Sports Clothing Store...What's It Called?!?


1. Where do you keep your sports clothing?

in bins under my bed and in drawers


lululemon has really cute athletic wear , :')

3. Which brand of sports clothing is better: UnderArmour or Nike?

nike is probly better quality but underarmor does look cool i would pick nike cause when i played football with underarmor i got really hot but when i wore my nike undershirt i stayed coool

4. Would you be my girlfriend if we could wear sports clothing together?

yeahh of course :) im willing to do it

5. i want to start a small business selling sports clothing equipment assessors supplies on but don't?

Then Amazon is no place for you. Amazon would eat you alive. Start on a smaller site, like Bonanza - you wo not get a lot of sales, but you will have more time to learn the process.

6. Which sports clothing is more cool? (as in popular) Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour?

I will think Adidas it's pretty cool especially the sneakers and even the shirts

7. Where can I find cute, womens sports clothing?

target maybe?

8. Girls what do you think of guys who wear sports clothing?

i think sport cloths are hot but i like guys who dress in classy ties n stuff too no preference

9. How do I say, "Winter Sports Clothing Catalog," in French?

Catalogue de vtements pour sports d'hiver

10. I have a brand concept and need to know the steps I should take to get a sports clothing line started?

i might propose which you mindset this type of commence-up from a furnish chain administration perspective. Having a nicely-designed furnish chain is needed interior the widespread-day shopper products industry. here are issues i might evaluate: -layout -production -shipment and transportation -warehousing -retailing (in keep and on line) how a lot of those are you going to do/cope with your self? how a lot of those are you going to outsource or hire somebody else to do it? you may desire to do slightly diagnosis and be certain what the expenses of those concepts are. be certain the up-front commence-up value, be certain all the fastened and variable expenses interior the long-term operations (be very thorough). particularly you want to understand how lots funds you will might desire to borrow or make investments to set this finished factor in action? What the expenses will look want to maintain it going. then you forecast the call for. you may collect concepts your self or hire a industry analyze organization that should assist you try this. you want an estimate of what share products you assume to sell so which you have an concept of what the anticipated revenues looks like. you recognize revenues and expenses now. How vast is your earnings margin? How lots of that earnings is going to be re-invested into this organization (jointly with branding, commercials, improve, etc..) will you have sufficient income to pay lower back the own loan and stay comfortably? that's purely a rapid look at a extreme-point. in case you get severe, you will might desire to evaluate all the little info jointly with tax optimization, looking organization companions, etc

11. Why are number 10 soccer jerseys so special?

Soccer jerseys, soccer kits, soccer strips and sportswear from Subside Sports. Retailers of soccer shorts and socks, sports clothing, soccer tops, replica jerseys,

12. Ringworm. How do you get rid of it forever with a home remedy?

The most common sources of the fungi that cause tinea infections are other people. Ringworm is contagious and is easily spread from one person to another, so avoid touching an infected area on another person. It can be difficult to avoid ringworm because the dermatophyte fungi are very common. To protect yourself against infection, it can help to wear flip-flops on your feet in the locker room shower or at the pool, and to wash sports clothing regularly. If you discover a red, patchy, itchy area that you think may be ringworm, call your doctor.

13. I have a brand concept and need to know the steps I should take to get a sports clothing line started?

here is how one unidentified guy talks about opening a "bit-differnt-than-average' colthing shop and I would think you could repeat the part he is doing and have your own line in the same store. That way you could move into exclusivity of your own work at a sane pace seeing how it sells without having to depend on only your own work to keep your doors open. " have always loved funky clothing and I have long wanted to turn into a career. Unfortunately, I was not sure exactly how to do this. I did not want to go to fashion design colleges or get into fashion merchandising. Both of these seemed like dull occupations to me. I love to make clothing by hand, but I did not want to design runs for fashion companies. And I absolutely did not want to open my own retail shop selling conventional fashions. It is impossible to make a living when you are competing with stores like The Gap and American Eagle. Then I thought about the possibilities offered by buying fashion wholesale. I actually made a discovery by chance. You see, I was working for a drama company at that point, buying fashion jewelry wholesale for a play. I have always loved costume jewelry, and I was fascinated by the variety available if you are willing to order fashion in bulk. Then I got curious and started looking at fashion clothing wholesale. Apparently, there are all kinds of fashion wholesale that you can get at far below the market prices. I knew that the clothing stores bought from fashion wholesalers, of course, but I had always thought that you had to buy in big lots. Apparently, this is not the case. You can get fashion wholesale prices on relatively small orders. You can not buy one or two items of clothing, but if you are willing to buy 10 or 20, you can get a great deal! That is when I decided to start a fashion wholesale outlet. I would buy fashion wholesale from cheap distributors, with a focus on strange and unusual clothing. Then I would sell it at far below the market prices to people who wanted to buy it. I would not make a lot of money per item of clothing, but I would cut down on my costs by running the store myself. Rather than having a neatly organized, uncluttered store, I would have rack upon rack hidden treasures. People would want to explore my store to find the best fashion wholesale deals that they could, and it would be much easier to run than a well-organized one. It was not quite as easy as I thought, but it was much easier than it could have been. It turns out that there was a market for the type of fashion wholesale store that I was looking to start. It took me a few years to get it going well, but once it was, I was making money hand over fist..

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