of India with Demonetization and GST. Enterprises closed down. Crores of youth lost their jobs and employment. The economy of India slowed down fast. There is a sharp fall in the direct tax collection in India.In simple words, if the government policies are bad, there is an economic slowdown in the country, and the direct tax collection has a sharp fall.------Can you explain "Jung's collective unconscious" in layman's terms?Jung said we all are a million year old man. Much of what we do is a legacy of the long selected instincts represented in our genetic heritage. What we do is largely based on unconscious or inaccessible factors, even when it seems to be a choice.For example, you might feel youve chosen your mate. But as Schop said, We can do what we want but not want what we want. The foundation reasons why we take the choices we do are buried in the unconscious mechanics of our billions of neurons. For me, it was clear even at the time that the woman would become my wife was not my choice. We had already clicked before I knew what happened. I called her later for a follow up date after a chance meeting, and she had already said yes.------How proud are you of your art collection?I don't really take pride in my art collection. It isn't an achievement. Whatever it says about me, it says something different, I imagine, to every person that sees it. And there are many, many, many people who go through my house and don't say anything about the art in it.The art that I have reminds me of people, places and times. Each piece offers me an ongoing conversation whenever I feel like picking up my end.I am not all that sure that I conceive of the works that fill my walls and shelves as being a "collection." It seems like that should mean I had some kind of conscious goal when I acquired each piece. And I didn't.The art in my home provides a constantly reciprocated affection. That is all------What is Big Data in marketing and how do they collect it?In the era of big data, the CRM is a must have for all brands looking to gain wider profile.One of the main problems that companies face in the era of big data is information overload. Brands can generate huge information about their customers. How do they refine it to make it useable? Companies need to know their customers better than their competitors in order to be more efficient and to be able to dominate their market.Analysis is key. Incorporate your data into your daily decisions to ensure you maximise its utility. The use of all dashboards, summaries, trend analysis and product surveys are all essential to make your data work for you.The Era of Big Data Makes CRM an Essential Tool for Brands------What can be a large list of all Physics books to study from the lower to the PhD level?I can only help you with the basics of the concepts of physics. We have the following books at home:Physics Made Simple: A Complete Introduction to the Basic Principles of This Fundamental Science (No Nonsense Knowledge).Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide by Karl F. Kuhn.Coordinated Science Physics by Mary Jones, Geoff Jones & Phillip Marchington.I decided not to add Teach Yourself Physics by Jim Breithaupt after seeing a few very bad reviews on Amazon. To be honest, I dont know how good the above books are because I never used them (I studied for my IGCSEs and A-Levels with textbooks endorsed by Cambridge). Also, they are quite old.Beyond the basics, you could look at the most popular books required for physics courses at several universities and choose some to study. There will be different fields within physics so you would probably have to choose which to focus on and which books to get------What are some tips on collecting guns for investment purposes?While you never expect any collectible to go up in value substantially unless the number of people seeking it goes up, there are some general rules. Know what you are buying, and the normal price for it in the condition it it being offered. Buy what you like. Really. Buying anything because you think it is cheap may work financially, but it does not work emotionally. If you have never seen the item offered before, and no one else has seen it, buy it. You may pay too much, but you may also learn you have something no one else has. Three simple rules ... but most of all, buy what you like, and do not try predicting future prices. Pearls were far more expensive a century ago than they are now. Popular artists do not always remain popular. I you buy what you are happy to collect, the future value is wonderfully irrelevant.------From where can I download latest collection of HD wallpapers for Christmas?Hello Everyone. First of all let me wish you all a Merry Christmas 2018. Now, If you are looking for the best Merry Christmas Images, HD Wallpapers, Photos, Pics, Clipart and Pictures then you are on the right website. Merry Christmas is a very beautiful festival which is celebrated all over the world on 25th December. Countdown already begins for the Christmas Day and Merry Christmas 2017 Images.Here we are presenting some HD images of Merry Christmas 2018 For Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. So, you don't need to bother about where to get the stuff as we have collected something best for you that too free of cost which you can easily share and download to send to your friends and special ones.------What is your favorite Jurassic Park Movie?For me its the original Jurassic Park. Its the classic one and as others have pointed out, it is the most iconic.I remember when it first came out back in 1993. I was a kid that was already fascinated with dinosaurs but when Jurassic Park came on the scene I became obsessive! I remember my mind being blown the first time I was in the theater. I probably went and saw it a good 4 or 5 times, lol.I remember getting all of the toys, books, and memorabilia that I could. I kept a lot of these for many years for memories sake.I never felt that same passion and enthusiasm for any of the sequels.I think out of all the sequels I probably like Jurassic Park III more and thats mainly because of the threat of the Spinosaur. I found myself a bit underwhelmed with The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic World.------Is Trump's use of an executive order to "temporarily" abolish the collection of "payroll" taxes legal? Wouldn't this need to be ratified by Congress?Do you realize how little the notion of legality means any more?Do you realize that, with this action, we now have a King, not a President?Illegal means someone will stop you. Period.Whos going to stop TRump from ordering the firing of anyone who doesnt cooperate to stop withholding social security taxes?Republicans have been trying to kill Social Security since 1937, and now TRump will do it with a pen and a virus. So ya think theyre gonna stop him? That would be a big NOOOO.To voters, fighting him on this will look like the fighter wants to INCREASE TAXES! So do you think the Democrats are going to fight him on this? Maybe - but theyll lose in November if they do.Nobody in Congress is going to do a ing thing.So IF NOBODY STOPS YOU, ITS LEGAL------What will be the upcoming trends of the automated fare collection market?Automated Fare Collection Industry is anticipated to be valued beyond USD 8.5 billion by 2024. Automated fare collection systems are the combined modules, which facilitate the automated ticketing system for public transportation network. They offer a constant and incorporated platform for all the actions concerned with the fare gathering with equipment such as ticket checking machine, ticket vending machine, and automatic gate machine.These systems are chiefly used in a several high transit areas counting huge commercial workplaces, government buildings, and public transport ports. The increasing demand for proficient, automated, and tranquil transportation is spurring the requirement for automated fare collection systems.The overall automated fare collection market is extremely competitive in nature. The key manufacturers are NXP Semiconductor, Omron Corporation Thales Group, LG Corporation, Advance Cards Systems, Fare Logistics, and Samsung SDS.Read More Details @------Is there a website with a collection of past Eagle projects that Scouts can use to generate ideas?There are a lot of sites. Search "eagle projects" on any search engine. If you have an idea or theme, add that word to the search. There is absolutely no requirement that a project be an original. If there are past projects that have outlived their original intent, have worn parts, starting to decay, etc., redoing that project or refreshing it is always good. The one thing BSA likes to see is a project for the chartering organization.The most significant limits to projects is that they cannot benefit a business, or only raise money for another organization. Finding an adult Eagle Mentor is a wise first step. Selecting an adult who supports and guides, instead of trying to steer, is a person worth their weight in rhodium. A Life Scout needs to put as much thought into a mentor as into a project. Good luck, and remember to have fun!
Ways to Index a Family History Collection?
Ways to Index a Family History Collection?
A good software product would keep track of all those resources (i.e. papers, maps, photos, etc), and index much of it - thus allowing searches to be performed.I think all products allow person entities to be indexed by their personal name, and sometimes by multiple alternative names. Some allow your place references to be indexed. This implies that each referenced place is then a separate entity in your data (just like a person entity) and not simply some textual name such as 'Woodborough, Nottinghamshire, England'.Indexing by event and/or date allows chronological analysis and the production of timelines. Your physical artefacts (e. g. photos, letters), your sources, and your citations would probably be linked to the relevant persons, places, and events rather than separately indexed.There will be some variation of what each product provides but this is a basic, workable model.Unfortunately, I found that it would not index my own collection the way I wanted. As an example, consider a family letter that mentions several ancestors, places where they lived, and events in their lives. The physical artefact is obviously precious. A scan is not assimilated into your collection in any meaningful way. A transcription is better because it can be searched, but only via a plain-text search. Using a custom mark-up language, though, the entire transcription of the letter can be indexed and cross-referenced with the appropriate person, place, and event entities it refers to elsewhere in the data.This requirement eventually became my STEMMA research project, and the mark-up became its structured narrative feature.1. I keep getting letters from a collection agency to my address, that are for my brother ?How about calling your brother and telling him to clean up his mess2. Is it weird to have a bingo cap collection?I think its unique and shows individuality3. What is the tax collection process in NYS?Yeah- that's a REALLY bad idea. Normally if they have issued a notice of tax due, you will have 30 days or less before the tax warrant is issued. If anything - call up the Department and explain you do not have the cash- they should be able to work out a payment plan. It wo not stop the interest being charged, but it should stop the penalty from being assessed4. How to share/copy Grease P. materials from one Collection item to another? (2.80)I found that copying a layer from one object to another also allows you to import all the materials present on that layer. Maybe it can help5. Want to expand my music collection.?Here are some great artists that I LOVE, and I think you will love em too: One Night Only (British indie band) Breathe Carolina The Hush Sound Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground The Black and White years Molly Marlette Lenka6. Proof synopsis collection(1) Proof of a theorem in finite dimensional linear algebra.The hypotheses invite us to construct a linearly independent set: extend this set to a basis and conclude.(2) Proof of a theorem related to compact topological spaces. The hypotheses invite us to construct an open cover: observe this open cover has a finite subcover and conclude7. Cannot Access new Sharepoint 2013 CollectionI faced the same problem. Also is seems like this issue occurs only if you use host headers. If you are facing the same problem and are using host headers, please check this post. html.8. Why is naming a collection of five aggregates as "I" wrong? Tree is a collection of impermanent roots and leaves, why do we give it an identity as a "tree"?Because, none of the five aggregates is a "central conrtoller." All of them work mutually to effect the functionality of the human system (nama-rupa). If one of the aggregates was the central controller which directs other aggregates, then it would be right to call that aggregate as the self (I). But there are none in that exalted position9. Parents, what do you do when your kids keep breaking into your porn collection?well you coukld throw the movies out !! and spend time with your children10. WHAT MOVIES SHOULD I ADD TO MY COLLECTION?Just watch the movie "three Chinese men playing penis idiot"!11. Use of Map (Collection) in Lightning Component JSTry one of the following as your for loop:Or
LED Driver Design Skills and Application Scheme Collection
LED Driver Design Skills and Application Scheme Collection
For novices, LED drive design is not an easy task. In view of this problem, Xiaobian specially summarizes some problems that designers need to pay attention to in their work and shares their own design experience.Do not use bipolar power devicesSince bipolar power devices are cheaper than, usually about 2 cents each, some designers use bipolar power devices in order to reduce the LED driving cost, which will seriously affect the reliability of the circuit, because with the increase of the LED driving circuit board temperature, the effective working range of bipolar devices will be rapidly reduced, This will lead to device failure when the temperature rises, thus affecting the reliability of LED lamps. The correct way is to select MOSFET devices. The service life of MOSFET devices is much longer than that of bipolar devices.Try not to use electrolysisShould electrolytic capacitors be used in LED driving circuits? At present, there are supporters and opponents. Supporters believe that if the temperature of the circuit board can be controlled well, the purpose of prolonging the service life of electrolytic capacitors can be achieved in turn. For example, a high-temperature electrolytic capacitor with a service life of 8000 hours at 105 ° C is selected. According to the current electrolytic capacitor service life estimation formula, "the service life is doubled for every 10 ° C reduction in temperature", Then its working life is 16000 hours at 95 degrees, 32000 hours at 85 degrees and 64000 hours at 75 degrees. If the actual working temperature is lower, the service life will be longer! From this point of view, as long as the selection of high-quality electrolytic capacitors has no impact on the service life of the driving power supply!Some supporters believe that the low-frequency flicker caused by the high ripple current brought by no electrolytic capacitor will cause physiological discomfort to some human eyes, and the large low-frequency ripple will also lead to the bright dark grid of differential frequency flicker in some digital camera equipment. Therefore, high-quality light source lamps still need electrolytic capacitors. However, opponents believe that the electrolytic capacitor will age naturally. In addition, the temperature of LED lamps is very difficult to control, so the service life of electrolytic capacitor will be reduced, which will affect the service life of LED lamps.In this regard, senior engineers believe that electrolytic capacitors can not be considered in the input part of LED drive circuit. In fact, electrolytic capacitors can be omitted by using PI linkswitch pH. the single-stage PFC / constant current design of PI can save designers from large capacity capacitors. In the output circuit, high voltage withstand ceramic capacitors can be used to replace electrolytic capacitors, so as to improve reliability, When designing the two-stage circuit, the output adopts a 400V electrolytic capacitor, which will seriously affect the reliability of the circuit. It is recommended to use ceramic capacitor for single-stage circuit. For industrial applications that do not pay much attention to dimming function, high temperature environment and need high reliability, it is recommended not to use electrolytic capacitor for design.The withstand voltage of MOSFET shall not be lower than 700V600V MOSFET is relatively cheap. Many people think that the input voltage of LED lamps is generally 220V, so 600V is enough, but the circuit voltage often reaches 340v. Sometimes, 600V MOSFET is easy to be broken down, which affects the service life of LED lamps. In fact, selecting 600vmosfet may save some costs, but it pays the price of the whole circuit board, Therefore, do not choose a 600V withstand voltage MOSFET, and it is best to choose a MOSFET with a withstand voltage of more than 700V.Try to use single-stage architecture circuitsSome led circuits adopt a two-stage architecture, namely PFC (power factor correction) isolated DC / DC converter, which will reduce the efficiency of the circuit. For example, if the efficiency of PFC is 95% and the efficiency of DC / DC part is 88%, the efficiency of the whole circuit will be reduced to 83.6%! "Pi's linkswitch pH device integrates PFC / cc controller, a 725vmosfet and MOSFET Driver into a single package at the same time, which improves the efficiency of the driving circuit to 87%. Such a device can greatly simplify the layout design of the circuit board and can save up to 25 elements used in the traditional isolated flyback design! The omitted elements include high-voltage high-capacity electrolytic capacitor and optocoupler. Led two The stage architecture is suitable for old drivers that must use a second constant current drive circuit to make PFC drive LED constant current. These designs are outdated and no longer cost-effective, so it is best to adopt single-stage design in most cases.Try to use MOSFET devicesIf the power of the designed LED lamp is not very high, it is recommended to use the LED driver product with integrated MOSFET, because the advantage of this is that the integrated MOSFET has less conduction and generates less heat than the discrete one. In addition, the integrated MOSFET is a controller and FET together, and generally has the function of overheating shutdown. When the MOSFET is overheated, it will automatically turn off the circuit to protect the LED lamp , this is very important for LED lamps because they are generally small and difficult to air.
If IOS Had Garbage Collection, How Much Faster Would It Be to Develop an App?
If IOS Had Garbage Collection, How Much Faster Would It Be to Develop an App?
If iOS had garbage collection, how much faster would it be to develop an app?It would save significant time with the first app you wrote, but the returns would quickly diminish. Once you learn how to properly mange memory and you set up some conventions to follow it's pretty easy. You will pretty quickly reach the point that you can write reference count code as quickly and cleanly as garbage collected code. It's just like how people who drive a stick shift take a little more time to learn but wind up with a better understanding of the car, more control, and are not really less efficient drivers than those behind the wheels of automatics.Just this morning I ran Leaks against the Loopt app, which has had three guys working feverishly on it for the last six weeks for an upcoming release, and we had 0 memory issues. 0. It's not like we tried extra hard or slowed down to reach that, we just have some memory management conventions we follow in the course of regular development.— — — — — —Does Python support automatic garbage collection?Yes, it does.Here's a geeksforgeeks link: Garbage Collection in Python - GeeksforGeeks— — — — — —What kind of graph theory is used in automatic garbage collection? How is it used?the typical thing is just a DFS or BFS - basic idea is to walk the stack, find all objects reachable from there, then look at all objects that are fields of those objects, etc. until you've found all the reachable objects; then clean up all that are not reachable.Two basic schemes:n- mark and sweep (search for all reachable objects & mark them, walk over all objects and deallocate those not marked as reachablen- another scheme (forgeting the name) is after finding all reachable objects, to copy them to a new space of memory, rewrite all the pointers to them. Then everything that was allocated in the old space - reachable or not - is considered free memory. Of course, this doubles the amount of space required.Of course there are more complicated schemes, but mostly those involve doing things like reference counting to clean up obviously unreachable objects (has trouble with cyclic data structures), and general performance hacks like trying to do work incrementally, maybe even trying not to consider long-lived objects for reclamation as often but making cleaning up temporary objects simpler. There are a lot of tradeoffs and generally it takes a lot of testing in real code to know if a garbage collection has any serious problems.What kinda Graph Theory is used in Automatic Garbage Collection? How is it used?— — — — — —What makes Java or JVM so fast as it uses garbage collection?Garbage collection has improved from the old days when the computer would hang for a second or two every now and then.Modern garbage collection uses a tiered approach. This is based on the heuristic that objects tend to have either very short lifetimes, or very long ones. Put another way, if an object is still referenced during a garbage collection, then itu2019s likely to be referenced at a later one too, and need not be considered.Newly created objects are put in the first level. When a garbage collection occurs, only these objects are considered for disposal. This limits the size of the object graph that must be followed in the garbage collection.Anything that u201csurvivesu201d this quick garbage collection attempt is removed from the list, and put into a second list. The assumption is that these are longer-lived objects, and will probably survive subsequent collection attempts too. The second list is considered for garbage collection much more rarely.An object that survives a second-level garbage collection, is assumed to be more or less permanent, and will only be considered again if thereu2019s some kind of memory emergency— — — — — —Don't C developers find the lack of automatic garbage collection a pain?Pop in a MYSQL Database and or a non server type MYSQL Database and use them instead for memory management. On Windows Virtually all database products, SQL and NoSQL, provide an interface for native C applications.The industry standard interface is ODBC which is supported by all major SQL database products and many NoSQL products. Since 2011 Microsoft has aligned on ODBC as the standard for native applications to connecting to Microsoft SQL Server databases, both on-premises and in the cloud.You want a C or C program to be powerful without using many pointers and having to worry about garbage then use them.Honestly today MYSQL is as fast as a High Level language. In fact of you were to develop a new High Level language based on C or C you could spin circles around everyone else. But nobody uses them. Python should pop a Local MYSQL or an ODBC and watch the speed increase in Python also.Set a table for variables, one for Objects and One for doing your mathematics for you and let her rip. Can also store compiled scripts in them to
Today, What's the Best Garbage Collection Setup for a Large Server Java Application?
Today, What's the Best Garbage Collection Setup for a Large Server Java Application?
For server class applications, where "server" refers to something that sits in a rack, and that you can buy for reasonable $$ in 2012 (e.g. a 96GB, 2 socket, 24vcore server that lists on the Dell web site at $4K), and "server application" refers to something that actually uses a respectable fraction of that server, you pretty much need a collector that can actually handle many GBs of live data. And by "handle", I mean run for days on end without thrashing, pausing your application for seconds at a time, eating up all your CPU, or coughing up blood. The various still-think-that-stopping-the-world-is-a-way-to-go collectors that worked well for 1GB or even 10GB computers can not seem to cut it at modern server sizes, for various reasons. Some have to do with the inevitability of compaction (and it's cost at even "small" modern server sizes), and some are simply due to the fact that even a tiny "young generation" that is 2-3% of a server will occasionally see multi-second pauses due to application "phase shifts" (think catalog updates, cache flushes and hydration, and pretty much any other big state changes that affect your GB of live data in some spike).The only lasting answer for "server applications" will be in collectors that do not stop the world (not even "rarely") to do any operation whose length is tied to your key application metrics: Application metrics like concurrent sessions or clients, or data set size, or transaction rate, etc. (and internal memory management metrics like live set size, heap size, allocation rate, mutation rate, promotion rate, etc.).Right now, I know of only one working server collector that creates this decoupling - The C4 collector in the Linux/x86 Zing JVM. C4 stands for "Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector", and it uses a brute-force, concurrent Mark/Compact approach for collecting both the old and the new generations (yes, even newgen collections are concurrent). For Zing, compacting 30GB heap on a modern commodity server feels like a walk in the park, and the only "currency" it needs to keep things flowing smoothly and efficiently even at multi-GB/sec allocation and mutation rates is empty memory.And yes, I am biased. C4 is my baby1. I need a microphone... but which?The absolute BEST mic for recording Piano is a RIBBON MIC.. something like the RCA model 77DX works the best of any mic I know of for piano.. place it on the floor about in the middle of the piano for best results. If you are going to make a perfectly good guitar sound like CRAP then just about any dynamic or condenser mic should work.. GARAGE IN GARBAGE OUT2. What happens to plastic and cardboard after the garbage truck picks it up?Depends on where you live. Some go to landfills, others get recycled3. How do I get a stink out of a plastic garbage can?Vineger will get the smell out. Fill with hot water and add a cup of white vinegar. Let it sit over night. the next day, when dry put some baking soda in it4. Need advice. How do I keep my dog out of the garbage?!?What about a garbage can with a lid?5. Arduino outputs garbage values on serial monitor with ESP8266As noted by Matt, the baud rate for the ESP8266 can vary depending on the firmware version/manufacturer. 9600 and 115200 are the most common. If you can connect using a serial terminal program (like CoolTerm) you can then test the baudrate.It sounds like the ESP8266 is set to 115200, but in my experience (and others') SoftwareSerial is not capable of 115200 baud rate (despite "allowing" this as a setting). Some reports suggest as high as 57600 is workable, though in my experience 9600 is best for reliability. But you can reset this and see what the max reliable value is for you in your configuration.How to change the baud rate on the ESP8266 will depend on the firmware version. I've had success with ATIPR=9600. You only need to run this command once (it's a persistent setting). I would suggest, based on your description, that this is the most likely culprit that's causing the intermittent "garbage" output you describe6. If you hauled trash for a living, would you dig through other people's garbage?ohhh yesss. . . . . your talking about free good stuff definately, all you need is a pair of gloves. I used to love going dumpster diving you really wouldnt believe the stuff that you can find in ones garbage , of course not the food garbage but if i seen clothes or junk that i like, why not ? its fun and you get stuff for free
How Much Is My Baseball Collection Worth?
How Much Is My Baseball Collection Worth?
Your collection is only worth what a certified collector is willing to play. That number can vary based on the condition of each item. To get a true sense of each items value visit an certified baseball memorabilia dealership in your local area.1. What are some must have stamps for a collection?None. No stamp is a "must have", unless you consider it so, subjectively. Nobody should dictate you what exactly you should enjoy in stamp collecting/philately. Also, there's a big difference between Seeing and Owning a certain stamp (any stamp, or any other postal/philatelic item such as cover or maxicard). I saw images of Penny Black, but I do not need to actually own one. Especially to buy one, for "as low as $100".2. A collection of three books to help my understanding?I predict you will go nowhere and be lost in the darkness. Before you've embarked on this so-called search you've already decided what the answer looks like, the sure way to greater ignorance.3. How to get collection agency to quit calling!!!????have some fun. its not your debt. send them the cease and desist letter certified. if they keep calling log the calls. if they get you on the phone record it. tell them to keep calling because each call is 1k in your pocket. file complaints with the state AG and FTC. then sue them.4. What is the Box Office collection for URI?Uri- The Surgical strike was made on the budget of Rs 45 Crore. This film has made an overall earning of Rs 281.73 crore.First-week Collection: Rs 71.23 croreSecond-week Collection: Rs 62.76 croreThird-week Collection: Rs 37.06 croreFourth-week Collection: Rs 29.30 croreFor more about Box office Collections of latest Bollywood movies, visit Here.5. How do you start a coin collection?Time, Money and PatienceOn my multiple travels across the USA, I came upon in Arizona at a Conference Hotel a guy whose passion was Coins. He attended an Event at the Hotel about Coins. I presume people would bring him all sorts of coins to evaluate. He would buy some of them, trade others. Master the skill. Bring Something to the table. ...and get into that Coin Collecting Mindset..lolHowever, remember that Coins alone will not bring you Happiness and Fulfilment..possibly it is their History and stories behind them that is worth noting. Many a coin has dubious origins. .some retrieved in Storage Hangars, others found in garbage bags, others stolen and hidden away. Provenance is a concern I would have, as in Fine Art. Just dont be an unwtting and unconscious participant in stolen goods...or goods born of the Misery of Others...but hey, it s your life. There are other Realms but the Material. A strong Why will conquer many hows in your Journey as Collector, as Builder, as Storyteller...Love Life Loud and Clear6. What is the reason behind the huge collection of Baahubali?Baahubali grossed over 540 cr. is just 3 days......The biggest reason for such a staggering collection is.....The "Why Kattapa killed Baahubali" hype.People went fanatic looking to answer this question. Even before the movie was released,you might have seen multiplexes organizing story-writing contests for patrons,asking them thier opinions on what could have been the possible reason for the murder,in return of free premier tickets.Also,other factors responsible were-1.The sequel being announced right after the first movie.2.The Bollywood-Tollywood collaboration,attracting millions of fans from both cultures. 3. Karan Johar's mighty capital investment in the movie.4.Eye-popping special effects7. What effect did WW2 have on the home front on the united states of america?Women moved into the workforce to replace men who went in the military. Draft boards. Factories worked long and hard, many died of injuries or heart attacks to make sure our servicemen got what they needed, from bullets to socks. gasoline rationing depended on your job. Limited amounts of meat, sugar, coffee. women's stockings were out, silk was needed for parachutes. Ran your tires until nothing left and patched the heck out of them. Planted "Victory Gardens" for fresh foods. Collection of unused aluminum pans to build aircraft. And the worst- bad news from the War Dept.8. Do you have an unusual collection?I collect all pieces of material culture from tribal societies. Items that are used on a day to day bases within any undeveloped society. This would included cooking pots, bowls, spoons, snuff boxes, lime carriers, weaponry, hair ornaments, textiles, masks, and fetish figurines. etc. I would but small exhibitions on in one of our local museums, and give talks on the subject. Showing the types of ceramics used in different societies, types of masks /masquerades used around the world different types of textiles used so my class could see the variety of items used, the uses they were put to and most important of all discuss the iconography of design with its mostly religious significance. indicative toeach separate society
Abhishek Kajaria Latest Bridal Jewellery Collection at Avama Jewellers
Abhishek Kajaria Latest Bridal Jewellery Collection At Avama JewellersIndians love to celebrate every occasion in a special manner and Indian wedding is never complete without adorning bridal jewellery. Indian wedding jewellery is very special and tends to grab the attention of everyone with intricate design and beautiful making. The beauty of each jewellery piece lays much deeper and is the blend of beauty, spiritualism, cultural essence for an auspicious occasion like a wedding. Without decking up, a bride's look is not complete which renders a majestic look. Bridal jewellery includes various kinds of jewellery right from the engagement ring, diamond jewellery set including Maangtika, chandeliers, cocktail ring, polka or traditional motifs and many others. When it comes to bridal jewellery collection of Avama Jewellers, the list of wedding jewellery pieces go on and on. At Avama Jewellers, you can find the latest collection of exquisite jewellery pieces to add a touch of effervescence to the look of the bride and all the exquisite jewellery pieces to be adorned by an Indian bride to complete her look.A wide collection of latest jewellery set of 2019Donning a beautiful jewellery piece has more to do with making a statement rather than adding glitz and glam to an ensemble. The kind of jewellery you carry ultimately speaks a lot about your dressing and style sense. Abhishek Kajaria, the director of Avama Jewellers introduces hundreds of choices in Maangtikka, earrings, nose pins, bangles, diamond engagement rings and pieces that are a blend of conventional and contemporary style. The leading jewellery brand caters to the wardrobe needs of a bride from top to bottom. There is jewellery for every bride and her bridesmaid here. The jewellery combos like Kundan earrings, sparkling diamond Maangtikas, head gears, dashing bangles are an absolute hit among the brides.Jewellery for all days of wedding celebrationA bride wears jewellery not only on the day of a wedding but other days too. They include pre-wedding photoshoot, 'Mehendi', 'Sangeet', wedding day and reception party. There is an entire range of adornments right from brooches and earrings to the dazzling necklaces and bangles. Jewellery pieces are available for the exact designer lehenga, and they are Kundan Bollywood inspired. As per the design and work on the designer bridal lehenga, make your selection of pieces. You can get everything from gold plated antique jewelry to match Zari entrusted lehenga to complete the look, multi-stringed charming pearl necklace, bangles, maang teeka, waist belt, and many others.Plenty of options in the jewellery piecesAs per the wedding occasion or event, you should match the jewellery pieces. You can also procure heavy traditional wedding jewellery from head to toe. While an ethnic style pendant set goes well for Mehendi, a gorgeous engagement ring is a center of attraction on the day of engagement. For the reception, a diamond choker and cocktail ring go well.Do not forget to match your wedding attire with the jewellery pieces. Abhishek Kajaria, the trustworthy supplier of bridal jewellery, does not leave any stone unturned to supply the finest-in-the-line wedding jewellery to complete the contemporary and ethnic attire. A modern bride is sure to carry a royal look to steal everyone's attention.There are hundreds of options in bridal jewellery set in Avama Jewellers. Abhishek Kajaria has years of experience in Indian wedding jewellery industry who can also help Indian couples to choose the perfect jewellery sets— — — — — —Did anyone catch this weeks " Gean Simmons Family Jewels ? If so, what was your reactions to the show??I think that parents should take thier children to VA Hospitals and Military installations so they can learn what to appreciate and not take for granted and meet some REAL heroes that have some pride and dignity. I am a veteran of the first Gulf War myself and I take my kid to visit the troops all the time, especially holidays. I want her to understand her little jeans and cell phones are not whats important. Some of the BEST people in this country are serving and they are wonderful role models and examples to our kids. Gene is a great father and this episode furthers my belief that he is.— — — — — —Gemstone Guide - Osborne's JewelersKnown in the jewelry trade as iolite, this mineral is known as cordierite to geologists and mineralogists. Iolite is strongly trichroic, meaning that it shows three colors when viewed from different angles. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone of the kind that might have come straight out of the Arabian Nights: a deep blue with golden inclusions of pyrites which shimmer like little stars. Stone of friendship and truth.
Jewelry Collection
Jewelry collectionIn 2010, Gold launched a unisex jewelry collection based on the Taro Gold logo design found in the cover art of his books and music album packaging. He explained his design inspiration as "the diamond of wisdom and joy we all possess in our hearts, and the flower of strength and beauty that blossoms from our lives as we overcome each challenge and hardship. The lotus flower blooms most beautifully from the deepest and thickest mud. " The jewelry line consists mainly of rings and pendants made in gold, platinum, or sterling silver, which can optionally be embellished with diamonds or other gemstones. The jewelry sold primarily at specialty boutiques in Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, and in San Francisco in the United States— — — — — —Does anyone know a good way to market jewelry?You must market Online with the Internet. Make yourself a little Web site featuring the jewelry, possibly even SELLING it over the Internet as well. You could potentially have customers from all over the world! Also, get local stores to host your jewelry and sell it. For example, a local gift/flower store would be a great place to promote your jewelry. Feature a few pieces of your work and alow the store owner to make a profit on it as well. Have earings selling for $50, you make $40 and the store owner makes $10. The more you get your name and products out in front of the buying public, the better you will do! Market your jewelry EVERYWHERE you possibly can!— — — — — —is this too fancy for my last day of school? 9th Grade?Forget the jewelry, lyk the silver necklace. It's a bit fancy, but who the he will cares?.— — — — — —forever 21 clothes? do you think they'll look good on me?I like the 1st and 3rd shirt. the jewelry is cute and so is the vest. not a fan of the scarf :)— — — — — —Yesterday i got my navel?A mild solution of sea salt and distilled water is best. Apply with soaked cotton ball and leave on piercing for several minutes. You do not need harsh chemicals, alcohol, peroxide, anti-bacterials or anti-biotics, etc., just for healing as these are too strong and could lead to irritation which could turn into an infection. Turn your jewelry gently when cleaning to remove the bodily excretions from the jewelry.— — — — — —Jewelry DayJewelry Day is the 5th single released from the Japanese singer Ayaka— — — — — —Any advice on ear lobe stretching, experiences, and recommendations?Make sure you use tapers to stretch. Buy steel tapers in 14 gauge, 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Make sure you have stainless steel or titanium jewelry with a single flare or no flare (if you are using studs or rings this is not an issue). Have a hot shower and massage your lobes first (the warm water and massage helps loosen them up) remove your current jewelry. Use water based lube to cover the taper (KY jelly or surgilube work well) insert the taper and apply even pressure until it's 3/4 of the way through. If it hurts at any time, stop. Stretching should never hurt, there will be pressure, but there should not be pain. If it hurts, stop and wait a few more weeks before attempting to stretch again. You need to wait at least 6 weeks in between stretches. Since you are at 16 now, if you started stretching right away it would take you about 3 months to get to 10. (stretch to 14, wait 6 weeks, stretch to 12 wait 6 weeks, stretch to 10)— — — — — —Borsheim's Fine JewelryBorsheim's Fine Jewelry (/bramz/ BOR-shymz; frequently abbreviated without an apostrophe as Borsheims) is a jewelry store in Omaha, Nebraska. The store was founded in 1870, and has been a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway since 1989. Louis Borsheim started Borsheims in downtown Omaha in 1870. The business was sold to Louis Friedman and his son Ike in 1955. Both owners retained the Borsheims name. In 1986, Borsheims moved to the Regency Court Mall. In 1989, investor Warren Buffett purchased a majority of Borsheims stock, making it part of his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway. Borsheims is led by Karen Goracke, who became Borsheims president and CEO in 2013. The store maintains an inventory that includes more than 100,000 pieces of jewelry and watches. It has been the location of Berkshire shareholder-only events held in association with its annual general meeting. In September 2019, Borsheims promoted Adrienne Fay to newly created role as Vice President overseeing the customer purchase journey.
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