Sus304 316 Air Condition Bellows Stainless Steel Plate - Carbon Steel Factory

Flexible Valve an industrial supplier of 316 stainless steel,air conditioning,bellows,blowers,clamps,compressors,corrugated hose,duct,duct connectors,duct joints. 316 stainless steel,air conditioning,bellows our facility has the latest in sheet metal fabrication equipment.we ship coast to coast at competitive prices Flexible stainless steel corrugated hose for air conditioning Flexible stainless steel corrugated hose for air conditioning,US $ 1 ISO Certificate Best Price For Astm 304 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Tube,Steel Tube,Tisco Steel Tube manufacturer / supplier in China,offering ASTM 310 Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe (SS ASTM S31000/ JIS SUH310/ EN X15CrNi25-21/1.4841),304 Stainless Steel Coil (SUS304,EN X5CrNi18-10,1.4301),2205 Acid-Resistant Stainless Steel Sheet (SS ASTM S32205) and so on.

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If your air condition is on can you still have windows open in house with out hurting the air condition

It will definitely cost more money and put the air conditioner under a higher load for a longer time. So yes it will burn out the air conditioner faster, if it is pumping out air that is significantly different (cooler and humidity) than the air coming through the window. The reality is that if a window is open the air conditioned air will go out the window and that air con air costed you time and money.

air condition repair for a astro van?

Overall maintenance is also important as your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without proper professional maintenance. Proper maintenance of your air conditioner has been proven to double the life span of the system. The most important reason to keep your air conditioning unit maintained: peace of mind. Many health risks that are associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper air conditioning system maintenance and repair. It is important for your safety and the safety of your family, as well as your wallet to maintain your air conditioner and get professional air conditioning repair services regularly

Do you waste gas when using the air condition in your car?

You consume more gas by using the air conditioning. Part of the air conditioning system is a pump which compresses the gas inside the system. This compressor is driven by drive belt from the engine's crankshaft. This places an additional load on the engine, causing it to consume more fuel.

I use the term consume instead of waste as if the climate is excessively hot, I do not consider this a waste.

You should also be aware that on most modern automotive air conditioning systems, the air conditioner and compressor are activated whenever you use the windshield defrosters above 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much does air condition in general cost

An air conditioner, depending on the size of the unit and how much installation is needed, can range anywhere from $100.00 up to $2,000.00. A window air conditioner will probably cost less than having an electrician come into a person's house and install a central air conditioning unit for the whole house.

how much air condition bill per hour?

There is no average cost as the size of the air conditioner and the cost of electricity varies so much. The climate you are in also affects the bill. Hotter areas will use more A/C and it will cost more. Check the wattage or BTU of your air conditioner. Electricity is charged by the kilowatt hour. If you use 1,000 watts ( 1 kilowatt or 1 kW ) for 1 hour, that will be 1 kWh. It will cost you whatever your electric company charges per kWh. It's should be somewhere in the 12 to 18 cents per kWh range. The exact charge will be on your electric bill. Your A/C will likely use more than 1,000 watts. That's pretty small as far as an air conditioner goes. You can expect a monthly cost of from $50 and up.

Climate control air conditioning vs conventional air conditioning?

Air condition In a car would cost more because gasoline costs more then electricity from your home. Also as in home air conditioner is not as size restricted designs can Be more efficient. Wow Joe you say air conditioners are a waste of energy? What about cars? Do you walk everywhere you go. What about computers? Apparently not.

What is different between air condition and refrigerator?

Refrigeration is the removal of heat from a place that needs to be cooled, such as a reefer container, a reefer cargo hold, a cold room, an air conditioned room or a domestic fridge, and its transfer to, for example, the outside atmosphere .Refrigeration is used in the carriage of some liquefied gases and bulk chemicals , in air conditioning systems , to cool bulk CO 2 for fire fighting systems and to preserve perishable foodstuffs during transport or storage.

Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more favourable conditions. More generally, air conditioning can refer to any form of technological cooling, heating, ventilation, or disinfection that modifies the condition of air.

Is possible to run the car air condition system from solar power energy

Yes, especially with the help of the batteries. Solar energy can run an air conditioning system. It can run the entire car in fact. You could actually do it withou the batteries as there would be little point in running an air conditioning system when the sun is not out. But having only the air conditioning system powered by solar energy would still be a net advantage.

Can you put an air conditioner in a room without any windows?

Absolutely! There is a type of air conditioner which mounts on the wall. These are known as Ductless a/c units, and mitsubishi makes one. (link below)

all that is needed for these is the pipes run from the condenser outside to the unit inside! This is NOT a DIY project, as the lines are refrigerant lines, and will need to be brazed by a professional, and then charged with refrigerant. not to mention the wiring of the condenser outside!

the cheaper way to go would be a small, portable air conditioner, available at Home Depot, and other stores... link below.

there are also through-the-wall air conditioners, which require that you knock a hole in the wall, the size of a window.

The last 2 suggestions are much cheaper... hopefully one of these helps you out!

y does the air condition not cool so well when stopped as when driving down the road?

It depends upon the speed of your engine. The engine drives the air conditioner via belt, and to the RPM of the engine determines the energy input to the air conditioner. Depending upon your transmission shifting speeds, this can change. So at speed at where your engine RPMs is highest, your air conditioning power will be the most. You've found the high and low marks for engine RPMs

Is there air condition in Johannesburg?

Johannesburg is a world class city in a geographic location which can be very hot. Naturally, there is air conditioning there......and the air conditioning in Africa puts to shame the air conditioning in the northern hemisphere.

want to know about air condition?

An air conditioner is an appliance, system, or mechanism designed to extract heat from an area using a refrigeration cycle. In construction, a complete system of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is referred to as HVAC. Some refer to air conditioner or air conditioning as AC or A/C for short. You could get more information from the link below...

Where may i find an industrial air condition

The price of an industrial air conditioner depends on what type of air conditioner you purchase. The price depends on how much space you are trying to cool. The bigger the space, the bigger and more expensive air conditioner you are going to need.

Why can't a window air condition be installed in a sleeve

A window already has a casing around it to protect and allow condenser venting. An air conditioner that is made for a sleeve has no protective shell around it, so if you put a window air conditioner in a sleeve you will not get good air circulation from the fan that cools off the condenser. That will result in high pressure at the compressor, high temperature at the condenser and high temperature at the evaporator. This will result in poor cooling and probable compressor failure which will allow you to go out and buy an air conditioner that is designed for a sleeve.

What is envovled in being a heating & air condition technician?

The first and easiest step in the maintenance of your air conditioning is to clean or replace the filters regularly. The filters will collect dust quickly when the air conditioning is in constant and regular use, so change them frequently. Check them minimally every two months; more frequent cleanings are recommended if you are using your air conditioning constantly or in dusty conditions. The condenser coils are another part of the air conditioning unit to maintain. The condenser coils are located on the outdoor unit, and have metal fins through which the hot air is dispersed. You will want to make sure these metal fins are clear of debris, in order to let the air pass unrestricted and efficiently.

can i connect my air condition to a surge protector?

Depends on the type of air conditioner you have. If it has a standard power plug, you could, you would just need to make sure to purchase a power strip that can handle the amount of power the air conditioner will be using. Most of the time, however, air conditioners use a different type of a plug than is in a standard surge protector, so you will have to check which case applies in your situation. Good Luck!

Can air condition 'cause pollution?

No. The only pollution that comes from running an air conditioner comes from the power plant used to create the electricity used to power it. However, if the coil in the air conditioner breaks then the chemicals (freon and such) in there can cause pollution. But no, running an air conditioner does not cause pollution.

Best/cheapest option to air condition living room with large windows? Regular AC won't fit...?

I would contact someone locally who would give you advice--free of course. One has to be so careful these days there are so many scam artists who are ready to take advantage of people. Ask someone who you trust if they could recommend someone who installs central air conditioning. In the meantime, do you have ceiling fans? Those should help until you can have air conditioning.

I wish you the best of luck!

Is it safe to use propane in a car air condition system

NO! You would never put propane in an air conditioning system! For air conditioning to work it needs FREON. Depending on your car you need to find out what kind of freon it requires, as well.

Who can fix my air conditioner leak

If your air condition unit is leaking you can call a local mechanic who specializes in that or a company. One hour heating and air condition is a great solution and they have reasonable rates.

what is the different between a air condition split system an a heat pump split system?

Yes and in the south most people have split systems (central air conditioning) since it gets so hot and there is a need to cool more than one or two rooms of a home. Here are some valuable links on air conditioning:

Does not using your car air condition really improve gas mileage?

yes it is air conditioner cost a lot of gas. because car not using electric . car is using the gas to produce air conditioner.if you use heater no worry of gas because it comes from the heat of your machine.

why the air condition condenser coil take ice in winter when it work in heat mode?

Do you speak english? No one understand you when you talk like person not from place where english is talked. Your air condition takes ice? Why do you have air condition on in winter season? My heating is special but i do not sit on the temperature when the temperature is minus zero (WTF?) degree

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When Using Just the Fan of an Air Conditioning System, Is It the Outside Air That Is Flowing Or It I
It depends on the system type and the functionality provided.Residential air conditioning systems are usually 100% recirculating, and if you want outdoor air in the space you open a window or windows.Commercial systems, systems serving commercial or public buildings, may have an economizer, which is capable of drawing in 100% outside air when outdoor conditions permit (i. e. cool enough), and they draw in 15-20% outdoor air all the time as ventilation air to the space.The fan-only option can be useful in 100% recirculating residential systems if there are temperature differences throughout the house, hot rooms and cold rooms for example; running the fan will 'stir-up' the space and even out the temperatures without running the condensing unit (outdoor air conditioner) or furnace. If the temperature difference is due to an air balance problem, better to balance the system with the modulating dampers at each diffuser, but if it's a problem in the afternoon in a west-facing room with lots of windows, for example, the fan alone can be helpful. When using just the fan of an air conditioning system, is it the outside air that is flowing or it is just the inside air that is just turning round?1. Do you know anyone who uses a geothermal heat pump for their home heating and air conditioning?A/C that can run backwards is as good of a short description as any. Uses 'free' heat, you just have to pay to move it. Sound technology, but not for every locale or application. Cost: Hard to say, but I would not be suprised by a bid of $15,000 to $20,000. Supplement: Part of the system is 'emergency heat'. Essentially electric coils (a.k.a. electric furnace). It is used to cover heat needs when the capacity is reached. Expensive when its called. Most residential electric service has two-phase electric service (208vac). The largest compressor normally available for 208vac is 5-ton. 1-ton equals 12,000 BTUs... so 5-tons equals 60,000 BTUs. 60,000 BTUs an hour is the capacity of the refrigerant system to move heat. If your home ever exceeds 60,000 BTUs of heat loss, then the emergency heat will kick on... and the meter will spin. You could install multiple heat pumps, but the installation cost multiplies also. Try a search here on heat pumps. No, I am not being cheeky, there is just a lot of good info here and it is too much to regurgitate it all. Bottom line, it can mean some very low utility bills if sized and installed properly, but a very expensive mistake if not.2. How can I cool a room without fans or air conditioning?keep it clean, turn the lights out, shut off all electricity not in use (computers& tv's inclusive) and open the windows3. How do I stop my household Central Air Conditioning from tripping my circuit breaker?I definitely would be concerned. It has been very hot this summer. Your AC unit is probably dirty and drawing excessive current. It might work fine (or seem to) when it's 90, but the dirt on the outside coil will prevernt good heat transfer when it's 102. Clean it. Clean it. Clean it. Clean it. You would be very surprised the difference a good cleaning can make on an air conditioning system.4. What alternative tent materials can you use for a very large tent the size of a school hall to lower the cost of air conditioning?Tents are tents, normally constructed of the same canvas everywhere, but suppliers in the north and deep south have padded/insulated materials. Check the internet and your local party equipment supplier/rental. Note that number of occupants can be the largest factor in cooling. Use the 'rule-of-thumb' of 75 Watts of heat radiated by each person.What alternative tent materials can you use for a very large tent the size of a school hall to lower the cost of air conditioning?5. How Did People Survive Without Air Conditioning In the Past?Sat on the front porch fanning themselves and drinking iced tea during the hot part of the day. I do not think I could've stood it6. How Big Should Obama's Carbon Tax be to Get Elderly to Cut Back on Heat & Air Conditioning?As big as it takes
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Air Conditioners X96 Summer Season Is Here
The summer season is around the corner. The temperatures have started rising and so are the prices of many of the products that are associated with the arrival of summer season. Where many of the sport enthusiasts are very much excited about the fact that days will be much longer and hence they will be able to play sports for a long period of time, people who have to manage whole houseina very low salary package are very much worried. As soon as the summer seasons starts, the need for air conditioners starts rising. With the increase in global warming and that too that has affected our part of the region; air conditioner now days, has become a necessary commodity. Many of the air conditioners are able to run neat and clean in the first season of their buying but most of the time, they start giving more problems with the passage of time. Thus air conditioners are required to be repaired and that too with extreme care. There is variety of shops available in the market where we can take our air conditioner and leave them for repair. There is variety of shops available in the local market but one must look for the experienced and most important of all, the licensed technicians. It's not the case that we can't give our air conditioner to non licensed technicians but the only thing one must be worried about is the amount of money and the time spent and then realizing after 2 months the work they had done was not satisfactory and the air conditioner requires to be fixed again. But once you are in the season and the air conditioner gets to be fixed, you have to decide the timing and the amount that will be spent on the repairing of the air conditioner. In season pricing of the repair and the maintenance of all the electric equipment including air conditioner rise to a new limit. One cannot imagine the rise of prices for repairing. Local dealers and electric technicians don't feel any guilt charging over fee for the repair, because according to them rising inflation and the commodities prices are the big reason they are charging such a hefty amount. After you have carefully verified and checked that you have given the air conditioner to the authenticated technician possessing a valid license to repair the electric equipment, one must also check the quality of the work they perform. Many dealers are very much interested in using the substandard material in order to cut their cost and have maximum profits. They don't realize that there action of saving money can cause a huge damage, both life and property of the owner. They won't even think that using substandard material will cause embarrassment for them in the future. Many of those start the refilling of the gas of the compressor with substandard gas, without complete pressure and without proper instruments thus resulting in the leakage of the filled gas , causing loss to the customer itself.
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Questions That Show Insufficient Effort by the OP
If you hover your mouse over the downvote button, you get this tip: "This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful." The help section "What types of questions should I avoid asking?" does not say anything about insufficient research effort. This suggests to me that ofeeshul policy is to downvote these, not close.I normally leave a comment explaining my downvote, quoting or paraphrasing the text in the downvote button's tip. If I don't do this, the OP will probably have no idea that I downvoted and will not learn that (IMO) there was a problem with the question.IMO there is nothing wrong with having questions and answers that cover exactly the same information that's available somewhere else like Wikipedia. WP is not perfect, and WP is a different type of collaborative environment than SE, with different strengths and weaknesses. Many seemingly obvious, trivial questions are FAQs, and one of the strengths of SE is that we have mechanisms for collecting correct answers to FAQs in a single place and then avoiding wasting our time by answering those FAQs againI see regular questions that could be answered by some basic Googling. Examples would be In a large city how much hotter on average is it outside due to the air conditioning of all the buildings? and Quantum annealing computing.To be charitable, newcomers to physics may not know where to start and what terms to search for, and a suitable answer might be to point them at a few introductory articles. However in many cases it looks as if the OP simply can't be bothered to put any effort in. Do we have a policy for closing (or not closing) such questions. For homework we have the "off topic/need to show some effort" reason, but most of the questions of this sort aren't obviously homework.Or am I just being excessively grumpy? :-)
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MHI Thermal Systems to Launch Four Room Air-Conditioner Models F
MHI Thermal Systems to Launch Four Room Air-Conditioner Models for Cold RegionsModels Meet Standards for Heating Air Conditioners from Hokkaido Electric Powerand Tohoku Electric Power - Non-stop operation limits the falloff in temperature when operating in defrostmode, allowing for operation in heating mode at minus 25degC- Shorter startup times in morning for comfortable start to heating- Incorporates function to maintain room temperature at around 10degC,preventing excessive coldness during absences or overnight TOKYO, May 30, 2019 - (JCN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ThermalSystems, Ltd., a Group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), willfrom mid-July successively launch four models of residential-use airconditioners specifically designed for cold regions. The SXK Series of high-specmodels for cold regions are highly energy efficient with an exceptional annualperformance factor (APF)(1), and incorporate unique functions to maintain acomfortable living environment in cold areas. These models also use filterholders made from a synthetic resin containing recycled tea leaves(2), marking amajor advancement in the efficient use of resources. All four models incorporate a hot gas bypass non-stop heating system, a firsttime for an R32 refrigerant home air-conditioner, which limits the falloff intemperature when operating in defrost mode (non-stop heating). The incorporationof this function allows these units to operate in heating mode in temperaturesas low as minus 25degC, earning them certification as "Attaka Air-con"recommended by Hokkaido Electric Power Company(3). The series has also received certification from Tohoku Electric Power Company as"Tohoku Electric Power Company recommended Heating Air-con"(4) for achieving aprescribed energy consumption rate when operated in heat mode at a temperatureof minus 15degC. The SXK Series also incorporates a "hot standby" function toshorten heating startup times, a function to keep a room temperature at around10degC to prevent excessive coldness during absences or overnight, an exteriorunit anti-freeze heater to prevent damage to the equipment when the temperaturedrops, and a snow protection fan control function to prevent the exterior unit'sfan from being covered by snow. The new models will also utilize filter holders made from a synthetic resincontaining recycled tea leaves, developed by Ito En Ltd. as part of its Used TeaLeaves Recycling System. This feature has been popular in ordinary airconditioning models. A mass production system for resin molding has beenestablished at MHI Thermal Systems' factory in Thailand. Further, the SXK Series will incorporate the same interior clean operationfunction as ordinary models, and can also be used in tandem with three models inthe "roomist" SHK Series of hybrid evaporative warm-mist humidifiers sold by MHIGroup company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & RefrigerationCorporation. The humidifier starts and stops automatically in response tosignals it receives from the air-conditioner's humidity sensor, maintaining theset humidity. MHI Thermal Systems, with these four cold-region models in its product lineup,will meet a broad range of user needs in Japan. (1) Annual Performance Factor (APF) is a performance index in which the totalcapacity needed for heating and cooling throughout the year is divided by theenergy consumption of the air conditioner. Larger numbers represent greaterenergy efficiency.(2) See "Physiological Functions of Japanese Green Tea Components" from theWorld Green Tea Association Guaranteed to operate in heating mode at minus 25degC.(4) Units that can operate at minus 15degC, and that meet Tohoku ElectricPower's standard COP (coefficient of performance) for energy efficiency duringheating season. About Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group is one of the world's leadingindustrial firms. For more than 130 years, we have channeled big thinking intosolutions that move the world forward - advancing the lives of everyone whoshares our planet. We deliver innovative and integrated solutions across awide range of industries, covering land, sea, sky and even space. MHI Groupemploys 80,000 people across 400 locations, operating in three businessdomains: "Power Systems," "Industry & Infrastructure,""Aircraft, Defense & Space." We have a consolidated revenue ofaround 40 billion U.S. Dollars. We aim to contribute to environmentalsustainability while achieving global growth, using our leading-edgetechnologies. By bringing people and ideas together as one, we continue topave the way to a future of shared success. For more information, please visit MHI's website: For Technology, Trends and Tangents, visit MHI's new online mediaSPECTRA: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Corporate Communication DepartmentMitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.Email: .jpTel: 81-(0)3-6275-6278 Copyright 2019 JCN Newswire . All rights reserved.
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Curtains for a Non-air-conditioned Apartment in the Tropics
I grew up in the 1940s and 1950s in hot, humid south Louisiana and hot, less humid Dallas, Texas. We had no a/c in Louisiana and starting in about 1954 in Dallas we had window units in some rooms, but not in the bedroom I shared with my brother. In 1960 we moved to a new house in Dallas, Texas with central a/c. The improvement in comfort was astounding.After leaving home I sometimes lived in downscale student digs without a/c and it was sub-optimal, but obviously tolerable. One place was cooled with an "evaporative cooler" or water fan. Mumbai is presumably too humid for those to be effective. For two years in my mid twenties I lived comfortably without a/c in Fiji near Suva, but Fiji's summer high temperatures are low compared to Dallas or Mumbai. If you can afford it, I do not think you should deny yourself a/c in Mumbai on the grounds of damage to the environment.But as far as other interventions on your existing house, outside louvers over the windows would be better than curtains inside. Louvers would reduce solar gain while still allowing airflow into the room. The sun will heat the louvers but much of the heat will stay outside.We live in Mumbai - West coast of India, tropics. Summers are from March to July with temperatures reaching early 40 degree Celsius and a lot of humidity. It rains from July to September with temperatures in mid to late 30 degree Celsius. Octobers are hot like summers. November to March the temperatures dip to late 20 degree Celsius.We live on the sixth floor of an apartment building in an non-air-conditioned house. Ceiling fans provide ventilation. We do not want to have air-conditioning as we believe it's harmful for the environment.Our bedroom and living room have a 10ft X 4ft East facing window each. Two other rooms have same sized windows facing North and 5ft X 4ft windows facing East.In the summers, things heat up quite a lot. What type of curtains should we use to make the house as comfortable as possible? Will it help if we plant vines in pots and let them crawl up the window grills? Also, should we use the same curtains during winters?·OTHER ANSWER:We live in Mumbai - West coast of India, tropics. Summers are from March to July with temperatures reaching early 40 degree Celsius and a lot of humidity. It rains from July to September with temperatures in mid to late 30 degree Celsius. Octobers are hot like summers. November to March the temperatures dip to late 20 degree Celsius.We live on the sixth floor of an apartment building in an non-air-conditioned house. Ceiling fans provide ventilation. We do not want to have air-conditioning as we believe it's harmful for the environment.Our bedroom and living room have a 10ft X 4ft East facing window each. Two other rooms have same sized windows facing North and 5ft X 4ft windows facing East.In the summers, things heat up quite a lot. What type of curtains should we use to make the house as comfortable as possible? Will it help if we plant vines in pots and let them crawl up the window grills? Also, should we use the same curtains during winters?
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Gloucester County Warned of Excessive Heat -
The kids at West Deptford's Recreational Program spent their day inside Tuesday - playing dodge ball and doing arts and crafts - as the mercury began its climb to what meteorologists are saying will be a week of above 90 temperatures.The temperatures in Gloucester County are expected to stay in the mid to high 90s throughout the week, with a peak of about 100 degrees on Friday. Although still not high enough to beat last year's hottest summer record -with the most amount of above 90 degree days and a high of 103 degrees - the extended amount of time at such high temperatures is highly unusual, according to the National Weather Service.As the temperature rises, many officials are urging everyone to take precautions- not just the young and elderly that are normally the most susceptible."It's going to be nasty, there's no way around it," said Anthony Gigi, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service. "It's a dangerous situation for anyone that is exposed to this type of heat and humidity."At West Deptford Middle School, where the town's recreation program takes place, the counselors are taking precautions to make sure the kids stay hydrated, keep cool and stay inside when it gets to be this hot."We know ahead of time. The weather forecast has become right on the money. They planned their activities for the week inside," said West Deptford Mayor Anna Docimo. "We don't want to risk it, especially with these little ones."Safety during the summer months is always a concern. According to the National Weather Service, 2010 saw 138 heat related deaths in the country - more than any other weather related injury.In Gloucester County, cooling centers ranging from libraries and fire halls to community centers and nursing homes are available for anyone that needs a place to cool off for a bit.For those who have access to air conditioning in their homes, keeping the cooling system up to date is also important to keeping yourself safe from the heat.PSE&G has issued suggestions to keeping your air conditioning working efficiently, without killing your electric bill. The company recommends that all electronic equipment be turned off unless being used, using heat generating devices in the early morning or late evening if possible, closing all blinds and shades and using fans to circulate the air.Many individuals often utilize their air conditioner during the day, but turn their systems off at night, however with temperatures in the 90s, this is not recommended."In this weather you can't do that. You have to let them keep up at nighttime," said Walt Friedrich, owner of Friedrich Heating and A/C in Pitman. "It's not cooling off that much at night and if their setting is at 75 degrees it might not even be able to keep that up."Friedrich also recommends keeping your air conditioner's air filter clean and replacing it every one to three months, especially if your air conditioner is an older machine."You can get away with a dirty filter if the temperatures aren't that extreme," he said. "But it kills the efficiency. And of course the older machines are going to be taxed because the things are working beyond what they were designed for."For a list of cooling centers in Gloucester County visit or call 856-218-4101.
2021 07 22
Most Commonly Asked Questions About Air Conditioner
Considering that air conditioner may still be new to many people, we provide ten common questions and answers about air conditioner for you to get started.1. kids baseball or fix the Air Conditioner?I think that the heat over heat everybody head!2. Home Air Conditioner liquid line insulation?This Site Might Help You. RE: Home Air Conditioner liquid line insulation? Why is the low side line insulated while the high side is not? Seem like it would be better to insulate both lines to minimize external heat gain/loss. Couldn't you run lower superheat and supercooling values if they were both insulated. Thanks!!3. air conditioner question?Those pads last depending on the amount of residue and minerals in the water you use for the cooler. If you use distilled water, they literally last forever, If you use well water, they last one season. They cost about $12 each. You can clean those with CLR when they have mineral on them. And yes, it uses one pad.4. Are there kits to clean air conditioner coils yourself?classes issues you will want: screwdriver vacuum fin comb interior the homestead Step1Remove the front grille. maximum grilles are made to clip on the air conditioner, yet some kinds might desire to require a screwdriver. Step2Remove the filter out to exhibit the condenser coils. Step3Use a vacuum cleanser to suck up any airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud and airborne dirt and mud on the coils. Step4Use a fin comb to straighten any bent coil fins. you will locate fin combs at equipment areas outlet shops or from an aircon wholesaler. Step5Replace the filter out and front grille. exterior the homestead Step1Remove the decrease back grille. you will possibly desire to be waiting to verify the evaporator coils. Step2Use a vacuum cleanser to suck up any airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud and particles on the coils. Step3Use a fin comb to straighten any bent coil fins. you will locate fin combs at equipment areas outlet shops or from an aircon wholesaler. Step4Replace the decrease back grille. Step5Trim any foliage decrease back via a minimum of two ft to decrease the quantity of airborne dirt and airborne dirt and mud getting on evaporator coils. wish this facilitates. oh, dont ignore to unplug the skill!!!!5. How to rectify an air conditioner problem?Let it sit 24-48 hours and try again....if the compressor did not sound really loud or quit working its probably fine. How long was it laid on its side? Did you fire it up as soon as it was upright again? If it sat at least a few hours most of the oil should have drained back. The issue you are facing could be due to dirty coils, dirty filter, or just not enough capacity. Portables are usually about 2000 BTU less than a corresponding window unit, based on the way they work. I.e if you would need an 8000 BTU window unit to cool your area you would want a 10000 or larger portable. They work by using some of the room's air to cool the condensor and exhausting it out the window, and also the hot hose is in the room radiating heat back into the room where as with a window unit all the hot parts are outside.6. How many watts is my air conditioner?This Site Might Help You. RE: How many watts is my air conditioner? I'm trying to buy a step up converter to transform a 120v outlet to a 240v outlet that my air conditioner needs. The air conditioner is 5000 BTU but other than that I have no more information on it. I need to know the maximum amount of watts that the air conditioner could use.7. Portable Air conditioner? Best kind? Cheapest?Trend is to go with the portable if you have an adaquate vent, ie' window, exterior door or other venting, This way the machine is on wheels and will best fit given there are specific areas to move it to and so direct the effective cooling. I own a maytag which works fine, my huge panasonic window job is sitting in the garage, there it be8. I bought an air conditioner, what is a BTU?BTU stands for British thermal said the room was 20x18 that is 560 sq ft and then you still have 2 more rooms you want this unit to cool ....10000 BTU is a little bigger than 3/4 about 650 sq ft per ton you barely have enough air conditioning to cool the living room let alone the two bedrooms also . ton is 12000 BTU what you need to do is measure all three rooms figure the square ft of all three rooms add them together and buy a unit that is capable of cooling all three rooms....12000 BTU for every 650 sq ft will work.... unless you have lots of windows and glass doors that face southwest and the daily temperature exceeds 90 degrees and your home is not insulated well then you lower this number to 500 sq ft per every 12000 BTU... the best BTU number is the one that matches the sq ft you have and will cool good enough not to run continuously. . therefore being more efficient and costing you less to run than one that cannot keep room cool and has to run more being less efficient and therefore costing you more money to run
2021 07 22
How Can I Determine Why My Lights Flicker When the a/C Is Running?
What, if any work was done to the electrical system when you renovated and the problem started? In addition, what, if any work was done on the house in the immediate vicinity of the electrical service entrance?Do you happen to own a non-contact thermometer (or know someone you could borrow one from?)If this is a bad connection (and that's my guess), it will be heating itself (more or less depending on how much current loads in the house are drawing) - ie, if your microwave draws 10 amps, it's heating itself with 20 watts (10A X 2V) when you run that - if your AC draws 30 amps it will be heating with roughly 270 Watts (30A x 9V)Lacking a non-contact themometer you can sometimes find these by touching the grounded exterior of electrical enclosures and feeling for heat. Having one means you can also look at specific parts inside the panel (but the problem may not be there - it may be in the meter box, which you generally can't open yourself anyway.)Ideally you'd start at some point when nothing much has been using electricity in the house, or you've actually shut off the main for several hours, go around and feel/measure temperatures, then turn on the power and turn on as many loads as possible and feel/look for an area that is getting much warmer than the rest of the wiring/enclosures.Since you are evidently comfortable in the open service panel, you can also check for voltage differences between the incoming wire and the terminal it connects to, and/or see if the voltage you measure is very different (under load) if measured from terminal to terminal or from incoming wire to incoming wire. That checks that end of the meter-to-service cables - the other end you generally need an electrician or the power company to check.It is important to find and solve this issue before it gets worse; you're in the early stages of "how electrical fires get started" IMHO.My lights considerably flicker whenever a large load comes on in the house and it has been this way since we renovated five years ago. I am attempting to troubleshoot this now and have already probably waited longer than I should have. I did some reading and ultimately removed the cover of the main panel and tested across the two hot wires at the main panel. All circuits were active. The reading I received was 245 /- 2V, meaning average of 245V but fluctuated between 243V and 247V. I then had my wife turn our whole-house air conditioning unit on and voltage dropped to 237 /- 1V while AC was running. Is this a normal voltage drop when a large appliance is turned on or is this indicative of an issue?·OTHER ANSWER:My lights considerably flicker whenever a large load comes on in the house and it has been this way since we renovated five years ago. I am attempting to troubleshoot this now and have already probably waited longer than I should have. I did some reading and ultimately removed the cover of the main panel and tested across the two hot wires at the main panel. All circuits were active. The reading I received was 245 /- 2V, meaning average of 245V but fluctuated between 243V and 247V. I then had my wife turn our whole-house air conditioning unit on and voltage dropped to 237 /- 1V while AC was running. Is this a normal voltage drop when a large appliance is turned on or is this indicative of an issue?
2021 07 22
Fighting Air Conditioning/'s Peak Demand with Thermal
As we head into the hottest part of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, in what could be the hottest year on record, we barely give a thought to what using air conditioning does to our electricity grid. And what it will do to a hotter world in the future.According to a recent Department of Energy report, the world is gearing up to install 1.6 billion new air conditioners by 2050. While air conditioning is a common luxury in the United States, in most other countries it is not that common. As these countries become wealthier and grow in population, they will install large amounts of air conditioning. Air conditioner sales are rising in India, Brazil and Indonesia by about 15% per year.Of course this is a good thing. Air conditioning cansave lives during extreme weather. However, air conditioning is the main contributor to peak electricity demand in the summer. During extremely hot days or heat waves, this jump in energy demand leads to blackouts and brownouts, keenly felt in the most populated parts of the country. Energy prices also jump during these times where supply and demand combine to as much as quadruple the costs.Although energy use is dependent on a region's climate, a central air conditioner will generally run 3 to 7 months of the year, using between 3 and 5 kW of power every hour for around 9 hours a day during the hotter months. This averages to about 3,000 kWhs per year. So 1.6 billion new air conditioners will require an additional 4.8 trillion kWhs of electricity every year - the output of 400 new GenIII nuclear plants, 1000 new coal plants or a million wind turbines.Unfortunately, much of this electricity will be concentrated during peak hours, necessitating the use of peaker plants. Peaker plants operate only to make up the difference between base load and peak load. Our current energy grid makes these plants necessary, but they come at a steep price. Peaker plants are usually natural gas or coal, but can also use jet fuel, oil and diesel.Peakers usually run for short periods of time and so are less efficient and dirtier than conventional base load fossil fuel plants. Though natural gas is certainly cleaner than coal, natural gas does have some environmental issues from fracking, to pipelines, to fugitive emissions of methane. And lots of CO2 emissions, if you care about that.The commercial sector accounts for about a third of the total energy consumption in America and, according to data from the EIA, air conditioning use makes up 10 to 15 percent of that total consumption. In some southern regions, cooling can make up 25 percent of energy use in a large building.To combat this hot strain on the grid, commercial buildings can take advantage of thermal energy storage. In fact, they must take advantage of this strategy or we will have some major problems in the coming decades.Thermal energy storage allows cooling to be created at night, when there is excess capacity from the utility, and stored for use the next day during peak times. During off-peak hours, cold water, or even ice, is made using this energy and stored inside some type of energy storage tank. The stored ice is then used to cool the building's occupants the next day. Alternatively, the facility may run on energy storage or just the chiller depending on cooling demands or the availability of onsite renewable resources such as solar and local tariffs. This provides greater flexibility to smarter and zero energy buildings. Thermal storage systems have the ability to store renewable energy like wind, which mainly blows at night.As Mark MacCracken of CALMAC noted, "Air conditioning had its roots in stored cooling. Some of the earliest air-conditioned public spaces were movie theaters in New York City that made ice in the basements before the shows. But ice was eventually abandoned as a way to air-condition because soon electricity became so cheap that instantaneous creation of cooling became the norm."But now we have a problem supplying that much energy instantaneously, and environmental consequences that we have to address.The promise of thermal energy storage is similar to having a big party. You're not likely to start making ice the moment people arrive. You'd buy or make ice ahead of time, store it in your freezer, and use it as needed. In this case, you still make the ice ahead of time, but at night when the electricity you use is much less expensive.There are many types of thermal storage systems, but one that is particularly suited to commercial buildings is CALMAC's IceBank. It is presently being used in over 4000 commercial buildings in more than 35 countries, including notable installations in Rockefeller Center and JCPenney's headquarters which has had this technology for 25 years.There are no moving parts within the tanks, so they can last over 40 years. This strategy saves on energy costs since night time energy is roughly 50% cheaper than daytime energy, once demand charges are added.On-peak CO2 emissions in summer months are nearly double off-peak emissions, with almost 1 ton of CO2 per MWh as opposed to ½ ton of CO2 per MWh during off-peak times. Replacing natural gas or coal peaker plants with thermal energy storage would greatly improve air quality and reduce all those emissions. In PGE territory, thermal energy storage would provide CO2 savings of about 55% overall, and up to 96% CO2 savings per MWh of on-peak electricity.Fighting global warming with thermal energy storage is so ice!
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