The Best Jean Shorts for Your Figure

Yes, go for it! This style is great because if you do not have big hips to keep your shorts up, you have the spandex/stretch element working for you. Also without wide hips you do not have a lot of extra inner thigh to go around so it wo not look weird when it hugs you there. You can rock these and we are all jealous!

No matter what you weigh, this figure has a waist bust and hip measurement that are all pretty similar and this style of jean shorts would work really well for your figure. Like the slender body style, the stretch will keep your shorts in place!

Pear/Hourglass: Both are the same when it comes to shorts unless we are comparing a normal human with a supermodel. Supermodels you can wear anything. So I am going with an hourglass or pear figure human when it comes to this advice.

This is me (the NON super model option), so trust me with this.. I've tried everything. Here's what I have found: AVOID ANYTHING WITH SPANDEX! Stretch denim shorts do not look good on this body style in my opinion. If you want a saggy butt or your inner thighs to look like they are grasping for air then sure, go for it. Otherwise, go for denim that lacks elasticity.

Do young girls nowadays prefer skirts/dresses or jeans/shorts?

jeans and short shorts totally better

what shorts or top should i wear?

how bout cute workout comfy shorts and the crop top. that sounds cute. i just find jean shorts uncomfortable

Please help me *guys and girls*?

tight shirts, no cleavage, jean shorts.. baby doll shirt jean and heals.. or boots. tight dresses, no cleavage..

What can I wear with these shoes?

ohhh soo cute love them ! i would wear a pair of jean shorts and maybe a baby doll type top , or just along top that isnt tight , something that just flows , ya know ? and you could really do any colour with them so that a plus !

where do they sell double zero jeans short?

Pacsun 2 for $fifty 5 invariably 21 Levis everywhere with colored skinny denims you additionally can get greater value-effective ones at aim and Walmart. i could get shorts because of the fact the climate is getting warmer. :]

A question about jean shorts..?

Totally cute! I love that top and yes white jeans shorts are totally in. I love love love that top with white shorts. You will be stunnin girl

First day of 7th grade outfit ? (pics)?

Ok, that's terrible. Do not wear any of that. The blue shirt is ok but you can not wear it over those shirts. Just bad ok. Get a white undershirt instead of the green one because blue green = bad and a pair of jean shorts, if knee-length then a faded color, if booty shorts then dark denim with a pair of cute sneakers

What to wear for a job in retail?

There's no such thing as a nice pair of jean shorts. Wear a skirt or khaki pants with a nice shirt. Relax, it's a shoe store

what color jeans ,shorts go with this ?

simple dark jeans or white

What do you wear with jean short shorts?

i love short short jeans shorts they are great. well if you got the body or the confidence i like to wear midriff tube tops,halter top,crop tops and bikini tops

For people who sag their jeans/shorts.....?

They think it's cool and though, they want to be noticed and want others to think they are dangerous, at least the ones I know do. They portray themselves as ganstas

Girls, What do you like to wear most, jeans, shorts, capris or skirts?

definetly jeans... theyre cute and comfortable... u can almost wera them with any shoes... sneakers...flip-flops..pumps....wedges....flats.... u can also wear them anywere..... to party...or jus to hang out

For guys: What brand names and styles of jeans/shorts are most comfortable to wear without underwear?

like that is gross who does that try wearing THEM!!

Where can I buy some cheap jean short-shorts?

Cheap Short Shorts

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