Stylish New Range of Flatpack Furniture at Argos

You might be surprised to learn that a Liverpool-based firm, Hygena, was the first brand to bring the flatpack kitchens to the UK. Founded in 1925, it has been through many transformations and now specialises in versatile, space-saving, inexpensive furniture that's sold at Argos. This autumn, watch out for a sofa in a box, a chair in a box and a foldaway desk. Picture above shows the Aliso reversible corner chaise in navy (£650), and Makwa side tables in white and black (£30). leggy waterbird, rather than the lifting machinery, was the inspiration behind the architect and designer Matt Gilbert's Crane Lamp. The hardwood arm of the table light concertinas between 44cm and 95cm in height, mimicking the bird's long neck. Shown in...

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